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"A Cold and Lasting Peace"

"A Cold and Lasting Peace" (short story, 2020?) - HeroicHearts_AColdAndLastingPeace_Caine copy.docx (Microsoft Word file)

"Blood and Treasure"

"Blood and Treasure: A Weather Warden Story" (2016), typescript, February 1, 2016; Story3_BloodAndTreasure.pdf (PDF file)

"Darker Skies"

"Darker Skies" (Weather Warden story, unpublished), partial draft typescript, Darker Skies.docx (Microsoft Word document)

"Forked Tongues"

"Forked Tongues" (2013), draft manuscript with track editorial comments and copyedits, caine_KickingIt_ForkedTongues.docx (Microsoft Word document)

Caine, Rachel

"Holly's Balm"

"Holly''s Balm" (2013), draft manuscript with track editorial comments and copyedits, Hexsymbols_Hollysbalm.docx (Microsoft Word file)

Caine, Rachel

"I Feel Lucky"

Typescript draft for "I Feel Lucky", SL_IFeelLucky_Caine, 2018

Caine, Rachel

"Identity" (line edited)

Typescript of "Identity" with line edits and comments by Laura Anne Gilman, Identity (line edited), 2019

Caine, Rachel

"Lightning In A Bottle"

"Lightning in A Bottle: A Weather Warden Story" (2015), typescript, October 23, 2015; Story1_LightningInABottle.pdf (PDF file)

Caine, Rachel

"Minute Maids"

"Minute Maids" (short story, 1995): MinuteMaids_shortstory.docx

Conrad, Roxanne

"Texas Bound"

"Texas Bound: A Weather Warden Story" (2015), typescript, December 24, 2015; Story2_TexasBound.pdf (PDF file)

"Texas Bound: A *Weather Warden Story" (2015), revised typescript, December 30, 2015; Story2_TexasBound_2.0.pdf (PDF file)

Caine, Rachel

Ash & Quill (2017)

The materials in this subseries involve Ash & Quill, the third volume in Rachel Caine's Great Library series.

Caine, Rachel

Ash & Quill 1st draft typescript

Ash & Quill 1st draft typescript, GreatLibrary3_Draft1_Caine (Rox's Nov 2013 Air's conflicted copy 2016-04-26) (Microsoft Word file)

Caine, Rachel

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