Robert W. Smith Martial Arts Collection Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
F0001 Bibliographies, correspondence. 1996-2002 File
F0003 Correspondence- Judo references File
F0005 Correspondence, 1967-1999 File
F0007 Correspondence (F-J), 1984-2000 File
F0008 Correspondence (K-O), 2000-2006 File
F0013 Correspondence- John F. Gilbey File
F0018 Writings- JAMA Article; Vol 4, Issue. 1, 1995, p52 File
F0033 Unpublished writings, 1962-1987 File
F0002 Reviews- Martial Musings File
F0010 Articles about RWS - 1964-1983 File 1964-1983
F0004 Bluming, Jon-Articles, writing File
F0007 Bowen, Dicky-manuscript, photos, writings, publication-"War Poets 1914-1918" by Edmund Blunden, 1958 File
F0015 Draeger, Donn-Correspondence w/RWS File
F0017 Draeger, Donn- Correspondence- Al C. Holtman File
F0018 Draeger, Donn-Correspondence-Geoff Willcher letters sent to RWS File
F0027 Articles about Draeger File
F0030 Publication- The Budokwai 1948-1958; vols 1-10 {photocopy} File
B0004 Correspondence- Draeger, Mason, Nurse, Waters Box
F0010 Nurse, Paul Michael -writing-Jutsu and Do: A cursory examination File
F0011 Nurse, Paul File
F0013 Waters, Frank-manuscript, photos File
F0014 Waters, Frank -foundation newsletters File
F0016 Waters, Frank-interview audiotapes File
F0004 Photographs File
F0005 Photographs File
F0008 Publication -Taiji Player File
F0011 Lectures and Class notes of Cheng Man-ching File
F0017 The passing of Man-ching - 1975-2012 File 1975-2012
F0020 Family File
F0021 'My Father' by Katy Cheng File
F0001 Judo-Carlos Gracie File
F0010 Judo-Philadelphia Club File
F0012 Judo-Program (features David Waterhouse) File
F0023 Judo-Photographs File
F0024 Jigoro Kano-The Kano Society File
F0026 Taiji-Correspondence File
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