Dairying Articles and Class of 1922 Materials

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Dairying Articles and Class of 1922 Materials


  • 1968-1985; Undated (Creación)


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1-1: Dairying Articles by Arthur Dieterich, 1968-1971 and Articles on Dieterich

  • Copy of Dairymen’s Digest, September 1974
  • "Arthur Dieterich honored", May 1981
  • "Distinguished Service Award Recipient is Arthur Dieterich", May 20, 1972
  • "So- You Have Been Thinking About Going Jersey"
  • "Texas Jerseys Continue to Make History"
  • "Feeding for Profit Under North Texas Conditions", July 1968
  • "Here Is How Hay Shows Can Make You A Better Dairyman", January 1971
  • "Good Maternity Management Means", February 1971
  • "Buying Feed An Important Job", April 1971
  • "Southern Region Producers Brace", July 1971
  • "Vacations Pay You With New Knowledge", August 1971
  • "It’s New Year For Dairy Farmers", September 1971
  • "Discussion About Feed Supplements", November 1971
  • "Hints For Mineral and Winter Feeding", December 1971

1-2: Dairying Articles by Arthur Dieterich, 1972-1973

  • "New Year’s Look At Feeding On Your Farm"
  • "Critical Examination Helps", January 1972
  • "Now Is The Time To Determine Your Seed And Fertilizer Needs", February 1972
  • "Feeding For Profit", March 1972
  • "Computer Planned Rations", April 1972
  • "Making The Best Use Of Your Land", May 1972
  • "Your Forage Program", June 1972
  • "Feeding and Training First Calf Heifers", July 1972
  • "It’s Maze Time Again", August 1972
  • "What is the best way to sell dairy cattle?", September 1972
  • "Should liquid feeding be a part of your operation?", November 1972
  • "A feeding trip through the southwest", December 1972
  • "Tax laws can help you save money", February 1973
  • "Buying seed for better production", March 1973
  • "Good pasture is worth more effort", April 1973
  • "What is your haying system?", May 1973
  • "Thoughts on buying grain at harvest time", June 1973
  • "Feeding to a Base Plan", July 1973
  • "Dairy farming in New England", August 1973
  • "Now- how do we feed?", September 1973
  • "The economics of dairy calf raising", October 1973
  • "Expanding your calf raising operation", November 1973
  • "What proteins do we use this winter?", December 1973

1-3: Dairying Articles by Arthur Dieterich, 1974-1975

  • "Pastures… A new look", March 1974
  • "So you want to be a Dairy Farmer", April 1974
  • "Take the gamble out of feed buying", July 1974
  • "Dairy Cattle Leasing", August 1974
  • "Now- How do we feed?", September 1974
  • "Dairying in the Pacific Northwest", October 1974
  • "There is a feed bargain counter", December 1974
  • "Buying dairy farm insurance", January 1975
  • "What is the feed situation now?", February 1975
  • "Are you selling family milk cows? Why not?", March 1975
  • "Some thoughts on buying semen", April 1975
  • "Feeding my cows for the next twelve months", May 1975
  • "Forage emphasis shifts to cool-season", June 1975
  • "Lewisburg experiment station revisited", August 1975
  • "September starts a new dairy year", September 1975
  • "How should we feed", October 1975
  • "Soil Conservation", November 1975
  • "Did you go to the fair?", December 1975

1-4: Dairying Articles by Arthur Dieterich, 1976-1977

  • "Think ‘Feeding’ these long winter evenings", January 1976
  • "Now! How do we make hay?", February 1976
  • "Marginal cows… What do we do with them?", March 1976
  • "More about hay… the important considerations", April 1976
  • "Dairy farmers are changing the way they feed", May 1976
  • "Dairy farmers need vacations", June 1976
  • "Nine ways to conserve cow energy", July 1976
  • "Feeding to a base plan", August 1976
  • "Vacationing in Virginia… Dairy farmer style", September 1976
  • "Making money milking cows", October 1976
  • "Dairymen profit by innovative feeding", November 1976
  • "Your 1980 model cow… some thoughts on breeding cattle", December 1976
  • "What price purple ribbons?", January 1977
  • "Dairy Farmers Look at Texas", February 1977
  • "Adapt… for feeding and farming", March 1977
  • "How can you keep ‘em down on the farm", April 1977
  • "Feeding and politics in 1977", May 1977
  • "The dairy farmer’s energy program", June 1977
  • "Drowning in cheap food and cheap milk", July 1977
  • "Wisconsin dairy farming… How they do it", August 1977
  • "How do we measure our feeding ability?", September 1977
  • "How to buy feed this year", October 1977
  • "Dairy farm families give thanks", November 1977
  • "Dairy farmers and the new farm bill", December 1977

1-5: Dairying Articles by Arthur Dieterich, 1978-1979

  • "Happy feeding… Happy New Year in 1978", January 1978
  • "Our proven purebred cows deserve proven seed", February 1978
  • "Why do dairymen sellout? And how?", March 1978
  • "The art of good haymaking", April 1978
  • "How to keep cows milking this summer", May 1978
  • "Grind and mix my own feed YES or NO", June 1978
  • "'Uncle Arthur, why did you have to go to college to learn how to milk cows?'", September 1978
  • "Shall we raise this calf… Yes or No?", October 1978
  • "Would a $71,800 feed bill jar us?", November 1978
  • "Let’s do something NOW about our 1978 taxes", December 1978
  • "Are you ready to move your dairy?", January 1979
  • "Inflation and the dairy farmer…What can we do about it?", February 1979
  • "Store big round bales in the barn for five dollars", March 1979
  • "Proud dairy farm families", April 1979
  • "Now…Pasture is worth twice as much", May 1979
  • "How we can successfully sell more milk, gain milk drinking friends, and have fun while doing it.", June 1979
  • "Feeding and training", July 1979
  • "Our springer heifers", July 1979
  • "What is our base plan?", August 1979
  • "How dairymen and dairy farmers are meeting inflationary and manipulated feed prices", September 1979
  • "Will it pay me to raise this calf, this year?", October 1979
  • "How big should my dairy be?", November 1979
  • "Last chance to save taxes… or to save a farm", December 1979

1-6: Dairying Articles by Arthur Dieterich, 1980-1981

  • "A dairy farmer’s political responsibility", February 1980
  • "What’s new in dairy farming?", March 1980
  • "A thousand days and a thousand nights", April 1980
  • "Extra labor for summer’s extra chores", May 1980
  • "Managing our vacations", June 1980
  • "Now! Mister Dairy Farmer, it is our turn to be tested", July 1980
  • "Selling milk…times to remember", August 1980
  • "This is how our neighbors are feeding", September 1980
  • "Managing fresh cow stressed", October 1980
  • "Thankful people", November 1980
  • "Measuring our management… How did we do??", December 1980
  • "Cull cows and make 1981 a better year", January 1981
  • "A plant breeder and a dairy farmer look at small grains", February 1981
  • "Remembering cooperative meetings then and now: We have come a long way", April 1981

1-7: Two audiotapes of members of Class of 1922

1-8: Class of 1922 Book, compiled and edited in 1984-1985

  • Living graduates of the Texas A&M College Graduation Class of 1922 tell how it was, how they lived, their careers, families, ups and downs, sources of pride, what they did for A&M, and what A&M did for them.

Other contents:

  • "North Texas State University Oral History Collection (Business Archives Project) Number 96"
  • Interview with Arthur and Louise Caillet Dieterich (2 copies)
  • "67 Years of Dairy Farming"

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