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Liebig Card Sets Depicting the Middle East and Africa Collection
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Card Sets

1-01: Desert Images by Dutch Chocolate Van Houten, circa 1930 (5 cards)

1-02: Famous Mosques, 1931 (6 cards)

1-03: Flags of the Middle East and Africa by Italian Sidam, circa 1950 (11 cards)

1-04: Monuments of Ancient Egypt, 1931 (6 cards)

1-05: Moroccan Art, 1937 (6 cards)

1-06: Principles Countries of the Middle East, Saudi Arabia and Iraq, 1969 (6 cards)

1-07: Scenes of Algeria from the early 20th Century, (37 cards)

1-08: Scenes of Morocco, 1906 (6 cards)

1-09: Scenes of Tunisia from the early 20th Century, (28 cards)

1-10: Scenes of Turkey by German Mecklengurgische Margarine-Frabrik, circa 1930 (6 cards)

1-11: Undiscovered Arabia, 1931 (6 cards)

1-12: Liebig Collection, Africa, (252 cards)

1-13: El Nectar De Mahoma, 1940-1950 (36 cards)

1-14: 5 Sets of German Karl May Cards, 1950 (30 cards)

1-15: El Pedazo de Plamo, 1930-1950 (12 cards)

1-16: Tartin de Tarascon, (30 cards)

1-17: Liebig Company's fleisch-extract, (6 cards)

1-18: Early European chromo cards featuring slavery in both the Americans and Africa, HOC (9 cards)

1-19: Complete set of German cards "Die Sklavenkarawane", part of the Karl May series, (6 cards)

1-20: Complete set of Italian Liebig cards entitled The Case of Uncle Tom, 1904 (6 cards)

Liebig Card Sets Depicting the Middle East and Africa Collection

  • US TxAM-C C000014
  • Collection
  • 1906-1969

This collection contains Liebig card sets which are trading cards that depict scenes and peoples from the Middle East and Africa including images of Muslims, flags, and maps. The cards are primarily written in French, with a few in English. Most of them were created to advertise the Liebig business.

Liebig Extract of Meat Company