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Hung I-hsiang; VHS

DVD access copy
This disk contains three separate segments from totally different sources.
The first segment is taken from a professionally filmed BBC television broadcast series entitled: The Way of the Warrior. The episode shown here is entitled: “T’ai Chi – The Soft Way”; however, this title is somewhat misleading. The focus of the episode is not on T’ai-chi but, rather, on Master Hung I-hsiang, one of Mr. Smith’s teachers in Taipei, Taiwan in the 1960s. The episode was filmed in Taipei in the late 1970s or early 1980s. It show-cases Master Hung’s teaching of the “soft arts” of Hsing-i Ch’uan, Pa Kua Chang, and T’ai-chi Ch’uan, as well as containing a few scenes of Shaolin Boxing. See YouTube post:

The second segment is a home movie filmed in Taiwan probably sometime in the late 1960s or early 1970s. In a small, indoor venue, a series of performers demonstrate their respective arts to a panel of distinguished guest or judges who are seated at the end of the narrow room. Arts demonstrated include Preying Mantis (Tang Lang), White Crane, Monkey, Linear Pa Kua, Hsing-i Linking form, and various Southern Shaolin forms. Of particular interest is a brief clip of Master Hung I-hsiang demonstrating how to escape from and reverse various arm joint-locks. Some of this footage has been posted to YouTube:
The post refers to the website: “”, but I couldn’t identify it.
The third segment consists of a color film made in Beijing, China on Ba Gua Zhang.
It appears to have been aired on television and consists of high quality demonstrations of bare-handed forms, weapon forms, and martial applications.
The final entry consists of two disks (“Part 1” and “Part 2”).


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