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Robert D. Chenoweth Papers
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Notebooks and Reports

1/1: 2 notebooks: Oscillograms, and SCR Control of Single Phase Motors

1/2: Copy of "The Influence of Mutuals on Fault Currents and Voltages". The paper reviews the basic concepts and the computational methods of including zero-sequence mutual impedances in fault studies.

1/3: Solar Energy and Electrical Power Networks Project Report (2 copies); Graphs and other calculations; Personal notes; Rough drafts; Letter from A. D. Patton to Mr. Robert Hunke; Copy of "IEEE Power Engineering Society Publication Guide for Power Engineers"; and a Map of Albuquerque, New Mexico

1/4-1/6: "Final Report on Contract No. 05-4563 Study of Solar System-Electric Utility System Interface prepared for Sandia Laboratories Albuquerque, New Mexico" October 1977 (3 copies)

1/7: Copy of "A Hybrid Energy System Solar Generation In Conjunction with Conventional Electrical Power Generation" by Roger L Fischer

1/8: Copy of Sandia Laboratories energy report "Analysis of A 1000-Home Solar Total Energy Community Using Clear Air Solar Intensity" by B. W. Marshall

1/9: Copy of Sandia Laboratories energy report "Estimating the Direct Component of Solar Radiation" by Eldon C. Boes

1/10: Copy of Sandia Laboratories energy report "Application of Solar Total Energy to a Mixed-Loan Community" by R. W. Harrington

1/11: Copy of Sandia Laboratories energy report "Solar Radiation Available to Various Collector Geometries: A Preliminary Study" by Eldon C. Boes

Robert D. Chenoweth Papers

  • US TxAM-C 1211
  • Collection
  • 1968-1977

This collection contains a number of papers on Chenoweth's research and observations during his time as one of four faculty members of the Texas A&M Electrical Engineering Department and Professor Emeritus of Electrical Engineering. Also included are multiple notebooks filled with numerous notes and folders with graphs, calculations, and lab reports.

Chenoweth, Robert D.