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Account books (1)

Use for: Ledgers, Journals (Financial records)

  • Use for books in which details of financial transactions are recorded.
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  • An item printed solely as a means of advertising a product or service, but not an event.
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Africana studies 23 0
Annual reports
  • Use for publications issued yearly summarizing the administrative, operational and financial activities of a business, organization, or institution during the preceding year.
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  • Includes drawings and photos.
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Art 50 0
Artists' books (1)
  • Use for books intended as works of art in themselves and designed as an artistic whole, integrating binding, text, illustration, etc. Do not use for
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  • If the emphasis is on larger events or several prominent historical individuals, rather than an individual or family, use Historical. Not necessary to use Historical with Biographical, since Historical is implied by the term Biographical.
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Borderlands--Texas--History 16 0
  • Use for tabular registers of days, not for lists of manuscripts or documents; subdivide by date.
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  • Use for verbal or visual works which portray in a critical or facetious way a real individual or group, or a figure representing a social, political, ethnic, or racial type. The effect is usually achieved through distortion or exaggeration of some characteristic or characteristics.
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  • Use for pictorial images executed in an exaggerated or abbreviated manner intended as satire, caricature, or humor.
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Cartoons (Commentary) 0 0
Catalogs 0 0
  • Use for documents containing certified statements of ownership, membership, fulfilled requirements, legal status, etc.
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Use for: Newspaper clippings

  • Use for partial, full, or multiple pages of text or illustrations that have been removed from their original source.
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Comic books 2 0
Comic books, strips, etc. 3 0
Comics (Graphic works) 2 0
Correspondence 35 0
County records 8 0
Court proceedings 1 0
  • Use for account books of original entry which record the various transactions of the day in the order in which they occurred. For works sometimes known as daybooks which are diaries rather than account books use
0 0
Diaries 1 0
Documents, Legal 13 0
Drawings 0 0
Ephemera (6)
  • Use for transient everyday items, usually printed on paper, that are produced for a specific limited use and then often thrown away.
2 0
Essays 0 0
Family records 0 0
Fantasy 9 0

Use for: Fan magazines

  • Use for independent, self-published periodicals issued by or for enthusiasts of aspects of popular culture and entertainment, usually inexpensively produced and with small circulation.
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Fieldnotes 0 0
Finance 6 0
Government litigation 1 0
Government records 13 0
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