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Journals, and Other Personal Items

This subseries contains an address book, a scrapbook from Junior High, desk nameplate, personal journals from Rosen's travels, journal notebooks, and Rosen's medical bag. Some of the materials in this subseries are included, though they fit into a more specific subseries but are either too large or too damaged to remain with their related materials.

Series 1, Subseries 4, Box 4


  • Greece and Denmark (August), 1963
  • Greece and Denmark (September), 1963
  • Notes (December), 1963
  • Notes (January), 1964
  • Germany (Fall), 1966
  • Sketchpad, 1966-1967
  • Notes, 1968
  • Columbia, Missouri (March 24, 1968 - March 25, 1969), 1968
  • Scotland, 1969
  • Address Book, 1971

Diary and Other Personal Items

  • Eastwood Junior High School scrapbook, 1958
  • Medical bag
  • Rosen desk plate

Subject Files

This subseries contains publicity, the public reaction, and financing background information for the highway program.

December 2021 Addendum

2-6/1: Otis Jiry's Creepypasta Crypt Podcast: "Dhost" (Melanie Tem), July 22, 2015, MP4 file
Filename: Dhost by Bram Stoker award winning author Melanie Tem (R.I.P. February 9, 2015)

Tem, Melanie

Smoke & Iron (2018)

This subseries consists of materials relating to Smoke & Iron, the fourth volume in Rachel Caine's Great Library series.

Caine, Rachel

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