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Yolanda Broyles-González and Francisco González Archive
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Course Materials

6/1: Corridos- review Notes; 1982-1984

6/2: Info and Writings on the Corridos; 1982-1988

6/3: UCSB Chicanas Network; 1983-1988

6/4: Corridos- Old Globe Theatre Reviews- San Diego, CA; 1984

6/5: President's Dissertation Year Fellowship; 1987

6/6: La Bamba; 1987

6/7: 14th Annual Chicano Literary Contest Entries; 1988

6/8: Festiva of Chicano Theater; 1988-2002

6/9: University and Publice Service; 1993

6/10: Maria Elena Gaitan and Helen Chavez; 1993-2003

6/11: Public Service and Professional Activism; 1994

6/12: Environmental Racism; 1994-1997

6/13: Professional Activism, Teaching and Mentoring; 1995

6/14: Press and Activities; 1996

6/15: Music and Social Movements: Conference Papers; 1997

6/16: Resume, Thank you memos and letters; 1997

6/17: Articles; 1997

6/18: Articles; 1997

6/19: Week ten/ La Ilorona; 1997

6/20: CH ST 139 Course Reader; Fall 1997

6/21: 1B Winter 1997 Final

6/22: 1B Exam Final

6/23: Invited Lectures, Miscellaneous Thank You Letters; 1997-2002

6/24: CLAS 1998

6/25: Terri Gomez, Misc.; 1998-2000

6/26: Serpent Symbol; 1999-2000

6/27: Male Gender; 2000

6/28: CHABRAM Forthcoming; 2000

6/29: Chicano Thatre Handouts; 2001

6/30: Bibliography, October 2001

6/31: Theory Uprising

6/32: Class Lists CH ST 1A Lecture tapes/grades

6/33: Dr. Ricardo Sanchez Celebration; 1995

6/34: CHST 138 Fall 1999

6/35: CHST 193 1999

6/36: Evaluations IB Winter, 2000

6/37: ESCi 139 Spring 2000

6/38: 138 Fall 2000

6/39: 138 Evaluations, Fall 2001

6/40: CHST 193 Spring 2002

6/41: CHST 139 2002

6/42: YBG Essays and Articles as published in various journals, 2002-2003

6/43: 2004 Prof. Activity

Course Materials - Barrio Popular Culture, Intro to Chicana/o Studies

16/1: Trad. Ora: Diverse Readings

16/2: ETC No Saco Nada de la Escuela

16/3: CH ST 1C: Ensayo Chicano

16/4: Ways of Speaking in a Chicano Community

16/5: Manuel Pena Publications

16/6: Conjunto and Chicano Dance

16/7: Popular Culture: Saints, Lowriders, etc.

16/8: Song/ Corrido Lyrics plus Corrido Anthology

16/9: CH ST 1C: Teatro (Carpa/Camp.)

16/10: Chicano Rock n Roll Ruben Guevara

16/11: Folk Art Aesthetic

16/12: Ch ST 138 Barrio Popular Culture: Handouts and Exams Fall 1994

16/13: CH ST 1C Barrio

16/14: CH ST 1C: Conquest, Colonization, Fantasy Heritage

16/15: CH ST 1C: Poetry (written)

16/16: CH ST 1C: Examinations

16/17: Oral History Discourse and Corrido

16/18: Folklore

16/19: Southern Aruz Folk Arts James Griffith

16/20: Chicano Studies 1C Spring 92: Course description and Class List

16/21: 138 Gender Relations in Barrio

16/22: 1C Lectures

16/23: Columbus/ Colonization

16/24: Barrioization: YBG Lecture

16/25: 99/199 Undergrad Research Seminar (YBG)

16/26: 1995 Winter Evaluations

16/27: 138 Lecture one

16/28: Spirituality of Politics

16/29: Graffiti YBG Lecture 138

16/30: Curanderismo

16/31: Lowriding

16/32: YBG Ch St 1B Evaluations Winter 1997

16/33: 138 Quizzes and Exams

16/34: YBG Ch St 1B Evaluations Winter 1998

16/35: YBG Ch St 193 Evaluations Spring 1998

16/36: YBG Ch St 138 Evaluations Spring 1998

16/37: YBG Student Evaluations Spring 1999: Intro to Chi Cultural Studies 1C

16/38: Tests

16/39: Stannard and Acuna

16/40: Raul Villa

16/41: Hip Hop Nation

16/42: Student papers with Art for 138

16/43: 138 Syllabus: Spring 2003 and Midterm with corrections

16/44: 138 Quizzes

16/45: 138 Mid-terms and Study guides

16/46: Intro to Barrio Popular Culture

16/47: La Llorena - Cuentos

16/48: 138: First (1980s) Course Descriptions

16/49: Study Guide

16/50: Term Paper on the Music of Francisco Gonzalez

16/51: Nonverbal Barrio Communications

16/52: Notes on Chicano Orality


El Teatro Campesino Papers: YBG book manuscript; supporting documents for chapter one; YBG 1979 PhD dissertation; collection of performance flyers from the 1980s to 1990s.

35/1: Contract YBG and El Teatro Campesino Censorship Contract, 1934-1990

35/2: Spanish Theatre in the 16th Century, 1935-1973

35/3: ETC Chapter one: Supporting documents, 1974-1987

35/4: Theater pamphlets and fliers- Part One, 1975-1998

35/5: YBG dissertation, 1979

35/6: A presentation setting forth the current activities and needs of El Teatro Campesino 1979, 1979

35/7: Chicano theater new clips, 1979-1990

35/8: Chicano theater pamphlets, 1979-1996

35/9: Theater Pamphlets and Fliers- Part Two, 1980-1990

35/10: ETC Chapter One: Documents and outline, notes, 1982-1983

35/11: Teatro notes, 1984-1998

35/12: Humor/comedy, 1985-1991

35/13: Chicano Theater Announcements- Part One, 1986-1991

35/14: Mainstream relevant materials Hispanic link, 1987-1989

35/15: Chicano Theater Announcements- Part Two, 1988-1993

35/16: YBG El Teatro Campesino book manuscript- Part One, 1989

35/17: YBG El Teatro Campesino book manuscript- Part Two, 1989

35/18: Agustin Lira and El Teatro de la Tierra 06/09/1993, 1989-1993

35/19: ETC photos: Biallis, 1993

35/20: YBG Teatro manuscript (portion), Undated


Chair of UC Chicano Studies Chicana/o Studies Department documents from 1985 to 1991

42/1: Chair Recruit 1980-81, 1979-1981

42/2: Chicano Dept'l Evaluations 1985, 1984-1990

42/3: For filing 1985, 1985-1986

42/4: Chicano Studies Memos 85-86, 1985-1986

42/5: Memos and Faculty Meetings 1987, 1985-1987

42/6: Committee Documents 1985-86, 1985--1987

42/7: ABD Search: 1985-86, 1985-1987

42/8: 5 Year Plan, 1986-1987

42/9: Ch St 87-88 (my file), 1987-1988

42/10: My replacement in the Fall (Olivia Chumacero), 1987-1988

42/11: Target of Opportunity 1980s, 1987-1990

42/12: Ch St Dept Meeting Minutes 87-90, 1987-1900

42/13: Chicano Studies Department Documents and related readings 1900- Part One, 1987-1991

42/14: Nov. 1991 Academic Plan, 1987-1994

42/15: Ch St Memos 1989, 1988-1990

42/16: Top Cluster 1989, November - December 1989

42/17: Cluster 1989, 1989-1990

42/18: General Education Committee 1989-90, 1989-1990

42/19: Ch St Dept Memos 1989-1990, 1989-1990

42/20: 1991 Procedures/ Ch St Dept Personnel, 1989-1991

42/21: Advancing Human Diversity 1990 at UCSB, April 12, 1990

42/22: Chair Memos Fall 1990, 1990

42/23: Chair Memos Summer 1990, 1990

42/24: Chicano Studies Department Documents and related readings 1990- Part Two, 1990

42/25: Chicano Studies Retreat 1990: "Will Ch St be an alternative department?", 1990

42/26: Committee on Committees 1990, 1990-1991

42/27: Minority Faculty and Staff Association Memos and Minutes, 1990-1991

42/28: Chair-ship 1991, 1990-1991

42/29: Minutes 1990-1991, 1990-1991

42/30: Letters 90-91 (July 1), 1990-1991

42/31: Visits to Provost 1990-1991

42/32: Antonia Castaneda, 1990-1993

42/33: CH ST Major, 1990-1993

42/34: Chair-ship 1990, 1990-1994

42/35: Chair Memos Winter Quarter, 1991

42/36: Chair Memo File, Fall 1991

42/37: Letters Summer to Fall 1991

42/38: Chair Memo File Summer 91, 1991

42/39: Polling Aug 91, 1991

42/40: June 19 1991 dept. Meeting Retreat and Segura Letter, 1991

42/41: Ramon Favela Tenure case, 1991

42/42: Ramon Favela Tenure Letter, 1991


Activism: documents pertaining to diverse contentious social issues; graduate student files

44/1: Revista Vision de Mujer Spring 1976 San Diego State University, 1976

44/2: Mecha Texas 1978-79, 1978-1985

44/3: German newspaper articles of Freidburg Demonstration, June 1980

44/4: Protest to Wagner, 1980-1981

44/5: Stanford Walt Smith, 1980-1982

44/6: Pres. Wagener, 1980-1984

44/7: 1981 Flyer on origin of the word Xicano, February 11, 1981

44/8: Guadalupe Center, 1982-1984

44/9: Betty Godfrey English Only, 1984

44/10: Documentatin: El pueblo vs. City of San Antonio 1984, 1984-1985

44/11: Lulac Original, 1985

44/12: Documents provided to UCSB Counsel by YBG 1994, 1986-1994

44/13: Racist/Sexist UCSB Campus Climate, 1987-1992

44/14: YBG- All Courses- Syllabi- Part Two, 1987-1995

44/15: Newspaper articles concerning activism issues in UCSB and other places in education, 1987-2002

44/16: Vietnam Casualties, October 29, 1989

44/17: 1990 letters to and from Rudy Acuna: Rudy Acuna letters of recommendation, 1987-2000

44/18: YBG- All Courses- Syllabi- Part One, 1990-1997

44/19: UFW Association membership, 1991

44/20: MA- Exam- Barbara Frantz- Graduate Student- 1991, 1991-1995

44/21: SCAMS: the institution, 1991-1997

44/22: Alternative Education, 1991-1998

44/23: Nexus 1993-94, 1993-1994

44/24: Pertaining to YBG: UC Attorneys Correspondence 93-94, 1993-1994

44/25: Policy info, 1993-1995

44/26: Karen Eng Graduate Student- MA Exam- 1996, 1993-1996

44/27: Immigration and 187, 1993-1997

44/28: Consultation with lawyers Yolanda Broyles-Gonzalez 1994, 1993-1997

44/29: Children and poverty, 1993-1998

44/30: Acuna press 95-98 and YBG commentary, 1994-1996

44/31: MA Exam for Berit Grobecker given by YBG and her committee- 1995, May 1995

44/32: Office Civil RIghts and S.B. raza in schools, 1995

44/33: "Brown David vs. Goliath" Betita Martinez on the Acuna case 1996, 1995-1996

44/34: Acuna trail press cut and paste originals 1995, 1995-1996

44/35: 1995 Fundraising Dinner organized by YBG for Acuna, 1995-1996

44/36: Political info. Various, 1995-1997

44/37: Affirmative action, 1995-1997

44/38: Global trends/social issues, 1995-1997

44/39: SWOP- Southwest organizing projects, 1996-2001

44/40: Grad students and union, April 14, 1997

44/41: Acuña letter to YBG 8/18/97, August 18, 1997

44/42: San Marcos High School, 1997-1999

44/43: Witness for peace info, February 1998

44/44: Judith Huacuja Pearson graduate student, 1998-1999

44/45: Ph.D. Examination for - Carol Frujimora- 2002, 2002

44/46: Marivel Danielson graduate student, 2002

44/47: Richard Turner


60/1: Gaitan Articles Drafts, 2000-2001

60/2: Lydia Mendoza Fliers, 2001

60/3: "Lydia Mendoza and the Social Powers of the Oral Tradition" Lecture by YBG 12-2-2006, December 2, 2002

60/4: Performance Artist Maria Elena Gaitan: Mapping a Continent without Borders, 2003

60/5: Book Review- Re-emerging Native Women of the Americas: Native Chicana Latina Women's Studies, 2003

60/6: Renato Rosaldo Lecture, Undated

60/7: "Hinojosa's Klail City y sus Alrededores: Oral Culture and Print Culture" Lecture, Undated

60/8: Final Copy July 1984 Women in Ect Original, Undated

60/9: TC Letterhead, Undated

60/10: El Teatro Campesion: Original Manuscript part One, Undated

60/11: El Teatro Campesion: Original Manuscript part Two, Undated

60/12: Nachwort 34 Klail City und Sliae Umgebung, Undated

60/13: PHOTOS: Institute of Texan Cultures, 1934-1985

60/14: Houston Public Library Document, 1978

60/15: Lydia Mendoza: Oral History (Houston Library) 4/5/1979, 1979

60/16: Lydia Mendoza Articles, 1981-1982

60/17: Three Women's Text and a Critique of Imperialism, 1986

60/18: Pastorela Slides, 1986-1987

60/19: Documents: Institute of Texan Cultures, 1987

60/20: The Americas Review, 1988

60/21: Interpreting Women's Lives ed Personal Narratives Group, 1989

60/22: Storied Lives, 1992-1993

60/23: Lydia Mendoza Permission, 1992-1998

60/24: Pastorela Photograph, December 1993

60/25: Yolanda Broyles-Gonzalez, Mary Rojas Munoz/ Preliminary Research, January 20, 1993

60/26: Oral History, 1993

60/27: Subjectivity, Identity and the Body, 1993

60/28: Behar: Translated Work, 1993

60/29: Kendall Hunt Publishers, 1995-2002

60/30: Candida Jaquez on Mariachi, 1996

60/31: Performance Theory, 1996

60/32: Epilogo, 1996

60/33: Ma. Elena Gaitan/ Mendoza, 1996

60/34: UT Press, Mendoza; Reader's Evaluations, 1996-1998

60/35: Lydia '92 Doc Some Chronological data, 1998

60/36: YBG/ Mendoza Lecture Notes, 1998-1999

60/37: Table of Contents, 1998-2000

60/38: Kendall Working File, 199-2001

60/39: L. Mendoza Photo Orders, April 1999

60/40: Mendoza CD-- Oxford Correspondence, 1999

60/41: Preliminary Mendoza CD Search, 1999


YBG publications from 1979 to 2002.

61/1: Lydia Mendoza: Huston Library Photos for Book, 1999

61/2: Mendoza Intro Working Copy, 1999

61/3: Oxford Correspondence, 1999-2000

61/4: Lydia Mendoza: Book Permission, 1999-2000

61/5: Lydia Mendoza, 1999-2000

61/6: Kendall Hunt, 2000

61/7: Valadez Artwork Copies, 2000

61/8: Kendall Hunt Permissions, 2000-2002

61/9: Lydia Mendoza: Ester Hernandez Art Work

61/10: Lydia Mendoza: Original Photos/ Houston Library, Undated

61/11: Lydia Mendoza: Photos, Undated

61/12: Lydia Mendoza: Caption Manuscript, Undated

61/13: Diane Rodriguez Cover Photo, Undated

61/14: Veronica Valadez 20 Symbols, Undated

61/15: Trin Min Ha, Undated

61/16: Polity Press, Undated

61/17: George Lipsitz- Dangerous Crossroads, Undated

61/18: Life/ Lines/ Theorizing Women's Autobiography, Undated

61/19: Chicano Cinema Research, Reviews and Resources, ed. by Gary d. Keller

61/20: Der zerstuckte Traum Fur Erich Arendt by Agora

61/21: Journal- Ibero Americana, no. 2/3, 6 Jahrgang 1982

61/22: The Rolando Hinojosa Reader, ed. by Jose David Saldivor, vol. xii Fall-Winter, 1984

61/23: Chicana Vocies: Intersections of Class, Race and Gender; CMAS, UT Astin

61/24: YBG- The German Response to Latin American Literature

61/25: Der Dichter ist kein verlorener Stein Uber Neruda (YBG Artical on pg. 180)

61/26: Der Dichter ist kein verlorener Stein Uber Neruda, published by Luchterkund

Chicano Theater

67/1: El Teatro Campesino, 1967-1977

67/2: Travail Theatre El Teartro Campesino, 1972-1981

67/3: Theater Heute, March 1977

67/4: Rose of the Rancho, 1977

67/5: Rose of the Rancho by: David Belasco, 1977

67/6: Reviews: Zoot Suit Los Angeles run Spanish - Language review, 1978

67/7: Zoot Suit (Film): West Coast, 1979-1981

67/8: Teatro Campesino: Peripheral, 1979-1983

67/9: Zoot Suit, First draft of film version, June 9, 1980

67/10: Zoot Suit, 3rd draft, October 20, 1980

67/11: El Treatro Campesino Incorporated, 1980-1982

67/12: Zoot Suit, Final Draft Screen Play, January 2, 1981

67/13: "Hispanic" Marketing: "Positioning Zoot Suit", March 6, 1981

67/14: "Califas", July 1981

67/15: "Bandio" Script 2nd Draft, September 29, 1981

67/16: Zoot Suit (Flim) West Coast reviews, 1981

67/17: Zoot Suit (Film) New York Reviews, 1981-1982

67/18: Soldier Boy, 1982

67/19: Notes: Soldier Boy and Women in Teatro Conference by YBG, 1982

67/20: Final Report to the National Endowment for the Humanities, March 31, 1983

67/21: Corridos Script Drafts, 1983-1984

67/22: El Teatro Campesino, the first 20 years, 1986,

67/23: El Bandido, 1969-1971

67/24: Reviews: Zoot Suit Los Angeles run English- Language reviews, Undated

67/25: Questions for Robesto Delgedo, Undated

67/26: Christ/ Never Knew You (read by El Teatro Campesino), Undated

Chicano Theater

Lydia Mendoza and Teatro Campesino

68/1: Cantinflas, 1954

68/2: El Poeta Negrito Mexicano, 1961

68/3: Huerta, Jorge A. Cardiff-by-the-Sea, California, 1972-1978

68/4: Chicano Bibliography, 1972-1981

68/5: ETC Chronology, 1977-1993

68/6: El Teatro Campesino Photos Returned by UT Press, 1978

68/7: Chr. G. M. Rahner: The Background of Chicano Theatre and the Artists and Political Development of TC, 1980

68/8: Fin de Mundo, b/w photos, negatives, Olivia Chumacero Archive, 1980

68/9: Bandido Reviews, 1981-1982

68/10: Article Focus: Luis Valdez, 1981-1983

68/11: El Teatro Campesino: Ch.4 Mainstream, 1982

68/12: ETC Residency and Fellowship, 1982-1985

68/13: Chicano Cultural Events, 1984-1986

68/14: El Teatro de la Esperanza: La Aparicion, 1985

68/15: Censorship/Repression/ Cultural Resistance, 1985-1994

68/16: Centro Aztlan- The Passion of Christ, 1986-1988

68/17: ETC Book Contents, 1986-1995

68/18: Chavez: Novena Narrativas, 1987

68/19: Una Pastorela Programs, 1987-1995

68/20: 1989 An American Festival Tour, 1989

68/21: ETC Chapter 3: Eomen, 1989

68/22: An Interpretive Exhibition of the Chicano Art Movement 1965-1985, 1990

68/23: Chapter Two, 1990

68/24: Final Permission, 1993

68/25: Correspondence UT Press, 1993-1996

68/26: El Teatro Book: Final Proof, 1994

68/27: Agents, 1996

68/28: America Levantante- Virgilio Valladares, 1940

68/29: Cantinfla Photos, Undated

68/30: Fin del Mundo, Undated

Chicano Theater

Teatro Campesino Research Materials and Oral history transcriptions

70/1: Zoot Adacta (my notes), 1977-1980

70/2: ETC Oral History Intro Notes, 1978

70/3: Rodriguez/Chumacero 7, June 1980, 1980-1987

70/4: Yolanda Parra 21 Dec 1982, 1982

70/5: Teatro Interview Introduction Material, 1982-1989

70/6: Interview Carolina Flores/ Juanita Vargas, August 1983

70/7: Delgado/Esparza First Draft, 1983

70/8: Olivia Chumacero 19-Jan-1983, 1983-1986

70/9: Entrevista Olivia Chumacero Fragments, 1983-1986

70/10: Oral History: Various Interviews; Diane Rodriguez, Yolanda Parra, Socorro Valdez, Olivia Chumacero, 1983-1987

70/11: Diane Rodriguez, 1983-1987

70/12: Valdez: On Brecht 10, Jan 1983, 1983-1987

70/13: Luis Valdez 22, Jan 1983, 1983-1987

70/14: Olivia Chumacero: Carta a Luis Valdez & resume 1984, 1984

70/15: Luis Valdez at UCI Oct. 1984, 1984-1989

70/16: Socorro Valdez, Fragments, 1985

70/17: Socorro Valdez 1-March-1983, 1985-1986

70/18: Broyles Transcriptions 1985-86, 1986

70/19: Diane Rodriguez MASTER, 1986-1989

70/20: Jose Delgado, 1987

70/21: Roberta Delgado, 1987

70/22: Roberta Delgado First Draft, 1987

70/23: Mainstreaming Chicano Theater- LATC 22 Feb 1987, 1987

70/24: Diane Rodriguez Dec. 28, 1983 MASTERS edited for frontiers, 1987-1989

70/25: Rosita Fernandez, 1987-2001

70/26: Release Forms, 1988

70/27: Entrevista Felipe Cantu/ Agustin LIRA first draft, 1988-1989

70/28: Olivia Chumacero Aug. 18, 1989 Frist reworkings 1989, 1989

70/29: Olivia Chumacero Aug 18, 1989 MASTER COPY (4 Tape sides), 1989

70/30: LATC Future of the theater symposium, 1989

70/31: Frontiers Diane Rod, 1989

70/32: The Lost Legacy of Chicana Performances: Recovering History through Oral Testimony, 1989

70/33: Luis Valdez Feb 11, 1977 by Patricia Dunsmore de Carrillo Santa Barbara, 1989

70/34: Lydia Mendoza, 1999-2001

70/35: San Antonia Current: Lydia Mendoza, 2001

70/36: Entrevistas Luis Valdez/ Y.J.B., Undated

70/37: NACS Panel 'Chicanos in the industry" Transcription, Undated

Francisco Gonzalez Compositions

72/1: Fin Del Mundo Script, 1972-1980

72/2: Brubeck, Dave: Las Posadas, 1975

72/3: La Virgen 1982 All Materials, 1976-1982

72/4: Characters, 1977

72/5: John Bowers script, 1977

72/6: Bandido 1979 script workshop 2, 1979

72/7: Tiburcio Vasquez 3, 1979

72/8: El Teartro Campesion "El Fin Del Mundo", February 2, 1980

72/9: Mundo 1980 California and European Tour 3, 1980

72/10: "Rose of the Rancho" Hand written Lyrics and Note 1, 1981

72/11: "Rose of the Rancho" 1981 E.T.C. Programs 2, 1981

72/12: "Rose of the Rancho" E.T.C. 1981 Reviews 3, 1981

72/13: "Rose of the Rancho" Music and Lyrics 4, 1981

72/14: 1981 June, 1981

72/15: Bandido prep material for cast 1, 1981

72/16: Bandido lyrics and letters notes 4, 1981

72/17: Bandido 1981 Music 5, 1981

72/18: Bandido 1981 Music 6, 1981

72/19: Bandido programs 7, 1981

72/20: Bandido working script 9, 1981

72/21: Pastorela San Juan Baptista, 1982

72/22: Los Corridos FPU 1982 script 1, 1982

72/23: Los Corridos R and D material workshop 1982 2, 1982

72/24: Los Corridos workshop 1982 note book 3, 1982

72/25: Corridos S.F. musical directions script and note 1, 1982

72/26: Corridos Lyrics sheets 2, 1983

72/27: Corridos Hand Bills and Programs 4, 1983

72/28: "Don Juan Tenorio" 1983 E.T.C. background material and lyrics notes, 1983

72/29: Corridos S.F. Reviews 3, 1983-1984

72/30: My Copies to Keep, 1983-1989

72/31: Press Materials Handouts Reprints, 1984-1985

72/32: Corridos Video Script (85) for P.B.S. (first draft, intactive) 1, 1985

72/33: Corridos P.B.S working Script 86 2, 1986

72/34: Cine weat corridos legal correspondence 3, 1986-1987

72/35: Don Juan Tenorio Fall 1983

72/36: "Rose of the Rancho" original Belasco script 5

Media - Cassette Tapes

82/1: Los Ultimos de Mis años y tengo una pena de Antonio Bañuelos con los Terores del norte

82/2: Various good stuff; Tape for Pancho- Thank you M

82/3: 2 songs from "Paper wings by francisco Gonzalez/ MAP- Paper wings"

82/4: Blank cassette

82/5: 15 Exitos de CRI CRI, Vol II, versiones originales

82/6: 15 Exitaoss Cornelio Reyna

82/7: Blank cassette

82/8: Dueto Teloloapan

82/9: The Rolling Stones- Beggars Banquet

82/10: Blank cassette

82/11: Living colour- vivid

82/12: 60s + 70s Soul Music/ Cream: Disreali Gears

82/13: Francisco Gonzalez with Mexican Harp

82/14: Blank Cassette

82/15: Aretha Franklin- The Best of Aretha Franklin

82/16: Stevie Wonder- Talking Book-Sly and The Family Stone; Greatest Hits Cheech and Chong

82/17: Blank Cassette

82/18: RFK

82/19: The Delta Queens carefree Calliope

82/20: Charles Lummis: California Songs/ Turn of the Century Recordings

Media - Cassette Tapes

85/1: Cantu/ Lira Master (lado 1&2)

85/2: Felipe Cantu/ Agustin Lira on Teatro fresno (lado 3&4)

85/3: Felipe Cantu/ Agustin Lira on Teatro Fresno (lado 5&6)

85/4: Felipe Cantu/ Agustin Lira on Teatro Fresno (lado 7&8)

85/5: Felipe Cantu/ Agustin Lira on Teatro Fresno (lado 9&10)

85/6: Felipe Cantu/ Agustin Lira on Teatro Fresno (lado 11&12)

85/7: Felipe Cantu/ Agustin Lira on Teatro Fresno (lado 1-12) COPY

85/8: Felipe Cantu/ Agustin Lira on Teatro Fresno (lado 1-12) COPY

85/9: Felipe Cantu/ Agustin Lira on Teatro Fresno (lado 1-12) COPY

85/10: Felipe Cantu/ Agustin Lira on Teatro Fresno (lado 1-12) COPY

85/11: Felipe Cantu/ Agustin Lira on Teatro Fresno (lado 1-12) COPY

85/12: Felipe Cantu/ Agustin Lira on Teatro Fresno (lado 1-12) COPY

85/13: Luis Moreno Entrevista Santa Barbara (UCSB) Side 1&2; August 19, 1988

85/14: Luis Moreno Entrevista Side 3 of 3; August 19, 1988

85/15: Entrevista Andres Segura on Teatro Campesino San Juan Bautista, CA- COPY

85/16: Teatro Chicano, Class discussion of mujer harassment; September 9, 1980

85/17: Emilio Carballido: 40 Anos en Teatro; March 1, 1990

85/18: Silviana Wood: Short reading and interview, Tucson AZ. El la casa de ella; October 8, 1983

85/19: Silviana Wood: Entrevista Lado 3&4, Tucson Sonora; October 8, 1983

85/20: Nacs Entertainment media panel

85/21: Culture Clash Interview; March 16, 1993

85/22: Luis Valdez on KPFK; May 6, 1993

85/23: Jose Luis Valenzuela on Culture Clash and Luis Valdez

85/24: Symposium: "State of the Art, Theatre in the 21st Century" Sides 1&2; February 25, 1989

85/25: "State of the Art: Theatre in the 21st Century" Side 3 of 3; February 25, 1989

85/26: John O'Neal Side A&B; February 10, 1990

85/27: John O'Neal Interview YBG Sides A&B; February 10, 1990

85/28: Vargas Llosa Interview/ Federico Coartelo Coangelo Tango; September 19, 1976

85/29: Latin Anonymous Comedy Act/ NACS Conference, Baltimore, Los Angeles; March 30, 1989

85/30: Jorge Huerta Inter.; December 27, 1982

85/31: Jorge Huerta Inter.; December 28, 1982

85/32: Roberto Fernandez Retamar: Freiburger University; June 3, 1983

85/33: Entrevista: Jose Saucedo Teatro Esperanza; April 28, 1984

Media - Cassette Tapes

87/1: Interview Teatro Campesino in Strasbourg (master); June 7, 1980

87/2: Yolanda Parra of El Teatro Campesino, by Yolanda Broyles (master 1&2); December 21, 1982

87/3: Entrevista a Yolanda Parra de El Teatro Campesino por Yolanda Broyles (master 3); December 21, 1982

87/4: YJB Interview with Socorro Valdez, San Juan Bautista at her home (master 1&2); March 1, 1983

87/5: Int. Socorro Valdez (master); March 1, 1983

87/6: Roberta Delgado Interview, Gilroy (master 1&2); July 21, 1983

87/7: Roberta Delgado (master 3)

87/8: Teatro Campesino Interview with Jose Delgado/ Phil Esparza Sides 1&2; August 10, 1983

87/9: Esparza/ Delgado (master 3&4); August 10, 1983

87/10: Jose Delgado, Producer Teatro Campesino, Interview with yolanda Broyles (master 1&2); September 12, 1983

87/11: Jose Delgado, producer Teatro Campesino, Interview with Yolanda Broyles (master 3&4); September 12, 1983

87/12: Jose Delgado, Producer Teatro Campesino, Interview with Yolanda Broyles (master 5&6); September 12, 1983

87/13: Diane Rodriguez, Entrevista El teatro Campesino, San Juan Bautista (master 1&2); December 28, 1983

87/14: Interview with Roberto Morales, set designer, San Juan Bautista; November 9, 1982

87/15: Interview with Roberto Morales, side 3 of 3

87/16: Una Pastorela (F. Gonzalez)- Santa Barbara, CA; December 18, 1986

87/17: Music used in play La Jefita: Norteno, Potpourri, Busca Otro Amor, El Chubasco

87/18: The Promise- Francisco Gonzalez, Los Angeles Theatre Center

87/19: La Virgen del Tepeyac: El Presidio Chapel; December 1, 1986

87/20: Songs of early California

87/21: Una Pastorela; January 1, 1987

87/22: Una Pastorela (F. Gonzalez); December 20, 1986

87/23: Early California Tape: Pastorela tape R&D

87/24: La Pastorela/ Mission Bells El cantico del Ayer

87/25: Early California: Gabriel Ruiz

87/26: California Mission Music performed by the John Biggs Consort

87/27: SQ C Devils music

87/28: DEVILS

87/29: If these walls could speak; April 1, 1991

87/30: SQ C Star Music p.5

87/31: SQ C Devils Music p.23

87/32: Star Music M

87/33: S A Devil's Music p.1

87/34: Music Pastorela

87/35: Black blank cassette

87/36: Pre show announcement Pastorela

87/37: Pre show

87/38: SQ E Angel's music p. 25

87/39: Tape One to the beginning of scene one

Media - Cassette Tapes

89/1: National Public Radio, "Crossroads" on Pastorela; December 22, 1989

89/2: Paper wings

89/3: Music tape "Paper Wings"

89/4: Tape no. 1 Paper Wings

89/5: Lydia Mendoza Y Francisco Gonzalez

89/6: Jesus reyes Vargas: El Arpa de Jalisco

89/7: Chicano studies 186B Broyles Gonzalez/ Jarocho

89/8: Eduardo Machado Songs

89/9: Los Bravos del Norte de Ramon Ayala

89/10: Valerio Longoria y su Conj. Los Dos Valerios

89/11: texas mexican Border Music Vol 8 and 9: Canciones de Ayer

89/12: Valerio longoria: Quisiera Llorar

89/13: German 1013 vocab

89/14: lorenzo Moyer; June 16, 1981

89/15: Nick Villareal : puros Exitos

89/16: Nick Villareal: El Gatito Re-Liberado

89/17: Lo mejor de Nick Villareal y su conjunto

89/18: Nick Villareal: Mis Exitos

Media - Cassette Tapes

90/1: Johnny Gi Tar Gutierrez; 1992

90/2: Dia de las Madres; 2000

90/3: Nick Villareal "El Nicky Snic"; 1987

90/4: Nick Villareal "Hablale a la Ley"; 1988

90/5: Nick Villareal "En SU Onda"; 1987

90/6: Los Corridos- Teatro Campesino; October 29, 1982

90/7: La Pastorela; December, 1980

90/8: La Carpa/ teatro Campesino; October 16, 1974

90/9: La Carpa/ teatro campesino (Mark Taper); October 12, 1974

90/10: Soldao Razo/ La Carpa Part II

90/11: Teatro de la Real Academia Chicana, La Jefita; March 2, 1981

90/12: El Louie/ Cuchara records

90/13: La Virgen del Tepeyac: San Juan Bautista Teatro Campesino, side 1&2

90/14: La Virgen del Tepeyac: San Juan Bautista Teatro Campesino, side 3

90/15: Los Corridos: Soldier- Girl to end; October 29, 1982

90/16: Teatro Campesino/ fin del Mundo; June 8, 1980

90/17: Fin del Mundo; June 7, 1980

90/18: Maria Elena Gaitan; November 11, 2000

90/19: Maria Elena Gaitan; November 11, 2000

90/20: Maria Elena Gaitan; November 11, 2000

90/21: Maria Elena Gaitan; November 11, 2000

90/22: Maria Elena Gaitan; November 11, 2000

90/23: Francisco Gonzalez on CH ST; October 4, 2001

Media - Video Tapes

92/1: 24 Charreada (blue case)

92/2: "Tres cuentos del DF" at Casa De La Raza

92/3: "3 Cuentos del DF" by Emilio Caballido, Chican Theatre Workshop; March, 1990

92/4: "Los Muertos Nunca Mueren" w/ preshow; August 2, 1986

92/5: La Virgen del Tepeyac- Santa Barbara Presidio Chapel; December 16, 1985

92/6: The Teta Show! Maria Elena Gaitan; 2003

92/7: Rehearsal- Los Muertos Nunca Mueren; February 10, 1988

Media - CDs, VHS tapes and Cassettes

1/1: Chumash Maritime Association. Return to Limuw., 2001

1/2: Coyolxuhqui. An Ancien Myth Chicanas Today.

1/3: Antonio Aguilar. Yo El Mujeriego.

1/4: Tin Tan Chucho. El Remendado.

1/5: VHS. Return to Limuw., 2001

1/6: VHS. Bandazo 21., 1999

1/7: VHS. Whispers Series: The Chumash., 1991

1/8: VHS. El Ray Del Jaripep Joan Sebastian., 1997

1/9: VHS. Santiago Jimenez Jr.

1/10: VHS. El Milusos 2.

1/11: VHS. Los Alegres De Teran: Leyendas Vivas Volumen 5.

1/12: VHS. Los Reyes del Paleque.

1/13: VHS. El Circo Cantinflas.

1/14: VHS. La Curcaracha.

1/15: VHS. La Presidenta Municipal.

1/16: VHS. Bandazo Norteno.

1/17: VHS. Sangre de Ray Version Musical.

1/18: VHS. Los Alegres de Teran: Coleccion de Oro.

1/19: VHS. Cumbias y Nortenas.

1/20: VHS. Los Jilguerillas: Leyendas de la Musica.

1/21: VHS. Canasta de Cuentos Mexicanos., 1995

1/22: VHS. Juan Gobriel and Rocio Durcal: Juntos Otra Ves.

1/23: VHS. Conciertos Pesados de Lupillo Rivera Vol. 1., 2000

1/24: VHS. Conciertos Pesados de Lupillo Rivera Vol. 2., 2000

1/25: VHS. Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth with Bill Moyers: Program Six Mask of Eternity.

1/26: VHS. La Madrecita.

1/27: VHS. El Treficante., 2000

1/28: DVD. Classicas de Oro: Mala Hierba.

1/29: DVD. Amoxtli San Ce Tojuan: We are one- Nosotros Somos Uno.

Oral History Project Documents

7/1: Grandma Liz "The Ringleader of Them all" by Rosemary Castillo, term paper, February 29, 2000

7/2: Anaia Garcia- Interview: Susana Flores (paper), Interview analysis (paper) and DVD of interview, April 30, 2012

7/3: Chicana Women An Oral History: Interview with Rosaura Martinez Hernandez (paper) and 2 two RadioShack tapes, October 2007

7/4: Courtney Waters- One Historia of Ivonne Gaitan Romero (paper), transcription of interview (paper) and CD-R of interview recorded on April 26, 2012, May 2012

7/5: Lisette and Mathra Barragan- La Historia de mi Madre! (paper), transcription (paper) and DVD-R of interview, April 24, 2012

7/6: Nancy Jimenez- La historia de Maria Rocha (paper) and DVD-R of the interview, May 1, 2012

7/7: Jeannette Moreno- Oral History of Marisela Moreno (paper) and 2 CD-R of interview, April 27, 2012

7/8: Jennifer Contreras and Rosario Valasquez Sanchez Paper and CD titled Rosario Jennifer, April 25, 2012

7/9: The Narrative of Maria Luz Marquez de Perez by Joel A. Saldana Perez (paper), transcription and CD of interview, March 15, 2012

7/10: Interview with Amanda Zavala Morales May 6, 2012 with transcript and analysis by Alicia Morales, May 8, 2012

7/11: We are Strong: Una historia de Alicia Margarita Hernandez by Andrea Hernandez Hom (paper), transcription and CD of interview from March 1, 2012, Spring 2012

7/12: Unlabeled TDK DVD

7/13: Alex Paredes' interview of Maria del Refujio papers and CD, April 20, 2012

7/14: Maintaining Hozho in a Modern World: A Dine Women Speaks (Aresta Tsosie La Russo) by Katherine Brooks (paper), transcription and CD, April 28, 2012

7/15: CD labeled "Thaly's Oral History MAS: 585"

7/16: En Lak Ench: You are my other me by Thalia Marlyn Gomez Torres transcription of interview with Sonia Gomez Torres and analysis, April 29, 2012

7/17: Annette Verdugo person interviewed: Isabel Verdugo Transcription and analysis, CDs labeled part # 1 and part #2, April 27, 2012

7/18: Jianna Limon's interview of Maria Limon transcription and analysis, CD of interview, April 28, 2012

7/19: La Historia de Irma Zacarias Del Cid by Paula Marie Cruz transcription and analysis, May 1, 2012

7/20: LeeAnn Ladphair's interview of Carmen Cecelia Cervanto Agular transcription and analysis, and CD of the interview, April 30, 2012

7/21: Maritza Noriega's interview of Rosalva Cota transcription, analysis and CD, May 5, 2012

7/22: Her Namesake by Carolina Alonzo (paper), transcription and CD of interview with Carolina Moreno Alonzo

7/23: Priscilla Perez interview of Elvia De La Cruz with analysis, transcription, two personal photos and CD, April 29, 2012

7/24: Sabrina Garcia's interview of Marty Cortez transcription and CD, April 22, 2012

7/25: Bettina Trujillo's interview of Rosario Valdez de Martinez analysis, transcription and CD, May 1, 2012

7/26: Arizona State Museum Many Mexicos by Syrena Arevalo, May 1, 2012

7/27: Syrena Arevalo's interview with mother analysis and transcription, and CDs labeled Interview pt. 1 and pt. 2, May 1, 2012

7/28: Alexandria Partida's interview of My Abuela Christina transcription and analysis with 1 GB SD card (note- I kept it in the blue pock folder so the SD wasn't lost), April 19, 2013

7/29: Jacobo Xavier Ramirez's interview of Nellie Bustillos analysis, transcription and CD, April 25, 2013

7/30: Sylvia Martinez interview of Mirna Peru transcription, analysis and DVD-R, April 20, 2013

7/31: Christina Galvez's interview of Maria Jesus Contreras transcription, analysis and CD

7/32: Alex Romero's interview of Linda Romero transcription, analysis and DVD-R, April 23, 2013

7/33: Robert Teran's interview of Rosemary Teran CD Disk 1 and CD Disk 2, transcription and analysis, April 17, 2013

7/34: CD Labeled "Dr. YBG Oral History and Documents"

7/35: Kenny Johnson's interview of Gloria Cardenas transcription, analysis, and DVD-R, April 6, 2013

7/36: Tolling and Struggling: Rosa Maria and a Life of Wisdom by Christopher Montoya, transcription and DVD-R, April 23, 2013

7/37: Many Mexico's Exhibit by Jennifer Contreras, May 5, 2012

Cassette Tapes and Photo Slides/Negatives

8/1: Envelope of 15 photo slides labeled "Guadalupana Slides"

8/2: Envelope of 16 photo slides labeled "San Pedro Soteapan Fiesta de Mayor do mi a en lonoof a San Jose"

8/3: Envelope of 5 photo slides labeled "Guadalupe"

8/4: Envelope of 10 photo slides labeled "Graffitti Slides"

8/5: 33 photo slides in a small box labeled "El Rancho Calendar Visuals"

8/6: 27 photo slides in a small box labeled "Dia de Animas"

8/7: Box of 35 photo slides in a small white box labeled "Dia de Animas Slides"

8/8: 23 photo slides in a small box labeled "Familia Picking Cactus for Brown Univ."

8/9: 12 photo slides in a small box labeled "Mexican Calendar Slides (YBG Collection)"

8/10: 10 photo slides in a small box labeled "El Libro de Tierra"

8/11: 6 photo slides in a small box labeled "Casa de Romon en Tres Zapotes"

8/12: Kodak photo slide box labeled "East L.A. Murals"

8/13: Color Slides in small box labeled "Folclorico"

8/14: Pilulaw Khus on Missions, 3/14/01

8/15: Pilulaw Khus UCSB Chumash Sides 3 and 4, 4/10/03

8/16: Pilulaw Khus CHST 193: Chumash Nation (side 1 of 4), 4/10/03

8/17: Pilulaw on Ft. Conception Side 3 of 3, 7/19/98

8/18: Pilulaw Khus on Mission Dubben from video, 3/14/01

8/19: Pilulaw Khus conversation after lecture, 2/12/01

8/20: Pilulaw Khus Topic: Preparation for going inot spirit, connectin with the sacred increase, the Time of Purification with Yolanda Broyles-Gonzalez, Los Osos, CA, 1/3-1/4/07

8/21: Michael Khus-Zarate MASTER side 1 and 2, 8/15/01

8/22: Pilulaw Khus Woman/Water/Earth YBG recording MASTER, 2/12/01

8/23: Pilulaw Khus on Point Conception Side one and two, 7/19/98

8/24: Pilulaw Khus sides 5/6 of 7 at Los Osos, Ca; Recorded and interviewed by Yolanda Broyles-Gonzalez in Los Osos, California; Side 5: begins with a description of the clean-up operation after UNOCAL oil spill around Whale's Cave, California; Side 6: Begins with discussion of Chumash Sweat Lodge, 1/2/07

8/25: Pilulaw Khus Side 3 and 4; Side 3: pointed Rock/Carrizo Plains/Sacred Site Begins with description of the relationship between Chumash, sacred site (Painted Rock) and BLM (Bureau of Land Management); Side 4: Coastal Band of Chumash Nation involvement, struggles against Chevron at Gaviota, California, the Whale's Cave sacred site oil spill UNOCAL and clean up, 12/31/06

8/26: Michael Khus Zarate MASTER Side 5 of 5; Converstion with Prof. Yolanda Broyles-Gonzalez on Chumash/Native American (unreadable) and archival materials, Aug. 15, 2001

8/27: Michale Khus-Zarate MASTER Side 3 and 4, 8/15/2001

8/28: Pilulaw Khus Lecture in CHST "The Concept of Time" at UCSB, two sides, 1/18/00

8/29: Pilulaw Khus DUB CHST 139 "On Land", 1/22/02

8/30: Pilulaw Khus 1B Copy, 1/22/02

8/31: Pilulaw Khus/ Mary Rojas/ YBG/ Morro Bay/ Missions, 3/15/01

8/32: Pilulaw Khus DUB of Video recording; The 4 digitgal video recordings are orginals. Only 3rd and 4th are (partially) dubbed here, 11/22/02-11/23/02

8/33: Submaster Pilulaw Khus Lecture, 1/21/97

8/34: Pilulaw on Research DUB on one side only, This is the question and answer period, 1/22/02

8/35: Pilulaw Khus Lecture MASTER, 1/21/97

Instructional Materials

1/1: Cuentos & Legends- lecture notes and related readings, 1985-1992

1/2: Reevaluating Public Art Mia Gutfreund with essay and photographs

1/3: Documents for course titled Introduction to Chicana Women Studies- syllabus, materials for Weeks 1, Week2 week 5 (Bodies), Traditional Elder, Instructional Tools/Grades, Quizzes and Course Assignments, Lecture on Gynecentrism/Patriarchy, Construction of 'Race', Chicanast Education, and Women in Domestic Sphere Baca Zinn and the Race for Theory with speech/oral culture documents, Spring 1997,Summer 2003, Fall 2007

1/4: Master Thesis " 'She Bathes in a Sacred Place' Rites of Reciprocity, Power and Prestige in Alta California" by Mary Virginia Munoz, January 1997

1/5: Rural to Urban; Lil Rob Narrates the Barrio: Summer Nights at YouTube

1/6: Rojas, Mary "Reclaiming Subjectivity in Chicana Art [or] The Transforming Eye" Presentation for Chicano Studies, June 29, 1994

1/7: Materials for the performance piece titled "Panza Monologue" - DVD with PowerPoint presentation, Booklet, Flyers and artist information for the performer, January 2006

1/8: Essay- "Mestizaje as Differential Methodology: Feminists-of-Color/Sliding the Rule of Canon" by Chela Sandoval with postcard written to Yolanda by the author, July 1996

1/9: Documents about Filomena & The Soldaderas of the Mexican Revolution

1/10: Book Chapter- "The Origins, Development, and Consequences of the Educational Segregation of Mexicans in the Southwest" by Guadalupe San Miguel

1/11: Documents about Labor Migrants- "Baiting Immigrants: Women Bear the Brunt" by Julie Light, syllabus for Introduction to Chicana Women's Studies, handwritten notes and notes about Martinez and MacCaughan article, 1997 and 2003

1/12: Documents about From Ranch to Barrio- handwritten notes, syllabus for Intor. To Chicana studies with this theme and notes, January 1995

1/13: Book Chapter- "A Promise Fulfilled: Mexican Cannery Workers in Southern California" by Vicki L. Ruiz and "Chicanas and Mexicanas within a Transnational Working Class" by Elizabeth Martinez and Ed McCaughan from Between Borders: Essays on Mexicana/Chicana History ed. A.R. Del Castillo, 1990

1/14: Salt of the Earth/Civil Disobedience Documents- notes and various essays about the film Salt of the Earth

1/15: Documents about Environmental Justice Movements- notes, and various academic sources, book chapters and online printouts

1/16: Book Chapter- "Hispanic Women's Liberation Theology" from Hispanic Women. Prophetic Voice In the Church. Towards a Hispanic Women's Liberation Theology by A.M. Isasi Diaz & Y. Tarango, 1989

1/17: Master Thesis- "Mujeres En La Linea: Engendering Migration, Agency, and Urban Space on Mexico's Northern Border" by Heather Elizabeth Craigie, 2005

1/18: Book Chapters- "Guerra florida de Juchitan" and excerpt from section titled "History" both from the book titled The Mud People by Patricia Gonzales with notes

1/19: Seminar Essay- "The Contributions and Participation of Women in Rural Society" by Cristina Elias

1/20: Documents for "Coyolxauhqui Lecture"- Notes, Flyer about presentation titled "El Mito de Coyolxauhqui", readings with timelines and copy of "La Voz de Esperanza" Vol. 15 Issue 6

1/21: Article- "Chicanas and the Issue of Involuntary Sterilization: Reforms Needed to Protect Informed Consent" by Antonia Hernandez from the Chicano Law Review Volume 3, 1976

1/22: Notes on the topic "Euroamerican Expansion + Race/Gender Relations" (NOTE the
Folder label is unclear might need to rename)

1/23: Book Chapters- "Introduction", "The Roots of Feminism in Mexico" and "Women and the Mexican Revolution, 1910-1920" from Against All Odds: the Feminist Movement in Mexico to 1940 by Anna Macias, 1982

1/24: Photocopy of-"Body/Culture: Chicano Figuration" Edited by Elizabeth Partch published by the University Art Gallery of Sonoma State University (Unclear if its complete copy of it), 1990

1/25: Essay- "El Mundo Femenino: Chicana Artists of the Movement-A Commentary On Development and Production" by Amalia Mesa-Bans (Publication source unknown)

1/26: Various Chicana Studies Course Documents- notes, course materials and course reading packet

1/27: Various Chicana Readings "The Sacred Feminine Readings" - notes and academic/book chapter printouts

1/28: Student Free-Write Responses to the question "Do you approve of the United States capitalist governance system?" (anonymous responses and course unknown

1/29: Syllabus for Spanish 561:Topics in Hispanic Literature with the seminar topic of Chicana Women Sing the Borderlands: Norteno/Banda/Chicken Scratch/Cumbia/Bolero/Hip Hop taught by Yolanda

1/30: Course Reading Packets for INT 94: "Woman" in Native America a Freshman Seminar, 2003

1/31: Course Syllabus for Women's Studies 195: Coylxauqui- Feminine Energy in Chicana Native America, 2008

1/32: Various readings and notes over the Feminine course(s)

1/33: Various readings and notes over the topic Expansion, Race/Gender/Sexuality in the Writings of the New Chicana/o History (might to look at further)

1/34: Syllabus for Spanish 561:Topics in Hispanic Literature with the seminar topic of Chicana Women Sing the Borderlands: Norteno/Banda/Chicken Scratch/Cumbia/Bolero/Hip Hop taught by Yolanda and course notes, 2009

1/35: Oral Tradition, Cultures of Orality Documents- handwritten notes and copy of "Legacy of Hate: The Conquest of Mexico's Northwest" by Rodolfo Acuna

1/36: Tentative Syllabus for MAS 496A: Borderlands Raza Music, 2011

1/37: Course notes for MAS 485/495 Contemporary Raza Womanist Historical Challenges, 2012

1/38: Article- notes, drafts, and final copies of "Ranchera Music(s) and the Legendary Lydia Mendoza: Performing Social Location and Relations" by Yolanda Broyles- Gonzalez

Books - Latin American Literature in German

163/1: Mediz, Antonio Bolio. El Libro de Chilam Balam de Chumayel: Traduccion del idioma maya al castellano.

163/2: Speck, Frank G. Midwinter Rites of the Cayuga Long House.

163/3: Sprajc, Ivan. La Estrella de Quetzalcoatl: El Planeta Venus en Mesoamerica.

163/4: Erdrich, Louise. Love Medicine.

163/5: Fernandez, Roberta. Intaglio: A Novel in Six Stories.

163/6: Lee, Gaylen D. Walking Where We Lived: Memoirs of Mono Indian Family.

163/7: Goodrich, Jennie/ Lawson, Claudia/ Lawson, Vana Parrish. Kashaya: Pomo Plants.

163/8: Najera- Ramirez, Olga. La Fiesta de los Tastoanes.

163/9: Hungry Wolf, Adolf and Beverly Hungry Wolf. Childern of the Sun: Stories by and about Indian Kids.

163/10: Leon-Portilla, Miguel. Los antiguos mexicanos a traves de sus cronicas y cantares.

163/11: Sanchez, Rita. Cochise Remembers our Great-Grandfather Charles Henry Coleman.

163/12: Martin, Joel W. The Land Looks After Us: A History of Native American Religion.

163/13: Warhus, Mark. Another America: Native American Maps and History of Our Land.

163/14: Rugeles, Ernesto Franco. Los Dioses y el Maiz.

163/15: Rugeles, Ernesto Franco. El Cantico del Verano.

163/16: Julian, Vivien Acosta. Hombres, Diosesy Soles.

163/17: Diaz, Nicolas Vallado. Breve Historia de Yucatan.

163/18: Strauss, Susan. Coyote Stories for Children: Tales from Native.

163/19: Watahomigie, Lucille J. And Akira Y. Yamamoto, eds. GIGYAYK VO:JKA (Walk Strong!): Yuman Poetry with Morphological Analysis.

163/20: Coe, Ralph T. Sacred Circles: Two Thousand Years of North American Indian Art.

163/21: "Acamapichtli"/ Joes Manuel Garcia Castillo. Gobernantes de Anahuac: Teatro Precuauhtemico.

163/22: Alonso, Amado. Poesia y Estilo de Pablo Neruda.

163/23: Cardenal, Ernesto. Unser Land mit den Menschen die wir lieben.

163/24: Elizondo, Salvador. El Hipogeo Secreto.

163/25: Herms, Dieter. Die zeitgenossische Literatur der Chicanos.

163/26: Hernandez, Jose. Martin Fierro.

163/27: Lopez, Santos. Memorias del Coronel.

163/28: Martin, Megan/ Willett, Susie. Women in Nicaragua.

163/29: Neruda, Pablo. Aun.

163/30: Neruda, Pablo. Poesia Tomo I.

163/31: Neruda, Pablo. Poesia Tomo II.

163/32: Neruda, Pablo. 20 Poemas de Amor y una Cancion Deseperada.

163/33: Neruda, Pablo. Para Nacer he Nacido.

163/34: Neruda, Pablo. Odas Elementales.

163/35: Reyes, Alfonso. Simpatias y Diferencias.

163/36: Bastos, Augusto Roa. Hijo de Hombre.

163/37: Sabato, Ernesto. El Tunel.

163/38: Sabato, Ernesto. El Tunel.

163/39: Schyttner, Eugene. Vida y Obras de Autores Ecatorianos.

163/40: Spota, Luis. Palabras Mayores.

163/41: Spota, Luis. Sobre la Marcha.

163/42: Vallejo, Cesar. Obras Completas.

163/43: Llosa, Mario Vargas. Pantaleon y las Visitadoras.

163/44: Llosa, Mario Vargas. La Tia Julia y el Escribidor.

163/45: Vierira, Maruja. Poesia.

163/46: Aguirre, Mirta (ed.). Dice la Palma Cuento.

163/47: Becker-Donner, Etta. Volkskunst aus Lateinamerika.

163/48: Tolber, Hans Werner. Die mexikanische Revolution.

163/49: Dewsnap, Terence. William Golding's Lord of the Files and the Inheritors Pincher Martin Free Fall.

163/50: Whitman, Walt. Leaves of Grass.

Books - Latin American Literature in German

150/1: Arguedas, Jose Maria. Fiesta des Blutes. Verlag Neues Leben. 1980

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Books - Chicano Music and Books

154/1: The Monster Imperial.

154/2: They Gotta Quit Kickin' my Dawg Aroun'.

154/3: You Keep Sending 'Em over and We'll Keep Knocking 'em Down.

154/4: Down Honolulu Way.

154/5: Cohan, Geo. Over There.

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154/16: Godard, Benjamin. Au Rouet.

154/17: Pianoforte Compositions.

154/18: Modern Gems for The Piano.

154/19: Celebrated Oevrtures for Piano.

154/20: Anona Vocal.

154/21: Modern Gems for the Piano.

154/22: California Here I come.

154/23: Music Pastime.

154/24: Transcriptions of Popular Songs for the Piano.

154/25: Grey, Vivian. Anona.

154/26: Guerrero,RG. Over the Waves/Sobre las Olas.

154/27: The Berlin for Pianoforte.

154/28: The Nightingale's Trill.

154/29: Ascher, Joseph. Mazurka des Traineaux.

154/30: Sterling, Andrew. My Old New Hampshire Home.

154/31: Out where the Billows Roll High.

154/32: Selections from the Opera.

154/33: Brown & Morse. A little boy in blue.

154/34: Shileds & Evans. In the Good Old Summer Time.

154/35: Rexfrod & Danks. Silver threads among the Gold.

154/36: Leybach, J. Fifth Nocturne.

154/37: Il Trovatore.

154/38: Valse.

154/39: Belle of the Phillipines.

154/40: Antologia de la Poesia Colombiana.

154/41: Jones, LeRoi. Blues People.

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154/53: Mexico and the United States: Intercultural relations in the humanities.

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154/70: Vestidos de tradicion.

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Media - Vinyl Records - LPs

146/1: Various Artists. 24 Orginial Happening Hits.

146/2: Mendoza, Lydia. Part 1: First Recordings, 1928-1938.

146/3: The Agawagi African Musicians. Recorded Live: Africa.

146/4: Sheila na Gig. Holy Well.

146/5: The Ink Spots. The Incomparable Ink Spots.

146/6: The Robert Shaw Chorale. Great Sacred Choruses.

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146/29: La Banda Sinaloese "El Recodo" de Cruz Lizarraga. Hits Calientes.

146/30: Various Artists. Sucedio en Los Veinte.

146/31: Various Artists. Las Carpas en Mexico.

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146/33: Cumbias y Porros.

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146/37: Cugat, Xavier and his Orchestra. Rhumba with Cugat.

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146/39: La Orquesta America. Cha Cha Cha.

146/40: Various Artists. Guarachas.

146/41: Mariachi perla de Occidente, Mariachi de Juan Guitron, y Mariachi Los Abahenos. Polkas, Marchas, Paso-Dobles.

146/42: The Padre Choristers. Christmas at Mission Santa Barbara: Favorite Carols of The Padre Choristers.

Media - Vinyl Records - LPs

141/1: Rampal , Jean-Pierre, Robert Veyron-Lacroix and Jean Huchot. Bach: The Complete Flute Sonatas.

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141/20: DeGaetani, Jan and Gilbert Kalish. Charles Ives Songs.

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141/22: Wills, Bob. The Voice and Band of Bob Wills.

141/23: The Rolling Stones. Out of our Heads.

141/24: Legarreta, Pupi y su Charanga. Toda la Verdad.

141/25: The Rolling Stones. Let it Bleed.

141/26: No Artist/Composer listed. Bei Frochlichem Zitherklang.

141/27: Akkordeon-Duo: Annelie und Roland Kiesel. Schwarzwalder Souvenir.

141/28: The Rolling Stones. Big Hits (High Tide and Green Grass).

141/29: Mitchell, Richard "Blue" with Wynton Kelly, Sam Jones and Roy Brooks. Blue's Moods.

141/30: Various Artists. Ethnic Folkways Library: Traditional and Classical Music of India.

141/31: Various Artists. So Jodelt's in den Bergen: Yodeling in the Alps.

141/32: The Cleveland Festival Orcheestra. Bartok: Concerto for Orchestra.

141/33: The Camarata Contemporary Orchestra. The Music of Erik Satie: Through a Looking Glass.

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141/40: John, Elton. Tumbleweed Connection.

141/41: Nyro, Laura. Christmas and the Beads of Sweat.

141/42: Nyro, Laura. Eli and the Thirteenth Confession.

141/43: Sunny and the Sunliners. Carinito.

141/44: Los Rancheritos de Topo Chico.

141/45: Los Cadetes de Linares. Tu Nombre.

Media - Vinyl Records - LPs

142/1: Las Mananitas Con Arpa. Melesio Martinez.

142/2: Conjunto Veracruz. Canto A Veracruz.

142/3: Conjunto Lindo Veracruz. "Alegria Jarocha".

142/4: The Originals. "Only You".

142/5: Lenoir, L. B. "Down in Mississippi".

142/6: Huesca, Andres y sus Costenos. "Recordando".

142/7: Huesca, Andres y sus Costenos. "Homenaje a Huesca".

142/8: Trio Tariacuri. "Sones y Huapangos".

142/9: Conjunto Jarocho Medellin De Lino Chavez. "Veracruz Hermoso".

142/10: Conjunto Jarocho Medellin De Lino Chavez. "Veracruz Hermoso".

142/11: Trio Los Paisanos y Su Arpa. "El Pajaro Campana".

142/12: Lira, Agustin. "from the fields to a new beginning...".

142/13: Firesign Theatre Sez. "Everything you know is wrong".

142/14: Caliente = hot. "Puerto Rican and Cuban Musical Expression in New York".

142/15: Warwicke, Dionne. "The Dionne Warwicke Story: A Decade of Gold".

142/16: Los Incas. "Flutes des Andes".

142/17: "Cuba Va!". Songs of the New Generations of Revolutionary Cuba.

142/18: Le Chili de Violeta Parra. "Un Rio De Sangre" avec les voix d'lsabel et Angle Parra".

142/19: Neruda, Pablo. "Canto General Der Grosse Gesang".

142/20: Urchenko, Henrietta. "Indian Music of Meixco".

142/21: Reyes, Judith. "Cronica Mexicana".

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142/23: Barreno, Rodrigo y Su Banda. "Cuchara De Palo".

142/24: King, B. B. "Live in Cook County Jail".

142/25: Flack, Roberta. "Chapter Two".

142/26: POCO. "Pickin Up The Pieces".

142/27: Kirk, Rahsaan Roland. "The Return of the 5000lb. Man".

142/28: Saldivar, Mingo Y Los Tremendos. "4 Espandas".

142/29: Los Gilbertos. "Te Recomiendo Esa Ingrata".

142/30: Los Ranchcritos del Topo Chico. "Cien Anos".

142/31: Los Hermanos Farias. "Las 6 Mancormadas".

142/32: Carlos Y Jose. "Carridos Y Rancheras".

142/33: Degollado, Johnny Y Su Conjunto. Lo Mejor De Johnny Degollado Y su Conjunto.

142/34: Conjunto Bernal. Conjunto Bernal with the Sound of the 70s.

142/35: Guzman, Carlos y Conjunto Bernal. Los Relampagos Del Norte.

142/36: Longoria Sr. y Jr., Valerio. "Poquita Fe"/ "El Garabato".

142/37: Basic Library of the World's Greatest Music. Album number 8: Grieg and Schubert.

142/38: Basic Library of the World's Greatest Music. Album number 5: Tchaikovsky and Stravinsky.

142/39: Los Cuatro Cuartos. "70 De Linea!".

142/40: Kempler, Susan and Doreen Rappaport. "But the Woman Rose" Vol II.

142/41: Conjunto Villa Del Mar De Angel Valencia. "Los 10 Mejores Sones Jarochos".

142/42: Los Camperos con el arpa de oro de David Zapien. "Sones en Veracruz".

142/43: Las Pirecuas. "Folklore Michoacano".

Media - Vinyl Records - LPs

147/1: Nile, Willie.

147/2: Various Artists. Jimmy Cliff in the Harder They Come.

147/3: Franklin, Aretha. Lady of Soul.

147/4: Revard, Jimmie and his Oklahoma Playboys. Oh! Swing It.

147/5: Bledsoe, Tom and Rich Kirby. Hits from Home.

147/6: Reed, Lou. Growing up in Public.

147/7: Instituto Nacional de Antropoligia e Historia. Testimonio Musical de Mexico.

147/8: The Lovin' Spoonful. Hums of the Lovin' Spoonful.

147/9: Cash, Johnny. At Folsom Prison.

147/10: Temple, Shirley. Shirley Temple's Original Film Soundtracks.

147/11: Haro, Gloria y Conjunto Folklorico. Canto de La Raza.

147/12: Ediciones Interamericanas de Musica. Soledad Bravo: Cantares de Venezuela.

147/13: Neruda, Pablo. Atahualpa Yupanqui.

147/14: Crosby, Stills and Nash.

147/15: Wonder, Stevie. Music of My Mind.

147/16: Vargas de Tecalitlan: El Mejor Mariachi del Mundo. Sones de Jalisco.

147/17: La mejor musica ranchera con el mariachi de Pacheco. Las Chachitas.

147/18: Orquesta VIK, Norma Herrera y Mariachi Jalisco de Pepe Villa, Paco y Gloria y Mariachi Jalisco de Pepe Villa, Julio Aldama y Mariachi Guadalajara de Silvestre Vargas, y Mariachi de Atenguillo. Jalisco, Serie Mexico Musical.

147/19: The Great Mambo and Cha-Cha Orchestras of Perez Prado, Tito Rodriguez, Miguelito Valdez, Nat Charles, and Jose Gomez. Cha-Cha-Cha and Mambo.

147/20: La Sonora Santanera. A Gozar!! Let's Dance.

147/21: Cumbias y Gaitas, Famosas de Colombia -- Vol.2.

147/22: Various Artists. The Chicano Experience.

147/23: Various Artists. The Texas-Mexican Conjunto: History of a Working-Class Music.

147/24: Francisco Barrera, Jose Pantoja, Enrique Posada, Tony Olivarez Jr., and Tony Olivarez. La Nueva Reunion.

147/25: Musiques des Communautes Indigenes du Mexique.

147/26: Various Artists. Historia Moderna de la Musica Popular Mexicana Vol. 2.

147/27: Various Artists. Historia Moderna de la Musica Popular Mexicana Vol. 3.

147/28: Instituto Nacional de Antropologia e Historia. Cancionera de la Intervencion Francesa.

147/29: Puebla, Serie Mexico Musical.

147/30: Le Chant du Monde. Chants de la Revolution Mexicaine.

147/31: Various Artists. Especial para Mi Madre.

147/32: Santana.

147/33: Rosell, Rosendo. Anoranza Cubana: Remembranza Cubana.

147/34: Los Guaracheros de Oriente. Que Trio!.

147/35: Gaye, Marvin. Let's Get it On.

147/36: Young, Lester. Pres at His Very Best, 1965.

147/37: Parker, Charlie, Miles Davis, Bud Powell, Curley Russell, and Max Roach. The Charlie Parker Story.

147/38: Taj Mahal. Gaint Step/ De Ole Folks at Home.

Books - Latin American

155/1: Homenaje, Nacional. Juan Rulfo.

155/2: Williams, N. D. Ikael Torrass.

155/3: Padilla, Carlos Bastidas. Las Raices de la Ira.

155/4: Carrion, Jorge. Mito y Magia del Mexicano.

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155/12: Belitt, Ben. Selected Poems of Pablo Neruda.

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155/20: Borges, Jose Luis. Historia de la Eternidad.

155/21: Magon, Ricardo Flores. La Revolucion Mexicana.

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155/23: Castellanos, Rosario. Mujer que Sabe Latin.

155/24: Gorostiza, Celstino. Teatro Mexicano del Siglo XX.

155/25: Vargas, Elvira. Por las Rustas del Sureste.

155/26: Escobedo, Jose G. La Batalla Zacatecas.

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155/28: Frank, Andre Gunder. Reflexiones Sovre la Crisis Economica.

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155/33: Cortazar, Julio. Vampiros Multinacionales.

Books - Latin American

162/1: Nuttall, Zelia. The Codex Nuttall: A picture manuscript from ancient mexico.

162/2: Ixtlilxochitl, Fernando De Alava. Obras Historicas.

162/3: Mehl-Madrona, Lewis M.D. Coyote Medicine.

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162/10: Matthiessen, Peter. In The Spirit of Crazy Horse.

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162/12: Chinas, Beverly N. The Isthmus Zapotecs: A Matrifocal Culture of Meixco.

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162/17: O'Reily, Justo Sierra. Los Indios de Yucatan II.

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162/19: Scotfield, Bruce. Day-Signs: Native American Astrology from Ancient Mexico.

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Books - Chicano

159/1: Dostal, Walter. Die Situation der Indios in Subamerika Band 1.

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159/3: Dostal, Walter. Die Situation der Indios in Subamerika Band 3.

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159/27: Lira, Agustin. Tata Dios.

159/28: Tovar, Ines Hernadez. Con Razon Corazon.

159/29: Neurath, Marie. Life in Ancient America.

Media - Vinyl Records - LPs

134/1: Mejia, Miguel Aceves. "A Jorge Negrete"/ "A Grito Abierto".

134/2: Infante, Pedro. "Rosita De Olivo"/ "Te Equivocate".

134/3: Vargas, Pedro. "Un Minuto"/ "Corazon, Corazon".

134/4: Los Tres Diamantes. "Chinito...Chinita"/ "Offrenda".

134/5: Lara, Agustin. "Santa"/"Anoche".

134/6: Mejia, Miguel Aceves. "Al Derecho y Al Reves"/ "Cuando Sale La Luna".

134/7: Los Tres Diamantes. "No Puedo Ser Feliz"/ "Que Dirias De Mi".

134/8: Los Dos Palomos. "No Se Por Que"/ "Adios Morenita".

134/9: Mejia, Miguel Aceves. "Hey un Momento"/ "El Mil Amores".

134/10: Vargas, Pedro. "Por Que No Vienes a Verme"/ "El Mil Amores"/ "Por Que No Vienes a Verme"/ "Bolerp Indio".

134/11: Los Tres Diamantes. "Grito Prisionero"/ "No Dejes Que Te Olvide".

134/12: Chucho Zarzosa. "La Feria De Las Flores"/ "Cocula"/ "Adelita"/ "Tristes Jardines".

134/13: Los Dos Reales. "El Contrabandista"/ "Si Yo Fuera Rico".

134/14: Infante, Pedro. "Yo Te Quise"/ "Te Que Mas Quires".

134/15: Negrete, Jorge. "Parranda Larga"/ "Solo Dios".

134/16: Carosone, Renato. "Torero"/ "Chella Lla".

134/17: Trio Los Chicos. "Yo Tambien Se Quere"/ 'Tu, Tu, y, Tu".

134/18: Los Dos Reales. "Que Te Vas Y Que Te Vas"/ "Corrido De Mazatlan".

134/19: Infante, Pedro. "El Muneca De Cuerda"/ "Si Tu Tambien Te Vas".

134/20: Ferraro, Atilia. "El Pajaro Guarandol"/ "El Sebucan".

134/21: Los Dos Reales. " La Chevecha"/ "Cachito De Amor".

134/22: Negrete, Jorge. "Cancion De Los Vaqueros"/ "Soy Infeliz".

134/23: Infante, Pedro. "Cuando Sale La Luna"/ "Llegaste Tarde".

134/24: Infante, Pedro. "El Tren Sin Pasajeros"/ "Mi Nave".

134/25: Mojica, Jose. "Libre Soy"/ "Gitana".

134/26: Michel, Paco. "Traigo Un Dilema"/ "Ay Chabela".

134/27: Infante,Pedro. "Que Manera De Perder"/ "Canto Del Bracero".

134/28: Mejia, Miguel Aceves. "No Soy El Coco"/ "El Derrotado".

134/29: Los Dos Palomos. "No Se Por Que"/ "Adios Adios Morenita".

134/30: Trio Los Panchos. "Espinita"/ "Nunca Jamas".

134/31: Villareal, Nick y Su Conjunto. "Brincando Cercas"/ "Cielo Azul".

134/32: Ruben y su Conjunto. "Genova"/ Para Volver a Volver".

134/33: Los Dos Gilbertos. "Lucy"/ Buscate Otro Tonto".

134/34: Ayala, Ramon y Los Bravos del Norte. "Buena Suerte"/ "La Calle 13".

134/35: Amigos Cosmicos. "Keep Pushing on Up"/ "El Norte es Puro Cuento".

134/36: Los Pavos Reales de Salvador T. Garcia. "Dicen que Soy Borracho"/ "El Borrachito".

134/37: Los Astronautas (La Nueva Generacion), "Por unos ojitos Verdes"/ "Fallaste Corazon".

134/38: Perez, Gilberto y sus Compadres. "Contestacion a Mire Amigo"/ "Horrible Penal".

134/39: Biermann, Wolf. "Comandante Che Guevara"/ "Chile".

134/40: Schaal, Herbert, Camilio Torres and Ernesto Cardenal. "Stimme der Stummen".

134/41: Vela, Ruben y Suconjunto. "Pro ti soy Feliz"/ "Mire Amigo".

134/42: De La Rosa, Juan y Los Capitanes del Norte. "Poco a poquito"/ "El Patron".

134/43: Los Llaneros de Valle. "Sabor de Olvido"/"Flor de Oranada".

134/44: Longoria, Valerio. "Oye Corazon"/ "El Retonito".

134/45: Villareal, Nick y Su Conjunto. "Brincando Cercas"/ "Cielo Azul".

134/46: Los Profesionales de Jose Hernandez. "Mi Agonia"/ "Angel de Amor".

134/47: Torres, Toby y Su Conjunto. "Ando en Buscas"/ "Di Por Favor".

134/48: Conjunto de Fidel Perez. "La Vuelta del Tacuachito"/ "Lindas Florecitas".

134/49: Calibre Auto Recording. Unknown.

134/50: Hermanans Hernandez. "Tre Prifilas por Miguel Hernandez"/ Unreadable title/ "Amor Porchdo por Evangelina Hernandez"/ "El Ramdro Grande".

134/51: Espegito. "La Conita"/"Tu bien sabes y consertida por Esperanza".

134/52: Mejia, Miguel Aceves con el Marchiachi Vargas de Tecalitlan. "Caminito del Indio- Cancion Andina"/ "Rogaciano-Huapango".

134/53: Caceres, Emilio and his Mariachis. "Los Jorongos (Munecos Mexicanos)"/ "La Varsoviana".

134/54: Unknown. "Capriabos Espanol"/ "Sevillanas".

134/55: Zamora, Minerva con el Conjunto Ideal. "Yo Sufriendo y to Gozando"/ "Cobrando Olvido".

134/56: Acuna, Manuel S. and his Orchestra. "Lentejuela"/ "Gitanerias".

134/57: Acuna, Manuel S. and his Orchestra. "El Currito de la Cruz"/ "Cielo Andaluz".

134/58: San Miguel, Nito (Con el Trio Ammex). "Mama"/ "Giannina Mia".

134/59: Moran, George and Charles Mack. "Two Balck Crows- Part 1 and 2" (Comedy Sketch).

134/60: Belia y Mateo Conjunto de Mateo Camargo. "Granito de Oro"/ "La Chonita".

134/61: Mejia, Miguel Aceves con El Mariachi Vargas. "El Pastor-Son Hualesco"/ "La Que Sea- Cancion Ranchera".

134/62: Fernandez, Fernando u Orquesta Luis Arcataz u Juan Garcia Esquivel. "Dolce Lunas- Boleros"/ Pisaspetalos- Bolero Cha Cha Cha".

134/63: Tona la Negra y Orquesta de Chucho Zarzosa. "En Mi Soledad-Bolero"/ "Somos Iguales-Bolero".

134/64: Newman, Roy and his Boys. "Round the World on a Dime- Hot String Dance"/ "The Devil with the Devil- Hot String Dance with Singing".

134/65: Trio Avileno-Fernando Estonez- Miguel y Tonc Medina con su Conjunto. "Nocturnando"/ "Los Marcianos".

134/66: Lara, Agustin."Farolito"/ "Contraste".

134/67: Infante, Pedro. "Te Vengo A Buscar"/ "Presentimiento".

Media - Vinyl Records - LPs

130/1: Tirado, Alfonso Ortiz; Marcos Jimenez. Princestia/Adios Mariquita Linda

130/2: Gardel, Carlos and Alfredo Le Pera. Amores de Estudiante/ Mi Buenos Aires Querido: Tango de la pelicula Paramount "Cuesta Abajo".

130/3: Acuna, Manuel S. and orchestra. El Currito de la Cruz/ Cielo Andaluz.

130/4: Los Tres Diamantes. Dios no lo quiera/El bien y el mal.

130/5: Liberace, George. Concerto No. 2 in A Major for paino and orchestra/Autumn Nocturne.

130/6: Kostelanetz, Andre. Vals de las flores.

130/7: Trio los Panchos: Aviles, Gil and Navarro. Pelaos estos/ Gendarme 7-7-7-.

130/8: Infante, Pedro Mariachi Guadalajara de Silvestre Vargas. Una noche de Julio/ Historia de un Amor.

130/9: Mariachi Pulido con Plutarco J. Barreiro (accordion). Las Coronelas/Claveles.

130/10: Mariachi de Juan Guitron. Amor Torero/ Narcha Alfonso Martinez.

130/11: Benny Goodman Trio. Oh Lady be Good!)/After You've Gone.

130/12: Fox, Roy and his Orchestra/ Wayne King and his Orchestra. Miracles sometimes happen/Josephine.

130/13: Howard, Eddy. Song Festival.

130/14: Garber, Jan and his Orchestra . Café de Janeiro/For Heaven's Sake.

130/15: Light, Ben, Herb Kern and Lloyd Sloop. Siboney/Mama Inez.

130/16: Canción Ranchera and Miguel Aceves Mejía with the Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlán and Mariachi Pulido. Maldito Vicio/Guitarras de Media Noche.

130/17: Canción Ranchera and Miguel Aceves Mejía with the Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlán and Mariachi Vargas. Vaya Con Dios/Tuxpan- Ranchera.

130/18: Mejía, Miguel Aceves with the Mariachi Vargas. Mi Tenampa: Canción Ranchera/ El Jinete - Son Huasteco.

130/19: Mejía, Miguel Aceves with the Mariachi Pulido. Bandita Bandera- Canción/ Siete Leguas - Corrido.

130/20: Infante, Pedro with the Trío Argentino and the Mariachi Los Mamertos . Nube Gris/El Plebeyo.

130/21: Infante, Pedro with Mariachi los Memertos. En tu Dia/ Las Mañanitas.

130/22: Infante, Pedro with Mariachi los Memertos. Por Si Me Olvidas/Mi Aventura.

130/23: Paxton, George and his Orchestra; Lee Taylor. Gotta Get Me Somebody to Love/I've got you under my skin.

130/24: Howard, Eddie and his Orchestra; Eddy Howard and Trio. All Dressed Up with a Broken Heart/ Someone Ca.

130/25: Howard, Eddie and his Orchestra; Eddy Howard and Trio. (I love you) For Sentimental Reasons/ Why does it get Late so Early.

130/26: Howard, Eddie and his Orchestra. These Will be the Best Years of Our Lives/Don't tell her what happened to me.

130/27: Moreno, Antoñita. La Muerte de Manolete/ Moreno tiene que ser.

130/28: Infante, Pedro with Mariachi los Memertos. Te Recuerdo y yo/El Mala Estrella.

130/29: Tirado, Alfonso Ortiz with Orchesta Radio Splendid. Granada: Canción Española/Toledo: Canción Española.

130/30: Carle, Frankie. Sweet Lorraine/Twelfth Street Rag.

130/31: Carle, Frankie. Estelle/Stumbling.

130/32: Carle, Frankie and his Sunrise Serenaders. Prelude in C Sharp Minor/Baracolle.

130/33: Light, Ben, Herb Kern and Lloyd Sloop. St. Louis Blues/Ain't Misbehavin'.

130/34: Carle, Frankie. Hindustan/Lover's Lullaby; Surprise Serenade.

130/35: Martin, Freddy and his orchestra; The Martin Men. Cumana/The Lady from 29 Palms.

130/36: Lombardo, Guy and His Royal Canadians. The Girl who Came from Peru/Did you ever see a Dream Walking?.

130/37: King, Wayne and his Orchestra. None but the Lonely Heart/ Melody of Love.

Media - Vinyl Records - LPs

135/1: Malpica, Manuel R./ R. G. de Leon; Malpica, Manuel R./ Lerdo de Tejada. Lejos de Ti/ Ya Soy Feliz.

135/2: Por Rosales Y Robinson. El Bandido/ Amigo Amigo.

135/3: Banda Espanola/ R. Jarero. El Costeno.

135/4: Los Tres Manueles with Orchestra/ M. C; Los Tres Manueles with ORchestra/ M. E. Gonzalez. Valdez. Las Avispas/ Chavelita.

135/5: Martinez, Narciso/ El Harucan del Valle. La Chicharronera- Polka/ El Tronconal- Vals Bajito.

135/6: Gonzales, M/ and A. Romero. Mis Brazos Te Esperan - Fox Cancion/ Suena y Quiereme - Vals.

135/7: Arcos and Pulido/ Julian Robledo; Arcos, Pulido, and Orchestra/ Alfonso Esparza Oteo. Las Tres de la Manana/ Mi Viejo Amor.

135/8: Padilla, Hermanas with Los Costenos/ Hermanas Padilla; Padilla, Hermanas with Los Costenos/ Juan Rodriguez. Las Pintadas/ No Se Casen.

135/9: Delgado and Luna. Sueno de Amor- Vals Cancion Una Noche en la Parranda- Cancion.

135/10: El Ciego Melquiades. Sonsa - Fox Trot Las Tres Elviras.

135/11: (Largely Unreadable Trio Nava (?). La Nortena (?).

135/12: Guzman and Quintana. Chaparrita, Aqui esta Tu Amante Bajo La Sombra se Aquel Mesquita.

135/13: Cantu and Caytan with Orchestra/ F. C. Cantu. Mentira es el Amor Enamorado.

135/14: El Ciego Melquiades. Andrea- Vals Mary ... (Unreadable).

135/15: Trio Huracan. Cuando Te Miro Me Emborracho- Corrido/ Yo Bien Quisiera- Corrido.

135/16: Padilla, Hermanas with "Los Costenos"/ J. Cortazar and J. Garrido; Padilla, Hermanas with "Los Costenos"/ Refugio Sanchez. La Baraja Marcada/ Que Rechulo es Querer!.

135/17: Padilla, Hermanas with the Mariachi "Los Costenos"/ Jesus Ramos; Padilla, Hermanas with the Mariachi "Los Costenos"/ C. Carreon and M. Lugo. Por QuererteTanto/ Perlita.

135/18: Los Madrugadores with the Mariachi de "Los Costenos"/ Elmo Lopez; Los Madrugadores with the Mariachi de "Los Costenos"/ Elmo Lopez. No Se Rezar/ El Interes.

135/19: Duo Autentico Yucateco/ Manuel Mendez Duo Autentico Yucateco/ Chancil, Meendez and Vazquez. Folorecita- Cancion/ Las Mujeres ques se Pintan.

135/20: Ayala, Julio. Escandalos en la Camara de Diputados y en las Calles de la Ciudad/ Salida del General Porfirio Diaz.

135/21: Maddox, John and the Rythmasters/ B. Wills. Bully of the Town/ San Antonio Rose.

135/22: Trio Nava. La Inundacion de Leon (Part 1 &2).

135/23: Trio Los Panchos: Aviles, Gil, and Navarro/ Chucho Navarro and Alfredo Gil. Maldito Corazon/ Ni Que Si, Ni Quiza, Ni Que No.

135/24: Weber, Marek and his Orchestra/ Bloom and Gade; Bottero and Shreier. Celos/ Tango de la Rosa.

135/25: Marichi Vargas de Tecalitlan/ Manguel Macias P. La Mariquita- Son Jalisciense/ El Zopilote Majado- Paso Doble.

135/26: Marimba Hnos. Paniagua/ Pedro Valdes; Amador, Dimas, and Perez. Almendra/ Nereidas.

135/27: Fuentes, Ruben's Conjunto/ Prof. Jose Herrera/ Francisco Cardenas. Olimpica/ Viva Mi Desgracia.

135/28: "Los Tamazulas" de Culiacan: Banda Sinaloense/ Ar. M. Meza. El Coyote/ Elcosteno.

135/29: Los Guamuchilenos de Culiacan/ Severiano Briseno. El Sinaloense/ El Guango.

135/30: Los Guamuchilenos de Culiacan/ Enrique Sanchez Alonso. Corrido de Agustin Jaime/ Culiacan.

135/31: Los Guamuchilenos de Culiacan/ Angle Garrido. La Pajarera/ Cuando Escuches este Vals.

135/32: Los Guamuchilenos de Culiacun/ F. Valdes Leal. Los Pavos Reales/ El Abandonado.

135/33: Los Guamuchilenos de Culiacan. La Higuerita/ Amor de Madre.

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