Colección C000031 - Bernhardt Wall Collection

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US TxAM-C C000031

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Bernhardt Wall Collection


  • 1922-1994 (Creación)
  • 1922-1937 (Creación)


5 Boxes

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This collection includes correspondence between Williams and Wall, as well as photographs, original drawings, etchings (some showing cancelled plates), newspaper clippings, postcards, books, exhibition notices, and other Walliana. The letters concern Wall's printmaking and publishing activities and provide a unique glimpse into his personal and professional concerns.

The collection contains numerous self-portrait etchings of Wall and etchings of his friends, correspondents, and subjects of his writings. Wall's personal stationery contains a variety of etchings, drawings, and self-portraits. Much of this material has been captured in oversized scrapbooks that were reconditioned, re-boxed, and professionally conserved by Carrabba Conservation, Inc. Additional information on conservation treatment of the collection can be found in the Bernhardt Wall control folder.

Sistema de arreglo

This collection is organized into 3 series:

  • Series 1, Oversized Scrapbooks, 1922-1937
  • Series 2, Works by Bernhardt, 1922-1945
  • Series 3, Collected Publications and Artwork, 1931-1994

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The collection was acquired in honor of the 90th birthday of Dr. Mavis P. Kelsey, class of 1932, for whom the Mary and Mavis P. Kelsey Reading Room is named. Dr. Kelsey and his late wife were leading collectors of 19th-century historic prints, the history of illustration, Texas and Southwest history, and many other subjects. Dr. Kelsey continues to be a major supporter of the Cushing Library that houses his Kelsey American and Kelsey Illustrators Collections. He has donated numerous other collections to Cushing and provides the funding for an endowment in his name.


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