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Historical Research Materials - 1961-1978

General information including articles, essays, clippings, research notes, brochures, booklets, pictures, photocopies, maps, bibliographies, outlines, reviews, catalogues, book lists, Confederate money, stamps, press releases, Civil War original documents, rough drafts, post cards, manuscripts, outlines, memoirs, pamphlets, drafts, speeches, transcripts, political cartoons, newspaper clippings, manuscripts, chronologies, and newsletters.

Miscellaneous Writings by Asbury

This series contains miscellaneous historical documents and articles, a group of assignments prepared for a writing class and a poetry class taken by Asbury at Harvard in 1908, other stories, essays, plays and poems written by Asbury, and a few pieces of correspondence on roses (1934-1942).

Texas History - Research Materials on the Revolution and the Republic

This series contains chiefly correspondence and research files on but not limited to the Alamo, Fannin at Goliad, the Twin Sisters, Regulator-Moderator War, White Spirituals, Asbury Family, Woodward Family, Santa Fe Expedition, Congress of Republic of Texas, Texas County Histories, Governor Jim Hogg, Council House Fight, Seige of Bexar, Battles around San Antonio, Conventions of 1836 and 1933, Texas Pioneers, Texas Centennial, History of Texas Roses, Battle of San Jacinto, Mexican War, Texas-Indians,

Other documents included are" Maximal Growth Yield in Plants", "Almonte's Journal of the Mexican Campaign", historical articles and addresses written by S. E. Asbury, documents from Bexar, Spanish and Nacogdoches Archives, Polk County documents and letters, "Pioneer Texan's Previous and After Lives", miscellaneous historical documents, and a list of contents of the cabinet drawers.

General W. Krueger, Field Orders 1-75

This series contains 24 folders in box 1 and 49 folders in box 2 from June 2, 1943 - September 6, 1945.

The field orders contain data and instructions relating to hostile dispositions and support of operation, task forces, command posts, supplies, and communications. Also included are annexes concerned with staging, loading and embarkation plans, intelligence, artillery and antiaircraft artillery, communications, and engineering. Maps, sketches, and code names are also included in the field orders.

General W. Krueger, Administrative Orders 1-19

This series contains 15 folders in box 1 from June 6, 1943 - October 5, 1945.

The administrative orders primarily contain data or amendments to accompany Field Orders and are concerned with supply, evacuation, traffic, service troops, personnel, prisoners of war, and miscellaneous items. Also included are instructions and annexes dealing with captured enemy equipment, individual clothing and equipment, supply, burials and cemeteries, native labor, sanitation, prisoners of war and enemy dead, captured material trophies, air supply circulars, and plans of operation. Maps and sketches are also found among the administrative orders.

General W. Krueger, Weekly Reports 62-94

This series contains 22 folders in box 2 and 11 folders in box 3 from November 1, 1944 - July 1, 1945.

The weekly reports contain intelligence information on enemy activities, terrain, counterintelligence, material and equipment, captured documents and POW interrogations, reclassification of documents, enemy tactics, psychological warfare, and code names and numbers. Also included are photographic coverage reports, sketches, and maps.

General W. Krueger, Operation Reports

This series contains 10 folders in box 3.

S4-3-12: "Report of the Chronicle Operation:" June 22, 1943 - August 5, 1943

S4-3-13: "Report of Dexterity Operation: " December 15, 1943 - February 10, 1944

S4-3-14: "Report of Brewer Operation: " February 29, 1944 - May 18, 1944

S4-3-15: "Report of the Hollandia-Aitape Operation:" April 12, 1944 - August 25, 1944

S4-3-16: "Report of the Wakde-Biak Operation: " May 17, 1944 - September 2, 1944

S4-3-17: "Report of the Sansapor Operation: " July 30, 1944 - August 31, 1944

S4-3-18: "Report of the Noemfoor Operation: " July 2, 1944 - August 31, 1944

S4-3-19: "Report of the Moratai Operation: " September 15, 1944 - October 4, 1944

S4-3-20: "Report of the King II Operation, 7th Infantry Division: " October 20, 1944 - February 10, 1945

S4-3-21: "Report of the Mindoro Operation:" December 15, 1944 - December 31, 1944

General W. Krueger, Historical Reports

This series contains 13 folders in box 3 and 6 folders in box 4.

S5-3-22: "The Story of the Bushmasters" by Roy Lancaster (combat narrative and photographic account of the 158th Regimental Combat Team.)

S5-3-23: "1300 Hours" prepared by the Public Relations Office, 32nd Infantry Division (combat history of the 32nd Infantry Division-World War II.)

S5-3-24: "Going Hard" (history of overseas war service of the 27th Engineer Construction Battalion.) October 1945

S5-3-25: "Inside G-2" published by Assistant Chief of Staff, G-2 Headquarters Sixth Army (a brief symposium on the organization, functioning, and equipment of G-2 and S02 Section in AFPAC Divisions and comments on divisional and regimental reconnaissance agencies.) 1945

S5-3-26: "Antiaircraft Artillery Operations with Sixth Army" (prepared during the early phase of the occupation of Japan.)

S5-3-27: "History of G-4 Section Headquarters Sixth Army” (operations from Camp Columbia, Australia to Kyoto, Japan.) January 25, 1943 - January 26, 1946

S5-3-28: "History of Ordinance Section Headquarters Sixth Army” (narrative of combat operations and experience, including statistics on ammunition supply and expenditures.) January 27, 1943 - December 15, 1945

S5-3-29: "Paradise Paper" prepared by Public Relations Office under the direction of Assistant Chief of Staff, G-2 (a review of the XI Corps campaign from Finschhafen, New Guinea, April 22, 1944, to Yokohama, Japan, September 2, 1945.)

S5-3-30: "I Corps History of the Occupation of Japan" (historical narrative and documents concerning the occupation of Honshu.) 1945

S5-3-31: "Japanese Defense of Cities as Exemplified by The Battle For Manila" published by Assistant Chief of Staff, G- Headquarters of Sixth Army (presenting the first instance in WWI in which a metropolitan city strongly defended by the Japanese was assaulted and captured by U.S. forces.) July 1, 1945

S5-3-32: "XIV Corps M-1 Operation After Action Report (Luzon Campaign.)"

S5-3-33: "Map Supplement to After Action Report M-1 Operation XIV Corps."

S5-3-34: "Allied Geographical Section Southwest Pacific Terrain Study No. 94," Central Luzon—Volume 3, Manila Directory.

S5-4-1: "6th Infantry Division After Action Report, Final Phase of Luzon Campaign." July 1 - August 21, 1945

S5-4-2: "History of the Luzon Campaign,” I Corps, Philippine Islands. 1945

S5-4-3: "Operations of the 25th Infantry Division,” Luzon Philippine Islands. January 17, 1945 - June 30, 1945

S5-4-4: "Report After Action, Operations of the 37th Infantry Division," Luzon, Philippine Islands (M-1 Operation.) November 1, 1944 - June 30, 1945

S5-4-5: "Historical Report, Luzon Campaign, 43rd Infantry Division," compiled by Sidney P. Marland, Jr., Colonel, G. S. C., A. C. OF S., G-3.

S5-4-6: Luzon Campaign, 6th Infantry Division. January 9, 1945 - June 30, 1945

Oyster Reports, Letters, and Memorandum

Reports, letters, and memorandum on the oyster mortality project by Harry J. Bennet, A.D. Bajkov, James L. Boswell, Clair Brown, Sidney O. Brown, M.D. Burkenroad, Fred Caulthron, C. Ray Elsey, I. I. Gardescu, Gordon Gunter, C. K. Hancock, Harold W. Harry, Joel W. Hedgpeth, and Willis G. Hewatt.

Reports, Letters, and Memorandum on the Oyster Mortality Project

Reports, letters and memoranda on the oyster mortality project by A. A. Jakkula, Fred W. Jensen, P. Korringa, Louis Lambert, Hugh B. Lofland, Elmer J. Lund, G. Robert Lunz, Jr., John C. Aull, Alvin F. Dodds, Shirley Alfred Lynch, John G. Mackin, Jay D. Andrews, Wiley G. Lastrapes, H. A. Marmer, R. Winston Menzel, Thurlow C. Nelson, Joseph F. Prokop, W. C. Rasmussen, Sammy M. Ray, J. H. Roberts, Fred W. Sieling, John J. Sperry, Victor Sprague, and Claude E. ZoBell.

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