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Yolanda Broyles-González and Francisco González Archive
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Instructional Materials

1/1: Cuentos & Legends- lecture notes and related readings, 1985-1992

1/2: Reevaluating Public Art Mia Gutfreund with essay and photographs

1/3: Documents for course titled Introduction to Chicana Women Studies- syllabus, materials for Weeks 1, Week2 week 5 (Bodies), Traditional Elder, Instructional Tools/Grades, Quizzes and Course Assignments, Lecture on Gynecentrism/Patriarchy, Construction of 'Race', Chicanast Education, and Women in Domestic Sphere Baca Zinn and the Race for Theory with speech/oral culture documents, Spring 1997,Summer 2003, Fall 2007

1/4: Master Thesis " 'She Bathes in a Sacred Place' Rites of Reciprocity, Power and Prestige in Alta California" by Mary Virginia Munoz, January 1997

1/5: Rural to Urban; Lil Rob Narrates the Barrio: Summer Nights at YouTube

1/6: Rojas, Mary "Reclaiming Subjectivity in Chicana Art [or] The Transforming Eye" Presentation for Chicano Studies, June 29, 1994

1/7: Materials for the performance piece titled "Panza Monologue" - DVD with PowerPoint presentation, Booklet, Flyers and artist information for the performer, January 2006

1/8: Essay- "Mestizaje as Differential Methodology: Feminists-of-Color/Sliding the Rule of Canon" by Chela Sandoval with postcard written to Yolanda by the author, July 1996

1/9: Documents about Filomena & The Soldaderas of the Mexican Revolution

1/10: Book Chapter- "The Origins, Development, and Consequences of the Educational Segregation of Mexicans in the Southwest" by Guadalupe San Miguel

1/11: Documents about Labor Migrants- "Baiting Immigrants: Women Bear the Brunt" by Julie Light, syllabus for Introduction to Chicana Women's Studies, handwritten notes and notes about Martinez and MacCaughan article, 1997 and 2003

1/12: Documents about From Ranch to Barrio- handwritten notes, syllabus for Intor. To Chicana studies with this theme and notes, January 1995

1/13: Book Chapter- "A Promise Fulfilled: Mexican Cannery Workers in Southern California" by Vicki L. Ruiz and "Chicanas and Mexicanas within a Transnational Working Class" by Elizabeth Martinez and Ed McCaughan from Between Borders: Essays on Mexicana/Chicana History ed. A.R. Del Castillo, 1990

1/14: Salt of the Earth/Civil Disobedience Documents- notes and various essays about the film Salt of the Earth

1/15: Documents about Environmental Justice Movements- notes, and various academic sources, book chapters and online printouts

1/16: Book Chapter- "Hispanic Women's Liberation Theology" from Hispanic Women. Prophetic Voice In the Church. Towards a Hispanic Women's Liberation Theology by A.M. Isasi Diaz & Y. Tarango, 1989

1/17: Master Thesis- "Mujeres En La Linea: Engendering Migration, Agency, and Urban Space on Mexico's Northern Border" by Heather Elizabeth Craigie, 2005

1/18: Book Chapters- "Guerra florida de Juchitan" and excerpt from section titled "History" both from the book titled The Mud People by Patricia Gonzales with notes

1/19: Seminar Essay- "The Contributions and Participation of Women in Rural Society" by Cristina Elias

1/20: Documents for "Coyolxauhqui Lecture"- Notes, Flyer about presentation titled "El Mito de Coyolxauhqui", readings with timelines and copy of "La Voz de Esperanza" Vol. 15 Issue 6

1/21: Article- "Chicanas and the Issue of Involuntary Sterilization: Reforms Needed to Protect Informed Consent" by Antonia Hernandez from the Chicano Law Review Volume 3, 1976

1/22: Notes on the topic "Euroamerican Expansion + Race/Gender Relations" (NOTE the
Folder label is unclear might need to rename)

1/23: Book Chapters- "Introduction", "The Roots of Feminism in Mexico" and "Women and the Mexican Revolution, 1910-1920" from Against All Odds: the Feminist Movement in Mexico to 1940 by Anna Macias, 1982

1/24: Photocopy of-"Body/Culture: Chicano Figuration" Edited by Elizabeth Partch published by the University Art Gallery of Sonoma State University (Unclear if its complete copy of it), 1990

1/25: Essay- "El Mundo Femenino: Chicana Artists of the Movement-A Commentary On Development and Production" by Amalia Mesa-Bans (Publication source unknown)

1/26: Various Chicana Studies Course Documents- notes, course materials and course reading packet

1/27: Various Chicana Readings "The Sacred Feminine Readings" - notes and academic/book chapter printouts

1/28: Student Free-Write Responses to the question "Do you approve of the United States capitalist governance system?" (anonymous responses and course unknown

1/29: Syllabus for Spanish 561:Topics in Hispanic Literature with the seminar topic of Chicana Women Sing the Borderlands: Norteno/Banda/Chicken Scratch/Cumbia/Bolero/Hip Hop taught by Yolanda

1/30: Course Reading Packets for INT 94: "Woman" in Native America a Freshman Seminar, 2003

1/31: Course Syllabus for Women's Studies 195: Coylxauqui- Feminine Energy in Chicana Native America, 2008

1/32: Various readings and notes over the Feminine course(s)

1/33: Various readings and notes over the topic Expansion, Race/Gender/Sexuality in the Writings of the New Chicana/o History (might to look at further)

1/34: Syllabus for Spanish 561:Topics in Hispanic Literature with the seminar topic of Chicana Women Sing the Borderlands: Norteno/Banda/Chicken Scratch/Cumbia/Bolero/Hip Hop taught by Yolanda and course notes, 2009

1/35: Oral Tradition, Cultures of Orality Documents- handwritten notes and copy of "Legacy of Hate: The Conquest of Mexico's Northwest" by Rodolfo Acuna

1/36: Tentative Syllabus for MAS 496A: Borderlands Raza Music, 2011

1/37: Course notes for MAS 485/495 Contemporary Raza Womanist Historical Challenges, 2012

1/38: Article- notes, drafts, and final copies of "Ranchera Music(s) and the Legendary Lydia Mendoza: Performing Social Location and Relations" by Yolanda Broyles- Gonzalez

Course Materials

6/1: Corridos- review Notes; 1982-1984

6/2: Info and Writings on the Corridos; 1982-1988

6/3: UCSB Chicanas Network; 1983-1988

6/4: Corridos- Old Globe Theatre Reviews- San Diego, CA; 1984

6/5: President's Dissertation Year Fellowship; 1987

6/6: La Bamba; 1987

6/7: 14th Annual Chicano Literary Contest Entries; 1988

6/8: Festiva of Chicano Theater; 1988-2002

6/9: University and Publice Service; 1993

6/10: Maria Elena Gaitan and Helen Chavez; 1993-2003

6/11: Public Service and Professional Activism; 1994

6/12: Environmental Racism; 1994-1997

6/13: Professional Activism, Teaching and Mentoring; 1995

6/14: Press and Activities; 1996

6/15: Music and Social Movements: Conference Papers; 1997

6/16: Resume, Thank you memos and letters; 1997

6/17: Articles; 1997

6/18: Articles; 1997

6/19: Week ten/ La Ilorona; 1997

6/20: CH ST 139 Course Reader; Fall 1997

6/21: 1B Winter 1997 Final

6/22: 1B Exam Final

6/23: Invited Lectures, Miscellaneous Thank You Letters; 1997-2002

6/24: CLAS 1998

6/25: Terri Gomez, Misc.; 1998-2000

6/26: Serpent Symbol; 1999-2000

6/27: Male Gender; 2000

6/28: CHABRAM Forthcoming; 2000

6/29: Chicano Thatre Handouts; 2001

6/30: Bibliography, October 2001

6/31: Theory Uprising

6/32: Class Lists CH ST 1A Lecture tapes/grades

6/33: Dr. Ricardo Sanchez Celebration; 1995

6/34: CHST 138 Fall 1999

6/35: CHST 193 1999

6/36: Evaluations IB Winter, 2000

6/37: ESCi 139 Spring 2000

6/38: 138 Fall 2000

6/39: 138 Evaluations, Fall 2001

6/40: CHST 193 Spring 2002

6/41: CHST 139 2002

6/42: YBG Essays and Articles as published in various journals, 2002-2003

6/43: 2004 Prof. Activity

Course Materials - Barrio Popular Culture, Intro to Chicana/o Studies

16/1: Trad. Ora: Diverse Readings

16/2: ETC No Saco Nada de la Escuela

16/3: CH ST 1C: Ensayo Chicano

16/4: Ways of Speaking in a Chicano Community

16/5: Manuel Pena Publications

16/6: Conjunto and Chicano Dance

16/7: Popular Culture: Saints, Lowriders, etc.

16/8: Song/ Corrido Lyrics plus Corrido Anthology

16/9: CH ST 1C: Teatro (Carpa/Camp.)

16/10: Chicano Rock n Roll Ruben Guevara

16/11: Folk Art Aesthetic

16/12: Ch ST 138 Barrio Popular Culture: Handouts and Exams Fall 1994

16/13: CH ST 1C Barrio

16/14: CH ST 1C: Conquest, Colonization, Fantasy Heritage

16/15: CH ST 1C: Poetry (written)

16/16: CH ST 1C: Examinations

16/17: Oral History Discourse and Corrido

16/18: Folklore

16/19: Southern Aruz Folk Arts James Griffith

16/20: Chicano Studies 1C Spring 92: Course description and Class List

16/21: 138 Gender Relations in Barrio

16/22: 1C Lectures

16/23: Columbus/ Colonization

16/24: Barrioization: YBG Lecture

16/25: 99/199 Undergrad Research Seminar (YBG)

16/26: 1995 Winter Evaluations

16/27: 138 Lecture one

16/28: Spirituality of Politics

16/29: Graffiti YBG Lecture 138

16/30: Curanderismo

16/31: Lowriding

16/32: YBG Ch St 1B Evaluations Winter 1997

16/33: 138 Quizzes and Exams

16/34: YBG Ch St 1B Evaluations Winter 1998

16/35: YBG Ch St 193 Evaluations Spring 1998

16/36: YBG Ch St 138 Evaluations Spring 1998

16/37: YBG Student Evaluations Spring 1999: Intro to Chi Cultural Studies 1C

16/38: Tests

16/39: Stannard and Acuna

16/40: Raul Villa

16/41: Hip Hop Nation

16/42: Student papers with Art for 138

16/43: 138 Syllabus: Spring 2003 and Midterm with corrections

16/44: 138 Quizzes

16/45: 138 Mid-terms and Study guides

16/46: Intro to Barrio Popular Culture

16/47: La Llorena - Cuentos

16/48: 138: First (1980s) Course Descriptions

16/49: Study Guide

16/50: Term Paper on the Music of Francisco Gonzalez

16/51: Nonverbal Barrio Communications

16/52: Notes on Chicano Orality


El Teatro Campesino Papers: YBG book manuscript; supporting documents for chapter one; YBG 1979 PhD dissertation; collection of performance flyers from the 1980s to 1990s.

35/1: Contract YBG and El Teatro Campesino Censorship Contract, 1934-1990

35/2: Spanish Theatre in the 16th Century, 1935-1973

35/3: ETC Chapter one: Supporting documents, 1974-1987

35/4: Theater pamphlets and fliers- Part One, 1975-1998

35/5: YBG dissertation, 1979

35/6: A presentation setting forth the current activities and needs of El Teatro Campesino 1979, 1979

35/7: Chicano theater new clips, 1979-1990

35/8: Chicano theater pamphlets, 1979-1996

35/9: Theater Pamphlets and Fliers- Part Two, 1980-1990

35/10: ETC Chapter One: Documents and outline, notes, 1982-1983

35/11: Teatro notes, 1984-1998

35/12: Humor/comedy, 1985-1991

35/13: Chicano Theater Announcements- Part One, 1986-1991

35/14: Mainstream relevant materials Hispanic link, 1987-1989

35/15: Chicano Theater Announcements- Part Two, 1988-1993

35/16: YBG El Teatro Campesino book manuscript- Part One, 1989

35/17: YBG El Teatro Campesino book manuscript- Part Two, 1989

35/18: Agustin Lira and El Teatro de la Tierra 06/09/1993, 1989-1993

35/19: ETC photos: Biallis, 1993

35/20: YBG Teatro manuscript (portion), Undated


Chair of UC Chicano Studies Chicana/o Studies Department documents from 1985 to 1991

42/1: Chair Recruit 1980-81, 1979-1981

42/2: Chicano Dept'l Evaluations 1985, 1984-1990

42/3: For filing 1985, 1985-1986

42/4: Chicano Studies Memos 85-86, 1985-1986

42/5: Memos and Faculty Meetings 1987, 1985-1987

42/6: Committee Documents 1985-86, 1985--1987

42/7: ABD Search: 1985-86, 1985-1987

42/8: 5 Year Plan, 1986-1987

42/9: Ch St 87-88 (my file), 1987-1988

42/10: My replacement in the Fall (Olivia Chumacero), 1987-1988

42/11: Target of Opportunity 1980s, 1987-1990

42/12: Ch St Dept Meeting Minutes 87-90, 1987-1900

42/13: Chicano Studies Department Documents and related readings 1900- Part One, 1987-1991

42/14: Nov. 1991 Academic Plan, 1987-1994

42/15: Ch St Memos 1989, 1988-1990

42/16: Top Cluster 1989, November - December 1989

42/17: Cluster 1989, 1989-1990

42/18: General Education Committee 1989-90, 1989-1990

42/19: Ch St Dept Memos 1989-1990, 1989-1990

42/20: 1991 Procedures/ Ch St Dept Personnel, 1989-1991

42/21: Advancing Human Diversity 1990 at UCSB, April 12, 1990

42/22: Chair Memos Fall 1990, 1990

42/23: Chair Memos Summer 1990, 1990

42/24: Chicano Studies Department Documents and related readings 1990- Part Two, 1990

42/25: Chicano Studies Retreat 1990: "Will Ch St be an alternative department?", 1990

42/26: Committee on Committees 1990, 1990-1991

42/27: Minority Faculty and Staff Association Memos and Minutes, 1990-1991

42/28: Chair-ship 1991, 1990-1991

42/29: Minutes 1990-1991, 1990-1991

42/30: Letters 90-91 (July 1), 1990-1991

42/31: Visits to Provost 1990-1991

42/32: Antonia Castaneda, 1990-1993

42/33: CH ST Major, 1990-1993

42/34: Chair-ship 1990, 1990-1994

42/35: Chair Memos Winter Quarter, 1991

42/36: Chair Memo File, Fall 1991

42/37: Letters Summer to Fall 1991

42/38: Chair Memo File Summer 91, 1991

42/39: Polling Aug 91, 1991

42/40: June 19 1991 dept. Meeting Retreat and Segura Letter, 1991

42/41: Ramon Favela Tenure case, 1991

42/42: Ramon Favela Tenure Letter, 1991


Activism: documents pertaining to diverse contentious social issues; graduate student files

44/1: Revista Vision de Mujer Spring 1976 San Diego State University, 1976

44/2: Mecha Texas 1978-79, 1978-1985

44/3: German newspaper articles of Freidburg Demonstration, June 1980

44/4: Protest to Wagner, 1980-1981

44/5: Stanford Walt Smith, 1980-1982

44/6: Pres. Wagener, 1980-1984

44/7: 1981 Flyer on origin of the word Xicano, February 11, 1981

44/8: Guadalupe Center, 1982-1984

44/9: Betty Godfrey English Only, 1984

44/10: Documentatin: El pueblo vs. City of San Antonio 1984, 1984-1985

44/11: Lulac Original, 1985

44/12: Documents provided to UCSB Counsel by YBG 1994, 1986-1994

44/13: Racist/Sexist UCSB Campus Climate, 1987-1992

44/14: YBG- All Courses- Syllabi- Part Two, 1987-1995

44/15: Newspaper articles concerning activism issues in UCSB and other places in education, 1987-2002

44/16: Vietnam Casualties, October 29, 1989

44/17: 1990 letters to and from Rudy Acuna: Rudy Acuna letters of recommendation, 1987-2000

44/18: YBG- All Courses- Syllabi- Part One, 1990-1997

44/19: UFW Association membership, 1991

44/20: MA- Exam- Barbara Frantz- Graduate Student- 1991, 1991-1995

44/21: SCAMS: the institution, 1991-1997

44/22: Alternative Education, 1991-1998

44/23: Nexus 1993-94, 1993-1994

44/24: Pertaining to YBG: UC Attorneys Correspondence 93-94, 1993-1994

44/25: Policy info, 1993-1995

44/26: Karen Eng Graduate Student- MA Exam- 1996, 1993-1996

44/27: Immigration and 187, 1993-1997

44/28: Consultation with lawyers Yolanda Broyles-Gonzalez 1994, 1993-1997

44/29: Children and poverty, 1993-1998

44/30: Acuna press 95-98 and YBG commentary, 1994-1996

44/31: MA Exam for Berit Grobecker given by YBG and her committee- 1995, May 1995

44/32: Office Civil RIghts and S.B. raza in schools, 1995

44/33: "Brown David vs. Goliath" Betita Martinez on the Acuna case 1996, 1995-1996

44/34: Acuna trail press cut and paste originals 1995, 1995-1996

44/35: 1995 Fundraising Dinner organized by YBG for Acuna, 1995-1996

44/36: Political info. Various, 1995-1997

44/37: Affirmative action, 1995-1997

44/38: Global trends/social issues, 1995-1997

44/39: SWOP- Southwest organizing projects, 1996-2001

44/40: Grad students and union, April 14, 1997

44/41: Acuña letter to YBG 8/18/97, August 18, 1997

44/42: San Marcos High School, 1997-1999

44/43: Witness for peace info, February 1998

44/44: Judith Huacuja Pearson graduate student, 1998-1999

44/45: Ph.D. Examination for - Carol Frujimora- 2002, 2002

44/46: Marivel Danielson graduate student, 2002

44/47: Richard Turner


60/1: Gaitan Articles Drafts, 2000-2001

60/2: Lydia Mendoza Fliers, 2001

60/3: "Lydia Mendoza and the Social Powers of the Oral Tradition" Lecture by YBG 12-2-2006, December 2, 2002

60/4: Performance Artist Maria Elena Gaitan: Mapping a Continent without Borders, 2003

60/5: Book Review- Re-emerging Native Women of the Americas: Native Chicana Latina Women's Studies, 2003

60/6: Renato Rosaldo Lecture, Undated

60/7: "Hinojosa's Klail City y sus Alrededores: Oral Culture and Print Culture" Lecture, Undated

60/8: Final Copy July 1984 Women in Ect Original, Undated

60/9: TC Letterhead, Undated

60/10: El Teatro Campesion: Original Manuscript part One, Undated

60/11: El Teatro Campesion: Original Manuscript part Two, Undated

60/12: Nachwort 34 Klail City und Sliae Umgebung, Undated

60/13: PHOTOS: Institute of Texan Cultures, 1934-1985

60/14: Houston Public Library Document, 1978

60/15: Lydia Mendoza: Oral History (Houston Library) 4/5/1979, 1979

60/16: Lydia Mendoza Articles, 1981-1982

60/17: Three Women's Text and a Critique of Imperialism, 1986

60/18: Pastorela Slides, 1986-1987

60/19: Documents: Institute of Texan Cultures, 1987

60/20: The Americas Review, 1988

60/21: Interpreting Women's Lives ed Personal Narratives Group, 1989

60/22: Storied Lives, 1992-1993

60/23: Lydia Mendoza Permission, 1992-1998

60/24: Pastorela Photograph, December 1993

60/25: Yolanda Broyles-Gonzalez, Mary Rojas Munoz/ Preliminary Research, January 20, 1993

60/26: Oral History, 1993

60/27: Subjectivity, Identity and the Body, 1993

60/28: Behar: Translated Work, 1993

60/29: Kendall Hunt Publishers, 1995-2002

60/30: Candida Jaquez on Mariachi, 1996

60/31: Performance Theory, 1996

60/32: Epilogo, 1996

60/33: Ma. Elena Gaitan/ Mendoza, 1996

60/34: UT Press, Mendoza; Reader's Evaluations, 1996-1998

60/35: Lydia '92 Doc Some Chronological data, 1998

60/36: YBG/ Mendoza Lecture Notes, 1998-1999

60/37: Table of Contents, 1998-2000

60/38: Kendall Working File, 199-2001

60/39: L. Mendoza Photo Orders, April 1999

60/40: Mendoza CD-- Oxford Correspondence, 1999

60/41: Preliminary Mendoza CD Search, 1999


YBG publications from 1979 to 2002.

61/1: Lydia Mendoza: Huston Library Photos for Book, 1999

61/2: Mendoza Intro Working Copy, 1999

61/3: Oxford Correspondence, 1999-2000

61/4: Lydia Mendoza: Book Permission, 1999-2000

61/5: Lydia Mendoza, 1999-2000

61/6: Kendall Hunt, 2000

61/7: Valadez Artwork Copies, 2000

61/8: Kendall Hunt Permissions, 2000-2002

61/9: Lydia Mendoza: Ester Hernandez Art Work

61/10: Lydia Mendoza: Original Photos/ Houston Library, Undated

61/11: Lydia Mendoza: Photos, Undated

61/12: Lydia Mendoza: Caption Manuscript, Undated

61/13: Diane Rodriguez Cover Photo, Undated

61/14: Veronica Valadez 20 Symbols, Undated

61/15: Trin Min Ha, Undated

61/16: Polity Press, Undated

61/17: George Lipsitz- Dangerous Crossroads, Undated

61/18: Life/ Lines/ Theorizing Women's Autobiography, Undated

61/19: Chicano Cinema Research, Reviews and Resources, ed. by Gary d. Keller

61/20: Der zerstuckte Traum Fur Erich Arendt by Agora

61/21: Journal- Ibero Americana, no. 2/3, 6 Jahrgang 1982

61/22: The Rolando Hinojosa Reader, ed. by Jose David Saldivor, vol. xii Fall-Winter, 1984

61/23: Chicana Vocies: Intersections of Class, Race and Gender; CMAS, UT Astin

61/24: YBG- The German Response to Latin American Literature

61/25: Der Dichter ist kein verlorener Stein Uber Neruda (YBG Artical on pg. 180)

61/26: Der Dichter ist kein verlorener Stein Uber Neruda, published by Luchterkund

Chicano Theater

67/1: El Teatro Campesino, 1967-1977

67/2: Travail Theatre El Teartro Campesino, 1972-1981

67/3: Theater Heute, March 1977

67/4: Rose of the Rancho, 1977

67/5: Rose of the Rancho by: David Belasco, 1977

67/6: Reviews: Zoot Suit Los Angeles run Spanish - Language review, 1978

67/7: Zoot Suit (Film): West Coast, 1979-1981

67/8: Teatro Campesino: Peripheral, 1979-1983

67/9: Zoot Suit, First draft of film version, June 9, 1980

67/10: Zoot Suit, 3rd draft, October 20, 1980

67/11: El Treatro Campesino Incorporated, 1980-1982

67/12: Zoot Suit, Final Draft Screen Play, January 2, 1981

67/13: "Hispanic" Marketing: "Positioning Zoot Suit", March 6, 1981

67/14: "Califas", July 1981

67/15: "Bandio" Script 2nd Draft, September 29, 1981

67/16: Zoot Suit (Flim) West Coast reviews, 1981

67/17: Zoot Suit (Film) New York Reviews, 1981-1982

67/18: Soldier Boy, 1982

67/19: Notes: Soldier Boy and Women in Teatro Conference by YBG, 1982

67/20: Final Report to the National Endowment for the Humanities, March 31, 1983

67/21: Corridos Script Drafts, 1983-1984

67/22: El Teatro Campesino, the first 20 years, 1986,

67/23: El Bandido, 1969-1971

67/24: Reviews: Zoot Suit Los Angeles run English- Language reviews, Undated

67/25: Questions for Robesto Delgedo, Undated

67/26: Christ/ Never Knew You (read by El Teatro Campesino), Undated

Chicano Theater

Lydia Mendoza and Teatro Campesino

68/1: Cantinflas, 1954

68/2: El Poeta Negrito Mexicano, 1961

68/3: Huerta, Jorge A. Cardiff-by-the-Sea, California, 1972-1978

68/4: Chicano Bibliography, 1972-1981

68/5: ETC Chronology, 1977-1993

68/6: El Teatro Campesino Photos Returned by UT Press, 1978

68/7: Chr. G. M. Rahner: The Background of Chicano Theatre and the Artists and Political Development of TC, 1980

68/8: Fin de Mundo, b/w photos, negatives, Olivia Chumacero Archive, 1980

68/9: Bandido Reviews, 1981-1982

68/10: Article Focus: Luis Valdez, 1981-1983

68/11: El Teatro Campesino: Ch.4 Mainstream, 1982

68/12: ETC Residency and Fellowship, 1982-1985

68/13: Chicano Cultural Events, 1984-1986

68/14: El Teatro de la Esperanza: La Aparicion, 1985

68/15: Censorship/Repression/ Cultural Resistance, 1985-1994

68/16: Centro Aztlan- The Passion of Christ, 1986-1988

68/17: ETC Book Contents, 1986-1995

68/18: Chavez: Novena Narrativas, 1987

68/19: Una Pastorela Programs, 1987-1995

68/20: 1989 An American Festival Tour, 1989

68/21: ETC Chapter 3: Eomen, 1989

68/22: An Interpretive Exhibition of the Chicano Art Movement 1965-1985, 1990

68/23: Chapter Two, 1990

68/24: Final Permission, 1993

68/25: Correspondence UT Press, 1993-1996

68/26: El Teatro Book: Final Proof, 1994

68/27: Agents, 1996

68/28: America Levantante- Virgilio Valladares, 1940

68/29: Cantinfla Photos, Undated

68/30: Fin del Mundo, Undated

Chicano Theater

Teatro Campesino Research Materials and Oral history transcriptions

70/1: Zoot Adacta (my notes), 1977-1980

70/2: ETC Oral History Intro Notes, 1978

70/3: Rodriguez/Chumacero 7, June 1980, 1980-1987

70/4: Yolanda Parra 21 Dec 1982, 1982

70/5: Teatro Interview Introduction Material, 1982-1989

70/6: Interview Carolina Flores/ Juanita Vargas, August 1983

70/7: Delgado/Esparza First Draft, 1983

70/8: Olivia Chumacero 19-Jan-1983, 1983-1986

70/9: Entrevista Olivia Chumacero Fragments, 1983-1986

70/10: Oral History: Various Interviews; Diane Rodriguez, Yolanda Parra, Socorro Valdez, Olivia Chumacero, 1983-1987

70/11: Diane Rodriguez, 1983-1987

70/12: Valdez: On Brecht 10, Jan 1983, 1983-1987

70/13: Luis Valdez 22, Jan 1983, 1983-1987

70/14: Olivia Chumacero: Carta a Luis Valdez & resume 1984, 1984

70/15: Luis Valdez at UCI Oct. 1984, 1984-1989

70/16: Socorro Valdez, Fragments, 1985

70/17: Socorro Valdez 1-March-1983, 1985-1986

70/18: Broyles Transcriptions 1985-86, 1986

70/19: Diane Rodriguez MASTER, 1986-1989

70/20: Jose Delgado, 1987

70/21: Roberta Delgado, 1987

70/22: Roberta Delgado First Draft, 1987

70/23: Mainstreaming Chicano Theater- LATC 22 Feb 1987, 1987

70/24: Diane Rodriguez Dec. 28, 1983 MASTERS edited for frontiers, 1987-1989

70/25: Rosita Fernandez, 1987-2001

70/26: Release Forms, 1988

70/27: Entrevista Felipe Cantu/ Agustin LIRA first draft, 1988-1989

70/28: Olivia Chumacero Aug. 18, 1989 Frist reworkings 1989, 1989

70/29: Olivia Chumacero Aug 18, 1989 MASTER COPY (4 Tape sides), 1989

70/30: LATC Future of the theater symposium, 1989

70/31: Frontiers Diane Rod, 1989

70/32: The Lost Legacy of Chicana Performances: Recovering History through Oral Testimony, 1989

70/33: Luis Valdez Feb 11, 1977 by Patricia Dunsmore de Carrillo Santa Barbara, 1989

70/34: Lydia Mendoza, 1999-2001

70/35: San Antonia Current: Lydia Mendoza, 2001

70/36: Entrevistas Luis Valdez/ Y.J.B., Undated

70/37: NACS Panel 'Chicanos in the industry" Transcription, Undated

Francisco Gonzalez Compositions

72/1: Fin Del Mundo Script, 1972-1980

72/2: Brubeck, Dave: Las Posadas, 1975

72/3: La Virgen 1982 All Materials, 1976-1982

72/4: Characters, 1977

72/5: John Bowers script, 1977

72/6: Bandido 1979 script workshop 2, 1979

72/7: Tiburcio Vasquez 3, 1979

72/8: El Teartro Campesion "El Fin Del Mundo", February 2, 1980

72/9: Mundo 1980 California and European Tour 3, 1980

72/10: "Rose of the Rancho" Hand written Lyrics and Note 1, 1981

72/11: "Rose of the Rancho" 1981 E.T.C. Programs 2, 1981

72/12: "Rose of the Rancho" E.T.C. 1981 Reviews 3, 1981

72/13: "Rose of the Rancho" Music and Lyrics 4, 1981

72/14: 1981 June, 1981

72/15: Bandido prep material for cast 1, 1981

72/16: Bandido lyrics and letters notes 4, 1981

72/17: Bandido 1981 Music 5, 1981

72/18: Bandido 1981 Music 6, 1981

72/19: Bandido programs 7, 1981

72/20: Bandido working script 9, 1981

72/21: Pastorela San Juan Baptista, 1982

72/22: Los Corridos FPU 1982 script 1, 1982

72/23: Los Corridos R and D material workshop 1982 2, 1982

72/24: Los Corridos workshop 1982 note book 3, 1982

72/25: Corridos S.F. musical directions script and note 1, 1982

72/26: Corridos Lyrics sheets 2, 1983

72/27: Corridos Hand Bills and Programs 4, 1983

72/28: "Don Juan Tenorio" 1983 E.T.C. background material and lyrics notes, 1983

72/29: Corridos S.F. Reviews 3, 1983-1984

72/30: My Copies to Keep, 1983-1989

72/31: Press Materials Handouts Reprints, 1984-1985

72/32: Corridos Video Script (85) for P.B.S. (first draft, intactive) 1, 1985

72/33: Corridos P.B.S working Script 86 2, 1986

72/34: Cine weat corridos legal correspondence 3, 1986-1987

72/35: Don Juan Tenorio Fall 1983

72/36: "Rose of the Rancho" original Belasco script 5

Media - Cassette Tapes

82/1: Los Ultimos de Mis años y tengo una pena de Antonio Bañuelos con los Terores del norte

82/2: Various good stuff; Tape for Pancho- Thank you M

82/3: 2 songs from "Paper wings by francisco Gonzalez/ MAP- Paper wings"

82/4: Blank cassette

82/5: 15 Exitos de CRI CRI, Vol II, versiones originales

82/6: 15 Exitaoss Cornelio Reyna

82/7: Blank cassette

82/8: Dueto Teloloapan

82/9: The Rolling Stones- Beggars Banquet

82/10: Blank cassette

82/11: Living colour- vivid

82/12: 60s + 70s Soul Music/ Cream: Disreali Gears

82/13: Francisco Gonzalez with Mexican Harp

82/14: Blank Cassette

82/15: Aretha Franklin- The Best of Aretha Franklin

82/16: Stevie Wonder- Talking Book-Sly and The Family Stone; Greatest Hits Cheech and Chong

82/17: Blank Cassette

82/18: RFK

82/19: The Delta Queens carefree Calliope

82/20: Charles Lummis: California Songs/ Turn of the Century Recordings

Media - Cassette Tapes

85/1: Cantu/ Lira Master (lado 1&2)

85/2: Felipe Cantu/ Agustin Lira on Teatro fresno (lado 3&4)

85/3: Felipe Cantu/ Agustin Lira on Teatro Fresno (lado 5&6)

85/4: Felipe Cantu/ Agustin Lira on Teatro Fresno (lado 7&8)

85/5: Felipe Cantu/ Agustin Lira on Teatro Fresno (lado 9&10)

85/6: Felipe Cantu/ Agustin Lira on Teatro Fresno (lado 11&12)

85/7: Felipe Cantu/ Agustin Lira on Teatro Fresno (lado 1-12) COPY

85/8: Felipe Cantu/ Agustin Lira on Teatro Fresno (lado 1-12) COPY

85/9: Felipe Cantu/ Agustin Lira on Teatro Fresno (lado 1-12) COPY

85/10: Felipe Cantu/ Agustin Lira on Teatro Fresno (lado 1-12) COPY

85/11: Felipe Cantu/ Agustin Lira on Teatro Fresno (lado 1-12) COPY

85/12: Felipe Cantu/ Agustin Lira on Teatro Fresno (lado 1-12) COPY

85/13: Luis Moreno Entrevista Santa Barbara (UCSB) Side 1&2; August 19, 1988

85/14: Luis Moreno Entrevista Side 3 of 3; August 19, 1988

85/15: Entrevista Andres Segura on Teatro Campesino San Juan Bautista, CA- COPY

85/16: Teatro Chicano, Class discussion of mujer harassment; September 9, 1980

85/17: Emilio Carballido: 40 Anos en Teatro; March 1, 1990

85/18: Silviana Wood: Short reading and interview, Tucson AZ. El la casa de ella; October 8, 1983

85/19: Silviana Wood: Entrevista Lado 3&4, Tucson Sonora; October 8, 1983

85/20: Nacs Entertainment media panel

85/21: Culture Clash Interview; March 16, 1993

85/22: Luis Valdez on KPFK; May 6, 1993

85/23: Jose Luis Valenzuela on Culture Clash and Luis Valdez

85/24: Symposium: "State of the Art, Theatre in the 21st Century" Sides 1&2; February 25, 1989

85/25: "State of the Art: Theatre in the 21st Century" Side 3 of 3; February 25, 1989

85/26: John O'Neal Side A&B; February 10, 1990

85/27: John O'Neal Interview YBG Sides A&B; February 10, 1990

85/28: Vargas Llosa Interview/ Federico Coartelo Coangelo Tango; September 19, 1976

85/29: Latin Anonymous Comedy Act/ NACS Conference, Baltimore, Los Angeles; March 30, 1989

85/30: Jorge Huerta Inter.; December 27, 1982

85/31: Jorge Huerta Inter.; December 28, 1982

85/32: Roberto Fernandez Retamar: Freiburger University; June 3, 1983

85/33: Entrevista: Jose Saucedo Teatro Esperanza; April 28, 1984

Media - Cassette Tapes

87/1: Interview Teatro Campesino in Strasbourg (master); June 7, 1980

87/2: Yolanda Parra of El Teatro Campesino, by Yolanda Broyles (master 1&2); December 21, 1982

87/3: Entrevista a Yolanda Parra de El Teatro Campesino por Yolanda Broyles (master 3); December 21, 1982

87/4: YJB Interview with Socorro Valdez, San Juan Bautista at her home (master 1&2); March 1, 1983

87/5: Int. Socorro Valdez (master); March 1, 1983

87/6: Roberta Delgado Interview, Gilroy (master 1&2); July 21, 1983

87/7: Roberta Delgado (master 3)

87/8: Teatro Campesino Interview with Jose Delgado/ Phil Esparza Sides 1&2; August 10, 1983

87/9: Esparza/ Delgado (master 3&4); August 10, 1983

87/10: Jose Delgado, Producer Teatro Campesino, Interview with yolanda Broyles (master 1&2); September 12, 1983

87/11: Jose Delgado, producer Teatro Campesino, Interview with Yolanda Broyles (master 3&4); September 12, 1983

87/12: Jose Delgado, Producer Teatro Campesino, Interview with Yolanda Broyles (master 5&6); September 12, 1983

87/13: Diane Rodriguez, Entrevista El teatro Campesino, San Juan Bautista (master 1&2); December 28, 1983

87/14: Interview with Roberto Morales, set designer, San Juan Bautista; November 9, 1982

87/15: Interview with Roberto Morales, side 3 of 3

87/16: Una Pastorela (F. Gonzalez)- Santa Barbara, CA; December 18, 1986

87/17: Music used in play La Jefita: Norteno, Potpourri, Busca Otro Amor, El Chubasco

87/18: The Promise- Francisco Gonzalez, Los Angeles Theatre Center

87/19: La Virgen del Tepeyac: El Presidio Chapel; December 1, 1986

87/20: Songs of early California

87/21: Una Pastorela; January 1, 1987

87/22: Una Pastorela (F. Gonzalez); December 20, 1986

87/23: Early California Tape: Pastorela tape R&D

87/24: La Pastorela/ Mission Bells El cantico del Ayer

87/25: Early California: Gabriel Ruiz

87/26: California Mission Music performed by the John Biggs Consort

87/27: SQ C Devils music

87/28: DEVILS

87/29: If these walls could speak; April 1, 1991

87/30: SQ C Star Music p.5

87/31: SQ C Devils Music p.23

87/32: Star Music M

87/33: S A Devil's Music p.1

87/34: Music Pastorela

87/35: Black blank cassette

87/36: Pre show announcement Pastorela

87/37: Pre show

87/38: SQ E Angel's music p. 25

87/39: Tape One to the beginning of scene one

Media - Cassette Tapes

89/1: National Public Radio, "Crossroads" on Pastorela; December 22, 1989

89/2: Paper wings

89/3: Music tape "Paper Wings"

89/4: Tape no. 1 Paper Wings

89/5: Lydia Mendoza Y Francisco Gonzalez

89/6: Jesus reyes Vargas: El Arpa de Jalisco

89/7: Chicano studies 186B Broyles Gonzalez/ Jarocho

89/8: Eduardo Machado Songs

89/9: Los Bravos del Norte de Ramon Ayala

89/10: Valerio Longoria y su Conj. Los Dos Valerios

89/11: texas mexican Border Music Vol 8 and 9: Canciones de Ayer

89/12: Valerio longoria: Quisiera Llorar

89/13: German 1013 vocab

89/14: lorenzo Moyer; June 16, 1981

89/15: Nick Villareal : puros Exitos

89/16: Nick Villareal: El Gatito Re-Liberado

89/17: Lo mejor de Nick Villareal y su conjunto

89/18: Nick Villareal: Mis Exitos

Media - Cassette Tapes

90/1: Johnny Gi Tar Gutierrez; 1992

90/2: Dia de las Madres; 2000

90/3: Nick Villareal "El Nicky Snic"; 1987

90/4: Nick Villareal "Hablale a la Ley"; 1988

90/5: Nick Villareal "En SU Onda"; 1987

90/6: Los Corridos- Teatro Campesino; October 29, 1982

90/7: La Pastorela; December, 1980

90/8: La Carpa/ teatro Campesino; October 16, 1974

90/9: La Carpa/ teatro campesino (Mark Taper); October 12, 1974

90/10: Soldao Razo/ La Carpa Part II

90/11: Teatro de la Real Academia Chicana, La Jefita; March 2, 1981

90/12: El Louie/ Cuchara records

90/13: La Virgen del Tepeyac: San Juan Bautista Teatro Campesino, side 1&2

90/14: La Virgen del Tepeyac: San Juan Bautista Teatro Campesino, side 3

90/15: Los Corridos: Soldier- Girl to end; October 29, 1982

90/16: Teatro Campesino/ fin del Mundo; June 8, 1980

90/17: Fin del Mundo; June 7, 1980

90/18: Maria Elena Gaitan; November 11, 2000

90/19: Maria Elena Gaitan; November 11, 2000

90/20: Maria Elena Gaitan; November 11, 2000

90/21: Maria Elena Gaitan; November 11, 2000

90/22: Maria Elena Gaitan; November 11, 2000

90/23: Francisco Gonzalez on CH ST; October 4, 2001

Media - Video Tapes

92/1: 24 Charreada (blue case)

92/2: "Tres cuentos del DF" at Casa De La Raza

92/3: "3 Cuentos del DF" by Emilio Caballido, Chican Theatre Workshop; March, 1990

92/4: "Los Muertos Nunca Mueren" w/ preshow; August 2, 1986

92/5: La Virgen del Tepeyac- Santa Barbara Presidio Chapel; December 16, 1985

92/6: The Teta Show! Maria Elena Gaitan; 2003

92/7: Rehearsal- Los Muertos Nunca Mueren; February 10, 1988

Media - Cassette Tapes

101/1: Francisco Gonzalez- Arlington; August 9, 1987

101/2: Demo- A Burning Beach

101/3: Claremont Spring Folk festival bits and Pieces; May, 1989

101/4: Claremont Spring Folk festival bits and Pieces; May, 1989

101/5: Los Gavilanes- colecciond e Oro; January, 1994

101/6: The earliest Mariachi- Recordings 1908-1936

101/7: Mariachi vargas de Tecalitlan; January, 1992

101/8: Narciso martinez- el huracan del valle vol. 2 (1948-1958); January, 1989

101/9: Las Hermanas Mendoza- Juanita and Maria; January, 1991

101/10: Mariachi Coculense de Cirilo Marmolejo (1933-1936)

101/11: Music of Mexico, vol. 1 & 2

101/12: Valerio Longoria- Caballo Viejo; November, 1989

101/13: Los Campesinos de Michoacan "canciones de mi tierra"; January, 1987

101/14: Valerio Song Samples

101/15: Aprendizaje Jarocho

101/16: KEDA Anuncios politicos, R naranjo, D Glassworks, S Guisar; January, 1982

101/17: Bedrich Smetana [CD's]

101/18: Lesson

101/19: Jarocho Ensenanza

101/20: Lesson- Valerio Longoria/ potpourri

101/21: House warming party with valerio Longoria 303 Mary Louise; 1980

101/22: Yoli + Pancho Estudio; 1985

101/23: Vocal warm up/ Jimenez

101/24: KEDA- Whistled tune

101/25: Weatwars Brass

101/26: Francisco: Paw Alto College Film Music w/ Nick Villareal

101/27: Tres Cuentos del DF

101/28: Panchito: Tapings from Radio Potpourri

101/29: The Streets are Free

101/30: An Afternoon of California Folk Songs

101/31: Work tape- Ideas for NPR Chicanisimo Radio Slots; Spring, 1983

101/32: Francisco

101/33: NPR Radio Show unmixed

101/34: Chicanisimo- NPR, gonzalez Music after mix; Spring, 1983

101/35: "Its Not Easy Being A Kid"

101/36: "Frida" Original and R+D Pieces

101/37: Francisco- 2 Master Track

101/38: FCO Gonzalez at Arlington Theatre; August 9, 1987

Media - Video Tapes

110/1: Margarita Mosqueda, Chicano Studies 137 Chistes "Jokes"; February 4, 1995

110/2: Margarita Mosqueda, Chicano Studies 137 Juegos "Folk games"; February 4, 1995

110/3: Yolanda Broyles Gonzalez "Personaje de la Semana"; 2000

110/4: "Mexican Diner" Sylvia Cablayan; 1993

110/5: Jose Maria Chavez Rojas: Singer/ guitarist

110/6: Folk Tales from Oaxaca Mexico (Varias)

110/7: Different Opinions on Mexican Music: Past & Present CHST 137; Winter 1993

110/8: Mary Zuniga- CHST 137

110/9: HIV-AIDS Prevention Skits; Spring 1995

110/10: NACS plus other readings; 1993

110/11: Historical Disclosure; February 24, 1995

110/12: Panchito: First Day Care (University); May, 1990

110/13: Prop 187 Protest; November, 1996

110/14: Cynhia Levya & Gladys Padilla CHST 137 "Musica de Generacion y Region"; Winter 1993

110/15: CHST 1C Oral Tradition Project: Lillian Barrios

Media - Video Tapes

111/1: Cantinflas Cartoons (1 Hr)

111/2: Alejandro Fernandez Horse performance

111/3: Elizabeth Escamilla CHST 137 "Game Playing Between Chicana Mothers and their Children"; Fall 1987

111/4: Yuvtushenko: Sanchez WSU Presents; February, 1994

111/5: Docu: Pico Union Latina/os; Docu: Radio Invention (KCET)

111/6: Ana Escobedo CHST 137 Rancheras; Winter 1993

111/7: "Krystal Freedom" by Karen Frey and Tilda Morris for the Salvation Army; 1990

111/8: Christina Viramontes Interviewing Gloria Martinez (grandma) CHST 137; 1997

111/9: Jim Santana CHST 137 Un Abuelo; 1995

111/10: Afro Mestizo Communities in Southern Mexico

111/11: "Cuentos" Samantha Lima: Mexican Oral Tradition; Winter 1993

111/12: USCB In view; March, 1999

111/13: Geraldo Rivera Show w/ Eddio Olmos, Cheech maria, etc

111/14: Cheech & Chongs Next Movie

Media - Video Tapes

114/1: Teatro Chicano Workshop SBCC performing, director Francisco Gonzalez. Spring, 1988. [public output disabled]
damaged, PLEASE BE CAREFUL. Do not circulate.

114/2: Michelle Cortes CHST 137- Declamaciones. Summer, 1996.

114/3: Corridos Sin Rostro. Produced and directed by Othello Khanh. 1994.

114/4: "Los Lobos del Este de Los Angeles." Featuring Los Lobos founder Francisco gonzalez, directed by Luis Ruiz.
This is the very first Chicana music documentary ever produced. It shows the centrality of Francisco Gonzalez, who founded, taught, and did arrangements for Los L obos until he left them.

114/5: Elia Polanco CHST 137 Religious Mass. 1994

114/6: Tina L Rubio CHST 137 Canciones de mi Abuelita. March, 1993.

114/7: Cinco de mayo, Mercado de San Antonio. 1982.
Performance by poet Jose Montavio- the only extant video tape of the deceased poet; musician Flaco Jimenez; musician Lydia Mendoza. This is the ony recording of a full-length concert of Mendoza's. Camera: Yolanda Broyles-Gonzales.

114/8: Family rituals. Altar de Animas. Jam sessions. Navidad. (Olivia Chumacero, Yaxkin, Tio Fernando, Esmeralda). 1993.

114/9: El Corrido Mexicano seen through Chicana singer Carmen Moreno. California. 1993.

114/10: Quetzalcoatl performed by Los Mascarones. 1990.

114/11: Pilulaw Khus. Drum/Dance. Kirsten, Terri Dunnivant. 2000.

114/12: Santa Barbara, CA. City Council meeting debating Cesar Chavez street naming, includes YBG, Francisco Gonzalez). 1997.

114/13: Press Conference: YBG vs UC, 1997.
Press Conerence in front of UCSB's Cheadle Hall, the administration building, announced the end of Yolanda Broyles-Gonzalez's equal pay discrimination lawsuit against the University of California.

114/14: Fandango Jarocho in Santa Barbara, CA.
Includes Francisco Gonzalez and Esmeralda broyles-Gonzalez, Roberto Perales. Produced on TV show "Celebracion" on Com-TV, Santa Barbara. 2000.

Media - Cassette Tapes

123/1: Chicano Studies 138 Quince Corridos

123/2: CHST 138 'Rancheras' Broyles-Gonzalez

123/3: CHST 138 Quince Corridos

123/4: CHST 137 Tape #3 Rancheras

123/5: CHST 138 Quince Corridos

123/6: CHST 137 Intro to Corridos

123/7: CHST 186B Corridos

123/8: CHST 138 "Rancheras" Broyles-Gonzalez

123/9: CHST 138 Corridos Tape

123/10: Tape 2 for CHST 193, Music by Lydia Mendoza

123/11: Oye Corazon; Valerio Longoria

123/12: Tape 1 Side A/ Side B

123/13: Broyles Lecture Tape 1

123/14: Broyles 1300-1350. 1999.

123/15: Broyles 1300-1350. 1999.

123/16: Broyles 1300-1350. 1999.

123/17: Broyles 1300-1350. 1999.

123/18: Broyles 1300-1350. 1999.

123/19: Broyles 1300-1350. 1999.

123/20: Broyles 1300-1350. 1999.

123/21: Broyles 1300-1350. 1999.

123/22: Chicano St. LLCH 1:00- 1:50

123/23: KEDA. 1986.

123/24: Radio KEDA Guera Polkas. 1982.

123/25: KEDA San Antonio. 1992.

123/26: KEDA. 1992.

123/27: Placido Salazar Interview KEDA. 1981.

123/28: Guero Polkas Show. 1982.

123/29: Radio Jalapeno KEDA. 1988.

123/30: KEDA: guero Polaks. 1989.

123/31: KEDA Interview with Santiago Jimenez and Valerio Longoria. 1982.

123/32: Musica Tejana.

123/33: 'Dia de als Madres' KEDA. 1984.

123/34: KEDA Radio: Buenas Canciones + Santiago Jimenez Sr.

Media - Vinyl Records - LPs

130/1: Tirado, Alfonso Ortiz; Marcos Jimenez. Princestia/Adios Mariquita Linda

130/2: Gardel, Carlos and Alfredo Le Pera. Amores de Estudiante/ Mi Buenos Aires Querido: Tango de la pelicula Paramount "Cuesta Abajo".

130/3: Acuna, Manuel S. and orchestra. El Currito de la Cruz/ Cielo Andaluz.

130/4: Los Tres Diamantes. Dios no lo quiera/El bien y el mal.

130/5: Liberace, George. Concerto No. 2 in A Major for paino and orchestra/Autumn Nocturne.

130/6: Kostelanetz, Andre. Vals de las flores.

130/7: Trio los Panchos: Aviles, Gil and Navarro. Pelaos estos/ Gendarme 7-7-7-.

130/8: Infante, Pedro Mariachi Guadalajara de Silvestre Vargas. Una noche de Julio/ Historia de un Amor.

130/9: Mariachi Pulido con Plutarco J. Barreiro (accordion). Las Coronelas/Claveles.

130/10: Mariachi de Juan Guitron. Amor Torero/ Narcha Alfonso Martinez.

130/11: Benny Goodman Trio. Oh Lady be Good!)/After You've Gone.

130/12: Fox, Roy and his Orchestra/ Wayne King and his Orchestra. Miracles sometimes happen/Josephine.

130/13: Howard, Eddy. Song Festival.

130/14: Garber, Jan and his Orchestra . Café de Janeiro/For Heaven's Sake.

130/15: Light, Ben, Herb Kern and Lloyd Sloop. Siboney/Mama Inez.

130/16: Canción Ranchera and Miguel Aceves Mejía with the Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlán and Mariachi Pulido. Maldito Vicio/Guitarras de Media Noche.

130/17: Canción Ranchera and Miguel Aceves Mejía with the Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlán and Mariachi Vargas. Vaya Con Dios/Tuxpan- Ranchera.

130/18: Mejía, Miguel Aceves with the Mariachi Vargas. Mi Tenampa: Canción Ranchera/ El Jinete - Son Huasteco.

130/19: Mejía, Miguel Aceves with the Mariachi Pulido. Bandita Bandera- Canción/ Siete Leguas - Corrido.

130/20: Infante, Pedro with the Trío Argentino and the Mariachi Los Mamertos . Nube Gris/El Plebeyo.

130/21: Infante, Pedro with Mariachi los Memertos. En tu Dia/ Las Mañanitas.

130/22: Infante, Pedro with Mariachi los Memertos. Por Si Me Olvidas/Mi Aventura.

130/23: Paxton, George and his Orchestra; Lee Taylor. Gotta Get Me Somebody to Love/I've got you under my skin.

130/24: Howard, Eddie and his Orchestra; Eddy Howard and Trio. All Dressed Up with a Broken Heart/ Someone Ca.

130/25: Howard, Eddie and his Orchestra; Eddy Howard and Trio. (I love you) For Sentimental Reasons/ Why does it get Late so Early.

130/26: Howard, Eddie and his Orchestra. These Will be the Best Years of Our Lives/Don't tell her what happened to me.

130/27: Moreno, Antoñita. La Muerte de Manolete/ Moreno tiene que ser.

130/28: Infante, Pedro with Mariachi los Memertos. Te Recuerdo y yo/El Mala Estrella.

130/29: Tirado, Alfonso Ortiz with Orchesta Radio Splendid. Granada: Canción Española/Toledo: Canción Española.

130/30: Carle, Frankie. Sweet Lorraine/Twelfth Street Rag.

130/31: Carle, Frankie. Estelle/Stumbling.

130/32: Carle, Frankie and his Sunrise Serenaders. Prelude in C Sharp Minor/Baracolle.

130/33: Light, Ben, Herb Kern and Lloyd Sloop. St. Louis Blues/Ain't Misbehavin'.

130/34: Carle, Frankie. Hindustan/Lover's Lullaby; Surprise Serenade.

130/35: Martin, Freddy and his orchestra; The Martin Men. Cumana/The Lady from 29 Palms.

130/36: Lombardo, Guy and His Royal Canadians. The Girl who Came from Peru/Did you ever see a Dream Walking?.

130/37: King, Wayne and his Orchestra. None but the Lonely Heart/ Melody of Love.

Media - Vinyl Records - LPs

134/1: Mejia, Miguel Aceves. "A Jorge Negrete"/ "A Grito Abierto".

134/2: Infante, Pedro. "Rosita De Olivo"/ "Te Equivocate".

134/3: Vargas, Pedro. "Un Minuto"/ "Corazon, Corazon".

134/4: Los Tres Diamantes. "Chinito...Chinita"/ "Offrenda".

134/5: Lara, Agustin. "Santa"/"Anoche".

134/6: Mejia, Miguel Aceves. "Al Derecho y Al Reves"/ "Cuando Sale La Luna".

134/7: Los Tres Diamantes. "No Puedo Ser Feliz"/ "Que Dirias De Mi".

134/8: Los Dos Palomos. "No Se Por Que"/ "Adios Morenita".

134/9: Mejia, Miguel Aceves. "Hey un Momento"/ "El Mil Amores".

134/10: Vargas, Pedro. "Por Que No Vienes a Verme"/ "El Mil Amores"/ "Por Que No Vienes a Verme"/ "Bolerp Indio".

134/11: Los Tres Diamantes. "Grito Prisionero"/ "No Dejes Que Te Olvide".

134/12: Chucho Zarzosa. "La Feria De Las Flores"/ "Cocula"/ "Adelita"/ "Tristes Jardines".

134/13: Los Dos Reales. "El Contrabandista"/ "Si Yo Fuera Rico".

134/14: Infante, Pedro. "Yo Te Quise"/ "Te Que Mas Quires".

134/15: Negrete, Jorge. "Parranda Larga"/ "Solo Dios".

134/16: Carosone, Renato. "Torero"/ "Chella Lla".

134/17: Trio Los Chicos. "Yo Tambien Se Quere"/ 'Tu, Tu, y, Tu".

134/18: Los Dos Reales. "Que Te Vas Y Que Te Vas"/ "Corrido De Mazatlan".

134/19: Infante, Pedro. "El Muneca De Cuerda"/ "Si Tu Tambien Te Vas".

134/20: Ferraro, Atilia. "El Pajaro Guarandol"/ "El Sebucan".

134/21: Los Dos Reales. " La Chevecha"/ "Cachito De Amor".

134/22: Negrete, Jorge. "Cancion De Los Vaqueros"/ "Soy Infeliz".

134/23: Infante, Pedro. "Cuando Sale La Luna"/ "Llegaste Tarde".

134/24: Infante, Pedro. "El Tren Sin Pasajeros"/ "Mi Nave".

134/25: Mojica, Jose. "Libre Soy"/ "Gitana".

134/26: Michel, Paco. "Traigo Un Dilema"/ "Ay Chabela".

134/27: Infante,Pedro. "Que Manera De Perder"/ "Canto Del Bracero".

134/28: Mejia, Miguel Aceves. "No Soy El Coco"/ "El Derrotado".

134/29: Los Dos Palomos. "No Se Por Que"/ "Adios Adios Morenita".

134/30: Trio Los Panchos. "Espinita"/ "Nunca Jamas".

134/31: Villareal, Nick y Su Conjunto. "Brincando Cercas"/ "Cielo Azul".

134/32: Ruben y su Conjunto. "Genova"/ Para Volver a Volver".

134/33: Los Dos Gilbertos. "Lucy"/ Buscate Otro Tonto".

134/34: Ayala, Ramon y Los Bravos del Norte. "Buena Suerte"/ "La Calle 13".

134/35: Amigos Cosmicos. "Keep Pushing on Up"/ "El Norte es Puro Cuento".

134/36: Los Pavos Reales de Salvador T. Garcia. "Dicen que Soy Borracho"/ "El Borrachito".

134/37: Los Astronautas (La Nueva Generacion), "Por unos ojitos Verdes"/ "Fallaste Corazon".

134/38: Perez, Gilberto y sus Compadres. "Contestacion a Mire Amigo"/ "Horrible Penal".

134/39: Biermann, Wolf. "Comandante Che Guevara"/ "Chile".

134/40: Schaal, Herbert, Camilio Torres and Ernesto Cardenal. "Stimme der Stummen".

134/41: Vela, Ruben y Suconjunto. "Pro ti soy Feliz"/ "Mire Amigo".

134/42: De La Rosa, Juan y Los Capitanes del Norte. "Poco a poquito"/ "El Patron".

134/43: Los Llaneros de Valle. "Sabor de Olvido"/"Flor de Oranada".

134/44: Longoria, Valerio. "Oye Corazon"/ "El Retonito".

134/45: Villareal, Nick y Su Conjunto. "Brincando Cercas"/ "Cielo Azul".

134/46: Los Profesionales de Jose Hernandez. "Mi Agonia"/ "Angel de Amor".

134/47: Torres, Toby y Su Conjunto. "Ando en Buscas"/ "Di Por Favor".

134/48: Conjunto de Fidel Perez. "La Vuelta del Tacuachito"/ "Lindas Florecitas".

134/49: Calibre Auto Recording. Unknown.

134/50: Hermanans Hernandez. "Tre Prifilas por Miguel Hernandez"/ Unreadable title/ "Amor Porchdo por Evangelina Hernandez"/ "El Ramdro Grande".

134/51: Espegito. "La Conita"/"Tu bien sabes y consertida por Esperanza".

134/52: Mejia, Miguel Aceves con el Marchiachi Vargas de Tecalitlan. "Caminito del Indio- Cancion Andina"/ "Rogaciano-Huapango".

134/53: Caceres, Emilio and his Mariachis. "Los Jorongos (Munecos Mexicanos)"/ "La Varsoviana".

134/54: Unknown. "Capriabos Espanol"/ "Sevillanas".

134/55: Zamora, Minerva con el Conjunto Ideal. "Yo Sufriendo y to Gozando"/ "Cobrando Olvido".

134/56: Acuna, Manuel S. and his Orchestra. "Lentejuela"/ "Gitanerias".

134/57: Acuna, Manuel S. and his Orchestra. "El Currito de la Cruz"/ "Cielo Andaluz".

134/58: San Miguel, Nito (Con el Trio Ammex). "Mama"/ "Giannina Mia".

134/59: Moran, George and Charles Mack. "Two Balck Crows- Part 1 and 2" (Comedy Sketch).

134/60: Belia y Mateo Conjunto de Mateo Camargo. "Granito de Oro"/ "La Chonita".

134/61: Mejia, Miguel Aceves con El Mariachi Vargas. "El Pastor-Son Hualesco"/ "La Que Sea- Cancion Ranchera".

134/62: Fernandez, Fernando u Orquesta Luis Arcataz u Juan Garcia Esquivel. "Dolce Lunas- Boleros"/ Pisaspetalos- Bolero Cha Cha Cha".

134/63: Tona la Negra y Orquesta de Chucho Zarzosa. "En Mi Soledad-Bolero"/ "Somos Iguales-Bolero".

134/64: Newman, Roy and his Boys. "Round the World on a Dime- Hot String Dance"/ "The Devil with the Devil- Hot String Dance with Singing".

134/65: Trio Avileno-Fernando Estonez- Miguel y Tonc Medina con su Conjunto. "Nocturnando"/ "Los Marcianos".

134/66: Lara, Agustin."Farolito"/ "Contraste".

134/67: Infante, Pedro. "Te Vengo A Buscar"/ "Presentimiento".

Media - Vinyl Records - LPs

135/1: Malpica, Manuel R./ R. G. de Leon; Malpica, Manuel R./ Lerdo de Tejada. Lejos de Ti/ Ya Soy Feliz.

135/2: Por Rosales Y Robinson. El Bandido/ Amigo Amigo.

135/3: Banda Espanola/ R. Jarero. El Costeno.

135/4: Los Tres Manueles with Orchestra/ M. C; Los Tres Manueles with ORchestra/ M. E. Gonzalez. Valdez. Las Avispas/ Chavelita.

135/5: Martinez, Narciso/ El Harucan del Valle. La Chicharronera- Polka/ El Tronconal- Vals Bajito.

135/6: Gonzales, M/ and A. Romero. Mis Brazos Te Esperan - Fox Cancion/ Suena y Quiereme - Vals.

135/7: Arcos and Pulido/ Julian Robledo; Arcos, Pulido, and Orchestra/ Alfonso Esparza Oteo. Las Tres de la Manana/ Mi Viejo Amor.

135/8: Padilla, Hermanas with Los Costenos/ Hermanas Padilla; Padilla, Hermanas with Los Costenos/ Juan Rodriguez. Las Pintadas/ No Se Casen.

135/9: Delgado and Luna. Sueno de Amor- Vals Cancion Una Noche en la Parranda- Cancion.

135/10: El Ciego Melquiades. Sonsa - Fox Trot Las Tres Elviras.

135/11: (Largely Unreadable Trio Nava (?). La Nortena (?).

135/12: Guzman and Quintana. Chaparrita, Aqui esta Tu Amante Bajo La Sombra se Aquel Mesquita.

135/13: Cantu and Caytan with Orchestra/ F. C. Cantu. Mentira es el Amor Enamorado.

135/14: El Ciego Melquiades. Andrea- Vals Mary ... (Unreadable).

135/15: Trio Huracan. Cuando Te Miro Me Emborracho- Corrido/ Yo Bien Quisiera- Corrido.

135/16: Padilla, Hermanas with "Los Costenos"/ J. Cortazar and J. Garrido; Padilla, Hermanas with "Los Costenos"/ Refugio Sanchez. La Baraja Marcada/ Que Rechulo es Querer!.

135/17: Padilla, Hermanas with the Mariachi "Los Costenos"/ Jesus Ramos; Padilla, Hermanas with the Mariachi "Los Costenos"/ C. Carreon and M. Lugo. Por QuererteTanto/ Perlita.

135/18: Los Madrugadores with the Mariachi de "Los Costenos"/ Elmo Lopez; Los Madrugadores with the Mariachi de "Los Costenos"/ Elmo Lopez. No Se Rezar/ El Interes.

135/19: Duo Autentico Yucateco/ Manuel Mendez Duo Autentico Yucateco/ Chancil, Meendez and Vazquez. Folorecita- Cancion/ Las Mujeres ques se Pintan.

135/20: Ayala, Julio. Escandalos en la Camara de Diputados y en las Calles de la Ciudad/ Salida del General Porfirio Diaz.

135/21: Maddox, John and the Rythmasters/ B. Wills. Bully of the Town/ San Antonio Rose.

135/22: Trio Nava. La Inundacion de Leon (Part 1 &2).

135/23: Trio Los Panchos: Aviles, Gil, and Navarro/ Chucho Navarro and Alfredo Gil. Maldito Corazon/ Ni Que Si, Ni Quiza, Ni Que No.

135/24: Weber, Marek and his Orchestra/ Bloom and Gade; Bottero and Shreier. Celos/ Tango de la Rosa.

135/25: Marichi Vargas de Tecalitlan/ Manguel Macias P. La Mariquita- Son Jalisciense/ El Zopilote Majado- Paso Doble.

135/26: Marimba Hnos. Paniagua/ Pedro Valdes; Amador, Dimas, and Perez. Almendra/ Nereidas.

135/27: Fuentes, Ruben's Conjunto/ Prof. Jose Herrera/ Francisco Cardenas. Olimpica/ Viva Mi Desgracia.

135/28: "Los Tamazulas" de Culiacan: Banda Sinaloense/ Ar. M. Meza. El Coyote/ Elcosteno.

135/29: Los Guamuchilenos de Culiacan/ Severiano Briseno. El Sinaloense/ El Guango.

135/30: Los Guamuchilenos de Culiacan/ Enrique Sanchez Alonso. Corrido de Agustin Jaime/ Culiacan.

135/31: Los Guamuchilenos de Culiacan/ Angle Garrido. La Pajarera/ Cuando Escuches este Vals.

135/32: Los Guamuchilenos de Culiacun/ F. Valdes Leal. Los Pavos Reales/ El Abandonado.

135/33: Los Guamuchilenos de Culiacan. La Higuerita/ Amor de Madre.

Media - Vinyl Records - LPs

141/1: Rampal , Jean-Pierre, Robert Veyron-Lacroix and Jean Huchot. Bach: The Complete Flute Sonatas.

141/2: Destie, Jo. Vive Le Musette.

141/3: No Artist/Composer listed. Glasbruch 1848.

141/4: The Rolling Stones. Now.

141/5: Moore, Dave. Jukejoints and Cantinas.

141/6: Lehmann, Lotte. Brahms/Wolf Songs.

141/7: No Artist/Composer listed. Glasbruch 1848.

141/8: Mossmann, Walter. Flugblattlieder.

141/9: Mossmann, Walter. Hast Du noch Hunger?.

141/10: Kollo-Medlodien, Walter. Kleine Madchen Mussen Schlafen Gehn.

141/11: Neue Lieder und Gedichte aus Whyl, Marckolsheim, Kaiseraugst und Fessenheim. Dreyeckland.

141/12: Mossmann, Walter. Neue Flugblatt-Lieder.

141/13: Mossmann, Walter. Unruhiges Requiem.

141/14: Fuhre, Ulrich. I Will Nit.

141/15: Artist/Composer not listed. Deutsch Fur Deursche.

141/16: Mossmann, Walter. Unruhiges Requiem.

141/17: Various Artists. Lieder zur Vergessenen Badischen Revolution 1848/49.

141/18: Born, Arnschd. Antlig e Lied.

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141/20: DeGaetani, Jan and Gilbert Kalish. Charles Ives Songs.

141/21: Bishop, Stephen. Careless.

141/22: Wills, Bob. The Voice and Band of Bob Wills.

141/23: The Rolling Stones. Out of our Heads.

141/24: Legarreta, Pupi y su Charanga. Toda la Verdad.

141/25: The Rolling Stones. Let it Bleed.

141/26: No Artist/Composer listed. Bei Frochlichem Zitherklang.

141/27: Akkordeon-Duo: Annelie und Roland Kiesel. Schwarzwalder Souvenir.

141/28: The Rolling Stones. Big Hits (High Tide and Green Grass).

141/29: Mitchell, Richard "Blue" with Wynton Kelly, Sam Jones and Roy Brooks. Blue's Moods.

141/30: Various Artists. Ethnic Folkways Library: Traditional and Classical Music of India.

141/31: Various Artists. So Jodelt's in den Bergen: Yodeling in the Alps.

141/32: The Cleveland Festival Orcheestra. Bartok: Concerto for Orchestra.

141/33: The Camarata Contemporary Orchestra. The Music of Erik Satie: Through a Looking Glass.

141/34: Webster, Beveridge. Ravel.

141/35: Deller, Alfred, Desmond Dupre and the Deller Consort (Male Voices): Philip Todd, Max Worthley, and Maurice Bevan. Shakespearean Songs and Consort Music.

141/36: Shankar, Ravi. Ragas and Talas.

141/37: Silverstein, Joseph and the Boston Symphony Orchestra. Bartok: Violin Concerto No. 2/ Stravinsky: Violin Concerto.

141/38: Jascha Heifetz. Heifetz.

141/39: Mannerchor der Volkswagebstadt Wolfsburg. Jagdlieder: German Hunting Songs.

141/40: John, Elton. Tumbleweed Connection.

141/41: Nyro, Laura. Christmas and the Beads of Sweat.

141/42: Nyro, Laura. Eli and the Thirteenth Confession.

141/43: Sunny and the Sunliners. Carinito.

141/44: Los Rancheritos de Topo Chico.

141/45: Los Cadetes de Linares. Tu Nombre.

Media - Vinyl Records - LPs

142/1: Las Mananitas Con Arpa. Melesio Martinez.

142/2: Conjunto Veracruz. Canto A Veracruz.

142/3: Conjunto Lindo Veracruz. "Alegria Jarocha".

142/4: The Originals. "Only You".

142/5: Lenoir, L. B. "Down in Mississippi".

142/6: Huesca, Andres y sus Costenos. "Recordando".

142/7: Huesca, Andres y sus Costenos. "Homenaje a Huesca".

142/8: Trio Tariacuri. "Sones y Huapangos".

142/9: Conjunto Jarocho Medellin De Lino Chavez. "Veracruz Hermoso".

142/10: Conjunto Jarocho Medellin De Lino Chavez. "Veracruz Hermoso".

142/11: Trio Los Paisanos y Su Arpa. "El Pajaro Campana".

142/12: Lira, Agustin. "from the fields to a new beginning...".

142/13: Firesign Theatre Sez. "Everything you know is wrong".

142/14: Caliente = hot. "Puerto Rican and Cuban Musical Expression in New York".

142/15: Warwicke, Dionne. "The Dionne Warwicke Story: A Decade of Gold".

142/16: Los Incas. "Flutes des Andes".

142/17: "Cuba Va!". Songs of the New Generations of Revolutionary Cuba.

142/18: Le Chili de Violeta Parra. "Un Rio De Sangre" avec les voix d'lsabel et Angle Parra".

142/19: Neruda, Pablo. "Canto General Der Grosse Gesang".

142/20: Urchenko, Henrietta. "Indian Music of Meixco".

142/21: Reyes, Judith. "Cronica Mexicana".

142/22: Godoy, Carlos Mejia Y Los De Palacaguina. "El Son Nuestro De Cada Dia".

142/23: Barreno, Rodrigo y Su Banda. "Cuchara De Palo".

142/24: King, B. B. "Live in Cook County Jail".

142/25: Flack, Roberta. "Chapter Two".

142/26: POCO. "Pickin Up The Pieces".

142/27: Kirk, Rahsaan Roland. "The Return of the 5000lb. Man".

142/28: Saldivar, Mingo Y Los Tremendos. "4 Espandas".

142/29: Los Gilbertos. "Te Recomiendo Esa Ingrata".

142/30: Los Ranchcritos del Topo Chico. "Cien Anos".

142/31: Los Hermanos Farias. "Las 6 Mancormadas".

142/32: Carlos Y Jose. "Carridos Y Rancheras".

142/33: Degollado, Johnny Y Su Conjunto. Lo Mejor De Johnny Degollado Y su Conjunto.

142/34: Conjunto Bernal. Conjunto Bernal with the Sound of the 70s.

142/35: Guzman, Carlos y Conjunto Bernal. Los Relampagos Del Norte.

142/36: Longoria Sr. y Jr., Valerio. "Poquita Fe"/ "El Garabato".

142/37: Basic Library of the World's Greatest Music. Album number 8: Grieg and Schubert.

142/38: Basic Library of the World's Greatest Music. Album number 5: Tchaikovsky and Stravinsky.

142/39: Los Cuatro Cuartos. "70 De Linea!".

142/40: Kempler, Susan and Doreen Rappaport. "But the Woman Rose" Vol II.

142/41: Conjunto Villa Del Mar De Angel Valencia. "Los 10 Mejores Sones Jarochos".

142/42: Los Camperos con el arpa de oro de David Zapien. "Sones en Veracruz".

142/43: Las Pirecuas. "Folklore Michoacano".

Media - Vinyl Records - LPs

146/1: Various Artists. 24 Orginial Happening Hits.

146/2: Mendoza, Lydia. Part 1: First Recordings, 1928-1938.

146/3: The Agawagi African Musicians. Recorded Live: Africa.

146/4: Sheila na Gig. Holy Well.

146/5: The Ink Spots. The Incomparable Ink Spots.

146/6: The Robert Shaw Chorale. Great Sacred Choruses.

146/7: Adderley, Cannonball, Blue Mitchell, Chet Baker, Clark Terry, Barry Harris, Harold Land and Sam Jones. The Compositions of Charlie Parker.

146/8: Heath, Jimmy, Freddie Hubbard, Julius Watkins, Cedar Walton, Percy Heathm and Albert Heath. Triple Threat.

146/9: Various Artists. La Musica Inmortal de Lorenzo Barcelata.

146/10: Cardenas, Guy. El Cancionero del Mayab.

146/11: Guizar, Tito. Interpreta a Augustin Lara.

146/12: Trio Los Jinetes y Cuco Calderon. Sones y Huapangos Huastecos.

146/13: Instituto Nacional de Antropologia e Historia. Corridos de la Revolucion Mexicana.

146/14: Instituto Nacional de Antropologia e Historia. Corridos Zapatistas.

146/15: Instituto Nacional de Antropologia e Historia. Michoacan: Sones de Tierra Caliente.

146/16: Instituto Nacional de Antropologia e Historia. Musica Indigena de Mexico.

146/17: Los Lobos. Del Este de Los Angeles.

146/18: Instituto Nacional de Antropologia e Historia. Canciones de Vida y Muerte en el Istmo Oaxaqueno.

146/19: Instituto Nacional de Antropologia e Historia. El Son del Sur de Jalisco.

146/20: Instituto Nacional de Antropologia e Historia. Musica del Istmo de Tehuantepec, Oaxaca.

146/21: Instituto Nacional de Antropologia e Historia y Municipio de Xalatlaco. Fiesta en Xalatlaco: Musica de Los Nahuas del Estado de Mexico.

146/22: Galling, Martin. Bach: The Goldberg Variations.

146/23: Various Artists. Petrucci: First Printer of Music.

146/24: Amadeus- Quartett and Cecil Aronowitz. Johannes Brahms: Streichquintette Nr. 1 4-Dur und Nr. 2 G-Dur.

146/25: Berlin Philharmoniker. Die Weihnachtsgeschichte: Auszuge aus dem Wihnachtsoratorium von Johann Sebastian Bach.

146/26: The Czech Philharmonic Orchestra. Antonin Dvorak: Symphony No. 4 in G Major, Op. 88.

146/27: Boston Symphony Orchestra. Stravinsky's Agon and Schuller's Seven Studies on Themes of Paul Klee.

146/28: Symphonie-Orchester des Bayerischen Rundfunks. Gustav Mahler's Symphonie Nr. 1 D-dur, "Der Titan".

146/29: La Banda Sinaloese "El Recodo" de Cruz Lizarraga. Hits Calientes.

146/30: Various Artists. Sucedio en Los Veinte.

146/31: Various Artists. Las Carpas en Mexico.

146/32: Las Hermanas Hernandez. Hnas. Hernandez.

146/33: Cumbias y Porros.

146/34: "Los Ventaarrones del Norte". "Corridos Famosos".

146/35: From Jean Renoir's "The River". Music of India.

146/36: Cugat, Xavier and his Orchestra. Mambo!.

146/37: Cugat, Xavier and his Orchestra. Rhumba with Cugat.

146/38: Carlos Campos y su Orquesta. Danzones Melodicos.

146/39: La Orquesta America. Cha Cha Cha.

146/40: Various Artists. Guarachas.

146/41: Mariachi perla de Occidente, Mariachi de Juan Guitron, y Mariachi Los Abahenos. Polkas, Marchas, Paso-Dobles.

146/42: The Padre Choristers. Christmas at Mission Santa Barbara: Favorite Carols of The Padre Choristers.

Media - Vinyl Records - LPs

147/1: Nile, Willie.

147/2: Various Artists. Jimmy Cliff in the Harder They Come.

147/3: Franklin, Aretha. Lady of Soul.

147/4: Revard, Jimmie and his Oklahoma Playboys. Oh! Swing It.

147/5: Bledsoe, Tom and Rich Kirby. Hits from Home.

147/6: Reed, Lou. Growing up in Public.

147/7: Instituto Nacional de Antropoligia e Historia. Testimonio Musical de Mexico.

147/8: The Lovin' Spoonful. Hums of the Lovin' Spoonful.

147/9: Cash, Johnny. At Folsom Prison.

147/10: Temple, Shirley. Shirley Temple's Original Film Soundtracks.

147/11: Haro, Gloria y Conjunto Folklorico. Canto de La Raza.

147/12: Ediciones Interamericanas de Musica. Soledad Bravo: Cantares de Venezuela.

147/13: Neruda, Pablo. Atahualpa Yupanqui.

147/14: Crosby, Stills and Nash.

147/15: Wonder, Stevie. Music of My Mind.

147/16: Vargas de Tecalitlan: El Mejor Mariachi del Mundo. Sones de Jalisco.

147/17: La mejor musica ranchera con el mariachi de Pacheco. Las Chachitas.

147/18: Orquesta VIK, Norma Herrera y Mariachi Jalisco de Pepe Villa, Paco y Gloria y Mariachi Jalisco de Pepe Villa, Julio Aldama y Mariachi Guadalajara de Silvestre Vargas, y Mariachi de Atenguillo. Jalisco, Serie Mexico Musical.

147/19: The Great Mambo and Cha-Cha Orchestras of Perez Prado, Tito Rodriguez, Miguelito Valdez, Nat Charles, and Jose Gomez. Cha-Cha-Cha and Mambo.

147/20: La Sonora Santanera. A Gozar!! Let's Dance.

147/21: Cumbias y Gaitas, Famosas de Colombia -- Vol.2.

147/22: Various Artists. The Chicano Experience.

147/23: Various Artists. The Texas-Mexican Conjunto: History of a Working-Class Music.

147/24: Francisco Barrera, Jose Pantoja, Enrique Posada, Tony Olivarez Jr., and Tony Olivarez. La Nueva Reunion.

147/25: Musiques des Communautes Indigenes du Mexique.

147/26: Various Artists. Historia Moderna de la Musica Popular Mexicana Vol. 2.

147/27: Various Artists. Historia Moderna de la Musica Popular Mexicana Vol. 3.

147/28: Instituto Nacional de Antropologia e Historia. Cancionera de la Intervencion Francesa.

147/29: Puebla, Serie Mexico Musical.

147/30: Le Chant du Monde. Chants de la Revolution Mexicaine.

147/31: Various Artists. Especial para Mi Madre.

147/32: Santana.

147/33: Rosell, Rosendo. Anoranza Cubana: Remembranza Cubana.

147/34: Los Guaracheros de Oriente. Que Trio!.

147/35: Gaye, Marvin. Let's Get it On.

147/36: Young, Lester. Pres at His Very Best, 1965.

147/37: Parker, Charlie, Miles Davis, Bud Powell, Curley Russell, and Max Roach. The Charlie Parker Story.

147/38: Taj Mahal. Gaint Step/ De Ole Folks at Home.

Books - Latin American Literature in German

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Books - Chicano Music and Books

154/1: The Monster Imperial.

154/2: They Gotta Quit Kickin' my Dawg Aroun'.

154/3: You Keep Sending 'Em over and We'll Keep Knocking 'em Down.

154/4: Down Honolulu Way.

154/5: Cohan, Geo. Over There.

154/6: Oehmler, Leo. Capriccio Miniatura for the Piano.

154/7: Schmidt, Arthur. Franz Behr.

154/8: Godard, Ch. Ballet des papillows.

154/9: Kenneth, Karl. Stay in Your Own Backyard.

154/10: Odea, James. Hiawatha.

154/11: Norton, George A. Sing Me a Song of the South East Piano Music.

154/12: Tannehil Jr. May Be.

154/13: Jos, Low. Vortrages = Studien.

154/14: Wyman, AP. Silvery Waves.

154/15: Starr, Hattie. Little Alabama Coon.

154/16: Godard, Benjamin. Au Rouet.

154/17: Pianoforte Compositions.

154/18: Modern Gems for The Piano.

154/19: Celebrated Oevrtures for Piano.

154/20: Anona Vocal.

154/21: Modern Gems for the Piano.

154/22: California Here I come.

154/23: Music Pastime.

154/24: Transcriptions of Popular Songs for the Piano.

154/25: Grey, Vivian. Anona.

154/26: Guerrero,RG. Over the Waves/Sobre las Olas.

154/27: The Berlin for Pianoforte.

154/28: The Nightingale's Trill.

154/29: Ascher, Joseph. Mazurka des Traineaux.

154/30: Sterling, Andrew. My Old New Hampshire Home.

154/31: Out where the Billows Roll High.

154/32: Selections from the Opera.

154/33: Brown & Morse. A little boy in blue.

154/34: Shileds & Evans. In the Good Old Summer Time.

154/35: Rexfrod & Danks. Silver threads among the Gold.

154/36: Leybach, J. Fifth Nocturne.

154/37: Il Trovatore.

154/38: Valse.

154/39: Belle of the Phillipines.

154/40: Antologia de la Poesia Colombiana.

154/41: Jones, LeRoi. Blues People.

154/42: Quiroga, Alfredo. Cien anos de Poesia Hispanoamericana.

154/43: Argueta, Manlio. Caperucita en la Zona Roja.

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154/53: Mexico and the United States: Intercultural relations in the humanities.

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154/60: A Treasury of Stephen Foster.

154/61: Tejano Conjunto Festival.

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Books - Latin American

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Books - Chicano

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159/2: Dostal, Walter. Die Situation der Indios in Subamerika Band 2.

159/3: Dostal, Walter. Die Situation der Indios in Subamerika Band 3.

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