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Harriette Andreadis Women's Studies Research Collection and Personal Archive
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Andreadis Personal Letters and Materials for English Courses

9/1: October 11, 2013 - Posters- "Women's & Gender Studies 1988-2013: 2013 WGST Fall Open House" - 5 copies

9/2: 2013 - Handout- "Texas A&M Women's & Gender Studies History 1988-2013" Includes short timeline and list of faculty - 12 copies

9/3: May 1, 2014 - Invitation for "The 2014 WGST Spring Lunch & Student Awards"

9/4: Spring 2014 - Intersections: Texas A&M Women's and Gender Studies Newsletter

9/5: 1999 - Application and acceptance documents for Faculty Fellowship Awards: Women's Studies Program for projected titled "An Edition of the Poems of Katherine Philips" by Harriette Andreadis

9/6: 1998 - Documents regarding funding for "Sappho in Early Modern England: Female Same-Sex Literary Erotics 1550-1714" by Harriette Andreadis and documents for "Proposal for Research Reduction for 1998-99" for the book

9/7: 1986 - HA review of "Classicism and the Ruses of Symmetry" by Corneille Mitchell Greenberg

9/8: 1986 - HA review of "His and Hers: Essays in Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Literature" by Ann Messenger - 2 copies and handwritten note

9/9: March 28, 1987 - Letter to Noel Parson regarding Wilson's typescript

9/10: May-July 1987 - Letter from a Lloyd G. Lyman ask HA to review "Scott manuscript" with HA reply and review

9/11: 1995 - Application and acceptance documents for Women's Studies Faculty Fellows Program

9/12: Fall-Winter 1997 - Seventeenth-Century News Vol. 55 Nos. 3&4

9/13: Article- "The Erotics of Female Friendship in Early Modern England" by Harriette Andreadis- 2 copies

9/14: 1997-1999 - Various letters regarding HA publications or reviews of materials - the manuscripts of the reviews and materials discussed are absent -

9/15: Document- "Application for Department Research Reduction, 1999-2000" submitted by Harriette Andreadis with copy of Curriculum Vitae/CV

9/16: October 21, 1998 - Letter from Tracy Fessenden ask HA about include work in an interdisciplinary book titled "The Puritan Origins of American Sex"

9/17: October 29, 1998 - Letter from HA to Victoria about her participation in "pizza and profs" - 3 copies

9/18: November 1997 - Course Proposal for LBAR 381: Junior Honors Seminar Post-Colonial Literatures of South Asia & Africa- the proposed syllabus

9/19: October 2, 1997 - Minutes of the Undergraduate Committee

9/20: October 28, 1997 - Rejection letter from Interdisciplinary Group for Historical Literary Study regarding being unable to name HA a fellow for 1998-99

9/21: Spring 1996 and 1997 - Documents about the proposal and approval from the Graduate Studies Committee about a graduate seminar "The Construction of Sexuality in Early Modern England"

9/22: January 2, 1999 - Harriette Andreadis' document for "Third Year Review Committee for Marian Eide"

9/23: September 29, 1997 - Email to HA from Ana Elizabeth Martinez subject "Rich's Poem"- copy of a poem titled "The Diamond Cutters"

9/24: 1999 - Harriette Andreadis' Application for Faculty Mini-Grant Program

9/25: November 9-11, 2000 - Letter about "Call for Workshop Proposals for Early Modern Women: Gender, Culture, and Change"

9/26: 1993 - Full-Text Copy- "A Stone Butch Blues: A Novel" by Leslie Feinberg

9/27: Spring 2012 - Course Packet- ENGL/WGST 333 Andreadis

9/28: Spring 2001 - Course Packet- ENGL/WGST 333 Andreadis with course materials

9/29: Spring 2004 - Course Packet- LBAR 381: Junior Honors Seminar, Post-colonial Literature of South Asia and Africa- Prof. Andreadis

9/30: Fall 2001 - Course Packet- ENGL 474H Andreadis "Women Writers"

9/31: Course Packet- ENGL 347 "Women Writers" Andreadis- not dated

9/32: Fall 2004 - Course Packet- ENGL 614 Andreadis

9/33: Fall 2002 - Course Packet- ENGL 481 Andreadis Senior Seminar: Women and Post-Colonialism

9/34: Spring 1995 - Course Packet- ENGL 314 Andreadis - 2 copies

9/35: Summer 1996 - Course Packet- ENGL 412 Dr. Harriette Andreadis

9/36: Miscellaneous Papers Part 1of 3 - Famous Authors Biography and/or book/article reviews

9/37: Miscellaneous Papers Part 2 of 3 - Famous Authors Biography and/or book/article reviews

9/38: Miscellaneous Papers Part 3 of 3 - Famous Authors Biography and/or book/article reviews

9/39: Course Packet ENGL 317: The Tragedy of Mariam, the Fair Queen of Jewry (1613) Andreadis

9/40: Pages from "Troilus and Cressida" with notes; two document titled "Leda and the Swan" by and William B. Yeast and "The Homeric Backdrop

9/41: Copy of the book dated 1585, date of notes unknown - Copy of "The nauigations, peregrinations and voyages, made into Turkie by Nicholas Nicholay Daulphinois, Lord of Arfeuile, chamberlaine and geographer ordinarie to the King of Fraunce conteining sundry singularities which the author hath there seene and obserued: deuided into foure bookes, with threescore figures, naturally set forth as well of men as women, according to the diuersitie of nations, their port, intreatie, apparrell, lawes, religion and maner of liuing, aswel in time of warre as peace: with diuers faire and memorable histories, happened in our time. Translated out of the French by T. Washington the younger." by Nicolas de Nicolay with handwritten notes

9/42: 1968 - Research on Othello including handwritten notes and copies of documents- Scene from Othello Play Script, 2 copies of book pages (note cover page and author are missing true title and author are unknown), Book Chapter " 'And was the Ethiop While': Feminist and the Monstrous in Othello" from Fashioning Femininity and English Renaissance Drama by Karen Newman, three student essay on the topic and syllabus for English 4251

9/43: Spring 2007 - ENGL/INTS 394 Post-Colonial Africa and East Asia in Literature and Film: Schedule of Literature & Film

9/44: August 7, 2010 - Print-out of website document titled "Plutarch, Caius Marcius Coriolanus Thomas North, Rev. Walter W. Skeat, ed."

9/45: Winter 2006 - Article- "The Body of the Actor in Coriolanus" by Eve Rachele Sanders from Shakespeare Quarterly, Volume 57, Number 4

9/46: Research Materials for Anthony and Cleopatra- website printout of Timeline of Plutarch, Anthonius; untitled printout; printout titled "Julius Caesar and the first triumvirate"; book chapter "The Historical Background" the book unknown two copies; printout of "Philopator, Cleopatra Selene" from; and handwritten notes with paper outlines

9/47: Overhead projector transparencies of two different statues

9/48: Handwritten notes on Tempest with working paper outline

9/49: Handwritten notes on King Lear with working paper outline and 4 copies of article titled "Life the Father" and "No Madness in His Method" by Walter Keer

9/50: Research materials on Richard II includes book pages and document titled "Planquette-Plantagenet" appears to be a copy of encyclopedia pages

9/51: Research Materials on Richard III includes book pages with introduction and the play; handwritten notes; Four copies of document titled "The House of York"; course materials for ENGL 4251 (1972) and ENGL 312 (2002) on Shakespeare

9/52: Research Materials on Henry V includes: book pages of play; five copies of document titled "Henry V"; copy of "House of York and Lancaster" a pedigree chart

9/53: Research Materials on As You Like It includes: handwritten notes and nine copies of document titled "As you Like It"

9/54: Research Materials on Twelfth Night includes: Handwritten notes; Book Chapter "Introduction" from Twelfth Night: Text and Context edited by Bruce R. Smith; document titled "Twelfth Night"; and document titled "Epiphanius-Epiphany" and "Epirus" appears to be a copy of encyclopedia pages

9/55: Document titled "Renaissance Backgrounds: A Chronological Outline" put together by HA

9/56: Summer 1997 - Syllabus for ENGL 412: Shakespeare 2 copies, 3 copies of Essay Assignments and document titled "Pronoun Distinction in Shakespeare's English

Books Relating to Women's Studies or Shakespeare

18/1: Ed. by Boris Ford. The Pelican Guide to English Literature Volume 5: From Blake to Byron. Pelican Books. 1961.

18/2: Shakespeare, William ed. by Barbara Everett. All's Well That Ends Well. Penguin books. 1970.

18/3: Rule, James. Desert of the Heart. The Naiad Press. 1983.

18/4: Collette, translated by Herma Briffault. The Pure and the Impure. Farrar, Straus, & Giroux. 1978.

18/5: Taylor, Shelia Ortiz. Faultline. The Naiad Press. 1982.

18/6: Clive, Geoffrey. The Romantic Enlightenment. Meridian Books. 1960.

18/7: James, Henry ed. by Morton Dauwen Zabel. In the Cage and Other Tales. Doubleday Anchor Books. 1958.

18/8: Miller, Isabel. Patience Sarah. Fawcett Crest Publications. 1973.

18/9: Cocking, Starkie & Jarrett-Kerr. 3 Studies in Modern French Literature. Yale Paperbound. 1960.

18/10: Hall, Marny. The Lesbian Love Companion: How to Survive Everything from Heartthrob to Heartbreak. HarperOne. 1998.

18/11: Katz, Judith. Running Fiercely Toward a High Thin Sound. Firebrand Books. 1992.

18/12: Shakespeare, William ed. Frank Kermode. The Tempest. Random House. 1964.

18/13: Abbott, E.A. A Shakespearian Grammar: An Attempt to Illustrate Some of the Differences Between Elizabethan and Modern English. Dover. 1966.

18/14: Shakespeare, William ed. Horace Howard Furness. The Winter's Tale: A New Variorum Edition of Shakespeare. Dover. 1964.

18/15: Shakespeare, William ed. JW Lever. Measure for Measure. Vintage Books. 1967.

18/16: Sidhwa, Bapsi. Cracking India. Milkweed Editions. 1991.

18/17: Swedenborg, Emanuel. The Apocalypse Revealed; Wherein are Disclosed the Arcana There Foretold Which Have Hitherto Remained Concealed. Lippincott. 1925.

18/18: Chamberlin, E.R. Everyday Life in Renaissance Times. Capricorn Books. 1967.

18/19: Rule, Jane. Outlander. The Naiad Press. 1982.

18/20: Perry, Ruth. The Celebrated Mary Astell An Early English Feminist. The University of Chicago Press. 1986.

18/21: Messenger, Ann. His & Hers Essays in Restoration & 18th-Century Literature. The University Press of Kentucky. 1986.

18/22: Shakespeare, William ed. G.R. Hibbard. The Life of Timon of Athens. Penguin Books. 1970.

18/23: Shakespeare, William ed. Robert B. Heilman. Cymbeline. Penguin Books. 1964.

18/24: Shakespeare, William ed. Wright & LaMar. Love's Labor's Lost. Washington Square Press. 1962.

18/25: Lowes, John Livingston. Geoffrey Chaucer. Indiana University Press. 1962.

18/26: Newman, Leslea. Out of the Closet and Nothing to Wear. Alyson Books. 1997.

18/27: Ed. Rogers & McCarthy. The Meridian Anthology of Early Women Writers: British Literary Women from Aphra Behn to Maria Edgeworth 1660-1800. Meridian. 1987.

18/28: Ed. Eric Bentley. The Modern Theatre Volume 2. Doubleday Anchor Books. 1955.

18/29: Minto, William. A Manual of English Prose Literature Biographical and Critical Designed Mainly to Show Characteristics of Style. Ginn & Company. 1892.

18/30: Wilcox, Ella Wheeler. Poems of Ella Wheeler Wilcox with Pencil Drawings by Alice Ross. W. P. Nimmo, Hay & Mitchell Ltd.

Copies and Transcripts of Materials Relating to Voice of Texas Women Materials

These materials are about Voice of Texas Women, many of them being copies/transcripts of materials from the Barker Texas History Center at UT Austin.

8/1: September 1990 - Paper titled "Ruminations on the Forms of Women's Private Writings" and three letters about Women and Texas History Conference

8/2: Paper titled "From Mary Rabb, Reminiscence…" and photocopy of a handwritten journal dated 1875

8/3: Typed transcript of Susan E. Newcome's Journals dated 1865, 1866, 1867 and 1871 broken up into five separate packets

8/4: Paper titled "A Sketch of My Life" by Martha Nettie (McFarlin) Gray (Mrs. Loderick R. Gray) of Lometa, Texas; three copies of journal transcription dated Jan. 12, 1931

8/5: Typed transcript of "Day Book from Virginia to Texas by Land, 1851-1853" by Annie Page Eagens [Slaughter], 2 different copies

8/6: Typed transcript of "Harriet Perry/Letter(s)" includes 2 copies and photocopies of the original letters with permission letters to use the materials

8/7: Typed transcript of "Diary of Emily K. Andrews on a Trip From Austin to Fort David 1874" with photocopy of original pages

8/8: Typed transcript of "A Journal of Our Trip to Texas, 1853" by Mary Eubank with Genealogical Charts and Family Letters 2 different copies

8/9: Typed transcript of "Dairy of Cornelia M. Noble (Mrs. M. G. Nobel) San Marcos, Texas 1861-1864" two copies

8/10: Typed transcript of "Helen Beall Houston (September 21, 1873-January 22, 1940)" 2 copies

8/11: Typed transcript of "A Civil War Experience of Some Arkansas Women by Mrs. Francena Martin Sutton" 2 copies

8/12: Typed transcript of "A True Story of my Capture by, and Life With the Comanche Indians by Mrs. J. D. Bell (Bianca Babb Bell) of Denton, Texas" 4 copies and handwritten notes

8/13: Typed transcript of "The Webster Massacre written by Martha Virginia (Webster) Simmons" 2 copies

8/14: Typed transcript of "Journal of Rebecca Ann Lamar from Georgia to Texas" 2 copies

8/15: Typed transcript of " Mary "Mollie" Burke school girl diary excerpts (handwritten manuscript)" 2 copies and photocopy of diary pages

8/16: Typed transcript of "Virginia C. S. Billingsley-Diary entire manuscript handwritten" with photocopy images of the original diary

8/17: Typed transcript of "Recollections of an Octogenarian by Mrs. John M. Wade of Mount Selman, Texas 1928" 2 copies and handwritten notes

8/18: Typed transcript of "Memoirs of Mrs. Annie P. Harris [Daughter of S, Rhoads Fisher]" two copies

8/19: Typed transcript of "The Story of the Life of Mary Bouhanan by Mrs. Mary (Bouhanan) Gordon" 2 copies

8/20: Typed transcript of "The Story of Her Life-As Told by Elizabeth McAnulty Owens"

8/21: Typed transcript of "Patricia Marcer/ Papers (handwritten manuscript)" with photocopy of the originals papers

8/22: Typed transcript of "Diary of Lizzie (Hatchener) Simons (Mrs. Maurice K. Simons) August 31-December 31, 1562" with handwritten notes

8/23: Typed transcript of "Letters from Addie J. Smith to Rufus King Macomb 1863-1864" with handwritten note

8/24: Typed transcripts of two documents about James Nicholson with handwritten documents

8/25: Typed transcript of letter from Mary A. Mavrick dated December 11, 1853, with handwritten notes

8/26: Typed transcript of "Coombs (Mrs. R. H.) Papers" with handwritten notes

8/27: Typed transcript of "Coleman (Ann Raney Thomas) Reminiscences" with handwritten notes

8/28: Photocopy of "Chandler (Alice) Papers" Diary fragment, p. 4

8/29: Photocopy of "Letter 28, Jan. 1851 (4pp.)" from "Carpenter (Laura Clarke) Papers" with handwritten notes

8/30: Typed Transcript of pages from Elizabeth Mathews Carpenter's Journal

8/31: Typed Transcript of pages from "Embree, Henrietta Bacon Diary" with handwritten notes

8/32: Handwritten notes and transcript of "Diaries of Tennessee Keys, Second wife of J.W. Embree"

8/33: Typed transcript of pages from "Dyer (Mrs. Edwards) Papers- Diary, 1860"

8/34: Typed transcript of "Longcope (Mrs. Charles Septimus) Papers- Wedding Journal 1853"

8/35: Typed transcript of "Cole (Ella) Papers" diary entries dated 1883-1884 with handwritten notes

8/36: Typed transcript of unlabeled document- two pages

8/37: Copy of Preface from "My Dairy- Aug. 30 - Nov. 5, 1874" by Cornelia Adair (Name hard to read as it's HA handwritten note)

8/38: Women in Texas History Survey Questionnaire and documents about Dr. Frances E. Allen

8/39: Typed transcript of "Lew W. Kemp: Notes on Robert Potter, pp. 15,16,17" from "Vandale (Earl) Collection" with handwritten notes, Article copy "The Ames Case Revisited [1875]" by James R. Norvell from the Southwestern Historical Quarterly, and Book Chapter "Foreword" from Love is a Wild Assault by Elithe Hamilton Kirkland a novel based on the like of Harriet Potter Ames

8/40: Typed transcript of document titled "Reminiscences of Mrs. Mattie Belle Anderson, Teacher, Fort Davis, Texas" dated December 1928 with handwritten notes

8/41: Typed transcript of two letters from "Barr (Amelia) Correspondence" with handwritten notes

8/42: Handwritten notes on document titled "Biographies of Mrs. Kate Broocks, Arnall Bates, A Daughter of Texas and Her Ancestors"

8/43: Typed transcript of pages from "Bedford (Hillary) Memoirs" with handwritten notes

8/44: Handwritten notes on the "Margret Borland Papers 1858-79"

8/45: 1997 - Book Chapter- "Conclusion: On 'Women's Sphere' and Feminism" from The Bonds of Womanhood by Nancy Cott

8/46: Article- "Life of German Pioneers in Early Texas" from the Southwestern Historical Quarterly Volume II (1898-1899)- two copies

8/47: Article- "Some of my Early Experiences in Texas" by Rosa Kleberg from the Southwestern Historical Quarterly Volume I July-April 1897-98

8/48: Bibliography for The Education of Texas Women

8/49: Autumn 1975 - Article- "Some Notes on Defining a "Feminist Literary Criticism'" by Annette Kolodny from Critical Inquiry

8/50: Summer 1977 - Article- "Re-visioning Autobiography: The Bequest of Freud and Jung" by Christine Downing from Soundings: An Interdisciplinary Journal Vol. 60 No. 2

8/51: Article- "The Game of Literature and Some Literary Games" by Elizabeth W. Bruss from New Literary History

8/52: Article- "Autobiography and The Narrative Experience of Temporality as Depth" by Janet Varner Gunn from Soundings: An Interdisciplinary Journal

8/53: Article- "A Doll's Story" by Verena Andermatt-Conley from New Literary History

8/54: Article- "Autobiography in the Third Person" by Philippe Lejeune from New Literary History

8/55: Article- "The New Model Autobiographer" by John Sturrock from New Literary History

8/56: "Stages of Self: Notes on Autobiography and the Life Cycle" by Patricia Meyer Spacks (note the original source wasn't found)

8/57: Article- "Autobiography as the Presentation of Self for Social Immortality" by Irving Louis Horowitz from New Literary History

8/58: Article- "The Veto of the Imagination: A Theory of Autobiography" by Louis A. Renza from New Literary History

8/59: Typed transcript of document titled " The Adventures of a Family of Emigrants…" from the collection of "Prior (Rosalie B. Hart) Autobiography dated 1834 with letter and handwritten notes

8/60: Typed transcript of document titled "Bird-Dumont (Ella) Autobiography" with handwritten notes and article: "A Women on the Buffalo Range: The Journal of Ella Dumont" Contributed and Edited by Ernest Lee from West Texas Historical Association Year Book

8/61: Typed transcript of document titled "Diary of a Cattle Drive from Texas to California" from collection "Bell (James) Papers" dated 1854

8/62: Typed transcript of document titled "Baylor (Mary A.) Reminiscences" with handwritten notes

8/63: Photocopy of document titled " A Saga of the Plains" from the collection "Quillen (Jane Lowe) Papers" with notes are two Post-It notes (was removed from the cover page)

8/64: Typed transcript of document titled "Reminiscences: Life Experiences of Pickey" from collection "Saunders (L.C.) Reminiscences" with handwritten notes are a Post-It note (was removed from the cover page)

8/65: Typed transcript of document titled "Diary of Margaret Armstrong 1872-1877" with handwritten notes

8/66: Various letters regarding HA's book Texas Women

8/67: Loose handwritten notes found in folder regarding UT documents pulled for Texas Women book

8/68: Book Prospectus: University of Texas Press, Austin for "Voices of Texas Women: A Compilation for the Private Writings of Women in Mid- Nineteenth Century Texas

8/69: UT Prospectus document- Cover page titled "From Bianca Babb Bell, A True Story…", 1 copy lacks any other documents and the other has documents

8/70: UT Prospectus document- Cover page titled "From Mary Eubank, A Journal…", 1 copy lacks any other documents and the other has documents

8/71: UT Prospectus document- Cover page titled "From Lizzie Neblett, Letters and Diary", 2 copies

8/72: UT Prospectus document- Cover page titled "From Mary M. Dunn, Papers…",2 copies includes photocopy of journal and typed transcript

8/73: UT Prospectus document- Cover page titled "From Abigail Baldwin, Papers…", typed transcript of a document(s)

8/74: UT Prospectus document- Cover page titled "From Mary Rabb, Reminiscence…", 2 photocopy documents

8/75: UT Prospectus document- Cover page titled "From Francena Martin Sutton, A Civil War Experience…" typed transcript of a document(s)

8/76: Fall 1988 - Project Proposal: Teaching Load Reduction submitted by Harriette Andreadis to work on Voices of Texas Women

8/77: 1980 - Book Chapter- "Introduction: Women's Autobiography and the Male Tradition" by Estelle C. Jelinek from Women's Autobiography: Essays in Criticism editor Estelle C. Jelinek with handwritten notes

8/78: 1980 - Book Chapter- "The Emergence of Women's Autobiography in England" by Cynthia S. Pomerleau from Women's Autobiography: Essays in Criticism editor Estelle C. Jelinek

8/79: 1980 - Book Chapter- "The Autobiographer and Her Readers: From Apology to Affirmation" by Elizabeth Winston from Women's Autobiography: Essays in Criticism editor Estelle C. Jelinek

8/80: 1980 - Book Chapter- "Selves in Hiding" by Patricia Meyer Spacks from Women's Autobiography: Essays in Criticism editor Estelle C. Jelinek

8/81: Pages from "The Handbook of Texas" Volume I and Volume II editors Branda, Eldon Stephen, Walter Prescott Webb et al with handwritten notes on bibliographical information of Voices of Texas Women

8/82: 1978 and 1980 - Letters, and handwritten notes regarding the transcript of Voices of Texas Women

8/83: 1981 - Newspaper clipping titled "Frontierswomen viewed wrongly, researcher says" and articles from Life titled "From Here to Maternity-Taking Leave Without Travail" and "Gerda Lerner on the Future of Our Past"

8/84: Annotated list of Special Collections in Texas used for "Women's History Sources"

8/85: Information about using and citing materials from the Barker Texas History Center with handwritten notes

8/86: 1980 - Publication request forms for documents from the Barker Texas History Center with handwritten notes and list of documents used

Course Materials

2/1: Summer 1991 - Articles, "Contagious Folly: An Adventure and Its Skeptics" by Terry Castle; and "The Evidence of Experience" by Joan W. Scott from Critical Inquiry Vol. 17 No. 4

2/2: Spring 1992 - Article, "Marie Antoinette Obsession" by Terry Castle from Representations Vol. 38

2/3: 1992 - Book Chapter, "Sylvia Townsend Warner and the counterplot of lesbian fiction" by Terry Castle from Sexual Sameness: Textual Difference in Lesbian and Gay Writing edited by Joseph Bristow

2/4: Summer 1991 - Article, "Frist Ed" by Terry Castel from The Kenyon Review, New Series, Vol. XIII, No.3

2/5: 1992 - Book Chapter, "In Another Country: Sylvia Townsend Warner at Large" by J. Lawrence Mitchell from Writers of the Old School: British Novelists of the 1930s edited by Rosemary M. Colt and Janice Rossen

2/6: November 1984 - Article, "Tattle's Well's Faire: English Women Authors of the Sixteenth Century" by Elizabeth A. Nist from College English, Vol. 46, No. 7

2/7: Book Chapter, "Riviera, Looe, Hampstead 1918-1920: Je Ne Parle Pas Francais" from The Stories of Katherine Mansfield Definitive Edition edited by Antony Apers

2/8: 1970 - Various pages from the book titled "A Serious Proposal to the Ladies for the Advancement of their True and Greatest Interest" by Mary Astell Part I-By Lover of her SEX

2/9: Article, "Gender and the Homosexual Role in Modern Western Culture: The 18th and 19th Centuries Compared" by Randolph Trumbach, source unknown

2/10: Single page from the article titled "AIDs and The Reconceptualization of Homosexuality" by Dennis Altman, source unknown

2/11: Handwritten notes on a legal pad

2/12: 1993 - Information packet regarding exchange/study abroad program to Amsterdam- letters, schedules, etc.

2/13: Pages from "La Bararde" an English translation with handwritten notes by Harriette, source/edition unknown

2/14: 1975 - Book Chapter, "Friends and Lovers in a Lesbian Counter Culture community" by Elizabeth Barnhart from OldFamily, New Family edited by Nona Glazer-Malbin

2/15: 1993 - Book Chapter, " 'Now You Get This Spot Right Here': Butch-Fem Sexuality During the 1940s and 1950s" from Boots of Leather, Slippers of Gold: The History of a Lesbian Community by Elizabeth Lapovsky Kennedy and Madeline D. Davis

2/16: Article/Essay, "Compulsory Heterosexuality and Lesbian Existence" by Adrienne Rich, source unknown

2/17: 1987 - Book Chapter, "Rank, gender, and homosexuality: Mombasa as a key to understanding sexual options" by Gill Shepherd from The Cultural Construction of Sexuality edited by Pat Caplan

2/18: 1991 - Book Chapters, "Lesbian Chic: Experimentations and Repression in the 1920s" and "Lesbian Nation: Creating a Women-Identified-Women Community in the 1970s" from Odd Girls and Twilight Lovers: A History of Lesbian Life in Twentieth-Century America by Lillian Faderman

2/19: 1993 - Packet, "Polymorphology: Lesbian and Gay Sexualities in Cultural Praxis Anthropological and Historical Approaches to Lesbian Cultures" a reading packets with various article and book chapters

2/20: 1993 - Packet, "Polymorphology: Lesbian and Gay Sexualities in Cultural Praxis Configurations of Lesbian Sexuality in Cultural Texts" from homo lesbische studies at Universiteit van Amsterdam, a reading packets with various article and book chapters

2/21: Fall 1990 - Handout, "Reading Packet [List]: Feminism and Sociological Theory for Sociology 607" taught by Joan Acker

2/22: Spring 1991 - Syllabus for ENGL 689-603 Special Topic in Women and Literature: Introduction to Feminist Literary Theory taught by Margaret Ezell

2/23: 1990 - Documents about Harriette adding a new undergraduate course relating to feminist theories- 2 forms and a letter with the attached syllabus from another college with a similar course

2/24: Spring 1991 - Course Documents, Senior Seminar in Women's Studies- Syllabus (3), materials about required texts and final exam (2)

2/25: Spring 1992 - Course Documents, Senior Seminar in Women's Studies- letter regarding finalized teaching schedule, a syllabus (4), class roster, and student introduction letter

2/26: Handout, "Selected Influences in the Feminist Intellectual Tradition in the English-Speaking World Prior to 1960", 7 copies and handwritten notes about the document; source unknown

2/27: Document, "Glossary of Post-Modern Terms" source unknown

2/28: Student work, "Varieties of Radical Feminism" and "Key Questions of Feminism"

2/29: February 18, 1992 - Newspaper Article, "How our girls get short shrift in class" by Karen R. Long from the Houston Chronicle

2/30: Book Chapter, "Contemporary Feminist Theory" by Patricia Madoo Lengermann and Jill Niebrugge-Brantley, source unknown

2/31: Book Chapter, "Habermas and Feminism: The Future of Critical Theory" by Thomas Meisenhelder from Feminism and Sociological Theory edited by Ruth A. Wallace

2/32: 1983 - Book Chapter, "The Feminist Standpoint: Developing the Ground for a Specifically Feminist Historical Materialism" by Nancy C. M. Hartsock from Discovering Reality: Feminist Perspectives on Epistemology, Metaphysics, Methodology, and Philosophy of Science (Synthese Library) edited by Sandra Harding

2/33: 1990 - Book Chapters, "The Politics of Black Feminist Thought", Defining Black Feminist Thought", "Towards an Afrocentric Feminist Epistemology" and "Knowledge, Consciousness and the Politics of Empowerment" from Black Feminist Thought by Patricia Hill Collins

2/34: 1989 - Book Chapter, "Feminism, Science, and the Anti-Enlightenment Critiques" by Sandra Harding from "Feminism/Postmodernism (Thinking Gender)" edited by Linda Nicholson

2/35: 1987 - Article, "Postmodernism and Gender Relations in Feminist Theory" by Jane Flax from Signs, Vol. 12, No. 4

2/36: 1989 - Book Chapter, "Chapter One" from Tapestries of Life: Women's Work, Women's Consciousness, and the Meaning of Daily Experience by Bettina Aptheker

2/37: May 1989 - Article, "The Problem with Patriarchy" by Joan Acker from Sociology Vol. 23, No. 2

2/38: Fall 1989 - Course Documents for WMST 200: Introduction to Women's Studies- Syllabus (6), Project #1 (3), Project #2 (17), and Final Exam (12)

2/39: Fall 1990 - Course Documents for WMST 200: Introduction to Women's Studies- edited copy of syllabus, syllabus (6), Women's Studies 200 Vol. II Reading packet, class rosters (4), film assignment, Project #1: Social and Family History (5) and Final Exam (2)

2/40: Fall 1991 - WMST 200: Introduction to Women's Studies- Syllabus

2/41: Spring 1989 - Course Syllabus for ENGL 251: The Language of Film, 5 copies

2/42: Spring 1990 - Course Schedule for ENGL/WMST 374- Women Writers

2/43: Handouts, "Relative Indicators of Women's Oppression Derived from Michelle Rosaldo's "Women, Culture and Society: a Theoretical Overview" (7) and "WS 200: Ground Rules for Discussion" (5)

2/44: Handwritten notes about various topics and class discussions

2/45: October 28, 1990 - A newspaper article, " Public & Private; Bloody and Bowed" by Anna Quindle from The New York Times, original clippings taped on papers and 5 photocopies of that page

2/46: October 1983 - Magazine Article, "The Revolutionary Hamburger" by Marvin Harris from Psychology Today; 8 copies

2/47: Page from Women's Research Network News notes on the section titled "Research/Action Programs on Minorities at USC & Albany, date and issue number unknown

2/48: Project on the Status and Education of Women- 'On Campus with Women' Vol. 19 No. 1 Summer 1989, and "Black Women In Academe: Issues and Strategies" by Yolanda T. Moses (volume/edition unknown)

2/49: Articles, "Why do men devalue 'women's work'?" by Kathleen Huston from The Eagle (Bryan-College Station) 3 copies and "When Hormones Go Wrong" from Psychology Today (author unknown)

2/50: Handouts, "How to Tell a Businessman From A Businesswomen" and "The Rules", Source(s) unknown

2/51: June 19, 1991 - Article, "Teacher's Classroom Strategies Should Recognize That Men and Women Use Language Differently" by Deborah Tannen from The Chronicle of Higher Education Vol. 37 No. 40

2/52: 1984 - Handwritten notes and photocopy with addition pages- "Theories of Feminism"

2/53: 1983
Photocopy of handwritten notes "Woman Identification", 2 different versions

2/54 - Handwritten notes about important dates and "Social Construct of Gender/Sexuality"

2/55: 1982-1984 - Photocopy of handwritten notes over the topic of Sexuality, 5 different versions

2/56 - Book Excerpt, "Dream of the Artfairy" by Carlo Morse, source unknown

2/57: Flyer, "Clothes Drive for Phoebe's Shelter for battered women"

2/58: Book Chapter, "Feminist Scholarship: The Extent of the Revolution (1981-1982)" from Myths of Coeducation by Florence Howe (edition unknown)

2/59: March/April 1990 - Magazine Article, "The second shift: Employed women are putting in another day of work at home" by Arlie Hochschild from Uten Reader

2/60 - Book Chapter, "Sharing the same table: consumption and the Family" by Christine Delphy; source unknown

2/61 - Book Chapter, "Woman on the Edge of Time, Living in the Open" by Marge Piercy from Second Words: Selected Critical Prose 1960-1982 by Margaret Atwood

2/62: Fall 1989 - Documents regarding the film schedule for an unknown film class

2/63: Fall 1989-Summer 1990 - Draft/edits of the syllabus for Introduction to Women's Studies with letters from the second professor teaching the course

2/64: Packet over Family and Women- includes readings and photocopies of handwritten notes 2 different kind

2/65: Packet over "Woman & Capitalism" includes- handwritten notes and photocopies of handwritten notes (all different from each other)

2/66: 1989 and 1990 - Newspaper Article Clippings, "To American Women: Sayonara" by Diana Henriques from the New York Times August 1989 and "The Courts Are Again Asked to Redefine Family" by Sandra Rovira from the New York Times September 1990

2/67: 1984 and 1985 - Women Studies 240 typed course notes over "Family and Parenting" and documents for the course offered in summer 1985

2/68: Pages from "To Manipulate a Women" and letter from Beverly La Haye

2/69: December 1, 1981 - Article, "My Baby is Special-And Will Get a Special Kind of Love" by Christine Burrows from the National Enquirer

2/70: Newspaper Article, "The future of feminism: Controversial reports says women rejecting movement's traditional concepts, leader" by Nikki Finke from the Los Angeles Times, original clipping and 7 photocopies

2/71: Newspaper Clippings, "Wanna dance? Pay the fiddler" by Chuck Moore (source unknown) and "Fourteen women die in rampage at school" by Marc Lepine from The Eagle December 7, 1989

2/72: Page ripped from the book "A Short History of the Movies" page 947-498 and photocopy of a page from The Makings of the Mind

2/73: Packet of documents about crimes against women and rape includes- reading and photocopies of pages

2/74: Book Chapter, "Marriage: The Dream and the Reality- The Middle Years" from Worlds of Pain: Life in the Working-class Family by Lilian B. Rubin

2/75: 1980 - Book Chapters, "The Emergence of the Modern American Family" and "Under Stress: Families of Afro-Americans and Immigrants" from At Odds: Women and the Family in America from the Revolution to the Present by Carl N. Degler

2/76: 1975 - Book Chapter, "Families Headed by Women: Their Growth & Changing Composition" from Time of Transition, The Growth of Families Headed by Women by Heather Ross & Isabel Sawhill

2/77: Fall 1989 - Course Packet for Women Studies 200 taught by Dr. Harriette Andreadis and Dr. Melanie Hawthorne

2/78: Fall 1990 - Course Packet for Women Studies 200 taught by Dr. Harriette Andreadis and Dr. Melanie Hawthorne

2/79: Fall 1989 - Loose Paper Copies of materials used in Course Packet for Women Studies 200 taught by Dr. Harriette Andreadis and Dr. Melanie Hawthorne- Part I

2/80: Fall 1989 - Loose Paper Copies of materials used in Course Packet for Women Studies 200 taught by Dr. Harriette Andreadis and Dr. Melanie Hawthorne- Part II

2/81: Fall 1989
Loose Paper Copies of materials used in Course Packet for Women Studies 200 taught by Dr. Harriette Andreadis and Dr. Melanie Hawthorne- Part III

2/82: Summer 1991 - Course Materials ENGL 227 American Literature Part I- Quiz #1, Quiz #2, Quiz #3, Make-up Quiz #1 and 3, student quizzes and study packet with all the quizzes

2/83: Summer 1992 - Course Materials ENGL 227 American Literature Part I- Syllabus, Class Roster, Quizzes Key and Grade disruptions, Quiz #1,2,3,4 and 5, Final Exam and hand-drawn seating chart

2/84: Spring 1993 - Course Materials ENGL 227 American Literature Part I- Syllabus, Quiz Keys, Quiz #1,2,3,4 and final essay

2/85: Summer 1993 - Course Materials ENGL 227 American Literature Part I- Syllabus, Class Roster, Final Exam, and Essay, and hand-drawn seating chart

2/86: Fall 1993 - American Literature Final Exam

2/87: Untitled hand-drawn seating chart, most likely for an ENGL 227 course

2/88: Notes about grading from ENGL 227 grader J.P. Sung

2/89: Spring 1982 - Course materials ENGL 327:American Literature I- Syllabus, Exam #2

2/90: Fall 1984 - Course materials ENGL 327:American Literature I- Syllabus, class roster, Exam #1, Exam #2, and Optional Essay

2/91: Summer 1985 - Course materials ENGL 327:American Literature I- Syllabus, class roster, student blue book for Exam #1 and two slips of paper about grading

2/92: Fall 1986 - Course materials ENGL 327:American Literature I- Syllabus, Exam #1, Exam #2, and Final Exam

Course Materials and Various Documents

6/1: July 30, 1990 - Letter from the Dean's Office regarding the review of academic year 1989-90 of the Women's Studies program

6/2: 1998 - Essay- "The Sapphic Tradition" 2 copies with 1 having edits, written for the Encyclopedia of Homosexuality, second edition; Volume I: Lesbian Histories and Culture

6/3: 2004 - Documents from the College Station City Council about Thomas Park and upcoming meets

6/4: November 2001 - Various letters regarding the publication of "Sappho in Early Modern England"

6/5: 2001 - Vita for Harriette Andreadis

6/6: Application for faculty development leave begin September 1, 2002, and beyond; 2 copies, 1 filled out and 1 partially filled out

6/7: Document titled "Critical Bibliography on Lesbianism in the Renaissance"

6/8: September 3, 2001 - Book Review by Harriette Andreadis - "Invisible Relations: Representations of Female Intimacy in the Age of Enlightenment" by Elizabeth Susan Wahl

6/9: April 17, 2001 - Letter about the Program to Enhance Scholarly & Creative Activities

6/10: Printout of "Sappho in Early Modern England" book cover

6/11: 2003 - Various Academic Memos

6/12: Working Draft- "Erotic? Sexualities?: Definitional Conundra and Early Modern Same-Sex Relations" by Harriette Andreadis

6/13: 2002 - Shakespeare Association of America- Bulletin for January 2002, membership dues, and constitutional Amendments proposal

6/14: 2002 - SAA Seminar "Lesbianism in the Renaissance: Questions of Methodology and Purpose" and HA's Questions and Comments on the topic

6/15: SAA Seminar 2002 participants papers

6/16: 2003 - Proposal to teach Junior Honors Seminar LBAR 381: Post-Colonial Literature of South Asia & Africa with Fall 1998 syllabus

6/17: February 15, 2001 - Various fax pages with book information from the TAMU Libraries system

6/18: June 15, 2010 - Studies in English Literature 1500-1900 HA Peer Review of "Homoerotic Desire and Renaissance Lyric Verse" with letter

6/19: December 7, 2009 - Letter from Shakespeare Studies about article in review for Shakespeare Studies Volume 38

6/20: March 03, 2011 - Letter from Manchester University Press ask for HA to review manuscript titled " 'Wantoning with Thighs": Thigh Sex In England, c. 1600-1730" by Marie Loughlin with manuscript, HA recommendations for revision and review

6/21: October 16, 2008 - Letter from Early Modern Women ask for a review of "Restoring Orinda's Face: Katherine Philips, Commendatory Verse and the Royalist Enterprise" with manuscript and HA review

6/22: December 22, 2008 - Letter from Modern Language Association about article titled "Influence and Intertextuality in Arundhati Roy and Harper Lee" with only the works cited

6/23: 2002 - Documents on North American Conference on British Studies including letters, and vitae for HA and J. Roberts Baker

6/24: 2000 - Letter thanking HA participation in seminar roundtable discussion on research done at the MLA with list of references

6/25: March 26, 2008 - Letter from MLA about reviewing manuscript which was sent to PMLA with PMLA statement of Editorial Policy

6/26: 2007-2008 - Documents from the 2007-2008 academic school year including letters, and email printouts

6/27: Spring 2002 - Various letters regarding Fall 2002 course taught by HA

6/28: Fall 2002 - Syllabus for ENGL 481 Senior Seminar- Studies in Women Writers: The Literature of Post-Colonialism; multiple copies

6/29: Fall 2002- Class roster for ENGL 481-503; for 2 different dates

6/30: Fall 2002 - ENGL 481-Students work topic is over famous writers in Post-Colonial regions

6/31: Fall 2002 - ENGL 481- Students work topic is over the facts of Post-Colonial regions

6/32: Three blank postcards

6/33: Fall 2002 - ENGL 481- Final Assignment: Essay #3 handouts (8)

6/34: September 2002 - Article- "A Great and Difficult Man" by Waldo E. Martin Jr.

6/35: Book Chapter- "The Tick-Tick Bicycle" by Madeline Coopsammy from The Whistling Bird: Women Writers of the Caribbean; 2 copies

6/36: Fall 2002 - Syllabus for ENGL 613 English Renaissance Drama (4)

6/37: Fall 2002 - ENGL 613- Students work topic over a drama

6/38: 1988 - HA review of "Sexual Underworlds of the Enlightenment" edited by G.S. Rousseau and Roy Porter

6/39: 1995-1996 - Letters regarding The East Texas Women's Association of East Texas State University ask HA to be a guest speaker for "Women in Texas History" with HA response rejecting the invention

6/40: 1995-1996 - Academic letters for the 1995-1996 school year

6/41: 1997 - HA review of "Dangerous Intimacies: Toward a Sapphic History of British Novel" by Lisa L. Moore

6/42: 1998-1999 - Academic letters, emails, and letters regarding HA reviews of texts for the 1998-1999 school year

6/43: Spring/Summer 1998 - Pages from Lesbian and Gay studies newsletter

6/44: 1999 - Documents about CCTE Proposal for Session on Teaching Masculinity: Teaching Gay Masculinities in 2000

6/45: 2000-2001 - Documents about the promotion of HA to Professor includes: personal statement, time table, vita, and various letters

6/46: 1999 - Application for IGHS Course Reduction, 1999-2000 submitted by Harriette Andreadis with vita

6/47: HA review of book manuscript "Pure Resistance: Queer(y)ing Virginity in the Early Modern Drama" by Theodora A. Jankowski

6/48: Essay titled "Technology as Translation: the Case of Caxton and Christine de Pizan" with note from author to HA

6/49: 1998 - Book chapters- "Chapter One: Extramarital Relations and Gender History" and "Conclusion" from Sex and the Gender Revolution Volume one Heterosexuality and the Third Gender in Enlightenment London by Randolph Trumbach

6/50: 2003 - Book Chapters- "Introduction: Placing Translations in Literary History and Theory", "Translation, Translation, and Charles d'Orleans Paroled Poetics", "Self-Translation, Writerly Self-Consciousness, and the Early Modern Lyric 'I'" and "Translation and Periodization; or Charles d'Orleans, Renaissance Poet?" from Canon, Period, and the Poetry of Charles of Orleans: Found Translation by A.E.B. Coldiron

6/51: Pages from Literary Circle and Cultural Communities in Renaissance England edited by Claude J. Summers and Ted-Larry Pebworth

6/52: Pages from Representing Women in Renaissance England edited by Claude J. Summers and Ted-Larry Pebworth

6/53: 1968 - Book Chapters- "Preface", "Two Countries, Two Cultures" and "The Struggle for the Real" with chapter bibliographical notes from Islam Observed: Religious Development in Morocco and Indonesia by Clifford Geertz

6/54: 1990 - Book Chapters- "Behn and Her Daughters" and "Orinda and Her Daughters" from Raising Their Voices: British Women Writers, 1650-1750 by Marilyn L. Williamson with bookmark from the Folger Shakespeare Library

6/55: Books Chapters- "Introduction: Modernism and its Margins" by Hugh Stevens, "Withholding the Name: translating gender in Cather's 'on the Gull's Road'" by Judith Butler and "Femininity slashed suffragette militancy, modernism and gender" by Caroline Howlett from Modernist Sexualities edited by Hugh Stevens and Caroline Howlett

6/56: Book Chapters- "Introduction", "Gentility", "Luxury", and "Notes" from Consumption and the Making of Respectability, 1600-1800 by Woodruff Smith

6/57: 2002 - MLA International Bibliography 1963 to 2002 update printout of various books with bibliography information

6/58: 2000 - Article- "The Future of Early Modern Women's Studies: The Case of Same-Sex Friendship and Desire in Zayas and Carvajal" by Lisa Vollendorf from Arizona Journal of Hispanic Cultural Studies

6/59: October 2002 - Financial documents about HA traveling to the Sixteenth Century Studies Conference to receive Bainton Prize for Literature for book "Sappho in Early Modern England"

6/60: Pamphlet for the North American Conference on British Studies

6/61: 2000 - Shakespeare Association of America Conference materials- handouts, schedule, and booklist

6/62: January 2000 - Shakespeare Association of America Bulletin with handwritten note

6/63: June 1999 - Shakespeare Association of America Bulletin with list and description of 2000 Seminars and Workshops

6/64: 2000 - Printout of emails and documents regarding the Shakespeare Association of America conference workshop "Shakespeare in [?] the Coming Community"

6/65: September 8, 2003 - Printout of Screen Cuisine The Ultimate List: 125 Movies about or Featuring Food- "A through C", "D and E", "F through H", "I through P", and "Q through Z"; from

6/66: April 23 and 25, 2004 - Program of "L'Orontea" by Antonio Cesti presented by Texas Early Music Project with Artistic Director Daniel Johnson

6/67: Spring 2002 - ENGL 412 printout- Optional Final: The Tempest and Its Sources, multiple copies and handwritten notes

6/68: Student work titled "Music of Shakespeare's London"

6/69: Spring 2002 - Syllabus for ENGL 481 Senior Seminar - Studies in Women Writers: The Literature of Post-Colonialism, multiple copies with students grades

6/70: Fall 2002 - ENGL 412 printout- Hour Exam #2 Part I: Take-Home Essay (7)

6/71: Fall 2001 - ENGL 412 printout- Hour Exam #2 Part II: In-Class Response to Quotations

6/72: Book Chapter- "Chapter 2" from Pedagogy of the Oppressed by Paulo Freire, 2 copies

6/73: 1997 - Essay- "Reconstructing Homophobia in the Bible Belt, or How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Rednecks by Harriette Andreadis, draft and final submission

6/74: Flyer for the Journal of Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Identity

6/75: January 9, 1998 - Article- "Absolutely Confabulous" from Times Magazine

6/76: November 26, 2001 - Certificate of Honorary Membership to Texas A&M University Chapter of Golden Key Internation Honour Society with program

6/77: 2001 - Conference Paper with edits- "Consolidating Early Modern Sexual Categories: Hermaphrodites and Other Deviants" by Harriette Andreadis for the Gay & Lesbian Caucus Session

6/78: 2001-2002 - Memos form Fall 2001 to Summer 2002

6/79: Proposal for ENGL 645: Women and Literature, or ENGL 689: Special Topics in Postcolonial Literature

6/80: March 2001 - WMST Mini-Conference Proposal Submitted by Harriette Andreadis, English Department, TAMU titled "Histories of Early 'Lesbianism(s)': A Working Seminar on Sources and Representation with handwritten notes

6/81: Pages from The Encyclopedia of Censorship by Jonathan Green Topic "The Well of Loneliness" with handwritten notes

6/82: September 12, 1997 - Article- "Shadowy corners in the Hall of fame" by Andrea Dworkin from Times Magazine

6/83: Book Chapter- "An inverted romance: The Well of Loneliness and sexual ideology" by Jean Radford

6/84: Document titled "The Construction of Sexuality", photograph labeled "Natalie Barney and Romaine Brooks and unlabeled photo

6/85: Summer 2006 - SEL: Studies in English Literature 1500-1900 Volume 46 Number 3;16 copies, features an article written by Harriette

6/86: March-April 2002 - Faxes from the Gale Group regarding Nineteenth Century Volume 112

6/87: 2001- Documents regarding Harriette's book "Sappho in Early Modern England"- letter, brief review list and copy of book's dust jacket

6/88: August 2003 - Pathways to discovery - College of Liberal Arts Texas A&M University Annual Magazine

6/89: Book Chapter- "Use of the Erotic: The Erotic as Power" from Sister Outsider

6/90: February 11, 2002 - Working Draft titled "Erotics? Sexualities?: Definitional Conundrum and Early Modern Same-Sex Relations" by Harriette Andreadis

6/91: December 1, 2001 - Essay review titled " 'They Are, And Yet They Are Not, Two': Lesbian Representation Gendered Authorship in the Poetry of Katherine Philips" with letter for SEL

6/92: Reader's report sample of essays titled " 'Fellows of Infinite Tongue': Henry V and the King's English", "Two Female Sours in Nineteenth-Century Fiction" and "At First Blush: Matthew Prior's Love Lyrics"

6/93: Essay titled "Extraordinary Satisfactions: Lesbian Visibility in Seventeenth-Century Pornography" with envelope that has notes written on the outside regarding the essay

6/94: Fall 2006 - Course Packet- ENGL 611

6/95: Spring 2000 - Course Packet- ENGL 611 with documents stuck in various places throughout the packet

6/96: March 1, 2004 - Proposal letter sent to Harriette for session titled "Teaching the 'T' in LGBT Studies: Global and Interdisciplinary Perspectives" to be taught the Gay and Lesbian Causes sent by Christ Packard

6/97: April 19, 2004 - Copy of letter sent to Debra Kaufman about hired student worker to recreate LGSN logo and sharpen photos sent by Raymond-Jean Frontain with handwritten note to Harriette from Raymond-Jean

6/98: April 29, 2004 - Thank you letter to Harriette regarding participation in seminar for the Shakespeare Association of American annual meeting

6/99: July/August 1994 - OUT magazine: Second Anniversary Special Edition with obituary of Bruce Mailman found on page 78

6/100: Spring 1999 - ENGL 611: The Construction of Sexuality in Early Modern England Text lists with a reserve list

6/101: Spring 200 - Course syllabus ENGL 611: Seminar in Renaissance Literature-The Construction of Sexuality in Early Modern England, (3)

6/102: Fall 2006 - ENGL 611: Seminar in Renaissance Literature-The Construction of Sexuality in Early Modern England; Syllabus (4) and class roster

6/103: Various printouts titled "The Ptolemaic Scheme of the Universe"

6/104: Pages torn from book with photocopy titled "Delarivier Manley" with excerpt from "The New Atlantis"

6/105: November 16, 2006 - Typed class notes over The Convent of Pleasure

6/106: Photocopy of "Plays, Never before Printed" by Princess Duchess of New Castle

6/107: Various pages from book titled "The Affectionate Shepheard" by Richard Barnfield

6/108: Various pages from book titled "Cynthia. With Certain Sonnets, and The Legend of Cassandra" by Richard Barnfield

6/109: Photocopy of the play titled "Sapho and Phao" source unknown

6/110: Photocopy of "Hero and Leander" by Christopher Marlowe source unknown

6/111: Photocopy of "Hero and Leander" by Christopher Marlowe and "from Venus and Adonis" by William Shakespeare original source not known

6/112: Photocopy of document titled "the argument of xvij epistle entitled Sappho to phaon" original sources and author not known

6/113: Photocopy of pages from "The Loves of Hero and Leander, A Greek Poem" written by Mausaeus translated by Sir Robert Stapylton; 2 copies

6/114: Photocopy "Heroically Epistle Sapho to Philænis" by John Donne; 2 copies

6/115: Book Chapter- "The Sapphic Renaissance" from Same-Sex Desire in the English Renaissance: A Sourcebook of Texts, 1470-1650 by Kenneth Borris with footnotes

6/116: Photocopy "Lyrics, Love-Epistles and Elegies" author and original source unknown and page torn from unknown book titled John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester

6/117: 2006 - Printout- "The Imperfect Enjoyment: John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester" edited by Jack Lynch

6/118: Photocopy of "Lyrics, Love-Epistles and Elegies" author and original source unknown

6/119: Printout- "On Middleton/Dekker's 1608 play The Family of Love"

Course Materials (Mostly for English)

17/1: Fall 1987 - Course materials ENGL 327:American Literature I- Syllabus (10), reading assignments (8), Exam #1 (10), Exam #2 (8), and final exam (5)

17/2: Undated Exam #2 and Final Exam for ENGL 327

17/3: ENGL 211a -Quiz #2 and handout "A Valediction: forbidding mourning" and unknown notecard with grades listed

17/4: March-April 1992 - Documents regarding Harriet's proposal of honors course ENGL 227H American Literature Beginnings to 1865- draft proposal, meeting request, approval letter, grant approval, and course description/proposal

17/5: Summer 1991 - Course Syllabus for ENGL 227: American Literature (3)

17/6: Course Handout for ENGL 228 titled "A Noiseless Patient Spider" (15)

17/7: Book Chapter- "Margaret Fuller and the Abolition Movement" by Francis E. Kearns reprint from the Journal of History of Ideas Vol. 25 1964, New source unknown

17/8: Fall 1978 - Course Materials from ENGL 328 American Literature II: Civil War to the Present- Syllabus (7), Reading Schedule: Weeks I-V (11) and Weeks VII-XI (10), First Take-Home Exam (26), Exam 1 (5), Final Exam (3), and Final Exam: Extra Credit

17/9: Spring 1979 - Course Materials from ENGL 328 American Literature II: Civil War to the Present- Syllabus (4), class roster (4), Reading Schedule: week I-V (1) and week VII-XII (14), Hour Exam #1 (16), First Take-Home Exam (13), and Final Exam (6)

17/10: Spring 1986 - Course Materials from ENGL 228 American Literature II: Civil War to the Present- Syllabus (2), Hour Exam #1 (4), Exam #2 (4), and Final Exam (7)

17/11: Summer 1987 - Course Materials from ENGL 228 American Literature: Civil War to the Present- Syllabus (5), Class Roster, Hour Exam #1 (4), Exam #2 (7), Final Exam (2), and Final Exam: Graduating Senior (2)

17/12: Fall 1989 - Course Materials from ENGL 228 American Literature: Civil War to the Present- Syllabus (7), Reading Schedule (6), Exam #1, and Final Exam (4)

17/13: 1975, 1977-1978 - Copies of old materials for ENGL 328 American Literature: Civil War to the Present taught by Dennis Berthold- letters, syllabi, exams, etc.

17/14: 1983 and 1985 - Syllabus- ENGL 328 taught by P. Christensen (3) and Exams II dated October 26, 1981

17/15: 1976 - Various copies of syllabus and exams taught by various professors

17/16: Handout - "The Man Who Corrupted Hadleyburg" by Mark Twain, 2 different versions

17/17: Student Works- "The Other Two" and "The Bell Jar"

17/18: Letter composed to The Bulletin about Tibbie Lynch and Harriette Andreadis participation in panel over "Women and the Media" at the South Central Women's Studies Association

17/19: Copy of expert from "Life on the Mississippi [The House Beautiful]" by Samuel Langhorne Clemens, 3 copies; source unknown

17/20: Pages torn from book, chapters "The Difference" and "My Mortal Enemy: Part I, Part II" by Willa Cather, source unknown

17/21: Book Chapters- Chapters one through five from The Other Two by Edith Wharton

17/22: Book Chapter- "Nonfiction as the New American Literature" source unknown

17/23: Essay- "As the Stomach Turns: The Continuing Story of the House of York and Lancaster", source and author unknown

17/24: 1993 - Documents and letters regarding Harriett's proposal of honors course ENGL 412H: Gender and Sexuality in Shakespeare

17/25: Fall 1994 - Course materials for ENGL 412H: Gender and Sexuality in Shakespeare- Syllabus (11), Final Exam (7), and Final Study Question (9)

17/26: December 1994 - Student Work- "Marriage in Early Modern England and in Ancient Rome" (2) with a bibliography

17/27: Handout- includes 3 copies of images from ancient Egypt, ancient Egyptian map and "Hymn to Osiris", 2 copies; source unknown

17/28: Handout- "Censorship During Shakespeare's Career", 2 copies and Ptolemy I family tree, 2 copies

17/29: Student Work- "Chaucer's Troilus and Criseyde"; "Dares Phrygius (Trojan)/ Dictys Cretensis (Cretan)"; "Mortal-Immortal Characters of Importance"; "Midwinter Festivals"

17/30: Handout- "Oral Report: The Time Lag Between the Renaissance of Italy and England"

17/31: Winter 1988 - Photocopy of page from "Crossdressing, the Theatre, and Gender Struggle" by Jean E. Howard from the Shakespeare Quarterly Vol. 39, No. 4, 5 copies

17/32: Winter 1988 - Article- "Crossdressing, the Theatre, and Gender Struggle" by Jean E. Howard from the Shakespeare Quarterly Vol. 39, No. 4, 4 copies (Full article)

17/33: March 1990 - Article- "The Queen's Two Bodies: Shakespeare's Boy Actress in Breeches" by Katherine E. Kelly from Theatre Journal, vol. 42, no. 1

17/34: Photocopy of pages titled- "neqvid viltra vires coneris" and "vera philosophia mortis est meditation" with 2 photocopy images, source unknown

17/35: Fall 1994 - Course Packet- ENGL 412H

17/36: 1992 - Article- "'None of Us Should See Salvation:' Confronting the Merchant of Venice" by Michael L. Greenwald from On-Stage Studies: Colorado Shakespeare Festival No. 15

17/37: Spring 1993 - Course Materials ENGL 412H- Course Schedule (10) and Exam #1 (8)

17/38: Fall 1991 - Course Materials ENGL 212H- Course Schedule, class roster with final grades, and Exam #1 (7)

17/39: Photocopy- "Haec-Vir: Or The Womanish-Man", 2 copies

17/40: Spring 2009 - Course Martials ENGL/FILM 481 Senior Seminar: Post-Colonial Africa and East Asia in Literature and Film- Syllabus, Exam #1 (11), emails/announcements to students, and class rosters

17/41: Materials (research or used in ENGL/FILM 481) Part I- includes handwritten notes, background history, biographies, film reviews and maps

17/42: Materials (research or used in ENGL/FILM 481) Part II- includes handwritten notes, background history, biographies, film reviews and maps

17/43: Materials (research or used in ENGL/FILM 481) Part III- includes book reviews and printouts

17/44: Book Chapter excerpt - "The Battle of Algiers (1965)" from the chapter "The Shape of Politics in Film" from Close-up: A Critical Perspective on Film Paperback by Marsha Kinder & Beverle Houston

17/45: Spring 1997 - Fall 1998 - Copy of Syllabus for ENGL 350- Modernism: Manifestos and Movements taught by Marian Eide

17/46: Copy of Syllabus for ENGL 265- Modern British Literature/Anglophone Literature in a Diaspora taught by Marian Eide

17/47: Fall 1999 - Memo with copy of Exams #2 to be printed out and sign with Harriette's office hours information

17/48: Fall 1996 - Course Materials for ENGL 481 Post-Colonial Literature- Syllabus (7), class rosters, and handwritten note that seems to be about assigning reads to certain students

17/49: Spring 1996 - Syllabus ENGL481 Post-Colonial Literature

17/50: Fall 1999 - Course Materials for 481 Post-Colonial Literature- Syllabus (12), note from bookstore, student roster with grades (2), Exam #1 (3), Exam #2 (2) with newspaper clipping about AIDs in Africa, and Final Take-Home Exam (2)

17/51: Book Chapters- "Introduction" and "First Things First: Problems of a Feminist Approach to African Literature" by Kirsten Holst Petersen, source unknown

17/52: Book Chapter- "Chinua Achebe b. 1930", source unknown

17/53: Source Material given to Harriett by Matt Nelson- "A Meeting in the Dark" by Ngugi wa Thiong'; book chapters- "The Novelist as Teacher" and "The Truth of Fiction" from Hopes and Impediments by Chinua Achebe

17/54: 1979 - Article- "An Image of Africa" by Chinua Achebe from the Massachusetts Review No. 18 Vol. 4

17/55: Book Chapter- "The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction" source unknown

17/56: Book Chapter- "The Solitude of Latin America (Nobel lecture, 1982)" by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, translated by Marina Castaneda, source unknown

17/57: Handout- "Virginia Woolf and Postcolonialism: A Room of One's Own (1928), 2 copies

17/58: Document- "Postcolonial Africa: Maps, Timelines, and Discussion" by Kim Nguyen and Dwain Sparling

17/59: Photocopies of various maps of South Asia

17/60: Fall 1998 - Syllabus LBAR 381: Junior Honors Seminar- Post-Colonial Literatures of South Asia & Africa

Course Packets and Materials Relating to Courses Taught by Andreadis

1/1: Various course materials for English 212 Shakespeare taught by Dr. Ellen Dowling, Chaucer, Jane Nelson, and Kroitor

1/2: Fall 1970 - Course Materials for ENGL 212 Introduction to Shakespeare: Working Paper #3 over The Tempest

1/3: Spring 1972 and Fall 1972 - Course Materials for ENGL 4251 Shakespeare: Syllabus, Mid-Term Exam, Take-Home Final, and Work-Study Sheet Review of Othello

1/4: Spring 1977 - Course Materials for ENGL 212 Introduction to Shakespeare: Reading list, Quiz #1, 2, 3, Mid-Term Exam, Final Exam and original mimeograph versions of the exams

1/5: Spring 1978 - Course Materials for ENGL 212 Introduction to Shakespeare: Syllabus, Hour Exam #1 and #2

1/6: Fall 1981 - Course Materials for ENGL 212 Introduction to Shakespeare: Syllabus, Exam #1, Exam #2 with Take-Home Preparation and Final Exam

1/7: Fall 1984 - Course Materials for ENGL 212 Introduction to Shakespeare: Syllabus, Class Roster, Exam #1 and Final Exam

1/8: Handouts, "A Dramatic Approach to Shakespeare", "Shakespeare: Backgrounds a Chronological Outline" with handwritten notes and "The Seven Deadly Sins and Some Paths to Instant Righteousness"

1/9: Undated course documents for ENGL 212 Introduction to Shakespeare

1/10: Handwritten notes/draft of various quizzes for Shakespeare course

1/11: Fall 1981 Syllabus for ENGL 103H: History/English Link

1/12: Summer 1994 - Course Materials for ENGL 212 Introduction to Shakespeare: Syllabus, class rosters, Quiz #1,2,4, Final Exam and grader materials including Quiz #2,3,4,5 Keys and grade distributions

1/13: Fall 1994 - Course Materials for ENGL 212 Introduction to Shakespeare: Syllabus, Quiz #1,3,5, Optional Essay over Othello, Quiz Key #1, and #3

1/14: Fall 1998 - Course Materials for ENGL 212 Introduction to Shakespeare: Syllabus, Course Roster, Attendance Sheet, Quiz #1-5, Optional Essay, Mid-Term Hour Exam, Final Exam and Grader Materials, Contact information, Quiz Keys 1-5, Emails about Grade Average for Quiz 1-4, Students Grades for Quiz 1-4

1/15: Course Packet, ENGL 481 for Summer Session I

1/16: Various Poems by various authors; all seem to be from the same unknown source

1/17: Plastic Binder with materials for ENGL 228

1/18: Documents from the Women's Studies Review Committee. 1985; 1989; 1991

1/19: CCTE Proposal for Session on Teaching Masculinity

1/20: Photocopy of Newspaper Articles, "Class travels tough course: Permanent A&M courses must be thoroughly reviewed" by Lisa Johnson from The Battalion and "Class gives unique view of homosexuality" by Amber Clark

1/21: 1995-1996 - Liberal Arts Curriculum Committee Documents, Deadlines/meetings, meeting notes, various letters and filled out Departmental Request for New Undergraduate Course: ENGL 333- Gay and Lesbian Literature

1/22: 1993 - Documents for Texas Lesbian Conference: Many Kinds of Power, Workshop Proposal form, letters, schedule, newspaper clipping, and program

1/23: 1981 - Article, "Archimedes and the Paradox of Feminist Criticism" by Myra Jehlen from Signs Vol. 6 No. 4

1/24: 1978 - Book Chapter, "Political Philosophies of Women's Liberation" by Alison Jagger from Feminism and Philosophy edited Mary Vetterling-Braggin, Frederick Ellison and Jane English

1/25: Book Chapter, "Making science feminist" by Hilary Rose source unknown

1/26: 1984 - Article, "Anatomy of Difference: Towards a Classification of Feminist Theory" by Maggie McFadden from Women's Studies International Forum Vol. 7, No. 6

1/27: Book Chapter, "Women, Culture, and Society: A Theoretical Overview" by Michelle Zimbalist Rosaldo from Women, Culture, and Society edited by Michelle Zimbalist Rosaldo and Louise Lamphere

1/28: 1983 - Book Chapter, "Introduction to Women's Studies" from Women's Realities, Women's Choices: An Introduction to Women's Studies published by Hunter College Women's Studies Collective

1/29: Winter 1981 - Article, "Feminist Criticism in the Wilderness" by Elaine Showalter from Critical Inquiry

1/30: Book Chapters, "Context Is All: Feminism and Theories of Citizenship" by Mary G. Dietz and "Women in the Political Worlds" by Elizabeth Holtzman and Shirley Williams

1/31: Spring 1983 - Article, "Treason Our Text: Feminist Challenges to the Literary Canon" by Lillian S. Robinson from Tulsa Studies in Women's Literature Vol. 6, No. 1

1/32: Spring 1980 - Article, "Dancing Through the Minefield: Some Observations on the Theory, Practice and Politics of A Feminist Literary Criticism" by Annette Kolodny from Feminist Studies Vol. 6, No. 1

1/33: 1984 - Book Chapter, "Interactive Phases of Curricular Re-Vision" by Peggy McIntosh from Toward a Balanced Curriculum: A Sourcebook for Initiating Gender Integration edited by Bonnie Spanier, Alexander Bloom, and Darlene Boroviak

1/34: Book Chapter, "The gatekeepers: a feminist critique of academic publishing" by Dale Spender from Doing Feminist Research edited by H. Roberts and Article "The Classroom Climate: A Chilly One for Women" published by Project on the Status and education of Women

1/35: 1984 - Journal, Women's Studies International Forum Special Issue: Strategies for Women's Studies in the 80s Vol. 7 No. 3 with Feminist Forum Report

1/36: Plastic Binder with course materials for ENGL 227

1/37: Early ENGL 394 syllabus with handwritten notes and copy of the syllabus for Theatre 314: Masters & Movements Gay & Lesbian Theatre taught by Kendall at Smith College

1/38: Fall 1992 - Course Materials for ENGL 394 Gay and Lesbian Literature: The Tradition in English- Tentative schedule, Required Textbook form, syllabus, class rosters, Part I (exam or quiz, not labeled clearly), Exam #2 Take-Home, and Final Exam

1/39: Fall 1993 - Course Materials for ENGL 394 Gay and Lesbian Literature: The Tradition in English- Syllabus, Class Roster, Required Textbook form Exams #1,2 Take-Home, letter inviting the students to attend a dissertation proposal meeting, and two student work/essays with one photocopy of the pages of the essay

1/40: January 10, 1993 - Course review of Shawn Maurer's WMST 200: Introduction to Women's Studies reviewed by Harriett Andreadis

1/41: Photocopies of pages 130-131 of "Teleny" source and author unknown

1/42: May 31, 1979 - Article, "Androgens and the Evolution of Male-Gender Identity Among Male Pseudohermaphrodities with Reductase Deficiency" by Julianne Imperato-McGinley et al. from The New England Journal of Medicine Vol. 300 No. 22

1/43: October 11, 1993 - Magazine Article, "Has Ken Come out?" from People Magazine

1/44: Document, "World Shakespeare Bibliography" edited by James L. Harner with a focus on homosexuality in the works

1/45: July 5, 1993 - Magazine Article, "Intimate friendships" by Eria E. Goode with Betsy Wagner from U.S. News and World Report

1/46: Photocopy of two newspaper cartoons- one with no caption, the other has the caption of "This is Donovan. He's pretty sure he's gay too.", source(s) unknown

1/47: 1993-1994 - Article, "Sizing up The Sexes" by Christine Gorman from Marriage and Family 93/94 (Annual Editions the Family) 19th Edition edited by Ollie Pocs, original source is Time Magazine

1/48: 1954 - Book Chapter, "The Portrait of Mr. W. H." from "Lord Arthur Savile's Crime and Other Stories" by Oscar Wilde

1/49: Photocopy of newspaper clippings- "Lutheran panel endorses homosexual relationships" by David Briggs and "Does 'Mommies' take reality TV too far?" author unknown, source(s) unknown

1/50: Excerpts from "How to Become Absurdly Well-Informed about the Famous and Infamous" edited by E. O. Parrott

1/51: October 1987 - Article, "Writing Gone Wilde: Homoerotic Desire in the Closet of Representation" by Ed Cohen from PMLA Vol. 102, No. 5

1/52: Spring 1996 - Materials relating to the Proposal of ENGL/WMST 333: Gay & Lesbian Literature

1/53: 1992 - Form, "Department of English Application for 685 Problem Course" by Krista May

1/54: Blank "Desk Copy Request Form"

1/55: Letter address to Harriette about her helping other people choose reading for a gay/lesbian course

1/56: Book title page and table of content for "The Progress of Romance: The Politics of Popular Fiction" edited by Jean Radford

1/57: Fall 1992 - Course Packet for ENGL 394 taught by Harriette Andreadis, 2 copies

1/58: Fall 1993 - Course Packet for ENGL 394 taught by Harriette Andreadis

1/59: Fall 1995 - Course Packet for ENGL 394 taught by Harriette Andreadis

1/60: Spring 1997 - Course Packet for ENGL 394 taught by Harriette Andreadis

1/61: Spring 2000 - Course Packet for ENGL/WMST 333 taught by Harriette Andreadis

1/62: Fall 2001 - Course Packet for ENGL 474H taught by Harriette Andreadis

1/63: Fall 1993 - Course Materials for ENGL 645 The Erotics of Female Friendship in Literature- syllabus, required textbooks form, and class roster

1/64: Student work, student introduction documents, and some assignments

1/65: Various handwritten notes regarding the course done by Harriette

1/66: Handout, "Jane Austen: A Chronology" source Emma by Jane Austin Norton Critical edition 2nd edition

1/67: Handout with short biographies of Katherine Philips and Mary Rowlandson, source unknown

1/68: Book Excerpt featuring something done by Katherine Fowler Philips, source unknown

1/69: Handouts, "A Chronology of Mary Wollstonecraft" and Sarah Scott biography, sources are unknown

1/70: Photocopy of pages from "Verses" by Madam Behn

Documents and Personal Items of Andreadis

13/1: 1980 - The Gay Engagement Calendar 1980 created by Martin Grief- A plank yearly planner that features pictures and quotes

13/2: Handout for Lambda Rising: Books By Mail

13/3: September 1976 - Ms. - a magazine 3

13/4: 1993 - Two copies of " Safer Sex Handbook for Lesbians" written and designed by Cynthia Madansky and Julie Toletino Wood (Explicit Content)

13/5: April 20, 1986 - Essay titled "Employment Discrimination on the Basis of Sexual Orientation at Texas A&M University" by Clayton R. Koppes

13/6: Spring 1976 - Women's Studies Newsletter Volume IV, No. 2

13/7: 1995-1996 - Documents on the Status of Women Subcommittee at Texas A&M University

13/8: 1982 - Postcard (2) for "Virago Modern Classics: Enduring Works" by Women Novelists

13/9: 1986-1989 - Harriette Andreadis personal Yearly Planners (4)

13/10: 1990-1992 - Harriette Andreadis personal Yearly Planners (3)

13/11: January 14, 1994 - LGRL of Texas Board member letter and handout about joining the LGRL

13/12: March 3-5, 1994 - National Graduate Student Conference on Lesbian, Transgender, Bisexual, and Gay Studies- Various handouts, memos, letters about the event and essay/presentation "Calvin Klein, Co-optation and Consumerism" by Thomas William Yanni

13/13: May-June 2004 - The Gay & Lesbian Review Worldwide Volume XI, Number 3

13/14: 1978 and 1984 - Harriette Andreadis personal Yearly Planners (2)

13/15: March 2-4, 2000 - Program for the Sixty-Fifth Annual Meeting: Conference of College Teachers of English Hosted by Texas A&M University

13/16: December 22, 1998 - Harriette Andreadis Reading Report for an essay titled "Pure Resistance: Queer(y)ing Virginity in the Early Modern Drama" by Theodora A. Jankowski

13/17: January 9, 1995 - Newspaper article from The Times titled "Absolutely Confabulous" featuring a mention of HA essay (or book) titled "Reconstructing the Bible Belt: or, How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Rednecks"

13/18: December 29, 2003 - Letters and Emails about the MLA Gay and Lesbian Caucus

13/19: 1989 - Copy of "The Sapphic-Platonics of Katherine Philips, 1632-1664" By Harriette Andreadis

13/20: 2002 - Edits of "The Women's Museum of Dallas: A Visit" by Harriette Andreadis for the International Journal of Sexuality and Gender Studies

13/21: Spring 1993 - The Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies Vol. III, No. 1

13/22: 2002 - The Fantastic Imagination in New Critical Theories Conference Schedule

13/23: 1990 and 1993 - Steering Committee Membership letter and bylaws and letter

13/24: Winter 1992 - Feminist Teacher Vol. 6, No. 2

13/25: January 20-23, 1994 - Program for Annie Sprinkle: Post- Post Porn Modernist Explicit Context

13/26: January 28, 1993 - Newspaper Article from the Texas Triangle titled "Professor discusses literature and coming out at A&M" by Zsa Zsa Gershick- the article discusses Harriette Andreadis (2 photocopies)

13/27: 1993 - Materials about LGRL

13/28: Summer 1995 and Spring 1996 - LGSN Vol. 22, No. 2 and Vol. 23 No. 1

13/29: Summer 1996 - The Harvard Gay & Lesbian Review Vol. 3 No. 3

13/30: October 11, 1984 - Letter from Tulsa Studies in Women's Literature to HA regarding her reviewing a book titles "Cowgirls: Women of the American West, An Oral History" by Teresa Jordan

13/31: October 19, 1984 - Advertisement for "Cowgirls: Women of the American West, An Oral History" by Teresa Jordan

13/32: January 8, 1989 - Newspaper Article from the New York Times "A Powerful Lot of Tribulations" by Mechal Sobel a book review for "Within the Plantation Households: Black and White Women of the Old South" by Elizabeth Fox-Genovese

13/33: December 8, 1989 - Newspaper article from The New York Review "Slaves and Mistresses" by C. Van Woodward a book review for "Within the Plantation Households: Black and White Women of the Old South" by Elizabeth Fox-Genovese

13/34: Photocopy of pages that seem to be transcripts of women's writings, source unknown

13/35: Essay- "Abstract: Speaking in a Mother Tongue: Female Friendship in the British Novel" by Janice M. Browman Swanson

13/36: Magazine Article- "Hard Lines: Nobody's Tougher than a born-again poet. Adrienne Rich talks to B. Ruby Rich" by B. Ruby Rich from Mirabella Magazine

13/37: Published transcript of diary pages with note from Krista, source unknown

13/38: Pages from Anne Sexton: A Biography by Diane Wood Middlebrook

13/39: Pages from A Pageant of Great Women by Cicely Hamilton

13/40: Printout of poem "The Double Image" by Anne Sexton

13/41: 1987 - Various documents in a folder labeled "The South Central Modern Language Association- Convention"

13/42: SKC VHS titled "CATHY + MO Show"

13/43: Maxell VHS Titles "KD Lang TV Special: Faderman & Rothblum

13/44: Baseball hat reading: "HannahFree: Ripe Fruit Films"; merchandise for the film of the same title

13/45: Paperweight for South-Central Renaissance Conference 1951-2001

13/46: Cassette - The 23rd Annual Feminist Psychology Conference 98173-0100 The Lesbian Unpublished Manuscript Award Winner's Address; Greek American Lesbians…"

13/47: Bookmark with an advertisement for Jim King, Bookseller, 909 Harvey Road, College station

13/48: Magnet with the inscription "The GLBT Professional Network @ Texas A&M" and a pink triangle

13/49: 5 different pins- "Anonymous was a WOMEN"; "PLUS JE VOIS DES HOMMES, PLUS J'AIME MON CHIEN"; "A Woman Without a Man is Like A Fish Without a Bicycle"; "STAND UP FOR CHOICE! April 25, 2004-Washington, DC "; and a button featuring a pink triangle on a black background)"

13/50: 7 different Pins- "Amazing Amazon"; "Austin Lesbian/Gay Pride: Together in Pride '91"; "The Names Project"; "F.U.R. Shame: The Humane Society of the United States"; "Gay and Lesbians DEMAND EQUAL RIGHTS"; "Speaking Out 1991" (2 pins)

13/51: 6 different pins- "Queers Bash Back"; "November 12th Mobilize for Women's Lives: Across the USA and Washington DC"; "March on Austin For Lesbian/Guy Equal Rights April 30, 1989"; "National Gay Task Force NGTF"; "I'll be taking all this out on my next lover"; "National Coming Out Day…October 11

13/52: Key chain that looks like a fake San Francisco license plate that says "MAMA'S MAN"

13/53: A light blue plastic radio labeled "gLQ" with headphones. The radio is missing batteries

13/54: A framed comic strip that says "Bob and Steve noticed no one else was wearing a collar. Suddenly, they realized they were in a stray bar."

Harriette Andreadis Women's Studies Research Collection and Personal Archive

  • US TxAM-C 1528
  • Collection

This collection includes Dr. Andreadis' research files, library, journals, writings, correspondence, and manuscript materials which were collected during her 40 years as a member of the faculty of Texas A&M. Dr. Harriette Andreadis retired in the Spring of 2014 donating her materials well as several personal items to Cushing Memorial Library & Archives.

Andreadis, Harriette

Journals of Andreadis

19/1: Blackwomon, Julie; Caspers, Nona. Voyages Out 2. The Seal Press. 1990.

19/2: Common Lives/Lesbian Lives, a lesbian quarterly; Number 37. Common Lives/Lesbian Lives. 1991.

19/3: Common Lives/Lesbian Lives, a lesbian quarterly; Number 47. Common Lives/Lesbian Lives. 1993.

19/4: Sinister Wisdom Number 19. Sinister Wisdom. 1982.

19/5: Sinister Wisdom Number 35. Sinister Wisdom. 1988.

19/6: Sinister Wisdom Number 36. Sinister Wisdom. 1988.

19/7: Sinister Wisdom Number 37. Sinister Wisdom. 1988.

19/8: Sinister Wisdom Number 38. Sinister Wisdom. 1989.

19/9: Sinister Wisdom Number 39. Sinister Wisdom. 1990.

19/10: Sinister Wisdom Number 42. Sinister Wisdom. 1990.

19/11: Sinister Wisdom Number 48. Sinister Wisdom. 1992.

19/12: Lesbian Ethics Vol. 1 No. 3. Lesbian Ethics. 1985.

19/13: Lesbian Ethics Vol. 2 No. 1. Lesbian Ethics. 1986.

19/14: Lesbian Ethics Vol. 2 No. 3. Lesbian Ethics. 1987.

19/15: Lesbian Ethics Vol. 3 No. 1. Lesbian Ethics. 1988.

19/16: Lesbian Ethics Vol. 3 No. 2. Lesbian Ethics. 1988.

19/17: Lesbian Ethics Vol. 3 No. 3. Lesbian Ethics. 1989.

19/18: Lesbian Ethics Vol. 4 No. 1. Lesbian Ethics. 1990.

19/19: Lesbian Ethics Vol. 4 No. 2. Lesbian Ethics. 1991.

19/20: Lesbian Ethics Vol. 4 No. 3. Lesbian Ethics. 1992.

19/21: Lesbian Ethics Vol. 5 No. 1. Lesbian Ethics. 1993.

19/22: Lesbian Ethics Vol. 5 No. 2. Lesbian Ethics. 1995.

19/23: Lesbian Ethics Vol. 5 No. 3. Lesbian Ethics. 1996.

Katherine Phillips Research Materials and Renaissance Time Period Documents

11/1: 1975 - Book chapters- "Introduction" and pages from "Book 1" from The Interpretation of Dreams (Oneirocitica) by Artemindorus, translated Robert J. White

11/2: 1991 - Book Chapters- "Introduction", "Chapter Two Breeding Capital: Political Economy and the Renaissance" and "Chapter Six Historica Passio: King's Lear's Fall into Feudalism" from The Poetics of Primitive Accumulation: English Renaissance Culture and the Genealogy of Capital by Richard Halpern

11/3: 1999 - Book Chapter- "Women in Lesotho and the (Western) Construction of Homophobia" by Kendall from Female Desires: Same-Sex Relations and Transgender Practices Across Cultures edited by Evelyn Blackwood and Saskia E. Wieringa

11/4: Pages from A Collection of Emblems, Ancient and Moderne (1635) by George Wither with Introduction by Rosemary Freeman and Bibliographical Notes by Charles S. Hensley

11/5: May 1998 - Article- "The Maid's Lawful Liberty: Service, the Household, and 'Mother B' in Isabella Whitney's A Sweet Nosegay" by Patricia Phillippy from Modern Philology Volume 95, Number 4

11/6: September 30, 1999 - Book Review- "Always the Bridesmaid by Terry Castle" Review of Victorian Sappho by Yopie Prins from the London Review of Books

11/7: 2000 - Pages from The Complete Civil War Journals and Selected of Thomas Wentworth Higginson Edited by Christopher Looby

11/8: 1991 - Book Chapters- "Introduction" and "Family Fortunes" from A Passion for Government: The Life of Sarah, Duchess of Marlborough by Frances Harris

11/9: 2002 - Book Chapter- "Theorizing Early Modern Lesbianism: Invisible Borders, Ambiguous Demarcations" by Harriette Andreadis from Virtual Gender: Fantasies of Subjectivity and Embodiment

11/10: Spring 2000 - Article- " 'The plain devil and dissembling looks': Ambivalent Physiognomy and Shakespeare's Richard III" by Michael Torrey from English Literary Renaissance Vol. 30 No. 2

11/11: Winter 1998-1999 - Article- "Befriending The Body: Female intimacies as Class Acts" by Susan S. Lanser From Eighteenth-Century Studies Vol. 32, No. 2

11/12: 1997 - Books Chapters- "Les Molles et les chausses: Mapping the Isle of Hermaphrodites in Premodern France" by Randy Conner, "Sappho, or the Importance of Culture in the Language of Love" Tribade, Lesbienne, Homesexuelle" by Marie-Jo Bonnet from and "Read My Lips: Clippyng and Kyssyng in the Early Sixteenth Century" by Diane Watt from Queerly Phrased: Language, Gender, and Sexuality edited Ana Livia and Kira Hall

11/13: Summer 1999 - Article- "The Reward of Lesbian History (Review Essay)" by Valerie Traub from Feminist Studies Vol. 25, No. 2

11/14: 1998 - Book Chapter- "Lyly Lesbianism: Mysteries of Closet in Sappho and Phao" by Michael Pincombe from Renaissance Configurations: Voices, Bodies, Spaces, 1580-1690 edited by Gordon McMullan

11/15: 1996 - Book Chapter- "Sappho and Phoa: a toy made for ladies" from The Plays of John Lyly: Eros and Eliza edited by Michael Pincombe

11/16: 1995 - Book Chapter- "Editorial Conundra in the Texts of Katherine Philips" by Germaine Geer from Editing Women Edited by Ann M. Hutchison

11/17: October 1939 - Article- "Friendship: Francis Finch's Discourse and the Circle of the Matchless Ordina" by W. G. Hiscock from The Review of English Studies Vol. 15, No. 60

11/18: 2000 - Emails to Harriett about various book and dissertations with short abstract

11/19: May 1996 - Dissertation- "'If Soules no Sexes have…' Women, Convention and Negation in the Poetry of Katherine Philips" by Susan Hardebeck

11/20: 1995 - Dissertation- "Hires to 'Astrea's Vacant Throne': Behn's Influence on Trotters, Pix, Manley and Centlivre" by Margarette R. Conner

11/21: May 1995 - Dissertation- " 'Hearts Thus Intermixed Speak': Erotic 'Friendship' in the Poems of Katherine Phillips" by Jennifer Lange

11/22: 1994 - Book Chapter- "Lesbian (in) Visibility in Italian Renaissance Culture: Dian and Other Cases of donna con donna" by Patricia Simons from Gay and Lesbian Studies in Art History Edited by Whitney Davis

11/23: 1996 - Article- "The Perversion of 'Lesbian' Desire by Valerie Traub" Introduction by Alan Bray from History Workshop Journal Issue 41; 2 copies

11/24: 1993 - Book Chapters- "The Sapphic Voice in Donne's 'Sapho to Philaenis'" by Stella P. Revard, "Burton's Use of praeteritio in Discussing Same-Sex Relationships" by Winfried Schleiner and "Subversive Masking the Erotic in Poems by Katherine Philips and Aphra Behn" by Arlene Stiebel from Renaissance Discourses of Desire Edited by Claude J. Summers and Ted-Larry Pebworth

11/25: 1993 - Book Chapter- "The Sapphic Voice in Donne's 'Sapho to Philaenis'" by Stella P. Revar from Renaissance Discourses of Desire Edited by Claude J. Summers and Ted-Larry Pebworth

11/26: 1995 - Article- "Sexual Identities in Early Modern England: The Marriage of Two Women" by Patricia Crawford and Sara Mendleson from Gender and History Vol. 7

11/27: 1995 - Article- "Romantic Friends or a 'Different Race of Creatures'? The Representation of Lesbian Pathology in Nineteenth-Century America" by Marylynne Diggs from Feminist Studies Vol. 21

11/28: 1994 - Book Chapters- "London's Sapphists: From Three Sexes to Four Genders in the Making of Modern Culture" by Randolph Trumbach and "Sodomy and the Pursuit of a Third Sex in the Early Modern Period" by Theo van der Meer from Third Sex, Third Gender: Beyond Sexual Dimorphism in Culture and History Edited by Gilbert Herdt

11/29: 1992 - Book Chapters- "Sex, Gender, and Sexual Identity in Modern Culture: Male Sodomy and Female Prostitution in Enlightenment London" by Randolph Trumbach and "Tribades on Trial: Female Same-Sex Offenders in Late Eighteenth-Century Amsterdam" by Theo van der Meer from Forbidden History: The State, Society, and the Regulation of Sexuality in Modern Europe Essays from Journal of the History of Sexuality edited by John. C. Fout

11/30: 1995 - Book Chapters- "On Slippery Ground: An Introduction" by Karla Jay, "Staging the Erotic" by Elizabeth Messe and Sandy Huss, "To Touch the Mother's C(o)untry: Siting Audre Lorde's Erotics" by Sharon P. Holland, and "Encoding Bi-Location: Sylvia Townsend Warner and the Erotics of Dissimulation" by Jane Garrity from Lesbian Erotics Edited by Karla Jay

11/31: 1992 - Book Chapter- "Lesbian Like That and That: Some Notes on Lesbian Criticism for the Nineties" by Bonnie Zimmerman from New Lesbian Criticism: Literary and Cultural Readings edited by Sally Munt

11/32: Photocopy of "Poems upon several Occasions" by Aphra Behn dated 1684

11/33: 1920 - Pages from- The Maitland Quarto Manuscript Containing Poems by Sir Richard Maitland, Arbuthnot, and others

11/34: Winter 1996 - Article- "Voicing Female Desire in 'Poem XLIX" by Jane Farnsworth from Studies in English Literature, 1500-1900, Vol. 36. No. 1

11/35: 1981 - Dissertation- "The Iconography of Sappho, 1775-1875" by Judith Ellen Stein

11/36: 1960 - Book Chapters- "Sappho in Ulm", "Neue Bildnisse Sapphos" from Antike Kunst by Karl Schefold

11/37: Pages from books titled Feminine Rhetorical Culture by Deborah S. Greenhut and Mythologie et Mythe Dans Le Theatre Francais by Christian Delmas

11/38: Pages from The expert midwife or An excellent and most necessary treatise of the generation and birth of man by Jakob Ruff dated 1637

11/39: Pages from The practice of physic by Lazare Riviere dated 1655

11/40: Pages from Praxis Medicinae or the physician's practice by Walter Bruell dated 1648

11/41: Pages from The Woman's Doctor or, an exact and distinct Explanation of all such diseases as are peculiar to that Sex by Nicholas Fontanus dated 1652

11/42: Arcana Microcosmi: OR, The hid Secrets of MAN's BODY discovered. In an Anatomical Duel between Aristotle and Galen concerning the Parts thereof: As also, By a Discovery of the strange and mar-veilous Diseases, Symptoms, & Accidents of MAN's BODY. By A.R.

11/43: 1991 - Book Chapter- "Introduction" from Subjectivities: A History of Self-Representation in Britain, 1832-1920 by Regenia Gagnier

11/44: 1983 - Article- "Masculinity and Femininity in Early Renaissance Treatises on Human Reproduction" by Helen Rodnite Lemay from Clio Medica vol. 18

11/45: 1994 - Article- "The Origin and Development of the Modern Lesbian Role in the Western Gender System: Northwestern Europe and the United States, 1750-1990" by Randolph Trumbach from Historical Reflections Vol. 20 No. 2

11/46: 1989 - Book Chapters- "Sexual Matters: on Conceptualizing Sexuality in History" by Robert A. Padgug, "Movements of Affirmation: Sexual Meaning and Homosexual Identities" by Jeffrey Weeks, "From Sexual Inversion to Homosexuality: The Changing Medical Conceptualization of Female 'Deviance" by George Chauncy Jr. and " "We Were a Little Band of Willful Women': The Heterodoxy Club of Greenwich Village" by Judith Schwarz, Kathy Peiss and Christina Simmons from Passion and Power: Sexuality in History Edited by Kathy Peiss and Christina Simmons with Robert A. Padgug

11/47: 1991 - Book Chapters- "The World Turned Upside Down: Inversion, Gender and the State" by Peter Stallybrass and "Scripts and/versus Playhouses: Ideological Production and the Renaissance Public Stage" by Jean E. Howard from The Matter of Difference: Materialist Feminist Criticism of Shakespeare edited by Valerie Wayne

11/48: 1991 - Book Chapter- "Body Politics" and "'And was the Ethiop white': Femininity and the Monstrous in Othello" from Fashioning Femininity and English Renaissance Drama by Karen Newman

11/49: 1997 - Article- "Their Ancient Claim: Sappho and Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century British Women's Poetry" by Martha Rainbolt from The Seventeenth Century

11/50: 1997 - Book Chapter- "Twelve Conclusions of the Lollards" from Selections From English Wycliffite Writings Edited by Anne Hudson

11/51: 1994 - Book Chapter- "The Protestant idea of marriage in early modern England" by Anthony Fletcher from Religion, culture and society early modern Britain edited by Anthony Fletcher and Peter Roberts

11/52: Photocopy of the "The Gentleman's Journal" April 1692 with handwritten notes

11/53: Copy of "The Effect of This Harrangue" with handwritten notes

11/54: Printout of book search from Evans Library

11/55: 1989 - Book Chapter- "Women at Court and Patronage of the Stage" from The Ladies: Female Patronage of Restoration Drama 1660-1700 by David Roberts

11/56: Printout of book search from Evans library catalog

11/57: Blank form "Photography Department Order Form"

11/58: 1997 - Book Chapter- "Margaret Cavendish Plays with Shakespeare" by Jeanne Addison Roberts from Renaissance Papers 1997 edited by T. H. Howard-Hills and Philip Rollinson

11/59: Book Chapter/article- " 'Shaping Fantasies': Figuration of Gender and Power in Elizabethan Culture" by Louis Adrian Montrose; source unknown

11/60: Pages from Women, Crime, and the Courts in Early Modern England edited by Jenny Kermode and Garthine Walker part of the introduction, glossary and bibliography

11/61: 1996 - Chapter Excerpts- "Women in Court" and "The Language of Insult" from Domestic Dangers: Women, Words, and Sex in Early Modern London by Laura Gowing

11/62: 1996 - Book Chapter- "The witch on the margins of 'race': Sycorax and Others" and "Conclusion: Bread into gingerbread and the price of the transformation" from The Witch in History: Early Modern and Twentieth-century Representations by Daine Purkiss

11/63: 1989 - Excerpts from Source of the Self: The Making of the Modern Identity by Charles Taylor

11/64: December 12, 2000 - Draft of "Sappho in Early Modern England" by Harriette Andreadis

11/65: September 1998 - Binder with documents about the publishing of "Sappho in Early Modern England"

11/66: Binder of bibliographic information

11/67: 1999 - Printout of arouse definitions from the Oxford English Dictionary

Legal Documents and Research Materials

16/1: Section 7- "Slavery pt. A", "Slavery pt. B", and "Slave Resistance/Runaways"

16/2: Section 17- "Colonists", "Dairies, Journal, Reminiscences, etc." and " 'Texas in 1860', Friend"

16/3: Section 22- "Pioneer, Cattle, Ranching"

16/4: Section 24- "Inns, Hotels, Boarding Houses Run by Women" and "Prostitution Pt. B"

16/5: Section 28- "Laws, Legal Rights"

16/6: Section 39- "Nuns, Catholic Women"

16/7: Section 44- "General History, Articles, Analyses, Overview"

16/8: Handwritten data used for the Statistical Analysis System for each University involved in the questionnaire for "Women's Studies Programs in the United States: An institutional Profile"

16/9: Photocopy of pages from "A Chaste Maid in Cheapside" by Thomas Middleton

16/10: Newspaper Clippings- "Striving for equality will never go out of style" by Michelle Powe, source unknown

16/11: Newspaper Clipping- "American beauty" by Barbara McIntosh, source unknown

16/12: June 11, 1995 - Newspaper Article- "Racism? Mexico's in Denial" by Anthony DePalma from the New York Times

16/13: October 6, 1996 - Newspaper Article- "A Cry, Without Tears, for His beloved Country" by Michael Gorra from the New York Times

16/14: 1973 - Article- "A Possible Renaissance View Form" by Marion Trousdale from ZLH Vol. 40

16/15: 1973 - Article- Multiple Book Reviews of various books from the Shakespeare Quarterly Vol 24

16/16: Photocopy of 4 maps- "Political Disintegration in Northern South Asia, C. 1390-1450", "Major States of Northern South Asia", "South India, 1390-1485" and " The Career of Timur and the Timurid Empire" (source unknown) with three handouts

16/17: Packet of various historical maps of Africa and North Africa, source(s) unknown

16/18: Newspaper Article Clipping- "Contraceptive for men called very effective" source Los Angeles Times, author and date unknown

16/19: December 16, 1990 - Magazine Article- "Birth Control Backlash: years of litigation and agitation have left American in the dark ages of contraception" by Philip J. Hilts from The New York Times Magazine

16/20: Photocopy of Various Pages- Biography of Mario Cuomo and Gary Hart; source unknown

16/21: October 27, 1989 - Full copy of The Battalion Vol. 89 No. 41

16/22: September 24, 1989 - Newspaper Articles- "The Nation Sudden Support for National Health Care" by Martin Tolchin, "The Koreans' Big Entry into Business" by Robert Reinhold from the New York Times

16/23: October 6, 1989 - Newspaper- Bryan-College Station Eagle

16/24: Fall 1977 - Syllabus for ENGL 328 taught by Dr. Larry Reynolds

16/25: 1993 - The Texas Triangle Vol.1, No. 16 (multiple copies, complete newspaper) and Vol.1, No. 45 with letters addressed to Harriette from publisher

16/26: November 14, 1993 - Newspaper Article- "Gay '30s: A homosexual coming of age" by Mike McDaniel a review of While England Sleeps by David Leavitt from the Houston Chronicle

16/27: Fall 1993 - Required Textbook Form

16/28: Photocopy of book chapter titled "A Woman's Community in Texas", source unknown

16/29: Photocopy of document from the Secretary of State of the State of Texas, Hersey Certifies filed at Central Hotel Company of Belton, Bell County, Texas

16/30: Pages from The History of Bell County

16/31: 1974 - Book Chapter- "The Sanctified Sisters" by Melissa Johnson from Texas Historian Vo. 35 No. 4

16/32: 1984 - NWSA Steering Our Course: Feminist Education in the '80s

16/33: Unknown copy of images and images on transparency

16/34: Photos the dust sleeve/cover of the Sappho in Early Modern England: Female Same-Sex Literary Erotics 1550-1714 by Harriette Andreadis

16/35: Photos from the University of Chicago to be used in HA Book the Sappho in Early Modern England

Manuscripts and Research Materials (Mostly for Women's Studies)

7/1: 1990 - Letters, panel papers and programs about The Berkshire Conference of Women Historians with HA proposal titled "Sappho in Early Modern England"

7/2: June 26, 1990 - Manuscript of essay titled "John Donne and Sappho" by Bernice Harris-Hobbs with letter ask HA to review the essay

7/3: Manuscript of book chapters titled "Liking It: Finding a Man and Making a Women in AS YOU LIKE IT" and "A mad woman? We are made boys!" The Jailer's Daughter in THE TWO NOBLE KINSMEN" by Susan Green

7/4: April/May 1993 - Article copy "Old Camp New Camp: Have you Noticed" by Michael Musto from Out Magazine

7/5: Article- "London's Sodomites: Homosexual Behavior and Western Culture in the 18th Century" by Randolph Trumbach from the Journal of Social History Volume II no. I

7/6: Winter 1984 - Article- "Male Homosexuality in Western Culture: The Dilemma of Identity and Subculture in Historical Research" by Gregory A. Sprague from the Journal of Homosexuality Vol. 10 No. ¾

7/7: Spring/Summer 1976 - Article- "Sexual Matters: On Conceptualizing Sexuality In History" by Robert A. Padgug from Radical History Review Volume 20

7/8: 1979 - Book Chapter- "Chapter 1: Past Definitions and Explanations" and pages from unlabeled chapter from Homosexuality: A History by Vern L. Bullough

7/9: 1977 - Book Chapter- pages from unlabeled chapter(s) from A Lure Knowledge: Lesbian Sexuality and Theory by Judith Roof

7/10: 1987 - Book Chapter- pages from unlabeled chapter(s) from Law, Sex, and Christian Society in Medieval Europe by James A. Brundage

7/11: 1989 - Book Chapter- "Towards A Definition of the Lesbian Literary Imagination" by Marilyn R. Farwell from Feminist Theory in Practice and Process Edited by Jean F. O'Barr, Mary Wyer, Micheline R. Malson, and Sarah Westphal-Wihl

7/12: Spring 1990 - Article- "Either/or- Neither/Both: Sexual Ambiguity and the Ideology of Gender" by Julia Epstein from Genders Number 7

7/13: 1987 - Article- "Gay Politics, Ethnic Identity: The Limits of Social Constructionism" by Steven Epstein from the Socialist Review

7/14: 1975 - Article- "Sexual Criminality in the Early Renaissance: Venice 1338-1358" by Guido Ruggiero from the Journal of Social History Volume 8 Issue 4

7/15: 1984 - Article- "Sexual Scripts" by William Simon and John H. Gagnon from Society Volume 22 Number 1

7/16: April 1990 - Conference Paper manuscript- "The Politics of Pleasure: Female Sexual Appetite in the Hippocratic Corpus" by Lesley Dean-Jones with note asking HA to review the paper and notes throughout the paper

7/17: March 1990 - Letters and form regarding The Berkshire Conference of Women Historians

7/18: 1987 - Conference Paper manuscript- "Seventeenth-Century English Lesbianism: First Steps" by Elaine Hobby for the International Scientific Conference on Gay and Lesbian Studies

7/19: 1988 - Book Chapter- "Women in the Middle Comedy Fragments" by Excursus G. from Antimachus of Colophon and the Position of Women in Greek Poetry by E. F. M. Benecke with notes/letter by Dorelies Krallman

7/20: Draft of paper titled " Sappho in Early Modern England: A Study in Sexual Reputation"

7/21: Spring 1997 - Women's Programs Texas A&M University: Women Write; featuring short biography of HA - 10 copies

7/22: March 6-8, 1997 - Program- South Central Women's Studies Association Annual Conference

7/23: May 16-18, 1997 - Program- Texas Lesbian Conference

7/24: 1994 - Information about Attending to Early Modern Women and workshop titled "Early Modern 'Lesbianisms': History, Theory Representation" which HA acts as one of the workshop leaders

7/25: 1994 - Programs for "Attending to Early Modern Women: A Symposium" and "The Center for Renaissance and Baroque Studies"

7/26: March 1994 - Newsletter- "Women in the Renaissance" Number 3 published by the New York Society for the Study of Women in the Renaissance and flyers

7/27: Photocopy of handwritten notes titled "Early Modern Lesbianisms"

7/28: 1993 - CV for Katharine Park

7/29: 1993-1994 - Various letters, emails, and memos

7/30: March 24, 1994 - Workshop handout called "Containing Women: The Interpretation of Limits" with reading packets titled "Griselda's Tale: A Brief Summary"

7/31: Workshop handout titled "Female Space, Social Crisis, and Power in All-Female Communities" with copy of the two required readings titled "Speculum Feminarum: Gendered Perspectives on Obstetrics and Gynecology in Early Modern Germany" by Lynne Tatlock and "The Reformation of Convents" by Lyndal Roper

7/32: Handwritten notes titled "Austin-Travis"

7/33: Documents regarding Prostitution in Texas- Article: "Harlots and Hymnals: A Historic Confrontation of Vice and Virtue in Waco, Texas" by Margaret H. Davis, "Louisa Picquet" document and untitled documents

7/34: Women's Review of Books- Essay titled "Early Women Dramatists", untitled review of "The Prostituted Muse: Images of Women & Women Dramatists 1642-1737" by Jacqueline Pearson both reviews by Harriette Andreadis and an essay titled "Shakespeare's Sisters" by Harriette Andreadis with handwritten notes

7/35: Letters from the University of Texas Press regarding Voices of Texas Women

7/36: Article- "A Woman on the Buffalo Range: The Journal of Ella Dumont" contributed and edited by Ernest Lee from West Texas Association Year Book

7/37: Typed Transcript of "Autobiography of Ella Bird-Dumont 1861-"

7/38: Handout- "Source Materials in Microform For Women's Studies: An Annotated List" from The Ohio State University Libraries

7/39: June 2 - June 10, 1988 - Program- "Vinegar Tom" by Caryl Churchill performed at the Foot of the Mountain Theatre

7/40: June 1988 - Conference Paper- "The Protest as Teaching Technique for Promoting Feminist Activism" by Suzanna Rose for the National Women's Studies Conference

7/41: Hurricane Alice: A Feminist Review -Volume 3, Number 3 and Volume 5, Number 1

7/42: May/June 1988 - New Directions for Women Volume 17, Number 3

7/43: Fall 1988 - Flyers from various publishing companies advertising books with Women's Studies Topics

7/44: 1988 - Documents about NWSA- Letters, Conference, program, presentation form with confirmation

7/45: 1988 - Various flyers from NWSA Conference

7/46: Spring/Summer 1988 - Indiana University Press Catalog

7/47: June 22 - 26, 1988 - NWSA '88 Conference Booklet with several flyers interspersed throughout

7/48: Typed transcript- "Old Plantation Days in Mississippi" from the Graves (Ellen Armistead) Narrative

7/49: Typed transcript- "Pioneer Life" from The Neeley (Elizabeth Montgomery) Reminiscence

7/50: Photocopy- two letters from Dunn (Mary M.) Papers

7/51: Typed transcript- Journal pages dated 1853-54 from the Baldwin (Abigail) Papers

7/52: Typed transcript and photocopy- three items from Andrews (Willie) collection

7/53: Typed transcript- "Reminiscences: Early Days in Texas" from Sinks (Julia Lee) Papers

7/54: Typed transcript- "Experience of Abigail McLennan…" from Locklin (Mary Fokes) Reminiscences

7/55: Photocopy- "Bill of sale of slave" from Cox (Nellie Stedman) collection

7/56: Photocopy- "Reminiscences" from Robert (Mrs. Lon Conway) Papers

7/57: Photocopy of full book- "Sideways and Backwards" by Musa Dunn

7/58: Typed Transcript- two letters dated 1829 and 1833 from Cheney Family Papers

7/59: Handwritten notes titled "Briscoe- Life of Jaue Long"

7/60: Typed Transcript- eight letters dated 1894-1901 from Bugbee (Ocie) Letters with handwritten notes

7/61: Typed Transcript- pages from Burtin (Ruth Lewis) Papers with handwritten notes

7/62: Full Book photocopy- "Sideways and Backwards" by Musa Dunn

7/63: Pages from the Southwestern Historical Quarterly- Labeled "Goodnight"

7/64: Photocopy of short biography for Lydia Ana McHenry

7/65: Handwritten notes on thesis titled "The Roles of Pioneer Women in the Texas Frontier Community" by Mattie Lloyd Wooten

7/66: Letter from Signs Journal of Women in Culture and Society with notes and edited versions of her manuscript "The Sapphic-Platonics of Katherine Philips"

7/67: Gale Research INC. materials- letters, Volume 30, and essay titled "The Sapphic-Platonics of Katherine Philips"

7/68: 1988-1989 - Signs materials- letters about the publication of an article and the final version of "The Sapphic-Platonics of Katherine Philips"

7/69: Essay- "The Sapphic- Platonics of Katherine Philips"

7/70: 1988 - The Folger Institute at the Folger Shakespeare Library- letter about Sappho paper and presenting it with program 1988-1989

7/71: March 1989 - Lover - a Literature Review from Amsterdam Nummer (Number) 1

7/72: March 12, 1983 - Newspaper Article photocopy- "Early stories of the new feminism" by Harriette Andreadis from Bray-College Station Eagle

7/73: May 28, 1983 - Newspaper Article photocopy- "The legacy of Rebecca West" by Harriette Andreadis from Bray-College Station Eagle

7/74: Book Chapter- "The Screening of Pippi Longstocking" by Harriette Andreadis from Children's Novels and The Movies

7/75: Spring 1983 - Article- "Do Chloe and Olivia Have a Future? A Proposal for Feminist Pedagogy and Peer Relations" by Harriette Andreadis from Journal of NAWDAC

7/76: 1993 - Documents about international course on Lesbian and Gay Studies in Amsterdam- letters, Proposal form, and flyer

7/77: 1988 - Amsterdam study abroad information- itinerary and letters from the University of Amsterdam, 3 pink feathers

7/78: October 17-22, 1988 - Home Logic: Festival of lesbian & gay writing in Europe (Program)

7/79: October 14, 1988
Folia Jaargang 42, Number 9 (a weekly newspaper from University of Amsterdam)

7/80: 1989-1990 - Documents about the Berkshire Conference of the History of Women 1990- Letters, Program, handwritten notes and Panel Proposal forms for "Aspasia and Sappho: The Historical Construction of Female Sexual Reputation"

7/81: CV for Marilyn B. Skinner

7/82: May 19, 1989 - Letter from SIGNS: Journal of Women in Culture and Society regard using Chicago Manual of Style with Harriette's article titled "The Sapphic-Platonics of Katherine Philips, 1632-1664"

7/83: September 10, 1988 - Essay draft- "True Womanhood Revisited: Women's Private Writing in the Nineteenth Century Texas" by Harriette Andreadis with letter asking Karen J. Seger to look at it and letter from the Journal of the Southwest about the edits needed

7/84: August 9, 1988 - Original Draft with edits of "True Womanhood Revisited: Women's Private Writing in the Nineteenth Century Texas" by Harriette Andreadis with letter from the Journal of the Southwest about the edits needed

7/85: Essay - "True Womanhood Revisited: Women's Private Writing in the Nineteenth Century Texas" by Harriette Andreadis

7/86: August 25, 1986 - Article the author's version- "Expanding the Boundaries of Criticism: The Dairy as Female Autobiography" by Judy Nolte Lensink featured in a Special Issue of Women's Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal with letter from author

7/87: 1986 - Letters from Feminist Studies rejecting - "True Womanhood Revisited: Women's Private Writing in the Nineteenth Century Texas" by Harriette Andreadis

7/88: Essay- "Anxiety in Academicians: A Comparative Analysis of Hall-way Behavior" by Anonymous

Materials Related to Courses Taught by Andreadis

4/1: Undated, Spring 1995, Spring 1998
Copies of four different syllabi for ENGL 613: Tudor/Stuart Drama, Early Modern English Theater, course taught by P. Parrish, and course taught by H. Marchitello and HA handwritten notes

4/2: Two handwritten letter to Harriet about summer course she taught- author, date and course unknown

4/3: Spring 1990 - Class roster for ENGL 613-600 Renaissance Studies, printout of Jonson's Tortoise and Avian from Renaissance and Reformation, and three student works

4/4: Fall 1990 - Draft syllabus for ENGL 317: Renaissance Drama, 14 copies of Exam #1 handout and copy of the Final Exam handout

4/5: Summer II,1988 - Draft and final version of syllabus for ENGL 613: Renaissance Drama, draft assignment handouts, Harriet's Summer and Fall schedule, and handwritten notes

4/6: Fall 1992 - ENGL 317: Renaissance Drama course materials- two-class rosters, 2 student dropping slips, course schedule (9), Exam # 2 (14), Final Exam (14), Student work for exam #1 with blue book, Make-Up Exam, student blue book (exam not listed), "The Reaming of Edward II handout, and student introductions/background essays (28)

4/7: Fall 1996 - Syllabus for ENGL 317: English Renaissance Drama taught by Dr. M. Marchitello

4/8: Pages from "Renaissance Drama" published in Evanston, IL; pages 19-20, publishing information not known

4/9: June 17-23 1988 - Newspaper Articles- Plays for our time? by Lois Potter, Gentil and generous by A.J. Minnis and Storming the bastions by David Nokes from English Literature

4/10: Flyers advertising Renaissance Dramas

4/11: Fall 2006 - Course materials for ENGL 351: Post-Colonialism and Film- class rosters (3), class syllabus (5), class presentations/schedule (3), Exam #1, Exam #2, and four emails/announcement

4/12: 2006 - Class roster for ENGL 611: Renaissance & 17th Century Literature

4/13: Printout of "The Harder They Come: DVD Review" by Mick Sleeper from

4/14: Printout of "Rastafarianism" from Wikipedia

4/15: Printout of 'Jamaica' from Wikipedia with map

4/16: Handouts and emails regarding "The Harder They Fall"

4/17: Printout "The Last Wave: A Review" by Kyla Ward

4/18: Printout " 'Breaker Morant' on the Morality of War" by Janet Maslin

4/19: Printout "Once Were Warriors (1995)"

4/20: Handout "Wedding in Galilee (1987)" and email/announcement

4/21: Handout "City of God (Cidade de Deus)"

4/22: Spring 1981 - ENGL 374 Women Writers course materials: schedules (6), Exam #1 and flyer about the course

4/23: Spring 1982 - ENGL 374 Women Writers course materials: Required Textbooks form, Schedules (11), Exam #1 (9), and Final Exam (8)

4/24: Spring 1983 - ENGL 374 Women Writers course materials: schedules (4) and Exam #1 (6)

4/25: Spring 1985 - ENGL 374 Women Writers course materials: schedules (7), Exam #1 (6), and quiz #1: The Awakening (2)

4/26: Spring 1986 - ENGL 374 Women Writers course materials: handwritten note about course textbooks, student Course Drop sheet, schedules (5), Exam #1 (6), and Final Exam (5)

4/27: Spring 1987 - ENGL 374 Women Writers course materials: Schedule (4), revised class roster, Exam #1 (5) with handwritten note about grades and Final Exam (6)

4/28: Spring 1988 - ENGL 374 Women Writers course materials: Schedule (2), Class Rosters (3), Exam #1 (2), Mid-Term Exam #2 (5) with handwritten note about grading, Final Exam (9), and Student work titled "The Mulberry Tree"

4/29: Fall 1988 - ENGL 374 Women Writers course materials: Schedule (2), Exam #1 and Final Exam

4/30: Spring 1989-Fall 1989 - ENGL 374 Women Writers course materials: Schedule (5), Exam #1 (3), Mid-Term Exam #2 and Final Exam; Fall materials- Mid-term Exam #2 (4)

4/31: Spring 1990 - ENGL 374 Women Writers course materials: Schedule (5), and Exam #1 (4) with a handwritten note about grades

4/32: Spring 1992 - ENGL 374 Women Writers course materials: Schedule (10), Class Roster (2), Exam #1 (9) with handwritten notes about grading, Exam #2 (15) with note about grades, and Final Exam (9)

4/33: Spring 1988 - Syllabus for ENGL 351 Advanced Film

4/34: Syllabus for ENGL 228 American Literature 1865 to the Present taught by Dr. Mark Busby

4/35: Handwritten notes- Charlotte Bronte, Jane Eyre, George Eliot- The Mill on the Floss, Cather- My Antonia, Maya [Angelou]/Didion, and House of Mirth

4/36: Summer 1966 - Article- "The Cult of True Womanhood:1820-1860" by Barbara Welter from the American Quarterly Volume 18, Issue 2 p. 151-174

4/37: Book Chapter- "Good Country People" by Flannery O'Conner from Innocence and Experience: Fiction

4/38: Book Chapter- "A Piece of News" by Eudora Welty source unknown

4/39: September/October 1987 - Article- "Margaret Atwood" author unknown, from the Humanist (magazine)

4/40: January 22, 1989 - Article- "The Hand That Rocks the Cradle Writes the Book" by Ursula K. Le Guin publication source unknown; 3 copies

4/41: Book Chapter- Chap. XXVII "Nancy Stair"; source, author and title not known

4/42: Copy of poem titled "Jane Eyre" by Charlotte Bronte; source unknown; 6 copies

4/43: December 1986 - Article- "Entretien avec Toni Morrison Mai 1985" from Les Temps modernes No. 485

4/44: Copy of poem titled "Song" by Mary Lee, Lady of Chudleigh and "Elizabeth Elstob 1683-1756" source unknown

4/45: Handout titled "The Handmaid's Tale" 8 copies

4/46: June 1981 - Article- " Creators on Creating: Eudora Welty" by Scot Haller source unknown, seems to be pulled for a magazine

4/47: Newspaper Clippings- "Students' essays reveal sexism still prevalent" by Steven Doloff, and Peanuts comic clipping about "no Person's Land" source(s) unknown

4/48: Pages for book chapter/book titled " "Oh Dad, Poor, Dad': Sylvia Plath's Comic Exorcism" and the first page of chapter titled "Doing Away with Daddy: Exorcism and Sympathetic magic in Plath's Poetry" by Guinevara A. Nance and Judith P. Jones, source(s) unknown

4/49: March 1982 - Cartoon (comic)- " All About Men" by Nicole Hollander, source unknown

4/50: Book Chapter- "Margaret Drabble (1939- ): The Gift of War" from Women and Fiction

4/51: Document titled "Gertrude Stein"

4/52: Spring 1973 - Handouts for course "DGS Images of Women"- Bible excerpts

4/53: Aron Press Flyer "Works by Gertrude Stein"

4/54: Assorted women writers biographies and images taken from a planner, exact source unknown

4/55: Book Chapters- "Eudora Welty (b. 1901)" , "Joanna Russ (b. 1937)" and "Flannery O'Connor"; source unknown seems to be from the same book, all were stapled together

4/56: Spring 1985 - Alice James Books catalog

4/57: Book Chapter- "One Out of Twelve: Women Are Writers in Our Century" by Tillie Olsen, source not known

4/58: Fall and Summer 1996 - Syllabi for ENGL 412; 13 copies

4/59: Printout titled "Renaissance & 17th-Century"

4/60: Printout titled "The Elizabethan Theatre" by Hilda D. Spear

4/61: Printouts of various Renaissance Scenes

4/62: Fall 2004 - Course Materials for FILM 481 Senior Seminar: Post-Colonialism and Film- Syllabus (8), Class Roster, handwritten notes, and emails

4/63: Document titled "The Films of Jean-Pierre Bekolo- Quartier Mozart and Aristotle's Plot"

4/64: 1989 - Book Chapters- "Towards a critical theory of Third World films" and "Third Cinema as Guardian of Popular Memory: Towards a Third Aesthetics" by Teshome H. Gabriel; and "The Third Cinema Question: Notes and Reflections" by Paul Willemen form Questions & Third Cinema Ed. Jim Pines and Paul Willemen

4/65: 1994 - Book Chapter- "Chapter 11: The National" and "The Third Cinema Question" from Looks and Frictions: Essays in Cultural Studies and Film Theory by Paul Willemen

4/66: 1982 - Book Chapter- "The Major Themes in Third Cinema" from Third Cinema in the Third World The Aesthetics of Liberation by Teshome H. Gabriel; 3 copies

4/67: Book Chapter- "On Ethnographic Authority" source unknown

4/68: 1994 - Book Chapters- "The Commitment to Theory" and "Interrogating Identity" from The location of culture by Homi K. Bhabha

4/69: Autumn 1988 - Article- "White" by Richard Dyer from Screen, Vol. 29, No. 4

4/70: 1987 - Book Chapter- "Third Cinema" from Third World Film Making and the West by Roy Armes

4/71: Spring 2004, 2005 - Syllabi for ENGL/FILM 481: Post-Colonial Africa and East Asia in Literature and Film (3)

4/72: Emails with attached handout for the film of the week- "Guelwaar & Questions", "City of God", "Wedding in Galilee" and "Breaker Morant"

4/73: Printout of biographies of "Mira Nair", "Satyajit Ray" and interview of "Peter Weir"

4/74: Printouts of film summaries and information- "Once Were Warriors" with handwritten notes, "Mapantsula (Hustler)" , "The Harder They Come" with a handwritten note, "Z (movie)" and "Charulata (The Lonely Wife)"

4/75: Printouts of information about South Africa and Zimbabwe sources unknown

4/76: Spring 1992 - Flyer and Syllabus for ENGL 1595: Introduction to "third World" Literatures in English

4/77: Summer 1995 - Course Materials for ENGL 481: Gender and Colonialism- syllabus (5) and Essay #1 prompt handout

4/78: Book Chapters- "Introduction" author unknown and "First Things First: Problems of Feminist Approach to African Literature" by Kristen Holst Petersen; source unknown

4/79: Book Chapter- "The blackness of blackness: a critique of the sign and the Signifying Monkey" by Henry Louis Gates, Jr. source unknown

4/80: Book Chapter- "Authority, (White) Power and the (Black) Critic: It's All Greek to Me by Henry Louis Gates, Jr. source unknown

4/81: Book Chapter- "Three Women's Text and a Critique of Imperialism" by Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak source unknown

4/82: Biography and critique of Edward W. Said from two different sources, source unknown

4/83: Biography for Chinua Achebe, source unknown

4/84: 1986 - Photocopy of pages from "Aura" by Carlos Fuentes, edited by Peter Standish

4/85: Article- "Alone in the World" by James Marcus, with original and copy of it; seems to be from a magazine, source unknown

4/86: April 1995 - Article- " 'Midnight's Children' and the Allegory of History" by Neil Ten Kortenaar, from ARIEL Vol. 26 No. 2

4/87: April 1994 - Article- Salman Rushdie's 'Use and Abuse of History' in "Midnight's Children'" by David W. Price from ARIEL Vol. 25 no. 2

4/88: January - February 1996 - Printout of emails regarding Reading Response questions and suggestions

4/89: Spring 1991 - Syllabus - English 314 Renaissance Non-Dramatic Literature, 7 copies

4/90: Handout English 314 "Lauro Martines has described Italian humanism in the following way…", 3 copies

4/91: Fall 1991 - ENGL 314 Exam #1, 12 copies

4/92: Spring 1987 - Syllabus for ENGL 614: Studies in the Renaissance: Non-dramatic Literature, 2 copies

4/93: Fall 1977 - Syllabus ENGL 614 Studies in the Renaissance: Non-dramatic Literature, 4 copies; and Final Examination: Take Home Questions, 2 copies

4/94: 1984 - Book Chapters- "Print Culture: The Renaissance" and "Broken Images" from Ideas and Ideals in the North European Renaissance by Frances Yates

4/95: Hand drawn plot map of "The Faerie Queene" by Edmund Spenser includes a depiction of all 6 books and multiple copies of just book one and two; Original and 3 copies

4/96: Book Chapter- "Singing Unsung Heroines: Androgynous Discourse in Book 3 of The Faerie Queene" by Lauren Silberman; Source unknown

4/97: Blank pages of yellow legal pad

4/98: Book Chapter- "Stella's Wit: Penelope Rich as Reader of Sidney's Sonnets" by Clark Hulse; 3 copies; source unknown

4/99: January 13, 1987 - Copy of letter about the 36th annual South-Central Renaissance Conference

4/100: Handwritten memo to Dr. Andreadis; Three articles from the International Journal of Women's Studies: "Some Selected Aspects of the Role of Women in Sixteenth Century England" by Caroline S. Andre (Vol. 4, No. 1); "From Plato to Jung: Centuries of educational inequality" by L. Green Smith (Vol. 60, No.1, Fall 1981); and "Reconstructing our Past: Reflections on Tudor Women" by Minna F. Weinstein (Vol. 1, No. 2)

4/101: Handout- "Edward's Sacred Blood" The Descendants of Edward III", family tree document

4/102: Handout- "Renaissance Backgrounds: A Chronological Outline"

4/103: Handout- "Doctorial Differences in 16th Century Theology"

4/104: Handouts (3)- "Characteristics of the Sonnet: Spenser, Sidney, Shakespeare, Milton"; "The Lady Geraldine" and "Some Motives and Methods- Common Property among Renaissance Poets"

4/105: Essay or handout- "The Oration"

4/106: September 1977 - Student work from ENGL 614- Biography and Bibliography of major works of various authors

4/107: Handout- "English 614- Studies in the Renaissance: Nondramatic Literature"; 2 copies of a syllabus, 2 copies of an Exam and 2 copies of the Final Exam

4/108: Book Chapter- "Introduction" source and author unknown and document titled "The Courtier"

4/109: Fall 1991 - Course Schedule ENGL 619- Shakespeare, 8 copies

4/110: Printout of book search request over the topic of Shakespeare

4/111: September 1991 - Student work- a book report and part of complete work cited pages

4/112: Handout ENGL 314- "Brief Essay #1", 7 copies

4/113: Spring 1995 - Syllabus ENGL 314 Renaissance Non-Dramatic Literature, 2 copies

4/114: Handout- ENGL 394 Gay/Lesbian Lit.: "Brief Essay #1", 5 copies

4/115: Spring 1997 - Syllabus ENGL 314 Renaissance Non-Dramatic Literature, 7 copies and 2 class roster

4/116: Documents- Bibliography and "Important Discoveries", source unknown

4/117: Photocopy of page 98 of "Of the Anatomy" source and date unknown

4/118: Photocopy of "The Contents of Sir Theodore Mayern's Rare Secrets in Midwifery" and "The Complete Midwife's Practice Enlarged. If the genitals, or vessels dedicated to Generation in men and women", just the cover page nothing else on both documents, source unknown

4/119: Photocopy- "Two Cantos of Mutabilitie: Which, both for Forme and Matter, appears to be a parcel of some following Booke of the Faerie Queene, Vnder the Legend of Constancie"

4/120: 1995 - Article- "A Taste for Newfangledness: The Destructive Potential of Novelty in Early Modern England" by Sara Warneke from Sixteenth Century Journal Vol. 26 No. 4

4/121: Book Chapters- "Matteo Ricci: A Chronology" and beginning of "One: Building the Palace" from The Memory Palace of Matteo Ricci by Jonathan D. Spence

4/122: Book Chapter- Various Sonnets from Various poets and authors, source unknown

4/123: Handout- "Renaissance Background: A Chronological Outline", 5 copies

4/124: Handout of Renaissance images of astronomy and human anatomy

4/125: Book Chapter- "Amoretti and Epithalamion' From Amoretti", with handwritten notes Source unknown; 2 copies

4/126: Handout- "A Phelan Matrix Analysis of John Donne's 'Satires" with print out of book cover of "Satires"

4/127: Handwritten notes over the Fairy Queene and various books and author used for Renaissance course

4/128: October 2004 - Harriet's edits of a student's draft titled "Prospectus"

4/129: Fall 2004 - Syllabus ENGL 614- English Renaissance Non-Dramatic Literature, 7 copies

4/130: Handwritten notes

4/131: Copy poem titled "the call of the wild[erness]"

4/132: Spring 2004 - Course Documents ENGL 312: Shakespeare- Syllabus (6), class roster, Exam #1 (12), Final Exam schedule, and important dates

4/133: Photocopy of pages from "The nauigations, peregrinations and voyages, made into Turkie by Nicholas Nicholay Daulphinois, Lord of Arfeuile, chamberlaine and geographer ordinarie to the King of Fraunce conteining sundry singularities which the author hath there seene and obserued: deuided into foure bookes, with threescore figures, naturally set forth as well of men as women, according to the diuersitie of nations, their port, intreatie, apparrell, lawes, religion and maner of liuing, aswel in time of warre as peace: with diuers faire and memorable histories, happened in our time. Translated out of the French by T. Washington the younger." Book dated 1585 reprint dated 1968

4/134: Summer 2002 - Course Documents ENGL 312: Shakespeare- Syllabus (5), Assignment #1 (8), and final quiz (7)

4/135: Fall 1981 - Course Documents ENGL 312: Shakespeare- Syllabus (15), Reading Quiz #1 (17), Final Exam: Take-Home Preparation (6)

4/136: Photocopy of various pages - pages from "The Gods on Mount Olympus" and page that appears to be from an encyclopedia

4/137: October 14, 1981 - Copy of ENGL 212 (501) midterm exam Part B with handwritten quote and analysis, author unknown (not Harriett's writing)

4/138: Handout- The Royal Genealogy of England, 1154-1625

4/139: Photocopy of chapter/section- "A Note on Shakespeare's English" from the chapter titled General Introduction, source unknown, 2 copies

Personal Documents and Women's Studies Materials

15/1: Spring 1973 - Women Writers/374 course Materials

15/2: 1981-1985 - "Kuche, Kinder, uno Kirrche" in the Mid-Nineteenth Century America: A study of Some Unpublished Dairies of Texas Frontier Women by A. Harriette Andreadis - drafts, edits and manuscript

15/3: 1991-1993 - Personal and academic letters

15/4: November 19, 1993 - Drive-in for Diversity 5th Annual Conference Schedule

15/5: Winter 1998 - NWSAction Vol. 1 No. 4 and copy of HA article from same issue

15/6: 1987-1988 - Proceedings of the PMR Conference Volume 12/13

15/7: 1991 - Journal of the History of Sexuality article manuscript and letters from the journal regarding the article

15/8: 1991 - Handout for the Reference Resources in Gay and Lesbian Studies

15/9: 1987 SCN Abstract

15/10: 1987 NWSA

15/11: 1982 and 1984 - Letters regarding research and book publication for the Sanctie book

15/12: Sanctie Book Research Materials

15/13: 1985 Dossier

15/14: 1977 Chum Reviews

15/15: 1992 IGHLS

15/16: Christmas cards from students and handwritten unlabeled notes

15/17: Fall 1986 - Proposed Program in Women's Studies: Report of the Deans' Ad Hoc Committee on Women's Studies College of Liberal Arts, Texas A&M University

15/18: 1984 - HA Review of The English Moore; or, The Mock-Marriage by Richard Brome

15/19: 1983 - The Woman's Commonwealth: Utopia in the Nineteenth Century Texas by HA, a photocopy of her article to appear in Women in Search of Utopia

15/20: 1984 - Review of comedy Mother Bombie edited by HA

15/21: Untitled rough draft of article about teaching women's studies in the Bible Belt and peer-review and recommendation for the article

15/22: 1977 - Letter about HA promotion to tenure

15/23: 1983-1984 - Academic letters

15/24: 1984 - Letters about HA appointment to the Committee on the Status of Women for the Faculty Senate of Texas A&M University

15/25: HA proposal for volume tentatively entitled Voices of Texas Women: A Compilation from the Private Writings of Women in Mid-Nineteenth Century

15/26: 1982 - Do Chloe and Olivia have a Future?: A Proposal for the Feminist Pedagogy and Peer Relations by A. Harriette Andreadis Manuscript for NAWDAC

15/27: 1984 Promotion Dossier- Part One

15/28: 1984 Promotion Dossier- Part Two

15/29: Spring 1983 - Journal of the National Association for Women Deans, Administrators & Counselors Volume 46, No. 3

15/30: Harriette Andreadis English Department Texas A&M University: Manual of Selected Materials Documenting Professional Competencies

15/31: 2002 - Programs for Cushing Memorial Library and Archives exhibit entitled- Intended For All: 125 Years of Women at Texas A&M University

15/32: Winter 1984 - Lesbian Herstory Archives

15/33: 1967, 1968, 1985, 1988, 1990 - Personal Letters

15/34: 1992-1993 - Academic Letter

15/35: Photocopy- "A tipe or figure of friendship. Wherein is liuelie, and compendiouslie expressed, the right nature and propertie of a perfect and true friend. Also a conclusion at the end in the praise of friendship." Written by. W.D.; 2 copies

15/36: Book Chapter- "The Body of the Friend: Continuity and Change in Masculine Friendship in the Seventeenth Century" by Alan Bray and Michel Rey from English Masculinities 1660-1800 by Tim Hitchcock and Michele Cohen

15/37: Book Chapter- "Introduction" by Tim Hitchcock and Michele Cohen from English Masculinities 1660-1800 by Tim Hitchcock and Michele Cohen

15/38: Book Chapter- "Homosexuality and the Signs of Male Friendship in Elizabethan England" by Alan Bray from Queering the Renaissance. Ed. Jonathan Goldberg

15/39: Photocopy- William Shakespeare's sonnets original source unknown

15/40: Summer 1993 - Article- " 'Manly Sweetness': Katherine Philips among the Neoclassicals" by Paula Loscocco from the Huntington Library Quarterly Vol. 56, No. 3

15/41: 1985 - Photocopy- Introduction, Chapter One, Chapter Two from "Between Men: English Literature and Male Homosocial Desire" by Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick

15/42: Book Chapter- "Undoing the Histories of Homosexuality" from Queer/Early/Modern by Carla Freccero

15/43: October 2005 - Article- "The Changing Profession Queering History" by Johnathan Goldberg and Madhavi Menon from PMLA Vol. 120 No. 5

15/44: Photocopy- Pages from "Elizabeth I: Collected Works" edited by Leah S. Marcus, Janel Mueller, and Mary Beth Rose

15/45: 1990 - Photocopy- Pages from "Gender Trouble: Feminism and the Subversion of Identity" by Judith butler published by Routledge

15/46: Summer 1998 - Article "Forgetting Foucault: Acts, Identities, and the History of Sexuality" by David M. Halperin from "representations" number 63

15/47: Photocopy pages from "The History of Sexuality Volume I: An Introduction" by Michel Foucault translated from the French by Robert Hurley

Research Materials and Manuscript Copy

12/1: 2000 - Edits to the manuscript of "Sappho in Early Modern England" by HA, includes emails and faxes to the editor Erin

12/2: July 27, 1999 - Contract for "Sappho in Early Modern England" and two copies of Harriette Andreadis' Curriculum Vitae (CV)

12/3: Photocopies of various book chapters- "Historicizing Patriarchy: the Emergence of Gender Difference in England, 1660-1760" By Michael McKeon; "The Fiction of Preciosite and the Fear of Women" by Domna C. Stanton; " 'Lesbian' Subjectivity in Realism: Dragging at the Margins of Structure and Ideology" By Jill Dolan; "La Couronne et la Lyre" Poemes Trasuits Du Grec by Marguerite Yourcenar (note it is in French); "Desire and Domestic Fiction: A Political History of the Novel" by Nancy Armstrong

12/4: Handwritten notes about "Sappho in Early Modern England"

12/5: 2000 - Letters and faxes to The Folgers Shakespeare Library about using illustrations from them for "Sappho in Early Modern England", photocopies of the book's illustrations, and fax about payment

12/6: 2000 - Letter from Erin DeWitt about the edits for "Sappho in Early Modern England", style sheet and author questionnaire

12/7: 2000 - Permission emails and letters for materials used in "Sappho in Early Modern England"

12/8: July 24, 2000 - Letter from publisher about author questionnaire, a blank author questionnaire and edits of book summary

12/9: Letter from The Folgers Shakespeare Library including photocopies of illustrations for the book

12/10: January-February 2000 - Publisher and Reader's Reports on "Sappho in Early Modern England" manuscript

12/11: Miscellaneous items: Notes-N-Quotes business card and blank note pad

12/12: Definitions of various words

12/13: Photocopy of microfilm copy of "The Gentleman's Calling" by R. Norton from 1687

12/14: 1997 - Photocopy of a page from "Slavery, English Servitude, and The Comedy of Errors" by Maurice Hunt; appeared in the English Literary Renaissance Journal Volume 27 Number 1 Winter 1997

12/15: Photocopy of pages from " Poems On Several Occasions" source unknown

12/16: 1993 - Photocopy of pages from "Poems by Ephelia (circa 1679): The Premier Facsimile Edition on the Collected Manuscript and Published Poems with a Critical Essay and Apparatus by Maureen E. Mulvihill"

12/17: Photocopy of journal: Representations Number 63 Summer 1998

12/18: 1998 - Photocopy of book pages from "In Praise of Scribes: Manuscripts and their Makers in Seventeenth-Century England" by Peter Beal

12/19: 1999-2000 - Research materials relating to the terms "Ovid" and "Metamorphoses" including various printouts, translations and faxes about the various materials

12/20: Research materials about Ovid including handwritten notes and photocopies of documents - "Domitics in Sappho Ovid" dated 1538; "Domitics in Sappho Ovid" dated 1543; "Heroycall Epustles" by Ovid dated 1569; "Epistola XV" dated 1702; "Sappho to Phaon" dated 1869

12/21: Handwritten notes on First English edition of Sappho and photocopy documents: "Recognized, and Tine" dated 1556 (note document is in Greek); "The Works of Anacreon, and Sapphon" dated 1713; and "Queens, and Illustrious Women" translated from the French edition by Monfieur De Scudery dated 1714

12/22: Friendship- Collection of photocopy book chapters: "Reflections on Motifs in Van Dyck's Portraits" by Zirka Zaremba Filipczak; "One Soul Bodies Twain: Friendship in Tudor Literature and Stuart Drama" by Luarens J. Mills; "Patriarchal Structures in Shakespeare's Drama" by Peter Erickson; copy of Sir Kenelm Digby Memories, author and true title not written on document itself

12/23: Friendship Emblems- Print out titled "Rankende Gewachse" 4 copies and "Symbola et Emblemata (Nurnberg 1590 bis 1604) by Joachim Camerarius

12/24: Handwritten sticky notes located stuck in the inside empty file folder

12/25: Copies of materials written by Richard Brathwait: "The English Gentleman" from the English Experience No. 717- 2 copies, "The English Gentlewoman" from the English Experience Number 215; and "Textual Intercourse: Collaboration, authorship, and sexualities in Renaissance drama

12/26: Copy of "John Crowne: His Life and Dramatic Works" by Arthur Franklin White, Ph. D., a document titled "Callisto" 2 copies and a cover page of a fax

12/27: Copies of materials written by Thomas Heywood: "The Escape of Jupiter", "The Golden and Silver Ages. Two Plays.", and "'Troia Britanica or, Great Britaines Troy"; "Thomas Heywood (1573 or 1574 - August 1641" by Peter Davison

12/28: Copy of "Margaret Cavendish Plays with Shakespeare" by Jeanne Addison Roberts and copy of "Plays, Never before Printed" written by Princesses, The Duchess of Newcastle from 1668

12/29: October 8, 1999 - Copy of edits and letter to readers about the manuscript for "Sappho"

12/30: Copy of "The Complete Letters of Lady Mary Wortley Montagu Volume I 1708-1720" Edited by Robert Halsband and copy of pages from "Turkish Embassy Letters" by Lady Mary Wortley Montagu

12/31: Microfilm copy of: "The Four Epistles of A.G. Busbequius, Concerning his Embassy in to Turkey" by Ogier Ghislain de Busbecq from 1694

12/32: Article- "The Unaccountable Wife and Other Tales of Female Desire in Jane Barker's A Patch-Work Screen for the Ladies" by Kathryn R. King from The English Century Volume 35, number 2, 1994

12/33: Copy of Poems by Jane Barker from 1688 (title not in HA copy) with Context of Matches

12/34: Handwritten notes about her article "Early Modern Lesbianisms: The Case of John Crowne's Calisto,1674/5" with 2 different copies and/or drafts of the article

12/35: Copy of "The Generall Historie of Women: of the most holy, and prophane, the most famous and infamous in all ages" by T.H. Gent [i.e. Thomas Heywood] from 1657

12/36: Article- "Indecent Liberties with a Poet: Audience and the Metaphor of Rape in Killigrew's "Upon the saying with my Verses" and Pope's Arbuthnot" by Kristina Straub; Various poems 4; And printouts of Anne Killigrew (1660-1685) collection of poems

12/37: Copy of "Poems by Eminent Ladies: Particularly Mrs. Barber [etc.]" Edited by Bonnell Thornton and George Colman from the Folgers Shakespeare Library

12/38: Documents on Edward Howard- poem "Fricatrices: or She upon a She." And biography of Edward Howard

12/39: Copy of "Athenaeus/The Deipnosophists" with English translation by Charles Burton Gulick, PH.D. Volume I of VII (in both Greek and English)

12/40: 1985 - Copy of article- "Sodomitical Subcultures, Sodomitical Roles, and the Gender Revolution of the Eighteenth Century: The Recent Historiography" by Randolph Trumbach

12/41: Full-Text Copy- "Monck, Mary: Marinda. Poems and Translations upon Several Occasions (1716)"

12/42: 1995 - Copy of- "Astrea" by Honore D'Urfe, Translated, with an introductory essay by Steven Rendall

12/43: Full-text copy: "Poems upon several occasions" by Mary Leapor, dated 1748; with notepad

12/44: Full-text copy: "Poems upon several occasions the second and last volume" by the late Mary Leapor, dated 1751

12/45: Copy of- "Fatal friendship a tragedy, as it is acted at the New-Theatre in Little-Lincolns-Inn-Fields" by Catharine Trotter dated 1689

12/46: Copy of "Agnes de Castro a tragedy, as it is acted at the Theatre Royal by His Majesty's servants" by Catharine Trotter dated 1696

12/47: 1993 - Copy- "Writing Women in Jacobean England" by Barbara Kiefer Lewalski

12/48: 1992 - Article copy- "Female Trouble in the Colonial Harem" by Emily Apter

12/49: 1995 - Article copy- "The Hermaphrodite and the Orders of Nature: Sexual Ambiguity in Early Modern France" by Lorraine Daston and Katharine Park from Lesbian and Gay Studies Volume 1 Number 4

12/50: 1996 - Article Copy- "Redefining Sex in Eighteenth-Century England" by Tim Hitchcock from History Workshop Journal Issue 41

12/51: 1989 - Book Chapter- "Amor Veneris, vel Dulcedo Appeletur" by Thomas W. Laqueur from Fragments for a History of the Human Body Volume 3 edited by Michael Feher et al.

12/52: 1994 - Book Chapter- " 'Sorts of People' in Tudor and Stuart England" by Keith Wrightson from The Middling of Sort of People: Culture, Society and Politics in England, 1550-1800 edited by Jonathan Barry and Christopher Brooks

12/53: 1988 - Article Copy- "Reading Social Conflict in the Alimentary Renaissance Drama" by Frank Whigham from ELH Volume 55

12/54: 1987 - Book Chapter- "Sappho, Souls, and the Salic Law of Wit" by Jocelyn Harris from Anticipations of the Enlightenment in England, France and Germany edited by Alan C. Kors and Paul J. Korshin

12/55: 1995 - Book Chapter- "The Ecstasies of Saint Teresa: The Saint as Queer Diva from Crashaw to Four Saints in Three Acts" by Corinne E. Blackmer from En Travest: Women, Gender Subversion, Opera edited by Corinne E. Blackmer and Patricia Juilana Smith

Research Materials for Women's Studies and English

14/1: August 2003 - Pathways to discovery: College of Liberal Arts Annual Magazine

14/2: January 1994 - Christopher Street Issue 209

14/3: 2001 - Reviews of Sappho in Early Modern England by Hariette Andreadis

14/4: February 2003 - Programs for Eve Ensler's "The Vagina Monologues" for VDAY until the violence stops

14/5: 2005 - Kolodny and "The Fate of Lesbian Feminism in the 21st Century Academy"

14/6: 2000 - Self-Study 2000 Gay & Lesbian Caucus Self-study for MLA

14/7: 2003 - 9L Caucus- MLA '03

14/8: Fall/Winter 2003 - LGSN Volume 30 Number 3-the final issue- (3 Copies)

14/9: March 1995 - LGSN Volume 22 Number 1

14/10: November 1994 - LGSN Volume 21 Number 2

14/11: November 1994 - Women in the Renaissance Newsletter Number 4

14/12: Lesbians and Gay Men in Society, History and Literature

14/13: July 1994 - LGSN Volume 21 Number 2

14/14: Spring 2012 - Andreadis ENGL/WGST 333 Course Packet

14/15: July 13, 2005 - Accepted Article for Studies in English Literature 1500-1900, and article copy titled "Performance, Performativity and Identity in Margaret Cavendish's The Convent of Pleasure"

14/16: Essay Titled "Sexual And Textual Indeterminacy: Sapphic Representation During the Eighteenth Century" with notes

14/17: June 16, 2005 - Article for the Restoration acceptance letter and copy of article with notes "Panting Sentinels: Eroticism, Politics and Redemptions in Katherine Philips's Friendship Verses"

14/18: February 1987 - Paperwork for Summer Research Grant, Title of Project: Voices of Texas Women: Private Writing in the Mid-Nineteenth Century

14/19: April 23, 1986 - Letter and notes regarding interview of ancestor of Martha McWhirter by Belton Sanctificationists Interest Group for HA's Voices of Texas Women research

14/20: Gale Wilhelm essay by HA and research materials including bibliography, and book reviews

14/21: 1993 - Letters regarding publication in Gay and Lesbian Literary Heritage titled "Postmodernism" and other articles to appear in the same journal "Mackay, John Henry (1864-1933)" by Herbert Kennedy and "South Asian Literature" by Emmanuel S. Nelson

14/22: 1995 - Proposal by the SCMLA to HA to speak at panel with the overall theme "Queer Erotics, Queer Pornographic" and HA topic of "Erotic Significations of Lesbianism in Vampire Narratives"

14/23: 1994 - Letters and various documents about the formation of the Society for the Study of Early Modern Women (SS EMW)

14/24: 1994 - Abstract for article titled "The Erotics of Female Friendship in Early Modern England" and emails between Harriette and Jane Donawerth about the abstract

14/25: 1995 - English 3000 Queer Theory course outline and emails about adding this course to the University of Colorado Boulder

14/26: December 4, 1992 - Email to Marco Portales from HA about "Sappho in Early Modern England"

14/27: 1993 - Department Research Award for Fall '94 and Spring '95

14/28: 1993 - Graduate Studies course topic "Gender and Sexuality in Renaissance Drama" schedule and emails about the course to be taught in 1993

14/29: 1995 - Aggie Hostel documents and program

14/30: 2005 - Essay: "Re-Configuring Early Modern Friendship: Katherine Philips and Homoerotic Desire" with flyer and email about presenting the topic and The Center for the Studies of Cultures Early Modern Reading Group at Rice University

14/31: 2004 - Emails about the promotion of Margaret J. M. Ezell to Distinguished Professor and the department Research Fund

14/32: 2004 - Email and information about HA judging the SCMLA Women's Studies Research Prize

14/33: Essay, "Sappho" by HA, rejection for publication by the SECC with Contributor Agreement

14/34: December 20, 2004 - HA's edits of essay entitled "Katharine Philips, Orinda, and the Importance of Names" for the Tulsa Studies in Women's Literature"

14/35: December 13, 2004 - HA's edits of essay entitled "Strategies of Containment: Presentations of variant sexuality in early modern literature" for SEL

14/36: Photocopy of play entitled "Candlebearer"

14/37: HA's edits of essay entitled "interpretive Risks in Macbeth, Act One" by Sean McDowell

14/38: Copy of essay entitled "Cleopatra Anadyomene: Shakespeare's Competition with Classical Painting in Anton and Cleopatra" by Marguerite Tassi

14/39: 2004 Memos

14/40: Fall 2003 Memos

14/41: Essay, Friends and Family: Displaced Agency in the Letters of Katherine Philips to Sir Charles Cottrell by HA

14/42: 2006 - Book chapter by HA entitled "Erotics versus sexualities: Current science and readings of female same-sex relations" final copies, two rough drafts and documents about permission from The Cartoon Bank for images to be used in the book

14/43: July 22-25, 2004 - Queer People: Negotiations and Expressions of Homosexuality, 1580-1850 Conference at Christ's College, Cambridge conference schedule and emails regarding HA attendance at the conference

14/44: 2001 - SAA seminar on "Early Modern English Texts and History of Sexuality", schedule, HA working paper titled "Consolidating Early Moderns Sexual Categories: Hermaphrodites and other Deviants" draft with responses, and emails about the seminar and the speaker's abstracts/topics; copy of speaker Terssa Lyle's paper titled " Competing Masculinities in Jacobean England: The Agency and Challenge of Effeminacy"

14/45: Essay titled "Erotics vs. Sexualities?: Problems in Definition and Early Modern Same-Sex Relations" with edits

14/46: 1992-1993 - Lesbian/Gay Rights Lobby of Texas- various documents including board meet minutes, fundraising/finances and letters

14/47: 1994 Europride Program

14/48: Copy of V.T.C.A., Health & Safety Code s 85.201

14/49: 1992-1993 - Bylaws Lesbian/Gay Rights Lobby of Texas- August 1992; November 1992 and July 1993

14/50: November 1992 - LGRL By-Laws Changes

14/51: 1992 - Letter to Representative Wilson regarding homophobic remarks made by Cornell X and response from the Log Cabin Republicans of Texas; and letter from Dan Morals regarding the letter HA sent about Morales et al vs. State of Texas

14/52: December 16, 1991 - Copy of article from Fortune magazine entitled "Gay in Corporate America"

14/53: Flyers from the Gay and Lesbian Student Service of Texas A&M regarding Stopping Anti-Gay Discrimination in the Military-3 copies

14/54: Menu for the Roadkill Café: You Kill it We Grill It!-8 copies

14/55: Copy of Handout in English and Spanish titled "Safer Sex Guidelines for Women"

14/56: October 1991 - The New Vision: Lesbian Newsletter Vol. 4, No. 6

14/57: February 7, 1992 - Copy of article from The New York Times titled "Reflecting Social Change, Law Firms Step Up Recruitment of Homosexuals"

14/58: Newspapers clippings about lesbian group meetings and publications- Unknown source and date

14/59: October 13, 1993 - The Texas Triangle Vol.2, Number 1

14/60: 1992 - Inventions to the Wrecking "Ball" and to a legislative forum for Lesbian/Gay Rights of Texas

14/61: January 1994 - Newspaper- The Women's Review of Books Vol. XI, No. 4 January 1994; Highlighted article "Reconstructive Criticism" by Meryl Altman

14/62: 1993 - Letters and emails about UT Austin hosting "Seizing the Moment: The Fourth Annual Graduate Student Conference on Lesbian, Transgender, Bisexual and Gay studies"

14/63: 1993 and 1994 - Internet Resources handouts on Usenet Newsgroups, Network Navigation Tools, and for conducting research in Queer Studies

14/64: November-December 1993 - Newspaper article from the Stanford Observer title "English professor brings 'ghostly' lesbians into clearer view" by Mary Ann Seawell; focuses on Stanford professor Terry Castles

14/65: Schedule and reading list for Early Twentieth Century Seminar

14/66: Reading list for Final Examination for Chris Alexander topic Black (Homo)sexuality

14/67: Spring 2013 - Course packet ENGL 374

14/68: Spring 2009 - Course Packet EGNL/FILM 481 Postcolonial Literature and Film- Senior Seminar

14/69: Fall 1999 - Course Packet ENGL 645 The Erotics of Female Friendship in Literature

14/70: Course Packet ENGL 481

14/71: 1998 - Feminist Readings Group- a collection of feminist articles

14/72: Summer 1996 - Course Packet ENGL 412

14/73: September 1, 1998 - Article titled "Coming Out in Margaret Cavendish's Closet Dramas: Desire and Prodigious Discourse in "Plays Written by …the Lady Marchioness of Newcastle (1662) and Plays, Never Before Printed"; HA review of article for Signs

14/74: Fall 1996 - The Harvard Gay & Lesbian Review Volume II, Number 4, with highlighted essay by HA titled "Holy Kisses for All" by Martin Connell

14/75: October 3, 1997 - Essay titled "Theorizing Early Modern Lesbianisms: Invisible Borders, Ambiguous Demarcations" by Harriette Andreadis with edits

14/76: August 14, 1997 - Essay draft titled "Theorizing Early Modern Lesbianisms: Invisible Borders, Ambiguous Demarcations" by Harriette Andreadis and letter from Shawn Maurer

14/77: April 22, 1997 - Application and acceptance letter for Ana Martinez into HA's UROP project

14/78: 1997 - The City: Four Moods by Harry P. Kroitor a collection of poems and signed by the author

14/79: 1989 - Copy of essay that appeared in Signs Vol. 15 No. 11 "The Sapphic-Platonics of Katherine Philips, 1632-1664" by Harriette Andreadis

14/80: July 22-25, 2004 - Queer People: Negotiations and Expressions of Homosexuality, 1580- 1850 at Christ's College, Cambridge includes program and flyers given out at event about the lectures or books

14/81: Winter 2001 - Gay and Lesbian Studies book list from Chicago Press, and images on paper copied

Various Documents and Research Materials

5/1: January 1972 - July 1973 - Part One- Various materials regarding Harriette Andreadis' court case against California State University, Hayward

5/2: July 1969 - March 1974 - Part Two- Various materials regarding Harriette Andreadis' court case against California State University, Hayward

5/3: September 1974 - June 1976 - Trial briefs and court documents for Harriette Andreadis, et al. vs. Trustees of The California State University and Colleges, et al.

5/4: Article- "The Andreadis Case" by Bill Reuter from the UPC Newsletter; 3 copies

5/5: 1974: "Either/or? Both/And? Collective Bargaining and Academic Senates" by Eric Solomon

5/6: 1972-1973 - Early documents in Harriette Andreadis' grievance

5/7: Newspaper Article- "Fresno Philosophy Professor Wins in Federal District Court" source and author unknown

5/8: June 5, 1974 - Newspaper Article- "Hearing Ordered for Fired Professors" from the Oakland Tribune, author unknown; 2 copies

5/9: Summer 1988 - NWSAction Vol. 2, No. 2

5/10: 1988 - Letter about publishing HA article titled "Women's Studies Programs: A Brief Survey" with 2 copies of the article

5/11: 1987 - Two copies of Letter from NWSA Journal regarding HA paper titled "Women's Studies Programs in the United States: An institutional Profile" with readers' comments, and multiple copies on essay

5/12: September and November 1987 - Letters asking for copies of HA paper titled "Women's Studies Programs in the United States: An institutional Profile"

5/13: 1986 - Alphabetical ID List for Women's Studies Programs 1986 Questionnaire Data with handwritten notes

5/14: July 12, 1987 - Copy letter sent by HA with a copy of her paper titled "Women's Studies Programs in the United States: An institutional Profile" with tables attached

5/15: 1986 - Academic letters ask for Harriette's guidance on criteria for formation of Women Studies Program/or courses, handwritten notes about A&M program and empty envelopes

5/16: Spring-Summer 1987 - NWSA Perspectives -The Women of Color Issue Vol. 5, No. 3 with handout for The National Council for Research on Women

5/17: July 9, 1987 - Letter from Suzanna Rose to Harriette Andreadis about meeting at the NWSA conference

5/18: 1976 - Book Chapters- "Preface", "Introduction" from A Classification of Institutions of Higher Education

5/19: Two copies of HA paper titled "Women's Studies Programs in the United States: An institutional Profile", both with edits

5/20: Handwritten notes on Universities research used for "Women's Studies Programs in the United States…"

5/21: Sample Questionnaire of "Women's Studies Programs: How are they structured? How are they implemented?"

5/22: May 8, 1987 - Letter regarding the NWSA '87 conference presentation with HA abstract for "Women's Studies Programs in the United States: An institutional Profile"

5/23: Part one - Statistical Analysis System used for Questionnaire data for "Women's Studies Programs in the United States: An institutional Profile"

5/24: Part two - Statistical Analysis System used for Questionnaire data for "Women's Studies Programs in the United States: An institutional Profile"

5/25: Transparences of the Statistical Analysis System data used for the Questionnaire for "Women's Studies Programs in the United States: An institutional Profile"

5/26: Note about correcting mistakes and rerunning the Statistical Analysis System data

5/27: Part One- Original questionnaire responses for "Women's Studies Programs in the United States: An institutional Profile"

5/28: Part Two- Original questionnaire responses for "Women's Studies Programs in the United States: An institutional Profile"

5/29: 1987 - Part One- Data from Statistical Analysis System for each University involved in the questionnaire for "Women's Studies Programs in the United States: An institutional Profile

5/30: 1987 - Part Two- Data from Statistical Analysis System for each University involved in the questionnaire for "Women's Studies Programs in the United States: An institutional Profile

5/31: 1987 - Part Three- Data from Statistical Analysis System for each University involved in the questionnaire for "Women's Studies Programs in the United States: An institutional Profile

5/32: Section 3- Community Building Activities: Part B, documents "Indian women in Texas"

5/33: Section 5- Education: Part A Woman's' education in Texas, Part F Pioneer teachers Journals, Part G, Part H, and Visuals Catalogues Bulletins

5/34: Section 7- "Slavery Parte", "Negro Education…", "Slavery…Concept paper, Brewer", and "Black Women Concept paper, Brewer"

5/35: Section 10- "Indian Women Pt. A"

5/36: Section 16- "Dallas Women Manuscript, Scott"

5/37: Section 17- "Civil War Period", "To Wear a City's Crown, Wheeler", and "The Lady and the Mill Girl Learner"

5/38: Section 19- "Overview of Labor"

5/39: Section 22- "Cattle and Ranching Pt. A" and "Pioneer, Cattle, Ranching"

5/40: Section 24- "Work...Dallas", and "Prostitution pt. A"

5/41: Section 26- "Statistics on wages and occupations of women"

5/42: Section 28- "Legal status", "Legal Rights Timeline Texas"

5/43: Section 29- "Role of Women in Organizing and Librarians"

5/44: Section 31- "Midwifery", "Birth control", and "Women in the Healing Tradition Pt. A"

5/45: Section 33-"Lists Notable Women"

5/46: Section 35- "Political and Legal timeline"

5/47: Section 37- "Galveston Women Demonstrate during Civil War (1864)"

5/48: Section 39- "Churches pt. A"

5/49: Section 44- "Suffrage Pt. C"

5/50: Section 47- 'Timelines"

5/51: Copies of Inventory Sheets MSS 12 TWU

5/52: Book Chapter- "The Panhandle of Texas in the Seventies" from Short Grass & Longhorns

5/53: VITA for Margaret Sweet Henson

5/54: 1975-1976 - Documents relating to the first film course at Texas A&M includes- Newspaper clippings about the course ENGL 489, 2 photographs of course in lecture hall, memos relating the formation of the course, course description and schedule for spring and fall 1976, drafts of course description and schedule, and grant applications with draft materials

5/55: November 19-22, 1975 - National Conference on the Teaching of Film at Milwaukee- schedules, and registration information

5/56: Winter 1976 - Women's Studies Newsletter Vol. IV, No. 1

5/57: 1976-1977 - Documents about Harriette Andreadis attending the Women's Caucus for the Modern Languages- letters, Executive Committee Roster with Contact information, and flyers

5/58: January 1-2, 1979; May 2, 1979 - Phil Delta Gamma Mid-Western Regional Conference documents- Letters, programs, dues, speech and schedules; and Luncheon on May 2

5/59: 1981 - Outstanding Woman of Brazos County for 1981 luncheon documents- programs, welcome speech done by Harriette and Phil Delta Gamma letters

5/60: 1974 - Women in America: From Colonial Times to the 20th Century edited by Leon Stein and Annette K. Baxter

Women's Studies Documents

10/1: May 1995 - Dissertation for Doctor of Philosophy- "Over the Edge: Capital and Cultural Representation on the United States- Mexico Border by Jessica Ann Chapin

10/2: Winter 1995 - The Harvard Gay & Lesbian Review Volume II, Number 1

10/3: June 1993 - Program for "Mousie"

10/4: Winter 1993 - Magazine - Frighten The Horses Number 11

10/5: March 1995 - Lesbian and Gay Studies Newsletter Volume 22 Number 1

10/6: Summer 1995 - Lesbian and Gay Studies Newsletter Volume 22 Number 2

10/7: Fall 1995 - Lesbian and Gay Studies Newsletter Volume 22 Number 3 - 2 copies

10/8: Spring 1997 - Lesbian and Gay Studies Newsletter Volume 24 Number 1

10/9: Summer 1997 - Lesbian and Gay Studies Newsletter Volume 24 Number 2

10/10: Fall 1997 - Lesbian and Gay Studies Newsletter Volume 24 Number 3

10/11: Spring 1999 - Lesbian and Gay Studies Newsletter Volume 26 Number 1

10/12: Summer 1999 - Lesbian and Gay Studies Newsletter Volume 26 Number 2

10/13: May 2000 - Dissertation for Doctor of Philosophy- "Gender/Politics and the Beautiful Parricide: Beatrice Cenci as Nineteenth-Century Icon" by Laura Jane Sargent

10/14: May 1990 - Master Thesis- "Mystical Design in Dorthy Richardson's Pilgrimage: The Case of Dimple Hill" by Laura Jane Sargent

10/15: August 1996 - Master Thesis- "Negotiating Identity: The Construction and Communication of Lesbigay Existence" By Radharani Ray

10/16: Untitled Collection of Poems and Articles, appears to be from a book but the cover page is missing

10/17: Pages from course packet ENGL/WGST 374

10/18: 2002 - Book Chapter- "Doris Lessing (1919-) To Room Nineteen" from Women and Fiction: Stories by and about Women edited by Susan Cahill and excerpt from "Report on the Threatened City" by Doris Lessing source unknown

10/19: 2002 - Book Chapter- "Alice Walker (1944-) Everyday Use" from Women and Fiction: Stories by and about Women edited by Susan Cahill and "Why I Live at the PO Box" source unknown with handwritten notes

10/20: 2002 - Book Chapter- "Tillie Olsen (1913-) I Stand Here Ironing" and "Edith Wharton (1862-1937) The Other Two" from Women and Fiction: Stories by and about Women edited by Susan Cahill

10/21: 1973 - Copy- "The Yellow Wallpaper" by Charlotte Perkins Gilman with Afterword by Elaine R. Hedges

10/22: Book Chapter- "The Convent of Pleasure: A Comedy" from The Convent of Pleasure and Other Plays by Margaret Cavendish Duchess of Newcastle Edited by Anne Shaver

10/23: Spring 1987 - Journal Copy- "Coping with Faculty Stress" from New Directions for Teaching and Learning Number 29

10/24: Paper- "Women's Networking in Researching the Biography of Dorothy Scarborough" by Dr. Sylvia Grinder

10/25: Spring 2013 - Materials from ENGL/WGST 374

10/26: Article- "Are Sexuality and Gender Created through Nature or Nurture? Stone Butch Blues" by Leslie Feinberg

10/27: Copy- "A Summary of the History of Homosexual Law In Britain (From gay/lesbian website at South Bank University, London) 8 Copies of a timeline document

10/28: Newspaper Article- "Renaissance Man" by R.W. B. Lewis a book review of "Long Life" by Nigel Nicolson from The New York Times Book Review

10/29: June 1998 - Article- "Dressed to Thrill" from the magazine OUT

10/30: November 1998 - Newspaper Clippings- "Powerful Cartoon proved Open to Misinterpretation" by Jack Thomas from The Boston Globe November 2, 1998, and "Britain's of 2 Minds of Gay Sex" by Sarah Lyall from the New York Times November 15, 1998

10/31: 1993 - Article- "Lesbian/Gay Studies in the House of Anthropology" by Kath Weston from the Annual Review of Anthropology Volume 22 - 2 Copies

10/32: Article- "Selling Out?" by Lev Raphael, Sarah Schulman, and Victoria Brownworth a book review of "Dancer from the Dance" by Andrew Holleran from Lambda Book Report

10/33: 1993 - Flyer- "Women's Coffee Hour: Lesbian and Bi Women & Their Friends" at Sweet Eugene's House of Java

10/34: Printout- Family Tree starting with Thomas Howard and Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Frederick Tilney

10/35: September - October 1998 - Article- "Scholarship and Sexuality: Lesbian and Gay Studies in Today's Academy" by Robert J. Corber from Academe Volume 84, Number 5

10/36: September - October 1998 - Article- "Gay and Lesbian Professors: Out on Campus" by Jill Dolan from Academe Volume 84, Number 5

10/37: 2008 - Full-Text Copy- "Chronicle of a Plague, Revisited: AIDS and Its Aftermath" by Andrew Holleran

10/38: April 19, 2000 - Article- "Gay Benefits Legislation advances in Vermont State Senate" from

10/39: Spring 1995 - English 394 Gay and Lesbian Literature: The Tradition in English- syllabus and application for Problem Course

10/40: Spring 1996 - English 394 Gay and Lesbian Literature: The Tradition in English- syllabus and Textbook order form

10/41: Spring 1997 - English 394 Gay and Lesbian Literature: The Tradition in English- syllabus, Textbook order form, Mid-term Exam 5 copies and student rosters/attendance

10/42: Spring 1998 - ENLG/WGST 333- Gay and Lesbian Literature: The Tradition in English- Syllabus (4), handout Directions for Keeping a Reading Journal (7), Essay #1 (6), Mid-term Exam (16), Essay #2 (16), Final Essay (11), Student Roster, and printout of emails

10/43: Spring 2000 - ENLG/WGST 333- Gay and Lesbian Literature: The Tradition in English- Syllabus (9), Study Question for Exam #1 (11), Exam #1 (11), Mid-Term Exam #2 (12), Final Exam (7) and Student Rosters

10/44: Essay- "Gay and Lesbian College Students: A Community at Risk" by Dr. Jim Mazzullo and Dr. Harriette Andreadis

10/45: Paper- "Barriers to the Development of Young Gay and Lesbian College Students" by Dr. Jim Mazzullo, includes two drafts with edits mad by Harriette and handwritten notes on separate paper

10/46: September 1992 - Article- "Lesbian and Gay Male Undergraduates' Experiences of Harassment and Fear on Campus" by Anthony R. D'Augelli from the Journal of Interpersonal Violence Volume 7 Number 3

10/47: Essay- "Postmodernism" by Harriette Andreadis with edits

10/48: Research Materials on Twelfth Night includes: Handwritten notes; Book Chapter "Introduction" from Twelfth Night: Text and Context edited by Bruce R. Smith; document titled "Twelfth Night"; and document titled "Epiphanius-Epiphany" and "Epirus" appears to be a copy of encyclopedia pages

10/49: Document titled "Renaissance Backgrounds: A Chronological Outline" put together by HA

10/50: Syllabus for ENGL 412: Shakespeare 2 copies, 3 copies of Essay Assignments and document titled "Pronoun Distinction in Shakespeare's English

10/51: Research Materials on Sonnets includes: book pages, handwritten notes and Hour Exam for ENGL 115 (Fall 1970)

10/52: Research Materials on Midsummer Night's Dream includes: handwritten notes, Document titled "A Midsummer Night's Dream and the Meaning of Court Marriage" by Paul A. Olson, Copy of newspaper clipping " 'Dream' Coming to Broadway" by Lewis Funke from The Sun, Baltimore Nov. 22, 1970, class handouts for ENGL 4251

10/53: Research Material on Romeo and Juliet includes handwritten notes

10/54: Research Materials on All's Well That Ends Well includes: book pages and handwritten notes

10/55: Research Materials on Measure for Measure includes handwritten notes

10/56: Research Materials on Henry IV, Part 1 includes: book pages, handwritten notes and class handouts for ENGL 3121-4 (fall 1971)

Women's Studies Documents

3/1: 1993 - Various documents about the future and reviews of the women's studies program includes first News Letter for Women's Studies

3/2: 1991 - Letters and other documents about the Coordinator Review Process for Women's Studies Program

3/3: 1985 - Documents in plastic blender- "Address to Faculty Development Seminar Texas A&M University" by Harriette Andreadis and documents about the Women's Studies program

3/4: 1991 - Various Letters about Harriette being award the Jameson Prize and other academic letters

3/5: 1989-1992 - Various letters about the articles reviewed/edited by Harriette for various journals

3/6: 1989 and 1990 - Programs- Invitational Conference for Women's Studies Program Directors and Women& Texas History: A Conference

3/7: 1985 - Essay- "Kuche, Kinder, und Kirche: Women's Private Writings in Nineteenth Century Texas" by Harriette Andreadis

3/8: Letters about Harriette's essay "Kuche, Kinder, und Kirche..." with copy of the essay

3/9: Conference Paper- "Definitions of Self: Women's Autobiographies, Diaries, Reminiscences, and Other Private Forms" (not complete paper) and handwritten notes on index cards

3/10: 1979 - Documents about the National Women's Studies Association Conference and Harriette's paper "Definition of Self…"

3/11: Paper- "A Study of Some Unpublished Diaries of Frontier Women in the Texas Collection" by Harriette Andreadis

3/12: Research Materials for "Kuche, Kinder, und Kirche…" includes handwritten notes

3/13: 1978 and 1979 - Article- "This Is Christmas Eve and I Am in Tintah" by Elizabeth Hampsten from College English Vol. 39. No. 6, letter from author, essay "Rural Women Writers: Beginnings of Selfhood" by Elizabeth Hampsten and "But no Indian came" by Elizabeth Hampsten from Plainswomen, Vol. 1 No. 7

3/14: Book Chapter- "Martha White McWhirter (1827-1904)" by Eleanor James from Women in Early Texas edited by Evelyn M. Carrington

3/15: Handwritten notes on notecards, most likely dealing with essay on "Woman's Commonwealth..."

3/16: Essay- "Herland on the Frontier: A Women's Community in Texas, 1866-1899" by Charol Shakeshaft

3/17: 1975 - Pages from American Communities and Co-operative Colonies by William Alfred Hinds

3/18: July 1901 - Article- "Cooperative Communities in the United States" the only section printed is the section titled "The Woman's Commonwealth" by Rev. Alexander Kent from the Bulletin of the Department of Labor No. 35

3/19: Article- "The Woman's Commonwealth: Separatism, self, sharing" by Gwendolyn Wright from Architectural Association Quarterly Vol. 6

3/20: Article- "The Sanctificationists of Belton: A woman's community in Texas" by Eleanor James, source unknown

3/21: Book Chapter- "The Sanctified Sisters" by A. L. Bennett, source unknown

3/22: Book Chapter- "Martha White McWhirter and the Belton Sanctificationists" by Frieda Werden with handwritten notes

3/23: Magazine Article- "The Woman's Commonwealth of Washington" by Margarita Spalding Gerry from Ainslee's

3/24: 1980: Book Chapter- "Women in American Religious History: An Overview" by Janet Wilson James from Women in American Religion edited by Janet Wilson James

3/25: Essay- "The Woman's Commonwealth A Study in the Coalescence of Social Forms" by Harriette Andreadis, copies with edits

3/26: Page from encyclopedia "Armistice - Armoir", source unknown

3/27: Pages from "Virtuous Women Found: New England Ministerial Literature, 1668-1735" by Laurel Thatcher Ulrich source unknown

3/28: Handwritten notes over topics in the essay "The Woman's Commonwealth"

3/29: Transcripts and photocopy of pages written by Henrietta Bacon Embree with handwritten notes

3/30: Photocopy of pages from A History of Early Methodism in Texas by Macum Phelan, and book chapter "Mystics and Healers" by Claudia Lauper Bushman from Mormon Sisters: Women in Early Utah edited by Claudia L. Bushman with handwritten notes

3/31: Draft of book chapter title "Chapter Two: Pentecostalism" with handwritten notes on loose paper and legal notepad

3/32: Letters- topic over the article Harriette was working on with some materials

3/33: July 23-30, 1980 - Information about The Woman's School of Planning & Architecture Fifth Session

3/34: Essay- "Woman and Utopia: The Woman's Commonwealth of Belton, Texas (1878-1906)" by Jayme A. Sokolow and Mary Ann Lamanna

3/35: 1963 - Article- "Texas Communism or Socialism-Early Style" by Llerena Friend from Library Chronicle of the University of Texas Vol. 7, No. 3

3/36: Handout- "Among Themselves: The Belton Women's Commonwealth"

3/37: Essay- "Women Among Themselves in Nineteenth Century Texas" by A. Harriette Andreadis, 3 copies and additional copies with edits

3/38: 1980 - Letters and documents about NWSA conference panel Harriette and others were leading called "The Separate Women's Culture in the South" and convention paper

3/39: June 1-3, 1984 - Documents about Berkshire Conference on the History of Women- letters, program, and documents about panel titled "Lesbians, Capitalists, socialists, or Feminists: On the Trail of a 19th Century Texas Women's Collective"

3/40: 1984 - Letters about the participation in NWSA conference

3/41: 1979 - Documents about NWSA Conference - Letters and conference paper/panel "Teaching Women's Studies in the Bible Belt"

3/42: Book Reviews- "William Baillie, ed., Gratiae Theatrales, or A Choice Ternary of English Plays (1662)…" Reviewed by A. Harriette Andreadis with handwritten notes and "The English Moore; or, The Mock-Marriage by Richard Brome…" Reviewd by A. Harriette Andreadis

3/43: 1993 - Article Review documents- Letters, and copy of article which Harriette reviewed titled "Erotics Politics: Desire on the Renaissance Stage"

3/44: 1989-1990 - Letter about the Women Writers Project and Woman Writers Project Newsletter Vol. 1, No. 1

3/45: 1990 - Documents about Attending to Women in Early Modern England- program and document about conference and workshop guidelines

3/46: January 1994 - Letter and handout about Fifth Annual Drive-in for Diversity Conference at Texas A&M

3/47: January 31, 1994 - Review Documents from Tulsa Studies in Women's Literature about Harriette Andreadis' essay titled "Political Implication in Katherine Philips's Poetry"

3/48, Essay- "The Screening of Pippi Longstocking" by A. Harriette Andreadis with draft, handwritten notes, and research documents

3/49: 1981-1983 - Documents about Harriette's essay "The Women's Commonwealth" being included in a collection of works tentatively entitled "Women in Search of Utopia"

3/50: 1981; 1984 - Frontiers: A journal of women studies Vol. 6, No. 1 and 2 (full copy) and letters about Harriette's article "The Woman's Commonwealth" to be included in Vol. 7, No. 3

3/51: December 1981 - Documents about "The Women's Commonwealth: A Study in the Coalescence of Social Forms" sent to the Feminist Studies Journal with abstract

3/52: Draft of Essay- "The Women's Commonwealth: Utopia in Nineteenth Century Texas" by A. Harriette Andreadis

3/53: Essay- "The Woman's Commonwealth: A Study in the Coalescence of Social Forms" by A. Harriette Andreadis

3/54: March 7, 1981 - Essay- "Clio's Quest: A Common History" by Dr. Sandra R. Karp

3/55: December 1985 - Essay- "Feminism and Deconstruction: Re-Construction the Elegy" by Celeste M. Schenck with note to Harriette from the author

3/56: An offprint from American literature A Journal of Literary History, Criticism, and Bibliography

3/57: 1984 - Conference Paper- "Western History: A Feminist Critique" by Sue Armitage from Sixth Berkshire Conference with letter

3/58: Essay- "The Body Politic" by Carroll Smith-Rosenberg

3/59: Essay- "What's a Feminist Drama Critic to do?" by Kathryn M. Kendall

3/60: Essay- "Honing a Habitable Languagescape: Women's Images for the New World Frontiers" by Annette Kolodny

3/61: October 1976 - Pages torn from journal booklet- "Hierogamy versus Wedlock: Types of Marriage Plots and Their Relationship to Genres of Prose Fiction" by Evelyn J. Hinz from PMLA Vol. 91 No. 5

3/62: Essay- "No More Forced Marriages, or, how a feminist should not place her hand below the foot of the Immortal Bard" by Angela Ingram

3/63: Book Chapter- "Othello's Handkerchief: 'The Recognizance and Pledge of Love" by Lynda L. Boose, source unknown

3/64: Book Chapter- "Chapter Five: Genuine Temptation", source unknown

3/65: Fall 1969 - Handout- "Elizabethan and Jacobean Tragedy Literature 361"

3/66: Handout- "Library Reserve List Literature 362: Elizabethan and Jacobean Tragedy"

3/67: Article/dissertation- "An Analysis of the Therapeutic Effects of a Pentecostal Church on Alcohol and Drug Addicts" by Sheila Womack

3/68: 1979 - Article/dissertation- "How Ordinary (Sexist) Discourse Resists Radical (Feminist) Critique: A Case Study" by Terry Winant

3/69: 1980 - Article - "Captives in Paradise: Women on the Early American Frontier" by Annette Kolodny

3/70: 1978 - Book Chapter- "To Render Home a Paradise: Woman on the New World Landscapes" by Annette Kolodny from Women's Language and Style edited by Douglas Butturff and Edmund L. Epstein

3/71: 1971 - One-Act Play- "Molly Bloom" by Donna Wilshire in folder

3/72: 1979-1980 - Various Documents about the "Woman Fair" done by the South Central Women's Studies Association- Letters and proposals for the program

3/73: 1980
Documents about the development Committee for Liberal Arts- letters, proposal, budget

3/74: 1979-1980 - Document titled "Corps of Cadets Company W-1 Scholastic Policy"

3/75: 1972, 1978; 1982 - Articles- "Ida, A Great American Novel" by Secor from Twenties Century Literature Vol. 24, No.1, Spring 1978; "The Question of Gertrude Stein" by Cynthia Secor, source unknown; book chapter "Gertrude Stein: The Complex Force of Her Femininity" by Cynthia Secor from Women, the Arts, and The 1920s in Paris and New York edited by Kenneth W. Wheeler and Virginia Lussier, 1982; Book chapter- "Alice and Gertrude" Cynthia Secor from Closer to the Ground edited by Hoffman, Secor, and Tinsley 1972

3/76: 1982-1984 - Book review done by A. Harriette Andreadis for the books Westering Women and the Frontier Experience 1800-1915 by Sandra L. Myres and The Land Before Her: Fantasy and Experience of the American Frontiers, 1630-1860 by Annette Kolodny with handwritten notes

3/77: Book review done by A. Harriette Andreadis for the books The Diary of Virginia Woolf, Volume 5 1936-1941 edited by Anne Olivier, The Early Diary of Anais Nin, Volume 3, 1923-1927 with a preface by Joaquin Nin-Culmell; book review of When Things of the Spirit Come First: Five Early Tales by Simone de Beauvoir; and Essay- "Rebecca West: A Tribute" by Harriette Andreadis

3/78: 1984 - Documents from the National Women's Studies Association Conference/Woman's films documents- program, advertisement of 'Not a Love Story: A Film of Pornography", Paper/viewing guide for 'Not a Love Story', advertisement of "Gradiva: A Film Trilogy 1982-1984 by Albert Gabriel Nigrin" and advertisement for "Goddess films, Barbara Hammer"

3/79: 1983 - Documents for Summer Seminars For College Teachers done by National Endowment for the Humanities- booklet with forms 3 copies, filled out forms, letters and other application information

3/80: 1981 - Documents relating to conference paper titled "Do Chloe and Olivia a Future?: A Proposal for Feminist Pedagogy and Peer Relations" and documents for the Modern Language Association Annual Convention

3/81: Conference papers- "Ponding out of Bondage: White Feminists and Black Women Writers" by Marjorie Pryse; "Traveling the Public/Private Gap in Professional Friendships between Women" by Sidney H. Dremer and Estella Lauter; and "Friendly Collaboration—Women's Groups in Academe" by Virginia Walcott Beauchamp

3/82: 1981-1982 - Documents about The National Summer Institute in Women's Studies for 1981 and 1982- Announcement /Newsletter, Curriculum Vitae, and Project Proposal and Biographical Statement

3/83: 1980 - Documents about article titled "A Study of Some Unpublished Diaries of Frontier Women in the Texas Collection" by Harriette Andreadis- Letters from publisher and edits

3/85: 1989 - NWSAction Vol. 2, No. 1&2

3/86: Chrysalis No. 2 and No. 5

3/84: 1978 - Early draft of "A Study of Some Unpublished Diaries of Frontier Women in the Texas Collection" and two more versions with the new title of "Kuche, Kinder, und Kirche: Women's Private Writings in Nineteenth Century Texas"