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"Walt Whitman on Burns and a Portrait Gallery of Whitman"

3/10: A bound manuscript book entitled "Walt Whitman on Burns and a Portrait Gallery of Walt Whitman". The book measures 21 cm by 13 cm and is bound in green half-calf with marbled boards. According to a letter pasted into the book, it was apparently purchased by Roger Asselineau on August 20, 1942, from Alfred F. Goldsmith of New York, NY. Twenty-seven leaves of the manuscript book are filled with mostly photographic portraits of Walt Whitman, a few obviously cut from published works, and one leaf containing a section from a page of a handwritten manuscript in pencil and ink, labeled "Rough draft of a page in 'Robert Burns as poet and person' in November Boughs (p. 61)." Twenty other leaves of the book are left blank.

'79 Meeting Documents, Flyers, Notes and other Mateials

1-1: 1980 Summer Dance flyers, Mondays and Thursdays during Freshman orientation, and information about the event prior to and after.

1-2: Personal notes and meeting minutes for the class of ’79, 1977-1978

1-3: Personal notes and meeting minutes for the class of ’79, 1975-1978

1-4: Class meeting flyers, personal meeting notes, list of officers, letters about certain events, and meeting dates schedules, 1978-1979

1-5: Flyers, notes, meeting minutes, and other miscellaneous documentation, 1975-1977

1-6: Funding and Donation Records, 1965-1975

1-7: Paid Bills (1 of 4)

1-8: Paid Bills (2 of 4), 1977-1978

1-9: Paid Bills (3 of 4), 1976-1977

1-10: Paid Bills (4 of 4), 1975-1976

1-11: President’s Endowment Scholarship

1-12: Senior Weekend, 1979

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