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A. D. Mebane Collection
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A. D. Mebane Collection

  • US TxAM-C 1245
  • Collection
  • 1902-1952

The collection contains various publications about Mebane's cotton, including pamphlets, and newspaper and magazine articles. There are many correspondences to A. D. Mebane complimenting and ordering his cottonseed. Because of the involvement with the Texas Cotton Breeders Association, the collection includes speeches given at the Association meetings.

Mebane, A. D.

Correspondence and Manuscripts

1/1: Collection Overview, and blank stationery with A. D. Mebane Estate Logo and heading.

1/2: Mebane Triumph Cotton

  • "Descriptive Booklet of Improved Mebane Triumph Cotton Seed: Test By Test" written by A. D. Mebane, Lea Beaty, W.D. French, R.W. Stewart, and R.A. Beaty. (4 pages)
  • Typed letter addressed to "the cotton growers" from A. D. Mebane dated August 15, 1922, on A. D. Mebane Sales Agency stationary. The letter discusses cottonseed production for pedigreed planting seeds with a two-page advertisement for cotton seeds with seed history and pictures.
  • Typed letter addressed to "to my patrons and all cotton growers" from A. D. Mebane discussing his formula pedigree cotton seed in detail. Undated (handwritten math scratch notes on the back)
  • Pamphlet titled "Mebane Triumph Cotton" by A. D. Mebane that discusses facts on Mebane pedigree cottonseed and corrections on misrepresentations. (4 pages)

1/3: Newspaper Articles

  • Clipping of "Foreign Cotton Men Visit Mebane Estate", The Lockhart Register. September 21, 1939
  • Clipping of article titled "Complete History of Mebane Cotton", The Lockhart Daily Post. October 23, 1905
  • 3 newspaper clippings articles titled "A Good Bale of Cotton," "The Mebane Cotton," and "Lockhart Cotton Shows Long Staple with Heavy Lint". Undated
  • Newspaper clippings [newspaper in Lockhart, exact origin unknown] "Mebane Cotton Awarded Prizes". March 17, 1938

1/4: Correspondence to A. D. Mebane Regarding his Cotton

  • Typed letter with stationary from "The Commercial Club of Gainesville and Cooke County" addressed to A. D. Mebane from E. M. * Thompson discussing the price of seed at $1.25 and praising the cotton crop seed. March 14, 1912 (envelope attached)
  • Handwritten letter on Magnolia Compress Co. stationery addressed to A. D. Mebane (in pencil) from J.H. Couch asking for cottonseed for the county. October 26, 1916 (2 pages)
  • Handwritten letter addressed to A. D. Mebane from (illegible; most likely) J. E. Mc Ualesti discussing cotton production. January 11, 1912
  • Handwritten thank you letter in pen for the cottonseed written by W. T. Browning to possibly A. D. Mebane. Undated
  • Two envelopes addressed to A. D. Mebane.
  • Handwritten letter on Pattonville Texas stationery addressed to A. D. Mebane from J. P. Warner providing positive feedback on the cottonseed quality. September 1, 1911
  • Typed letter from J. R. Handy to A.D Mebane discussing an order for cottonseed to be delivered in fall. May 17, 1913
  • Handwritten letter from H. M. Blanton from A. D. Mebane. November 4, 1916 (2 pages)
  • Handwritten letter from H. E. Loarman to A. D. Mebane discussing cottonseed prices and praising the cottonseed given. November 18, 1912 (2 pages)
  • Handwritten letter to A. D. Mebane from Henry Matthews discussing prices. February 4, 1924 (2 pages and an envelope)
  • Handwritten letter to A. D. Mebane from W. C. Wheiless asking for cottonseed for his small farm. (2 pages and envelope)
  • Typed letter from Dr. Freedman to A. D. Mebane discussing purchasing seed. February 21, 1923
  • Handwritten letter from J. H. Rich to A.D Mebane discussing cotton seed. January 1, 1913
  • Typed correspondence from W. Moses to Mr. Mebane discussing farm at Lockhart and purchasing cottonseed. October 5th, 1922

1/5: Correspondence from and to Mrs. A. D. Mebane

  • Typed letter from B. A. Stufflebeme to Mrs. Mebane asking for a photograph of Mr. Mebane. January 1, 1931
  • Typed letter from B. A. Stufflebeme to Mrs. Mebane thanking her for the photograph. January 5, 1931 (envelope included)
  • Handwritten letter from Mrs. A. D. Mebane to Mrs. B. A. Stufflebeme discussing a photograph of Mebane. January 3, 1931
  • Handwritten letter from Mr. J. S. Mogford to Mrs. Mebane discussing personal information and farming. June 4, 1952 (3 pages and envelope)

1/6: Outline of a talk given by A. D. Mebane at a Cotton Breeders Association Meeting about seed production.

1/7: Article entitled "Mebane Triumph" in the Acco Press, includes Mebane's article inside and handwritten signature of Mrs. J. S. Mogford. December 1949

1/8: List of expenditures of the Mebane Barbecue Committee signed by M. J. Jerry, B. J. Bellawy, John P. Homer and Veal Clark with names of companies and help with expenses summing to 1,695 dollars.

1/9: "Some Problems of the Commercial Cotton Breeder" by E. C. Ewing.

  • The manuscript discusses issues concerning cottonseed breeders and agricultural cottonseed production problems, issues and other related topics (14 pages typed).
  • Typed letter from A. D. Mebane discussing the enclosed manuscript by E.C. Ewing. April 9, 1926 (envelope enclosed)

1/10: "Study of Seed Cotton for Laboratory Use" by J. S. Mogford.

  • The manuscript discusses how to grow cotton seed for laboratory use for manufacturing seed and breeding seed in a lab. (4 typed pages)

1/11: "Progeny of Four and Five- Lock Bolls Produced on the Same Mother Cotton Plant" by Hendry Dunlavy.

  • The manuscript discusses cottonseed production and growth. (3 pages typed)

1/12: "Fundamental Principles of Plant Breeding" by Luther Burbank.

  • The pamphlet was read at the International Plant Breeding Conference (New York). September 30 - October 1902 (7 paged pamphlet)

1/13: "Cotton Breeding" by Dr. Geo. F. Freeman (5 pages)

1/14: "Practical Plant Breeding with Particular Reference to Cotton" by Fred Griffee.

  • The manuscript discusses plant breeding practices. (4 pages)