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Star Trek Oversized Blueprints and Maps

Star Trek Blueprints: General Plans, Constitution Class U.S.S. Enterprise
Franz Joseph Designs (12 sheets, 9 x 30 inches)

Star Trek Blueprints: Special Edition - Klingon Battle Cruiser
8 sheets, 12 x 24 inches

Star Trek Maps: The Navigational Charts of the Five-Year Voyage of the Starship Enterprise
Bantam Books, 1980 (2 double-sided maps, and "Introduction to Navigation" technical manual, 36 x 40 inches)

Star Trek Maps

Publicity Materials

Publicity Materials- “Meet The Author” Announcements:
Betrayal (August 19th, 1994)
Betrayal (September 1994)
Betrayal (May 17th, 1995?)
Ashes to Ashes (November 8th, 1996)
Delayed Diagnosis (July 12th, 2002) – 2 versions
Delayed Diagnosis (July 26th, 2002)
Delayed Diagnosis (August 10th, 2002)
Deadly Remedy (February 27th, 2003)

Publicity Materials- Additional:
Gwen Hunter at Coastal Carolina University (October 18th, no year given)
Newspaper article on Gwen Hunter and Gary Leveille, 1990?
Newspaper article on Gwen Hunter and Delayed Diagnosis (2002), on metal

Additional Materials:
“Operation Angel” December 7th poster – “Be a Angel…Give A Gift!”
1994 award to Gwen Hunter by South Carolina Writers Workshop

Batts Warranty and Insurance Documents

  • US TxAM-C C000492-9
  • Oversize File
  • 1901-1919
  • Part of J. W. Batts

8/1: Warranty Deed, April 1912

8/2: Warranty Deed, December 1912

8/3: Warranty Deed, July 1919

8/4: Warranty Deed, November 1919

8/5: Thomas Bowman Abstract Notes, Undated

8/6: J. W. Batts - Household Furniture Insurance, January 1901

8/7: J. W. Batts - Barn Insurance, March 1901

Oversize Family Documents

2/1: Indenture land Agreements Between Burchards in New York, 1821-1835

2/2: Amasa Burchard Founds Independence Texas and Heirs Claim Property, 1835-1860

2/3: Land Deeds in Texas, 1843-1868

2/4: Map of Independence Texas, 1970


Movie Posters

  • From Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015), mainly black and white, embossed, issued to patrons who attended the midnight showing on May 1st [13 x 19] (2 copies)
  • From Ghostbusters (2016), Kate McKinnon as Dr. Jillian Holtzman (1 copy), Kristen Wiig as Dr. Erin Gilbert (1 copy), [13 x 20, with minor tack holes]
  • From Star Trek Into Darkness (2013), Chris Pine as James T. Kirk (3 copies), Benedict Cumberbatch as Khan Noonian Singh (2 copies), [11 x 17]
  • From Star Wars: Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (2005), Darth Vader “Who’s Your Daddy?" Father’s Day 2005 [11 X 17]

Other Posters

  • “Geek’s Tube Map”: mock map based on the London Underground listing multiple fictional places
  • “The History of Science Fiction"
  • "All I Need To Know About Life I Learned from Star Trek..." (1992)
  • "Winter Is Coming - Cameron: Only 100% Clean Energy Can Save Us" (British activist organization [Avaaz] poster supporting clean energy, featuring David Cameron as Game of Thrones' Ned Stark)
  • "The Far Out Troopers" (created by Dawud Anyabwile and Gay A. Sims), poster, autographed to Rebecca Hankins by Anyabwile, 2016
  • "Revelation" (Brotherman, Dictator of Discipline, from Dawud Anyabwile and Guy A. Sims), poster, autographed to Rebecca Hankins by Anyabwile, 2015


Folder 2

XTRA! West: Vancouver's Lesbian & Gay Weekly #354 (March 15, 2007), including Dellamonica's story "What Song The Sirens Sing" (cover, pages 28-29).

Articles featuring Schiwetz

"Texas Looks to its Heritage" by Ruth Morgan [reprinted from Antiques Magazine, June 1954]

Texas, Houston Chronicle Magazine, November 9, 1969

"Buck Schiwetz turns 80… His mind and his art", SUNDAY, Dallas Times Herald. October 8, 1978

Texas, Houston Chronicle Magazine, December 28, 1986

Oliver - Oversized Publications

  • The Saturday Evening Post, containing Oliver's story "The Cowardice of Tom Royce" (April 5, 1958)

  • Photocopy of Oliver's story "Man Alone", periodical unknown, (1958)

  • "Austin Writers Invade Universe of Science Fiction" in Onward (May 24, 1983), photocopy

  • "Our Past, Chad Oliver's Future" in The Austin Chronicle (December 21, 1984)


Sassafras: Map of the Norse mythological world, designed by Palmer for the Sundown CD, 2014

Sassafras: Page proofs for CD packaging, 2014

November 2021 addendum

Item 1: Songs and Stone (Sassafras album), cover proof, July 2015

Item 2: Lecture advertisement poster "San Marco: The Dominican Monastery at the Heart of Renaissance Florence", 2016

Palmer, Ada