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S2-151: Carter, Lin, ed. THE YEAR'S BEST FANTASY STORIES. N.Y.: DAW Books, October 1975. 1st printing, 171p, DAW 166, $1.25. pb. Contains: "The Temple Of Abomination."

S2-152: Carter, Lin, ed. THE YEAR'S BEST FANTASY STORIES: 5. N.Y.: Daw Books, January 1980, 1st printing, 204p., DAW Books 370, $1.95, pb. Contains: "Lord of the Dead."

S2-153: Carter, Lin, ed. THE YOUNG MAGICIANS. N.Y.: Ballantine Books, (1969) 1st printing, viii, 280p., Ballantine Books 01730, 95c, pb. Contains: "The Valley of the Worm."

S2-154: De Camp, L. Sprague & George H. Scithers, eds. THE CONAN GRIMOIRE. Baltimore: The Mirage Press, 1972. 1st printing, 261p., illustrated, dj. 21.6 cm. Contains letters By Howard as a review by him that appeared in The Junto. Many articles about Howard by various writers. Limited to 1500 copies.

S2-155: De Camp, L. Sprague, ed. THE FANTASTIC SWORDSMEN. N.Y.: Pyramid Books, May 1967. 1st printing, 204p., Pyramid R-1621, 50c. pb. Contains: "Drums of Tombalku" by Robert E. Howard and L. Sprague de Camp.

S2-156: De Camp, L. Sprague, ed. THE SPELL OF SEVEN. N.Y.: Pyramid Books, Dec 1969. 2nd printing, 192p., illustrated by Virgil Finlay, Pyramid Books T2133, 75c. Contains: "Shadows in Zamboula."

S2-157: De Camp, L. Sprague, ed. SWORDS & SORCERY. N.Y.: Pyramid Books, Dec 1963, 1st printing, 186p., illustrated by Virgil Finlay, Pyramid Books R-950. 50c. pb. Contains: "Shadows in the Moonlight"

S2-158: De Camp, L. Sprague, ed. WARLOCKS AND WARRIORS. N.Y.: G.P. Putnams (1970) 255p., dj illustrated by Jim Steranko. 20.0 cm. Contains: "The Hills of the Dead."

Same...N.Y.: Berkley Books, (1971). 255p., Berkley Medallion Book, 75c. Reprint of the Putnam ed. in pb

S2-159: Derleth, August, ed. DARK MIND, DARK HEART. Sauk City, Wise: Arkham House, 1962. 1st printing, viii, 249p., dj illustrated by Dale Mann. 18.7 cm. Contains: " The Grey God Passes."

Same…London: Mayflower, 1962. 222p., pb.

S2-160: Derleth, August, ed. FIRE AND SLEET AND CANDLELIGHT, Sauk City, Wise: Arkham House, 1961. 1st Ed. 236p., dj. 18,6 cm. Contains: "The Sands of Time" And "Earth-Born." Verse by Howard

Same. ..U.K.: Mayflower Books, 1963. 222p., Mayflower Book 1665-8, 3/6. pb. 1st U.K. reprint of the Arkham House edition.

S2-161: Durwood, Thomas, ed. ARIEL, The Book of Fantasy. Vol. 3. Kansas City, Mo.: Ariel Books (1978). 95p., illustrated paper cover. 30.0 cm. Contains: "Musings" (verse).

S2-162: Dziemianowicz, Stefan R., et al, eds. FAMOUS FANTASTIC MYSTERIES N.Y.: Grarnmercy Books, 1991, 1st printing, xiii, 449p., illustrated by Virgil Finlay, dj. 22.7cm. Contains: "Worms of the Earth."

S2-163: Dziemianowicz, Stefan R., et al, eds. WEIRD TALES. 32 Unearthed Terrors, N.Y.: Bonanza Books, (1988) 1st printing, xv, 655p., introduction by Robert Bloch, dj illustrated by Hannes Bok. 22.8 cm. Contains: "The Shadow Kingdom."

S2-164: Haining, Peter, selec, & introduction WEIRD TALES. A Facsimile of the World's Most Famous Fantasy Magazine. U.K.: Neville Spearman. (1976). 264p., ill, dj. 24.0 cm. Contains: "Black Hound of Death."

S2-165: Howard, Robert E., et al. GHOR Kin-Slayer. The Saga of Genseric's Fifth-Born Son. West Warwick, R.L: Necronomicon Press (1997) 1st printing, 176p., paper cover. 21.5 cm. Chapter 1 is by Robert E. Howard with each of the remaining 16 chapters written by different authors.

S2-166: Kaye, Marvin, ed. WEIRD TALES. The Magazine that Never Dies. N. Y.: Doubleday Book & Music Clubs, Inc., (1988). Xxi, 582p., appendices, illustrated by Richard Kriegler, dj. 20.8 cm. Contains: "Skulls in the Stars."

S2-167: Lord, Glenn, ed. THE BOOK OF ROBERT E. HOWARD. N.Y.: Kensington Pub. February 1976, 1st printing, 345p., illustrated by Jeff Jones, Zebra Book 163. $1.95. Contains Twenty-one selections of stories and verse.

Same...N.Y.: Berkley Books, February 1980. xi, 240p., cover illustrated by Ken Kelly. Berkley Book $1.95. A reprint of the Zebra book edition.

Lord, Glenn, ed. THE SECOND BOOK OF ROBERT E. HOWARD. N.Y.: Kensington Pub., May 1976. 1st printing, 368p., illustrated by Jeff Jones, Zebra Book 183, $1.95. Contains twenty-two selections of stories and verse.

Lord, Glenn, ed. THE HOWARD COLLECTOR. By and About Robert E. Howard N.Y.: Ace Books, April 1979. 1st printing., 267p., ACE $1.95. pb. Contains thirty stories, verse and letters by Howard; and essays & letters about Howard.

McDonald, T. Liam, et al. SEA-CURSED. Thirty Terrifying Tales of the Deep. N.Y.: Barnes & Noble Books, (1994). 545p., dj illustrated by Lynn Binder. 22.7 cm. Contains: "Sea Curse."

Margulies, Leo, selec. WORLDS OF WEIRD. N.Y.: Jove Publications, 1978, 3d printing, 158p., illustrated by Virgil Finlay, introduction by Sam Moskowitz. Jove Book, $1.50, pb
Contains: "The Valley of the Worm."

Moskowitz, Sam, essay. GHOST STORIES. Stories of Ghosts. Evergreen, Co.: Opar Press, 1973. 32p., illustrated, introduction by Glenn Lord, paper cover. 21.5 cm. Index to Ghost Stories magazine by James R. Seiger. "The Apparition of the Prize Ring," by Robert E. Howard.

Moskowitz, Sam, ed. HORRORS UNKNOWN, N.Y.: Berkley Books, February 1976. 210p., Berkley Medallion Book N3063. 95c. pb. Contains: 'The Challenge from Beyond," written by CX. Moore, A. Merritt, HJP. Lovecraft, Robert E. Howard and Frank Belknap Long, Jr.

Offiitt, Andrew J., ed. SWORDS AGAINST DARKNESS. N.Y.: Kensington Pub., February 1977. 1st printing, 288p, Zebra Book 239. $1.95. pb. Contains: "Nekht Semerkehf * by Robert E. Howard and finished by Andrew J. Offiitt

Proctor, Geo. W. & Steven Utley, eds. LONE STAR UNIVERSE, The First Anthology of Texas Science Fiction Authors. Austin, Tex.: Heidelberg Pub. 1976. 1st Ed. 293p., introduction By Harlan Ellison, dj. 21.3 cm. Contains: " The Coming of Bast." (verse)

Santesson, Hans Stefan. THE MIGHTY SWORDSMEN. N.Y.: Lancer Books (1970). 256 p.s Lancer Book, 75c. pb. Contains: "Beyond the Black River."

Shippey, Tom, selec. THE OXFORD BOOK OF FANTASY STORIES. Oxford; Oxford Univ. Press. 1995. 1st printing, 500p., cover illustrated by Pete Lyon, paper cover. 19.6 cm. Oxford Paperbacks. Contains: "The Tower of the Elephant."

Silverberg, Robert & Martin H. Greenberg, compils. THE FANTASY HALL OF FAME. N.Y.: Arbor House. (1983). 43 lp., dj illustrated by E.T. Steadman. 23.3 cm. Contains: "The Valley of the Worm.”

Wagner, Karl Edward, e& ECHOES OF VALOR. N.Y.: Tom Doherty Associates, February 1987. 1st printing, 286p., cover art by Ken Kelly, TOR fantasy $2.95. Contains: "The Black Stranger."

Wagner, Karl Edward, ed. ECHOES OF VALOR II. N.Y.: Tom Doherty, Associates, 1989. 1st printing, 274p., dj illustrated by Rich Berry. 20.7 cm. Contains: "The Frost King's Daughter," and "The Frost-Giant's Daughter."

Wagner, Karl Edward, e& ECHOES OF VALOR III. N.Y.: Tom Doherty Associates, Sept 1991. 1st printing. 374p., cover art by Sam Rakeland. TOR. $3.95.pb. Contains: "The Shadow of the Vulture."

Weinberg, Robert, ed. FAR BELOW and Other Horrors. West Linn, Ore.: FAX Collector's Editions, (1974) 1st Ed. 150p., dj. 22.9 cm. Contains: "Out of the Deep" 1000 copies printed.

Wilkins, Cary, ed. A TREASURY OF FANTASY. Heroic Adventures in Imaginary Lands. N.Y.: Chatham River Press (1984) Revised Edition. Vii, 472p., illustrated, cover illustrated by Ross Hoover, paper cover. 22.7 cm. Contains: "Swords of the Purple Kingdom."

Wilkins, Cary, ed. A TREASURY OF FANTASY. RY.: Gramercy Books (1981) 1995 edition. Viii, 504p., illustrated, dj illustrated by Romas. 23.0 cm. Contains: "Swords of the Purple Kingdom."

Wollheim, Donald E. & George Ernsberger, eds. THE AVON FANTASY READER. (N.Y.: Avon Books, January 1969) 1st printing, 173p,, cover illustrated by Gray Morrow. Avon Book S384, 60c. pb. Contains: " The Witch from Hell's Kitchen."

Wollheim, Donald E. & George Ernsberger, eds. THE 2nd AVON FANTASY READER. (N.Y.: Avon Books, February 1969) 1st printing, 173p. cover illustrated by Gray Morrow. Avon Book S385, 60c. pb. Contains: "The Blonde Goddess of Bal-Sagoth."

Wollheim, Donald E., ed. FANCIFUL TALES. n.p.: Marc A. Mkhaud 1977. 48p., paper cover. 212 cm. Limited to 750 numbered copies. Reprints the 1936 original Vol. 1, No. 1 of the pulp magazine in reduced size.

Wollheim, Donald E., ed. THE MACABRE READER. N.Y.: Ace Books, (1959) ACE Book D-353. 35c, pb. Contains: "The Cairn on the Headland."

Wollheim, Donald E., ed. OPERATION PHANTASY. The Best from The Phantagraph N.Y.: Phantagraph Press, 1967. 59p., 420 numbered & signed Copies (no. 84), dj. 18.4 cm. Contains: "Song at Midnight" (verse)


Aldiss, Brian W. with David Wingrove. TRILLION YEAR SPREE. The History of Science Fiction. N.Y.: Avon. (1988) 1st Avon Books Trade printing 51 lp.5 notes, bibliog.., Index, paper cover. 20. 1 cm. Contains references to Howard.

Anon. THE ILLUSTRATORS OF R.E.H. ROY G. KRENKEL. n.p., Dennis McHaney, (1975). 12 unn. pages, illustrated by Krenkel. paper cover. 2L5 cm. Contains list of books illus. By Krenkel. Issued as a portion of the 4th issue of The Howard Review.

Anon. THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD. Los Angeles, Ca.: The Kushner-Locke Company. N.d. (circa 1996). 63 leaves, printed one side only, illustrated, paper cover. 27.4 cm. A promotional book for the film based on Howard's life with Ellis.(together with Four black & white stills from the film.

Ash, Brian, ed. THE VISUAL ENCYCLOPEDIA OF SCIENCE FICTION. N.Y.: Harmony Books (1977) 1978 reprint 352p., ill, index, paper cover. 26.0 cm. References to Robert E. Howard.

Barbour, David & Raleigh, Richard. SHADOWS BEND. A Novel of the Fantastic And Unspeakable*. N.Y.: Ace Books, 2000, 1st printing, 31 lp., novel featuring Robert E. Howard and H.P. Lovecraft. paper cover, 22.8 cm.

Broecker, Randy. FANTASY OF THE 20th CENTURY. Portland, Ore: Collectors Press, 2001. 1st American Ed. 256p., profusely illustrated, index, dj. Numerous References to Howard with illustrated from his books and book covers.

Burke, Rusty. REH. A Short Biography of Robert E. Howard. N. Y.: Cross Plains Comics. 1999. 1st printing, 64 unn. pages, profusely illustrated with photos & art, paper cover, 28.0 cm.

Carter, Lin. IMAGINARY WORLDS. The Art of Fantasy. N.Y.: Ballantine Books (1973) 1st printing, 278p., bibliog.., index, cover illustrated by Gervasio Gallardo. Bailentine Book 03309. 1.25 pb. Contains references to Howard.

S2-198: Carter, Lin. LOVECRAFT; A Look Behind the "Cthulhu Mythos" N. Y. Ballantine Books, February 1972. 1st printing, xix, 198p, cover illustrated by Gervasio Gallardo. Ballantine Book 95c. pb. Contains references to Howard.

S2-199: Cerasini, Marc A. & Charles Hoffinan. ROBERT E. HOWARD. Starmont Reader's Guide 35. Mercer Island, Wash.: Starmont House, Inc. 1987. 156p., Notes, bibliography, index, paper cover. 21.0 cm. Essays on life of Howard, his Writings and a good annotated bibliography of Howard stories.

S2-200: De Camp, L. Sprague, ed. THE BLADE OF CONAN. N.Y.: Ace Books, May 1979. 1st printing, 310p., ACE Book $1.95. pb. Various essays on Howard, pp. 85-147.

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