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Yolanda Broyles-González and Francisco González Archive
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Media - CDs, VHS tapes and Cassettes

1/1: Chumash Maritime Association. Return to Limuw., 2001

1/2: Coyolxuhqui. An Ancien Myth Chicanas Today.

1/3: Antonio Aguilar. Yo El Mujeriego.

1/4: Tin Tan Chucho. El Remendado.

1/5: VHS. Return to Limuw., 2001

1/6: VHS. Bandazo 21., 1999

1/7: VHS. Whispers Series: The Chumash., 1991

1/8: VHS. El Ray Del Jaripep Joan Sebastian., 1997

1/9: VHS. Santiago Jimenez Jr.

1/10: VHS. El Milusos 2.

1/11: VHS. Los Alegres De Teran: Leyendas Vivas Volumen 5.

1/12: VHS. Los Reyes del Paleque.

1/13: VHS. El Circo Cantinflas.

1/14: VHS. La Curcaracha.

1/15: VHS. La Presidenta Municipal.

1/16: VHS. Bandazo Norteno.

1/17: VHS. Sangre de Ray Version Musical.

1/18: VHS. Los Alegres de Teran: Coleccion de Oro.

1/19: VHS. Cumbias y Nortenas.

1/20: VHS. Los Jilguerillas: Leyendas de la Musica.

1/21: VHS. Canasta de Cuentos Mexicanos., 1995

1/22: VHS. Juan Gobriel and Rocio Durcal: Juntos Otra Ves.

1/23: VHS. Conciertos Pesados de Lupillo Rivera Vol. 1., 2000

1/24: VHS. Conciertos Pesados de Lupillo Rivera Vol. 2., 2000

1/25: VHS. Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth with Bill Moyers: Program Six Mask of Eternity.

1/26: VHS. La Madrecita.

1/27: VHS. El Treficante., 2000

1/28: DVD. Classicas de Oro: Mala Hierba.

1/29: DVD. Amoxtli San Ce Tojuan: We are one- Nosotros Somos Uno.

Instructional Materials

1/1: Cuentos & Legends- lecture notes and related readings, 1985-1992

1/2: Reevaluating Public Art Mia Gutfreund with essay and photographs

1/3: Documents for course titled Introduction to Chicana Women Studies- syllabus, materials for Weeks 1, Week2 week 5 (Bodies), Traditional Elder, Instructional Tools/Grades, Quizzes and Course Assignments, Lecture on Gynecentrism/Patriarchy, Construction of 'Race', Chicanast Education, and Women in Domestic Sphere Baca Zinn and the Race for Theory with speech/oral culture documents, Spring 1997,Summer 2003, Fall 2007

1/4: Master Thesis " 'She Bathes in a Sacred Place' Rites of Reciprocity, Power and Prestige in Alta California" by Mary Virginia Munoz, January 1997

1/5: Rural to Urban; Lil Rob Narrates the Barrio: Summer Nights at YouTube

1/6: Rojas, Mary "Reclaiming Subjectivity in Chicana Art [or] The Transforming Eye" Presentation for Chicano Studies, June 29, 1994

1/7: Materials for the performance piece titled "Panza Monologue" - DVD with PowerPoint presentation, Booklet, Flyers and artist information for the performer, January 2006

1/8: Essay- "Mestizaje as Differential Methodology: Feminists-of-Color/Sliding the Rule of Canon" by Chela Sandoval with postcard written to Yolanda by the author, July 1996

1/9: Documents about Filomena & The Soldaderas of the Mexican Revolution

1/10: Book Chapter- "The Origins, Development, and Consequences of the Educational Segregation of Mexicans in the Southwest" by Guadalupe San Miguel

1/11: Documents about Labor Migrants- "Baiting Immigrants: Women Bear the Brunt" by Julie Light, syllabus for Introduction to Chicana Women's Studies, handwritten notes and notes about Martinez and MacCaughan article, 1997 and 2003

1/12: Documents about From Ranch to Barrio- handwritten notes, syllabus for Intor. To Chicana studies with this theme and notes, January 1995

1/13: Book Chapter- "A Promise Fulfilled: Mexican Cannery Workers in Southern California" by Vicki L. Ruiz and "Chicanas and Mexicanas within a Transnational Working Class" by Elizabeth Martinez and Ed McCaughan from Between Borders: Essays on Mexicana/Chicana History ed. A.R. Del Castillo, 1990

1/14: Salt of the Earth/Civil Disobedience Documents- notes and various essays about the film Salt of the Earth

1/15: Documents about Environmental Justice Movements- notes, and various academic sources, book chapters and online printouts

1/16: Book Chapter- "Hispanic Women's Liberation Theology" from Hispanic Women. Prophetic Voice In the Church. Towards a Hispanic Women's Liberation Theology by A.M. Isasi Diaz & Y. Tarango, 1989

1/17: Master Thesis- "Mujeres En La Linea: Engendering Migration, Agency, and Urban Space on Mexico's Northern Border" by Heather Elizabeth Craigie, 2005

1/18: Book Chapters- "Guerra florida de Juchitan" and excerpt from section titled "History" both from the book titled The Mud People by Patricia Gonzales with notes

1/19: Seminar Essay- "The Contributions and Participation of Women in Rural Society" by Cristina Elias

1/20: Documents for "Coyolxauhqui Lecture"- Notes, Flyer about presentation titled "El Mito de Coyolxauhqui", readings with timelines and copy of "La Voz de Esperanza" Vol. 15 Issue 6

1/21: Article- "Chicanas and the Issue of Involuntary Sterilization: Reforms Needed to Protect Informed Consent" by Antonia Hernandez from the Chicano Law Review Volume 3, 1976

1/22: Notes on the topic "Euroamerican Expansion + Race/Gender Relations" (NOTE the
Folder label is unclear might need to rename)

1/23: Book Chapters- "Introduction", "The Roots of Feminism in Mexico" and "Women and the Mexican Revolution, 1910-1920" from Against All Odds: the Feminist Movement in Mexico to 1940 by Anna Macias, 1982

1/24: Photocopy of-"Body/Culture: Chicano Figuration" Edited by Elizabeth Partch published by the University Art Gallery of Sonoma State University (Unclear if its complete copy of it), 1990

1/25: Essay- "El Mundo Femenino: Chicana Artists of the Movement-A Commentary On Development and Production" by Amalia Mesa-Bans (Publication source unknown)

1/26: Various Chicana Studies Course Documents- notes, course materials and course reading packet

1/27: Various Chicana Readings "The Sacred Feminine Readings" - notes and academic/book chapter printouts

1/28: Student Free-Write Responses to the question "Do you approve of the United States capitalist governance system?" (anonymous responses and course unknown

1/29: Syllabus for Spanish 561:Topics in Hispanic Literature with the seminar topic of Chicana Women Sing the Borderlands: Norteno/Banda/Chicken Scratch/Cumbia/Bolero/Hip Hop taught by Yolanda

1/30: Course Reading Packets for INT 94: "Woman" in Native America a Freshman Seminar, 2003

1/31: Course Syllabus for Women's Studies 195: Coylxauqui- Feminine Energy in Chicana Native America, 2008

1/32: Various readings and notes over the Feminine course(s)

1/33: Various readings and notes over the topic Expansion, Race/Gender/Sexuality in the Writings of the New Chicana/o History (might to look at further)

1/34: Syllabus for Spanish 561:Topics in Hispanic Literature with the seminar topic of Chicana Women Sing the Borderlands: Norteno/Banda/Chicken Scratch/Cumbia/Bolero/Hip Hop taught by Yolanda and course notes, 2009

1/35: Oral Tradition, Cultures of Orality Documents- handwritten notes and copy of "Legacy of Hate: The Conquest of Mexico's Northwest" by Rodolfo Acuna

1/36: Tentative Syllabus for MAS 496A: Borderlands Raza Music, 2011

1/37: Course notes for MAS 485/495 Contemporary Raza Womanist Historical Challenges, 2012

1/38: Article- notes, drafts, and final copies of "Ranchera Music(s) and the Legendary Lydia Mendoza: Performing Social Location and Relations" by Yolanda Broyles- Gonzalez

Personal Papers and Photographs

Yolanda Broyles-Gonzalez's contracts, Standford University, Raza Unite, Lydia Mendoza, photos, and biographical information

1/1: Unused Contracts, 1977

1/2: YBG hiring evaluation for Stanford University 1992 Yvonne Yarbro-Bejarano, 1980-1992

1/3: YBG Activism- Raza Unite in support of Rudy Acuña, 1991

1/4: Papers from Lydia Mendoza's Trunk, 1992-1993

1/5: YBG Biographical information, 1977-1993

1/6: Photos from Lydia Mendoza's Trunk, No dates

1/7: Photos from Posters- Including Lydia Mendoza, No dates

1/8: Photos- Lydia Mendoza Wedding Day

1/9: Guadalajara- Mercado

1/10: Kinder Van Tio Mateo

1/11: Tucson Airport, Abuelita, Culiacan, Christine, and Palo Alto; Tia Margarita

1/12: Mazaltan

1/13: Sabino Canyon

1/14: Teatro Libertad

1/15: Jan and David Hochzeit

1/16: Dartsmouth, Pittsburg

1/17: Subject Unknown

1/18: YBG in Germany and France 1970s- Contact Sheets and Negatives- 1

1/19: YBG in Germany and France 1970s- Contact Sheets and Negatives- 2

1/20: Provence, France

1/21: Germany- Many portraits of Siegfried Bartels. (YGB's Photography Teacher)- Basil Straufent Bollschweil

1/22: Germany

1/23: Mexico, Yucatan

1/24: Culiacan Portraits- negatives

1/25: Contact Sheets and Negatives of trip with Julieta Arana and Jan Wezelman through Europe-1

1/26: Contact Sheets and Negatives of trip with Julieta Arana and Jan Wezelman through Europe-2

1/27: Arendt and Potertaten - 15-4-78, East Berlin (near Potsdam)- of East German writer (deceased) and artist Hannelore Teutsch; East German Officials on Arendt's 75th birthday, April 15, 1978

1/28: Pearce, Arizona Cemetery

1/29: Tucson Pueblo Center- eatro Libertad: Negatives

1/30: Danielito, Tucson

1/31: Tucson

1/32: California- Palo Alto on Ozean

1/33: Tio and Tia Tonio- Mojolo

1/34: Teatro Libertad Papp- Tucson

1/35: Sasabe Cemetery

1/36: Writers in Berlin: Hubert Fichte, Erich Arendt, etc. v.1

1/37: Writers in Berlin: Hubert Fiche, Erich Arendt, etc. v.2

1/38: YBG Photos- 1970's Germany

1/39: Tucson Demonstration Chicana

1/40: Photos of San Antonio, Texas Parade

1/41: YBG Travels in 1980's- New Orleans, Mazatlan, San Antonio. 1/2

1/42: YBG Travels in 1980's- New Orleans, Mazatlan, San Antonio. 2/2

1/43: Teatro Campesino Core Members- plus Rene Yanez, Director of Galeria de la Raza in San Francisco

1/44: Slides-San Antonio Chicana Poet Angela de Hoyos Performing at El Mercado and Maria Cervantes tape

1/45: YBG in San Antonio

1/46: YBG teaching German course at UTSA

1/47: Beach, Boat, and Local Life pictures (location not specified)

1/48: YBG Photo Collection: Texas, San Antonio and Austn; Union Organizers

1/49: YBG Housewarming in San Antonio; Artist Cesa martinez, Writer Rudy Rosales; Conjunto Pioneer- Valerio Longoria at Mission County Park, San Antonio; JL Birthday

1/50: YBG Photos in Provence, France, and San Antonio

1/51: Self-portraits from Freiburg, Germany

1/52: YBG performs at 1st Conjunto Festival in San Antonio

Publicity Materials

10/1: Diary kept by Francisco Gonzalez, 1984

10/2: Diary kept by Francisco Gonzalez, 1985

10/3: Photos and Articles of Yolanda Broyles Gonzalez and Francisco Gonzalez including newspaper and magazine clippings, a poem written for Francisco Gonzalez, and family and publicity photos

10/4: Documents found with Yolanda Broyles Gonzalez addendum German Books including Notes from German 210 Seminar, an excerpt from a German book, a newspaper clipping found in Alfred Doblin: Berlin Alexanderplatz Roman, and a newspaper clipping found in Coming to Terms

10/5: Music memorabilia Box, fabric rectangle with stamp design

10/6: Production photos from the play "Una Pastorela" and cast photos from the play "Corridos", 1995, 1984

10/7: Collection of unlabeled publicity photos and film negatives

10/8: Publicity photos of Francisco Gonzalez, 1982

10/9: Vista Phoenix Gazette newspaper article, 1988

10/10: Publicity Photos and Film Negative of Frank Gonzalez, 1989

10/11: Various publicity papers of Francisco Gonzalez including an itinerary and university letter for 1991 University of Western Washington performance, a printed email response to an honorarium inquiry, a resume and biography, a newspaper clipping, flyers and schedule for 'Presidio Days', a press release and thank you email for his symposium at Whatcom Museum, a letter from California State University, a flyer for a benefit for Acuna vs. UC Regents, and a newspaper article clipping

10/12: Publicity Photos of Yolanda Broyles Gonzalez

10/13: Play publicity including flyers for "La Virgen del Tepeyac" and "Corridos", programs for "The Ages" and "If These Walls Could Speak", a newspaper clipping, a critics award for "Corridos", a folder for "Una Pastorela" containing various materials, and a folder for Francisco Gonzalez's musical album "El Regalo"

10/14: Mexican Calendar Photos and article with notes, 1999

10/15: A Plaque honoring Francisco Gonzalez, 2009

10/16: removed for mapcase Poster for "Tres Cuentos del D.F." directed by Francisco Gonzalez (2 copies); Poster for "Una Pastorela, "1989; Poster for "Una Pastorela," 1993

Course Materials - Unbound Papers, Books

10/1: Ruben Martinez- Post Border Culture Course reader, Winter 2000

10/2: Americo Paredes- A Texas Mexican Cancionero

10/3: Raquel Rubio- Goldsmith - Introduction to Chicaano Studies; Proposal to establish an M.A./PhD program in CHicano Studies within the College of Letters and Sceince at UCSB, July 2000

10/4: Corrido texts

10/5: Jose Limon- Agringado Joking in Texas Mexican Society: Folklore and Differential Identity

10/6: "Goodbye America", "La Cooperativa", "The Emergence of the New Chicano", "The People of Aztlan", "Born Again Demcorats"

10/7: "Justice in the Southwest", "Rasquachismo"

10/8: Buffalo Bird Woman's Garden

10/9: Gloria Anzaldua-Borderlands/La Frontera; La Mestiza

10/10: Irene I Blea- La Chicana and the Intersection of Race, Class and Gender

10/11: Harry Chotiner- Socialist review

10/12: Hector Calderon and Jose David Saldivar- Criticism in the Borderlands

10/13: Mary Romero- Community Empowerment and Chicano Scholarship

10/14: Nancy Chodorow-The Reproduction of Mothering; Psychoanalysis and the Sociology of Gender

10/15: Martha P Cotera- The Chicana Feminist

10/16: Martha P Cotera- Diosa Y Hembra: The History and Heritage of Chicana Studies in the US

10/17: Alfredo Mirande, Evangelina Enriquez- La Chicana

10/18: Clarissa Pinkola Estes- Women Who Run With the Wolves

10/19: David Griffith- working Poor

10/20: Ray Browne- Journal of Popular Culture: Robot Woman

10/21: Terry Kandal- California Sociologist: A Journal of Sociology and Social Work

10/22: Wilma Mankiller- Mankiller

10/23: Teresa McKenna, Flora Ida Ortiz- The Broken web: The Educational Experience of Hispanic American women

10/24: Brigit Meyer-Ehlert - Auberschulische Bildungsarbeit mit turkishen frauen

10/25: Cherrie Moraga- Loving in the War Years

10/26: Emma Perez- The Decolonial imaginary: Writing Chicanos into History

10/27: Vicki L Ruiz- Cannery Women, Cannery Lives

10/28: Ernesto Padilla- Sonnets to Human Beings and Other Selected works

10/29: Carla Trujillo- Living Chicana Theory

Media - Cassette Tapes

100/1: The Mexakinz "Extraseason"; January 1, 1994

100/2: Sones Regionales

100/3: El Piporro- Pelicula

100/4: Chabela Vargas/ lola Beltran

100/5: Senorita Cantinera

100/6: Agustin Lara, Gonzalo Curiel

100/7: Sinaloa- Banda Sinaloense y el Tacuarinero/ El Testamento

100/8: Augustin ramirez: Colleccon de Oro

100/9: Sunny and the Sunliners "Talk to Me"

100/10: Luis Perez Meza Coleccion de Oro

100/11: El Golpe Traidor- tremendos Gavilanes

100/12: Jimmy Edward Coleccion de Oro

100/13: Los Tigres del Norte- Idolos del Pueblo

100/14: Hermanas Huerta Los Grandes Corriods

100/15: Los Tres Reyes- Sus Exitos del Millon

100/16: Los Alegres de Teran

100/17: Machete

100/18: The Promise

100/19: 'Pastorela' unedited

100/20: F. Gonzalez: Viejas Canciones para Viejos Amigos

100/21: Los Lobos del Este de Los Angeles- Hold me by F.G.

100/22: '"Frida" Originals

100/23: Carmen- The play

100/24: Carmen- the Play Roughs

100/25: 3 songs from "Paper Wings" by F.G.

100/26: Music at Franks and Yolis

100/27: Soledad Prison "Dia de Guadalupe"

100/28: Soledad Prison

100/29: Gloriamalia's wedding

100/30: Can be used: Jarocho at Felipe's / Panchito + Yoli: La Repetida

100/31: Francisco gonzalez Live at La Casa de La Raza, S.B.

100/32: Presidio Day- Promo

100/33: Cuatro Apariciones de La Virgen del tepayac- Presidio Chapel

100/34: F. Gonzalez- Live on Mountain stages

Media - Cassette Tapes

101/1: Francisco Gonzalez- Arlington; August 9, 1987

101/2: Demo- A Burning Beach

101/3: Claremont Spring Folk festival bits and Pieces; May, 1989

101/4: Claremont Spring Folk festival bits and Pieces; May, 1989

101/5: Los Gavilanes- colecciond e Oro; January, 1994

101/6: The earliest Mariachi- Recordings 1908-1936

101/7: Mariachi vargas de Tecalitlan; January, 1992

101/8: Narciso martinez- el huracan del valle vol. 2 (1948-1958); January, 1989

101/9: Las Hermanas Mendoza- Juanita and Maria; January, 1991

101/10: Mariachi Coculense de Cirilo Marmolejo (1933-1936)

101/11: Music of Mexico, vol. 1 & 2

101/12: Valerio Longoria- Caballo Viejo; November, 1989

101/13: Los Campesinos de Michoacan "canciones de mi tierra"; January, 1987

101/14: Valerio Song Samples

101/15: Aprendizaje Jarocho

101/16: KEDA Anuncios politicos, R naranjo, D Glassworks, S Guisar; January, 1982

101/17: Bedrich Smetana [CD's]

101/18: Lesson

101/19: Jarocho Ensenanza

101/20: Lesson- Valerio Longoria/ potpourri

101/21: House warming party with valerio Longoria 303 Mary Louise; 1980

101/22: Yoli + Pancho Estudio; 1985

101/23: Vocal warm up/ Jimenez

101/24: KEDA- Whistled tune

101/25: Weatwars Brass

101/26: Francisco: Paw Alto College Film Music w/ Nick Villareal

101/27: Tres Cuentos del DF

101/28: Panchito: Tapings from Radio Potpourri

101/29: The Streets are Free

101/30: An Afternoon of California Folk Songs

101/31: Work tape- Ideas for NPR Chicanisimo Radio Slots; Spring, 1983

101/32: Francisco

101/33: NPR Radio Show unmixed

101/34: Chicanisimo- NPR, gonzalez Music after mix; Spring, 1983

101/35: "Its Not Easy Being A Kid"

101/36: "Frida" Original and R+D Pieces

101/37: Francisco- 2 Master Track

101/38: FCO Gonzalez at Arlington Theatre; August 9, 1987

Media - Cassette Tapes

102/1: Frida Kahlo work tape; 1986

102/2: Fly, Steve, Francisco-SA, TX; 1986

102/3: Tape No. 2 Detroit

102/4: Chicanisimo- Gonzalez Music After Mix by A Lopez

102/5: Dance menathes

102/6: "Una tormenta de Amor" for El baile

102/7: Paper Wings, 4-Track, Master Paleuville

102/8: Don Juan, rough

102/9: Broyles; 2001

102/10: Barrio Pop Culture Cuentos; November 7, 2003

102/11: TARA Vosso Lectures in YGB's 1B Course; February 26, 2004

102/12: Maricela: Lecture on Chicana Pipeline

102/13: YBG Lecture on her historical lawsuit against the UC; February 24, 2004

102/14: YBG 1B Lecture; 2000

102/15: Chic. Studies 1, Broyles Gonzalez; 2000

102/16: chic St 1B Broyles Gonzalez; 2000

102/17: CHST 1B Broyles Gonzalez, Gladys Limon; 2000

102/18: Autonomous Domains of Self Power: Historia + Song World YBG; 2001

102/19: Chicana Studies 1B Lecture 6; 2000

102/20: CHST 1B broyles Gonzalez; 2000

102/21: CHST 1B broyles Gonzalez; 2000

102/22: CHST 1B broyles Gonzalez; 2000

102/23: Intro to Chicana Studies Lecture 5; 2000

102/24: Maria Elena Gaitan Side 1 & 2 at UCSB; 1997

102/25: Broyles Gonzalez CHICHST 1B; 2000

102/26: Lecture- YBG 1B

102/27: YBG Lecture- Intro to Chicana Women's Studies; 2000

102/28: CHST 1B YBG Lecture; 2004

102/29: YBG Chicanas in the Home Institution; 2004

Media - Cassette Tapes

103/1: A Bailar con Banda La Costena de ramon Lopez Alvarado

103/2: Sinfonola Con tambora Vol 2: Banda Sinaloense de El Recodo

103/3: El Alma de Sinaloa Banda Sinaloense "El Recuerdo" de Cruz Lizarraga

103/4: La Pura Crema: Banda La Costena

103/5: Que Siga La Tambora banda Sinaloense El Recodo de Cruz Lizarraga

103/6: Banda Sinaloense de Los Hnos. Urias

103/7: "Pura Musica de Viento" con La Tambora Sinaloense Hnos. Rubio de Mocorito

103/8: A Baialr con La Banda Sinaloense El Recodo de Don Cruz Lizarraga

103/9: Banda Sinaloense el recodo de Cruz Lizarraga

103/10: La Banda Sinaloense Los Hnos. Urias de Guasave

103/11: Banda Sinaloense El Recodo de Cruz Lizarraga

103/12: Jose Montoya y Casindio

103/13: El Palomo y El Gorrion: Mexico Lindo y Querido

103/14: El Palomo y El Gorrion: Mexico Lindo y Querido

103/15: El Chapo de Sinaloa "Clave 222"

103/16: El Disco de Oro de Luis Prez Meza

103/17: Los Relampagos del Norte: 20 Clasicos, Vol. 1

103/18: 15 Exitos Con Los Dos Reales Versiones Originales

103/19: Los Tremendos Gavilanes: Mananitas Estilo Norte

103/20: Tigres del Norte

103/21: Felipe Arriaga 15 Exitos con Banda

103/22: Sabor de Olvido: Los Llaneros del Valle

103/23: Los Relampagos del Norte: "Por El Amor a Mid Madre"

103/24: Y Siguen Los Exitos de Radio con La Banda Maguey

103/25: Tesoros Musicales "Madrecitas Nortenas"

103/26: Los Montaneses del Alamo

103/27: El palomo y El Gorrion

103/28: Dueto Voces del Rancho

103/29: Mexicanisimo: Las Jiguerillas

103/30: Los Broncos de Reynosa (Paulina Vargas)

103/31: Norteno Risque

103/32: Exitos Populares!

Media - Cassette Tapes

104/1: 15 Exitos de Lydia Mendoza: la Alondra de la Frontrera

104/2: Lydia Mendoza "Toda Una Epoca"

104/3: Lydia Mendoza "En Vivo desde New York"

104/4: Lydia Mendoza "La Alondra de la frontrera "Coleccion de Oro"

104/5: 15 exitos de Lydia Mendoza

104/6: Lydia Mendoza: La Alondra de la Frontrera 15 Exitos vol. 2

104/7: 15 exitos de Lydia Mendoza

104/8: Lydia Mendoza "toda Una Epoca"

104/9: Lydia Mendoza

104/10: Lydia Mendoza Cocnert, Santa Barbara Museum of Nat. History

104/11: Vilancicos CIA, Infanti de Televicentro

104/12: "El brindis de Bohemio" Manuel Bernal

104/13: Ninos Cantores de Morelia

104/14: The Christmas Bandido Wally Gonzalez

104/15: Cuentos Infantiles

104/16: The Book of Kids Songs Nancy Cassidy

104/17: Naranja Dulce, limon partido: Lirica Infantil Mexicana

104/18: CRI- CRI El Grillito Cantor

104/19: Juegos Infantiles El Gorrion

104/20: Mas Canciones Infantiles CRI-CRI El Grillito Cantor Francisco Gabilondo Soler

104/21: 15 Exitos: Candiones Infantiles

104/22: Aprende Cantando: Las Tablas de Multiplicar

104/23: CRI- El Grillo Cantor

Media - Cassette Tapes

105/1: Johannes Passion Mitt Fritz Wunderlich

105/2: Pollnispielt Schumann: Fantasie C Dur op 17 + Sonate Fis moll op. 1 SWF ii 26.5.76 Amerika

105/3: Wohltempevierte Klavier I Clean Gould

105/4: Heimrich Jgmalz Frant Bibea (1-11) Die Rosen Kran + Sonatem

105/5: J. Seb. Boch Kouzatt fur 3/ Agibuststoysymp

105/6: W.A Mosart/ Vivlimhoupert A-Dur

105/7: Jol Brolums/ Vighimbrounserf D-Dur

105/8: Munk frin Kinhe ni Kaneipe/ tensruzal te Kenvissance

105/9: J Seb Boch Mothicins Romon

105/10: Jol Seb. Boch Mono- Arpnolence

105/11: Mahler Symphony No. 8

105/12: Mothius- Passion John Seb Boch

105/13: Komosdor W. U. J. Veyelmesti

105/14: Musica Nortena: Francisco Gonzalez, Doctora Polkas, Luis Moreno

105/15: Lyrics by Eduardo Machado- Performed by Francisco Gonzalez/ Music and Lyrics by Francisco Gonzalez

105/16: KSPE

105/17: "El Teatro Campesino" mini- documentary Yolanda Broyles Gonzalez

105/18: Mendoza + Silva Music examples

105/19: Claremont Spring Folk Festival Live

105/20: Ensenanza Con Fco. Gonzalez/ Roberto Perales/ Yolanda Broyles

105/21: Esme + Tio Fernando

105/22: Fco. Gonzalez Frida Kahlo Production Music

105/23: Pastorela

105/24: C.S.F.F. sample 2

105/25: Valerio Longoria- the Legend

105/26: Claremont Spring Folk Festival, Bits and pieces

105/27: Jarabe Loco (tonic vocal), Balaju (vocal), Cascabal, Siete leguas (very long)

105/28: Rehearsal

105/29: Learning tape

105/30: Francisco Gonzalez y su Conjunto Live at La Pena Oakland, CA

105/31: Francisco Gonzalez y su Conjunto Live at La Pena Oakland, CA

Media - Cassette Tapes

106/1: Miguel Aceves

106/2: Miguel Aceves

106/3: 15 Exitos de chalino

106/4: Miguel Aceves Meija "El Buena Suerte" Vol. 2

106/5: Javier Solis

106/6: Ranchera Tape No. 4 Ch. St. 137

106/7: Serie Dos Estrellas Lucha Villa/ lola Beltran

106/8: Dueto Miguel y Miguel 12 Exitos

106/9: Por Tu Maltido Amor- Vicente Fernandez

106/10: Miguel y Miguel "El Collar de Guamuchil"

106/11: Canciones para mi Madre

106/12: Chalino Sanchez en la Huasteca con el Trio Dinastia Hidalguense

106/13: Luis Perez Meza

106/14: Antonio Aguilar: 15 Exitos con Banda vol. 4

106/15: Miguel y Miguel: Carino Nuevo

106/16: Mexicanisimo: Hermanas Huerta

106/17: Las Jilguerillas

106/18: Lucha Reyes

106/19: Graciela Beltran

106/20: Carmen Jara con Sentimiento Jara

106/21: Yolanda del Rio

106/22: Ana Gabriel: Con un Mismo Corazon

106/23: Domke + Schweiger

106/24: Volkslieder

106/25: Corridos tape Ch. St. 138 Submaster C-60

106/26: Rhythm and Blues: Christmas

106/27: Deep forest

106/28: Paolo Conte/ Deep Forest

106/29: Martin Schorn "Uber Palmersheim"

106/30: Palmersheim: marlise + Peter Schora

106/31: Parochito piano Practice

106/32: Brecht and Arbeiter Lieder

106/33: Peter Reidemeister Deutsche Bach Solisten Brandenburg

106/34: Chopin: Lavierkonzert/ Bach: Franzosische Suiter

106/35: H. Purcell "King Arthur"/ J.S. Boch Konzerte

106/36: Mendelssohn: Die Heliden

Media - Cassette Tapes

107/1: El Mejor Mariachi del Mundo: Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlan

107/2: 20 Exitos de Lucho gatica

107/3: Mariachi Vargas de Tecatitlan: Cassette Budget line

107/4: Enlaces Armando Manzanero y Manco Antonio Muniz

107/5: Freddy Fender

107/6: Bernardo y Sus Compadres

107/7: Guero Polkas KEDA San Antonio

107/8: Guero Polkas KEDA San Antonio

107/9: Gregorio Cortez/ Santiago Jimenez Jr.

107/10: Pastorela non- mix raw tracks

107/11: Francisco gonzalez with Mexican Harp

107/12: Doctora Polkas y sus Gran Temblores

107/13: Cinco de Mayo: Musica y Poesia

107/14: Frida Originals & R+D pieces

107/15: F. Gonzalez live at La Pena

107/16: YBG + Anita Miralle interview on Acuna and Academic Personnel

107/17: Chicano/ Latino Arts Radio

107/18: YBG Interview with Prof Chela Sandoval on Curriculum

107/19: YBG Interview

107/20: Steve Jordan: lo Mejor de Steve Jordan, vol. 1

107/21: El Estilo Romantico de Valerio Longoria

107/22: valerio longoria y su Conjunto: Besos Callejeros

107/23: Los Donnenos

107/24: Esteban Jordan "Canto al Pueblo"

107/25: Valerio Longoria

107/26: Valerio Longoria, featuring Freddy Fender

107/27: Valerio Longoria Sr. y Jr.

107/28: Don Santiago Jimenez: Memorias

107/29: Patsy Torres "Con Todo el Corazon"

107/30: Selena- Entre a mi Mundo

107/31: Ruben Naranjo y los Gamblers: "15 Super Exitos"

107/32: Ruben Ramas

107/33: Los Cadetes de Linares E Inviatdos- Con Amor a las Madres

107/34: Carlos y Jose: Te Ves Criminal

107/35: Ruben Naranjo- Fantastico

107/36: Santiago jimenez Jr. - El mero mero

107/37: los Donnenos Carga Blanca

107/38: Conjunto Bernal

107/39: Jarocho: La Bruja Lino Chavez

Media - Cassette Tapes

108/1: Cruisin' 1968

108/2: Cruisin' 1965

108/3: Mi Otro Yo- Silvia Chumacero

108/4: Rage Against the Machine

108/5: Varios Artistas: 15 Exitos de la Mejor Musica Chicana

108/6: "Art Laboe's Dedicated to you"

108/7: Canciones Para Cesar Chavez

108/8: Parodies of Lalo Guerrero

108/9: Agustin and Patricia

108/10: Agustin Lira

108/11: Francisco Gonzalez with Mexican Harp

108/12: Los Rock Angels: Love Under Pressure

108/13: Retorno a Aztlan- Antonio Zepada

108/14: Viva Cesar Chavez

108/15: Danzas de la Conquista

108/16: Alonzo Cruz/ Arriba el Norte- Los 4 Fronterizos

108/17: Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlan

108/18: Curcio- la Grande Storia del Rock

Media - Video Tapes

109/1: Chistes: Jennifer Tesselle Ch. St. 137

109/2: Mexican Rasquachi Wizard of Oz

109/3: Andean Music: Kiacalli

109/4: 16 de Septiembre: Young girls imitating Selena Quintilla

109/5: Jeanna Trujillo: Ch.St. Project 13 Interview with Marie Trujillo

109/6: The San patricios

109/7: "El gallo de Oro" Ignacio Lopez Tarso and Lucha Villa

109/8: Se Busca a Samuel Ruiz: Version en Ingles

109/9: 20th Anniversary of the Black and Chciano Studies Dept.

109/10: Oacaca: Vives en Mi

109/11: See Me: 5 Young Latinas

109/12: Uneasy Neighbors

Course Materials - Books

11/1: Claire Moses- Feminist Studies, Vol. 19.1, Spring 1993

11/2: Randall C Jimenez- Chicana Studies Paradigms

11/3: Marilyn Jacoby
Boxer- When Women ask the Questions

11/4: Norma Alarcon- Chicna Critical Issues: Mujeres Activas en Letras y Cambio Social

11/5: Erkundungen

11/6: Jorge Amado- Gabriela wie Zimt und Nelken

11/7: Jose Maria Arguedas- Die Tiefen flusse

11/8: Thomas Baecker- die deutsche Mexikopolitik

11/9: Jorge Luis Borges- Erzahlungen

11/10: Jorge Luis Borges- Die Bibliothek Von Babel

11/11: Jorge Luis Borges- Samtliche Erzahlungen

11/12: Ernesto Cardenal- Zaerschneide den Stacheldraht

11/13: Heinz Rudolf Sonnag- Lateinamerika: Faschismus order revolution

11/14: Julio Cortazar- Octaedro

11/15: Paulo de Neto-Carvalho- Mein Onkel Atahualpa

11/16: Pablo Neruda- Erklarung einiger dinge Dichtungen

11/17: Juan Gelman- So arbeitet die Hoffnung

11/18: Jorge Luis Borges- Labyrinth

11/19: Pablo Neruda- Incitacion al Nixonicidio y alabanza de revolucion Chilena

11/20: Pablo Neruda- Viele Sind Wir

11/21: Pablo Neruda- Elementare Orden

11/22: Pablo Neruda- Aufenthwalt auf erden und fruhe Gedichte

11/23: Octavio Paz- Suche nach Einer Mitte

11/24: Harriett Romo- Latinos and Blacks in the Citites

11/25: TJ Scheff- Catharsis in Healing, Ritual, and Drama

11/26: Horst Denkler- Amerika in der deutschen Literatur

11/27: Alexander Tairow- Das Entfesselte Theater

11/28: James Diego Vigil- From Indians to Chicanos: A Sociocultural History

11/29: Raul Homero Villa- Barrio Logos: Space and Place in Urban Chicano Literature and Culture

Media - Video Tapes

110/1: Margarita Mosqueda, Chicano Studies 137 Chistes "Jokes"; February 4, 1995

110/2: Margarita Mosqueda, Chicano Studies 137 Juegos "Folk games"; February 4, 1995

110/3: Yolanda Broyles Gonzalez "Personaje de la Semana"; 2000

110/4: "Mexican Diner" Sylvia Cablayan; 1993

110/5: Jose Maria Chavez Rojas: Singer/ guitarist

110/6: Folk Tales from Oaxaca Mexico (Varias)

110/7: Different Opinions on Mexican Music: Past & Present CHST 137; Winter 1993

110/8: Mary Zuniga- CHST 137

110/9: HIV-AIDS Prevention Skits; Spring 1995

110/10: NACS plus other readings; 1993

110/11: Historical Disclosure; February 24, 1995

110/12: Panchito: First Day Care (University); May, 1990

110/13: Prop 187 Protest; November, 1996

110/14: Cynhia Levya & Gladys Padilla CHST 137 "Musica de Generacion y Region"; Winter 1993

110/15: CHST 1C Oral Tradition Project: Lillian Barrios

Media - Video Tapes

111/1: Cantinflas Cartoons (1 Hr)

111/2: Alejandro Fernandez Horse performance

111/3: Elizabeth Escamilla CHST 137 "Game Playing Between Chicana Mothers and their Children"; Fall 1987

111/4: Yuvtushenko: Sanchez WSU Presents; February, 1994

111/5: Docu: Pico Union Latina/os; Docu: Radio Invention (KCET)

111/6: Ana Escobedo CHST 137 Rancheras; Winter 1993

111/7: "Krystal Freedom" by Karen Frey and Tilda Morris for the Salvation Army; 1990

111/8: Christina Viramontes Interviewing Gloria Martinez (grandma) CHST 137; 1997

111/9: Jim Santana CHST 137 Un Abuelo; 1995

111/10: Afro Mestizo Communities in Southern Mexico

111/11: "Cuentos" Samantha Lima: Mexican Oral Tradition; Winter 1993

111/12: USCB In view; March, 1999

111/13: Geraldo Rivera Show w/ Eddio Olmos, Cheech maria, etc

111/14: Cheech & Chongs Next Movie

Media - Video Tapes

112/1: Teatro Chicano Workshop at Santa Barbara Community College "Las Dos Caras Del Patroncito"

112/2: Raquel Ceja "Boda Michoacana"; April, 1994

112/3: Griselda Ramirez/ Norma Ramirez CHST 137 Mariachi Music in "El Mercadito"; February 1995

112/4: An Evening of San Antonio Raza Poets, by YBG. 1979.

112/5: An Evening of San Antonio Raza Poets, by YBG. 1979.

Media - Video Tapes

113/1: "Problems in the History of Chicano Art", Dir. by Harry Gamboa, 1993.

113/2: Dia de Animas, Irvine. 1988

113/3: Chicano Theater Workshop of Santa Barbara Community College, Dir. Francisco Gonzalez, "Cuentos" (Performed at Vista Del Mar School, June 2, 1989; Santa Barbara, CA. abd cast party at 945 W. Campus Lane).

113/4: "Coyolxuahqui. Women without borders", written and performed by Elvira Colorado. February, 1990.

113/5: Immigration Debate, Santa Barbara Public Library, (sponsored by the Santa Barbara Bar Association), pro-immigration voices: Yolanda Broyles-Gonzalez and Moises Vasquez. 1996.

113/6: 1982 First Conjunto Festival, San Antonio, TX.

113/7: Danza Mexica Cuauhtemoc presentation, narrated by Yolanda Broyles-Gonzalez on Santa Barbara television program Simplemente Bilingue, June, 1999.

113/8: El Mercado, San Antonio, TX. 1982.

113/9: Una Pastorela, directed by Francisco Gonzalez. 1993.

113/10: Mono Blanco performs at Casa De La Raza, Santa Barbara, CA. Includes performance with Francisco Gonzalez. 1989.

Media - Video Tapes

114/1: Teatro Chicano Workshop SBCC performing, director Francisco Gonzalez. Spring, 1988. [public output disabled]
damaged, PLEASE BE CAREFUL. Do not circulate.

114/2: Michelle Cortes CHST 137- Declamaciones. Summer, 1996.

114/3: Corridos Sin Rostro. Produced and directed by Othello Khanh. 1994.

114/4: "Los Lobos del Este de Los Angeles." Featuring Los Lobos founder Francisco gonzalez, directed by Luis Ruiz.
This is the very first Chicana music documentary ever produced. It shows the centrality of Francisco Gonzalez, who founded, taught, and did arrangements for Los L obos until he left them.

114/5: Elia Polanco CHST 137 Religious Mass. 1994

114/6: Tina L Rubio CHST 137 Canciones de mi Abuelita. March, 1993.

114/7: Cinco de mayo, Mercado de San Antonio. 1982.
Performance by poet Jose Montavio- the only extant video tape of the deceased poet; musician Flaco Jimenez; musician Lydia Mendoza. This is the ony recording of a full-length concert of Mendoza's. Camera: Yolanda Broyles-Gonzales.

114/8: Family rituals. Altar de Animas. Jam sessions. Navidad. (Olivia Chumacero, Yaxkin, Tio Fernando, Esmeralda). 1993.

114/9: El Corrido Mexicano seen through Chicana singer Carmen Moreno. California. 1993.

114/10: Quetzalcoatl performed by Los Mascarones. 1990.

114/11: Pilulaw Khus. Drum/Dance. Kirsten, Terri Dunnivant. 2000.

114/12: Santa Barbara, CA. City Council meeting debating Cesar Chavez street naming, includes YBG, Francisco Gonzalez). 1997.

114/13: Press Conference: YBG vs UC, 1997.
Press Conerence in front of UCSB's Cheadle Hall, the administration building, announced the end of Yolanda Broyles-Gonzalez's equal pay discrimination lawsuit against the University of California.

114/14: Fandango Jarocho in Santa Barbara, CA.
Includes Francisco Gonzalez and Esmeralda broyles-Gonzalez, Roberto Perales. Produced on TV show "Celebracion" on Com-TV, Santa Barbara. 2000.

Media - Video Tapes

115/1: "Open Windows." A Multicultural performance, produced by Appalshop. 1991.
This is part of the American festival Project, a national coalition of artists. In Appalachia: at end Francisco Gonzalez performs Gorioncillo Pecho Amarillo.

115/2: La Jefita, performed by Teatro de la Real Academia Chicana. At the mexican American Cultural Center, San Antonio, TX. 1981.
La Jefita was adapted from a play by german playwright Bertolt Brecht. It was adapted to fit the needs of a labor dispute by public employees going on at the time, including their efforts at unionization.

115/3: A session of Francisco Gonzalez's drama class at Santa Barbara City College. 1988.

115/4: Francisco Gonzalez y su Conjunto. Outdoor rehearsal, El Paseo, Santa Barbara, CA. 1988.

115/5: La Virgen del Tepayac, Latino Theatre Company production in Los Angeles. December 1991.
Community performance, musical direction by Francisco Gonzalez. Stage direction by Jose Luis Valenzuela.

115/6: El Teatro de la Esperanza, "Vience La Muerta Cantando", at the University of Texas at San Antonio. 1984.

115/7: Dr. Yolanda Broyles-Gonzalez and Ricardo Sanchez, Chiapas Prog. 1993.

115/8: "The Origins of La Bamba" by Olivia Chumacero, ca. 1990.
This film was never released or marketed, which is true of many underfunded Chicana films.

115/9: Conjunto Festival, Part I: Lydia Mendoza, Esteban Jordan, Pedro Ayala, 1982, San Antonio, TX. 1982.

115/10: Mono Blanco performs Jarocho at Casa de La Raza. 1989.

115/11: "Keeping the Door Open. Women and Affirmative Action."

115/12: Lydia Mendoza performs on the San Saba Street (Mercado), San Antonio, TX. 1982.

115/13: La Cancion, Mexicana; Projecto de Irma Diaz, CHST 1C; TA- Sara. 1987.

Media - Video Tapes

116/1: 1982 Cinco De Mayo, Part II, Mercado de San Antonio, TX; Flaco Jimenez and Santiago Jimenez play Conjunto. 1991.

116/2: "The Adventures of Connie Chancla" written and performed by Maria Elena Gaitan, performed in Santa Maria, California High School. 2001.

116/3: Rosa Martha Zarate Macias: The Pursuit of Happiness. 1993.
A short film on Rosa Martha Zarate Macias, Chicana activist and former nun in San Bernardino, CA.

116/4: NACS Regional Meeting at Washington State University; Ricardo Sanchez, Yolanda Broyles Gonzalez. 1993. [public output disabled]
Tracking problems in tape. Ricardo Sanchez hosts the inaugural meeting at the campus where Sanchez was a professor.

116/5: Poet Marisale Norte performs her poetry at UC Santa Barbara, with Willy Loya on drums. Kika performs a one woman show "Novenas Narrativas" by Denise Chavez. Marisela and Willy are from Los Angeles.
Problem: appears lack of light source in performance venue.

116/6: Interview with Paulette Cabugos. Yolanda Broyles-Gonzalez. 1990.

116/7: Part II of Ralph Stanley bluegrass concert. With Bill Monroe who coined the term "Bluegrass." Camera- Francisco Gonzalez who was invited to Appalachia.

116/8: Songs from the Homeland Corpus.

116/9: Chicano Rap Performance by AUG, camera Cristina A Bravo and Diana L Perez. Winter 1993. [public output disabled]
Student Class Project.

116/10: Dinner conversation between then German Democratic Republic poet Elke Erb and Yolanda Broyles-Gonzalez. 1989.
Picture of the tape is blurry at the beginning, disappears midway.

116/11: Cinco De Mayo, UCSB's first Folklorico Student Performance. 1991.

116/12: Minnie Black at her Gourd Museum, East Bernstadt; Urban bush women (African American) performance in Whitesburg, Kentucky.1988.

116/13: Minnie Black at her Gourd Museum, East Bernstadt; Urban bush women (African American) performance in Whitesburg, Kentucky.1988.

116/14: Colombia Tribal platica. Camera: Monique Sonoqui. 1997.

Media - Video Tapes

117/1: Pay Equity Program, C-SPAN (Gloria Steinem et a); January, 2000.

117/2: First Annual Conjunto Festival, Part II. Performing: Esteban Jordan, Pedro Ayala. 1982.

117/3: Isla Vista Bank of America Burning, 1970. "Don't Bank of America"

117/4: "The Alamo" including Rosita Fernandez( Legendary San Antonio singer).

117/5: Women and Pay Equity, White House, 6/10/98. Celebrating the 35th Anniversary of the Equal Pay Act. Senator Barbara Boxer honors YBG. 1998.

117/6: 500 Nations: The Ancestors. 1994.

117/7: 500 Nations: Clash of Cultures. 1994.

117/8: 500 Nations: Invasion of the Coast. 1994.

117/9: 500 Nations: Removal. 1994.

117/10: 500 Nations: Cauldron of War. 1994.

117/11: 500 Nations: Roads Across the Plains. 1994.

117/12: 500 Nations: Attack on Cultures. 1994.

117/13: 500 Nations: Mexico. 1994.

Media - Cassette Tapes

118/1: El teatro Campesino La Gran Arpa

118/2: El teatro Campesino La Gran Arpa

118/3: Interview: francisco Gonzalez with Yolanda Broyles Gonzalez. 1994.

118/4: La Musical. 1993.

118/5: Open Dialouge II, San Antonio, TX. Luis Valdez. 1985.

118/6: Frank Gonzalez Live, Santa Cruz Art Center. 1983.

118/7: NACS Chicano Political Panel. 1982.

118/8: NACS Chicano Political Panel. 1982.

118/9: Nana Moskouri: Canciones populares.

118/10: Dusty Rose: Christmas Morning

118/11: El Mensage: homenaje a Cesar Chavez La Causa

118/12: Gesprach S Bartels and YJ Broyles. 1983.

118/13: KXCI Tucson Radio Mon's 10 pm Musica Mexicana

118/14: Beatles + Donovan

118/15: Neruda

118/16: Argentinien Lit. Fernsehen/ Pablo Neruda Fernseh Film

118/17: Last Change Mountain Tales

118/18: Ron Short- Cietes of Gold Mountain Tales by Roadside Theatre

118/19: Wry Straw: From Earth to Heaven. 1978.

118/20: Ten Minute Stress Manager: Emmet E Miller, M.D. 1983.

118/21: Interview with Miguel Acosta, Bajo Sexto Maker.

118/22: Ricardo Sanchez reading "Soledad" aud others

118/23: First Conjunto Festival in San Antonio, TX. 1981.

118/24: Women in Teatro Meeting (Poesia). 1983.

118/25: Manel Guerrero, Lydia Mendoza.

118/26: Flaco Jimenez Live/ Blanco Ballroom. 1982.

Media - Cassette and Video Tapes

119/1: interview with Yolanda Broyles-Gonzalez on Santa Barbara Television Program "The Greenfield Code". 1995.

119/2: Conjunto dance at Home, San Antonio, TX. 1985.

119/3: Chicano Music: Francisco Gonzalez

119/4: La Pastorela: The Sheperd's Tale. 1991.

119/5: Ralph Stanley Concert. Spring, 1988.

119/6: "Faith Even to the Fire: Nuns for Social Justice."

119/7: Santiago Jimenez y su Conjunto- St. valentine's Day. 1985.

Course Materials - Book, Journals, Magazines, Advertisement

12/1: Henry A Giroux- Between Borders: Pedagogy and the Politics of Cultural Studies

12/2: Thomas E Hachey- American Dissent from Thomas Jefferson to Cesar Chavez

12/3: John Hodgson and Richards Ernest- Improvisation

12/4: Carlos Munoz Jr.- Youth, Identity, Power: The Chicano Movement

12/5: Maria del Rosario Salazar- Biografia del Maestro y Compositor Armando villareal Lozano

12/6: Blanca Vazquez- Journal of el Centro de Estudios Puertoriquenos

12/7: Ted Lyon- Chasqui- Revista de Literatura Latinoamericana

12/8: Informations Dienst, 10.1

12/9: Das Akkorden

12/10: Harmonika Revue, 1/1976-1/1981

12/11: Jorge Luis Borges- Das Sandbuch

12/12: Pablo Neruda- Liebesgedichte

12/13: Jorge Luis Borges- Borges und ich: Gedichte und Prosa

12/14: "Diatonische Hand-Harmonikas"

12/15: "Hohner Akkordeons"

12/16: Susan Armitage; ed. 24.2 and 3- Frontiers: A Journal of Women Studies

12/17: Beltran-Vocal, Hernandez Guitierrez- Mapping Strategies: NACCS and the Challenge of Multiple (Re)Oppressions

12/18: YBG- Re-Emerging Native Women of the Americas

12/19: Guillermo Gomez-Pena- The New World Border

12/20: Rolando Hinojosa- Klail City and Umgebung

12/21: Russell Hoban- Nerter:Rompiendo Fronteras: Literatura y Cultura Chicana

12/22: "Culture Clash in America"
12/23: YBG- Toward a Re-vision of chicano Theater History: The roles of Women in Teatro Campesino

12/24: YBG- El teatro Campesino: A History of the ensemble, pgs. 1-266

12/25: YBG- El Teatro Campesino: A History of the ensemble, pgs. 267-433

Media - Cassette and Video Tapes

121/1: Lydia Mendoza performs at Casa De la Raza, Santa Barbara, CA. 1986.

121/2: El Teatro de la Esperanza performs "No Se Paga. No Se Paga!". 1985.

121/3: "Los muertes Nunca Mueren" Borderlands Theater Production, Tucson, AZ.

121/4: Mariachi: An Introduction and Brief Description.

121/5: Hip Hop Trip Varrio Student Project. murals, Graffiti (project done by students Angela Portillo, Fabian Garcia, Javier Ledesma, and Darvin Quintana). 1999.

121/6: Trio Guadalupe Home Performance with Esme. 1991.

121/7: Professor Yolanda Broyles-Gonzalez lecture on the first day of the class 'Chicano/as in Native America'. Chicano/a Studies 139, UC Santa Barbara. 1997.

121/8: Interviews done by Yolanda Broyles-Gonzalez at Car Show, Carpinteria, CA. 2003.

121/9: El teatro Campesino clips: 20th Anniversary; National Educational Televisiono on El Teatro Campesino.

121/10: "Arrullamiento del Nino Jesus." Cradling of the Child, CA. 1995.

Media - Cassette Tapes

122/1: Osvaldo Pugliese (Monterosingt) Pugliesa/ D'Arien 30. Mercedes Simone, S. Rinaldi.

122/2: Antologio del canto popular Nicaragua.

122/3: Zoot Suit

122/4: Jose Feliciano: Cenizas

122/5: Mestizo: The first Daniel Valdez Album

122/6: Festival Vallenato: El Binomio del Oro

122/7: "Estas Pillao" Lisandro Mesa y su Conjunto

122/8: Carlos Puebla y Los Tradicionles

122/9: BB King

122/10: Musica Peruano/Boliv. /Chile en Vivo

122/11: Daniel Viglietti

122/12: Irmas Salsa Tape

122/13: Irmas Salsa Tape

122/14: Huelga en General!

122/15: Ballet Folklorico de Bellas Artes

122/16: Agustin Lara Jarocho rumbero/ Ballet folklorico de mexico

122/17: Paige Liede "Stef aug Sklave" Cubo verde

122/18: "The Border" soundtrack by Cooder

122/19: Fin del Mundo

122/20: 'El Fin del Mundo' Strassbourg France, Act I. 1980.

122/21: La Virgen del Tepeyac

122/22: La Virgen del Tepeyac

122/23: Rise of the Rancho: Master sound track

122/24: History of San Juan

122/25: History of San Juan

122/26: Songs and music from Early Spanish California

122/27: Los Alegres de Teran and Los Dos Gilbertos. 1983.

122/28: The Fabulous Life and Death Adventures of Don Juan Tenorio

122/29: Do Juan Tenorio

122/30: Do Juan Tenorio

122/31: Do Juan Tenorio

122/32: Frank Gonzalez/ Musica Jarocha from Yoli German Tape

122/33: La Virgen

122/34: La Virgen (D. Silva Version and 1974 version).

122/35: Bandido- El Teatro Campesino

122/36: Pancho Claus/ Lalo Guerrero

122/37: Roberto Borboa: Tucson Artist

122/38-39: NACCS Sacramento Panel on Chicano Thatre

122/39: Rosa Martha Zarata Dolores Huerta. 1993.

122/40: Manuela Solis on Emma Tenayuca and other topics

122/41: YBG interview with Chicano Muralist/ Artist.

122/42: Rosa Reyes, Zapata, TX. 1985.

122/43: Rosa Reyes, Zapata, TX. 1985.

122/44: Rosa Reyes Entrevista

Media - Cassette Tapes

123/1: Chicano Studies 138 Quince Corridos

123/2: CHST 138 'Rancheras' Broyles-Gonzalez

123/3: CHST 138 Quince Corridos

123/4: CHST 137 Tape #3 Rancheras

123/5: CHST 138 Quince Corridos

123/6: CHST 137 Intro to Corridos

123/7: CHST 186B Corridos

123/8: CHST 138 "Rancheras" Broyles-Gonzalez

123/9: CHST 138 Corridos Tape

123/10: Tape 2 for CHST 193, Music by Lydia Mendoza

123/11: Oye Corazon; Valerio Longoria

123/12: Tape 1 Side A/ Side B

123/13: Broyles Lecture Tape 1

123/14: Broyles 1300-1350. 1999.

123/15: Broyles 1300-1350. 1999.

123/16: Broyles 1300-1350. 1999.

123/17: Broyles 1300-1350. 1999.

123/18: Broyles 1300-1350. 1999.

123/19: Broyles 1300-1350. 1999.

123/20: Broyles 1300-1350. 1999.

123/21: Broyles 1300-1350. 1999.

123/22: Chicano St. LLCH 1:00- 1:50

123/23: KEDA. 1986.

123/24: Radio KEDA Guera Polkas. 1982.

123/25: KEDA San Antonio. 1992.

123/26: KEDA. 1992.

123/27: Placido Salazar Interview KEDA. 1981.

123/28: Guero Polkas Show. 1982.

123/29: Radio Jalapeno KEDA. 1988.

123/30: KEDA: guero Polaks. 1989.

123/31: KEDA Interview with Santiago Jimenez and Valerio Longoria. 1982.

123/32: Musica Tejana.

123/33: 'Dia de als Madres' KEDA. 1984.

123/34: KEDA Radio: Buenas Canciones + Santiago Jimenez Sr.

Media - Floppy Disks

128/1: Chicano/a Studies 138 - Everthing

128/2: Blank Blue Disk

128/3: Libro Elctronico- Tito tito capotito- Tono Salgado

128/4: Blank Black Disk

128/5: NACS

128/6: Mendoza Afterwords- All Permit letters- All Mendoza Back Up

128/7: Hard Disc Back-up 3/11/4966 #1 Word 5

128/8: Cavbio-Chavez Bio bio 4 (window) 1995

128/9: B: Beltran4.txt.

128/10: YOLA #3 BioBib: Broy90.doc, Bryol92.boc LamenC.doc entire document

128/11: Mac Mircosoft Word 6.0, file mendoza2

128/12: Hard disk back-up 3/11/96 #4 Lamen Word 5

128/13: Lydia Mendoza LamenA.doc LamenB.doc LamenC.Doc entire document

128/14: Yola #2

128/15: 9/97 Lydia Mendoza Translations

128/16: Mendoza Spanish 4/97

128/17: Class Lectures: 1BStats.doc/ 1B lect#2.doc

128/18: B#4 YGB Mendoza All 8/16/96 Backup 9/97

128/19: Mac 4.01 Stuff IT

128/20: Yola #1 see bio.doc Full

128/21: FG

128/22: Mendoza 2.mcw (formerly LMN YBG.doc)

128/23: Lydia Mendoza transcripts

128/24: Backup Lamen.YBG Mendoza 2 for dos5 microsoft word

128/25: Chronology and other depart stuff; Barrio Pop Culture 138 S96

128/26: Old Copy (Some revised) El Teatro Chaps 1-4

128/27: Teatro*.bmp 7/20/92 in envelope labeled "Teatro Campesion Book Manuscript"

128/28: Teartro C 1-4, bib. 7/21/92 entier book manuscript in envelope labeled "Teatro Campesion Book Manuscript"

128/29: Prof. Yolanda Broyles-Gonzalez in evelope labeled "Book and disc for Broyles-Gonzalez"

128/30: Blank disk in envelope labled "YBG Barrio Popular Culture Course"

128/31: Chicano Studies 1A Broyles-Gonzalez in Envelope labeled: "file 1BW 98 Return to Chicano ST. For Yolanda Broyles-Gonzalez: Grafikart"

128/32: Teatro 7/14/92 Campesino Entire Book in envelope labeled "Teatro Campesino entire Book diskette"

128/33: Studio Mastering Audio Tape, Labled: Francisco Pastoral 8tr. 15ups 1) Angles 2) Devils

128/34: Mesquite Recipes by Cocino DeVega (pamphlet)

128/35: Cicina con ... Tia Lencha by Tia Lencha (pamphlet)

128/36: El Piojo la Liendre: Teacher's Guide by Susana Madrid Rivera (booklet)

128/37: El Tamal by Gloria Osuna (coloring booklet)

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