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1/1: Maugham, W. Somerset to W. Morris Colles, Esq. February 20, [circa 1900], re: Mr. T. Fisher Unwin. ALS, 1 leaf, with typed transcription.

1/2: Maugham, W. Somerset to Mrs. (Basil) Wilberforce. [circa 1901], re: The Hero glued into the book. TLS, 1 leaf.

1/3: Maugham, W. Somerset to Mr. Crombie. May 29, [1905], re: writing book. ALS, 1 leaf, with typed transcription.

1/4: Maugham, W. Somerset to Miss Leggatt. February 7, 1927, re: finances. ALS, 1 leaf, with typed transcription.

1/5: Maugham, W. Somerset to Mr. Hill. May 5, 1927, re: after dinner speech. ALS, 1 leaf, with typed transcription.

1/6: Maugham, W. Somerset to Lady Millicent. July 19, [1927], re: a visit to Villa Mauresque. ALS, 1 leaf, with typed transcription.

1/7: Maugham, W. Somerset to "Duchess." January 18, [1934], re: luncheon invitation. ALS, 1 leaf, with typed transcription.

1/8: Maugham, W. Somerset to Mr. Dobell. March 10, 1936, re: travels. TLS, 1 leaf, with original envelope.

1/9: Maugham, W. Somerset to Mr. Dobell. April 13, 1936, re: visiting, travels. ALS, 1 card with original envelope and typed transcription.

1/10: Maugham, W. Somerset to Mr. Dobell. February 12, 1937, re: Death of an Idealist. TLS, 1 leaf, with original envelope.

1/11: Maugham, W. Somerset to Dobell. March 6, 1937, re: new ending for story. TLS, 1 leaf.

1/12: Mealand, Richard to A.G. Dobell. April 1, 1937, re: Render Unto Caesar. TLS, 1 leaf.

1/13: Maugham, W. Somerset to Dobell. April 4, 1937, re: regrets about Dobell's book. ALS, 1 leaf, with typed transcription.

1/14: Whittaker, James (Agent) to Alfred Dobell. March 23, 1939, re: manuscript. ALS, 1 leaf, with original envelope and typed transcription.

1/15: Whittaker, James (Agent) to Alfred Dobell. May 16, 1939, re: short story. ALS, 1 leaf, with typed transcription.

1/16: Whittaker, James (Agent) to Alfred Dobell. August 18, 1939, re: manuscript. ALS, 1 leaf, with original envelope, and typed transcription.

1/17: Ray to Jim Dobell [Maugham's friend]. January 22, 1941, re: Dobell's discharge from the RAF. ALS, 2 leaves, with original envelope and typed transcription.

1/18: Maugham, W. Somerset to Mr. Tenny Williams. February 28, 1941, re: regrets about not writing to decline invitation. TLS, 1 leaf.

1/19: Maugham, W. Somerset to (Guy) Bolton. July 25, 1941, re: unnamed play. TLS, 1 leaf.

1/20: Maugham, W. Somerset to Mr. Drew. August 25, 1944, re: arrival at Ritz. ALS, 1 leaf, with original envelope.

1/21: Maugham, W. Somerset. "Spanish Journey," magazine article. [circa 1945]. 2 photographs.

1/22: Maugham, W. Somerset to A. Dobell. October 20, 1946, re: declining invitation. TLS, 1 leaf.

1/23: Maugham, W. Somerset to (Guy) Bolton. June 24, 1947, re: Theatre. ALS, 1 leaf, with envelope and typed transcription.

1/24: Maugham, W. Somerset to (Guy) Bolton. January 29, 1948, re: Theatre. TLS, 1 leaf.

1/25: Maugham, W. Somerset to Sydney Box. December 3, 1948, re: Sanatorium. TLS, 1 leaf.

1/26: Three small black and white photos of unknown man. [circa 1948].

1/27: Maugham, W. Somerset to Tony. January 12, 1949, re: Sanatorium. TLS, 2 leaves.

1/28: Maugham, W. Somerset to Mr. Miller. February 23, 1949, re: autograph for Creatures of Circumstance. TLS, 1 leaf. Included is one small printed map of Berkshire Farm.

1/29: Maugham, W. Somerset to Sydney Box. May 21, 1949, re: Sanatorium, Quartet, The Round Dozen. TLS, 1 leaf.

1/30: Maugham, W. Somerset to Sydney Box. June 23, 1949, re: unnamed work in progress and Quartet. TLS, 1 leaf.

1/31: Maugham, W. Somerset to Sydney Box. November 22, 1949, re: unnamed production (probably Trio) and Sanatorium. TLS, 1 leaf, with autograph postscript.

1/32: Maugham, W. Somerset to Tony. December 22, 1949, re: Mr. Know-All, The Verger, Sanatorium. TLS, with handwritten postscript, 1 leaf.

1/33: Maugham, W. Somerset to Sydney Box. January 7, 1950, re: The Verger, Sanatorium, Mr. Know-All. TLS, with autograph postscript, 1 leaf.

1/34: Maugham, W. Somerset to Harold French. January 10, 1950, re: unnamed production and Sanatorium. TLS, 1 leaf.

1/35: Maugham, W. Somerset to Sydney (Box). March 17, 1950, re: Trio. TLS, 1 leaf.

1/36: Maugham, W. Somerset to Sydney (Box). August 12, 1950, re: Trio. TLS, 1 leaf.

1/37: Maugham, W. Somerset to Mr. Ackroyd. October 17, 1951, re: interviews. TLS, 1 leaf.

1/38: Maugham, W. Somerset to Miss Brooks. December 5, 1951, re: autograph. TLS, 1 leaf, with envelope.

1/39: Maugham, W. Somerset to Frederick Frost. April 19, 1952, re: consent to autograph copy of book. TLS, 1 leaf, with original envelope.

1/40: Maugham, W. Somerset to (Frederick) Frost. June 20, 1953, re: letter to Mrs. Wilberforce, The Hero and manuscript(s) for Princetown[sic] University. TLS, 1 leaf, with original envelope.

1/41: Maugham, W. Somerset to Frederick Frost. November 23, 1953, re: Theatre manuscript. TLS, 1 leaf, with original envelope.

1/42: Photo of drawing of Maugham, by Graham Sutherland, 1953.

1/43: John O'London's Weekly article "Somerset Maugham Comes of Age," January 22, 1954.

1/44: The Listener article by Maugham "Looking Back on Eighty Years," January 28, 1954.

1/45: Maugham, W. Somerset to Frederick Frost. August 25, 1954, re: autograph of Theatre and comment on Rothenstein. TLS, 1 leaf, with original envelope.

1/46: Maugham, W. Somerset to Monsieur Dobrinsky. March 22, 1955, re: calling to arrange a meeting. TLS, 1 leaf.

1/47: Maugham, W. Somerset to Mr. Dobrinsky. July 8, 1956, re: travels, reviewing Etudes Anglaises, lecture. TLS, 1 leaf, with photo of letter.

1/48: Maugham, W. Somerset to Mr. A. Dobell. December 11, 1956, re: autographing The Summing Up. TLS, 1 leaf, with original envelope.

1/49: Maugham, W. Somerset to Monsieur Dobrinsky. August 11, 1957, re: answers to questions about his plays. TLS, 2 leaves.

1/50: Maugham, W. Somerset to G. Cook. December 31, 1957, re: Spanish Journey. TLS, 1 leaf, with original envelope.

1/51: Maugham, W. Somerset to Mr. Dobrinsky. January 22, 1958, re: pamphlet, early plays by Maugham. TLS, 1 leaf.

1/52: Maugham, W. Somerset to Professor Dobrinsky. February 16, 1961, re: information source about Maugham, answering questions. ALS, 1 leaf, with photocopy.

1/53: Cuellor, George to W. Somerset Maugham. March 29, 1961, re: answer to question about The Razor's Edge, Maugham's meeting with Mr. Zanuck, Lady L script. TLS, 3 leaves.

1/54: Collar, Hubert to Professor Cordell. April 2, 1961, re: not read book yet, disposing of Maugham's library. ALS, photocopies of a 2 leaf letter, with typed transcriptions.

1/54: Collar, Hubert to "Dear Sir." June 20, 1961, re: book about Maugham, personal information. ALS, photocopy of 2 leaf letter, with typed transcriptions.

1/54: Collar, Hubert. Notes re: Maugham's books. 6 leaves, handwritten (photocopies), with typed transcriptions.

1/55: Maugham, W. Somerset to Mr. Dobrinsky. May 9, 1963, re: The Artistic Temperament of Stephen Carey and several early plays. TLS, 1 leaf, with photocopy.

1/56: Searle, Alan [Maugham's secretary] to Jim Dobell. October 7, 1963, re: their meeting, travels. TLS, 1 leaf, with original envelope.

1/57: Searle, Alan [Maugham's secretary] to Dobell. December 3, 1963, re: travels with Maugham. TLS, 1 leaf, with original envelope.

1/58: New York Times Book Review article "Summing up Somerset Maugham at 90" by Walter Allen, January 19, 1964.

1/59: Maugham, W. Somerset to Mr. Dobrinsky. February 4, 1964, re: thank you for birthday card. TLS, 1 leaf.

1/60: Maugham, W. Somerset to A. Dobell. February 10, 1964, re: thank you for birthday letter. TLS, 1 leaf, with original envelope.

1/61: Searle, Alan [Maugham's secretary] to A. Dobell. February 24, 1964, re: travels, Maugham's health. TLS, 1 leaf, with original envelope.

1/62: Searle, Alan [Maugham's secretary] to Jim Dobell. May 29, 1964, re: travels, Maugham's health. TLS, 1 leaf, with original envelope.

1/63: Searle, Alan [Maugham's secretary] to Jim Dobell. August 29, 1964, re: Maugham's illness. TLS, 1 leaf, with original envelope.

1/64: Searle, Alan [Maugham's secretary] to Jim Dobell. December 14, 1964, re: Maugham's illness. TLS, 1 leaf, with original envelope.

1/65: Maugham, W. Somerset to Jim Dobell. February 2, 1965, re: thank you for birthday letter. TLS, 1 leaf, with original envelope.

1/66: Searle, Alan [Maugham's secretary] to Jim Dobell. July 14, 1965, re: Maugham's illness, sending book about theatrical pictures. TLS, 1 leaf, with original envelope.

1/67: Searle, Alan [Maugham's secretary] to Jim Dobell. October 22, 1965, re: Maugham's illness, the Riviera. TLS, 1 leaf, with original envelope.

1/68: Searle, Alan [Maugham's secretary] to Jim Dobell. January 11, 1966, re: Maugham's death, travels. TLS, 1 leaf, with original envelope.

1/69: Phillips, Harry to Mr. Dobrinsky. February 8, 1966, re: regrets on not being able to meet, willingness to answer questions about Maugham. ALS, 1 leaf, with photocopies and typed transcription.

1/70: Phillips, Harry to Mr. Dobrinsky. September 16, 1966, re: information about Maugham. ALS, 4 leaves, with photocopies, and typed transcription.

1/71: Phillips, Harry to Dobrinsky. November 14, 1966, re: information about Maugham. ALS, 3 leaves, with typed transcription.

1/72: St. Thomas Medical School Archivist to Dobrinsky. September 20th, 1966, re: Maugham's medical education. TLS, (photocopy), 1 leaf.

1/72: Tubbs, F.A. [St. Thomas Hospital Medical School Librarian] to Monsieur Dobrinsky. October 5, 1966, re: Maugham's attendance in medical school. TLS, 1 leaf, photocopy.

1/72: Examining Board in England to M.M. Dobrinsky. November 8, 1966, re: Maugham's medical exam. 1 leaf, photocopy.

1/73: Pittman, R.N. to Searle. December 1, 1966, re: copy of catalog of the books given by Maugham to King's School, coming across some rare papers. TLS, 1 leaf, photocopy.

1/74: Searle, Alan [Maugham's secretary] to Dobrinsky. November 23, 1966, re: recovery from nervous breakdown, information about Maugham's library and letters. TLS, 1 leaf.

1/75: Searle, Alan [Maugham's secretary] to Dobrinsky. November 30, 1966, re: information about Maugham. TLS, 1 leaf.

1/76: Unknown to J. Dobell. April 22, 1971, re: selling letter of Maugham's, authors and books to read. TLS, 1 leaf, with original envelope.

1/77: W newspaper article "Lord Robin Maugham (Somerset Maugham's nephew): reflections on Uncle Willie." Leaves 4 and 5, dated August 18-25, 1978.

1/78: Dobrinsky, Joseph to Donald Dyal. December 17, 1987. ALS, 1 leaf, with typed transcription and computer printout of Joseph Dobrinsky's Maugham Collection.

1/79: Maugham, W. Somerset to Mr. Savage. March 14, [no year], re: interview, photographs. TLS, 1 leaf.

1/80: Maugham, W. Somerset to "Dear Sir". [undated], re: translating into French the introduction he wrote to British and American Literature. ALS, 1 leaf.

1/81: Maugham, W. Somerset to Mr. Rutter. December 12, [no year], re: thank you, travel. ALS, 1 leaf, with typed transcription.

1/82: Maugham, W. Somerset to William Lyon Phelps. [undated.] TLS, 1 leaf.

1/83: Maugham, W. Somerset to A.G. Dobell. [undated], re: sending book. ALS, 1 postcard.

1/84: Autographed 6x8, black and white photo of Maugham for H.F. Wright. [undated].

1/85: Maugham, W. Somerset to John Taylor. [pre-1965], re: lamps, Nina Valli. ALS, 1 leaf, cable draft, with typed transcription.

1/86: Untitled verse by W. Somerset Maugham. [pre-1965], 1 leaf, with typed transcription.

1/87: Maugham, W. Somerset, speech. [pre-1965], re: some history on several of his plays. 5 leaves (two handwritten, three typed), with typed transcription.

1/88: Maugham, W. Somerset. Script fragment from The Sanatorium. [pre-1965], 2 leaves, typed.

1/89: Eleven photograph negatives of Maugham. [pre-1965].

W. Somerset Maugham Collection

  • TxAM-CRS 1097
  • Colección
  • 1900-1987; undated

This collection contains correspondence with original envelopes and transcriptions both to and from Maugham as well as photographs, newspapers, a speech, a script, and a piece of written prose.


BrennanMarie-InAshesLie-EPUB.epub, ebook of In Ashes Lie (2009), ebook of In Ashes Lie (2009)

abstract-fire-figure-12920427.jpg, image of fire, undated

ial-cover-image.jpg, full cover image of fire, undated

ial-draft2.png, cover image, 2009?

Brennan-InAshesLie600x900.jpg, cover image, 2009?

Fae (The Onyx Court Series)

all-blurbs.wpd, blurbs for Onyx Court novels, undated

and-other-stories.wpd, message from Brennan re: short fiction for novel series, undated

announcement.wpd, message from Brennan re: Onyx Court, 2009?

BrennanTwoBooksrevisedApril2009.pdf, contract for two Onyx Court books, March 2009

C2OMqilWgAA5ol6.jpg large.jpg, image of Onyx Court novel covers, undated

characters.xlsx, character spreadsheet for Faeries of the Onyx Court, undated

faerie-list.wpd, list of Onyx Court characters, undated

faerie-names.wpd, partial list of faerie character names, undated

Invidiana.jpg, illustration of Invidiana, Faerie Queen of the Onyx Court, undated

L1020130.jpg, image of letter from Queen Lune to Teresa Bryant, undated

L1020132..jpg, image of letter from Lady Aisha bint Jamil, undated

L1020133.jpg, image of sealed letter, undated

locations.xlsx, spreadsheet of Onyx Hall locations, undated

london-hq-sunny.jpg, illustration of destroyed London, undated

london-panorama.jpg, image of modern London, undated

london-shadow.pdf, musical score for In London's Shadow by Yoon Ha Lee, undated

LondonPride.wpd, lyrics for "London Pride" (Noel Coward), undated

Luna.jpg, illustration of Luna, undated

movie-post.wpd, piece by Brennan on "casting" characters in Onyx Court series, undated

new-cover-copy-wpd.wpd, cover text for Onyx Court series, undated

new-cover-copy.text, blurb text for Onyx Court series, undated

OnycCourt-proposal.wpd, Brennan's description of Onyx Court series, undated

possible-lune.jpg, photograph of actress visualizing Lune, undated

princes.wpd, list of princes in Onyx Court series, undated

rambly-mess-2.wpd, rough proposal of A Star Shall Fall, 2008?

rambly-mess.wpd, rough description of A Star Shall Fall, 2008?

series-ramble-2.wpd, overview of Onyx Court series, undated

series-ramble.wpd, overview of Onyx Court series, undated

uk-errata.wpd, list of corrections for UK editions of In Ashes Lie and A Star Shall Fall, 2016?

WIP_A_Strange_Game_of_Chess_by_darth_jurious.jpg, pencil illustration, undated


AAL-PartOne, typescript (Part One) with reader comments, August 2008

aal-part2.rtf, typescript (Part Two) with reader comments, 2008


battle-playlist.txt, writing/reading playlist, undated

civilized-playlist.txt, writing/reading playlist, undated

dark-playlist.txt, writing/reading playlist, undated

faerie-playlist.txt, writing/reading playlist, undated

religious-playlist.txt, writing/reading playlist, undated

romantic-bright-playlist.txt, writing/reading playlist, undated

romantic-sad-playlist.txt, writing/reading playlist, undated


281.jpg, image of comet, undated

996-Halley.jpg, image of Halley's Comet, undated

060227comet.jpg, image of comet, undated

colorLondonsm.jpg, map of London, undated

comet_1532_apian-l.gif, image of astronomer and comets, undated

comet_1577-t.gif, image of comet, undated

comet_1618-l.gif, image of book on comets, 1619?

comet1857.gif, cartoon of comet, 1857

cometbayeux3.jpg, image of comet from Bayeux Tapestry, undated

comettypes.jpg, image of comets, undated

fig8a.jpg, Renaissance image of comets, undated

gray-quote.jpg, quote from Thomas Gray, undated

halcom01.gif, image of Halley's Comet, undated

halley1a.jpg, image of Halley's Comet, undated

halleys_lond_1759.jpg, image of Halley's Comet, 1759

icon1.jpg, image of comet, undated

icon2.jpg, image of comet, undated

icon3.jpg, image of comet, undated

icon4.jpg, image of comet, undated

inset-20040405-205-19.jpg, image of comet at Greenwich, undated

LeicesterSquare-1727.jpg, image of Leicester Square (London), undated

LeicesterSquare-1753.jpg, image of Leicester Square (London), 1753

Messier-1759.jpg, map of comet routes, undated (scan made 2008)

messiermap2.jpg, map of comet routes, undated (scan made 2005)

Monument cross-section.jpg, image of London Monument, undated

research-shelf.jpg, image of bookshelf with Brennan's research materials, undated

samuel-scott-comet-1759.jpg, image of comet, 1759

SSF-cover-lg.jpg, image of cover for A Star Shall Fall, 2010?

ssf-uk-jpg.jpg, image of cover for UK edition of A Star Shall Fall, 2010?

star-london-half.jpg, image of map of London, undated

Maugham Manuscripts

1/1: Strictly Confidential (typescript, 48pp). 1930
Strictly confidential [Los Angeles]: Metro­Goldwyn-Mayer, 12 April 1930. Quarto. Mimeographed typescript, printed on rectos only, brad bound into mimeographed wrappers. A Dialogue Cutting Continuity script for this adaptation by Sylvia Thalberg and Frank Butler of Maugham's play, The Circle. While DCC scripts are, by definition, post­production, examples such as this, from an early sound film, are very uncommon. And when they record literary adaptations such as this which are generally not accessible, they are very important. This film does not turn up in several of the major printed and electronic references and may just be non-extant.

1/2: "A Human Element" (typescript with corrections and page proofs, 59pp-6pp-4pp, 4to-long folio-4to) circa 1930s
A bound volume containing the carbon typescript for Maugham's short story "A Human Element". No place, no date with several pencil annotations in Maugham's hand and that of the printer. Also present is a set of corrected galley proofs (6pp, long folio) with numerous corrections in red ink in Maugham's hand; the original page layout, in pencil (dated 1930), for the title-page of this story which includes a blue-line reproduction of the opening illustration (by Leon Gordon): a complete set of page proofs (4pp, 4to) of the story, with a few corrections in red ink in Maugham's hand; and an autograph lettercard signed (with initials) from Maugham, to Mr. Coster, writing: "I only rec'd these proofs last night. On the chance that it is not too late I have looked through them. W.S.M.".

1/3: Sheppey. A Play in Three Acts manuscript pages (5pp, 4to). circa 1933
Original manuscript of five numbered pages from the death scene and last act of Maugham's Sheppey. A Play in Three Acts. No place, no date, with a few deletions in Maugham's hand. This manuscript consists of the dialogue between three characters, Mrs. Miller, Sheppey and Cooper, and begins: "(Mrs. Miller draws the blinds & is just about to go out) Sheppey (with a stare of surprise) 'Who's that woman standing there? I never see 'er come in. Mrs. Miller 'What woman, Sheppey? There's no one there. Sheppey: Yes, there is .... 'er face all shining".
Sheppey. A Play in Three Acts was first published in London by William Heinemann in 1933. This play was "written in 1932. It was produced at Wyndham's Theatre on 14 September 1933... After the production of Sheppey, Mr. Maugham announced that he would write no more plays."

1/4 "The Colonel's Lady" (40pp, 4to) December 1945
Original holograph manuscript, signed, of Maugham's short story "The Colonel's Lady." The story itself is written in black ink, with corrections in red ink, on the rectos only of 32 leaves; extensive corrections and additions, in red ink on the versos make up the remainder. High Perch Farm, Georgetown, Connecticut, no date. Bound in full blue Morocco gilt, with an autograph titlepage, and an autograph presentation leaf, inscribed by the author: "For Tammie & Ellen this little story written at High Perch. Christmas 1945". Together with the original mailing envelope (worn and torn) addressed by Maugham, written from South Carolina, "To the Occupants of High Perch Farm". The Colonel's Lady was first published in Good Housekeeping (New York, March 1946), and later included in Creatures of Circumstance (New York: Doubleday & Co., 1947).

1/5: Autobiographical sketch (2pp, 4to). July 1950
Original holograph autobiographical sketch, no place, no date, with several little corrections in Maugham's hand in the text. Written in response to a request from Irita Van Doren, Editor of the Weekly Book Review at the New York Herald Tribune (whose letter, dated 19 July 1950 is still present), Maugham writes: "I was born a long time ago, in 1874, & on the death of my parents who lived in Paris I was taken to England. I went to school & then after spending some time in Heidelberg to learn German, I became a medical student. All this I have told in Of Human Bondage & there is no object in repeating it. I began writing when I was eighteen & have been writing ever since. It was ten years before I achieved sufficient success to earn my living. Then I had the unusual experience of having four plays running in London at the same time. I played an inconsequential part in the First World War... I think the turning point of my life came when I was forty. It was then that I began to take the long journeys that gave me the material for many of my stories & for several of my novels.... When I grew tired of traveling I bought a house in the South of France, & I Have lived in it ever since, but never for very long at a time, for after a while I grow restless...."
In her letter (one-page TLS), Van Doren mentions that "The Herald Tribune Book Review is planning what I suppose might be called an Authors' Number late in September or early October. It will concern itself with some of the outstanding authors of the 1950 fall season," asks for "a brief autobiographical sketch... which we may use in whole or in part: with an account of how you write or how you play, where you live, where you work, your tastes in reading... or any other things about you and your ways that come to mind.:

1/6: Screen adaptation introductions (3pp, 4to). circa 1952
Original holograph manuscripts of Maugham's brief introductions for the screen adaptations of three of his stories which were included in his book Encore, together with the manuscript draft of his primary introduction to the film. No place, no date, with numerous alterations, additions, and deletions by the author.

1/7: Point of View (typescript, 30pp, 4to). circa 1950s
Corrected carbon typescripts of thirty leaves from Maugham's book Points of View, published in London by Heinemann in 1958. No place, no date, with numerous autograph alterations, deletions and corrections throughout in Maugham's hand in his characteristic red ink. In addition, Maugham has added a half page of notes to each of the versos of three leaves. The last two leaves in this group are entirely in Maugham's hand, and the first leaf contains the manuscript, plus a draft (crossed through), for a third person note which reads: "Mr. Maugham has announced that this is the last book he will ever publish & since he seems to have a way of doing what he says he is going to do, he may safely assume that with this last volume of essays he will take his leave of the reading public & so put an end to a relationship that with Liza of Lambeth began just over sixty years ago." The last page contains Maugham's notes and page numbers for his corrections and stating that these pages need to be re-typed.

An Appointment with Somerset Maugham Manuscript

1/1: Scope and Content Note; Contents of Box.

1/2: Mary Lenn Dixon to Richard Costa. July 25, 1994. TLS, 2 leaves. Re: instructions for proofreading.

1/3: One copy of the index of An Appointment with Somerset Maugham with corrections, 18 leaves.

1/4: One dust jacket from An Appointment with Somerset Maugham by Richard Costa.

1/5: Newspaper clipping from The Houston Chronicle, February 2, 1995. "To all the books he's loved." Article re: Costa's "An Appointment with Somerset Maugham".

1/6: Order form from Texas A&M University Press for An Appointment with Somerset Maugham.

1/7: Exhibit order form from Texas A&M University Press. (Photocopy.)

1/8: Typescript of An Appointment with Somerset Maugham (1 of 6 folders): 291 leaves in total, pages 1 - 50.

1/9: Typescript (2 of 6): pages 51-100.

1/10: Typescript (3 of 6): pages 101-150.

1/11: Typescript (4 of 6): pages 151-200.

1/12: Typescript (5 of 6): pages 201-250.

1/13: Typescript (6 of 6): pages 251-291.

1/14: Page Proofs of An Appointment with Somerset Maugham (1 of 5 folders): 219 leaves in total, pages 1-3 8.

1/15: Page Proofs (2 of 5): pages 53-82.

1/16: Page Proofs (3 of 5): pages 83-121.

1/17: Page Proofs (4 of5): pages 122-160.

1/18: Page Proofs (5 of 5): pages 161-219.


3/1: Correspondence. August 1922

3/2: Correspondence. September 1922

3/3: Correspondence. October 1922

3/4: Correspondence. November 1922

3/5: Correspondence. December 1922

3/6: Correspondence. January 1923

3/7: Correspondence. February 1923

3/8: Correspondence. March 1923

3/9: Correspondence. April 1923

3/10: Correspondence. May 1923

3/11: Correspondence. June 1923

3/12: Correspondence. July 1923

3/13: Correspondence. August 1923

3/14: Correspondence. September 1923

3/15: Correspondence. October 1923

3/16: Correspondence. November 1923

3/17: Correspondence. December 1923

3/18: Correspondence. January 1924

3/19: Correspondence. February 1924

3/20: Correspondence. March 1924

3/21: Correspondence. April 1924

3/22: Correspondence. May 1924

3/23: Correspondence. June 1924

3/24: Correspondence. July 1924

3/25: Correspondence. August 1924

3/26: Correspondence. September 1924

3/27: Correspondence. October 1924

3/28: Correspondence. November 1924

3/29: Correspondence. January 1925

3/30: Correspondence. February 1925

3/31: Correspondence. March 1925

3/32: Correspondence. April 1925

3/33: Correspondence. May 1925

3/34: Correspondence. July 1925

3/35: Correspondence. August 1925

3/36: Correspondence. September 1925

3/37: Correspondence. October 1925

3/38: Correspondence. November 1925

3/39: Correspondence. December 1925

3/40: Correspondence. January 1926

3/41: Correspondence. February 1926

3/42: Correspondence. March 1926

3/43: Correspondence. April 1926

3/44: Correspondence. May 1926

3/45: Correspondence. June 1926

3/46: Correspondence. July 1926

3/47: Correspondence. August 1926

3/48: Correspondence. September 1926

3/49: Correspondence. October 1926

3/50: Correspondence. November 1926

3/51: Correspondence. December 1926

3/52: Correspondence. January 1927

3/53: Correspondence. February 1927

3/54: Correspondence. March 1927

3/55: Correspondence. April 1927

3/56: Correspondence. May 1927

3/57: Correspondence. June 1927

3/58: Correspondence. July 1927

3/59: Correspondence. August 1927


2/1: Correspondence. September 1919

2/2: Correspondence. October 1919

2/3: Correspondence. November 1919

2/4: Correspondence. December 1919

2/5: Correspondence. January 1920

2/6: Correspondence. February 1920

2/7: Correspondence. March 1920

2/8: Correspondence. April 1920

2/9: Correspondence. May 1920

2/10: Correspondence. June 1920

2/11: Correspondence. July 1920

2/12: Correspondence. August 1920

2/13: Correspondence. September 1920

2/14: Correspondence. October 1920

2/15: Correspondence. November 1920

2/16: Correspondence. December 1920

2/17: Correspondence. January 1921

2/18: Correspondence. February 1921

2/19: Correspondence. March 1921

2/20: Correspondence. April 1921

2/21: Correspondence. May 1921

2/22: Correspondence. June 1921

2/23: Correspondence. July 1921

2/24: Correspondence. August 1921

2/25: Correspondence. September 1921

2/26: Correspondence. October 1921

2/27: Correspondence. November 1921

2/28: Correspondence. December 1921

2/29: Correspondence. January 1922

2/30: Correspondence. February 1922

2/31: Correspondence. March 1922

2/32: Correspondence. April 1922

2/33: Correspondence. May 1922

2/34: Correspondence. June 1922

2/35: Correspondence. July 1922


1/1: Correspondence. August 1916

1/2: Correspondence. September 1916

1/3: Correspondence. October 1916

1/4: Correspondence. November 1916

1/5: Correspondence. December 1916

1/6: Correspondence. January 1917

1/7: Correspondence. February 1917

1/8: Correspondence. March 1917

1/9: Correspondence. April 1917

1/10: Correspondence. May 1917

1/11: Correspondence. June 1917

1/12: Correspondence. July 1917

1/13: Correspondence. August 1917

1/14: Correspondence. September 1917

1/15: Correspondence. October 1917

1/16: Correspondence. November 1917

1/17: Correspondence. December 1917

1/18: Correspondence. January 1918

1/19: Correspondence. February 1918

1/20: Correspondence. March 1918

1/21: Correspondence. April 1918

1/22: Correspondence. May 1918

1/23: Correspondence. June 1918

1/24: Correspondence. July 1918

1/25: Correspondence. August 1918

1/26: Correspondence. September 1918

1/27: Correspondence. October 1918

1/28: Correspondence. November 1918

1/29: Correspondence. December 1918

1/30: Correspondence. January 1919

1/31: Correspondence. February 1919

1/32: Correspondence. March 1919

1/33: Correspondence. April 1919

1/34: Correspondence. May 1919

1/35: Correspondence. June 1919

1/36: Correspondence. July 1919

1/37: Correspondence. August 1919


4/1: Correspondence. September 1927

4/2: Correspondence. October 1927

4/3: Correspondence. November 1927

4/4: Correspondence. December 1927

4/5: Correspondence. January 1928

4/6: Correspondence. March 1928

4/7: Correspondence. April 1928

4/8: Correspondence. May 1928

4/9: Correspondence. September 1928

4/10: Correspondence. October 1928

4/11: Correspondence. November 1928

4/12: Correspondence. January 1929

4/13: Correspondence. April 1929

4/14: Correspondence. July 1929

4/15: Correspondence. November 1929

4/16: Correspondence. January 1930

4/17: Correspondence. February 1930

4/18: Correspondence. May 1930

4/19: Correspondence. June 1930

4/20: Correspondence. August 1930

4/21: Correspondence. October 1930

4/22: Correspondence. February 1931

4/23: Correspondence. March 1931

4/24: Correspondence. April 1931

4/25: Correspondence. May 1931

4/26: Correspondence. June 1931

4/27: Correspondence. July 1931

4/28: Correspondence. August 1931

4/29: Correspondence. September 1931

4/30: Correspondence. November 1931

4/31: Correspondence. December 1931

4/32: Correspondence. January 1932

4/33: Correspondence. February 1932

4/34: Correspondence. March 1932

4/35: Correspondence. April 1932

4/36: Correspondence. May 1932

4/37: Correspondence. June 1932

4/38: Correspondence. July 1932

4/39: Correspondence. August 1932

4/40: Correspondence. September 1932

4/41: Correspondence. October 1932

4/42: Correspondence. November 1932

4/43: Correspondence. December 1932

4/44: Correspondence. January 1933

4/45: Correspondence. February 1933

4/46: Correspondence. March 1933

4/47: Correspondence. April 1933

4/48: Correspondence. May 1933

4/49: Correspondence. June 1933

4/50: Correspondence. July 1933

Con Badges and Other Materials

List of Awards (Large):

Cardigan Welsh Corgi Club of Southern California:
“Premier Bitch”, January 19, 1988

Cardigan Welsh Corgi Club of America:
“First Place, Veteran Sweepstakes Veteran Bitch 11 Yrs and Older”, May 13, 1999

Leprecon 34 (Casa Grande, AZ: May 9-11, 2008)
“Art Show Guest of Honor”
“Art Show Third Place”

MileHiCon 29 (Denver, CO: October 24-26, 1997)
“1st Place Color”

World Fantasy Con 2004 (Tempe, AZ: October 28-31, 2004)
“Honorable Mention”

Con Badges:

Cons, A-W, various dates

Other Materials:

ASFA (Association of Science Fiction & Fantasy Artists) Lifetime Membership Card, undated

"The Few, The Proud, The X-Buffalo Employees Club" card, undated

Jasco Games/Universal Fighting System character card, 2009

IX ICAES Chicago 1973 button

Fictional Access Passes (for cons?) (all undated):

Aztechnology Research Pass, Gold-9

Aztechnology Research Pass, Gray-14

Doc Wagon Total Clearance Full Access

FASA Research Pass, Nerps Division, Testing Department Full Access

Knight Errant Security Consultant Gamma Level Access

Lone Star Forensic Division Crime Scene Access Only

Tir Na nOg Research Pass Medical Clearance Delta Grade Limited Access

U.C.A.S. Containment Zine Peacekeeper - Ashland Checkpoint

Records of the Camarilla Collection

  • TxAM-CRS C000450
  • Colección
  • 1993-2002

This collection consists of reports and other materials for chapters of the Camarilla, the official fan club of White Wolf Publishing's Vampire: The Masquerade role-playing universe. Materials include membership applications submitted to the central office, club chapter reports, membership lists, and other documentation relating to club administration and business.

The term "Camarilla" refers to one of the major vampire sects of the Vampire: The Masquerade universe. To quote White Wolf's official wiki, "The Camarilla is the most organized of the vampiric sects, an elite club that favours tradition and control of the mortal populace from behind the scenes. Across their domains, they enforce six major Traditions, chief among them being the Masquerade. All clans have an individual presence in the Ivory Tower, though a select group of pillar clans make up the core of its membership. Once the Camarilla welcomed all Kindred who obeyed its laws, but recent events have caused the leadership to adopt more exclusive membership rules. No Anarchs, Caitiff, or thin-blooded vampires are allowed to exist within the sect. In addition to preventing the growing mortals masses from discovering the existence of vampires, the Camarilla aims to maintain the status quo of Kindred society; as such, much of its structure and traditions mirror that of Cainite society in feudal Europe in the Dark Ages, and places it at odds with the agenda of the Sabbat and Anarchs, both of whom seek to overthrow archaic Kindred society. "

Vampire: The Masquerade:

The Vampire games, created by Mark Rein-Hagen and first released in 1991, are part of White Wolf's World of Darkness overall universe, set in an Earth much like ours, except that vampires, werewolves, and magic-users exist. Vampire was designed for players to be vampires rather than the more traditional player role as vampire hunters. The game is notable for the development of an elaborate social system and varied culture surrounding vampires. The game, to quote its WIkipedia entry, "uses the cursed, vampiric condition as a backdrop to explore themes of morality, depravity, the human condition (or appreciation of the human condition in its absence), salvation, and personal horror. The gloomy and exaggerated version of the real world that the vampires inhabit, called the "World of Darkness", forms an already bleak canvas against which the stories and struggles of characters are painted. The themes that the game seeks to address include retaining the character's sense of self, humanity, and sanity, as well as simply keeping from being crushed by the grim opposition of mortal and supernatural antagonists and, more poignantly, surviving the politics, treachery, and often violent ambitions of their own kind. " The game has inspired video games, novels, comic books, and the 1996 television show Kindred: The Embraced.

The term "Masquerade" refers to an ongoing disinformation campaign of self-protection directed by the Kindred (the vampires as a whole) and heavily enforced by the Camarilla to convince humans that vampires and other supernatural creatures do not really exist.

The Masquerade universe is also known for its commitment to LARP (Live Action Role-Play). LARPing is an activity in which participants not only create role-playing game characters but physically portray them in established campaigns, LARPs can be played in both public or private areas, and events can vary in size from a small handful of players to hundreds or even several thousands at once. In 1993, White Wolf released the first Vampire LARP game, Mind's Eye Theatre: The Masquerade, and a number of LARP publications based on the different World of Darkness games followed.

Liz Danforth Collection

  • TxAM-CRS C000591
  • Colección
  • 1966-2023, undated

This collection consists of materials from the life and work of role-playing game and video game industries artist and designer Liz (Elizabeth T.) Danforth. Materials include correspondence, issues of fanzines and gaming magazines, convention materials such as program books and con badges, and miscellaneous other materials. Also included are several audio recordings of conversations Danforth had in the spring of 1984 with several authors concerning a possible new book series.

Sin título

August 2023 Addendum: Con Badges

Blizzcon (Anaheim, 2018)

Illuxcon (Philadelphia, 2018? – 3 badges

Lure of Middle Earth (Burg Stahleck, Germany, 2023)

Magic: The Gathering Grand Prix Las Vegas, undated
Magic 30 (Las Vegas, 2023)

Mosaic Miscellanea (craft fair card, undated)
Phoenix Comic Fest (2018)

Pyrkon (Krakow, Poland, 2022)

Rincon (Tucson, AZ, 2015)

SCGCon (undated)

TusCon 45 (Tuscon, AZ, 2018)

Westercon 25 (Long Beach, CA, 1972)

Steve Perrin Collection of Society for Creative Anachronism Fanzines

  • TxAM-CRS C000547
  • Colección
  • 1969-1987

This collection consists of various fanzines and newsletters produced by different "kingdoms" (administrative regions) or sub-divisions of the Society for Creative Anachronism. Materials include, among others, issues of Tournaments Illuminated, the SCA's official organ.

The living history/historical reenactment group Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) was founded in California in 1966. It defines itself, according to its mission statement as " an international non-profit volunteer educational organization. The SCA is devoted to the research and re-creation of pre-seventeenth century skills, arts, combat, culture, and employing knowledge of history to enrich the lives of participants through events, demonstrations, and other educational presentations and activities."

Sin título

Lani Tapu Farscape Autographed Server Faceplate

  • TxAM-CRS C000167
  • Colección
  • 2003

This faceplate was on an old workgroup server (the hot-swap machine) originally used by the UNIX support team at Texas A&M University Libraries. This and other servers, which were replaced in the late-2000s, were whimsically assigned nicknames by the staff based on characters from the science fiction television show Farscape.

The server to which this faceplate was attached was named "Crais", after Captain Bialar Crais, a major Farscape character. In March 2003, Lani Tapu, the actor who portrayed Crais, was a guest at Aggiecon, and while on campus autographed this faceplate. After several years in operation, the server was replaced and sent to surplus, but the faceplate was retained by the Associate Director for Systems and eventually donated to Cushing Library.

Sin título

Collection of Science Fiction and Superhero Figures

  • TxAM-CRS C000549
  • Colección
  • 2004-2022

This collection consists of a number of action figures, statues, and Funko POP figures, almost all of whom depict Marvel or DC superheroes. There are several other items that depict other figures from pop culture.

Gigi Edgley Collection

  • US TxAM-C C000548
  • Colección
  • 1999

This collection consists of "Durka Returns", a script for Episode 15, Season 1 of the joint Australian-American television series Farscape (1999-2003). The episode, originally released in 1999, is notable for introducing the character Chiana, played by Gigi Edgley. It was written by Rockne S. O'Bannon and Grant McAloon.

The script was originally the property of Edgley's, and has been heavily marked up with her acting notes and edits. It is inscribed to Jeremy Brett, to whom it was given in early 2023.

Sin título

August 2003 Addendum

1-1/1: Art price lists, 1998

1-1/2: Conventions, 1978, 1990, 2005

1-1/3: Correspondence, 1968-1992, 2004, 2007-2008, undated; incl. corr. from Charles De Lint and Charles Saunders

1-1/4: Dragon Wars, materials and drafts, 1989, undated; w/note from Danforth, August 2023

1-1/5: Fan tarot deck, 1978-1979

1-1/6: Game newsletters, 1985, 1988

1-1/7: Janus (apazine), correspondence, 1979, undated

1-1/8: Library events, 1987, 1998, 2007-2008, undated

1-1/9: Miscellaneous, 1966, 2009, undated

1-1/10: Moebius (space game), 1984-1985, undated

1-1/11: Monsters! Monsters! , manual and notes [Ken St. Andre], undated

1-1/12: Monsters! Monsters! (new edition)/Tunnels and Trolls* (6th edition), notes and other materials, c. 1985-1990

1-1/13: Pandora (fanzine), zine and correspondence, incl. corr. from Jacqueline Lichtenberg and Jean Lorrah, 1984-1985

1-1/14: Poetry, 1971, undated

1-1/15: Rolston, Ken [Dungeons & Dragons "Northern Realms"], correspondence and notes, 1987-1988, undated

1-1/16: Sleuth Publications (Sorcerer's Cave), 1985-1986, undated

1-1/17: Starblaze, correspondence, 1981, 1983

1-1/18: Tunnels and Trolls, correspondence, 1990-1991


Convention Materials:

1-2/1: The Roots of Fantasy: Myth, Folklore and Archetype [World Fantasy Convention 1989: Seattle, WA, 1989], Con book

1-2/2: Westercon 45 [Phoenix, AZ: July 2-5, 1992], Pocket program and flyer for Portland 1995 bid

1-2/3: Impulse #6/7 [Liz Danforth and D. Carol Roberts, ed., September 1972]

1-2/4: Inquest: The Future of Gaming #4 (August 1995)

1-2/5: Origins Expo 2004 Art Show Fan Choice Award, 204

1-2/6: Rehupa [apazine] #27, w/apa "Sonja's Blade" by Danforth, May 1977


1-1/1: Audio Recordings: Conversations between Danforth, MIchael Stackpole, Jennifer Roberson, and Mark O'Green re: new book/series, March-April 1984

1-1/2: BlizzCon catalog, 2009

1-1/3: Conjure Magazine #5 (July/August 1995)

Convention Materials:

1-1/4: BlizzCon 2009 [Anaheim, CA: June 21-22, 2009], map

1-1/5: Borderland [conzine] (World Fantasy Convention, 1987: Nashville, TN)

1-1/6: CorSairCon 3 [July 29-31, 1994], program book

1-1/7: Emerald City Comicon [Seattle, WA: March 1-3, 2013], Program guide

1-1/8: L.A. Con [(WorldCon 30) Los Angeles, CA: September 1-4, 1972), Program book

1-1/9: Leprecon 34 [Casa Grande, AZ: May 9-11, 2008], Program book

1-1/10: MangaMania!! [Pima County, AZ, undated], Program guide

1-1/11: TusCon [Tucson, AZ] 22 (1995), 34 (2007), 38 (2011), 40 (2013), 41 (2014), various

Sam Moskowitz Collection

  • TxAM-CRS C000190
  • Colección
  • 1937-1995; Undated

The Sam Moskowitz collection consists of his research files, correspondence, manuscripts, many of his books, and working documents related to his study of the history of science fiction and fantasy.  Drafts of two unpublished books are included.

Sin título

O - W

3/1: Orlando, 1992

3/2: Osheroff, Alex, undated

3/3: Oshinsky, Abe, undated

3/4: Palmer, Raymond A., undated

3/5: Pelz, Bruce, undated

3/6: Perdue, Elmer, undated

3/7: Philadelphia SF Conference, 1946

3/8: Philadelphia World SF Convention, 1953

3/9: Portland Convention (Norwes Con), 1950?

3/10: Queens SFL Convention, undated

3/11: Robinson, Frank, undated

3/12: Ruppert, Conrad, 1936, 1994

3/13: Russell, Eric Frank, undated

3/14: San Diego, 1952

3/15: San Francisco, 1954

3/16: Schmitz, James H, undated

3/17: Science Fiction Magazine (Photoprints), undated

3/18: Science fiction photos, descriptions, undated

3/19: Science fiction photos, various dates

3/20: Science fiction photos, 1959, 1962, undated

3/21: Seabrook, William, undated

3/22: Searles, A. Langley, undated

3/23: Shephard, Leslie R, undated

3/24: Shepard, Lucius, 1988

3/25: Slan Shack, undated

3/26: Slavin, Ricky, 1974

3/27: Smith, Clark Ashton, undated

3/28: Smith, E.E., undated

3/29: Speaker, David M., undated

3/30: Speer, Jack, undated

3/31: Sturgeon, Theodore, 1949

3/32: Sykora, William S., undated

3/33: Taurasi, James V., undated

3/34: Tooker, Richard, undated

3/35: Toronto, 1949

3/36: Toronto, 1949, 1973

3/37: Train, Oswald, undated

3/38: Tremaine, F. Orlin, undated

3/39: Tucker, (Bob) Wilson, 1989, undated

3/40: Unger, Julius, undated

3/41: Vioy, H.G., undated

3/42: Wallace, F.L., undated

3/43: Walton, Harry, undated

3/44: Wandrei, Donald, undated

3/45: Weinbaum, Stanley G., undated

3/46: Weisinger, Mort, undated

3/47: Williamson, Jack, undated

3/48: Wilson, Richard, undated

3/49: Wollheim, Donald A., 1937, 1970, 1988

3/50: Wylie, Philip, undated

B - O

2/1: Bok, Hannes, May 1973

2/2: Brackett, Leigh, undated

2/3: Bradbury, Ray, undated

2/4: Bradfield, Harriat (Stratemeyer), January 1980

2/5: Budrys, Algis, 1989

2/6: Burnett, Frances Hodgson, 1895

2/7: Burroughs, Hulbert, John Coleman, undated

2/8: Campbell, John Scott, undated

2/9: Campbell, John W., undated

2/10: Campbell, Ramsey, 1988

2/11: Chicago, 1940

2/12: Chicago SF Con 1952

2/13: Cincinnati SF Convention and Cincy Group, September 1949

2/14: Evans, Bill, undated

2/15: Fan Vets Photo Scrapbook, 1945?

2/16: Fan Vets, undated

2/17: Farmer, Philip Jose, undated

2/18: First Fandom, November 1992

2/19: SunCon, Florida World Con 1977, 1977

2/20: Herbert, James, 1988

2/21: Hornig, Charles D., undated

2/22: Lay, Vernon, 1976

2/23: Ley, Willy and Olga, 1940s?

2/24: London Convention, undated

2/25: Macfadden, Bernarr, undated

2/26: Madle's Photos, 1953

2/27: Magazine Covers, 1943-1944, undated

2/28: Margulies, Leo, 1935, 1940, 1943, undated

2/29: Merritt, A., undated

2/30: Merwin, Sam, undated

2/31: Metrocon, 1954?

2/32: Metrocon-ESFA-HYDRA, 1949

2/33: Michel, John B., undated

2/34: Midwestcon, undated

2/35: Miles, Lois Jean, 1949

2/36: Moffitt, Len and Mrs., undated

2/37: Musacchia, John, undated

2/38: Nanovie, John, undated

2/39: Nebula Awards, 1967

2/40: NY SF Convention, 1939

2/41: New Orleans Convention, undated

2/42: Newark, 1st National SF Convention, 1938

2/43: NY SF Convention, 1939

2/44: NY SFL, undated

2/45: Nikola Tesla, Death Mask, 1943

2/46: Norton, Andre, undated

2/47: Nycon, July 1939

2/48: Oakland, 1952

2/49: Oliver, Chad, undated

A - Z, and A - B

1/1: 23 Classics of Science Fiction, selected by Sam Moskowitz [catalog], 1974

1/2: A. Merritt: Reflections in the Moon Pool, publicity booklet, undated

1/3: Autobiographical material, 1974, 1992-1994, undated

1/4: Book Review information, undated

1/5: Commission Statement, 1980

1/6: Compendium of Science Fiction Magazines- Publisher's Agreement, 1973

1/7: Copyright forms and information, 1975, 1984, 1992, 1995

1/8: Crown Publishers, 1974

1/9: Donald M. Grant Publisher's Agreement, 1980

1/10: Explorers of the Infinite (Japanese Edition) Publisher's Agreement, June 1966

1/11: For Sale List, undated

1/12: Hayakawa Shobo and Co. LTD, March 1988

1/13: Honorary Certificate- The Eastern Science Fiction Association, March 1962

1/14: Horrors Unknown, Publisher's Agreement, July 1970

1/15: Insurance Booklet for Sam Moskowitz, 1965

1/16: Kathleen G. Leerburger's Last Will and Testament, February 1953

1/17: Masters of Science Fiction, Publisher's Agreement, August 1965

1/18: NU Voices Newsletter, October 1993

1/19: "Of Time and Research" (Moskowitz), 1989

1/20: Oswald Train Contracts, 1979

1/21: Reference from Alexander Morrow for Frosted Foods, September 1955

1/22: Reprint Agreement, July 1983

1/23: Roger Elwood, Blank Release Agreement, undated

1/24: Royalty Statements for Explorers of the Infinite, June 1966

1/25: Sam Moskowitz Interviews, undated

1/26: Seekers of Tomorrow: Masters of Modern Science Fiction, Review and Publisher's Agreement, 1964

1/27: Strange Horizons: The Spectrum of SF, Publisher's Agreement, December 1974

1/28: Tear Sheets, Miscellaneous Items, 1958, undated

1/29: The Issue at Hand, review and author biographies, 1964?

1/30: "Voyages Through Eternity", essay by Sam Moskowitz, typescript, undated

1/31: Walker and Company, royalty statements, 1971-1973

1/32: "Why is a Fan", by Sam Moskowitz, incomplete typescript, undated

1/33: The World Publishing Company, 1970-1971

1/34: Ziff-Davis Publishing Rights, undated

1/35: Miscellaneous Photographs (1 of 2), undated

1/36: Miscellaneous Photographs (2 of 2), undated

1/37: Ackerman, Forrest J., 1973, undated

1/38: Adams, Robert and Pamela, July 1989

1/39: Airships, Airplanes (Historic Army), undated

1/40: Aldiss, Brian, undated

1/41: Alpaugh, Lloyd, undated

1/42: Asimov, Isaac, undated

1/43: Astounding- Analog, 1942

1/44: Australia, undated

1/45: Avallone, Mike, undated

1/46: Barker, Clive, 1988

1/47: Bates, Harry, undated

1/48: Binder, Otto, undated

1/49: Blitzer, Gilda, undated

1/50: Bloch, Robert, undated


4028079.pdf, Sorrenson article on Royal Society, June 1999

4028080.pdf, Stewart article on coffeehouses and natural philosophy, June 1999

4028081.pdf. Rusnock article on Royal Society, June 1999

4028082.pdf, Gascoigne article on Royal Society, June 1999

4028083.pdf, Miller article on Royal Society, June 1999

MPH February 2024 Addendum

Starsky & Hutch

The Handlink #1 - 3 (August 1995 - June 1996); #7 (July 1996)

Heart and Soul #4
[C. Frost, auth., July 1997] [s]

Heart and Soul #6
[C. Frost, ed., July 1999] [s]

It's Love, Cap'n
[Extortion Press: M.R. Kiesel, ed., 1991] [s]

The Mind Enslaver
[Nanci Folsom Casad, auth., 1993] [g]

SHareCon 2008
[Cyanne, ed., August 2008] [s]

SHareCon 2016
[Cyanne, ed., August 2016] [s]

SHareCon 2018
[Cyanne, ed., August 2018] [s]

SHareCon Episode Guide and Checklist

Starsky and Hutch Fanzine #1
[Terry Hoknes, ed., 2004]

10-13 #2
[T. Beckett and C. Power, ed., 1981] [g] [s]

The Thunder and the Rain
[V. Dawson, auth., undated] [s]

Troubled Water
[Donna L. Perna, auth., 1996] [g] [H/C]

Venice Place Chronicles #6
[Venice Place Press: Keri T., ed., October 2006] [s]

Venice Place Chronicles #7
[Venice Place Press: Keri T., ed., August 2008] [s]


Bad Penny
[Pamela, auth., undated] [s]

Crossed Paths
[Pamela, auth., undated] [s]

A Question of Loyalty
[Nancy, auth., undated] [s]

[Pamela, auth., undated] [s]

Show Off
[Pamela, auth., undated] [s]

Various Tris/Alex Stories
[Various authors, undated] [s]

The Whys and Wherefores
[Nancy, auth., undated] [s]

Velvet Goldmine

Rewriting History
[AngelWings Press: Silk, auth., October 2002] [s]


All Your Dreams Fulfilled #1- 2
[Plastic Cow Productions: V.M. Teneressa, ed., September/October - November/December 1993] [s]

Convention Materials

Orac '88
[Millbrae, CA: April 9 - 10, 1988], Program book

*SHareCon 2016 Program Schedule

Other Materials

Man of Iron (unproduced Blake's 7 script)
[Paul Darrow, auth., 1981]

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