John Q. Anderson Papers Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
F0005 /index.php/a4aw-zmhh-rwzc File
F0011 /index.php/zpch-em9a-kg3r File
F0013 /index.php/xkb9-67g8-ahnm File
F0018 /index.php/pd5y-c8yd-5z3b File
F0020 /index.php/bpz9-8b25-sdx6 File
F0026 /index.php/k6wx-w56g-hph7 File
F0028 /index.php/h2tf-9g92-refk File
F0029 /index.php/c8tb-t38d-edsa File
F0030 /index.php/6gef-sg8s-8dwq File
F0031 /index.php/sbs9-yz4p-xqh8 File
F0032 /index.php/9syy-nd66-ddar File
S2 Research Materials Series 1960-1966; undated
S3 Clippings Series 1942-1964; undated
5 Folklore, and Fieldnotes Box 1963-1966
8 Pamphlets, Special Editions, and Billy Arlington Material Box
1-02 Alderson, John Locke, Jr. File 1964
F0006 /index.php/e5rq-d2c9-3peg File
F0007 /index.php/xqx7-85fz-gn74 File
F0008 /index.php/hk5b-5tqd-6qbd File
F0009 /index.php/zhx4-ngmf-qpbx File
F0010 /index.php/et27-fphp-daxx File
F0012 /index.php/zy95-phmd-bzhf File
F0016 /index.php/q7af-r78g-atmc File
F0033 /index.php/ncbx-dtfc-tyce File
F0034 /index.php/nyzq-txsa-trs4 File
F0035 /index.php/pb8c-7f3w-qz57 File
3 Folksong, and Fieldnotes Box 1960-1965
7 Clippings Box 1954-1965
6 Fieldnotes Box 1964-1965
3 Course Handouts Box
S1 Course Materials for English 329 Series 1963-1965
SS1 Term Papers Subseries
1-01 Abbott, Craig Stephens File 1964
F0003 /index.php/gg5w-q7sz-pmq7 File
F0015 /index.php/337e-h997-r5nq File
F0023 /index.php/7tt6-wtg2-f5ty File
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