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Caine, Rachel
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Nov 2019

The short story "identity" was written exclusively for customers who preordered Caine's novel Bitter Falls.

Caine, Rachel


Typescript of "Identity", Identity, 2019

Caine, Rachel

HonorAmongThieves_fullnotes (5)

Typescript draft with reviewer comments by Claudia Gabel and replies from Caine and Aguirre, HonorAmongThieves_fullnotes (5), 2018?

Caine, Rachel


Typescript draft with reviewer comments by Claudia Gabel and replies from Caine and Aguirre, HonorAmongThieves_fullnotes-2, 2018?

Caine, Rachel


Description of HB tiers, HB TIERS, 2018?

Caine, Rachel


Letter from Claudia Gabel to Caine and Aguirre with notes on Honor Lost, January 2019

Caine, Rachel

HONOR LOST_revised

Typescript revised draft with comments by Lucienne Diver and responses from Caine and Aguirre, HONOR LOST_revised, 2019?

Caine, Rachel

Rachel Caine Collection

  • US TxAM-C C000496
  • Collection - Digital
  • February 2021 (files created for server transfer)

This digital collection consists of literary manuscripts and related materials from urban fantasy, science fiction, and paranormal romance author Rachel Caine (Roxanne Longstreet Conrad). The materials in this collection include manuscripts, in varying iterations and states of production, for books in Caine's later series The Great Library, The Honors, and Stillhouse Lake. Also present in many of these book files are items of correspondence, synopses, graphics, and research materials.

Materials are also included for Caine's unfinished Kickstarter-funded Weather Warden novel Red Hot Rain, and for several of her short stories.

Caine, Rachel

Red Hot Rain Draft

Red Hot Rain (unpublished), partial draft typescript, RedHotRain_Caine_draft1.docx (Microsoft Word document)

Caine, Rachel

"Lightning In A Bottle"

"Lightning in A Bottle: A Weather Warden Story" (2015), typescript, October 23, 2015; Story1_LightningInABottle.pdf (PDF file)

Caine, Rachel

Red Hot Rain Character Sketch

Red Hot Rain character sketch of Djinn, typescript, 6DC44F04-E34B-4FB6-83EF-08EE16AD0E02 - content.rtf (Rich Text Format document)

Caine, Rachel

Ink & Bone (2015)

This subseries contains materials relating to Ink & Bone, the first book in Caine's Great Library series.

Caine, Rachel

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