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Sylvia Townsend Warner Collection
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Sylvia Townsend Warner Collection

  • TxAM-CRS 198
  • Collection
  • 1942-1947; 1978

This collection contains letters from Sylvia Townsend Warner to John Putnam.

Warner, Sylvia Townsend

Warner to John Putnam Correspondence

TLS - Typed Letter Signed

1-01: Collection Contents List

1-02: Bookseller's Note (Typed, 1 leaf)

1-03: A Song from Bedlam, 18th Century (Typed, 1 leaf)

  • Letters from Warner to John Putnam, 1-04 through 1-12

1-04: Re: poems by Charles Baudelaire and Marianne Moore, the Wineshop Cat, and Warner's attitude towards cats. April 7, 1942. (TLS, 2 leaves)

1-05: Re: Key West, poems by Putnam, cats, Brooklyn in 1885, paintings, bedrooms, and a poem by Warner called "Lines to a cat in a London suburb" typed within the letter. November 6, 1942 (TLS, 2 leaves)

1-06: Re: Putnam's health, Bellevue, Llewelyn, Powys, tales of recovery, Douanier Rousseau, and Arthur Machen. February 5, 1944 (TLS, 2 leaves)

1-07: Re: Marianne Moore poems, Putnam still in Bellevue, Valentine and her two angels, descriptions of Dorchester, and World War II. April 14, 1944 (TLS, 2 leaves)

1-08: Re: War. July 31, 1944 (TLS, 2 leaves)

1-09: Re: Putnam's condition/operations, deserted houses, sketches, the twenties, Frank Dobson, Milton, Herbert, Marvell, doodles and evacuees. August 18, 1944 (TLS, 2 leaves)

1-10: Re: winter landscape, Putnam's poem, Putnam's father, Warner's great-great-grandfather, and the Holidays. January 26, 1945 (TLS, 2 leaves)

1-11: Re: Putnam out of Otisville Sanatorium, Wyoming, Roger Peyrefeitt, blizzard, Truman, Atlee, Horizon, Punch, and Hiroshima. March 27, 1947 (TLS, 4 leaves)

1-12: Re: Putnam's illness, sun bathing, Warner's great-grandfather, sheep, Selkirkshire, the Yarrow and Ettrick Agricultural Show, electricity regulations, and the English government. May 16, 1947 (TLS, 3 leaves)

1-13: Newspaper clipping "Warner is Dead; Novelist and Story Writer was 85", New York Times, Wednesday, May 10, 1978