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Cat Ramos Collection
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Citizen of the Empire and Star Trek Fanfiction

  • Citizen of the Empire
    • "A Citizen of the Empire", 1990
    • "Chains of Love and Duty", 1992
    • "In No Space a Home-World", 1993
    • "Paths of Glory", 1994
    • "Prize of War and Passion", 1995
    • "For Family and Empire", 1999
    • "A Time of Tyranny", 2005
    • "Green Trek: Tonan's Journey", 2011
    • "Til Death Do Us Part", October 2012
  • Choosers of the Slain, 2015
  • Stories and articles based on Star Trek canon, 1994; 1999-2000

Cat Ramos Collection

  • TxAM-CRS C000236
  • Collection
  • 1990-2015

This collection consists of the Star Trek fanfiction of writer Cat Ramos. Ramos writes primarily stories about the culture and society of the Klingon Empire, with her own particular noncanonical spin on the Trek universe. The majority of the collection consists of stories from her Citizen of the Empire cycle of stories.

Ramos, Cat