Robert L. Dawson French Collection

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TxAM-CRS 411

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Robert L. Dawson French Collection


  • circa 1570-circa 1970 (Creación)


46 boxes

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Historia biográfica

Robert Lewis Dawson joined the faculty at the Department of French and Italian, the University of Texas at Austin, in 1975 and remained there to his death. At the same time, he collected some French 15,000 books and 6,000 manuscripts, most from the long 18th century. These are in the Dawson French Collection at Cushing Library.

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Alcance y contenido

This collection consists of manuscripts, typescripts, printed items, correspondence, official documents, and publications from the French seventeenth to twentieth centuries. Authors and addressees include many personalities prominent in French history but also many ordinary individuals.

Sistema de arreglo

  • Medieval Illuminated Leaves (etc.). (Box 1)
  • Capello Family in Nice 16th-18th Centuries (Box 2-5)
  • Moyroux Family (Box 6, Folders 1 to 15)
  • Le Texier, actor, 1770s (Box 6, Folders 16 to Box 7, Folders 10)
  • 18th Century Correspondence (Box 7, Folders 11 to Box 10, Folder 23)
  • Bishops Correspondence, 18th Century (Box 10, Folder 24 to Box 11, Folder 31)
  • French Revolution (Box 11, Folder 32 to Box 12)
  • Miscellaneous, Late 18th Century to Middle 19th Century (Box 13)
  • 18th-19th Century Correspondence of French Authors, Historians and Celebrities (Box 14 to Box 18, Folder 15)
  • La Nouvelle Societe d'Edition, Parisian publishing house, ca. 1928-1944 (Box 18, Folder 16 to Box 19, Folder 25)
  • 19th-20th Century Miscellaneous (Box 19, Folder 26 to Box 27, Folder 32)
  • 18th Century Printed Periodicals (Box 27, Folder 33 to Box 32, Folder 8)
  • 18th Century Printed decrees, laws, and other official documents (Box 32, Folder 9 to Box 36)
  • 17th-19th Century Plays, pamphlets, and other printed items (French and English) (Box 37 to Box 45, Folder 22)
  • 17th-19th Century Art prints, music, etc. (Box 45, Folder 23 to Box 46)

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These materials are stored offsite and require additional time for retrieval.

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  • inglés
  • francés

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