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World War II Red Cross Knitting Collection
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American Red Cross Knitting Documents

1/1: "Knitting for Victory - WWII", history link file #5722 printed out from the web

1/2: Empty paper package for Graham "cable type circular knitting needle"

1/3: Two rulers: one wooden 12-inch Strateline, and one 6-inch cardstock "American Red Cross" ruler

1/4: Instructions for turtleneck pullover sweater (3 pages), and 1 page for regular sweater

1/5: Instructions for a "Man's Slip-on Sweater" (2 pages)

1/6: One page (front and back) regarding knitting pins.
-Side A - "Important Instructions" for flexible knitting pins and circular knitting pins
-Side B - '"Boye" knitting pins and crochet hooks are supplied in the following types and sizes'

1/7: Official instruction pages from The American National Red Cross Cap or Beanie (for Outdoor Wear)
ARC 400-9A
Rev. June 1940
Code K7

Helmet (for Service Men)
ARC 400-22A
Rev. Dec. 1942
Code AF-52 Army
AF-49 Navy

Wristlets (for Service Men)
ARC 400-25
Jan 1942
Code AF-63 (Army)
Code AF-67 (Navy)

Spiral Socks, Bed Socks, knee bands, stump socks
ARC 443
Rev. July 1943
Spiral Socks
Code K-1, Foreign War Relief
" AF-14, U.S. Army
" AF-15, U.S. Navy

World War II Red Cross Knitting Collection

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Collection of materials, including patterns and knitting tools, used in the "Knit for Victory" home front campaign during World War II.