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"Aggies United" T-shirt and Bracelet

  • TxAM-CRS 1568
  • Collection
  • 2016

This collection includes a T-shirt and a watch bracelet from the Aggies United event held on December 6, 2016.

Texas Aggie Countryman Publications

  • TxAM-CRS 546
  • Collection
  • 1930-1934

The Texas Aggie Countryman was a Texas A&M College monthly publication created in 1930 by students at the Texas A&M College Press. It is one of the first student-run publications at Texas A&M.

A. H. Neighbors, Sr. Photograph Collection

  • TxAM-CRS 75
  • Collection
  • 1911-1913

This collection contains fifteen portrait photographs of Texas A&M College students. The photographs were given to A. H. Neighbors by other classmates also graduating in the Class of 1911, and one portrait from a member of the Class of 1913. Only one of the photographs has yet to be identified. Also included is the letter accompanying the photographs when mailed to the Ex-student Association from A. H. Neighbors, Jr. in 1976.

A. L. Ward Papers

  • TxAM-CRS 968
  • Collection
  • 1925-1960

This collection contains speeches from Ward during his time as Educational Director of the National Cottonseed Products Association.

Albert Richard Moses Correspondence

  • TxAM-CRS 1500
  • Collection

This collection contains letters and greeting cards to and from A. R. (Albert Richard) Moses during his time in the military. Most of the greeting cards are from the Christmas/New Year season or for his birthday.

American Association of University Women, Texas Division, Bryan-College Station Branch Records

  • TxAM-CRS C000289
  • Collection
  • 1947-1988; Undated

This collection consists of AAUW publications, the president's records spanning the organization's forty-year history, and information regarding the branch's involvement in supporting the Bryan Day Care Center, as well as four scrapbooks.

Association publications include the newsletter from the local branch, as well as journals, newspapers, and bulletins published by the national and international parent organizations. Included in the president's records are branch reports, rosters, financial information, and correspondence. Also present are minutes and other records pertaining to the Bryan Day Care Center and the AAUW's contributions to it. In addition, one file in the collection contains a brief history of the local organization, beginning with its inception in 1948 and reviewing important milestones of each year up to 1980.

American Association of University Women

Anton M. Sorenson Papers

  • TxAM-CRS 956
  • Collection
  • 1977-1980

This collection includes correspondence, drafts, page proofs, and other materials regarding Sorenson's book Animal Reproduction: Principles & Practices. Also included are copies of articles, papers and other research materials used in writing the book.

Army Specialized Training Program Collection

  • TxAM-CRS 400
  • Collection
  • 1943

This collection contains documents, class schedule, and requirement list for the completion of the Army Specialized Training Program for the ROTC at Texas A&M College during 1943. Included are course descriptions for the various classes in the program, along with schedules and requirements.

C. Walt Brown World War II Air Crew Training Division Collection

  • TxAM-CRS 1061
  • Collection
  • 1905-1946; Undated

This collection consists of letters (mostly to his mother and family between 1943-1944), newspaper clippings, and a few other materials detailing the life of Charles Walt Brown during his tenure in the US Army Air Force, especially his experiences while in the Air Crew Training Division on the Texas A&M campus.

From 1943 to 1944, Texas A&M College provided its land and facilities to the US Military to prepare soldiers for World War II (WWII). In Brown's letter to his mother, Mary Swan, and to other family members, he told of details of his life in the Army and at the different military facilities he was stationed at.

Cepheid Variable - AggieCon Collection

  • TxAM-CRS C000219
  • Collection
  • 1969-2015

The collection consists of the program books, documents, correspondence, and miscellaneous items collected by the Cepheid Variable Science Fiction Club from its inception in 1969 through 2005. The collection was assembled from deposits of the club, gifts from Bill Page, and other occasional donors.

Cepheid Variable

Class of 2004 Time Capsule

  • TxAM-CRS 1255
  • Collection
  • 2004

This collection consists of a sealed steel cylinder, containing various materials, such as letters and photographs, donated by the Class of 2004.

The capsule will be reopened in 2054 by members of the class.

College of Agriculture Publications

  • TxAM-CRS 563
  • Collection
  • 1983-1998

This collection includes the following publication titles:

  • Agri-Gram, 1988-1998
  • AgReport Vols. 1-3, 1983-1986

College of Business Administration Publications

  • TxAM-CRS 562
  • Collection
  • 1982-1993

This collection includes the following publication titles:

  • Businews, 1984-1989
  • Research Report, 1983-1985
  • Marketing Newsletter, 1982
  • Margin of Excellence, 1991, 1993
  • Fellows Reviews, 1991
  • BA Newsletter
  • Calendar of Events, 1989-1990
  • Miscellaneous publications

College of Education Publications

  • TxAM-CRS 533
  • Collection
  • 1984-1996

This collection includes the following publication titles:

  • Perspective (1984-1990, 1992, 1994)
  • Aikin-Stinnett Lectures (1984-1985)
  • Education Administration Department's The Principal's Center
  • Network (1988, 1990)
  • Association for the Study of Higher Education (ASHE), ASHE News Letter (1993-1996)

College of Engineering Publications

  • TxAM-CRS 565
  • Collection
  • 1985-1996

The publication titles included in this collection are:

  • Electrical Engineering Department's Current, 1990-1996
  • Electrical Engineering Department's Engineering Research Reports, 1985; 1994-1995
  • Petroleum Engineering Department's Reservoir, 1993-1994
  • Petroleum Engineering Department's Geological Surveys
  • Mechanical Engineering Department's ATME News, 1986-1987
  • Mechanical Engineering Department's The Linkage, 1992
  • Mechanical Engineering Department's ATME Linkage, 1996
  • Energy Systems Update, 1993-1994

College of Liberal Arts Publications

  • TxAM-CRS 514
  • Collection
  • 1952-1996

This collection includes the following titles:

  • Center for Biotechnology Policy and Ethics Newsletter, 1992-1996
  • Calendar of Events, 1988-1993
  • Public Policy Resources Laboratory, Lab Notes, 1984
  • Liberal Arts Council: Agenda and Minutes, 1988-1992
  • English Bulletin, 1952-1957; 1983-1987
  • Center for Public Leadership Studies: Urban News, 1995-
  • Center for Public Leadership Studies: Illuminations, 1987-1995
  • Anthropology Lab Reports

College of Medicine Publications

  • TxAM-CRS 564
  • Collection
  • 1989-1995

This collection includes the following publication titles:

  • Faculty Forum, 1989-1994
  • Newsletter, 1980-1991; 1994-1995

College of Science Publications

  • TxAM-CRS 501
  • Collection
  • 1962-1990

This collection includes the This Week in Science Newsletter (1962-1990).

Computing Services (formerly Data Processing Center) Publications

  • TxAM-CRS 444
  • Collection
  • 1968-1994

This collection consists of four 5" boxes, one 2.5" box, and one binder, and includes the following publication titles:

  • Stride (1989-1992) - 2.5" box

  • Newsletter (1968-1969, 1974-1994, 1986-1989) - four 5" boxes and one binder

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