William A. Owens Papers, Part Two Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
2 Personal Correspondence, D-H Box
4 Personal Correspondence, L-O Box
5 Personal Correspondence, O-R Box
6 Personal Correspondence, S-T Box
S2 Personal Correspondence Series 1940-1965; Undated
S3 Personal Correspondence, NEH Tour Series 1972-1973; Undated
10 Transcripts of Tapes 1-22 Box
15 Transcripts of Tapes 133-163 Box
22 Caves of Arayat fifth draft Box
S6 Running in Place Series
26 Running in Place fourth draft Box
27 Japanese Soldiers in World War II Box
29 Japanese Soldiers in World War II Box
S9 Miscellaneous Writings by Owens Series
S10 Writings by Other Authors Series
31 Other Authors Box
33 Other Authors Box
37 Miscellaneous Drafts Box
1 Personal Correspondence, A-C Box
8 Personal Correspondence Box
S4 Transcripts from the Oral History of the Texas Oil Industry Tapes Series
14 Transcripts of Tapes 108-132 Box
16 Transcripts of Tapes 164-189 Box
S5 Caves of Arayat Series
18 Caves of Arayat notes, early draft, first draft, and unspecified draft Box
24 Running in Place partial third draft, notes, and third draft Box
S7 Special Agent 2142 Series
27 Special Agent 2142 second draft Box
28 Japanese Soldiers in World War II Box
36 Miscellaneous Drafts Box
42 Miscellaneous Materials Box
3 Personal Correspondence, H-L Box
7 Personal Correspondence Box
9 Personal Correspondence Box
12 Transcripts of Tapes 49-78 Box
17 Transcripts of Tapes 190-218 Box
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