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Boonville History Materials


  • 1937-1987 (Produção)


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1/1: Boone and Bryan Families
Daniel Boone biography of the Boone family history including a family history of William Joel Bryan of Brazos County [typed]

Excerpt from Dallas Public Library titled "The Boon Family", describing the Boon Family history with handwritten notes on Joseph Bryan. 1979 [2 pages, photocopy]

"Pioneer Families of Missouri" [pages 2-3, 132-133] describing the history of Daniel Boone. Undated [2 pages, photocopy]

Handwritten family tree of Boone Family. Undated

"Bryan Family Patriots and Veterans". Undated

Handwritten Boone-Family Chart. Undated [photocopy]

"The Family Moving Together" with the Boone, Austin, and Bryan Family. Undated

Francis Bryan, III, and Sarah Brinker Bryan family tree. Undated

1/2: Manuscript
"Boonville Revisited" by Cornelious and Margaret vat Bavel describing Boonville family and Brazos and Boonville county histories. 1977 [10 pages, 2 copies]

1/3: Junus and Harvey Mitchell
Manuscript, "Information on the Mitchell Family" describing the history of Harvey Mitchell's family history starting from James Mitchell of Montgomery County TX. Undated

Handwritten court record, "Court Record Sept[ember] Term 1856" describing James Mitchell. Undated [2 pages, photocopy]

Manuscript, "Information about Harvey Mitchell", a biography of Harvey Mitchell. Undated

Book page titled "James Henry Mitchell, Bryan". Undated [photocopy]

Book page titled "Indian Wars and Pioneers of Texas" [page 288]. Undated [photocopy]

Clipping of book titled "Mitchell, J. H." [page 476]. Undated [photocopy]

Manuscript, "Harvey Mitchell File, TAMU" collection catalog [at Cushing?]. Undated

Manuscript, "Harvey Mitchell's Genealogy", autobiography and genealogy written by Harvey Mitchell. Undated [2 pages]

Book page, "Harvey Mitchell from Indian Wars and Pioneers" [page 38, 594, 595]. Undated [3 pages, photocopy]

Handwritten document titled "Debra's Great-Great-Grandfather" describing Harvey Mitchell biography and history. Undated [8 pages, photocopy]

The State of Texas County Deed of Harvey Mitchell deed. Undated [4 pages]

Indian Wars and Pioneers of Texas describing the history of Samuel Parker. Undated

Benjamin Hubert biography. Undated [3 pages]

Eli Seale - Joseph Arnold Seale biography. Undated

1/7: Bowman Family
Narrative of Anny Day who was a former slave owned by Eliza Bowman, November 5, 1937 [2 pages]

Document of the Thomas Bowman Family history. Undated [9 pages]

Clippings from the Conventions and Congresses (1832-1845) discussing pioneers in the Brazos County, TX region. Undated [photocopy]

Miscellaneous Boonville Notes a Chronology and a list of Documents. Undated [5 pages]

Petition to Form New County 1841. Undated [7 pages]

1/11: Exhibit Brochure
"Boonville: The First Seat of Brazos County". 1987 [2 pages]

1/12: County Records Regarding Boonville
"Report by the Three Commissioners Appointed by the County Court to Survey the Town Site of Boonville and to Sell Town Lots". Undated [4 pages]

"County Commissioners Minutes Book" May 6, 1844 [3 pages]

Deed Book B 940. Undated [2 pages]

County Commissioners Minutes. May [?], 1844 [2 pages]

Nancy Millican, Bill of Sale and Republic of Texas. Undated [2 pages]

Brochure, "College Station's First Settler: Artifacts from Home sit of Richard Carter", by Shawn Carlson. Undated

Deed Book, page 149 describing John Galloway. Undated [photocopy]

Handwritten letter by John Galloway. May [?], 1845 [photocopy]

The State of Texas (county of Calhoun) from Book B, page 320. Undated [3 pages]

County Commissioners Minutes: Book A, page 519. February 5, 1848 [2 pages]

Book E, page 28. Undated [5 pages]

County Commissioners Minutes Book A, page 582. November 1854 [2 pages]

E. R. Montgomery to Deed, Book D, page 435. 1855

County Commissioners Minutes Book A, page 166 discussing Boonville County. November 19, 1866 [2 pages]

County Commissioners Minutes Book D, page 349. May 12, 1890 [2 pages]

County Commissioners Minutes Book G, page 527. 1915

Deed Book B page 320. Undated [2 pages]

Location of Public Well in Boonville Deed Book L, page 434 and 485. 1872 [2 pages]

1/13: Hood's Brigade Bryan Centennial magazine The Early History of Bryan and the Surrounding Area by Joseph Milton Nance. 1962 [50 pages] attached Hood's Brigade Centennial coin

1/14: Plats, Property, and Overlay Maps
Land plots in Bryan-Boonville. 1920[?] [photocopy]

Land plot property map of Bryan-Boonville. 1920 [photocopy]

Blank map of Bryan-Boonville?. Undated

Road [?] map of South Highway 6 East Bypass to College Station. Undated [photocopy]

Overlay of a map of south highway 6 East bypass to College Station. Undated

Infrared [?] photograph of Highway 6 East Bypass to College Station. Undated

Overlay of Town Plot of Boonville Scale 1'=857'-0". Undated

Town Plot of Boonville Scale 1'=857'-0". Undated [photocopy]

Plot of the Town of Boonville, TX 1"-400' Drawn from data on page, by C.H. M. van Bavel. January 17, 1977 [2 copies]

Cemetery Corner-Corner of Boonville. Undated

Negatives of Maps. Undated [1 strip]

Field Survey of Boonville. Undated[6 pages]

Petition for a Post Office, Navasota County. 1841 [4 pages]

1/17: Manuscripts by Harvey Mitchell
"Courthouse History, Boonville". Undated [3 pages]

"Jail History of Brazos County". Undated [8 pages]

"Deer Hunt" personal narrative. Undated [16 pages]

"Bear Hunt" personal narrative. Undated [8 pages]

"Christmas Dinner" personal narrative. Undated [10 pages]

"Interview with Mr. Dela Carol" describing Mr. Carol's recollections on the Boonville County log courthouse. April 4, 1976 [2 pages]

1/19 Centennial History of Brazos Union Lodge, 1854-1954 by George A Long. January 1, 1954 [10 pages, photocopy]

"American Sketch of Brazos County" from American Sketch Book. Undated [14 pages]

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