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Unpublished writings

a. 5-page document titled Kung-Fu, or Medical Gymnastics by John Dudgeon, M.D., C.M. Describes various texts and individuals historically.
b. Typed document titled The Way of Chinese Painting by Mai-mai Sze
Modern Library Paperback, Random House, New York, 1959
c. Notes from “The Donkey” G.K. Chesterton
d. Notes (not easy to read) EE Cummings name written across. Handwritten sheet of poetry.
e. Typed document-Chang Chang-yuan, Dialogue on T’ai-chi, 1959. Green sticky note “Unpublished, appears to be notes from the book listed at the top by Chang. Col. Chow is surely his friend Chou Chi Chun.” Signed AT
f. Handwritten note-Dicky The Master of Go Yasunari Kawabata (“My best”) Green sticky note Seems like copied quote (as on back). I think unused unless it was on Gilby. Dicky is surely Dicky Bowen.” Signed AT
g. Typewritten document with Taichi handwritten at the top- The I Ching or Book of Changes, The Richard Wilhelm Translation, Rendered into English by Cary F. Baynes, Routledge & Kegan Paul Ltd. 1960. Green sticky note Quotes from Wilhelm’s Popular Book.
h. Typewritten document-Wu Wei

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