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Henry L. Hummel, Jr. World War I Collection
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Booklets and postcards from "Time Spent at A&M College for Radio Electrician School"

  • Power of Attorney, 1918-07-09
  • "Victory Songs" Booklet issued by the Transportation Bureau-National War Work Council of the Young Men's Christian Associations (YMCA) [total copies produced 2,150,000]. 1918 (3 1/4 x 5 inches, 16 pages)
    • The pamphlet contains the lyrics and key to thirty-nine songs, most of which are patriotic or religious. Some of the songs include parodies printed beneath. When known, the pamphlet includes the song's lyricist, composer, and date of creation.
  • "Soldier Songs" booklet stamped with "Carl Hoffman Established 1869, Leavenworth, Kans.). 1918 (20 pages including covers)
  • "Oh! How I Hate To Get Up In the Morning" chorus, Copyright MCMXVIII by Waterson, Berlin & Snyder Co., Strand Theatre Bldg., B'way, N. Y. (single page)
  • 32 Service Company Signal Corps Schools leave permission slip, "visiting friends in Galveston, Texas. July 13, 1918
  • A&M College of Texas Postcards with commentary from Hummel on back. Undated (no postmark, 3x)
    • Electrical Engineering Building - Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas. Publ. by Exchange Store A. & M. College of Texas. (B&W picture postcard of building)
    • "This is where all visitations are held, has a large lecture room and Buzzer R arm [?], also all the Laboratories to the right of the door is the Head-quarters office, Captain, etc. And is where I worked throughout two weeks I was here, class rooms on 2nd and 3rd floor, Lab. in basement."
    • *Chemistry Building, A. & M. College, College Station, Texas. (color, artistic realistic rendering)
    • "This building is vacant at present. And I stood in front of the white pillars for my lectures."
    • Regiment in Front of Main Building - Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas. Publ. by Exchange Store A. & M. College of Texas. (B&W picture postcard)
    • "This is the largest building on the grounds, 1 for,. Merchandise store, Post office, bank, officers. Treasurer, Land & Ground's, etc. And is only 1 ½ blocks from our Dormitory, and this is where I went to have my papers fixed out by the Notary Public. Will send name more later on "This is Agri. Student Cadets"
  • War Banquet Menu, "Given by Graduating Class of Radio Electricians of A. & M. College." September 3, 1918

Certificates, Tickets, Military Service Order, and letter from King George V

  • War Department Certificates, Local Board Division 2, Lincoln, Nebraska
    • Military Service Registration Certificate card (3-4227). June 5, 1917
    • Notice of Military Classification card (Form 1005-PMGO; C3-5133) January 11, 1918
    • Physical Examination Results Notification card (Form 1011-P.M.G.O, C3-5139). Janurary 25, 1918
    • Military Classification Certificate card (Form 1007-PMGO; 3-5121). February 6, 1918
  • "Order of Induction into Military Service of the United States". June 5, 1918
  • United States Meal Ticket (No. 1990118,1990121, 1990122), College Station Texas Training Camp. June 8, 1918
  • The Pullman Company Passenger's Check tickets (2x), Office 5812, Form 1000-3, #1036; Kansas City, MO to Dallas, TX. June 9, 1918
  • Letter from King George V also signed "With Love Henry" (father). April 1918
  • 32 Service Company Signal Corps School leave permission slip for "visiting friends in Galveston, Texas". July 13, 1918

Miscellaneous Items

  • 12 coins
  • 2 patches
  • 4 buttons
  • 1 pin
  • 1 ring
  • 1 belt buckle "GOTT MIT UNS"
  • 3 metal matchstick box covers (1 with empty matchstick box)
  • 1 37mm artillery shell (37-85, PDPs 332)
  • 1 metal attachment [?]
  • 3 metal ID Tags, 2 of which are on a string
  • 1 brass lighter

Photographs from Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, Postcards and Song Sheet

  • Hotel Baltimore, Kansas City MO postcard from Henry to Mr. H.L. Hummel (father). September 9, 1918 (postmarked)
    • "Monday 7PM. Just arrived in K.C. leave for camp tonight had a fine trip. Henry"
  • Photographs of Henry L. Hummel, Jr. (2x), one of John Schleef, and one of men on train "headed north to Lawrence Kansas". September 17, 1918
  • Postcard to H. L. Hummel (father) with forwarding information to Camp Merritt in New Jersey. September 23, 1918
  • "Camp Song Sheet - Compliments of Army YMCA - Compiled by Ralph E. Stolz, "Y" Song Leader. Undated (sec From St Louis MO)
  • Good Printing Quick published by The Webb-Biddle Company of Cincinnati: "Uncle Who?" (page 15), "Good Day to Loaf" (page 16), and "He Had the Bacon". (single page)
    • The Webb-Biddle Company of Cincinnati publishes a house Organ titled, Good Printing Quick (4.5 x 7 inches, 16 pages with cover). The contents consist of six pages of advertising matter, four pages of poems, two pages of jokes, and one story about direct-mail advertising (Printing Art, Volume 40. University Press, 1923. p491.).

Photographs, postcards and papers from time overseas in Lussac, France in the 109th Field Signal Battalion

  • Field Signal Battalion. February [?] 9, 1919 (B&W picture postcard)
  • Co. A. 109 F.S. Bn. and Billet (Company A. 109th Field Signal Battalion and Billet, Lussac, France). March 1, 1919 [received April 7, 1910] (B&W picture postcard)
  • "Instructions For Troops", document given to troops quartered on ship. Undated
  • "The ship on which I sailed has arrived safely overseas…" postcard addressed to Miss Orpha Bidgood of Sidney, NE. Undated
  • "I am now stationed at…" postcard addressed to Mr. H. L. Hummel of Lincoln, NE (father). February 11, 1919-02
  • Leave Papers
    • Request for Leave. April 4, 1919
    • Class "B" Leave Approval / Identity Card. April 5, 1919
  • 4 postcards containing one letter to Mabelle Hummel (sister). January 31, 1919

Souvenir postcard booklets, emergency notes and other souvenir papers

  • Postcard Booklets
    • Souvenir Bordeaux - 24 Cartes Postales Artistiques, M.D. (back: Phototype - Marcel Delboy - Bordeaux)
    • Souvenir de Carcassone - 12 Vues Detachables, Edition J.B.
    • Nancy - 12 Carrtes Postales Artistiques, Series 2, Phototypie Royer & Cie
    • Souvenir de Perpignan - 10 Cartes Detachables, Edition-Aux Dames de France
    • Souvenir-Guide - Toulouse - 12 Vues Detachables, No 2, Edition Clemence Isaure
  • Emergency Notes Issued in France during WWI. Un (one) Franc - Commerce de Perpignan (Serie E.P. No 65728), Un Franc (one) - Commerce de Perpignan (Serie J.S. No 34434), Un (one) Franc - Commerce de Beziers (ZB 24.82 No 12,559), Cinquante Centimes (50 cents) - Commerce de Carcassone (012453)
  • YMCA "See Historic and Artistic Bordeaux" Brochure
  • YMCA "Outline of the History of Bordeaux - Compiled by Pierre Berger, Professor of English, University of Bordeaux" Brochure
  • Ticket "Carcassone-2, Narbonne. Quart de Place Militaire. Prix 1.25, 1919

Telegrams and Postcards - Camp Upton New York,

  • YMCA (fill in the black) Postcard to Miss Orpha Bidgood, "I arrived in New York today on the transport Siboney. Will go at once to Camp Upton and will write from there as soon as possible." April 27, 1919
  • Postcard of the USS Siboney, Naval Troopship, in "War Paint"
  • Telegram to H.L. Hummel (father). April 27, 1919
  • Very Fragile Telegram from Orpha Bidgood "Biddy" (two, one written and one typed), April 28, 1919