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Convention Materials

1-3/1: Calicon (1989 - 1990)

1-3/2: Connexions (1998 - 2001)

1-3/3: ConRad/15/20 Yahren Reunion (1995 - 1998)

1-3/4: Friscon (1993 - 2001)

1-3/5: IDICon IV (1988)

1-3/6: KiScon (1999, 2008, 2011, 2017)

1-3/7: Leapcon (1995 - 1996)

1-3/8: Media West Con (1992, 2013)

1-3/9: ORAC '89 (1989)

1-3/10: Rocky Mountain Hi Con/Rocky Mountain Media Convention (1994 - 2001)

1-3/11: Syndi-Con (1995, 1997)

1-3/12: Unicon (1989 - 1992)

1-3/13: Various con flyers (1987 - 2009)

1-3/14: Virgule (1994, 1996)


This series consists of fanzines, which include works of fanfiction, newsletters, adzines, and other fanzine subgenres.

Academic Work

3-2/12: Project on Fernando Pessoa [University of Denver Creating Writing Program, 2015], handwritten notes, 2015?; and background materials, 1991-2015

3-2/13: University of Denver Creative Writing Project: Transfigurations: A Narrative Poetic Sequence, proposal, 2015; handwritten notes, undated; project requirements, 2014; and background materials, 1992-2015 and undated

3-2/14: "War in Children's Literature" (Presentation, University of Denver Creative Writing Program, March 2015), typescript lf text with handwritten notes, March 2015?; PowerPoint slides, March 2015; and background materials, 1985-2015

3-2/15: "Why is Dystopia So Popular? (University of Denver Creative Writing Program, 2015), typescript notes with handwritten notes, 2015?; and background materials, 2001-2015

Workshops and Conferences

This series consists of materials relating to various cons, conferences, and writers workshops attended by Walrath. Some folders contain manuscript materials from works Walrath wrote for or at these events.


This series contains typescript and manuscript drafts of many of Walrath's stories, poems, and pieces of flash fiction, both published and unpublished.

Walrath, Holly Lyn

Personal Correspondence

This series contains correspondence concerning Owens' books, with published reviews of Owens' books; the Annie Laurie Williams letters; the Bedichek letters; Ralph Yarborough and the Big Thicket; photographs of Owens and family; and transcripts from Owens' college years. Also contains personal correspondence from 1940-1946, including those from Owens' years on active duty in World War II, as well as correspondence concerning the film rights to Slave Mutiny; plagiarism of Slave Mutiny; clippings and articles on Grant Wood; newsletters.


Additional materials filed separately:
Fourteen large photographs
Three of Trinity Crater, Alamogordo, New Mexico, site of atomic bomb test, July 16, 1945
One of the High Flix Isotope Reactor and Transuranuim Processing Facility at Oak Ridge National Laboratory
One of the Feed Materials Production Centers at Fernald, Ohio
One of the Biomedical Facilities of Puerto Rico Nuclear Center
One of the Paduca Gaseous Diffusion Plant; five of Brookhaven National Laboratory
Two unidentified

A 16mm sound, motion picture film of an interview of Dr. Aebersold by Miss Marcelle Napier at the IAEA conference on Radioisotopes in Copenhagen in September, 1960.

Newspaper Clippings

This series contains general newspaper clippings, in boxes 17-20 clippings are mostly about the use of radioisotopes, and some clippings deal with Dr. Aebersold's personal activities (1936-1970). Also, in box 20 are clippings related to special subjects, cartoons, and clippings in series (1939-1963).

Interstate History Projects

This series contains studies from several individuals and organizations that recorded the history of the development of the interstate highway system. The most extensive research was carried out by the Public Works Historical Society, under the sponsorship of the American Public Works Association and the American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials.

Consulting Work

Immediately upon his retirement from the Federal Highway Administration, Turner was commissioned by the International Road Federation to help conduct a three-year study of 31 urban areas in 14 countries. The information he and co-author Harmer E. Davis gathered from cities in Japan, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and the United States make up the bulk of this series. However, Turner acted as a consultant, both paid and unpaid, for many other agencies and associations. Correspondence, notes, maps, photographs, speeches, and reports on this work.


This series contains correspondence, speeches, and conference materials. Turner belonged to a large number of transportation associations, both formal and informal, from national organizations, such as the Highway Users Federation, to lunch groups such as " The Road Gang." Many of the groups share the same key leaders, an attribute that is especially apparent in the intriguingly entitled "No Name Group."

Turner's Awards

This series is comprised of 9 folders in box 7 (7/18 through 7/26) containing correspondence, certificates, and publicity about a few of the honors received by Turner over the course of his career. Similar material may be located in Series 7 if the award was bestowed by a transportation association.

Publications and Remarks

This series is comprised of 4 folders in box 6 (6/20 through 6/23) containing published writings and official remarks and statements, bound in four volumes.

Federal Highway Administration

This series is comprised of several subject files, such as a file with internal memoranda about bicycle lanes, and a file that contains notes for speeches Turner made as Administrator of the Federal Highway Administration. A 1973 letter referring to Turner's retirement and materials on Turner's participation in an FHWA 100-year time capsule dedication ceremony on June 14, 1994, are also included.

Bureau of Public Roads

These records begin with the personnel files (1929-1972) Turner retrieved from the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) in 1995. Correspondence about these files includes reference to FHWA personnel killed in the Oklahoma City bombing that year. Turner's Bureau of Public Roads (BPR) reports are arranged in chronological order, as are his BPR correspondence and reports.

S1-01/1-4: Bureau of Public Roads and Federal Highway Administration Personnel Files, 1929-1995 (bulk: 1929-1972)

S1-01/5-14: Bureau of Public Roads Reports, 1930-1939

S1-01/15: Textbooks and Thesis, 1940

S1-01/16-31: Bureau of Public Roads Correspondence and Reports, 1939-1968

Clay Committee

As Executive Secretary of both the President's Committee on a National Highway Program (the so-called "Clay Committee") and the Inter-agency Committee, Turner collected administrative materials and correspondence for both committees. Series 2. also includes correspondence, background materials, and reports. Subseries 2.1 contains collected correspondence, background materials, and policy statements on the highway program by interested industry groups, associations, and politicians. The files are arranged alphabetically by the association name. Subseries 2.2 consists of files containing background information on financing the highway program and publicity and public reaction to the program. The files are arranged alphabetically by subject. Subseries 2.3 concludes the series with the official statements and testimonies heard by the Clay Committee, arranged chronologically.

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