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Material in folders 1-2 (and folders 21-29 through 21-52) came to Cushing Library in a three-ring binder with the handwritten spine title "Docs, manuscripts, papers & etc (exhibit)." Material in folders 3-35 from a binder titled "Cornwallis, X. de Magallon, C. Coccioli, Sebilleau, Dorat, Fothergill, Civil War, etc." Material in folders 36-45 from a binder titled "Jean Rostand, cde Arara, 19th e poetry vols-letters, varia 17-18th C," with note on verso of front cover: "(198) Jean Rostand letters left in their original order."Material in folders 46-65 from a binder titled "CT, Beranger, Wapierre, letters, plays."

22/1: Law, on reinterrment of Voltaire, 1791, with accompanying catalog description.

22/2: To a "president" from Maurice Barrei (sic?), 1906.

22/3: "Short Notes on Lord Cornwallis's Letters to Mr. Dundas," during former's time as Governor-General of India, 1786-88, with accompanying catalog description and collector's notes.

22/4: To Nicholas-Francois Turpetin from a mayor, 1791, with accompanying collector's notes.

22/5: "Opinion de M. Mayet, Cure de Rochetaillee, Depute de Lyon, sur l'Etat Religieux," a pamphlet asking the Assembly to decree that those who "would like to continue to live under monastic regulations, would have that liberty," 1790, with accompanying catalog description and collector's notes.

22/6: Three letters by poet Xavier de Magallon, 1923-1924, with accompanying catalog description and collector's notes.

22/7: Five letters to Frans Muller from Italian novelist Carlo Coccioli, 1951-1954, with accompanying catalog description and collector's notes.

22/8: To Henry Fouquier from Henry Bataille, thanking him for an article, May 1900, with accompanying catalog description and collector's notes.

22/9: Letter by Francois Aubrey, writing that the stagecoach drivers of the Military Committee must receive the same treatment as those of the Committee of Public Safety, fragment, 28 May 1795, with accompanying catalog description.

22/10: Letter by Basil Hall Chamberlain on French language, Voltaire, Rousseau, etc., 14 March, 1907, with accompanying catalog description and collector's notes.

22/11: To Louis-Auguste Auguin from Paul Sebilleau, congratulating Auguin for a Salon medal he was awarded and giving an account of 1890s Paris, 15 May 1899, with accompanying catalog description and collector's notes.

22/12: To Madame Necker from Claude Joseph Dorat, Undated, with accompanying catalog description and collector's notes.

22/13: To Mademoiselle from Jules Barthelemy St. Hilaire, 27 July 1844, with accompanying catalog description and collector's notes.

22/14: Ex-Libris plate from George A. Fothergill, artist, with poem and illustration, Undated; Postcard of the foxhound "Factor" by Fothergill and inscribed by George A. Fothergill, 1914; To Lady Millais from George A. Fothergill, 25 December 1915.

22/15: To Messieurs from La Case (sic?) on local violence, Port-au-Prince, Haiti, 1762.

22/16: To General Sir Robert Gardiner from General Sir William Napier, on etiquette of presenting his book to the queen, circa 1857.

22/17: Two letters from Lucy L. Carter to cousin John in Confederate Army, September 1861.

22/18-23: American Civil War letters, poems and songs, each with accompanying catalog description and collector's notes.

22/24: To Gen'l Isaac Hodsdon from Ivory Hovey. March 8, 1846.

22/25: To pension dept. from George N. Thorpe, requesting increased pension for disability, 8 March 1902.

22/26: Five anonymous manuscript American Civil War poems, Undated

22/27: Patriotic pro-Union letter by J.M. Cutter, September 30, 1864.

22/28: To Friend Cutler from J. Blue, American Civil War, Undated

22/29: To Smith Tuttle from A. C. Thompson, April 11, 1847.

22/30: Four letter to John W. Croule and Caroline Croule from N.C Gavett and Eunice Gavett, Coldwater, Michigan, 1861-1863.

22/31: South Carolina form filled out in manuscript, legal acknowledgement of special bail in a debt lawsuit, 1806.

22/32: Pennsylvania promissory note, 1803.

22/33: Two letters to "my dear Anne" from Augusta E. Sackett, 1851.

22/34: To Professor Robert Jarbell Oliver from Mrs. Gamaliel Bradford, January 13, 1942.

22/35: To Chandler Smith, Esq. from Alivaley (sic?), Mulford, March 15, 1854; To my dear nephew from Samuel B. Appleton, August 1; To Rev. G. C. Sch... from David W. Cormick (sic?) on dying child and connected financial preparations, October 26, 1854; To "Friend" Lizzy from J.B. (sic?) on wedding, with envelope addressed to "Miss Mary E. Staples, Present," October 22, 1831.

22/36: Jean Rostand to M. Bomet (i.e., Melchior Bonnet), 16 letters, 1934-1938.

22/37: Newspaper clipping of book advertisement: "'See… and… know' the truly modern public collection Insectes by Jean Rostand, Voyage to the world of the marvellous, 152 illustrations in heliogravure, 5 fr 50, Flammarion," 1936?; Book review of Jean Rostand's Insectes, by Alphonse de Parvillez, 1936?

22/38: Arara to Conde Zambeccari (sic?),7 letters in Spanish, 1777-1788.

22/39: Items originally from sleeves numbered 1-5. Envelope inscribed to Madame Josephine Bellefonds, 1869; Love letter-poem from P., Undated; Love poem about Josephine on paper with same imprint as above; Sonnet to the Virgin by M. Henri Rochefort, Toulouse, 1865; "Monsieur and Mademoiselle," manuscript, Undated

22/40: "Bourgogne," sewn manuscript library catalog, late 19th century.

22/41: To "Monsieur le Procureur," signed, printed, 1741.

22/42: Official manuscript documents, sewn together, stamped Lorraine, etc., 1766.

22/43: Group of documents sewn together, dated 1664, 1661, Undated, 1687, 1666?, 1662, 1660, 1821.

22/44: Ordinance on the marriage of those under the age of 25 without parental permission, printed, with notes in hand, Brussels, 1623.

22/45: To Monsieur Ferrin from L'abbe Bignon (i.e., Jean-Paul Bignon, 1662-1743, priest and librarian to Louis XVI), 1732.

22/46: Three Connecticut Pay-Table Office notes, 1781-1784.

22/47: To Monsieru Fabris from Marie-Louise Mignot Denis (niece of Voltaire), written by Wagniere in thanks for a dysentery remedy, Undated

22/48: To Mrs Versey from Edward (Duke of Kent, father of Queen Victoria), 11 August 1813.

22/49: To Thomas Chalmers from Edward Jerningham (Wakefield) on a planned visit, Undated

22/50: Two letters by Beranger, 1833.

22/51: Revolutionary publication to the citizens, Undated

22/52: Hymnes que se chanteront a la fete de Barra et Viala… (Undated).

22/53: Two Marshall de Castries letters, 1786.

22/54: P.E.L., with music by Plantade, Palma, ou Le Voyage en Grece, Opera en Deux Actes (N.p., 1798-99).

22/55: C. Auguste Creuze, Ninons de Lenclos, ou L'Epicueisme (N.p., 1799-1800).

22/56: J. Candielle, Le Commissionnaire (N.p., 1794-95).

22/57: Bouilly, Les Deux Journees, with music by Cherubini (N.p., 1802).

22/58: Six letters by Drinkwater Meadows on his performances, 1834-1859.

22/59: James Oakes to Miss (Fanny) Davenport on theatre and scandals, May 1888.

22/60: Letter by Vandeinhoff, March 13, 1832?

22/61: Legal decision in favor of printer Antoine Lollin, with royal stamp and signature from the council, 1778.

22/62: Letter by Charles Kean, 22 February 1854.

22/63: Mr. T.D.M. (artillery captain), Dialogue entre un citoyen et un soldat (N.p., 1789), in French and German; Arretconcerning the inflation problem with assignats in the Bas-Rhin region, released by J. B. Lacoste and M. A. Baudot, 25 January 1794.

22/64: Jesuit Xavier de Ravignan to Mademoiselle Helene Carpentier, 5 March.

22/65: Document signed by Louis XIV, 1644.

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