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James C. Nagle Collection

  • US TxAM-C 1372
  • Collection
  • 1882-1927

This collection includes photographs, correspondence, sketches, and certifications for Nagle, who was a professor at the College of Texas A&M from 1890 to 1913. This collection spans from 1882 to 1927 along with a later article written in 1967 about Nagle.

Nagle, J. C. (James C.), 1865-1927

Pennants and Flags

2-8: Pennant (maroon): "The Force Is Strong With This One", depicting Yoda.

2-9: Pennant (white): "Aggie Empire", depicting Darth Vader with a lightsaber.

2-10: Deluxe Flag (maroon, 3' x 5', single-sided): "You Underestimate The Power of A&M", depicting Darth Vader.

2-11: Vertical Flag (maroon, 28 ' x 40', double-sided): "A&M: A Long Time Ago, In A Stadium Far, Far Away Texas A&M Football Was Born"/"Aggie Empire", depicting Darth Vader.

Bernard Sbisa Family Collection

  • US TxAM-C 1377
  • Collection
  • 1877-1919

The Bernard Sbisa Family Collection consists of photographic scrapbooks, personal correspondence, photographs of the Sbisa Family, and early Texas A&M College photographs along with other early college photographs of the campus of Perdue. The items included either have no date or are dated from between 1877 to 1919.

Bernard Sbisa was one of the first Texas A&M College professors who lived and taught the early Texas A&M College.

Sbisa, Bernard

Sbisa Correspondence and Photographs

S1-1/1: Correspondence

  • Passport for Rita R. Kerr. October 22, 1877
  • Photocopy of correspondence to Mrs. O. P. Kerr from Eugene [?] Kerr. October 29, 1893 (3 pages)
  • Funeral notice for Mrs. Francisco Orfila, Bryan, TX. June 13, 1888
  • Recipe with a note. May 5, 1899
  • Correspondence to Bernard Sbisa from J. G. Huth, November 18, 1911 (2 pages)
  • Correspondence to 'Professor' [Bernard Sbisa] from [Father] J. B. Gleisanner of St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Bryan, TX. April 1, 1917 (1 page)
  • Correspondence to Ma Chere Rita from Meg [?], December 8, 1918, (2 pages)
  • Correspondence to Ma Chere Rita from Meg [?], December 30, 1918[?] (2 pages)
  • Correspondence to Mrs. Sbisa from T.D. Row [?], February 27, 1919 (2 pages)
  • Photocopies of E. W. Kerr article in the Galveston Daily News. Wednesday, June 10, 1896 (2 pages, 2 copies)

S1-1/2: Photographs of the Sbisa family and friends of the family.

S1-1/3: Photographs taken at A&M College

  • Inside Old Mess Hall [?]. Undated
  • Group photo. 1895 [?]
  • Group photo outside of Old Main with Rila Sbisa. Undated
  • Group photo of Corps of Cadets and Matriarchs in front of Mess Hall [?]. 1896 (possibly taken by E.W. Kerr)
  • Group photo outside Academic building in front of Sull Ross statue [possibly group of professors, administrators, or families]. Undated

S1-1/4: Postcards

  • A&M Old Main building burning. Undated
  • A&M College campus house [?]. Undated
  • Military Walk. Undated (3 copies)
  • Sbisa Hall. Undated (3 copies)
  • Sbisa Hall, black and white photograph postcard. Undated

E. B. Cushing Research Material

  • US TxAM-C 1379
  • Collection

This collection was accumulated by university archivists Donald H. Dyal and David Chapman for the publication titled "Cushing Under Cover", part of the commemoration for the re-dedication of Cushing Memorial Library. The collection includes photocopies of the archivists' secondary and tertiary research on Edward Benjamin Cushing, along with primary resources on Cushing including, among other materials, correspondence, maps, World War I (WWI) reports, and distinction certificates.

Cushing, Edward B.

D. J. Finn '21 Scrapbook

  • US TxAM-C 1396
  • Collection
  • 1917-1921

This scrapbook contains autographs, memorabilia, and photographs of A&M College buildings during the span of 1917 to 1921 when Finn was a student at the College.

Edgar Petty Jennings Scrapbook

  • US TxAM-C 1398
  • Collection
  • 1912-1916

This scrapbook contains memorabilia, photographs, and biographical information from when Edgar Perry Jennings was at A&M College from 1912 to 1917.

Louis L. McInnis Scrapbook

  • US TxAM-C 1402
  • Collection
  • 1883-1887

This scrapbook contains material related to the Texas A&M Board of directors, Texas A&M College education between the times 1883-1887.

McInnis, Louis Lowry, 1855-1933

Caribbean Scrapbook

  • US TxAM-C 1432
  • Collection
  • circa 1896-1900

The Caribbean Scrapbook contains photographs and notes on St. Kitts and Nevis circa 1896 to 1900.

William Wallace Burns Papers

  • US TxAM-C C000023
  • Collection
  • 1848-1910

This collection consists mainly of correspondence (1858-1888) in which Brigadier General William Wallace Burns, of the United States Army, gives detailed accounts of Civil War battles fought during the Peninsular Campaign (March-August 1862), particularly the Seven Days Battles (June 25 - July 1, 1862 ), including Peach Orchard, Allen's Farm, Savage Station, Glendale, Nelson's Farm, and Malvern Hill. Burns discusses topics such as military strategy, troop movements, military surgeons, weather conditions during battles, building pontoon bridges, building defense works and, and capturing Confederate works. One letter is present from the Mexican-American War (1846-1848).

Also included is personal correspondence with high-ranking officials such as President Abraham Lincoln, U. S. Secretary of War Charles Stanton, General Henry W. Halleck, General Winfield Scott Hancock, General George McClellan, General William Starke Rosecrans, and Major General Edwin Vose Sumner, as well as Emil Schalk who was a war journalist. The latter correspondence concerns political viewpoints on the causes of the war, primarily slavery, as well as the conduct and outcome of the war.

Some correspondence (1888-1904) was written just before and after Burns' death among family members, notably his grandchildren Lloyd Burns Magruder, who was a cadet at the United States Military Academy, and Pauline Magruder, as well as William Wallace Burns' sister Mabelle Burns, usually called "Mab." A substantial group of letters to Mabelle Burns is from her suitor for marriage, B. L. Prince. A few of the family letters from Pauline Magruder to her Aunt Mabelle Burns are written in French from Paris, France.

Also present is a substantial group of copies of military orders and official reports focused on Burns' thwarted ambitions to become Major General, and lead a Division in the Army of the Cumberland under the command of General Rosecrans. Apparently Burns believed political maneuverings of high governmental officials obstructed his promotion to Major General and precipitated his resignation as Brigadier General in 1863.

A few financial records and documents from legal proceedings are included concerning disputed rights to the "Sibley Tent," an invention whose patent royalties were eventually shared by Burns with Henry Hastings Sibley. Also present are a few documents concerning Texas real estate transactions.

Burns, William Wallace, 1825-1892

Personal Correspondence with Professional Colleagues

A - Letter to Burns from an unknown person. Exceedingly difficult to read letter written to Burns from someone who appears to have worked with him…or will soon work with him in the subsistence department. There are hints of problems in the operations. Handwritten. 1 sheet, 2 leaves, 4 pages, circa 1858.

B - Letter from Burns to an unknown individual. This letter discusses the political issues of the time with someone who must be in a leadership position. Handwritten. 1 sheet, 2 leaves, 4 pages, 22 May 1861.

C - Letter to Burns from a W. D Bickham. The letter discusses the political climate as well as extends many compliments to Burns. Handwritten. 2 sheets, 4 leaves, 8 pages, 9 July 1862.

D - Letter from Burns to an unknown woman, possibly a writer. This letter is written in defense of McClellan and appears to be written in response to an editorial. Handwritten. 1 leaf, 1 page, 18 November 1862.

E - Letter from Thomas J. Blakeney. Letter concerning Burns' resignation and written by someone who was possibly a fellow officer. 13 March 1863.

F - Letter from James S. Griffiths to Burns. This letter is from a soldier who was apparently under Burns' command at the time he was relieved. The letter expresses affection and admiration for Burns. Handwritten, 1 sheet, 2 leaves, 3 pages, 29 March 1863.

G - Letter from Emil Schalk to Burns. This letter is from a war journalist to Burns and expresses disappointment in Burns' resignation from his position as Brigadier General. Handwritten, 1 sheet, 2 leaves, 4 pages, 1 April 1863.

H - Letter from Emil Schalk to Burns. The letter apparently responds to one from Burns and discusses other Union generals as well as personal observation. Handwritten, 1 sheet, 2 leaves, 3 pages, 5 October 1863.

I - Letter from Burns to an unnamed General. Letter presumably accompanied an "extract of service" in which Burns offers to embellish this general's "succinct, concise, terse and nervous style." Handwritten, 1 leaf, 1 page, 24 February 1864.

J - Letter from a publisher to Burns. The letter requests a "short sketch of your life" for an upcoming book on the history of Ohio's participation in the War of the Rebellion. Handwritten, 1 leaf, 1 page, 20 February 1865.

K - Letter from an illegible name. The letter discusses a change in command and is on stationery from Headquarters Second Military District, Charleston, S. C. Handwritten, 1 leaf, 2 pages, 19 February 1868.

L - Letter to Burns from W. B. Franklin. The letter discusses apparently a mutual friend, "Baldy" who is going to Egypt and Europe. The letter also discusses briefly concerns about the economy and President Grant. Handwritten, 1 sheet, 2 leaves, 2 pages. 23 October 1873.

M - Letter from J. A. Garfield to Burns. The letter responds to a letter written by Burns and casually discusses the financial market at the time. Handwritten, 1 leaf, 2 pages, 27 October 1875.

N - Letter to U. S. Grant from Burns. The letter expresses that he felt Grant lacked confidence in him but that he would support Grant in his rise to the top. Handwritten, 1 sheet, 2 leaves, 1 August 1876.

O - Letter from W. B. Franklin to Burns. The letter discusses the political situation within the Service. Handwritten, 1 leaf, 2 pages, 24 June 1878.

P - Letter from Mary [N?] Banning to "Mab." Letter acknowledges receipt of a package and goes on to describe the family Christmas holidays. Handwritten, 1 sheet, 2 leaves, 3 pages, 28 December 1878.

Q - Letter from M. [N?] Banning to "Mab." Letter discusses travel plans and is chiefly social commentary. Handwritten, 1 sheet, 2 leaves, 3 pages, 5 May 1879.

R - Letter from M. [N?] Banning to "Mab." Letter discusses household issues such as trouble with servants and children. Handwritten, 2 sheets, 3 leaves, 5 pages, 14 July 1879.

S - Letter from Burns to Dr. Henry [Coppee?] from Burns. Letter appears to be a copy and is a strong editorial concerning the goings on at West Point. Handwritten, 1 sheet, 2 leaves, 3 pages, 188?.

T - Letter to an unnamed General from Burns. Letter appears to be a draft and outlines good faith effort on the part of Burns to build the reputation of the unnamed person being addressed in this letter and gives reassurance of friendship-possibly to McClellan? Handwritten, 1 sheet, 2 leaves, 2 pages, 9 June 1880.

U - Letter from Burns to "Mr. Elect," J. A. Garfield. Letter is an editorial concerning the idea of centralization of government. Handwritten, 1 sheet, 2 leaves, 3 pages, 15 November 1880.

V - Letter from Burns to "Mr. President." Letter describes his misfortunate non-appointment to Major General. Handwritten, 1 leaf, 1 page, circa 1881.

W - Letter from Burns to "Mr. President." Letter appears to be a draft similar in content to 3/22 of this series. Handwritten, 1 leaf, 1 page, circa 1881.

X - Letter from [Hancock?] to Burns. Letter is extremely difficult to read but discusses a friendship with Burns and offers encouragement. Handwritten, 1 sheet, 2 leaves, 2 pages, 15 July 1881.

Y - Letter from Burns to "Corbin" (Garfield). This letter is a frank political discussion. In (someone else's?) pencil handwriting, there appears to be a guest list for a dinner party. Handwritten, 1 sheet, 2 leaves, 3 pages, 13 August 81.

Z - Letter from [McCartery?] to Burns. This letter is written on watermarked and engraved "City of Charleston" stationery in apparent response to Burns' complaint about a news article; the letter is bitingly frank about the political situation. Handwritten, 1 leaf, 2 pages, 8 December 1882.

AA - Note from Hancock to Burns. Appears to have been a cover note with an attachment (not present). Handwritten, 1 leaf, 1 page, 12 November 1884.

BB - Letter to Burns from "Editor" of The Century Magazine. This appears to be a note acknowledging an inaccuracy of a name and its correction in an article. Handwritten, 1 sheet, 1 leaves, 4 pages, 6 June 1885.

CC - Letter to McClellan from Burns. This letter discusses and article that McClellan wrote in Century concerning a battle fought on June 29, 1862 (23 years after) and how it was "too general" in its content. Handwritten, 1 leaf, 1 page, 18 June 1883.

DD - Letter from W. B. Franklin to Burns. This letter is a request that Burns clarify, in an editorial he was getting published in The Century Magazine, that Franklin ordered certain troops during the Savage Station fight. Handwritten, 1 leaf, 1 page, 15 May 1885.

EE - Letter to Burns from [RPS?]. This letter is from someone in Texas and is a detailed description of goings on in the area-implies that Burns might have been interested in buying land there. 1 sheet, 2 leaves, 4 pages, 20 May 1885.

FF - Letter to Burns from [Muckle?]. This is a note that appears to have accompanied a set of newspapers (The Public Ledger, Philadelphia) containing an article that Burns wrote. Handwritten, 1 sheet, 2 leaves, 2 pages, 4 November 1885.

GG - Letter from C. A. Whittier to Burns. Letter is an apparent response to a letter from Burns from an apparent close acquaintance. Handwritten, 1 leaf, 2 pages, 1 May 1886.

HH - Letter from Burns to Mrs. Geo. B. McClellan. This is an expression of admiration for McClellan and undying defense of his record-posthumous? 1 sheet, 2 leaves, 2 pages, 25 December 1886.

II - Letter from H. M. Black to Burns. This appears to be a letter from a former classmate at the U. S. Military Academy (1847?) and seems to be some sort of clarification concerning his rank in the war. 1 sheet, 2 leaves, 3 pages, 24 January 1887.

JJ - Letter from W. B. Franklin to Burns. This letter is very specific in clarifying certain events from the war and discusses Senate testimony. Handwritten, 1 leaf, 2 pages, 22 February 1887.

KK - Letter from Burns to H. V. Buckley. Response to an announcement of a formation of an association of the Philadelphia Brigade. Handwritten, 1 leaf, 1 page, 26 February 1887.

LL - Letter from William Prior, Secretary to Burns. Note of explanation that apparently accompanied an obituary of a soldier who had possibly served with Burns. Handwritten, 1 sheet, 2 leaves, 2 pages, 7 March 1888.

MM - Letter to Burns from jeweler Bailey, Banks, and Biddle. Letter accompanied a proof set of buttons for West Point to be approved by Burns. Handwritten, 1 leaf, 1 page, 29 October 1888.

NN - Letter from [M.?] to Burns. Signature line is illegible but letter is on letterhead from "Society of the Army of the Cumberland - Office of the Corresponding Secretary" and discusses General Rosecrans and injustices. Handwritten, 1 leaf, 1 page, 31 January 1889.

OO - Letter from James Quinlan to Burns. Letter announces that he has received the Congressional Medal of Honor and credits Burns for making it possible. Handwritten, 1 leaf, 1 page, 13 March 1891.

PP - Letter from William S. Stockton to Burns. Letter requests Burns' contribution to a History of the California Regiment written on letterhead from the Association of Survivors 71st Penna. Vols. (California Regiment). Handwritten, 3 sheets, 6 leaves, 3 pages, 18 August 1891.

QQ - Letter from J. B. Alvord to Burns. A very informative letter describing memories of the battlefield and conveying the kinship these men apparently shared. Handwritten, 2 sheets, 4 leaves, 4 pages, 24 November 1891.

RR - Letter from James J. Quinlan to Burns. This is a response to a letter from Burns, apparently, and discusses how Burns was responsible for the ultimate victory by McClellan at Savage Station. Letterhead: Meagher's Irish Brigade Association Headquarters, 69th Regiment Armory. Handwritten, 1 leaf, 1 page, 29 December 1891.

SS - Letter from H.M Holmes to Burns. This is a rather confrontational letter from an attorney in Mason, Texas to Burns concerning a dispute over some land rights in Texas. Handwritten, 2 sheets, 4 leaves, 2 pages, 11 May 1892.

TT - Letter from J. B. Allen to Mrs. Burns. Letter refers to "your late husband, Genl W. W. Burns" and expresses appreciation to her having sent copies of his papers to be read at a meeting of the Brigade Association. Handwritten, 1 leaf, 2 pages, 15 May 1893.

UU - Letter (very difficult to read) with an illegible signature to [Sen?]. This letter seems to refer to an election. Handwritten, 1 leaf, 2 pages, 1 November [year?].

VV - Notes by Burns. Handwriting indicates that this may have been written when he was quite elderly/feeble. It describes "Mexican Pensions" and makes several comments that indicate that he thought U. S. Military Academy graduates had been bypassed or discriminated against. Handwritten, 1 leaf, 1 page, Undated.

WW - Notes by Burns. Although this is unsigned, it is most likely written by Burns. It is an apparent draft of a note to an editor asking why an article had not been published and implies bias against McClellan. Handwritten, 1 leaf, 1 page, Undated.

XX - Notes by Burns. It is unclear what this is but it is in Burns' handwriting. It may be a transcription of something he saw but it regards a Broadway playwright named E. A. Sothern and a Chicago lawyer who wrote him a letter. It is in verse. Handwritten, 1 sheet, 2 leaves, 3 pages, Undated.

YY - Letter from Burns to "Messrs Editors." This letter adamantly asserts certain historical inaccuracies in a news article and attempts to provide information. Handwritten, 2 sheets, 3 leaves, 3 pages, Undated.

United States Coast and Geodetic Survey Triangulation Station Marker

  • US TxAM-C 1141
  • Collection
  • 1935

This U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey marker dated 1935 marking the point at which a triangulation station was established for the purposes of conducting multiple geodetic surveys in the area. The marker is a bronze disk with a diameter of 3.5 inches and a circumference of 10.99 inches. This marker was placed on the Texas A&M campus in 1935 by the U.S. Coast & Geodetic Survey to identify the position of a horizontal control triangulation station. The station was constructed for the purposes of making observations for at least two survey runs (Austin to Navasota in 1935, and Cameron to Madisonville in 1943). Removed in 2013 because of new campus construction, the marker was originally located some 80 feet east of the northeast corner of what was then the A&M Creamery and 150 feet south-southwest of what was then the railroad depot.

A triangulation station is a type of horizontal control, a mark at a precisely established latitude and longitude. The position of a triangulation station is determined by measuring distances and angles from other stations and is typically associated with nearby reference mark disks and an azimuth mark disk. The marker was originally located on the Texas A&M campus near the former site of the Creamery and was removed due to the Welborn Road construction project.

The marker has a small triangle in the center and the words “Triangulation Station” on the rim. There was a $250 fine or imprisonment for disturbing the mark.

Essays and Papers

1/1: Information about the collection, and a finding guide

1/2: Letter to Dr. Cofer from J. E. Adams discussing the transfer of the files of J. Oscar Morgan, July 3, 1953 (typed)

1/3: "Broom Corn" by J. O. Morgan (original, typed on tracing paper, photocopy included)

1/4: "Don't Handicap the Corn and Cotton by Giving it a Poor Start" by J. O. Morgan (original, typed on tracing paper, photocopy included)

1/5: "Stable Manure Vs. Green Manure as a Source of Organic Matter for Soils" by J. O. Morgan (original, typed on tracing paper)

1/6: "Corn Culture in the South" by J. O. Morgan, 1912 (original, typed, photocopy included)

1/7: "Some Considerations of Soil Improvement" by J. O. Morgan (3 pages, original, typed on tracing paper, multiple copies)

1/8: "Some Needs of Texas Agriculture" by J. O. Morgan, March 15, 1911 (32 pages, original typed)

1/9: "The Relation of Soil Fertility to Farm Management" by J. O. Morgan (5 pages, original, typed on tracing paper, photocopy of essay described included)

1/10: "The Important of crop notation" by J. O. Morgan (original, typed on tracing paper, multiple copies)

1/11: "Now is the time for plan your future cropping system", no author possibly J. O. Morgan (original, typed on tracing paper, multiple)

1/12: "The Manure Problem on the Farm", no author, possibly J. O. Morgan (3 pages, multiple copies)

1/13: "Don't Neglect the Fall Preparation of your Seed Bad" written by J. O. Morgan (original, typed on tracing paper)

1/14: "Crops for the Silo" by J. O. Morgan (multiple copies)

1/15: "The Relation of Commercial Fertilizers to Green Manures", no author, possibly J. O. Morgan (6 copies)

1/16: "More Alfalfa for Texas" by J. O. Morgan (2 copies)

1/17: "Fertilizers, Manures, and rotations for Cotton", no author, possibly J. O. Morgan (multiple copies)

1/18: "Some Profitable Crops that can yet be produced by Texas Farmers" by J. O. Morgan (multiple copies)

1/19: "The First Steps in Preparing the Seedbed for Corn", no author, possibly J. O. Morgan (4 pages, original, typed on tracing paper)

1/20: "The Eradication of Johnson grass" by J. O. Morgan (multiple copies)

1/21: Miscellaneous Papers

  • "Interacts from the U.S. Departments of Agriculture Washington D.C.", no author, Undated (original document, typed on tracing paper). Discusses three chemicals that kill vegetation and a method the Australians use to kill weeds that is less harmful to crops.
  • Document providing the definitions of different biomes (2 pages, typed)
  • Agriculture curriculum, training, and other information regarding of A&M College of Texas (3 pages, typed)
  • Importance of fall plowing for the soil (typed)
  • Sub-irrigation techniques for crops. (3 pages, typed)
  • Proper techniques for planting broom corn. (2 pages, handwritten in pencil)
  • Handwritten notes in pencil
  • Scanned photocopies of all the documents

Gideon J. Buck Collection

  • US TxAM-C 1149
  • Collection
  • 1894-1898

This collection includes letters written by Buck's friends and colleagues, recommending him for the position of President of A&M College of Texas.

Buck, Gideon J.

Henry Bates Stoddard Collection

  • US TxAM-C 1152
  • Collection
  • 1880-1912; Undated

This collection contains items pertaining to the life of Henry Bates Stoddard. Stoddard served on a committee designed to head the local effort to locate a proposed girls' industrial school at A&M. Stoddard was once considered for the Presidency of A&M College of Texas in 1902.

The collection contains many petitions from various citizens of Texas to the Board of Directors of Texas A&M. The petitions request the consideration of H. B. Stoddard to fill the vacant position of President of the College. (Stoddard did not, ultimately, become President.) Included herein is also Stoddard's handwritten will to his daughter and sister-in-law, a picture of Stoddard, two letters written to him, and several other items.

Marshall E. Findley Collection

  • US TxAM-C 1153
  • Collection
  • 1938-1956; Undated

This collection contains letters and photographs from Marshall Findley (Class of 1949) a graduate from Texas A&M. Findley was a member of the Corps of Cadets.

Colonel C. J. Crane Collection

  • US TxAM-C 1158
  • Collection
  • 1900-1905; Undated

This collection contains many photographs and other items pertaining to Crane's military service in the Spanish-American War. The collection also contains his personal items and a biography.

Crane, Charles Judson, 1852-1928

Conolly Materials

1/1: Photocopy on "Good Bond Paper".

1/2: Newspaper clipping of Mr. and Mrs. P. L. Downs, Jr. 41st Wedding Anniversary.

1/3: Photocopy of letter from Dean of School of Agriculture to Mr. and Mrs. P. H. Conolly congratulating them that their son graduated with high honors

1/4: Photocopy of letter to Alston Clapp about a job opportunity.

1/5: Invitation for Mr. and Mrs. R. N. Conolly to attend a program at The Faculty Club from the secretary of The Rhodes Scholarship Committee.

Meade A. Carpenter Collection

  • US TxAM-C 1168
  • Collection
  • 1950-1970s

The collection contains information relating to Meade A. Carpenter such as letters, insurance information, and other documents concerning Carpenter's employees.

Also included are maps of some countries from the Middle East such as Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar. The maps contain spots where oil and gas can be found in such countries from the 1950s to the late 1960s. There are also two booklet guides for learning the Arabic language.

Mrs. Oliver P. Harris (C. P. Harris) Collection

  • US TxAM-C 1172
  • Collection
  • 1934-1950; Undated

This collection contains personal correspondence between the President of the Texas Club at Texas A&M and members. Along with Mrs. Oliver P Harris’s personal letters and papers, and references to social clubs and events during the 1930s.

Harris, C. P.

Hazing Investigation Files

  • US TxAM-C 1173
  • Collection
  • 1921

The collection consists of 3 volumes of hazing investigation transcripts, totalling 714 pages.

Skin and Scuba Club

1/1: General information about the collection.

1/2: S. A. S. Newsletter. 1970 (Skin and Scuba)

1/3: S. A. S. Newsletter. 1972 (Skin and Scuba)

1/4: Lists of members and old completed membership applications.

1/5: A notice to persons interested in obtaining high-pressure scuba diving air from Texas A&M.

'79 Meeting Documents, Flyers, Notes and other Mateials

1-1: 1980 Summer Dance flyers, Mondays and Thursdays during Freshman orientation, and information about the event prior to and after.

1-2: Personal notes and meeting minutes for the class of ’79, 1977-1978

1-3: Personal notes and meeting minutes for the class of ’79, 1975-1978

1-4: Class meeting flyers, personal meeting notes, list of officers, letters about certain events, and meeting dates schedules, 1978-1979

1-5: Flyers, notes, meeting minutes, and other miscellaneous documentation, 1975-1977

1-6: Funding and Donation Records, 1965-1975

1-7: Paid Bills (1 of 4)

1-8: Paid Bills (2 of 4), 1977-1978

1-9: Paid Bills (3 of 4), 1976-1977

1-10: Paid Bills (4 of 4), 1975-1976

1-11: President’s Endowment Scholarship

1-12: Senior Weekend, 1979

Military Walk Proposed Renovation Plans

  • US TxAM-C 1192
  • Collection
  • 2006-2010

This collection includes official documents pertaining to proposed 2006 renovation plans for Texas A&M’s Military Walk including designs, presentations, firm history, engineer reports, designs, and certifications.

The Military Walk has been an important landmark since 1876 at Texas A&M. Originally the walk was a dirt road and was paved as a narrow street in the 1940s, later paved over again like a concrete sidewalk. The walk spans 1,500 feet from Sbisa Dining Hall to the Rudder/Memorial Student Center complex. The 2006-2010 renovation to the Military Walk included a brick makeover with lights, benches, and memorial plates.

The contents are as follows:
Folder 1,
Project Approach with PowerPoint Presentation
Architectural and Engineering Qualifications Booklet
Project Approach
Patterson Architects
MEP Engineer
Landscape Architect
Civil Engineer
Historical Documentation

Folder 2,
Edwards and Kelcey Booklet
Letter of Interest
Team Organization Chart
Related Projects Approach
Film History
Principal in Charge
Quality of Serve

Folder 3,
Statement of Qualification Booklet

William A. Yates Papers

  • US TxAM-C 1193
  • Collection
  • 1913; Undated

This collection mostly contains information on Wiliam Watson, his life, and his work as a nurseryman working with growing roses, and fruit trees in Texas. Other items in the collection include a nursery catalog circa 1910 (possibly Watson's?), and the Brenham Banner Press September 9, 1926 issue containing several articles written by Yates.

Yates, William A.

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