Coleção C000129 - Sharon Faye Wilbur Star Trek Collection

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TxAM-CRS C000129

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Sharon Faye Wilbur Star Trek Collection


  • 1970-2013 (Produção)


26.00 Boxes

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Sharon Faye Wilbur is a career librarian and Star Trek aficionado. She served as a Civil Service librarian for the Army for 33 years. She served at Fort Sill, White Sands Missile Range, Fort Hood, Fort Leavenworth, and Fort Bliss, and was at West Point for some one-third of her career. Ms. Wilbur retired in 1999, but returned to part-time librarianship in the Fort Worth Library system.

She developed an interest in science fiction as a child and teen in the 1950s as she had three brothers and read everything that they did.

During the 1970s when she was a librarian at West Point, she became a member of the National Organization for Women. This triggered an interest in women writers of science fiction and fantasy and women as characters in science fiction and fantasy that has continued to the present. This was her original focus point in collecting and reading science fiction and fantasy by and about women that has continued to the present. Miss Wilbur has always loved animals especially cats. This was another focus point in her collecting. She now had an interest in animals as well as an interest in women in science fiction and fantasy.

She became interested in science fiction conventions during the 1970s and attended many in New York City and Boston. Her most interesting story about one con was one she attended in New York City. Isaac Asimov was present. She attended a reception for the authors and was kissed by him. She later realized that he liked to hug and kiss women. She attended many World Cons over the years. She learned that Cons were a good place to gain knowledge of science fiction and Star Trek and to add to her collection.

Miss Wilbur watched the Original Star Trek series in college. She became more involved in Starfleet during the time that she lived in Killeen, TX and worked at Fort Hood. She helped organize the first Shuttle in Killeen that became the USS Kepler. She was active in the USS Nomad as well as the USS Mir. She primarily collected everything to do with the original series. She has eased off collecting but is still a member of Starfleet and still watches the Star Trek series on television as well as reading Star Trek novels.

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The collection contains a wide variety of material related to Star Trek, including books, records, calendars and realia such as pins, playing cards, music boxes, pictures, magazines covering Star Trek, apparel, cups, and glasses, models, ornaments, and other collectibles.

Approximately 102 books have been integrated into the Science Fiction and Fantasy Research Collection. Each book added has a note "Sharon Faye Wilbur Star Trek Collection."

An additional series contains reference material relating to the author Andre Norton, with whom Wilbur was acquainted. Works by Norton that Wilbur owned have been integrated into the Science Fiction and Fantasy Research Collection.

Sistema de organização

The Collection is retained in the general order as received from the collector; exceptions are those items requiring special storage compartments. The Collection has 14 original components, plus addenda that were received by Cushing Library later.
Series 1, Magazines
Series 2, Videotapes
Series 3, Videotapes and Magazines
Series 4, Artifacts
Series 5, Calendars and Audio
Series 6, Models and Plate
Series 7, Collectables
Series 8, Star Trek Apparel
Series 9, Collectables
Series 10, Star Globe
Series 11, Collectables
Series 12, Posters, Magazines and Miscellaneous
Series 13, Miscellaneous
Series 14: Unboxed
Series 15: Magazines, Videos, Collectibles and Miscellaneous (2013 Addendum)
Series 16: Andre Norton Reference Materials (2015 Addendum)

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