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"Lightning In A Bottle"

"Lightning in A Bottle: A Weather Warden Story" (2015), typescript, October 23, 2015; Story1_LightningInABottle.pdf (PDF file)

Caine, Rachel

"Texas Bound"

"Texas Bound: A Weather Warden Story" (2015), typescript, December 24, 2015; Story2_TexasBound.pdf (PDF file)

"Texas Bound: A *Weather Warden Story" (2015), revised typescript, December 30, 2015; Story2_TexasBound_2.0.pdf (PDF file)

Caine, Rachel

"Blood and Treasure"

"Blood and Treasure: A Weather Warden Story" (2016), typescript, February 1, 2016; Story3_BloodAndTreasure.pdf (PDF file)

Red Hot Rain Draft

Red Hot Rain, partial draft typescript; 0A7EDD9F-9DE0-4CC9-9AC1-EE0E3769B6A8 - content.rtf (Rich Text Format document)

Red Hot Rain Character Sketch

Red Hot Rain character sketch of Djinn, typescript, 6DC44F04-E34B-4FB6-83EF-08EE16AD0E02 - content.rtf (Rich Text Format document)

Caine, Rachel

Red Hot Rain Synopsis

Red Hot Rain typescript draft of synopsis, 25DF8FED-8FF2-44FE-B45D-0F61205FB00D - synopsis.txt (Notepad document)

Red Hot Rain Chapter 2

Red Hot Rain partial typescript of Chapter 2, EDCA9E77-D7B2-4444-9E8E-F66117FCC437 - content.rtf (Rich Text Format document)

Caine, Rachel

Red Hot Rain Synopsis

Red Hot Rain typescript of synopsis, FD75AC3C-F304-4EA6-ADCC-2C32D6589969 - synopsis.txt (Notepad document)

The Great Library Series

This series contains typescript drafts and other materials relating to Caine's 5-book fantasy series The Great Library, which tells the story of an alternate world where the Library of Alexandria was never destroyed. As a consequence, through a combination of magic and total control of information worldwide, the Library has risen to become a totalitarian power. Caine's series concerns a small group of Library acolytes and allies who learn the truth and mount a resistance.

Ink & Bone (2015)

This subseries contains materials relating to Ink & Bone, the first book in Caine's Great Library series.

Caine, Rachel

Inserted Page 2

Inserted Page 2, 9780451472397_InkAndBone_Changedpages 2 (PDF file)

Caine, Rachel

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