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Folder 1
Suspended Sentence photocopy of edited manuscript
Folder 2
Take Care 1st draft manuscript, p. 1-9 dated March 3, 1982
Folder 3
Take Care miscellaneous notes
Folder 4
Tanta Sora Rifka manuscript p. 1-7 - 1,500 words (2 sets)
Folder 5
Tanta Sora Rifka random scenes, 5 pages
Folder 6
Tanta Sora Rifka notes, manuscript p. 1-14
Folder 7
Tata Duhende manuscript, part of Silky Tree
Folder 8
Davidson, Avram and Mikey Roessner-Herman. Excerpts from The Taxonomy of Demons photocopy of edited manuscript
Folder 9
The Taxonomy of Demons miscellaneous notes
Folder 10
The Taxonomy of Demons excerpts from story; carbon copies
Folder 11
Tea for the Watch photocopy of edited typescript
Folder 12
Tears for Alfred Hook manuscript dated 1973
Folder 13
The Tenant edited manuscript
Folder 14
Theobald 2 pages, revised ending, dated February 2, 1989
Folder 15
There Beneath the Silky-Tree and Whelmed in Deeper Gulphs Than Me various research and notes related to the story; edited manuscript from 1979
Folder 16
There Beneath the Silky-Tree and Whelmed in Deeper Gulphs Than Me revised manuscript
Folder 17
There Beneath the Silky-Tree and Whelmed in Deeper Gulphs Than Me photocopy of edited manuscript
Folder 18
Theobald Delafont Onderdock manuscript p. 1-20
Folder 19
Three Little Tales: One - Sorcery in the Afternoon edited manuscript
Folder 20
Three Little Tales: One - Sorcery in the Afternoon 1st draft dated August 1989 (multiple copies)
Folder 21
Three Little Tales: Three - Sacrifice edited manuscript
Folder 22
Three Little Tales 2nd draft - 2,000 words - dated August 18, 1989
Folder 23
Timeserver photocopy and tear sheets from Galaxy
Folder 24
Timeserver photocopy of title sheet from Galaxy May 1970
Folder 25
The Trefoil Company edited manuscript
Folder 26
Twenty-Three manuscript
Folder 27
25th Century Bestiary anthology proposal
Folder 28
Twenty-Three manuscript sold to Isaac Asimov's - 4,900 words
Folder 29
Twenty-Three photocopied notes related to story; edited 2nd draft manuscript dated December 12, 1989; photocopy of 2nd draft manuscript mailed to Richard Grant with letter; returned manuscript from Richard Grant with letter
Folder 30
Twenty-Three edited manuscript; incomplete edited manuscript
Folder 31
Twig Willy miscellaneous notes
Folder 32
Uncle Nathan or Song in a Strange Land typed manuscript from the 1950's
Folder 33
Unidentifiable manuscript in note order/author unknown
Folder 34
Unforced Entry revised manuscript; typescript of story
Folder 35
Unforced Entry various edited manuscripts
Folder 36
UNTITLED by Avram Davidson; partial novel - photocopies
Folder 37
UNTITLED by Knox Burger; notes dated April 10, 1974
Folder 38
UNTITLED beginning manuscript
Folder 39
UNTITLED 2nd draft manuscript dated March 1988

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