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Lani Tapu Farscape Autographed Server Faceplate
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Lani Tapu Farscape Autographed Server Faceplate

  • TxAM-CRS C000167
  • Collection
  • 2003

This faceplate was on an old workgroup server (the hot-swap machine) originally used by the UNIX support team at Texas A&M University Libraries. This and other servers, which were replaced in the late-2000s, were whimsically assigned nicknames by the staff based on characters from the science fiction television show Farscape.

The server to which this faceplate was attached was named "Crais", after Captain Bialar Crais, a major Farscape character. In March 2003, Lani Tapu, the actor who portrayed Crais, was a guest at Aggiecon, and while on campus autographed this faceplate. After several years in operation, the server was replaced and sent to surplus, but the faceplate was retained by the Associate Director for Systems and eventually donated to Cushing Library.

Tapu, Lani