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Yolanda Broyles-González and Francisco González Archive
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Yolanda Broyles-González and Francisco González Archive

  • TxAM-CRS C000105
  • Collection
  • 1930-2015

The Dr. Yolanda Broyles- González & Francisco González Archive is a rich borderland Mexican-American collection with a focus on performance arts, theater, and music.  Dr. Broyles-González studied and lived in Germany for twelve years, in Berlin, Freiburg, and Hamburg. She published the first translations of Chicano literature into German and she was instrumental in bringing Chicano/a literature and history to European readerships and consciousness. 

Broyles-Gonzalez, Yolanda


60/1: Gaitan Articles Drafts, 2000-2001

60/2: Lydia Mendoza Fliers, 2001

60/3: "Lydia Mendoza and the Social Powers of the Oral Tradition" Lecture by YBG 12-2-2006, December 2, 2002

60/4: Performance Artist Maria Elena Gaitan: Mapping a Continent without Borders, 2003

60/5: Book Review- Re-emerging Native Women of the Americas: Native Chicana Latina Women's Studies, 2003

60/6: Renato Rosaldo Lecture, Undated

60/7: "Hinojosa's Klail City y sus Alrededores: Oral Culture and Print Culture" Lecture, Undated

60/8: Final Copy July 1984 Women in Ect Original, Undated

60/9: TC Letterhead, Undated

60/10: El Teatro Campesion: Original Manuscript part One, Undated

60/11: El Teatro Campesion: Original Manuscript part Two, Undated

60/12: Nachwort 34 Klail City und Sliae Umgebung, Undated

60/13: PHOTOS: Institute of Texan Cultures, 1934-1985

60/14: Houston Public Library Document, 1978

60/15: Lydia Mendoza: Oral History (Houston Library) 4/5/1979, 1979

60/16: Lydia Mendoza Articles, 1981-1982

60/17: Three Women's Text and a Critique of Imperialism, 1986

60/18: Pastorela Slides, 1986-1987

60/19: Documents: Institute of Texan Cultures, 1987

60/20: The Americas Review, 1988

60/21: Interpreting Women's Lives ed Personal Narratives Group, 1989

60/22: Storied Lives, 1992-1993

60/23: Lydia Mendoza Permission, 1992-1998

60/24: Pastorela Photograph, December 1993

60/25: Yolanda Broyles-Gonzalez, Mary Rojas Munoz/ Preliminary Research, January 20, 1993

60/26: Oral History, 1993

60/27: Subjectivity, Identity and the Body, 1993

60/28: Behar: Translated Work, 1993

60/29: Kendall Hunt Publishers, 1995-2002

60/30: Candida Jaquez on Mariachi, 1996

60/31: Performance Theory, 1996

60/32: Epilogo, 1996

60/33: Ma. Elena Gaitan/ Mendoza, 1996

60/34: UT Press, Mendoza; Reader's Evaluations, 1996-1998

60/35: Lydia '92 Doc Some Chronological data, 1998

60/36: YBG/ Mendoza Lecture Notes, 1998-1999

60/37: Table of Contents, 1998-2000

60/38: Kendall Working File, 199-2001

60/39: L. Mendoza Photo Orders, April 1999

60/40: Mendoza CD-- Oxford Correspondence, 1999

60/41: Preliminary Mendoza CD Search, 1999


YBG publications from 1979 to 2002.

61/1: Lydia Mendoza: Huston Library Photos for Book, 1999

61/2: Mendoza Intro Working Copy, 1999

61/3: Oxford Correspondence, 1999-2000

61/4: Lydia Mendoza: Book Permission, 1999-2000

61/5: Lydia Mendoza, 1999-2000

61/6: Kendall Hunt, 2000

61/7: Valadez Artwork Copies, 2000

61/8: Kendall Hunt Permissions, 2000-2002

61/9: Lydia Mendoza: Ester Hernandez Art Work

61/10: Lydia Mendoza: Original Photos/ Houston Library, Undated

61/11: Lydia Mendoza: Photos, Undated

61/12: Lydia Mendoza: Caption Manuscript, Undated

61/13: Diane Rodriguez Cover Photo, Undated

61/14: Veronica Valadez 20 Symbols, Undated

61/15: Trin Min Ha, Undated

61/16: Polity Press, Undated

61/17: George Lipsitz- Dangerous Crossroads, Undated

61/18: Life/ Lines/ Theorizing Women's Autobiography, Undated

61/19: Chicano Cinema Research, Reviews and Resources, ed. by Gary d. Keller

61/20: Der zerstuckte Traum Fur Erich Arendt by Agora

61/21: Journal- Ibero Americana, no. 2/3, 6 Jahrgang 1982

61/22: The Rolando Hinojosa Reader, ed. by Jose David Saldivor, vol. xii Fall-Winter, 1984

61/23: Chicana Vocies: Intersections of Class, Race and Gender; CMAS, UT Astin

61/24: YBG- The German Response to Latin American Literature

61/25: Der Dichter ist kein verlorener Stein Uber Neruda (YBG Artical on pg. 180)

61/26: Der Dichter ist kein verlorener Stein Uber Neruda, published by Luchterkund


56/1: Bless Me, Ultima Paper, 1965- 1991

56/2: On Orality Lecture, Institute of Texan Cultures 1983, 1970-1983

56/3: YBG Notes for German Hinojosa Article, 1974-1990

56/4: On Rolando Hinojosa, 1979

56/5: KEDA Lecture/ "El Relampago", 1982-1985

56/6: Las Posadas Paper MLA, 1985

56/7: List of Publishable Papers and Manuscripts, 1985-1999

56/8: MLA Chicanas and Oral History, 1987

56/9: WIG 1987, 1987-1988

56/10: Various Papers: Mine and Others, 1987-1996

56/11: Turkish Woman sent to Genders and Feminist Studies, 1988

56/12: Cheyenne in the Black Forest, 1988-1992

56/13: German Translation Final Draft, 1989

56/14: Turkish Women GSA, 1989

56/15: Los Angeles Times, 1989-1992

56/16: Pastorela On Orality Lecture, Institute of Texan Cultures 1983, 1990-1993

56/17: One Woman Shows, 1991-2000

56/18: La Llorona, 1991-2003

56/19: Essays in Chicana Herstory, 1992-1997

56/20: Cesar Chavez Memorial, 1993-1997

56/21: Breathing the Silence: Chicana/o Slavery + Historiography, 1993-2002

56/22: Lecturer Political Economy of Chicana/o, 1994

56/23: One Women Shows, 1995-2000

56/24: California's Backlash: Birthing Pains for the New Civil Rights Movement, November 1996

56/25: Music + Chicano Civil Rights, 1997

56/26: 1999 NACCs Keynote, 1997-1999

56/27: YBG Lectures in Progress: Rage against the machine, 1997-1999

56/28: Speech 5 de Mayo, 1997-2000

56/29: Chicana/o Slavery, February 1998

56/30: Theatre from the streets: El Teatro Campesino and the Carpa Tradition 1998, 1998

56/31: YBG Lecture: One Indigenous Family Pole to Pole 2002, 1999-2002

56/32: Speech, September 16, 2000

56/33: Partera, Undated

56/34: Zapatista Indigenous Week Blessing 14, Undated

56/35: "Healing the Earth" YBG, Undated

56/36: In our Image: Chicana/India/Mexicana Spiritual Practices, Undated


Start of Lydia Mendoza Research.

58/1: D. Reidel Publishing Company Agreement, 1974-1975

58/2: Native America Materials, 1976-2003

58/3: Concilio Mundial, 1977

58/4: Collected Note cards- Germany; Research Notes, 1977-1982

58/5: Gutachen Zu Oscar Lewis' Die Kinder von Sanchez, 1981

58/6: Chicano Literature Project Anthology, 1982

58/7: Indigenous Materials, 1988-2003

58/8: Gaitan Scripts, 1993-2002

58/9: Scil-ovce Wars Partera, 1994-1998

58/10: 1B: Maria Elena Gaitan, 1997-2001

58/11: MEG Editorials, 1999-2002

58/12: Conference Notes, 1999-2003

58/13: Gaithan Monterrey, 2000-2001

58/14: MEG Photos and Article, 2002-2003

58/15: Suhrkamp Juan Rodolfo Book, Undated

58/16: Nachwort zu Klail City und Umgebung, Undated

58/17: Restricted

58/18: Restricted

58/19: YBG Note cards G-O; Various Papers written in German by YBG, Undated

58/20: On Autobiography, 1984-1992

58/21: Mendoza Library, 1984-1998

58/22: Music and Social Movement: Music of the Chicano Movement, 1990-1996

58/23: Social Movement Articles, 1992-1997

58/24: UCSB Lydia Mendoza Lecture, 1993-1997

58/26: History/ Oral History of Lydia Mendoza- Notes, 1993-1998

58/27: Autobiography of Lydia Mendoza 2, 1996

58/28: Autobiography of Lydia Mendoza 3, 1996

58/29: YBG Media Originals, 1997-1998


Continuation of Lydia Mendoza Research and other writings.

59/1: Oxford Final Contract, 1997-2000

59/2: Lydia Mendoza and YBG Oxford Book Contract, 1998

59/3: Mendoza Book Publicity, 1998-2001

59/4: Mendoza Book Photos, 2001

59/5: Photos: Historic Paper Copies of jpeg files, Undated

59/6: Press Conference Photos, Undated

59/7: Lydia Mendoza- Walk of Fame, Undated

59/8: YBG Bio, Undated

59/9: Lydia Family, Undated

59/10: Lydia Mendoza 3, Undated

59/11: Autobiography of Lydia Mendoza, Undated

59/12: Women in TEATRO/ Women in Teatro, 1983-1984

59/13: Corridos San Diego/Old Globe Oct. 4, July 18, 1984

59/14: Current Publications, Materials and Papers, 1984

59/15: Autroenlexifeon de Lat American Lit., 1984-1985

59/16: Y.J. Boryles Reviews (Musica) San Antonio Light, 1984-1985

59/17: On Rosa Reyes (1985- she died in 2005), March 18, 1985

59/18: Culture and Commodifications, 1985-1986

59/19: Theatre Review and Miscellaneous Papers, 1985-1989

59/20: Sabine Hebenstreit: FrauenRaume und Weibliche Identitaet, 1986

59/21: Lex. Lat Autorew- Suhrkamp Fertige Texte, 1986-1987

59/22: Carmen Tafolla, 1986-1989

59/23: Inside/Outside German Culture- Thoughts, Notes, Bibliography, 1987-1992

59/24: Turkish Women revised for Female Studies and Norma Alarcon, 1989

59/25: Corridos- Short Paper, Drafts, 1989-1990

59/26: Raza Struggles at UCLA- YBG Papers- UCLA 1993 Hunger Strike, 1990-1997

59/27: UCLA Struggle for Chicano Studies, 1993-1998

59/28: Behren's: Weise Frau, 1994

59/29: Lydia Mendoza- Ranchera Music, 1997-1999

59/30: YBG 2005 Merit, 1984-2004

59/31: YBG Copy 10/26/99 Lydia Mendoza- Background and Analysis, October 26, 1999

59/32: Lydia Mendoza and the Social Powers of Music by YBG, 1999


63/1: Chicana Traditions: Continuity and Change.; ed. by Norma E. Cantu and olga Naiera-Ramirez, 2002

63/2: Article- "Die lateinamerikanische Literatur and Pablo Neruda im deutschen Sparchraum", 1981

63/3: Article- "Brecht: The Itellectual Tramp: An Interview with Luis Valsez", 1983

63/4: Reviews/Essays and Articles- 1984-1985- San Antonio Light News, 1984-1985

63/5: Article- "Hinojosa's Klail City y sus alrededores Oral and Print Culture", 1985

63/6: Article- "Women in El Teatro Campesino: Apoco Estaba Molacha la Virgen de Guadalupe?", 1986

63/7: YBG Promotion Case- 1991- Creative Activities, 1986-1990

63/8: Teatro Campesino- Interview- Felipe Cantu, July 1987

63/9: YBG Merit Documents 1998, 1988-1998

63/10: Article- "Towards a Revision of Chicano Theatre History: The Women of El Teatro Campesino", 1989

63/11: Article- "Cheyennes in the Black Forest: A Social Drama:, 1989

63/12: Article- "The Living Legeacy of Chicana Performers: Preserving History through Oral Testimony", 1990

63/13: Article- "What Price of 'Mainstream'?: Luis Valdez' Corridos on Stage and Film, 1990

63/14: Article- "Turkische Frauen in der Bundersrepublik Deutschland: Die Macht der...", 1990

63/15: 1997 Research and Prof, 1990-1997

63/16: Article- "Native Dialectics and Cultural Subversion: The Santa Barbara Pastorela", 1991

63/17: Merit 97 Correspondence, 1991-1998

63/18: Various Essays, 1992

63/19: 1997-1998 Merit; Bio Bib and Self-Assess, 1992-1999

63/20: 1997 Prof. Activity, 1993-1997

63/21: University Service, 1993-1997

63/22: Undergrad Teaching and Special Initiatives, 1994-1997

63/23: 1997 Research and Creative, 1996-1998

63/24: YBG Publications, 1996-1999

63/25: LMRI, 1996-2000

63/26: Posadas, Add to viewer guide, 1997

63/27: Mummer's Play, 1997

63/28: Correspondence to YBG regarding permissions and the using of her publications, 1997-1999

63/29: Lydia Mendoza article and winter Season of Darkness and Light Teacher's Guide, 1997-2000

63/30: Article- "El Teatro Campesino", 1998

63/31: Reviewer Reports effective 7/1/97, 1998-1999

63/32: Article- "Engendering Strategies", 1999

63/33: Short Article- "Lydia Mendoza: A Living Legend", 1999

63/34: Article- "El Teatro Campesino...", 2000

63/35: Article Reprint- "Colonizing the Colonizer..."; "La Llorona Legend..."; "The Legendary Lydia..."; "Lydia Mendoza's Songworld..."; "Engendering Strategies..."; "Press Statements"; "Towards a Re-Vision", 2001

63/36: Oral History- "An History with Chumash...", 2001

63/37: Into to Book- "Introduction to Re-Emerging...", 2001

63/38: Article: Hispanic Business, December 2002 "Media Markets Report", December 2002

63/39: Article-- "Ranchera Music(s)..."; "Indianizing Catholicism...", 2002

63/40: Article-- "Book Review of Jorge Huerta's...", 2002

63/41: Work in Press, Article- "Performance Artist: Maria Elena Gaitan", 2002

63/42: YBG- Bio-Bibliographic Update, 2002

63/43: Ester Hernandez portraits of Lydia Mendoza, Undated

63/44: Photo of Lydia Mendoza, 1948

63/45: Days of Darkness and Light, Undated


62/1: 1978 Intro and German translation Einleitung: Oekonomischer Voelkerord via, 1974

62/2: YBG interview with Andre Gunder Frank (later published in my German translation), 1976

62/3: Article- "Erich Arendt und die lateinamerikanische Literatur", 1978

62/4: San Antonio Light Press releases/ show programs, 1978-1985

62/5: Program Dia de la Raza: Mexican American Cultural Center, 1980

62/6: Book (translation) "Klail City y sus alrededores", by Rolando Hinojosa, 1980

62/7: Diss. The German Responce Title Page, 1981

62/8: Article- "Die lainamerikanische Literatur and Pablo Neruda im deutschen Sparchraum", 1981

62/9: Article- "Brecht: The Intellectual Tramp: An Interview with Luis Valdez", 1983

62/10: San Antonio Light newspaper articles on Chicano theater, 1984-1985

62/11: 1984-1985 Reviews/Essays and Articles in San Antonio Light News, 1984-1985

62/12: Y.J. Broyles Review and Notes for the San Antonio Light, 1984-1995

62/13: S.A. Light YBG Night Club series, 1985

62/14: Article- "Hinojosa's Klail City sus alrededores Oral and Print Culture", 1985

62/15: Article- "Women in El Teatro Campesino: Apoco Esta Molacha la Virgen de Guadalupe?", 1986

62/16: Turkish women in th FRG: The Power of Representation, 1988

62/17: Turkish women in th FRG: Abridged version, 1988

62/18: Article- "Towards a Re-Vision of Chicano Theatre History: The Women of El Teartro...", 1989

62/19: Article- "Cheyennes in the Black Forest: A social drama", 1989

62/20: Article- "The Living Legacy of Chicana Performers Preserving History through Oral...", 1990

62/21: Article- "What Price 'Mainstream'?"; Luis Valdez Corridos on Stage and Film, 1990

62/22: Article- "Turkische Frauen in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland: Die Macht der...", 1990

62/23: Journal publications on Chicano theater/ culture, 1990-2002

62/24: Other Publications; YBG all publications, 1991

62/25: Article- "Native Dialectics and Cultural Subversion: The Santa Barbara Pastorela", 1991

62/26: Asociacion Nacional de Grupos Folkloricos, 1992

62/27: Article- "El Teatro Campesion...", 1998

62/28: Article- "Engendering Strategies...", 1999

62/29: "Lydia Mendoza, A Living Legend" 1999, 1999

62/30: Article- "El Teatro Campesino...", 2000

62/31: Co-authored Commentary "Test Score Rankings...", 2000

62/32: Article Re-print: " Colonizing the Colonizer...", 2001

62/33: Article Re-print: "La Llorona Legend...", 2001

62/34: Article: "The Legendary Lydia...", 2001

62/35: Article Re-print: "Lydia Mendoza's Songworld...", 2001

62/36: Article Re-print: "Engendering Strategies...", 2001

62/37: Document: "Press Statment...", 2001

62/38: Article Re-print: "Towards a Re-Vision...", 2001

62/39: Oral History "An Oral History with Chumash...", 2001

62/40: Intro to Book "Introduction" to Re-emerging..., 2001

62/41: Article- "Ranchera Music(s)...", 2002

62/42: Article- "Indianizing Catholicism...", 2002

62/43: Book Review "Book review of Jorge Huerta's...", 2002

62/44: Work in Press Article Re-print in Book "The Living Legacy of...", 2002

62/45: Work in Press Re-print Essay "What Price Mainstream?", 2002

62/46: Work in Press Article Performance Artist: Maria Elena Gaitan, 2002

62/47: Magazine articles and interview with Vargas Llosa, Undated

62/48: Order forms for El Teatro Campesino Book and an interview with Luis Valdez by YBG, Undated

62/49: Conjunto Club Series Y.J. Broyles S.A. Light, Undated

62/50: Article- Intro and German Translation "Einleitung: Oekonomischer Voelkerod via monetaristischer...", 1980

62/51: Teatro Campesino- Europe Tour Photos- Originals, 1980

62/52: Article- "The German Response to Latin American Literature and the Reception...", 1981

62/53: Book (translation) "Klail City y sus alrededores," by Rolando Hinojosa, 1981

62/54: Book (translation) "Klail City y sus alrededores, (Klail City und Umbegund- a second edition...", 1981


57/1: YBG- Neruda Manuscript, 1963-1981

57/2: Bewerbungen, Gutachten Curriculum Vitae, 1968-1982

57/3: Lectures and info Women in Teatro, 1969-1984

57/4: Representations of Woman In Luis Valdez Mainstream Production, 1979-1989

57/5: Teartro Mujeres wit +misc., 1980-1984

57/6: Info. On Women (Mixed), 1980-1989

57/7: Chicana/Latina Research Advisory Council, 1980-1993

57/8: Carmen Tafolla, 1983-1986

57/9: All drafts of etc.. Women Summer 1989, 1984-1986

57/10: LULAC Presentation Mexicana in the 80s (Publications in Progress), April 13, 1985

57/11: Chicano Drama 188a Quizzes and Exams, 1985

57/12: Chicano Studies 188a Texts, 1985

57/13: 5th reworking women in Teatro, 1985

57/14: 1985 Santa Barbara Cuatro Apariciones Production, 1985

57/15: Case Newsletter (Fall Quarter 1986), 1986

57/16: Chicano Drama Paper, 1986

57/17: Women of Teatro Campe: Revisions Oct 1986 Fifth Reworking (5th), 1986

57/18: Women of El Teatro campesino 10/14/1986 and Abstracts of works in progress, 1986-1989

57/19: Women Etc Lynda Hart/University of Michigan Paper, 1987-1988

57/20: UC Davis and UCLA Lecture Women of Etc Paper, 1987-1989

57/21: YBG Draft article on Corridos (Teartro Camp) for publication

57/22: German Studies/ Emory Conference, 1988

57/23: Lynda Hart/ U. Mich Press, 1988-1989

57/24: Pastorela work in Progress (Publications in Progress), 1990

57/25: The Year 2000 (Publications in Progress), January 20, 1993

57/26: Pastorela: Testimonio on Early Performances (Publications in Progress), 1994

57/27: In Our Image (Publications in Progress), 1994-1995

57/28: An Oral History with Chumash Elder Pilulaw Khus, January 21, 1997

57/29: Chicano/ a Latino/ a studies in the Masters House, October 22, 2001

57/30: YBG Article, Undated

57/31: YBG Manuscript Neruda, Undated

57/32: Towards a re-vision: Women of TC Word Processed- 6th reworking, Undated

57/33: MALCS 1995 Plenary Address 23 (Publications in Progress), NO Date

57/34: Chicano Drama, Performance, Society and Math Book Review, Undated

Trinkets from Poster Boxes

Cardboard and metal 8" Mailing Tube to Francisco Gonzalez from Dwyer

3" x.75" x1.6" wooden block

3" x.75" x1.6" wooden block

3" x.75" x1.6" wooden blocks

4" wooden heart

3" wooden maple leaf

3" wooden heart

Wooden panda bear pencil sharpener

Metal 1" frog figurine with bell and bow

Metal frog on leaf figurine

Copper sombrero 3" diameter

Green rubber 3" clown

Blue rubber 6" clown

Research Materials for Pilulaw Khus and Lydia Mendoza original cassette

3/1: Master of Lydia Mendoza last recorded concert, 4/26/86

3/2: Pilulaw Khus, 10/9/97

3/3: Pilulaw Khus on Chumash Society recorded in Prof. Y Broyles-Gonzalez at UC Santa, October 9, 1997

3/4: Dub Pilulaw Khus continues after lecture, 2/12/01

3/5: Pilulaw Khus on the Topic Women/Earth/Water, 12/12/06

3/6: Pilulaw Khus "Nuclear Energy in Native America", May 4, 2000

3/7: Pilulaw Khus United Nations Nuclear Energy (Incomplete), 5/20/00

3/8: Pilulaw Khus et al on KPFK United Nations conference on Nuclear Energy, May 2, 2000

3/9: Pilulaw Khus Master Side 3 of 3, 1/18/00

3/10: Pilulaw Khus Master of lecture in YBG class on the concept of 'Time', 1/18/00

3/11: Pilulaw Khus converstion with Michael Khus Zararw Master, 7/19/98

3/12: Pilulaw Khus on point concpcion interview of Pilulaw Khus by Michael Zarate Khus, 7/19/98

3/13: Pilulaw Khus at UCSB Intro. To Chicana Studies, 1/21/97

3/14: Pilulaw Khus 'On Land' Master, 1/22/02

3/15: Pilulaw Khus Dub side 1,2 of 5, 8/15/01

3/16: Michael Khus-Zarate Conversation with Prof. YBG on Chumash Native American Archival materials side 5 of 5, 8/15/2001

3/17: Michael Khus-Zarate Conversation with Prof. YBG on Chumash Native American Archival materials side 3/4 of 5, 8/15/01

3/18: Interview with Pilulaw Khus, Dec. 12,2000

3/19: Pilulaw Khus International Women's Day 1993 (Original), 1993

3/20: Pilulaw Khus International Women's Day 1993 (Copy), 1993

3/21: Pilulaw Khus International Women's Day side 3 &4, 1993

3/22: Pilulaw Khus (and others) International Women's Day side 5&6, 1993

3/23: Unlabled Sony cassette tape

3/24: Pilulaw Khus Master from video, 10/9/97

3/25: Pilulaw Khus Los Dsos, CA with YBG Side one, 12/31/06

3/26: Pilulaw Khus Pilulaw Khus Los Dsos, CA with YBG Side 3&4, 12/31/06

3/27: Pilulaw Khus Pilulaw Khus Los Dsos, CA with YBG Side 5&6, 1/2/07

3/28: Pilulaw Khus side 7 of 7, 1/3-1/4/07

3/29: Pilulaw Khus on leak Side 1, 4/10/03

3/30: Pilulaw Khus Side two, 4/10/03

3/31: Pilulaw Khus On land San Simeon Side 1 and 2, 2/4/2003

3/32: Pilulaw Khus 'Storytelling' tape 1, 11/22/02

3/33: Pilulaw Khus #2 Side 1 &2, 11/22/02

3/34: Pilulaw Khus #3, 11/22/02

3/35: Pilulaw Khus #1 in Morro Bay, 11/22/02

3/36: Pilulaw Khus IB, 1/22/02

3/37: Pilulaw Khus IB Side 3 of 3, 1/22/02

3/38: Conversation Pilulaw Khus at Good Earth, June 1, 2001

3/39: Pilulaw Khus Chumash, 3/14/01

Publicity Materials

10/1: Diary kept by Francisco Gonzalez, 1984

10/2: Diary kept by Francisco Gonzalez, 1985

10/3: Photos and Articles of Yolanda Broyles Gonzalez and Francisco Gonzalez including newspaper and magazine clippings, a poem written for Francisco Gonzalez, and family and publicity photos

10/4: Documents found with Yolanda Broyles Gonzalez addendum German Books including Notes from German 210 Seminar, an excerpt from a German book, a newspaper clipping found in Alfred Doblin: Berlin Alexanderplatz Roman, and a newspaper clipping found in Coming to Terms

10/5: Music memorabilia Box, fabric rectangle with stamp design

10/6: Production photos from the play "Una Pastorela" and cast photos from the play "Corridos", 1995, 1984

10/7: Collection of unlabeled publicity photos and film negatives

10/8: Publicity photos of Francisco Gonzalez, 1982

10/9: Vista Phoenix Gazette newspaper article, 1988

10/10: Publicity Photos and Film Negative of Frank Gonzalez, 1989

10/11: Various publicity papers of Francisco Gonzalez including an itinerary and university letter for 1991 University of Western Washington performance, a printed email response to an honorarium inquiry, a resume and biography, a newspaper clipping, flyers and schedule for 'Presidio Days', a press release and thank you email for his symposium at Whatcom Museum, a letter from California State University, a flyer for a benefit for Acuna vs. UC Regents, and a newspaper article clipping

10/12: Publicity Photos of Yolanda Broyles Gonzalez

10/13: Play publicity including flyers for "La Virgen del Tepeyac" and "Corridos", programs for "The Ages" and "If These Walls Could Speak", a newspaper clipping, a critics award for "Corridos", a folder for "Una Pastorela" containing various materials, and a folder for Francisco Gonzalez's musical album "El Regalo"

10/14: Mexican Calendar Photos and article with notes, 1999

10/15: A Plaque honoring Francisco Gonzalez, 2009

10/16: removed for mapcase Poster for "Tres Cuentos del D.F." directed by Francisco Gonzalez (2 copies); Poster for "Una Pastorela, "1989; Poster for "Una Pastorela," 1993

Personal Papers and Photographs

2/1: YBG Photos. Parade and Peformance, San Antonio

2/2: Valerio Longoria- Tejano Conjunto

2/3: YBG Photos, La Fulga (Flea Market) in San Antonio

2/4: Lydia Mendoza's Morante birthday party

2/5: YBG Photos. Artist Cesar Martinez, Teatro Guadalupe (San Antonio)

2/6: Performance in Soledad Prison

2/7: German Cheyenne Indian Club in the Black Forest

2/8: San Juan Bautista- Teatro Campesino/ F. Gonzalez and YBG

2/9: Teatro Campesino Members

2/10: san Francisco/ Galeria. Negatives

2/11: Teatro de la Esperanza, San Antonio

2/12: Centro Cultural Aztlan Awards, San Antonio

2/13: Teatro Campesino- framed picture

2/14: Posada/ Santa Barbara, California

2/15: Las Posadas at Sra. Lupe Benitez- Santa

2/16: Lydia Mendoza and YBG

2/17: List of pictures in YBG Books

2/18: Pictures- Lydia Mendoza's dresses and posters

2/19: Photos- Lydia Mendoza

2/20: World Music institute, Inc.- Lydia Mendoza tapes

2/21: Mendoza's 85th and book signing at Plaza del Zacate, San Antonio

2/22: Mendoza with dress; Mama and Yollie at Guenther

2/23: Crucifixion del migrante

2/24: California Chicano Murals

2/25: Culiacan, Guagmas, Tucson, and Papy's 45th birthday

2/26: Guadalajara

2/27: California and Frankreich

2/28: Chicano Demo

2/29: Abuelita

2/30: Photos- Lydia Mendoza (labeled historic)

2/31: YBG Photos

2/32: Photographs from correspondence

2/33: Photograph- Vigilancia Popular

2/34: Lydia Mendoza

2/35: Rosa Reyes- Video cassette

2/36: Misc pictures and fliers found in the photo Box

2/37: Holz-Bilder photos: Wood, Black Forest, Germany

2/38: YBG photos (unknown location)

2/39: Photos from various years

2/40: YBG- Photos of her caata Nessita, Juan Ruflo (author mexicano), Italy and Spain

2/41: YBG- Nessita the cat

2/42: Ruflo

2/43: YBG- Portugal, East Germany, Mexico and misc.

2/44: Mexico (Maya), Black Forest, Countryside

2/45: Photobook- Mau, Leonore und Hubert Fichte (Texte) "Xango: Die afroamerikanischen Religionen, Bahia, Haiti, Trinidad."

Personal Papers and Photographs

Yolanda Broyles-Gonzalez's contracts, Standford University, Raza Unite, Lydia Mendoza, photos, and biographical information

1/1: Unused Contracts, 1977

1/2: YBG hiring evaluation for Stanford University 1992 Yvonne Yarbro-Bejarano, 1980-1992

1/3: YBG Activism- Raza Unite in support of Rudy Acuña, 1991

1/4: Papers from Lydia Mendoza's Trunk, 1992-1993

1/5: YBG Biographical information, 1977-1993

1/6: Photos from Lydia Mendoza's Trunk, No dates

1/7: Photos from Posters- Including Lydia Mendoza, No dates

1/8: Photos- Lydia Mendoza Wedding Day

1/9: Guadalajara- Mercado

1/10: Kinder Van Tio Mateo

1/11: Tucson Airport, Abuelita, Culiacan, Christine, and Palo Alto; Tia Margarita

1/12: Mazaltan

1/13: Sabino Canyon

1/14: Teatro Libertad

1/15: Jan and David Hochzeit

1/16: Dartsmouth, Pittsburg

1/17: Subject Unknown

1/18: YBG in Germany and France 1970s- Contact Sheets and Negatives- 1

1/19: YBG in Germany and France 1970s- Contact Sheets and Negatives- 2

1/20: Provence, France

1/21: Germany- Many portraits of Siegfried Bartels. (YGB's Photography Teacher)- Basil Straufent Bollschweil

1/22: Germany

1/23: Mexico, Yucatan

1/24: Culiacan Portraits- negatives

1/25: Contact Sheets and Negatives of trip with Julieta Arana and Jan Wezelman through Europe-1

1/26: Contact Sheets and Negatives of trip with Julieta Arana and Jan Wezelman through Europe-2

1/27: Arendt and Potertaten - 15-4-78, East Berlin (near Potsdam)- of East German writer (deceased) and artist Hannelore Teutsch; East German Officials on Arendt's 75th birthday, April 15, 1978

1/28: Pearce, Arizona Cemetery

1/29: Tucson Pueblo Center- eatro Libertad: Negatives

1/30: Danielito, Tucson

1/31: Tucson

1/32: California- Palo Alto on Ozean

1/33: Tio and Tia Tonio- Mojolo

1/34: Teatro Libertad Papp- Tucson

1/35: Sasabe Cemetery

1/36: Writers in Berlin: Hubert Fichte, Erich Arendt, etc. v.1

1/37: Writers in Berlin: Hubert Fiche, Erich Arendt, etc. v.2

1/38: YBG Photos- 1970's Germany

1/39: Tucson Demonstration Chicana

1/40: Photos of San Antonio, Texas Parade

1/41: YBG Travels in 1980's- New Orleans, Mazatlan, San Antonio. 1/2

1/42: YBG Travels in 1980's- New Orleans, Mazatlan, San Antonio. 2/2

1/43: Teatro Campesino Core Members- plus Rene Yanez, Director of Galeria de la Raza in San Francisco

1/44: Slides-San Antonio Chicana Poet Angela de Hoyos Performing at El Mercado and Maria Cervantes tape

1/45: YBG in San Antonio

1/46: YBG teaching German course at UTSA

1/47: Beach, Boat, and Local Life pictures (location not specified)

1/48: YBG Photo Collection: Texas, San Antonio and Austn; Union Organizers

1/49: YBG Housewarming in San Antonio; Artist Cesa martinez, Writer Rudy Rosales; Conjunto Pioneer- Valerio Longoria at Mission County Park, San Antonio; JL Birthday

1/50: YBG Photos in Provence, France, and San Antonio

1/51: Self-portraits from Freiburg, Germany

1/52: YBG performs at 1st Conjunto Festival in San Antonio

Papers and Chumash Books

5/1: McLendon, Sally and John R. Johnson. Cultural Affiliation and Lineal Decent of the Chumash People in the Chumash Islands and the Santa Monica Mountains., December 1999

5/2: Quincy D. Newell. The Indians Generally Love Their Wives and Children: Native American Marriage and Sexual Practices in Missions San Francisco, Santa Clara and San Jose., 2005

5/3: Humqaq (Western Gate) by Michael Khur Zarate, 1998

5/4: Perdue, Theda. Writing the Ethnohistory of Native Women., 1977

5/5: Noriega, Chon A., Eric R. Avila edt et al. The Chicano Studies Reader: An Anthology of Aztlan, 1970-2000.

5/6: Geiger, Maynard and Antonio Ripoll. Fray Ripoll's Description of the Chumash Revolt at Santa Barbara in 1824., 1970

5/7: Comaroff, John and Jean Comaroff; Chapters 1 and 9. Ethnography and the Historical Imagination

5/8: Pilulaw Khus introduction Book Concept

5/9: Timbrook, Jan. Vegetation Burning by the Chumash., 1982

5/10: Harris, Carl V., Jarrell C Jackson, et. al. "Santa Barbara Presidio Area 1840 to the Present"., 1993

5/11: Williams Jr., Robert A. Like a Loaded Weapon: The Rehnquist Court, Indian Rights, and the Legal History of Racism in America. With flayer advertising a talk done by the author., 2007

5/12: Journal of the Southwest Volume 29 No. 4 Winter 1987. Weber, Charles. John Francis Bannon and the Historiography of the Spanish Borderlands: Retrospect and Prospect., 1987

5/13: Greenwood, Roberta S. The California Ranchero: Fact and Fancy., 1989

5/14: Wilson, Angela Cavender. Power of the Spoken Word: Native Oral Traditions in American Indian History., 1997

5/15: Awesasne Notes

5/16: Stannard, David E. American Holocaust: The Conquest of the New World., 1992

5/17: Women's Medicine Ways: Cross Cultural Rites of Passage by Marcia Starck with Gynne Stern

5/18: Austin, Alfredo Lopez. The Rabbit on the Face of the Moon: Mythology in the Mesoamerican Tradition., 1996

5/19: Deloria, Vine. Custer Died for Your Sins: an Indian Manifesto. Chapter 4, and 7-10.

5/20: Iohono O'odham Citizenship Movements Documents

5/21: Native American Publishers and Biblio

5/22: Grad History Release Form Blank

5/23: American Genesis Chapter 5 Sinking the Bridge

5/24: Pilulaw Contract University of Texas, 2002

5/25: Michael A. Zarate- Stanford paper American Indian ways of knowing YBG's

5/26: Chumash Press; Various Newspaper Clippings

5/27: Chumash Remains newspaper clipping, 2001

5/28: Haley, Brain D. and Larry R. Wilson. Anthropology and the Making of Chumash Traditions., 1997

5/29: Haley, Brain D. Going Deeper: Chumash identity, scholars, and spaceports in Radic' and elsewhere., 2002

5/30: Haley, Brain D and Larry R. Wilcoxon. Discussion and Criticism on "Complicities and Collaborations"., 2000

5/31: Pilulaw Intro. And Panchitz Notes

5/32: Pollution- Toxins

5/33: Sense of Place edited by Steven Feld and Keith H. Basso., 1996

5/34: DNA and "Ancestry" newspaper clippings and email

5/35: Tambiah, Stanley Jeyaraja. Magic, science, religion, and the scope of rationality., 1990

5/36: Deloria Jr., Vine. The World we Used to Live In., 2006

5/37: Pilulaw Khus Lecture Notes, 2002

5/38: Pilulaw Khus Women and Colonization, 2002

5/39: Pilulaw letters and student comments

5/40: Forbes, Jack D. Ethnocide by Exclusion: Anglo-American Supremacy and K-12 Curriculum.

5/41: Age of Exploration: Arrival of the Spanish, The Presidio, Mission Santa Barbara and Ranchos by Esmeralda B.G. (coloring book and history)

5/42: Booklet about the People of The Longhouse with drawings by John Fadden, title and author not listed

5/43: Schaaf, Gregory. The Great Law of Peace and The Constitution of the United States of America.

5/44: Trejo, Mary. Memories of Growing up in Lopez Canyon as Descendant of Chumash Mexican Mission Church., 2000

5/45: Chumash Bibliography

5/46: Burro Willow's symbols and meaning

5/47: A Chumash Christmas: Virgin Birth of a Wondrous Child by Dr. John Anderson

5/48: The Santa Barbara Presidio

5/49: Post 9/11 Surveillance/Patriot Act Article clipping and handout

5/50: Nabokov, Peter. Reconstituting the Chumash: A Review Essay., 1989

5/51: Sandos, James A. Christianization among the Chumash: An Ethnohistoric Perspective., 1991

5/52: Applegate, Richard B. The Datura Cult Among the Chumash., 1975

5/53: A Brief Story of Santa Barbara; book printout cover page with title and author missing

5/54: Chumash articles about development over burial grounds

5/55: Yano, Lester I. Protection of the Ethnobiological Knowledge of Indigenous Peoples., 1993

5/56: Guest, Francis F. An Examination of the Thesis of S.F. Cook on the Forced Conversion of Indians in the California Missions., 1979

5/57: A Chumash Saint and the Politics By Lizbeth Hassa

5/58: The Chumash People: Materials for Teachers and Students. Santa Barbra Museum of Natural History; Santa Barbra, California, 1991.

5/59: Laird, Carobeth. Encounter with an Angry God. New York: Ballantine. 1975.

5/60: Collected by J.P. Harrington and Edited by Thomas C. Blackburn. December's Child: A Book of Chumash Oral Narratives. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1975.

5/61: Edited by notes by Travis Hudson, Thomas Blackburn, Rosario Curletti and Janice Timbrook. The Eye of the Flute: Chumash Traditional History and Ritual as Told by Librado Kittsepawit to John P. Harrington. Santa Barbra Museum of Natural History; Santa Barbra, California, 1978.

5/62: Brusa, Betty War. Saniman Indians of California and their Neighbors. California: Naturegraph Publishers, Inc., 2005.

5/63: Gibson, Robert O. The Chumash. New York:Chelsea House, 1991.

5/64: California's Chumash Indians. EZ Nature Books, 2002.

5/65: Miller, Bruce W. Chumash: A Picture of Their World. California: Sand River Press, 1988.


4/1: Walker, Phillip L, John R. Johnson. Effects of Contact on the Chumash Indians.

4/2: Remedios de la Guerra

4/3: 1824 Chumash Uprising and Toypunno

4/4: Gender Status Decline Resistance and Accommadation. Ed Castillo, 1994

4/5: John Johnson The Chumash and the Mission, 1989

4/6: Senan, Jose. The Ventureno Confesionario of Joes Senan., 1967

4/7: Printouts: Ecology & Native Spirt by Eva Uran, The Free of Peace, and The Great Law of Peace: A Message From Chief Jack Swamp

4/8: Pilulaw Cover and other Photos

4/9: Pilulankhus and ESME on missionization, March 14, 2001

4/10: Jackson, Helen Hunt. Report on the condition and needs of Mission Indians.

4/11: Copy of a timeline for Pilulaw Khus.

4/12: The Non-Progressice Great Spirit

4/13: Geneva, 1977: A Report on the Hemispheric Movement of Indigenous Peoples

4/14: Interview with Michael Khus-Zarate with YBG: Conversation notes and Transcription Sides 1-5, August 15, 2001

4/15: Manuscript of Earth Wisdom: California Chumash Women by Yolanda Broyles-Gonzalez and Pilulaw Khus; With emails and permission forms; two photos, 2011

4/16: IV School curricular Material: Resources Submitted to teachers by YBG to combat racism/sexism/Classism. Isla Vista School is near UCSB- Santa Barbara, California, 2002

4/17: Traweek, Sharon. Beamtimes and Lifetimes the World of High Energy Physicists., 1988

4/18: Concept Paper Truth and Reconciliation, December 1999

4/19: 1878: Experiences of the Spanish Solider by Rafael Gonzales and Thomas Savage

4/20: Kashwa Cieneguitas; What Became of the Barbareno Indian Reservation

4/21: Strange Species: The Boomer University Intellectual Reviewed by Matt Bokovoy, 2007

4/22: SBA-550, October 6, 1999

4/23: Disciplining the Savages Savaging the Disciplines by Martin Nakata, 2007

4/24: When Natives Talk Back: Chicano Anthropology Since the Late '60s by Benato Rosaldo

4/25: Pilulaw Khus Book; relevant secondary materials LA Times and others

4/26: Nots on Pilulaw; Conversation YBG/Michael Khus

4/27: Book Excerpt Chapter 11: An Indigenous Standpoint Theory

4/28: Native Women, Gender and Sexuality: The Unspoken, The Unthought in Borderlands Historiography by Antonia I. Castaneda, 1998

4/29: Letter between YBG and John Anderson on his Chumash writings, 2007

4/30: Various handwritten notes

4/31: Current Anthropology Forum: The Making of Chumash Tradition; 2 Copies, 1998

4/32: Chumash Maritime Association Document

4/33: Chumash Maps

4/34: Doctoral Degree Proposal by YBG; Degree in Chicana and Chicano Studies at UCSB 2000 and PhD in Mexican American Studies at Univ. of Arizona

4/35: Various handwritten notes

4/36: Pilulaw Khus Notes, January 22, 2002

4/37: Pilulaw Khus Notes, December 31, 2006

4/38: Mission Indians in California

4/39: Earth Wisdom Contract

4/40: Pilulaw/List of Platicas

4/41: 09-10 Pilulaw Reviews

4/42: Steve Chawkine: Chumash Language brought back from the brink, April 20, 2008

4/43: Printouts: American Indian Freedom of Religion Fact Sheet, Antap Structure and The Upper World of the Chumash

4/44: Larson/Johnson/Michaelson: Missionization Among Coastal Chumash, 1994

4/45: D. Castillo. The Native Response to Colonization of Alta California., 1989

4/46: Berkhofer, Jr, Robert F. The political Context of a New Indian History; Levantamiento! The 1824 Chumash Uprising.

4/47: Ishi in Three Centuries edited by Karl Kroeber and Clifton Kroeber, 2003

4/48: Castillo, Edwars. Pandemic of 1801., 1999

4/49: Chumash Women: Voices from Six Generations (newspaper artcule); The First People Finding the Chumash Way (newspaper Artcle); Interview with Michael Khus (Chumash)- Son of Pilulaw Khus (CD-R), July 1998

4/50: Heizer, Robert F. A California Messianic Movement of 1801 among the Chumash.

4/51: Hudson, Dee Travis. Chumash Canoes of Mission Santa Barbra: the Revolt of 1824., 1976

4/52: Cortes, Juan. The Doctrina and Confesionario of Juan Cortes., 1979

4/53: Earth Journal Vol. 3 No. 10, October 1992

4/54: A Brief Story of Santa Barbara by Edwards Selden Spaulding, 1964

4/55: Northern Chumash Council documents topic oil spill and cleanup, September 1992

4/56: Cordero, Maria. Legislative Subordination of California Indians: From Statehood to Civil Rights Movement (1850-1960)., 2003

4/57: Chumash DNA and Weird Science

4/58: Juanita Centeno notes


6/1: Chicano Studies 138: Barrio Popular Culture Course Materials, Spring 1998

6/2: Introduction Irquoain Women pages 1-10 and Bibliography by B. Mann, 2000

6/3: Introduction pages 3-16 Women and Power in Native America edited by Laura Klein and Lillian Ackerman, 1995

6/4: California History: Spanish Period

6/5: Guin, Ursula K. Le. The Wave in the Mind: Talks and Essay on The Writers, The Reader, and the Imagination., 2004

6/6: Cordano's Apology, 1998

6/7: Fujimura, Carlo. Theory versus Reality: Identity Discourse and American Indians.

6/8: Hokan Language Family Tree includes Chumash

6/9: Chumash Maritime Association Update Letters, 1996-1997

6/10: YBG's Lydia Mendoza book song lyrics reprint agreement, 2000

6/11: Letters from Ft. McDowell Mohave Apache Indian Community, 1981

6/12: Bio-Bibliographic Update, 2002-2004

6/13: Chicano Studies 137 Readings Professor YBG, Winter 1995

6/14: YBG vs. UC Injunction, September 12, 1997

6/15: Media on YBG vs. UC

6/16: YBG vs. UC Complaint various articles, flyers and press statements

6/17: YBG vs. UC

6/18: YBG Walking in Beauty

6/19: National Committee on Pay Equity: Newsletters and various articles on the topic

6/20: Mario Garcia Sexual Assault articles

6/21: YBG Head Annual Performance Evaluations, 6/30/2005

6/22: YBG Annual Review Letters and Documents, 2004

6/23: Commission on the Status of Women General Meeting documents, 2004

6/24: The 6th International Forum for the Study of Literary Cultures of the American Southwest: Posters and name tag, 2005

6/25: YBG Annual Review documents and various academic documents, 2006

6/26: SBS Developments Cornerstones for Learning: College of Social and Behavioral Sciences The University of Arizona, Winter 2006

6/27: DVD- Titled University of Arizona Women's Plaza of Honor UA Journal, October 2005

6/28: Teatro Chicana Final with Foreword , November 14, 2006

6/29: Lydia Mendoza Texas Public Radio

6/30: Radio interview on Will am 580 topic Chelo Silva and her Influence of Chicana and Latina Feminist Movement; Email and DVD

6/31: Ochoa, Maria. Creative Collectives: Chicana Painters Working in Community., 2003

6/32: Letter from Cushing Library to YGB on adding her collection to Cushing, June 2, 2006

6/33: Latina Latino Studies Program University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Newsletter

6/34: Flyers: The Rolando Hinojosa-Smith Lecture Series Presents: "Chelo Silva and the Soundtracks of Chicana/Latina Feminist Movements" lecturer YBG, 2006

6/35: 2nd Annual Latino Heritage Symposium "Resistance in Latin American Communities" Flyer and program, February 24-25, 2006

6/36: Gender Studies Documents: Esperanza peace & justice center Letter; WOSAC Book Group; event flyer

6/37: YBG Annual Review documents and academic documents, 2005

6/38: The Dedication of the Women's Plaza of Honor Programs, invitations and certificate, September 30, 2005

6/39: WOSAC 9th Annual Women who Lead Reception, November 3, 2005

6/40: The Way Up Conference 15th Annual Conference for Women in Higher Education: Power of Women Telling Their Stories: Programs, Certificates and YBG document for conference entitled The Power of Women's Words, February 11, 2005

6/41: MELUS rejection letter for YBG Manuscript "El Teatro Campesino "from the barrio to Broadway": Selling Out the Revolution?", March 14, 2005

6/42: Take Back the Night Planning Committee emails and flyers, 2007

6/43: YBG Annual Review documents and academic documents, 2008

6/44: Email about LUNAFEST film fest and Program from 6th Annual Film Festival LUNAFEST, March 7, 2007

6/45: Arizona Women's Conference Program, September 26, 2007

6/46: The National Council for Research on Women letter and information, 2007

6/47: YBG Annual Review documents and academic documents, 2010

6/48: A Valentine's Symposium programs and notes, February 12, 2010

6/49: YBG Annual Review documents and academic documents, 2011

6/50: The Phi Beta Kappa Society Senate nomination documents, constitution and bylaws, and handbook for members booklets, 2011

6/51: CD-R entitled "Tellez", 2011

6/52: 2011 Scholars' Symposium Bridging our Future: Culture, Conflict & Convergence; programs and YBG speech notes, April 29, 2011

6/53: Student Letter from Cindy Padilla to YBG, October 28, 2008

6/54: YBG Annual Review documents and academic documents, 2008

6/55: YBG Critics and notes on manuscript from Duke University "La Yiyiyi: Impacts of La Lupe", April 28, 2008

6/56: 6th Annual Arizona Women's Conference: Program, and emails about YBG volunteering, 2008

6/57: YBG Annual Review documents and academic documents, 2009

6/58: UNCG School of Music Conference Feminist Theory and Music 10: Improvising and Galvanizing Program and poster, May 27-31, 2009

6/59: The Phi Beta Kappa Society Senate nomination letters, 2009

6/60: Various German newspaper clippings, 2000

6/61: "Zum Beispiel Hünxe: Lesung zum Thema "Gewalt gegen Ausländer" German book with a collection of newspaper articles, 1992

6/62: Chicano Studies 1C: Introduction to Chicano Cultural Studies Volume 1 Professor Yolanda Broyles-Gonzalez, Spring 1994


3/1: Dr. John Anderson, Chumash Writings Newspaper print outs; The Moon, Mars and Chumash Traditionalism; Costal Band Respond to National Seashore Study; Kuta Teachings; Swedish Article on Chumash Politics Dismisses Radic and Anderson; Responsible Research and the Chumash Indians of California; The Chumash Indians and the California Spaceport; Haley & Wilcoxon: The Chumash Controversy Continues; Jonjonata: And Chumash Indian Traditionalism, 2001, 2003

3/2: Maria Solares on the 1824 Revolt, 1975

3/3: Berkhoffer, Robert F. Cultural Pluralism Vs. Ethnocentrism in the New Indian History., 1987

3/4: Dartt Newton & Erlandson. Little Choice for the Chumash., 2006

3/5: Chicana/o Studies as oppositional Ethnography by Angie Chabram

3/6: Library Resources

3/7: Chumash. Peace Studies Mediation/Cordero, 2003

3/8: Chumash Nation Syllabus, Summer 2003

3/9: Native Readings Pertineui to Chumash Nation

3/10: Crystals In the Sky Class Notes

3/11: Chumash Nation Syllabus, Spring 2003

3/12: Chumash Nation Session # 6 Outline for Discussion

3/13: Newspaper Clippings: Who Would dare call a warrior 'squauw'? and Gold, Greed

3/14: Speaking Notes

3/15: Reading Responses from Students, April 14, 2003

3/16: Reading Responses from Students, April 17, 2003

3/17: Weekly Reports from students, April 10, 2003

3/18: 193 Chumash

3/19: Term Papers from Chumash Nation Course, 2003

3/20: Chicana Slavery

3/21: Weekly Reflection From Chumash Nation Course, May 2003

3/22: Maria Cordero- Chumash Slavery. Independent Study Papers.

3/23: Chumash Maritime American Indian Heritage: papers and Costal Voices Newsletters, 1997-1998

3/24: Julia Cordero on Chumash: Paper and two audio tapes, 2003

3/25: Julia Cordero Original paper, 2003

3/26: YBG Originals Current Anthropology

3/27: Crystals in the Sky

3/28: Fernando Librado

3/29: Chumash Course Reader

3/30: The Eighteen Unratified Treaties of 1851-1852 Between the California Indians and the United States Government by Robert F. Heizer; publisher Department of Anthropology University of California, Berkeley, 1972

3/31: Government + Spiceny

3/32: Articles from Ch. St. 193 Prof. Broyles-Gonzalez Part 1, Summer 2003

3/33: Articles from Ch. St. 193 Prof. Broyles-Gonzalez Part 2, Summer 2003

Oral History Project Documents

7/1: Grandma Liz "The Ringleader of Them all" by Rosemary Castillo, term paper, February 29, 2000

7/2: Anaia Garcia- Interview: Susana Flores (paper), Interview analysis (paper) and DVD of interview, April 30, 2012

7/3: Chicana Women An Oral History: Interview with Rosaura Martinez Hernandez (paper) and 2 two RadioShack tapes, October 2007

7/4: Courtney Waters- One Historia of Ivonne Gaitan Romero (paper), transcription of interview (paper) and CD-R of interview recorded on April 26, 2012, May 2012

7/5: Lisette and Mathra Barragan- La Historia de mi Madre! (paper), transcription (paper) and DVD-R of interview, April 24, 2012

7/6: Nancy Jimenez- La historia de Maria Rocha (paper) and DVD-R of the interview, May 1, 2012

7/7: Jeannette Moreno- Oral History of Marisela Moreno (paper) and 2 CD-R of interview, April 27, 2012

7/8: Jennifer Contreras and Rosario Valasquez Sanchez Paper and CD titled Rosario Jennifer, April 25, 2012

7/9: The Narrative of Maria Luz Marquez de Perez by Joel A. Saldana Perez (paper), transcription and CD of interview, March 15, 2012

7/10: Interview with Amanda Zavala Morales May 6, 2012 with transcript and analysis by Alicia Morales, May 8, 2012

7/11: We are Strong: Una historia de Alicia Margarita Hernandez by Andrea Hernandez Hom (paper), transcription and CD of interview from March 1, 2012, Spring 2012

7/12: Unlabeled TDK DVD

7/13: Alex Paredes' interview of Maria del Refujio papers and CD, April 20, 2012

7/14: Maintaining Hozho in a Modern World: A Dine Women Speaks (Aresta Tsosie La Russo) by Katherine Brooks (paper), transcription and CD, April 28, 2012

7/15: CD labeled "Thaly's Oral History MAS: 585"

7/16: En Lak Ench: You are my other me by Thalia Marlyn Gomez Torres transcription of interview with Sonia Gomez Torres and analysis, April 29, 2012

7/17: Annette Verdugo person interviewed: Isabel Verdugo Transcription and analysis, CDs labeled part # 1 and part #2, April 27, 2012

7/18: Jianna Limon's interview of Maria Limon transcription and analysis, CD of interview, April 28, 2012

7/19: La Historia de Irma Zacarias Del Cid by Paula Marie Cruz transcription and analysis, May 1, 2012

7/20: LeeAnn Ladphair's interview of Carmen Cecelia Cervanto Agular transcription and analysis, and CD of the interview, April 30, 2012

7/21: Maritza Noriega's interview of Rosalva Cota transcription, analysis and CD, May 5, 2012

7/22: Her Namesake by Carolina Alonzo (paper), transcription and CD of interview with Carolina Moreno Alonzo

7/23: Priscilla Perez interview of Elvia De La Cruz with analysis, transcription, two personal photos and CD, April 29, 2012

7/24: Sabrina Garcia's interview of Marty Cortez transcription and CD, April 22, 2012

7/25: Bettina Trujillo's interview of Rosario Valdez de Martinez analysis, transcription and CD, May 1, 2012

7/26: Arizona State Museum Many Mexicos by Syrena Arevalo, May 1, 2012

7/27: Syrena Arevalo's interview with mother analysis and transcription, and CDs labeled Interview pt. 1 and pt. 2, May 1, 2012

7/28: Alexandria Partida's interview of My Abuela Christina transcription and analysis with 1 GB SD card (note- I kept it in the blue pock folder so the SD wasn't lost), April 19, 2013

7/29: Jacobo Xavier Ramirez's interview of Nellie Bustillos analysis, transcription and CD, April 25, 2013

7/30: Sylvia Martinez interview of Mirna Peru transcription, analysis and DVD-R, April 20, 2013

7/31: Christina Galvez's interview of Maria Jesus Contreras transcription, analysis and CD

7/32: Alex Romero's interview of Linda Romero transcription, analysis and DVD-R, April 23, 2013

7/33: Robert Teran's interview of Rosemary Teran CD Disk 1 and CD Disk 2, transcription and analysis, April 17, 2013

7/34: CD Labeled "Dr. YBG Oral History and Documents"

7/35: Kenny Johnson's interview of Gloria Cardenas transcription, analysis, and DVD-R, April 6, 2013

7/36: Tolling and Struggling: Rosa Maria and a Life of Wisdom by Christopher Montoya, transcription and DVD-R, April 23, 2013

7/37: Many Mexico's Exhibit by Jennifer Contreras, May 5, 2012

Music Memorabilia, Items of Interest, and Miscellaneous papers

2/1: 1992 National Hispanic Entertainment Directory edited by Ramon Hernandez, ISSN 1061-270, 1992

2/2: 1999-2000 Mid & Southwest Hispanic Entertainment Directory, 2000

2/3: Tejano Journal, February 2003

2/4: Latin Vibes Magazine, February/March 2001

2/5: The Journal of Texas Music History Volume 3 Number 2, Fall 2003

2/6: Latin Music and Entertainment Magazine International, December-January 2000

2/7: Latin Music and Entertainment Magazine International, September-October 1999

2/8: Native Women's Narratives & Biography with floppy disk titled "Native Women's Narratives Bibliography in MLA with annotations and without

2/9: Book Chapter- "Indianizing Catholicism: Chicana/India/Mexicana Indigenous Spiritual Practices in our Image" by Yolanda Broyles-Gonzalez with a photograph and notes

2/10: Nican Tlacah Ilhuitl Indigenous Peoples Day at Arizona State Capital information packet, emails and newspaper clipping about the event

2/11: Printout of email with the subject "Mariachi, Bordering on the Mainstream", 2004

2/12: Social Justice Education Project 2005 Newsletter and 2004 Newsletter, 2004-2005

2/13: Photo of Cesar Chavez seems to be taken from a magazine

2/14: The Realm of Hip-Hop (course assignment) with printouts of song lyrics from various hip-hop artists

2/15: Ernesto Galarza Commemorative Lecture presented by Dr. Americo Paredes a booklet from Stanford Center for Chicano Research, 1986

2/16: Tejano Conjunto Festival in San Antonio, 1983

2/17: Picante Magazine Volume 1 No. 3, 1978

2/18: El Corrido de Cecilia Rios: Study Guide a film by Kristy Guevara Flanagan, 2000

2/19: Red Ink Magazine: A Native American Students Publication Volume 16.2/17.1 (2 copies), 2012

2/20: Documents about Yolanda's retention at the University of California, Santa Barbara, 2004

2/21: Course Materials for Oral Tradition and Music includes syllabus, course readings, exams, and handouts, 1979-2011

2/22: Texas Entertainment & Hispanic Music Industry Directory, 1990

2/23: 1980s Tejano Music Memorabilia - various flyers and newspapers, 1980s

2/24: La Estrella de Tucson Anol. 1 No. 37, 2005

2/25: Latino Star Magazine, May 13, 2001

2/26: Pages from Latino Star, Junio 7, 2001

2/27: Latino Star Magazine, April 29, 2001

2/28: Latino Star Magazine, May 20, 2001

2/29: Latino Star Magazine, May 6, 2001

2/30: Latino Star Magazine, April 15, 2001

2/31: La Prensa, April 7, 2001

2/32: Tonantzin Vol. 13, No.1, May 1997

2/33: Tonantzin Vol. 2, No. 3, May 1985

2/34: Gonzalez Ancestry- 12 photos

2/35: Local Hero Certificate presented to Francisco Gonzalez by The Santa Barbara Independent, 1987

2/36: Texas Musicians Memorabilia, 1980s

2/37: Sheet Music for various versions of a pieces titled "El Son 'So'"

2/38: Documents regarding Francisco Gonzalez "the Gift El Regalo Mexican Harp"

2/39: Composition Notebook (author and subject not known, need to feel out better)

2/40: Binder with items relating to Guadalupe Custom Strings (seems to be pricing of various items, it will need to be deconstructed)

2/41: Tejano Conjunto Festival en San Antonio Program, 1983

2/42: Francisco Gonzalez's resume and related documents

2/43: Press items and programs for XYZ (???)

2/44: Certificate of Recognition from The Santa Barbara Trust for Historic Preservation to Francisco Gonzalez, January 26, 1991

Mexicana/Chicana Oral Histories; Transcribed Do not copy, circulate, or quote without permission

26/1: "Maria Cervantes" by Gerardo Arenas; 01/30/1997

26/2: Elvira Beccera by Steven Lopez; 02/02/1997

26/3: Susanna Hernandez Telles by Catherine Mellen; 02/02/1997

26/4: Alicia Silva by Andrea; 02/03/1997

26/5: Elizabeth Jaramillo by Kim Gilmore; 02/07/1997

26/6: Alicia Morales by Jacob; 02/08/1997

26/7: Francisca Gandarilla by Flora de la Torre; 02/09/1997

26/8: Alma Zimmerman Quitana by Jennifer Ochoa; 02/09/1997

26/9: Maria Luisa Ramirez by Gabriela Diaz, Reflection Paper included; 02/09/1997

26/10: Ylda Delgado by Salvador Delgado, Reflection Paper included; 02/09/1997

26/11: Sylvia Unzueta by Shannon Vagge; 02/10/1997

26/12: Marta English by Daniel Kutner; 02/10/1997

26/13: Soccorro Severson by Matthew Davidson; 02/11/1997

26/14: Martha Cespedes by Christian Martinez; 02/12/1997

26/15: Leticia Alvarez by Yvonne Munguia, Reflection Paper included; 02/13/1997

26/16: Delia Herrera by Gena Franssinello; 02/13/1997

26/17: Maria Guadalupe Gonzalez Martinez by Sylvia Gonzalez; 02/14/1997

26/18: Theresa Brown Picco by Jeff Velotta; 02/15/1997

26/19: Ines Tova Aparicio by Benjamin Aparicio; 02/16/1997

26/20: Linda Paramo by April Paramo; 02/16/1997

26/21: Sylvia Castro by Nubia Flores; 02/17/1997

26/22: Refugio Hernandez by Gilbert Hernandez; 02/17/1997

26/23: Odilia Cavillo by Charie Enete; 02/17/1997

26/24: Stella Maris Ferrari by Jennifer Saam; 02/18/1997

26/25: Victoria Diaz Suera by Anna Cavazos; 02/19/1997

26/26: Nora Helfer by Leor Yerushalmi; 02/20/1997

26/27: Gladys Culum by Jodi Berkowitz; 02/20/1997

26/28: Unknown by Sean Checketts; 02/21/1997

26/29: Martha C. Alcantar by Danny Escobedo; 02/21/1997

26/30: Elisa Solis by Marco Solis; 02/23/1997

26/31: Maria Cruz Robles by Clarkaster Wayne; 02/24/1997

26/32: Cleo Cardenas by Maria Andrade; 02/24/1997

26/33: Flora Lopez by Athena Milis; 02/25/1997

26/34: Marcelina Herrera by Cruzito Cruz; 02/25/1997

26/35: Mrs. Peres and Mrs. Macias by Roberto Soto; 02/25/1997

26/36: Maria Lourdes Arroyo by Monica Gamboa; 02/26/1997

26/37: Maria Arroyo by Sonia L. Campos; 02/26/1997

26/38: Sandy Castelblanco by Sonya; 02/26/1997

26/39: Esperanza del Castillo-Galloway by Anthony Galloway; 02/26/1997

26/40: Nora Helfer by Lackey Bevis; 02/26/1997

26/41: Cristina Rodriguez Delamar by Nora Gonzalez; 02/26/1997

26/42: Gloria Farfan Martinez by Christina Viramontes; 02/26/1997

26/43: Jeanette Padilla by Jennifer Lona; 02/27/1997

26/44: Olga Moll by Cristy Carroll; 02/27/1997

26/45: Priscilla Pichardo by Diane Mercado; 02/27/1997

26/46: Esther Mercado by Diane Mercado; 02/27/1997

26/47: Remedios Gonzalez de Lara by Rosa Lara; 02/27/1997

26/48: Sabrina by Jaime Maggio; 02/1997

26/49: Rosa Ramirez Andrade Moreno by Eileen Zuniga; 02/1997

26/50: Chicano Studies Essays; 02/1997

26/51: Mary Esther Mendoza Flores by Marciano Flores and Molly Mekjavich; 03/01/1997

26/52: Elena Martinez by Veronica Martinez; 03/27/1997

26/53: Maria del Refugio Contreras by Erika Contreras; 1997

26/54: Ernestina Baldovinos by Olivia F. Ultreras; 02/26/1998

26/55: Raquel Vela Mendoza by Violeta Coto; 02/2000

26/56: Rita Virginia Aguirre Galaz by Shelley Ruelas

26/57: Linda Villareal by Larry Flores

26/58: Maria Alvarez by Corey Heimlich

26/59: Anna Morot-Guady by Kristen Klein

26/60: Mary Pardo by Jessica Lopez

26/61: Stella Muro by Kelly Lyons

26/62: Monica Molina Austin by Maricia Magana

26/63: Epifania Ramos Villegas by Rebecca Schumacher

26/64: Luz Elena Lizarraga by Alejandro Lizarraga

26/65: Maria Corona by Patricia Tiburcio

26/66: Teresa by Darlene Lara

26/67: Mrs. Pena by Melissa Pena

26/68: Mario Munoz by Brandon Lauletta

26/69: Guillermina Cortez by Patria Cortez

26/70: Mrs. Macias by Jose Macias

26/71: Zeniada Guzman Juarez by Julieta Mendez

26/72: Nancy and Patsy Nunez by Michelle Riley and Jennifer Enriquez

26/73: Maria de la Luz Gama by Carrie Arreola

26/74: Ethel de los Santos by Kenen Angeles

26/75: Celia C. Godoy by Antonio Cervantes

26/76: Linda by Alejandro Araujo

26/77: Carmen Valencia by Elisa Campbell

26/78: Margie Henderson by Brian Barrio

26/79: Maria Esperanza Gladys Esmeralda Aguirre by Debbi Serpas

26/80: Vera by Marisa Flores

26/81: Vanessa J. Garcia and her mother

26/82: Consuelo Larramendi by Irene Larramendi

26/83: Rose by Jesus Andrade

26/84: Irma Cortez by Gabriela Cortez

26/85: Manuela Parra Navarrete by Victor Navarrete

26/86: Maria Arcelia Reynosa by Jennifer Daniel

26/87: Bette by Stefanie Mejia

26/88: Marry Munoz by Lam Le

26/89: Maria Juana Figueroa by Maria Figueroa

26/90: Elena Kerry by Julie Endris

26/91: Anita by Thomas Toledo

26/92: Rose Paramo Mainez by Tamara Mainez

26/93: Marie Trujillo by Jeanna Trujillo

26/94: Carmen Gonzalez by Tara Holder

26/95: Rilma Janet Ochoa by Gaston Ochoa

26/96: Adela Jimenez Chavez by Sandra Gonzalez

26/97: Mr. and Mrs. C by Netza

26/98: Unknown Interview conducted by James Fuerte

26/99: Victorina Avalos by Jorge Avalos

26/100: Norma Morales by Brigid Morales

26/101: Nellie Jaramillo by Lisa Gonzalez

26/102: Norma Castilho by Joana Castilho

26/103: Della Bernal by Amber Mock

26/104: Piedad Lopez by Danny Lee

26/105: Claudia Irene Sandoval by Jenny Kim

26/106: Galinda Dominguez by Blanca Guzman

26/107: Teresa Zavala (Includes Reflection Paper)

26/108: Juana Pulido Gutierrez by Yesenia Gutierrez

26/109: Maria de Jesus Carrillo by Jose Mendoza

26/110: Maria Arredondo Patino by Javier Garcia

26/111: Maria Canela's mother

26/112: Sonal Kodical parents

26/113: Ruth Zamora

26/114: Nancy and Patsy Nunez by Michelle Riley

26/115: Sara by Robin Hull

26/116: Xiomara Ayala by Allison Ramay

26/117: Sara Poot Herrera by Carina Casillas

26/118: Handwritten questions

26/119: Unknown by Jorge Jimenez

26/120: Becky Kimchi and Gilma Orellana by Estela

26/121: Rebecca Echevarria by Eugene Sheynkman

Mexicana/Chicana Oral Histories; Transcribed Do not copy, circulate, or quote without permission

27/1: Roselia Virgen by Fannie; 02/15/1998

27/2: Maria Magana by Damian Magana; 02/23/1998

27/3: Paz by ellen Strickland; 02/23/1998

27/4: Virginia Navidad estrada Navarette de Dicocco by Nicole Dicocco; 02/23/1998

27/5: Maria de la Luz Rangel by Maria Plancarte

27/6: Maria del Rosario Valle by Sergio Delgado

27/7: Maria Christina Arauz by Augusto Sosa

27/8: Petra Ordonez by Adrian Ordonez

27/9: Lucila Villareal de Zerrato by Adriana Neria; 02/26/1998

27/10: Alice Moreno Navarro by Vivian Navarro; 02/26/1998

27/11: Elisea Franco by Patricia de la Torre; 02/26/1998

27/12: Esther Banuelos by Brian Wright; 02/26/1998

27/13: Jeanette Padilla by Laura Espinadola; 02/26/1998

27/14: Maritza Baida by Joseph Gomez; 03/03/1999

27/15: YBG- Disk with grades

27/16: Graciela Manriquez by Gisela Gonzalez; 02/02/2000

27/17: Celia Vasquez by Erica Vasquez; 02/05/2000

27/18: Alicia Guillen by Stephanie Nissan; 02/07/2000

27/19: Alicia Baltazar Velasco by Maribel Velasco; 02/10/2000

27/20: Maria Inez Sanchez by Hesenia Portillo; 02/11/2000

27/21: Sofia Camacho by Yajahira Martinez; 02/12/2000

27/22: Melinda Gandara by Ana Campos; 02/12/2000

27/23: Maruja Estay by Tim Gunther; 02/14/2000

27/24: Dr. Graciela Limon by Maribel Amaya and Saira Diaz; 02/18/2000

27/25: Maria Remedios Gonzalez by Luis Gonzalez; 02/18/2000

27/26: Bertha Aguilar by Ericka Aguilar; 02/19/2000

27/27: Marie Esther Loza by Imelda Loza; 02/19/2000

27/28: Maria Guadalupe Lucero de Lomeli by Claudia Chavez; 02/19/2000

27/29: Maria Concepcion by Jesus Guzman; 02/20/2000

27/30: Pascuala Rodriguez by Antonio Rodriguez; 02/20/2000

27/31: Martha Naranjo by Raquel Hernandez; 02/22/2000

27/32: Maria Luna by Ilda Luna; 02/22/2000

27/33: Guadalupe Arias Diaz by Carlos Morales; 02/23/2000

27/34: Sonia Zuniga-Lomeli by Mackenzie Ferrante; 02/24/2000

27/35: Dolores Canchola Campos by Wendy Canchola; 02/26/2000

27/36: Maria Asuncion Vallejo de Romo by Raquel Romo; 02/26/2000

27/37: Yolanda Garcia by Maria Elena Gutierrez; 02/28/2000

27/38: Hermelinda Guerrero Ureno by Dina Ontiveras; 02/28/2000

27/39: Magdalena Godinez Rangel by Sueyle Torres; 02/29/2000

27/40: Nicole Garza Bolstead by Nicole Vasquez; 02/2000

27/41: Margaret Ortega Lomeli by Veronica Lomeli; 03/01/2000

27/42: Ana Fries by Luis Favela; 03/01/2000

27/43: Antonio Padilla by Nereida Padilla; 03/03/2000

27/44: Jeanette Padilla by Claudia Rodriguez, Emily Nelson; 03/03/2000

27/45: Catalina Gomez by Luzmaria Sanchez; 03/03/2000

27/46: E.F. by Maria Elena Flores; 03/03/2000

27/47: Sylvia (Feliciano) by Alberto Feliciano; 03/03/2000

27/48: Dolores Maria Leon by Sonja Carrington; 03/03/2000

27/49: Maria Rodriguez with Carlos Rodriguez

27/50: Ofelia Esparanza by Michael Baray

27/51: Reflection papers without corresponding transcripts

27/52: Maria Gonzalez by Myrna Clarissa Mendez Lopez

27/53: Sofia Contreras by Monique Sierra

27/54: Marie Marquez by Julie Sandoval

27/55: Maria Hernandez by Mario Melera

27/56: Maria Castro by Araceli Castro

27/57: Yona Rudolf by Danny Paz

27/58: Fidelina C. Rios by Amador Rios Jr.

27/59: Mia Vela by Gabriela Tavakoli

27/60: Margarita Garcia by Jose Pastrana

27/61: Lorena Chavez by Deanna Kavanaugh-Jones

27/62: Ofelia Ybarra by Luis Garcia

27/63: Irene Garcia by Lydia Garcia

27/64: Vivinceta Cipres by Rosanna Leighton

27/65: Yolanda Dokken by Lisa Chavez

27/66: Yvonne Mantilla by Jackie Vowell

27/67: Unknown by Laura Cortez

27/68: Margarita Espinoza by Fernando Cerda

27/69: Celia Vasquez

27/70: Concepcion Lopez by Sirce Daniela Lopez

27/71: Socorro Gonzalez by Cynthia Gonzalez

27/72: Teresa Palacios by Yessica Aranda

27/73: Anna Padilla by Lupe Hernandez

27/74: Olivia by Erica Flores

27/75: Rosa Ornelas by Rick Ornelas

27/76: Socorro Torres by Jessica Lunt

27/77: Michele Milles by Diane chakos

27/78: Lucy Tumanite by Ashley Whitney

27/79: Clara McInerney by Jackie Pearson

27/80: Unknown by Kelly Galvin

27/81: Teresa Eleazar Zavala by Maria Zavala

27/82: Augustina Lopez by Sandy

27/83: Martha Hernandez by Hector Baltazar

27/84: Geramina Alman Gutierrez Burn by Andrea Palmer

27/85: Alva Gutierrez by Jacob Covarrubias

27/86: Rosie Mora/ Madeline Garcia by Katie Newton

27/87: Imelda Lozano by Marcela Torres

27/88: Carmen Martinez by Marcela Torres

27/89: Teresa Chavez by Marcela Corona

27/90: Mayra Leo by Caroline Reed

27/91: Maria Elena Lombera Valdovinos by Jorge

27/92: Lydia Contreras by Vanessa Hernandez

27/93: Jacqueline Lopez by John Hurst

Mexicana/Chicana Oral Histories; Transcribed Do not copy, circulate, or quote without permission

28/1: Zenaida Garcia by Maria Cervantes; 02/19/1995

28/2: Alvaro Angeles Zuman by Marisol Juarez-Moreno; 03/05/1995

28/3: Nohemi Villanueva by Fidel Villanueva-Ortiz; 03/07/1995

28/4: Cora Rivera Jackson by Lisa Gordon; 02/23/1997

28/5: Elizabeth Alvarado by Melina Alvarado; 01/17/1998

28/6: Esther Moya by Veronica Barraza; 01/30/1998

28/7: Herminia Jimenez Ramirez by Elizabeth Arguelles; 02/02/1998

28/8: Rita Salinas by Erika Sove; 02/04/1998

28/9: Amelia Chavez by Sandra Chavez; 02/07/1998

28/10: Manuela Venegas by Patricia Villalobos; 02/08/1998

28/11: Carmen Valencia by Rob Lozuk; 02/09/1998

28/12: Lucia Garcia by Kayla Garcia; 02/14/1998

28/13: Margarita Gonzalez by Susan Jarakian; 02/14/1998

28/14: Filogonia Larazo Onofre by Edith Cabrera; 02/14/1998

28/15: Teresa Hernandez by Denille Morris; 02/15/1998

28/16: Carmen Guerrero Gallegos by Hector Guerrero; 02/15/1998

28/17: Rene Huerta Miranda Peters by Maria Huerta; 02/15/1998

28/18: Lupe Hernandez by Greg Romero; 02/16/1998

28/19: Lenor Jimenez by Danielle MacMillan; 02/16/1998

28/20: Sylvia Nancy Maiza Ashley by Eric; 02/16/1998

28/21: Herlinda Dolores Hilsboro Humphreys by Nick Miniel; 02/16/1998

28/22: Maria Lourdes Arroyo by Deanna Kaplun; 02/18/1998

28/23: Julia Villalpando by Veronica Villalpando; 02/19/1998

28/24: Rosalia Ramirez by Nancy Montoya; 02/19/1998

28/25: Ceci Munoz by Aaron Buoncristiani; 02/20/1998

28/26: Guillermina Isabel Nazzari by R. Joy Nazzari; 02/22/1998

28/27: Julia Cuellar De Soto by Denise Soto; 02/22/1998

28/28: Lydia Cervantes by Esabel cervantes and Ana Sandoval; 02/23/1998

28/29: Yolanda Jurado by Gracie Olivarez; 02/23/1998

28/30: Laura Rodriguez by Sandra Rodriguez; 02/23/1998

28/31: Blanca Molina by Vilma Molina; 02/23/1998

28/32: Maria Chavez by Jesus Chavez; 02/23/1998

28/33: Carola Silas by Taylor Neff; 02/24/1998

28/34: (Refugio) Ouwendijk by Danielle Ouwendijk; 02/24/1998

28/35: Luz Elena Huerta by Julie; 02/24/1998

28/36: Carmen by Kamala Cameron; 02/25/1998

28/37: Ingrid Garcia by Jessica Hernandez; 02/25/1998

28/38: Maria Valle by Sylvia Nielsen; 02/25/1998

28/39: Maria Elena Hurtado Caballero by Laura Melgoza; 02/25/1998

28/40: Lupe Valenzuela by Magdalena Rodriguez; 02/25/1998

28/41: Ms. Nellie Rodriguez by Amy Julia Baird; 02/25/1998

28/42: Josefina Aguirre by Carlos Gudino; 02/25/1998

28/43: Maria Guadalupe Puga by jane Lee; 02/25/1998

28/44: Rosa Pisano by Alison Epstein; 02/25/1998

28/45: Belina Contreras De Jauregui by Jorge Cabrera; 02/25/1998

28/46: Maria Dolores Arreola de Diaz by Veronica Diaz; 02/25/1998

28/47: Carolina by Victor Gonzalez; 02/25/1998

28/48: Gloria Ann Ascencio by Joan Santiago; 02/25/1998

28/49: Diana Cantu by Blanca Cortez; 02/25/1998

28/50: Kathy Miniel by Breanna M. Szabados; 02/25/1998

28/51: Ana Serrano by Zoe Heimann; 02/25/1998

28/52: Maria de Lourdes Gonzalez Loera by Laura Gonzalez; 02/26/1998

28/53: Carmen Mendoza by Daniel Mendoza; 02/26/1998

28/54: Rose Martinez by Angela Martinez; 02/26/1998

28/55: Judith Martinez by Marlene Martinez; 02/26/1998

28/56: Antonia Benitez De Satamaria by Norma Benitez; 02/26/1998

28/57: Magdalena Alvarado de Castillo by Adriana Castillo; 02/26/1998

28/58: Annemari Perez by Melissa Martin; 02/26/1998

28/59: Esperanza lopez by Daian Valdez; 02/26/1998

28/60: Amada Ramirez by Juan Ramirez; 03/06/1998

28/61: Susana Ramirez Marquez by Marie Hernandez; Winter 1998

28/62: Conni Alamdan by Philip Bennet; 02/03/2003

28/63: Ramora Ramirez by Ivan ramirez; 02/16/2003

28/64: Esther Valenzuela by William Chavez; 02/23/2003

28/65: Elizabeth Gomez by Maura Madov; 02/25/2003

28/66: Maria Guillen by Marisela Guillen; 03/02/2003

28/67: Mary Ellen Arellano by Melissa Olague; 03/04/2003

28/68: Maria Trujillo by Omar Trujillo; 03/04/2003

28/69: Lourdes Tapia by Cristina Tapia; 03/04/2003

28/70: Sofia Reyes by Sandra Quezada; 03/04/2003

28/71: Victoria Yansen by selena nakano; 03/04/2003

28/72: Carmen Perez by Maricela Savadera; 03/05/2003

28/73: Maria Juarez by Chris Dale; 03/06/2003

28/74: Ana Maria De Hoyos by Gregory Sadikoff; 03/06/2003

28/75: Feliza Murietta by Vanessa Murietta; 03/06/2003

28/76: Teresa Hernandez by Nick Miluso; 03/07/2003

28/77: Margoth Mata by Brenda Mendoza; 03/07/2003

28/78: Martha Martinez by Anne Yeager; 03/07/2003

28/79: Catalina Lugo by Kathleen Matlock; 03/07/2003

28/80: Catalina Guzman by Kathleen Matlock; 03/07/2003

28/81: Bianca F Perez by Patricia Perez; 03/07/2003

28/82: Maria Elena Reyes by Kathryn Moraga; 2003

28/83: Suzanna Torres Ponte by Mona

28/84: Lucrecia Rodriguez by Rosemary Rodriguez

28/85: Ruth Hine by Jeff Hine

28/86: Georgina by Nadia

28/87: Asuncion Marquez de Pardo by Katrina Pardo

28/88: Anita by Krista Kline

28/89: Vilma Luz Flores by Cindy Flores

28/90: Sara Puma by Frank Oliver Gonzalez

28/91: Maria Martinez and Laura Mancinni by Jennifer Naujock

28/92: Yolanda Garcia by Kenara Musgrove

28/93: Calla Savadera by Julia Bracamonte

28/94: Katrina Watt by Alex Froloff

28/95: Dora Celina Romero by Shawn Casey Romero

28/96: Christina by Ryan Jones

28/97: Carmen Salinger-Cavarrubias by Darrell Ehrlich

28/98: Lilia Marie Houston by Lisa Hurst

28/99: Raquel by Marlene Valenzuela

28/100: Mike's mother by Mike

28/101: Louise Robledo by Gloria Zizumbu

28/102: Soccorro Rodriquez by Sandra Rodriguez

28/103: Gloria Ahuero Vargas

28/104: Marina Ramirez by Teresa Ramirez

28/105: Maria DeLa Cruz de Noble by Jennifer Lamb

28/106: Elisa Ocampo by Elizabeth de Fazio

28/107: Juana Ledesma Acosta by Cuca Acosta

28/108: Hilda Quiroz Rincon by Yarida Hurtado

28/109: Lola Lerma by Ramon Lerma

28/110: Perla Ramides Inda by Brittany Bair

28/111: Miriam Duarte by Marilyn Gomez

28/112: Martha Parricia Soto by Briana

28/113: Rose by Sylvia

28/114: Transcription of Tape recording: Unknown by "H"

28/115: Diane Diaz Gomez by Oralia

28/116: Lucia Madden

28/117: Benigna Contreras by Unknown

28/118: Christine Leon by Unknown

28/119: Natalia Baltazar Nunez by Grandchild

28/120: Unknown

28/121: Unknown by Francine

28/122: Unknown by Veronica Gaono

28/123: Gloria Ramirez Moreno by Shannon Hinshaw

28/124: Maria Hernandez by Unknwon

28/125: Christine Iriat by Unknown

28/126: Josefina Gomez by "Q"

28/127: maria Fitzsimons by Esie

28/128: Oral History of a 59 year old woman born in Cuidad Juarez, Mexico, by unknown

28/129: Claudia cruz Shay by Bethany Remy

28/130: Martha Romero by Elizabeth Romero

28/131: Martha Casarez by Jessica Romero

28/132: Ortencia Tobar by Maggie Galicia

28/133: Maria T Boschee by Brad Richter

28/134: Rosa Arguijo by Kimberly Arguijo

28/135: Elizenda Cervantes by Lily Robles

28/136: Iona Star by Estela Guevara

28/137: Corina Tinoco by Michelle Taylor

28/138: Quirina Martinez by Justin Ashby

28/139: Maricela's Sections

28/140: Carol Fujimora by Tony Gomez

28/141: Maria Elena Reyes by Unknown

Media - Vinyl Records - LPs

130/1: Tirado, Alfonso Ortiz; Marcos Jimenez. Princestia/Adios Mariquita Linda

130/2: Gardel, Carlos and Alfredo Le Pera. Amores de Estudiante/ Mi Buenos Aires Querido: Tango de la pelicula Paramount "Cuesta Abajo".

130/3: Acuna, Manuel S. and orchestra. El Currito de la Cruz/ Cielo Andaluz.

130/4: Los Tres Diamantes. Dios no lo quiera/El bien y el mal.

130/5: Liberace, George. Concerto No. 2 in A Major for paino and orchestra/Autumn Nocturne.

130/6: Kostelanetz, Andre. Vals de las flores.

130/7: Trio los Panchos: Aviles, Gil and Navarro. Pelaos estos/ Gendarme 7-7-7-.

130/8: Infante, Pedro Mariachi Guadalajara de Silvestre Vargas. Una noche de Julio/ Historia de un Amor.

130/9: Mariachi Pulido con Plutarco J. Barreiro (accordion). Las Coronelas/Claveles.

130/10: Mariachi de Juan Guitron. Amor Torero/ Narcha Alfonso Martinez.

130/11: Benny Goodman Trio. Oh Lady be Good!)/After You've Gone.

130/12: Fox, Roy and his Orchestra/ Wayne King and his Orchestra. Miracles sometimes happen/Josephine.

130/13: Howard, Eddy. Song Festival.

130/14: Garber, Jan and his Orchestra . Café de Janeiro/For Heaven's Sake.

130/15: Light, Ben, Herb Kern and Lloyd Sloop. Siboney/Mama Inez.

130/16: Canción Ranchera and Miguel Aceves Mejía with the Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlán and Mariachi Pulido. Maldito Vicio/Guitarras de Media Noche.

130/17: Canción Ranchera and Miguel Aceves Mejía with the Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlán and Mariachi Vargas. Vaya Con Dios/Tuxpan- Ranchera.

130/18: Mejía, Miguel Aceves with the Mariachi Vargas. Mi Tenampa: Canción Ranchera/ El Jinete - Son Huasteco.

130/19: Mejía, Miguel Aceves with the Mariachi Pulido. Bandita Bandera- Canción/ Siete Leguas - Corrido.

130/20: Infante, Pedro with the Trío Argentino and the Mariachi Los Mamertos . Nube Gris/El Plebeyo.

130/21: Infante, Pedro with Mariachi los Memertos. En tu Dia/ Las Mañanitas.

130/22: Infante, Pedro with Mariachi los Memertos. Por Si Me Olvidas/Mi Aventura.

130/23: Paxton, George and his Orchestra; Lee Taylor. Gotta Get Me Somebody to Love/I've got you under my skin.

130/24: Howard, Eddie and his Orchestra; Eddy Howard and Trio. All Dressed Up with a Broken Heart/ Someone Ca.

130/25: Howard, Eddie and his Orchestra; Eddy Howard and Trio. (I love you) For Sentimental Reasons/ Why does it get Late so Early.

130/26: Howard, Eddie and his Orchestra. These Will be the Best Years of Our Lives/Don't tell her what happened to me.

130/27: Moreno, Antoñita. La Muerte de Manolete/ Moreno tiene que ser.

130/28: Infante, Pedro with Mariachi los Memertos. Te Recuerdo y yo/El Mala Estrella.

130/29: Tirado, Alfonso Ortiz with Orchesta Radio Splendid. Granada: Canción Española/Toledo: Canción Española.

130/30: Carle, Frankie. Sweet Lorraine/Twelfth Street Rag.

130/31: Carle, Frankie. Estelle/Stumbling.

130/32: Carle, Frankie and his Sunrise Serenaders. Prelude in C Sharp Minor/Baracolle.

130/33: Light, Ben, Herb Kern and Lloyd Sloop. St. Louis Blues/Ain't Misbehavin'.

130/34: Carle, Frankie. Hindustan/Lover's Lullaby; Surprise Serenade.

130/35: Martin, Freddy and his orchestra; The Martin Men. Cumana/The Lady from 29 Palms.

130/36: Lombardo, Guy and His Royal Canadians. The Girl who Came from Peru/Did you ever see a Dream Walking?.

130/37: King, Wayne and his Orchestra. None but the Lonely Heart/ Melody of Love.

Media - Vinyl Records - LPs

134/1: Mejia, Miguel Aceves. "A Jorge Negrete"/ "A Grito Abierto".

134/2: Infante, Pedro. "Rosita De Olivo"/ "Te Equivocate".

134/3: Vargas, Pedro. "Un Minuto"/ "Corazon, Corazon".

134/4: Los Tres Diamantes. "Chinito...Chinita"/ "Offrenda".

134/5: Lara, Agustin. "Santa"/"Anoche".

134/6: Mejia, Miguel Aceves. "Al Derecho y Al Reves"/ "Cuando Sale La Luna".

134/7: Los Tres Diamantes. "No Puedo Ser Feliz"/ "Que Dirias De Mi".

134/8: Los Dos Palomos. "No Se Por Que"/ "Adios Morenita".

134/9: Mejia, Miguel Aceves. "Hey un Momento"/ "El Mil Amores".

134/10: Vargas, Pedro. "Por Que No Vienes a Verme"/ "El Mil Amores"/ "Por Que No Vienes a Verme"/ "Bolerp Indio".

134/11: Los Tres Diamantes. "Grito Prisionero"/ "No Dejes Que Te Olvide".

134/12: Chucho Zarzosa. "La Feria De Las Flores"/ "Cocula"/ "Adelita"/ "Tristes Jardines".

134/13: Los Dos Reales. "El Contrabandista"/ "Si Yo Fuera Rico".

134/14: Infante, Pedro. "Yo Te Quise"/ "Te Que Mas Quires".

134/15: Negrete, Jorge. "Parranda Larga"/ "Solo Dios".

134/16: Carosone, Renato. "Torero"/ "Chella Lla".

134/17: Trio Los Chicos. "Yo Tambien Se Quere"/ 'Tu, Tu, y, Tu".

134/18: Los Dos Reales. "Que Te Vas Y Que Te Vas"/ "Corrido De Mazatlan".

134/19: Infante, Pedro. "El Muneca De Cuerda"/ "Si Tu Tambien Te Vas".

134/20: Ferraro, Atilia. "El Pajaro Guarandol"/ "El Sebucan".

134/21: Los Dos Reales. " La Chevecha"/ "Cachito De Amor".

134/22: Negrete, Jorge. "Cancion De Los Vaqueros"/ "Soy Infeliz".

134/23: Infante, Pedro. "Cuando Sale La Luna"/ "Llegaste Tarde".

134/24: Infante, Pedro. "El Tren Sin Pasajeros"/ "Mi Nave".

134/25: Mojica, Jose. "Libre Soy"/ "Gitana".

134/26: Michel, Paco. "Traigo Un Dilema"/ "Ay Chabela".

134/27: Infante,Pedro. "Que Manera De Perder"/ "Canto Del Bracero".

134/28: Mejia, Miguel Aceves. "No Soy El Coco"/ "El Derrotado".

134/29: Los Dos Palomos. "No Se Por Que"/ "Adios Adios Morenita".

134/30: Trio Los Panchos. "Espinita"/ "Nunca Jamas".

134/31: Villareal, Nick y Su Conjunto. "Brincando Cercas"/ "Cielo Azul".

134/32: Ruben y su Conjunto. "Genova"/ Para Volver a Volver".

134/33: Los Dos Gilbertos. "Lucy"/ Buscate Otro Tonto".

134/34: Ayala, Ramon y Los Bravos del Norte. "Buena Suerte"/ "La Calle 13".

134/35: Amigos Cosmicos. "Keep Pushing on Up"/ "El Norte es Puro Cuento".

134/36: Los Pavos Reales de Salvador T. Garcia. "Dicen que Soy Borracho"/ "El Borrachito".

134/37: Los Astronautas (La Nueva Generacion), "Por unos ojitos Verdes"/ "Fallaste Corazon".

134/38: Perez, Gilberto y sus Compadres. "Contestacion a Mire Amigo"/ "Horrible Penal".

134/39: Biermann, Wolf. "Comandante Che Guevara"/ "Chile".

134/40: Schaal, Herbert, Camilio Torres and Ernesto Cardenal. "Stimme der Stummen".

134/41: Vela, Ruben y Suconjunto. "Pro ti soy Feliz"/ "Mire Amigo".

134/42: De La Rosa, Juan y Los Capitanes del Norte. "Poco a poquito"/ "El Patron".

134/43: Los Llaneros de Valle. "Sabor de Olvido"/"Flor de Oranada".

134/44: Longoria, Valerio. "Oye Corazon"/ "El Retonito".

134/45: Villareal, Nick y Su Conjunto. "Brincando Cercas"/ "Cielo Azul".

134/46: Los Profesionales de Jose Hernandez. "Mi Agonia"/ "Angel de Amor".

134/47: Torres, Toby y Su Conjunto. "Ando en Buscas"/ "Di Por Favor".

134/48: Conjunto de Fidel Perez. "La Vuelta del Tacuachito"/ "Lindas Florecitas".

134/49: Calibre Auto Recording. Unknown.

134/50: Hermanans Hernandez. "Tre Prifilas por Miguel Hernandez"/ Unreadable title/ "Amor Porchdo por Evangelina Hernandez"/ "El Ramdro Grande".

134/51: Espegito. "La Conita"/"Tu bien sabes y consertida por Esperanza".

134/52: Mejia, Miguel Aceves con el Marchiachi Vargas de Tecalitlan. "Caminito del Indio- Cancion Andina"/ "Rogaciano-Huapango".

134/53: Caceres, Emilio and his Mariachis. "Los Jorongos (Munecos Mexicanos)"/ "La Varsoviana".

134/54: Unknown. "Capriabos Espanol"/ "Sevillanas".

134/55: Zamora, Minerva con el Conjunto Ideal. "Yo Sufriendo y to Gozando"/ "Cobrando Olvido".

134/56: Acuna, Manuel S. and his Orchestra. "Lentejuela"/ "Gitanerias".

134/57: Acuna, Manuel S. and his Orchestra. "El Currito de la Cruz"/ "Cielo Andaluz".

134/58: San Miguel, Nito (Con el Trio Ammex). "Mama"/ "Giannina Mia".

134/59: Moran, George and Charles Mack. "Two Balck Crows- Part 1 and 2" (Comedy Sketch).

134/60: Belia y Mateo Conjunto de Mateo Camargo. "Granito de Oro"/ "La Chonita".

134/61: Mejia, Miguel Aceves con El Mariachi Vargas. "El Pastor-Son Hualesco"/ "La Que Sea- Cancion Ranchera".

134/62: Fernandez, Fernando u Orquesta Luis Arcataz u Juan Garcia Esquivel. "Dolce Lunas- Boleros"/ Pisaspetalos- Bolero Cha Cha Cha".

134/63: Tona la Negra y Orquesta de Chucho Zarzosa. "En Mi Soledad-Bolero"/ "Somos Iguales-Bolero".

134/64: Newman, Roy and his Boys. "Round the World on a Dime- Hot String Dance"/ "The Devil with the Devil- Hot String Dance with Singing".

134/65: Trio Avileno-Fernando Estonez- Miguel y Tonc Medina con su Conjunto. "Nocturnando"/ "Los Marcianos".

134/66: Lara, Agustin."Farolito"/ "Contraste".

134/67: Infante, Pedro. "Te Vengo A Buscar"/ "Presentimiento".

Media - Vinyl Records - LPs

135/1: Malpica, Manuel R./ R. G. de Leon; Malpica, Manuel R./ Lerdo de Tejada. Lejos de Ti/ Ya Soy Feliz.

135/2: Por Rosales Y Robinson. El Bandido/ Amigo Amigo.

135/3: Banda Espanola/ R. Jarero. El Costeno.

135/4: Los Tres Manueles with Orchestra/ M. C; Los Tres Manueles with ORchestra/ M. E. Gonzalez. Valdez. Las Avispas/ Chavelita.

135/5: Martinez, Narciso/ El Harucan del Valle. La Chicharronera- Polka/ El Tronconal- Vals Bajito.

135/6: Gonzales, M/ and A. Romero. Mis Brazos Te Esperan - Fox Cancion/ Suena y Quiereme - Vals.

135/7: Arcos and Pulido/ Julian Robledo; Arcos, Pulido, and Orchestra/ Alfonso Esparza Oteo. Las Tres de la Manana/ Mi Viejo Amor.

135/8: Padilla, Hermanas with Los Costenos/ Hermanas Padilla; Padilla, Hermanas with Los Costenos/ Juan Rodriguez. Las Pintadas/ No Se Casen.

135/9: Delgado and Luna. Sueno de Amor- Vals Cancion Una Noche en la Parranda- Cancion.

135/10: El Ciego Melquiades. Sonsa - Fox Trot Las Tres Elviras.

135/11: (Largely Unreadable Trio Nava (?). La Nortena (?).

135/12: Guzman and Quintana. Chaparrita, Aqui esta Tu Amante Bajo La Sombra se Aquel Mesquita.

135/13: Cantu and Caytan with Orchestra/ F. C. Cantu. Mentira es el Amor Enamorado.

135/14: El Ciego Melquiades. Andrea- Vals Mary ... (Unreadable).

135/15: Trio Huracan. Cuando Te Miro Me Emborracho- Corrido/ Yo Bien Quisiera- Corrido.

135/16: Padilla, Hermanas with "Los Costenos"/ J. Cortazar and J. Garrido; Padilla, Hermanas with "Los Costenos"/ Refugio Sanchez. La Baraja Marcada/ Que Rechulo es Querer!.

135/17: Padilla, Hermanas with the Mariachi "Los Costenos"/ Jesus Ramos; Padilla, Hermanas with the Mariachi "Los Costenos"/ C. Carreon and M. Lugo. Por QuererteTanto/ Perlita.

135/18: Los Madrugadores with the Mariachi de "Los Costenos"/ Elmo Lopez; Los Madrugadores with the Mariachi de "Los Costenos"/ Elmo Lopez. No Se Rezar/ El Interes.

135/19: Duo Autentico Yucateco/ Manuel Mendez Duo Autentico Yucateco/ Chancil, Meendez and Vazquez. Folorecita- Cancion/ Las Mujeres ques se Pintan.

135/20: Ayala, Julio. Escandalos en la Camara de Diputados y en las Calles de la Ciudad/ Salida del General Porfirio Diaz.

135/21: Maddox, John and the Rythmasters/ B. Wills. Bully of the Town/ San Antonio Rose.

135/22: Trio Nava. La Inundacion de Leon (Part 1 &2).

135/23: Trio Los Panchos: Aviles, Gil, and Navarro/ Chucho Navarro and Alfredo Gil. Maldito Corazon/ Ni Que Si, Ni Quiza, Ni Que No.

135/24: Weber, Marek and his Orchestra/ Bloom and Gade; Bottero and Shreier. Celos/ Tango de la Rosa.

135/25: Marichi Vargas de Tecalitlan/ Manguel Macias P. La Mariquita- Son Jalisciense/ El Zopilote Majado- Paso Doble.

135/26: Marimba Hnos. Paniagua/ Pedro Valdes; Amador, Dimas, and Perez. Almendra/ Nereidas.

135/27: Fuentes, Ruben's Conjunto/ Prof. Jose Herrera/ Francisco Cardenas. Olimpica/ Viva Mi Desgracia.

135/28: "Los Tamazulas" de Culiacan: Banda Sinaloense/ Ar. M. Meza. El Coyote/ Elcosteno.

135/29: Los Guamuchilenos de Culiacan/ Severiano Briseno. El Sinaloense/ El Guango.

135/30: Los Guamuchilenos de Culiacan/ Enrique Sanchez Alonso. Corrido de Agustin Jaime/ Culiacan.

135/31: Los Guamuchilenos de Culiacan/ Angle Garrido. La Pajarera/ Cuando Escuches este Vals.

135/32: Los Guamuchilenos de Culiacun/ F. Valdes Leal. Los Pavos Reales/ El Abandonado.

135/33: Los Guamuchilenos de Culiacan. La Higuerita/ Amor de Madre.

Media - Vinyl Records - LPs

141/1: Rampal , Jean-Pierre, Robert Veyron-Lacroix and Jean Huchot. Bach: The Complete Flute Sonatas.

141/2: Destie, Jo. Vive Le Musette.

141/3: No Artist/Composer listed. Glasbruch 1848.

141/4: The Rolling Stones. Now.

141/5: Moore, Dave. Jukejoints and Cantinas.

141/6: Lehmann, Lotte. Brahms/Wolf Songs.

141/7: No Artist/Composer listed. Glasbruch 1848.

141/8: Mossmann, Walter. Flugblattlieder.

141/9: Mossmann, Walter. Hast Du noch Hunger?.

141/10: Kollo-Medlodien, Walter. Kleine Madchen Mussen Schlafen Gehn.

141/11: Neue Lieder und Gedichte aus Whyl, Marckolsheim, Kaiseraugst und Fessenheim. Dreyeckland.

141/12: Mossmann, Walter. Neue Flugblatt-Lieder.

141/13: Mossmann, Walter. Unruhiges Requiem.

141/14: Fuhre, Ulrich. I Will Nit.

141/15: Artist/Composer not listed. Deutsch Fur Deursche.

141/16: Mossmann, Walter. Unruhiges Requiem.

141/17: Various Artists. Lieder zur Vergessenen Badischen Revolution 1848/49.

141/18: Born, Arnschd. Antlig e Lied.

141/19: Well, Michael (Mike), Christoph (Stopherl) Well and Hans (I) Well. Biermosl Blosn: Gruss Gott, Mein Bayernland.

141/20: DeGaetani, Jan and Gilbert Kalish. Charles Ives Songs.

141/21: Bishop, Stephen. Careless.

141/22: Wills, Bob. The Voice and Band of Bob Wills.

141/23: The Rolling Stones. Out of our Heads.

141/24: Legarreta, Pupi y su Charanga. Toda la Verdad.

141/25: The Rolling Stones. Let it Bleed.

141/26: No Artist/Composer listed. Bei Frochlichem Zitherklang.

141/27: Akkordeon-Duo: Annelie und Roland Kiesel. Schwarzwalder Souvenir.

141/28: The Rolling Stones. Big Hits (High Tide and Green Grass).

141/29: Mitchell, Richard "Blue" with Wynton Kelly, Sam Jones and Roy Brooks. Blue's Moods.

141/30: Various Artists. Ethnic Folkways Library: Traditional and Classical Music of India.

141/31: Various Artists. So Jodelt's in den Bergen: Yodeling in the Alps.

141/32: The Cleveland Festival Orcheestra. Bartok: Concerto for Orchestra.

141/33: The Camarata Contemporary Orchestra. The Music of Erik Satie: Through a Looking Glass.

141/34: Webster, Beveridge. Ravel.

141/35: Deller, Alfred, Desmond Dupre and the Deller Consort (Male Voices): Philip Todd, Max Worthley, and Maurice Bevan. Shakespearean Songs and Consort Music.

141/36: Shankar, Ravi. Ragas and Talas.

141/37: Silverstein, Joseph and the Boston Symphony Orchestra. Bartok: Violin Concerto No. 2/ Stravinsky: Violin Concerto.

141/38: Jascha Heifetz. Heifetz.

141/39: Mannerchor der Volkswagebstadt Wolfsburg. Jagdlieder: German Hunting Songs.

141/40: John, Elton. Tumbleweed Connection.

141/41: Nyro, Laura. Christmas and the Beads of Sweat.

141/42: Nyro, Laura. Eli and the Thirteenth Confession.

141/43: Sunny and the Sunliners. Carinito.

141/44: Los Rancheritos de Topo Chico.

141/45: Los Cadetes de Linares. Tu Nombre.

Media - Vinyl Records - LPs

142/1: Las Mananitas Con Arpa. Melesio Martinez.

142/2: Conjunto Veracruz. Canto A Veracruz.

142/3: Conjunto Lindo Veracruz. "Alegria Jarocha".

142/4: The Originals. "Only You".

142/5: Lenoir, L. B. "Down in Mississippi".

142/6: Huesca, Andres y sus Costenos. "Recordando".

142/7: Huesca, Andres y sus Costenos. "Homenaje a Huesca".

142/8: Trio Tariacuri. "Sones y Huapangos".

142/9: Conjunto Jarocho Medellin De Lino Chavez. "Veracruz Hermoso".

142/10: Conjunto Jarocho Medellin De Lino Chavez. "Veracruz Hermoso".

142/11: Trio Los Paisanos y Su Arpa. "El Pajaro Campana".

142/12: Lira, Agustin. "from the fields to a new beginning...".

142/13: Firesign Theatre Sez. "Everything you know is wrong".

142/14: Caliente = hot. "Puerto Rican and Cuban Musical Expression in New York".

142/15: Warwicke, Dionne. "The Dionne Warwicke Story: A Decade of Gold".

142/16: Los Incas. "Flutes des Andes".

142/17: "Cuba Va!". Songs of the New Generations of Revolutionary Cuba.

142/18: Le Chili de Violeta Parra. "Un Rio De Sangre" avec les voix d'lsabel et Angle Parra".

142/19: Neruda, Pablo. "Canto General Der Grosse Gesang".

142/20: Urchenko, Henrietta. "Indian Music of Meixco".

142/21: Reyes, Judith. "Cronica Mexicana".

142/22: Godoy, Carlos Mejia Y Los De Palacaguina. "El Son Nuestro De Cada Dia".

142/23: Barreno, Rodrigo y Su Banda. "Cuchara De Palo".

142/24: King, B. B. "Live in Cook County Jail".

142/25: Flack, Roberta. "Chapter Two".

142/26: POCO. "Pickin Up The Pieces".

142/27: Kirk, Rahsaan Roland. "The Return of the 5000lb. Man".

142/28: Saldivar, Mingo Y Los Tremendos. "4 Espandas".

142/29: Los Gilbertos. "Te Recomiendo Esa Ingrata".

142/30: Los Ranchcritos del Topo Chico. "Cien Anos".

142/31: Los Hermanos Farias. "Las 6 Mancormadas".

142/32: Carlos Y Jose. "Carridos Y Rancheras".

142/33: Degollado, Johnny Y Su Conjunto. Lo Mejor De Johnny Degollado Y su Conjunto.

142/34: Conjunto Bernal. Conjunto Bernal with the Sound of the 70s.

142/35: Guzman, Carlos y Conjunto Bernal. Los Relampagos Del Norte.

142/36: Longoria Sr. y Jr., Valerio. "Poquita Fe"/ "El Garabato".

142/37: Basic Library of the World's Greatest Music. Album number 8: Grieg and Schubert.

142/38: Basic Library of the World's Greatest Music. Album number 5: Tchaikovsky and Stravinsky.

142/39: Los Cuatro Cuartos. "70 De Linea!".

142/40: Kempler, Susan and Doreen Rappaport. "But the Woman Rose" Vol II.

142/41: Conjunto Villa Del Mar De Angel Valencia. "Los 10 Mejores Sones Jarochos".

142/42: Los Camperos con el arpa de oro de David Zapien. "Sones en Veracruz".

142/43: Las Pirecuas. "Folklore Michoacano".

Media - Vinyl Records - LPs

146/1: Various Artists. 24 Orginial Happening Hits.

146/2: Mendoza, Lydia. Part 1: First Recordings, 1928-1938.

146/3: The Agawagi African Musicians. Recorded Live: Africa.

146/4: Sheila na Gig. Holy Well.

146/5: The Ink Spots. The Incomparable Ink Spots.

146/6: The Robert Shaw Chorale. Great Sacred Choruses.

146/7: Adderley, Cannonball, Blue Mitchell, Chet Baker, Clark Terry, Barry Harris, Harold Land and Sam Jones. The Compositions of Charlie Parker.

146/8: Heath, Jimmy, Freddie Hubbard, Julius Watkins, Cedar Walton, Percy Heathm and Albert Heath. Triple Threat.

146/9: Various Artists. La Musica Inmortal de Lorenzo Barcelata.

146/10: Cardenas, Guy. El Cancionero del Mayab.

146/11: Guizar, Tito. Interpreta a Augustin Lara.

146/12: Trio Los Jinetes y Cuco Calderon. Sones y Huapangos Huastecos.

146/13: Instituto Nacional de Antropologia e Historia. Corridos de la Revolucion Mexicana.

146/14: Instituto Nacional de Antropologia e Historia. Corridos Zapatistas.

146/15: Instituto Nacional de Antropologia e Historia. Michoacan: Sones de Tierra Caliente.

146/16: Instituto Nacional de Antropologia e Historia. Musica Indigena de Mexico.

146/17: Los Lobos. Del Este de Los Angeles.

146/18: Instituto Nacional de Antropologia e Historia. Canciones de Vida y Muerte en el Istmo Oaxaqueno.

146/19: Instituto Nacional de Antropologia e Historia. El Son del Sur de Jalisco.

146/20: Instituto Nacional de Antropologia e Historia. Musica del Istmo de Tehuantepec, Oaxaca.

146/21: Instituto Nacional de Antropologia e Historia y Municipio de Xalatlaco. Fiesta en Xalatlaco: Musica de Los Nahuas del Estado de Mexico.

146/22: Galling, Martin. Bach: The Goldberg Variations.

146/23: Various Artists. Petrucci: First Printer of Music.

146/24: Amadeus- Quartett and Cecil Aronowitz. Johannes Brahms: Streichquintette Nr. 1 4-Dur und Nr. 2 G-Dur.

146/25: Berlin Philharmoniker. Die Weihnachtsgeschichte: Auszuge aus dem Wihnachtsoratorium von Johann Sebastian Bach.

146/26: The Czech Philharmonic Orchestra. Antonin Dvorak: Symphony No. 4 in G Major, Op. 88.

146/27: Boston Symphony Orchestra. Stravinsky's Agon and Schuller's Seven Studies on Themes of Paul Klee.

146/28: Symphonie-Orchester des Bayerischen Rundfunks. Gustav Mahler's Symphonie Nr. 1 D-dur, "Der Titan".

146/29: La Banda Sinaloese "El Recodo" de Cruz Lizarraga. Hits Calientes.

146/30: Various Artists. Sucedio en Los Veinte.

146/31: Various Artists. Las Carpas en Mexico.

146/32: Las Hermanas Hernandez. Hnas. Hernandez.

146/33: Cumbias y Porros.

146/34: "Los Ventaarrones del Norte". "Corridos Famosos".

146/35: From Jean Renoir's "The River". Music of India.

146/36: Cugat, Xavier and his Orchestra. Mambo!.

146/37: Cugat, Xavier and his Orchestra. Rhumba with Cugat.

146/38: Carlos Campos y su Orquesta. Danzones Melodicos.

146/39: La Orquesta America. Cha Cha Cha.

146/40: Various Artists. Guarachas.

146/41: Mariachi perla de Occidente, Mariachi de Juan Guitron, y Mariachi Los Abahenos. Polkas, Marchas, Paso-Dobles.

146/42: The Padre Choristers. Christmas at Mission Santa Barbara: Favorite Carols of The Padre Choristers.

Media - Vinyl Records - LPs

147/1: Nile, Willie.

147/2: Various Artists. Jimmy Cliff in the Harder They Come.

147/3: Franklin, Aretha. Lady of Soul.

147/4: Revard, Jimmie and his Oklahoma Playboys. Oh! Swing It.

147/5: Bledsoe, Tom and Rich Kirby. Hits from Home.

147/6: Reed, Lou. Growing up in Public.

147/7: Instituto Nacional de Antropoligia e Historia. Testimonio Musical de Mexico.

147/8: The Lovin' Spoonful. Hums of the Lovin' Spoonful.

147/9: Cash, Johnny. At Folsom Prison.

147/10: Temple, Shirley. Shirley Temple's Original Film Soundtracks.

147/11: Haro, Gloria y Conjunto Folklorico. Canto de La Raza.

147/12: Ediciones Interamericanas de Musica. Soledad Bravo: Cantares de Venezuela.

147/13: Neruda, Pablo. Atahualpa Yupanqui.

147/14: Crosby, Stills and Nash.

147/15: Wonder, Stevie. Music of My Mind.

147/16: Vargas de Tecalitlan: El Mejor Mariachi del Mundo. Sones de Jalisco.

147/17: La mejor musica ranchera con el mariachi de Pacheco. Las Chachitas.

147/18: Orquesta VIK, Norma Herrera y Mariachi Jalisco de Pepe Villa, Paco y Gloria y Mariachi Jalisco de Pepe Villa, Julio Aldama y Mariachi Guadalajara de Silvestre Vargas, y Mariachi de Atenguillo. Jalisco, Serie Mexico Musical.

147/19: The Great Mambo and Cha-Cha Orchestras of Perez Prado, Tito Rodriguez, Miguelito Valdez, Nat Charles, and Jose Gomez. Cha-Cha-Cha and Mambo.

147/20: La Sonora Santanera. A Gozar!! Let's Dance.

147/21: Cumbias y Gaitas, Famosas de Colombia -- Vol.2.

147/22: Various Artists. The Chicano Experience.

147/23: Various Artists. The Texas-Mexican Conjunto: History of a Working-Class Music.

147/24: Francisco Barrera, Jose Pantoja, Enrique Posada, Tony Olivarez Jr., and Tony Olivarez. La Nueva Reunion.

147/25: Musiques des Communautes Indigenes du Mexique.

147/26: Various Artists. Historia Moderna de la Musica Popular Mexicana Vol. 2.

147/27: Various Artists. Historia Moderna de la Musica Popular Mexicana Vol. 3.

147/28: Instituto Nacional de Antropologia e Historia. Cancionera de la Intervencion Francesa.

147/29: Puebla, Serie Mexico Musical.

147/30: Le Chant du Monde. Chants de la Revolution Mexicaine.

147/31: Various Artists. Especial para Mi Madre.

147/32: Santana.

147/33: Rosell, Rosendo. Anoranza Cubana: Remembranza Cubana.

147/34: Los Guaracheros de Oriente. Que Trio!.

147/35: Gaye, Marvin. Let's Get it On.

147/36: Young, Lester. Pres at His Very Best, 1965.

147/37: Parker, Charlie, Miles Davis, Bud Powell, Curley Russell, and Max Roach. The Charlie Parker Story.

147/38: Taj Mahal. Gaint Step/ De Ole Folks at Home.

Media - Vinyl Records - LPs

129/1: Traffic. Last Exit.

129/2: Badings, Henk and Dick Raaijmakers. Evolutions and Contrasts.

129/3: Turner, Ike. Ike Turner Rocks the Blues.

129/4: King, Freddie. Woman Across the River.

129/5: Krenek, Ernst: Johnny Spielt Auf. Opus 45 (Opera in Two Acts).

129/6: Jethro Tull. Benefit.

129/7: Little RIchard. Here's Little Richard.

129/8: The Beatles. Hey Jude.

129/9: Los Trovadores Huastecos del Viejo Elpido. Los Tovadores Huastecos del Viejo Elpidio.

129/10: Veracruz. Conjunto Tierra Blanca de Chico Barcelata.

129/11: Jimenez, Jose Alfredo. Miguel Aceve Mejia.

129/12: Conjunto Michoacan. La Hija de la Viuda Piquetes de Hormiga.

129/13: Negrete, Jorge. La voz inmortal de Jorge Negrete Vol. V.

129/14: Yurchenco, Henrietta.The Real Mexico in Music and Song.

129/15: More, Beny. Magia Antillana.

129/16: Centro Cultural Mascaronesde. Levantate Campesion.

129/17: Zamora, Oscar y don Chema. Me Cae Sura...!.

129/18: Martinez, Melesio. Las Mananitas con Arpa.

129/19: Wes Montgomery Quartet. Vibratin'.

129/20: Mitchell, Joni. Blue.

129/21: El Palomo y el Gorrion. Tragedias de mujeres infieles.

129/22: Chaf y Queli. Albures Mexicanos.

129/23: Instituto Nacional de Antropologia e historia. Danzas de la Conquista.

129/24: Pulido, Roberts y los Classicos. Seguire mi camino.

129/25: Solis, Javier. Rancheras con Javier Solis.

129/26: Trio los Panchos. Los Favoritos de todo el mundo.

129/27: Los Rayos del Valle. Los Rayos del Valle.

129/28: Silva, Chelo. 15 Autenticos Exitos.

129/29: El Teatro Campesino. Huelga en General!.

129/30: De la Luz, Maria. Va por ustedes, Amigos.

129/31: Victor y Fina. Rancheras y Boleros.

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