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M. K. T. Jr. Materials

1-1: "Ruminations of Marmaduke Knox Thornton: an Imaginative Man" manuscript, contains a biography of Thornton describing his personal life along with his work as a professor in Chemical Engineering at Texas A&M College (photographs of Marmaduke included in biography).

1-2: "The Poetry Collection of M. K. 'Duke' Thornton" manuscript, with poems by Thornton and photographs of him.

1-3: Correspondence
Letter of gratitude for serving 25 years at Texas A&M College awarded to Thornton. December 17, 1938
Letter of gratitude of Military Service, signed by Harry Truman on white house parchment.
Annual Christmas Dinner announcement for faculty and staff of the TAMC. December 17, 1938
From Commanding Officer of the Coast Artillery Training Camp, C. L. Kilburn, to [no name, possibly Thornton]. Subject: coast artillery training camp discussing heavy artillery duties and officer enlistment qualifications. May 14, 1918
From Commanding Officer of the Coast Artillery Training Camp, C. L. Kilburn, to [no name, possibly Thornton], discussing upcoming events for accepted applicants for basic training camp. May 31, 1918
From the War Department, Office of the Chief of Coast Artillery Second Lieutenant D. G. Schneider, prohibiting individual induction of chemists. November 1, 1918
From Major R. R. Welshimer at the Coast Artillery Training Camp Fort Monroe, VA to Thornton, discussing information on training camp and transfer opportunities. June 21, 1918
War Department Classification card for Marmaduke K[nox] Thornton for Dover, New Jersey. 1918
From R. R. Weshimer to [no name, possibly Thornton] with information about the 5th Coast Artillery Training Camp in Fort Monroe, VA. 1918
Mississippi A&M College transcript copy certifying Thornton with a B.S. in Education, signed by Hough Cority. March 1, 1915
From TAMC President W. B. Bizzell to college instructors describing school opening exercises and activities on campus. September 18, 1915
To Professor C. R. Richards providing a letter of recommendation of Mr. Thornton for the position he applied to. January 29, 1915
From C. C. Hedges, head of the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering TAMC, addressed to the members of the department discussing stockroom and laboratory work. September 18, 1915
From C.C. Hedges, head of the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering TAMC, discussing registration and laboratory concerns and new regulations. September 15, 1915
From the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering TAMC, discussing lab safety rules and regulations, signed by C.C. Hedges. September 1915 (2 pages)
First Annual Banquet pamphlet of the Young Men’s Christian Association and A&M College. March 28, 1912

Photograph, Thornton in uniform. 1942
Photograph, Class of 1928 35th Reunion (left to right: Cleo Buck - Track Captain, H. Broiles - Baseball Captain, Siki Sikes - Basketball Captain, and Joel Hunt - Football Captain)

Essay, "Phosphorous with Clover for Pastures" by Thornton (5 pages)
List of published works by Thornton including publishers and dates. (9 pages)

Notes for the book "Cottonseed Products" by Thornton or (teaching notes) series of outlines over the history of cotton pre-1700 to the early 1900s. (26 pages)

1-7: The Court Martial Vol 1, Issue 1. Corps of Cadets joke/parody magazine written by Cadets. 1916

1-8: Correspondence addressed to "Punk" from Hics (illegible) describing two photographs found to add to the collection. February 14, 1990


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  • Série
  • Parte de Marmaduke Knox Thornton Jr. Papers

Marmaduke Knox Thornton Jr. Papers

  • US TxAM-C S0003-F0015-1278
  • Coleção
  • 1892-1990

This collection contains a biography of Thornton, personal poetry, correspondence, photographs, and papers on the Chemist’s work in chemical and agricultural engineering at TAMC (Texas A&M College) and TAEX (Texas Agricultural Extension Service).

Thornton, M. K. (Marmaduke Knox), 1892-

Ernesto Mejia Sanchez Collection

  • US TxAM-C C000578
  • Coleção

This collection pertains to Ernesto Mejia-Sanchez, who was a major Nicaraguan diplomat, poet, scholar, and critic whose papers are primarily in Spanish. Materials include photographs, correspondence, writings, publications, newspapers, course writings, and research materials from archives and libraries around the world.

Sanchez, Ernesto Mejia

Warrington Penn Portraits

  • US TxAM-C C000576
  • Coleção
  • 1848-1876

These two volumes documents feature the personal and political reminiscences of journalist William S. Robinson and were edited and published by his wife in 1877. In the first edition, the first volume was expanded to two with extra illustrations (142 portraits and 53 autograph letters from prominent Americans of the time). Writing as “Warrington,” the journalist was especially noted for his reform positions and radical anti-slavery voice. The portraits and views represent a wide range of 19th-century American historic events, sites, and public figures.

Penn, Warrington


"We demand that this University cut all ties to racist South Africa” flyer from U.C. Berkeley.


“Join the National Network in Solidarity with Black People’s Demand for Reparations” by the Anti-Colonial Solidarity Brigade

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