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Texas A&M Science Fiction and Fantasy Creative Writing Contest Collection

  • US TxAM-C C000132
  • Colección
  • 2017-2024

This collection contains short story entries made by Texas A&M students in the Annual Science Fiction and Fantasy Creative Writing Contest, co-sponsored since 2017 by the Department of English and Cushing Memorial Library & Archives.

Entries include Winners, Honorable Mentions, and all other entries.

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Jessica Reisman Collection

  • TxAM-CRS C000583
  • Colección
  • 1984-2024, undated

This collection contains materials relating to the life and career of Texas-based science fiction and fantasy writer Jessica Reisman. Materials include typescript drafts for many of her published and unpublished stories, as well as drafts and notes from stories written before her professional career began. Other items in the collection include spec scripts and screenplays written by Reisman, academic writing from her undergraduate days, and assorted other materials.

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Other Materials

Other Materials

1-1/56: Academic writing, typescripts, 1990-1991

1-1/57: Academic writing, typescripts, undated

1-1/58: Before The Rain (1992), M.A. degree writing requirement at UT-Austin, May 1992

1-1/59: Clarion West materials, 1995

1-1/60: Copies of published work, 1999-2000, 2007, undated

1-1/61: The Intergalactic Nemesis/Return of the Intergalactic Nemesis performances, 2000-2001

1-1/62: Postcard from Reisman's desk, undated (inscription from January 2024)

1-1/63: Publicity cards for Substrate Phantoms (2017), 2017

1-1/64: Publicity display for The Z Radiant (2004), 2004?

March 2024 Addendum

1-1/1: AggieCon VI [March 28 - 30, 1975], Brochure/program, 1975

1-1/2: AggieCon 52 [March 3 - 5, 2023], Program, 2023

1-1/3: AggieCon 53 [March 3 - 5, 2023], Badges and badge templates, 2023

1-1/4: AggieCon 54 [February 2 - 4, 2024], Programs, 2024

Folder 1: The Battalion, February 8, 2024, w/coverage of AggieCon (2 copies)

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The Rider Call Exhibit Collection

  • TxAM-CRS C000596
  • Colección
  • 2024

This small collection consists of items created for and given out to attendees of the 3-day event surrounding the opening of the April-September Cushing exhibit The Rider Call: Kristen Britain's Fantasy Work and Fan Response. The exhibit celebrated the 25th anniversary of the publication of Britain's first novel Green Rider. It showcased both Britain’s work (through her books, the manuscript materials in which the texts evolved from idea to completion, and the beautiful art that illustrates it) and examples of fanworks created by many Green Rider fans, ranging from music to art to costumes to objects.

During April 5-7, 2024, Cushing hosted the exhibit's opening event that included a lecture, reading, and signing from Britain, as well as panels relating to her and work, cosplaying, and a trivia contest. The materials in this collection were given out or used during the events.

Small Collection.

Cepheid Variable - AggieCon Collection

  • TxAM-CRS C000219
  • Colección
  • 1969-2024

The collection consists of the program books, documents, correspondence, and miscellaneous items collected by the Cepheid Variable Science Fiction Club from its inception in 1969 through 2005. The collection was assembled from deposits of the club, gifts from Bill Page, and other occasional donors.

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Item (Folder)1: Trivia questions and answer sheets, April 2024

Items 2-3: Event badges for 'Rider Notman's Ribbon Hunt', April 2024

Items 4-11: Stickers

  • "Green Rider 1998-2023 25 Years" (4 stickers in 2 sizes)
  • "Green Rider Wild Ride" (1)
  • "Green Rider Est. 1998" (2 - 1 w/Green Rider cover; 1 w/Winterlight cover)
  • "Honorary Weapon"

Items 12-13: Ribbons

  • "It's Been A Wild Ride"
  • "Spirit of the Wood November 2023"

Item 14: Bookmark w/Green Rider art by Donato Giancola

Items 15-16: Buttons

  • "Don't Kill The Messenger!" (2 styles - 1 large button w/Green Rider cover art of Karigan; 1 small button with winged horse

Items 17-22: Cards

  • French illustration of cover for The High King's Tomb, by Alex Dainche (2)
  • French illustration of cover for paperback edition of The High King's Tomb, by Alex Dainche (2)
  • Cover of Spirit of the Wood, by Donato Giancola
  • "Celebrating 25 Years of Kristen Britain's Green Rider*, w/ill. by Keith Parkinson

Jeannine Hall Gailey Collection

  • TxAM-CRS C000176
  • Colección
  • 2002-2023

This collection contains materials from the literary career of Pacific Northwest-based poet Jeannine Hall Gailey, who writes poetry with science fiction and fantasy-based themes. Materials in the collection include a number of typescripts of Gailey's work, together with some of her other writings as well as numerous printed publications in which her work has appeared.

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April 2023 Addendum

1-4/9: Advertisement for Gailey-hosted writers event "Mutant, Monster, Misfit, Myself", March 2023

1-4/10: Flame, Corona button, 2023

Liz Danforth Collection

  • TxAM-CRS C000591
  • Colección
  • 1966-2023, undated

This collection consists of materials from the life and work of role-playing game and video game industries artist and designer Liz (Elizabeth T.) Danforth. Materials include correspondence, issues of fanzines and gaming magazines, convention materials such as program books and con badges, and miscellaneous other materials. Also included are several audio recordings of conversations Danforth had in the spring of 1984 with several authors concerning a possible new book series.

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Guy Lillian Southern Fandom Press Alliance Collection

  • TxAM-CRS C000009
  • Colección
  • 1961-2023

The Southern Fandom Press Alliance (SFPA) is a regional amateur press association (APA) generally based in the Southern United States, but with notable membership from other regions.  SFPA was formed in 1961, with Bill Jennings serving as the first Official Editor.  The first mailing was in September 1961, consisting of 76 pages of contributions.  The APA grew in both members and page count, with a record 100th mailing that contained over 1400 pages.  Guy Lillian served the APA as the Official Editor for a number of years. (C000009)

The collection also includes various mailings from the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society (LASFS) APA, which first began publication in 1976 and was still being published as of 2013.

Finally, there are some additional fanzines in the collection, published independently of SFPA or LASFS.

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2023 Addendum

Reserve and Renew: The LIS Mental Health Zine #3 -4
[Abigail Phillips (Williams), Annie Pho, Kate Deibel, Kelly McElroy, Marisol Moreno Ortiz, and Violet Fox, ed., February 2020 - March 2021]
Mental Health, Libraries

Reserve and Renew: The LIS Mental Health Zine #5 - 6
[Annie Pho, Abigail Williams, Liz Cheveney, Jess Donovan, Kate Deibel, Kelly McElroy, Nicole Gustavson, and Violet Fox, ed., March 2022 - April 2023]
Mental Health, Libraries

Rethinking Travel: A Workbook for Redefining Efficiency and Practicing a Right to the City
[K.E.B. Gomez, auth., undated]
Perzine, Cities

Rows and Rows
[Idaho: Msss, auth., 2023]
Books, Artzine

The Seven Holy Tombs Trading Company Catalog
[Chicago, IL: Lost Fillings, auth., 2023]

Shimasani Clara
[Kinsale Drake, undated]
Native Americans, Poetry

A Short Introduction to the Politics of Cruelty
[Hostis, auth., undated]
Politics, Philosophy

[Willingsboro, NC: Sabrina Simon, undated]

Spoon #1
[Portland, OR: A . Veltman, ed., undated]

Supernatural Fancy Cocktail Party
[Katie/Erin, auth., August 2012]
Perzine, Split Zine

Tazewell's Favorite Eccentric #10
[Pirate Sarah, auth., August 2010]

This Machine Kills #0
Music, Politics

[sophist_monster, auth., undated]

Trash and Bag On Bikes
[Trash and Bag, auth., 2023]
Bikes, Comics

Unf-ck Your Boundaries: Better Living Through Consent, Communities, and Expressing Your Needs
[Faith G. Harper, auth., undated]

What Will It Take To Stop The Police From Killing?
Police, Politics

Zino Loci: A Crosscultural Graphic Anthology #1: Guilt & Shame
[University of Portsmouth/Chulalongkorn University: September 2023]
Artzine, Comics

Kristen Britain Collection

  • C000196
  • Colección
  • 1970-2023

This collection contains materials from and about fantasy writer Britain, who is most well-known for her epic Green Rider fantasy novel cycle. Materials in the collection include manuscripts for several of the novels in the series; examples of Britain's other writings (including several information brochures she wrote for the National Park Service); correspondence to and from Britain, including items from authors Nevada Barr and Anne McCaffrey; a reference file containing copies of magazines with articles or other references relating to Britain; and assorted other materials.

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2023 Addendum

AaNX #4: "How The Statue Learned To Dream"
[C.S.E. Cooney, auth./Sarah Marshall, ill., January 2023) - Numbered edition #19 of 100
Fiction, Artzine

2023 Addendum

Against Gender Against Society
[Nila Nokizaru, auth., undated]
Gender, Politics

Agnes Martin and the Sexuality of Abstraction
[Jonathan D. Katz, auth., 2017]

Anti-Gentrification Direct Actions: Philadelphia 2013-2018
Politics, Protest

Anxious Critters #1
[Alex O'Keefe, auth., October 2023]
Pets, Perzine

"Are You Married or What is the Matter?": Inconsiderate, Passive-Aggressive and Snarky Antique Postcards, 1907-1921
[Robert T. Glen, auth., 2023]

DS 128.4
[Librarians and Archivists to Palestine, August 2013]
Politics, Travel, Israel/Palestine

Ec'handole Bolas
[Chicago, IL: Anna Jo Beck, auth., 2023]
Travel, Perzine

Emancipacion de la Mujer: Historia del Dia Internacional de la Mujer
Women, History

From Staple to Spine: A Compendium of Zine-Related Books, 2022 Edition
[A.J. Michel, ed., June 2023]
Zine Culture

Future Fantasteek! #19
[Brighton, UK: Jackie Batey, auth., April 2018]

Greg Mix of Love #35
[Anna Jo Beck, auth., July 2023]
Perzine, Music

It's My Party And I'll Use Coping Skills If I Want To
[Stephanie Novak, auth., 2023]
Perzine, Mental Health

Jungle Vision #1
[Vega S. Martinez, auth., undated]

Know Yo'Self
[La Loba Loca, auth., undated]
Sex, Women

Long Term Care Is Killing Me
[Chicago, IL: Lost Fillings, auth., 2022]
Health Care, Perzine

Love Me Love Me Please Retweet: An Artpop Fanzine
[Chicago, IL: Megan Kirby, auth., 2023]

Lower East Side Librarian 2022
[New York, NY: Jenna Freedmanm auth., 2022]
Libraries, Reading, Perzine

Marked for Life #7
[Olympia, WA: Sage A., auth., undated]
Perzine, Travel

[Somerville, MA: Marissa Falco, auth., August 2011]
Perzine, Artzine

Old Man Jake
[Michigan: Bluraven C. Houvener, auth., 2023]
Perzine, Comics

Public Writing: Write The World: A Zine Primer
[St. Louis, MO: Nathaniel A. Rivers, auth., 2023?]
Zine Culture

Pulaski At Night #1
[Chicago, IL: C.E. Hanifin, auth., September 2023]

Rain Barrel #4
[Jordan Sea, auth., 2023]
Perzine, Sex, Health

Reserve and Renew: The LIS Mental Health Zine #1- 2
[Kate Deibel, Violet Fox, Nicole Gustavson, Kelly McElroy, Abigail Phillips, Marisol Moreno Ortiz, and Annie Pho, ed., February 2018 - January 2019]
Mental Health, Libraries

Texas A&M University Zine Collection

  • TxAM-CRS C000127
  • Colección
  • 1980s-2023

The Texas A&M University Zine Collection is a generalized "floating" collection of zines tied to a set of particular collecting criteria:

  • Zines created by Texans, Southwesterners or other Southerners and/or concern Texas, the Southwest and the South; zines created by minorities across Texas, the Southwest or the South; zines created by TAMU students or former students; and Artzines concerned with printing and/or designed as print art objects.

The collection has "Texas A&M University" in the title to reflect the collecting criterion of zines created by A&M students or former students. More importantly, however, the inclusion of the A&M name in the collection title reinforces the collection's connection to the university as well as its major purpose, to help make TAMU a center for the preservation of regional alternative voices.

April 2023 Addendum

1-1/1: The Robot Scientist's Daughter (2015), proofs with edits by Gailey, 2023?

1-1/2: Flare, Corona (2023, under old title Flare), typescript with reader comments from Kelli Russell Agodon, 2018

1-1/3: Flare, Corona (2023), digital galley proofs, 2023

1-1/4: Flare, Corona (2023), proofs, 2023

1-1/5: Assorted poems from Gailey's works, typescript, 2023?

March 2024 Addendum


1-1/1: "Samantha vs. The Shadows in the Basement of the Captain Riddle House (2022), copyedited typescript with editor's comments and handwritten edits, undated

1-1/2: Spirit of the Wood (2023), manuscript sequence of events, undated

1-1/3: Spirit of the Wood (2023), manuscript rough draft, undated

1-1/4: Spirit of the Wood (2023), manuscript partial first draft, undated

1-1/5: Spirit of the Wood (2023), typescript partial first drafts with handwritten edits, undated

1-1/6: Spirit of the Wood (2023), typescript second draft with handwritten edits, pages 1 - 93, undated

1-1/7: Spirit of the Wood (2023), typescript second draft with handwritten edits, pages 94 - 171, undated

1-1/8: Spirit of the Wood (2023), typescript third draft with handwritten edits, pages 1 - 60, undated

1-1/9: Spirit of the Wood (2023), typescript third draft with handwritten edits, pages 61 - 143, undated

1-1/10: Spirit of the Wood (2023), typescript third draft with handwritten edits, pages 144 - 227, undated

1-1/11: Spirit of the Wood (2023), typescript 'whatever' draft with handwritten edits, pages 32 - 94, undated

1-1/12: Spirit of the Wood (2023), typescript 'whatever' draft with handwritten edits, pages 81 - 89, chapter inserts, and pages 95 - 161, undated

1-1/13: Spirit of the Wood (2023), edited typescript with handwritten edits, pages 1 - 74, 2023?

March 2024 Addendum


1-2/1: Spirit of the Wood (2023), edited typescript with handwritten edits, pages 75 - 142, 2023?

1-2/2: Spirit of the Wood (2023), edited typescript with handwritten edits, pages 143 - 225, 2023?

1-2/3: Spirit of the Wood (2023), copyedited typescript with handwritten corrections and doodles, pages 1 - 67, 2023?

1-2/4: Spirit of the Wood (2023), copyedited typescript with handwritten corrections, pages 68 - 126 and back matter, 2023?

1-2/5: Spirit of the Wood (2023), page proofs with handwritten edits, pages 1 - 69, May 2023

1-2/6: Spirit of the Wood (2023), page proofs with handwritten edits, pages 70 - 196, May 2023

1-2/7: Spirit of the Wood (2023), typescript and manuscript of author's note (for marketing), 2023?

1-2/8: "Doodling In the Margins" (essay, undated), manuscript and typescripts with handwritten edits, 2022 or 2023

1-2/9: "The Tromping" (flash fiction, for Tales of the Black Piper anthology), manuscript and typescript draft with handwritten edits, 2023?

Other Materials

1-2/10: First Rider's Call journal (blank) w/ cover picture of Liliedhe Ambriodhe for FRC soundtrack, 2022

Audiovisual Materials

1-2/11: "Irrelevant Thoughts" (Britain's student film), VHS cassette, 1986?

August 2023 Addendum: Con Badges

Blizzcon (Anaheim, 2018)

Illuxcon (Philadelphia, 2018? – 3 badges

Lure of Middle Earth (Burg Stahleck, Germany, 2023)

Magic: The Gathering Grand Prix Las Vegas, undated
Magic 30 (Las Vegas, 2023)

Mosaic Miscellanea (craft fair card, undated)
Phoenix Comic Fest (2018)

Pyrkon (Krakow, Poland, 2022)

Rincon (Tucson, AZ, 2015)

SCGCon (undated)

TusCon 45 (Tuscon, AZ, 2018)

Westercon 25 (Long Beach, CA, 1972)

August 2022 Addendum: Manuscripts, Diaries/Correspondence, and Convention Materials

1-3/1: "Faery Trade" (unpublished, early version of Cold Iron), typescript drafts with readers' comments, 2005

1-3/2: The Fairy Godmother Academy: The Glimmer Tree (unpublished - Leicht contracted to rewrite), typescript of Leicht's draft and original draft with handwritten edits, 2005

1-3/3: "A Prince's Ransom" (unpublished), typescript draft, undated; and typescript draft final version, 2020

1-3/4: "Second Verse, Same As The First" (unpublished), typescript drafts with handwritten comments, undated; and reviewer comments, undated

1-3/5: Walking with Shadows (unpublished), backup on compact disc, January 2006

1-3/6: Juvenalia by Leicht, undated

1-3/7: Notebook, 2003 - 2006

Series II: Diaries and Correspondence

2-3/8: Correspondence [including editorial], 1981, 2005 - 2022, undated

2-3/9: Journal, January 2007 - June 2008

Series III: Convention Materials

3-3/10: ArmadilloCon 26 Writers Workshop [Austin, TX: August 13, 2004]

3-3/11: ArmadilloCon 27 Writers Workshop [Austin, TX: August 19, 2005]

3-3/12: Austin SCBWI [Austin, TX: 2005]

3-3/13: ArmadilloCon 29 [Austin, TX: August 10 - 12, 2007]

3-3/14: AggieCon 41 [College Station, TX: February 5 - 7, 2010]

3/3/15: Norwescon 34 [Seattle, WA: April 21 - 24, 2011]

3-3/16: Norwescon 35 [Seattle, WA: April 5 - 8, 2012]

3-3/17: Chicon 7 [WorldCon 70] (Chicago, IL: August 31 - September 2, 2012]

"A Cold and Lasting Peace"

"A Cold and Lasting Peace" (short story, 2020?) - HeroicHearts_AColdAndLastingPeace_Caine.docx (Microsoft Word file)

Morgan Dawn April 2023 Addendum

The X-Files

Red Speed Diaries #2
[Two Plums and a Gherkin Press: D. Santa Rosa, ed., 1997] [s]

Red Speed Diaries #3
[D. Santa Rosa, ed., 1998] [s]

Red Speed Diaries #4
[Two Plums and a Gherkin Press: D. Santa Rosa, ed., 1999] [s]

[Heart of the Matter Press: TM Alexander, ed., May 1997] [s]

To The Fullest X-Tent #2
[Empire Books: S.R. Moore and J. Lorrah, ed., May 1996] [h] [g]

X-istence: The Truth is Out There
[The Lone Gunmen Press: Jean Graham, ed., 1995]

X-Plicit Fantasies #1
[Maverick Press: 1997] [s]

X-Plicit Fantasies #2
[Maverick Press: J.A. McCoy, ed., 1998] [s]

X-Plicit Fantasies #3
[Maverick Press: J.A. McCoy, ed., 1999] [s]

X-Talk #2
[Anime House Press: Marg Baskin and Heather Bruton, ed., January 1995]

X-Talk #3
[Anime House Press: Marg Baskin and Heather Bruton, ed., May 1995]

Convention Materials

Warcon XII [College Station, TX: February 7 - 9, 1986]

Coppercon 11 [Scottsdale, AZ: September 6 - 8, 1991]

VegasCon [Las Vegas, NV: November 1 - 3, 1991]

Las Vegas Antiquarian and Used Book Fair [Las Vegas, NV: 1992 - 1993]

WesterColt. 45 [Phoeniz, AZ: July 1 - 5, 1992]

Dundracon 20 [San Ramon, CA: February 1997]; 21 [San Ramon, CA: February 1998]

Conchord 12 [Van Nuys, CA: March 7 - 9, 1997]

ConStrict 2006 [Las Vegas, NV: 2006] (DVD)

Escapade 29 [Los Angeles, CA: February 22 - 14, 2019]

MediaWest*Con 39 [Lansing, MI: May 24- 27, 2019]

Chicon 8 (WorldCon 80) [Chicago, IL: September 1 - 5, 2022]

Other Materials:

Martin Shaw [The Professionals] scrapbook, undated

May 2022 Addendum

The Sinew That Shrinks
[Jenna Brager, auth., undated]
Perzine, Artzine, Comics

Snakes and Tatters
[Jamaica Plain, MA: Ciara Xyerra, auth., Spring 2008]

Sobstory? #4
[San Francisco, CA: Andrew Scott, auth., undated]

Sub Rosa #3
[Taryn Hipp, auth., 2007]

Syndicate Product #24
[Lansdowne, PA: a.j. Michel, auth., October 2018]
Reviews, Literature

Tag: A Zine About Cataloging #1
[Sarah Small, ed., 2018?]

Taken For A Ride: My Night in the Cash Cab
[Matt Carman, auth., undated]
Television, Perzine

Tasseography Tooth Worm #2
[Houston, TX: 2007]
Reviews, Perzine

Temporary Relocation Project #1
[Portland, OR: Shawn Granton, auth., September 2006]
Perzine, Travel

There Is No Magnificent Creature/Your Secretary #4 (split zine)
[Tricia Nowacki/Jami Sailor, auth., undated]

They Will Stand On You and Spit
[Lansing, KS: Adam Gnade and Bart Schaneman, February 2012]
Literature, Poetry

Toward the Destruction of Schooling
[Jan D. Matthews, auth., Winter 2004]

[Chicago, IL: Al Burian, auth., Spring 2005]
Perzine, Transit

Vague Tomorrow #1 - 3
[Ohio: K. Cody, auth., September 2020) [includes bag]
Perzine, COVID

A Way-Seeking Mind #1
[Melville, NY: Steven Kelly, auth., 2001]

Westside Angst #3
[Flinders Park, Australis: Ianto Ware, auth., 2002]

What Does Justice Look Like To You?
[Austin, TX: Texas After Violence Project, auth., Spring 2022]
Poetry, Politics

You Cannot Swat a Swarm
[Greyscale the Mosquito, auth., undated]

Zebratron #1

Zine Librarian Pets Zine #7
[June 2022]
Zine Culture, Pets

March 2024 Addendum

11 x 14 puzzle offered as merch for First Rider's Call soundtrack, w/ picture on box of Karigan G'ladheon, 2022

Victoria McManus Collection

  • TxAM-CRS C000459
  • Colección
  • 1979 - 2022

This collection contains manuscripts and other materials relating to the literary career of science fiction, fantasy, paranormal romance, and erotica writer Victoria McManus, who writes under the names "Victoria Janssen" and "Elspeth Potter". Materials in this collection include manuscripts and drafts of McManus' published and unpublished work, correspondence, contracts and financial documentation, and convention materials.

Also included are large numbers of fanzines, particularly for the British show *Blake's 7", for which McManus wrote a number of stories.
Some of the fanzines is identified as "slash” (s) or "het" (h). "Slash" refers to fanworks that feature same-sex relationships and are sometimes (though not always) sexually explicit. In slash, sexual identity, sexuality and/or romance are often the centers of the story, rather than the conventional adventures featured in more traditional fanworks. "Het" refers to fanworks featuring sexual or romantic content, but with opposite-sex relationships. "Gen" (more standard stories containing no sexual content) and het items are identified as such on the item folder. If an item is not identified as slash or het, it is to be assumed that the item is slash..

Sin título

November 2022 Addendum

Series I: Manuscripts

1-1/1: The Duchess, Her Maid, The Groom, and Their Lover (2008), typescript synopsis and summary, undated

1-1/2: "Battle Project" (short story, unpublished, as "K.J. Doggett"), typescript draft with notes, October 2014

1-1/3: "Tied Noon" (2014), typescript, undated

1-1/4: "The Measure of a Man" (2016), typescript, undated

1-1/5: "The Aid Station, 1916" (2017), typescript, undated

1-1/6: "Cinema Fantastique" (2017), typescript, undated

1-1/7: Finding Refuge: A Place of Refuge (2021), typescript 'zero draft', May 2021

1-1/8: Finding Refuge: A Place of Refuge (2021), typescript first draft after beta read of zero draft, July 2021

1-1/9: Finding Refuge: A Place of Refuge (2021), typescript post-second beta revision, July 2021

1-1/10: Finding Refuge: A Place of Refuge (2021), typescript formatted for e-book, September-October 2021

1-1/11: Accepting Refuge: A Place of Refuge (2021), typescript 'zero draft' with handwritten edits, October 2021

1-1/12: Accepting Refuge: A Place of Refuge (2021), typescript beta reader draft with reader comments, October 2021

1-1/13: Accepting Refuge: A Place of Refuge (2021), typescript beta reader draft with handwritten edits, October 2021

1-1/14: Accepting Refuge: A Place of Refuge (2021), typescript post-beta draft, November 2021

1-1/15: Embracing Refuge: A Place of Refuge (2022), typescript 'zero draft', January 2022

1-1/16: Embracing Refuge: A Place of Refuge (2022), typescript beta draft, January 2022

1-1/17: Embracing Refuge: A Place of Refuge (2022), typescript with beta reader comments, February 2022

1-1/18: "Stumbling into Refuge: A Plan of Refuge" (short story, 2022), typescript 'zero draft', May 2022

1-1/19: "A Day in the Life: Jefri Dantagnan: A Place of Refuge" (short story, 2022), typescript, March 2022

1-1/20: "A Day in the Life: Jefri Dantagnan: A Place of Refuge" (short story, 2022), typescript 'zero draft', March 2022

1-1/21: "Dissenter Rebellion: Stardust: A Place of Refuge" (short story, 2022), typescript 'zero draft', February 2022

1-1/22: "The Conductor" (unpublished), typescript, undated

1-1/23: The Dreamlord War (unpublished), typescript partial draft, August 2012

1-1/24: "A Fistful of DevIlle" (unpublished), typescript, undated

1-1/25: "Gym Bunny" (unpublished), typescript, undated

1-1/26: "Lingerie" (unpublished), typescript, undated; and typescript, May 2013

1-1/27: "Miminalism" (unpublished), typescript, undated

1-1/28: "No Sooner Met" (unpublished), typescript, undated

1-1/29: "Pedicure Perfect" (unpublished), typescript, undated

1-1/30: "Reconstruction" (unpublished), typescript, undated

1-1/31: "Rite of Passage" (unpublished), typescript, undated

1-1/32: "Stethoscope" (unpublished), typescript, undated

1-1/33: Voice of the Giraffe (unpublished), outline, February 1999; typescript partial drafts, March 1999; and reader e-mail comments, January - June 1999

1-1/34: Voice of the Giraffe (unpublished), typescript chapter 1, undated; and reader e-mail comments, July - November 1999

1-1/35: Voice of the Giraffe (unpublished), typescript partial draft, June 2000; and reader e-mail comments, February - March 2020

1-1/36: "Alternate Luprania", manuscript (photocopy), 1992?

1-1/37: Notebook with story drafts, 2007, 2013

1-1/38: Outline for untitled work, manuscript (photocopy), April 2000

1-1/39: Play script by McManus, partial draft, April 1989

Series II: Diaries and Correspondence

2-1/40: Business correspondence and contracts, 2007 - 2008

2-1/41: Correspondence, 1992 - 1996

2-1/42: Correspondence, 1997 - August 1998

2-1/43: Correspondence, November 1998 - 2022, undated

2-1/44: Correspondence - Kalikoi/A Place of Refuge, 2020 - 2021

2-1/45: Diary, May - August 2012

2-1/46: Notes on SFWA business, May - June 2022

2-1/47: Notebooks, 2003 - 2005, 2011, 2018, 2021 - 2022

2-1/48: Reading lists, 1991, 1996, 2001, 2009

Series IV: Other Materials

4-1/49: Anthology proposal for Spice - Passionate Pages, undated

4-1/50: The Apocalypse Door (James D. MacDonald, 2002) - Advance uncorrected proof, with review notes by McManus,, 2002

4-1/51: Class notes, 1992, undated

4-1/52: M.A. Thesis: "Patchwork Quilts: Finding Women's Social and Political History in Modern Material Culture" (August 1994), typescript penultimate draft, 1994

4-1/53: M.A. Thesis - various documentation, September 1993, undated

4-1/54: Photographs - Nebula Awards, 2003

4-1/55: Photographs - Wiscon, 2003

4-1/56: Photographs - photo of cat, December 2001

4-1/57: Photographs - photos of McManus, 2010

4-1/58: Photographs - photos of various cons, 2000, undated

4-1/59: Photographs - photos of various dinners, 2015 - 2018

4-1/60: Publication list for McManus, March 2008

4-1/61: Publicity cards and materials, 2007 - 2010

4-1/62: Publishers Weekly reviews by McManus, 2012 - 2013

4-1/63: Radical Archaeology Theory Seminar [RATS], 1994 - 1995

Series V: Convention Materials

5-1/64: Revelcon 2 [Houston, TX: March 15-17, 1991]

5-1/65: Lunacon [Rye Brook, NY]: March 17-19, 1995; March 15-17, 1996, March 18-20, 2016

5-1/66: Philcon 1996 [Philadelphia, PA: November 22-24, 1996]; Philcon 1997 [November 14-16, 1997]

5-1/67: Millennium Philcon (Worldcon 59) [Philadelphia, PA: August 30-September 3, 2001]

5-1/68: Torcon 3 (Worldcon61) [Toronto, ON, Canada: August 28- September 1, 2003]

5-1/69: Noreascon 4 [Boston, MA: September 2-6, 2004]

5-1/70: Arisia 2013 [Boston, MA: January 18-21, 2013]

5-1/71: CapClave 2013 [Gaithersburg, MD: October 11-13, 2013]; CapClave 2015 [Gaithersburg, MD: October 10-11, 2015]

5-1/72: Philcon 2013 [Philadelphia, PA: November 8-10, 2013]

5-1/73: Wiscon 37 [Madison, WI: May 24-27, 2014]

5-1/74: Wiscon 38 [Madison, WI: May 23-26, 2015]

5-1/75: Arisia 2015 [Boston, MA: January 16-19, 2015]

5-1/76: Readercon 26 [Burlington, MA: July 9-12, 2015]; Readercon 2016 [Quincy, MA: July 7-10, 2016]

5-1/77: Arisia 2016 [Boston, MA: January 15-18, 2016]

5-1/78: Wiscon 41 [Madison, WI: May 26-29, 2017]

Steve Rasnic Tem and Melanie Tem Collection

  • TxAM-CRS C000381
  • Colección
  • 1962 - 2022

This collection contains materials relating to the lives and literary careers of horror writers Steve Rasnic Tem and Melanie Tem. Materials in the collection include manuscripts of novels, short stories, and other works by the Tems, whether written as individuals or together as co-writers; associated literary materials; correspondence; and other materials. Also included are recorded podcast interviews of Steve Rasnic Tem and readings of works by the Tems.

Also included are several literary awards won by the Tems individually and jointly.

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Action Figures, Marvel, DC, and Other

Spider Woman [Spider-Man, Legends Series] (2017)

Captain America [Avengers, Legends Series] (2018)

Captain Marvel [Captain Marvel, Legends Series] (2018)

Ms. Marvel [Avengers, Gamer Verse] (2020)

Shuri [Black Panther] (2017)

Shuri [Black Panther, Legacy Collection] (2022)

Vibranium Black Panther [Black Panther] (2017)

Queen Hippolyta [Wonder Woman, DC Comics Multiverse] (2016)

Anya [Buffy the Vampire Slayer] (2004)

May 2022 Addendum

The Future Generation 315
[Baltimore, MD: China Martens, auth., September 2006]
Perzine, Parenting

Grl Trbl #1
[New York, NY: GRL TRBL, auth., 2017?]


Honey Tunnel #2
[bernard?, auth., undated]

Hope #21
[New York, NY: Elissa, auth., April 2007]

Hummingbird Heart
[Arizona/Dinetah: Kinsale Drake and Alice Mao, auth. and artist, March 2022]
Poetry, Artzine, Native America

Inside The Test
[Northampton, PA: Jaime, auth., undated]

I've Worn All The Shirts in the Drawer: 64 Days of Shirts During COVID-19
[Lansdowne, PA: A.j. Michel, auth., June 2020]
Perzine, COVID

The La-La Theory #7: "Nix Besser"
[Jenkintown, PA: Katie Haegele, auth., June 2009]

Lady Teeth #4
[Magnolia, NJ: Taryn Hipp, auth., undated]

Laterborn #4 - 6
[Berkeley, later Belmont, CA: Jason Martin, auth., March 2006 - Summer 2008]
Comics, Perzine

Lower East Side Librarian 2021
[Brooklyn, NY: Jenna Freedman, auth., 2022]
Libraries, Perzine

Multi-Kid #3
[Berkeley, CA and Houston, TX: Jeep and Echo, ed., 2003]

979 Represent vol. 9 #11
[College Station, TX: Kelly Minnis and Kevin Still, ed., November 2017]
Reviews, Perzine, Music

979 Represent vol. 10 #2 - 6
[College Station, TX: Kelly Minnis and Kevin Still, ed., February - June 2018]
Reviews, Perzine, Music

979 Represent vol. 10 #7 - 10
[College Station, TX: Kelly Minnis and Kevin Still, ed., July - October 2018]
Reviews, Perzine, Music

979 Represent vol. 11 #1 (January 2019), #3 - 7 (March - July 2019)
[College Station, TX: Kelly Minnis and Kevin Still, ed.]
Reviews, Perzine, Music

979 Represent vol. 11 #8 - 12
[College Station, TX: Kelly Minnis and Kevin Still, ed., August - December 2019]
Reviews, Perzine, Music

979 Represent vol. 13 #1
[College Station, TX: Kelly Menace ed., February 2021]
Reviews, Perzine, Music

Nonbinary #0
[Juvonne McNeill and Theo, auth., undated]

Noodle Fight #0
[Haan Lee, auth., 2015]

Out of Order, Sorry! #1
[Brighton, UK: Jackie Batey, auth., August 2019]

The Prince Capades
[Smitty and Jack Amabilis, auth., undated]
Fiction, LGBT

The Perfect Mix Tape Segue #2
[Portland, OR: Joe, auth., 2003]

Reading Log 2020-2021
[A.j. Michel, auth., January 2022]
Reviews, Literature

Same Shitty Life, New Positive Attitude: An Emoji Poetry Collection
[Francis @fire.motif, auth., 2022]

Scream at the Librarian
[Joel J. Rane, auth., 2007]
Libraries, Perzine

Shrapnel #2
[Lafox, IL: 2020?]

Media Fanzine Collection

  • TxAM-CRS C000150
  • Colección
  • 1961 - 2022

The Media Fanzine Collection is comprised of numerous pre-Internet fan-produced publications that document their involvement in a particular fandom. Fandoms are based around media productions such as movies (i.e. the Star Wars film series) or television shows (i.e. Star Trek in its various iterations). Although traditionally most media fandoms involve productions from the science fiction and fantasy genres, there are numerous exceptions.

The majority of the contents in this collection consists of fan fiction. Fan fiction is the name given to literary or artistic productions created by fans about the characters, settings and events of the media universe in which they are interested. A substantial portion of the fanworks in the Media Fanzine Collection is identified as "slash”. "Slash" refers to fanworks that feature same-sex relationships and are sometimes (though not always) sexually explicit. In slash, sexual identity, sexuality and/or romance are often the centers of the story, rather than the conventional adventures featured in more traditional fanworks.

A small portion of the collection consists of "het" material. "Het", like slash, refers to fanworks featuring sexual or romantic content, but with opposite-sex relationships.

Slash and het items are identified as such on the item folder. If an item is not identified as slash or het, it is to be assumed that the item is “gen” (containing no sexual or romantic content. Both slash and het items have been specifically identified because of their importance as highly visible fan fiction subcultures. (s) indicates slash material. (h) indicates het material.

Fanzines are organized alphabetically by fandom name, and thereunder by title. The term “Multimedia” refers to anthologies of material from different fandoms. The term “Crossover” refers to stories in which characters from one or more media universes interact with those from another. (For example, a story in which Mal Reynolds' ship Serenity passed through a wormhole and encountered Captain James T. Kirk's U.S.S. Enterprise would be a Firefly/Star Trek crossover.)

The October 2016 Addendum includes several "friend books", tiny zines used by pre-teens and teens in the 1970s and 1980s as a way of finding other like-minded fans in the pre-Internet era. Some "friend books" were sized small enough to fit into an international envelope (2-3 inches), and consisted of no more than a few pages. The covers were pages cut from magazines or advertisement and were stapled or taped into a booklet shape. Many were multi-fandom, but some focused on single fandoms like Star Wars. Fans would write their name and address, and list their interests. The book would then passed along to the next fan. When the booklet was filled it was to be mailed back to the original fan. Often times questions were asked (ex: Who is your favorite Star Wars character?)

There are several additional items, including materials from genre conventions, ads and flyers, professional publications that relate to various fandoms, and various items of printed realia. The Christina Pilz February 2024 Addendum contains a number of fanzine advertisements and documentation devoted to fanzine and fanfic productions.

Sub-Series 1 of the Georgia Barnes Addendum contains maps of the Star Trek universe, and has therefore been filed with other items in the Maps Of Imaginary Places Collection.

Audio-Visual Materials

The collection also contains non-print materials. There are a significant number of fanvids in the collection (and the fandoms for those vids are noted in the finding aid). There are also several DVDs that contain recordings of fanfiction podcasts, from a number of different fandoms.

On Star Trek

Since 1966 there have been 5 non-animated television iterations of the television franchise Star Trek. Each one has its own dedicated fandom (although certainly many Trekkers are fans of multiple series), and each one has a generally accepted denotation. Those denotations are used in this collection, as follows:

Star Trek [TOS] refers to the original series(1966-1969).

Star Trek [TNG] refers to Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987-1994).

Star Trek [DS9] refers to Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993-1999).

Star Trek [VGR] refers to Star Trek: Voyager (1995-2001).

Star Trek [ENT] refers to Star Trek: Enterprise (2001-2005).

On The Professionals Circuit Archive:

There are several boxes of fanfiction from The Professionals Circuit Archive. The Circuit Archive is a singular form of fannish creative association, that for The Professionals fans actually predates the creation of more typical zines. In a standard fanzine distribution, a fan or group of fans will write, edit and publish a fanzine, and the publication will be printed and made available for sale. With The Professionals fandom, things began much more informally. Fans would place their stories 'on the circuit'. That is, they would write their stories and then produce photocopies; the copies would then be circulated among one another via standard mail. In time, certain fans began collecting copies together into 'circuit libraries'. Interested fans could become members of these informal lending libraries, and would receive titles on request, which they could read and /or photocopy and then return to the library. Although, in time, The Professionals fans began producing zines in the same ways that other fans did, much of the fanfiction remained (and remains) on the circuit.

By the late 1980s, two large circuit libraries were in place: one in Great Britain, and another in the United States. They enjoyed considerable overlap in their contents, but because of geographical distance and the informality of circuit distribution did not duplicate each other. In the early 1990s, as zines started entering the electronic era, fans began working to convert the vast number of paper stories into an electronic format that would encourage and increase access (as well as help preserve the much-used paper originals). In 1996, the Circuit Archive went online and continues to periodically increase its contents with new stories. The Circuit Archive, sprung from humble beginnings, now holds more than 1000 individual stories, which form the backbone of The Professionals creative fandom.

To quote Morgan Dawn, "the circuit library in the Professionals fandom is a unique tradition of women writing and sharing fan fiction (often anonymously) without going through the editorial and fanzine publication process. In many ways, it is the precursor to the fan fiction on the Internet where people would read a story, photo-copy it and send it on to someone else, and then write a response story, copy that and mail it on in an endless flow...and because The Professionals was a UK show, you have the unique situation where this communication was crossing both cultural and geographic barriers." Stories in these folders include both gen and slash.

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