John A. Adams NAFTA Collection Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
15 Booklets, Publications, Newspapers, and a Book Box 1989-1995
8 Newsletters, Reports, Magazines, News Releases, Clippings, and an Information Packet Box 1982-1995
19 Magazines, Manuscript Reports, Conference Materials, and Clippings Box 1988-1994
6 Letters, Press Release, Reports, Memos, and a Draft Bill Box 1984-1995
11 Books, Magazines, Reports, Flyers, and a Manuscript Box
2 Letters, Clippings, Newsletters, Magazine Reports, and Knight-Ridder Newswire Reports Box 1995
3 Publications and Reports Box 1989-1996
5 Clippings, Transcript, Notes, Reports, Press Release, and Newsletters Box 1987-1997
14 Clippings, Magazines, Journal Articles, Notes, Reports, and Promotional Materials Box 1987-1994
17 Spanish Information Packets, Newspapers, Clippings, Reports, and Articles Box 1992-1996
7 Magazines, Clippings and a Report Box 1988-1995
1 Reports, Clippings, Newsletters, and Magazines Box 1993-1995
4 Journals, Clippings, Reports, and Statements Box 1992-1996
12 Books, Reports, Presentations, Letters, and Articles Box 1982; 1990-1995
18 Booklets, Presentation Text, Clippings, Articles, and Reports Box 1987-1999
10 Magazines, Speeches, Reports, Brochures, Clippings, and a Proposed Amendment Box 1988-1996
16 Brochures, Reports, Handbooks, and Publications Box 1990-1995
9 Letters, a Book, Brochures, Clippings, Notes, and Memos Box 1990-1995
13 Newspapers Box