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Kristine Kathryn Rusch is a renowned and award-winning writer (under several pseudonyms as well as her real name) and editor of speculative fiction. Her published literary debut was the short story "Spare the Rat and Spoil the Child", released in 1987; this was the first in her long career writing short fiction, which to date has been assembled into nineteen separate collections. Several of her stories have been nominated for Nebula, Hugo, and other industry awards: these include "Fast Cars" (1990), "The Gallery of Her Dreams" (1991, winner of the 1992 Locus Award), "Echea" (1998, winner of the 1998 HOMer Award and 1999 Asimov's Readers Award ), and "The Retrieval Artist" (2000). Her novelette "Millennium Babies" won the 2001 Hugo Award for Best Novelette, and she has won several additional Asimov's Readers Awards for her short fiction ("Diving Into The Wreck", 2005; "Recovering Apollo 8", 2008; "The Application of Hope", 2014; "Inhuman Garbage", 2016; and "Lieutenant Tightass", 2019). "Recovering Apollo 8" also won the 2007 Sidewise Award for Best Alternate History. Her 1989 story "Phantom" was nominated for the Stoker Award for Superior Achievement in Long Fiction. Rusch's short fiction has appeared in more than twenty Best Of The Year collections.

Rusch is also a well-received author of long form fiction, having written close to 100 novels since The White Mists of Power (1991). She has produced 10 novels (and several shorter works) within her "Diving Universe", and is responsible for creating several other literary universes, including "Faerie Justice", "Retrieval Artist", and "The Fey". In addition, Rusch has written books set in the Star Trek, Star Wars, and Aliens media franchises. She writes mysteries under the name "Kris Nelscott", and lighthearted romance and mystery works as "Kristine Grayson". Her 2002 "Retrieval Artist" novel The Disappeared won the 2002 Endeavour Award.

Rusch has also had a distinguished career as a professional editor and publisher. With her husband and fellow author Dean Wesley smith she co-founded the small press Pulphouse Publishing, which from 1988-1996 published 244 different titles from a wide variety of speculative writers through the hardback magazine Pulphouse, a more standard literary magazine, Pulphouse Weekly, and Author's Choice Monthly, a series of chapbooks from writers that included Lewis Shiner, Jack Williamson, Ron Goulart, Kate Wilhelm, Joe R. Lansdale, Charles de Lint, and Roger Zelazny. Pulphouse publications were nominated for numerous awards, and the hardback magazine won the 1989 World Fantasy Award for Special Award, Non-Professional.

From 1991-1997, Rusch edited the storied The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, founded in 1949 and originally edited by Anthony Boucher and J. Francis McComas. Under her editorship, F&SF began publishing more dark fantasy and and horror to complement its existing science fiction and fantasy corpus. She won the 1994 Hugo Award for Best Editor for her editorial work at F&SF, and the magazine itself was nominated for several industry awards during her tenure.

Rusch won the 1990 Campbell/Astounding Award for Best New Writer.

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1-4/1: Rusch, Kristine Kathryn: "Sinner-Saints" (1993), typescript with handwritten edits, undated

1-4/2: Rusch, Kristine Kathryn: "The Beautiful and the Damned" (1995), typescript with handwritten edits, undated

1-4/3: Rusch, Kristine Kathryn: "The Questing Mind" (1998), typescript with handwritten edits, undated

1-4/4: Rysdyk, Leonard: "So Tender and Mild" (1995), typescript with handwritten edits, undated

1-4/5: Sallis, James: "Ansley's Demons" (1992), typescript, undated

1-4/6: Savage, Felicity: "Cyberfate" (1995), typescript, undated

1-4/7: Savage, Ron: "Piano Pony" (1993), typescript, undated

1-4/8: Savage, Ron: "Connecticut Nazi" (1996), typescript with handwritten edits, undated

1-4/9: Seelhammer, Cynthia: "Gentle Horses" (1998), typescript, undated

1-4/10: Shiner, Lewis: "Like the Gentle Rain" (1997), typescript, undated

1-4/11: Shunn, D. William: "Kevin 17" (1995), typescript, undated

1-4/12: Shunn, D. William: "Celestial Mechanics" (1996), typescript, undated

1-4/13: Smeds, Dave: "Short Timer" (1994), typescript, undated

1-4/14: Smith, Dean Wesley: " Jukebox Gifts" (1994), typescript with handwritten comments, undated

1-4/15: Smith, Dean Wesley: "In the Shade of the Slowboat Man" (1996), typescript with handwritten edits, undated

1-4/16: Smith, Sarah: "Touched by the Bomb" (1993), typescript, undated

1-4/17: Springer, Nancy: "Chasing Butterfly Shadow" (1996), typescript with handwritten edits, 1993

1-4/18: Springer, Nancy: "Transcendence" (1997), typescript, undated

1-4/19: Stableford, Brian: "Busy Dying" (1994), typescript with handwritten edits, undated

1-4/20: Stableford, Brian: "The Pipes of Pan" (1997), typescript, undated

1-4/21: Steele, Allen: "Shepherd Moon" (1994), typescript with handwritten edits, 1992

1-4/22: Steiber, Raymond: "Dry August" (1995), typescript, undated

1-4/23: Sterling, Bruce: "Science Column #1: Outer Cyberspace" (1992), typescript, and typescript with handwritten edits, undated

1-4/24: Sterling, Bruce: "Science Column #2: Buckymania" (1992), typescript, photocopy of typescript, and faxed copy, undated

1-4/25: Sterling, Bruce: "Science Column #3: Think of the Prestige" (1992), faxed copy of typescript, undated

1-4/26: Sterling, Bruce: "Science Column #4: Artificial Life" (1992), typescript, undated

1-4/27: Sterling, Bruce: "Science Column #5: Internet" (1993), faxed copy of typescript, undated

1-4/28: Sterling, Bruce: "Science Column #6 -7" (1993), faxed copies of typescripts, 1992

1-4/29: Sterling, Bruce: "Science Column #8: Creation Science" (1993), typescript with handwritten edits, and faxed copy, 1993

1-4/30: Sterling, Bruce: "Science Column #11: Spires on the Skyline" (1994), faxed copy of typescript, 1993

1-4/31: Sterling, Bruce: "Science Column #12 - 13" (1994), typescripts with handwritten edits, undated

1-4/32: Sterling, Bruce: "Science Column #14 - 15" (1994 - 1995), faxed copy of typescripts, 1994

1-4/33: Sterling, Bruce: "The Littlest Jackal" (1996), typescript with handwritten edits, undated

1-4/34: Taylor, Robert C.: "A Prisoner of History" (1998), typescript with handwritten edits, undated

1-4/35: Thomas, Michael: "Nightwatch" (1997), typescript, undated

1-4/36: Thomas, Michael: "Sometimes a Helix is a Circle" (1999), typescript, undated

1-4/37: Thompson, Jessie: "Angelman" (1992), typescript, undated

1-4/38: Thompson, Jessie: "Synechdoche" (1992), typescript with handwritten edits, undated

1-4/39: Tiedemann, Mark W.: "The Playground Door" (1993), typescript, undated

1-4/40: Tiedemannm Mark W.: "Psyche" (1998), typescript, undated

1-4/41: Tilton, Lois: "The Twelve Swans" (1992), typescript, undated

1-4/42: Tilton, Lois: "Sleep, My Little One" (1993), typescript, undated

1-4/43: Tritten, Larry: "History's Mysteries...Semi-Solved" (1999), typescript, undated

1-4/44: Turtledove, Harry: "Mebodes' Fly" (1992), typescript, undated

1-4/45: Turtledove, Harry: "Vermin" (1993), typescript, undated

1-4/46: Turtledove, Harry: "The Seventh Chapter" (1997), typescript with handwritten edits, undated

1-4/47: Turzillo, Mary A.: "Miranda's Monster" (1995), typescript with handwritten edits, undated

1-4/48: Turzillo, Mary A.: "Mate" (1997), typescript, undated

1-4/49: Tuttle, Lisa: "Meeting the Muse" (1996), typescript with handwritten edits, undated

1-4/50: Utley, Steven: "Look Away" (1992), typescript with handwritten edits, undated

1-4/51: Vamosi, Robert: "With or Without You" (1994), typescript with handwritten edits, undated

1-4/52: Vaughan, Bill: "The Wall" (1994), typescript, undated

1-4/53: Vukcevich, Ray: "Review: Pirates of the Universe" (1996), typescript, undated

1-4/54: Vukcevich, Ray: "White Guys In Space" (1996), typescript, undated

1-4/55: Vukcevich, Ray: "A Holiday Junket" (1998), typescript with handwritten edits, undated

1-4/56: Vukcevich, Ray: "Rejoice" (1999), typescript, undated

1-4/57: Wade, Susan: "Intruders" (1995), typescript, undated

1-4/58: Wade, Susan: "A Recent Vintage" (1997), typescript, undated

1-4/59: Watson, Ian: "The Amber Room" (1995), typescript with handwritten edits, undated

1-4/60: Watson, Ian: "The Last Beast Out of the Box" (1997), typescript, undated

1-4/61: Watson, Ian: "The Boy Who Lost an Hour, the Girl Who Lost Her Life" (1998), typescript, undated

1-4/62: Watt-Evans, Lawrence: "Spirit Dump" (1992), typescript, undated

1-4/63: Webb, Don: "The Evil Miracle" (1994), typescript with handwritten edits, undated

1-4/64: Weiner, Andrew: "A New Man" (1992), typescript with handwritten edits, undated

1-4/65: Weiner, Andrew: "Seeing" (1992), typescript, undated

1-4/66: Weiner, Andrew: "The Purple Pill" (1996), typescript, undated

1-4/67: Wells, Matthew: "The Auschwitz Circus" (1996), typescript, undated

1-4/68: Wentworth, K.D.: "As You Sow" (1995), typescript, undated

1-4/69: Wentworth, K.D.: "Tis The Season" (1997), typescript, undated

1-4/70: Wentworth, K.D.: "Tall One" (1998), typescript, undated

1-4/71: West, Jake: "Halls of Burning" (1997), typescript, undated

1-4/72: West, Michelle Sagara: "Guilty Pleasures" columns (1996 - 1997), typescripts, 1996 - 1997

1-4/73: What, Leslie: "Compatability Clause" (1995), typescript, undated

1-4/74: What, Leslie: "Uncle Gorby and the Baggage Ghost" (1996), typescript, undated

1-4/75: Wheeler, Deborah: "Javier, Dying in the Land of Flowers" (1996), typescript with handwritten edits, undated

1-4/76: Whitlock, Dean: "Three Gifts" (1995), typescript with handwritten edits, undated

1-4/77: Wightman, Wayne and Russo, Richard Paul: "The Idiot's Dream" (1997), typescript with handwritten edits, undated

1-4/78: Wilber, Rick: "Ice Covers The Hole" (1992), typescript, undated

1-4/79: Wilber, Rick: "Where Garagiola Waits" (1997), typescript with handwritten edits, undated

1-4/80: Wilber, Rick: "Straight Changes" (1998), typescript, undated

1-4/81: Wilhelm, Kate: "Forget Luck" (1996), typescript, undated

1-4/82: Williams, Tad: "Monsieur Vergalant's Canard" (1995), typescript, undated

1-4/83: Williams, Walter Jon: "Even As a Broken Mirror...(or) That Bright Names Will Hallow Song" (1993), typescript with handwritten edits, undated (published as "Wall, Stone, Craft")

1-4/84: Williamson, Jack: "Dark Star" (1995), typescript with handwritten edits, undated

1-4/85: Williamson, Jack: "The Hole in the World" (1997), typescript, undated

1-4/86: Williamson, Jack: "The Infinite Career" (1997), typescript (1946 words), and typescript (2180 words), undated

1-4/87: Wilson, F. Paul: "Bugs" (1992), typescript, undated

1-4/88: Wilson, Robin: "To the Vector Belong..." (1994), typescript with handwritten edits, 1993

1-4/89: Wilson, Robin: "The Retired Men's Social Club and Ladies Auxiliary" (1996), typescript, 1994

1-4/90: Wilson, Robin: "Faster Than a Speeding Bullet" (1997), typescript with handwritten edits, 1995

1-4/91: Winter, Laurel: "Blood Harp" (1996), typescript, undated

1-4/92: Winter, Laurel: "Permanent Natural Boy" (1996), typescript, undated

1-4/93: Winter, Laurel: "David's Ashes" (1997), typescript, undated

1-4/94: Winter, Laurel: "Tomorrow Tea" (1997), typescript, undated

1-4/95: Winter, Laurel: "Fighting Gravity" (1998), typescript with handwritten edits, undated

1-4/96: Wolfe, Gene: "The Legend of Xi Cygnus" (1992), typescript, undated

1-4/97: Wolfe, Gene: "The Man in the Pepper Mill" (1996), typescript, undated

1-4/98: Wolfe, Gene: "No Planets Strike" (1997), typescript, undated

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