Sharon Faye Wilbur Star Trek Collection Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
F0003 /index.php/cgcz-e3gy-6h54 File
F0004 /index.php/yd7s-qgbw-g4dt File
F0006 /index.php/3qam-kpmt-rdg7 File
F0008 /index.php/cn6d-q8ch-nsge File
F0009 /index.php/z65n-7sdx-rckw File
F0015 /index.php/wcqp-zqh9-485h File
F0016 /index.php/azcb-as8x-xd9n File
F0001 /index.php/keff-9rx5-k8w3 File
F0004 /index.php/f6r2-sbrr-qdds File
26 /index.php/zxx3-pp5e-dm8x Box
21 /index.php/7q2d-2ryz-5rm9 Box
S2 Videotapes Series
13 /index.php/tfn3-5zm7-r97m Box
1 Magazines Box
5 Calendars and Audio Box
9 Collectibles Box
4 Artifacts Box
S5 Calendars and Audio Series
S8 Star Trek Apparel Series
S9 Collectibles Series
11 Collectibles Box
1 /index.php/hasg-nry6-rpfq Item
2 Videotapes Box
S11 Collectibles Series
F0002 /index.php/n6q2-e7wr-ptq2 File
F0005 /index.php/3s37-6kmx-c3wc File
10 Lighted Musical Star Globe Box
S4 Artifacts Series
3 /index.php/br76-es5z-bdcz Item
F0007 /index.php/zd8r-3e7y-kfbk File
F0010 /index.php/dcx7-3474-nnng File
F0011 /index.php/qgh5-emh8-n9f9 File
F0001 /index.php/nqcf-sxrx-b9kp File
F0002 /index.php/t2p3-9637-6hmq File
F0005 /index.php/ss34-2gab-bg6g File
F0014 /index.php/ez8y-yt43-sbkm File
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