Texas A&M Building and Special Subject Files Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
B003D /index.php/ag26-tnta-294w Box
B004C /index.php/epa6-fccq-w25q Box
B007A /index.php/t6wc-zngd-pfhh Box
B007C /index.php/8sr8-cxcs-rhnm Box
B010B /index.php/6bck-r8x8-trah Box
B012A /index.php/zmcf-2z3m-zxnq Box
B012B /index.php/q8cs-yxpt-5e79 Box
B0015 C /index.php/4m6a-chc2-cw29 Box
B0015 D /index.php/9qbw-49km-2btk Box
B0016 D /index.php/c2ad-m7ny-5mx9 Box
B0016 E /index.php/899f-ybe9-858a Box
1B /index.php/3dbw-e5kn-t55k Box
1D /index.php/zptn-qcm8-x3x6 Box
B005B /index.php/kmwg-59a5-pehh Box
B008C /index.php/x6fg-qtx9-r8rp Box
B008D /index.php/832q-xrws-k79b Box
B0018 A /index.php/z4bc-pegg-83cx Box
B0018 C /index.php/yxqt-baz3-ps6a Box
B0018 D /index.php/rmbz-qfwh-2nfz Box
B0018 E /index.php/h63c-8q5h-qrs3 Box
B0019 B /index.php/6sz8-s6t5-amkp Box
B0019 E /index.php/sbae-ry8p-bkeb Box
B0020 B /index.php/kfyp-dqgq-a22c Box
B0021 D /index.php/9dkp-q5ry-68mx Box
1 A&M Adjunct - Aquatics Club Box
2 Arab Student Association - Campus Whistle Box
4 Corps of Cadets (COC) : General - Employee Assistance Program Box
5 Employee Benefits - Health and Wellness Fair Box
6 Health Education Center - Minority Conditions - Reports of the PResident's Committee Box
7 Minority Recruitment - Professors: Visiting Box
8 Program Access Advisory Committee - Rudder Nomrandy Scholars Program Box
10 Student Council for Exceptional Children - Students for Responsible Expression Box
B013C /index.php/b74s-w8er-f3gm Box
B013D /index.php/nn72-63gn-mkgr Box
B002B /index.php/fb94-gnc2-ycgb Box
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