Series 1, Box 18: Task Force, Committee, and Commission Files

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Series 1, Box 18: Task Force, Committee, and Commission Files


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18/1: Vocational Education Task Force, November 1987
Draft of final report

18/2: Vocational Education Task Force, January 1988
Draft of report and recommendations

18/3: Task Force on Waste Management Policy, 1987
Letters, memos, notes, applications, biographical information on appointees, lists of members, press releases, list of resource persons, and copies of magazine articles

18/4: Task Force on Waste Management Policy, 1988 & 1989
Reports, draft recommendations, October 1988, Finding the Answers: Executive Summary, 1989, and Finding the Answers: Report of the Task Force, 1989

18/5: Task Force on Water Resource Use and Conservation, December 1988
Letters, recommendations of the three committees and report of the Governor's Committee on Water Resources Management, Task Force Notebooks Note: The materials in the following folders (except
18/10) were originally in three-ring binder notebooks and have been removed from those notebooks.

18/6: Task Force on Water Resource Use and Conservation, 1988
Weekly schedules of task force and committee meetings

18/7: Task Force on Water Resource Use and Conservation, 1988
Schedules of meetings of Task Forces and Select Committees appointed by the Governor, and of Statutory Committees and Commissions, Interim Committee Studies, Interim Senate Committees, and Interim Studies of Statutory Agencies and/or Advisory Committees that require appointments by the Governor

18/8: Task Force on Water Resource Use and Conservation, 1987
Information sheets on Select Legislative Committees and Governor's Executive Order Task Forces giving name, purpose, and names of members and how appointed

18/9: Task Force on Water Resource Use and Conservation, July 1988
Governor's Office Staff Manual containing staff lists by department and in alphabetical order, table of organization, Budget and Planning Office staff list and staff assignments, alphabetical list of issues and the name of the staff person assigned to each issue, list of committees and task forces with the authority for the creation of them and the name of the staff liaison, alphabetical lists of the members of the Senate and House of Representatives, and directories for the Legislative Budget Board, the Legislative Council, and the Office of State and Federal Relations

18/10: Task Force on Water Resource Use and Conservation
Interim Digest, Reports and Recommendations to the 71st Texas Legislature from Standing Committees, Interim Legislative Committees, Special Studies, Ad Hoc Statutory and Gubernatorial Study Committees, and Special Interim Studies Note: The following eleven folders contain standardized information on task forces and committees that includes legislative or other authority increasing them, lists of members, agendas or other information about meetings, minutes of meetings, and meeting reports. Not all of these types of records are present for every group.

18/11: Alchohol and Substance Abuse Oversight Committee, 1988

18/12: Governor's Task Force on Welfare Reform, 1988

18/13: Health and Human Services Coordinating Council, 1988 & 1989

18/14: Interagency Council on Mentally Retarded, Developmental Disabled and Mentally Ill Offenders, 1988

18/15: Select Committee on Education, 1988

18/16: Select Committee on Tax Equity, 1987 & 1988

18/17: Texas Commission on Health Care Reimbursement Alternatives, 1988

18/18: Texas Council on Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders, 1988

18/19: Texas Heroes Monument Commission, 1988 & 1989

18/20: Uniform Statewide Accounting System Committee, 1988

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