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John A. Adams NAFTA Collection
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Booklets, Presentation Text, Clippings, Articles, and Reports

Booklet about NAFTA, reports, Knight-Ridder newswire reports, clippings, letters, magazines, newspapers, newsletters, report titled Mextax '93: The Investors Survival Guide to Mexican Tax Regulations. October 1993

Newsletters, Knight-Ridder newswire reports, newspapers, reports, leaflets, clippings, letters relating primarily medium-term Mexican notes in various world currencies, and manuscripts of writings by Adams. 1993

NAFTA Update, Reports, clippings, newsletters, brief report of a business trip to Monterrey by John Adams, Jr., and notes. March 1993

Two Reports titled "Editorial Support for the North American Free trade Agreement and Report to the Congress on the Extension of Fast Track Procedures".

Leaflets, magazines, reports (including one 1989 National Trade Estimate Report on Foreign Trade Barriers), clippings, memos, transcript/summary of a Federal Reserve meeting in San Antonio on April 27, 1999, newsletters, report Labor Mobility Under NAFTA: Its Border Impact, a report titled Maquiladora Impact: Findings and Conclusions, for presentation by Blas N. Martinez on November 5, 1987, report titled Overview of Production Options, Laredo, TV, and Knight-Ridder newswire reports.

Report, The State of the Nation's Housing by Joint Center for Housing of Harvard University, 1994, memos, clippings, letters, newsletters, newspapers, and Knight-Ridder newswire reports. 1994

NAFTA Inquiry Kit, Letters, National Association of Manufacturers Statement on Rules of Origin of the North American Free Trade Agreement, the text of Governor Bill Clinton's speech accepting the nomination of the Democratic Party from the New York Times of July 17, 1992, reports on trade, and description on proposed NAFTA by the Governments of the United States, Canada, and the Mexican States.

Text of John A. Adams, Jr.'s presentation "Trade and Export Models" to the IV Conferencia de las Grandes Cuidaes de las Americas. September 27, 1990

Mexico - reports, letters, newsletters, clippings, and a magazine. 1990

Mexico - clippings, leaflets, and a copy of the article "Rediscovering Latin America" from the Fall 1990 issue of Foreign Affairs.

Mexico - clippings, letters, and newsletters. July - September 1990

Brazil - clippings, leaflet, and memo by Baker & McKenzie on a national reconstruction plan for Brazil.

Venezuela, letter, memo, notes, and a report by Thomas W. Studdwell, Venezuela Liberalizes Its Foreign Investment Rules.

Booklets, Publications, Newspapers, and a Book

Mexico, five copies of a booklet NAFTA: California and the North American Marketplace, magazines, clippings, complete newspaper sections, and whole newspapers. June - July 1994

Book, "Production Sharing: U.S. Imports Under Harmonized Tariff Schedule Subheadings 9802.00.60 and 9802.00.08, 1985 and 1988". published 1989

Publications including a U.S. Department of Commerce publication about NAFTA generating jobs, highlights of NAFTA, and direct foreign investment; copy of a speech by Andrew C. Quale, Jr. and information on the firm of Sidley & Austin, information on investing in Mexico, information on establishing a maquiladora, two magazines, and a notebook from a conference Breaking the Border Bottleneck held in San Antonio. 1991-1995 [Note: these items are not in folders]

Mexico - Environment, clippings, memos, newsletters, and magazines. October 1994 - March 1995

Letter, text of testimony of Dick Kamp at a NAFTA hearing before the U.S. House Committee on Small Business, Instructions for Panelists on the Border Action Infrastructure Financing Working Group Session in Santa Fe, New Mexico, outline report on Implications of a North American Free Trade Zone, information on the consulting engineering firm of Reedman-Millican, Inc., catalog of training courses offered by the Texas Engineering Extension Service, information on North American Environmental Fund, L.P., schedule for the final Border Environmental Assembly held in Santa Fe, New Mexico in June 1992, notes, registration list, and agenda for the Border Trade Alliance meeting in McAllen, TX. August 24, 1992

Border Environmental, Text of a presentation by John A. Adams, Jr. and Patricia Ann Jacobs on environmental issues in the U. S.-Mexico Border Region, Summary of an Environmental Plan for the Mexican-U.S. Border, clippings, magazines, newsletters, an Economic Trends Report from the American Embassy in Mexico, and report titled Environmental, Health, and Housing Needs for Non-Profit Groups in the U.S.- Mexico Border Area. 1992

Clippings, notes, memo, newsletters, letters, press release, pamphlet, agenda for a Texas - Mexico Beef Cattle Trade Symposium on May 13, 1994, text of a presentation by C. Parr Rosson III at the Texas - Mexico Beef Cattle Trade Symposium in Uvalde, Texas, press release, letters, agenda for a TAMDA task force on Mexico Trade meeting on November 22-24, 1993 in Quemando and Laredo, Texas, newsletters, a statement by U. S. Ambassador Mickey Cantor on supplemental NAFTA agreements on Labor and the Environment, report on effects of the NAFTA on U.S. Agricultural Commodities and fact sheet on NAFTA. 1993-1994

Two publications titled Agricultural Export Transportation Notebook and Handbook for Exporting to Mexico, and promotional material on Jumex products [Note: these two items are not in a folder]

Books, Magazines, Reports, Flyers, and a Manuscript

Booklet, newspapers, reports, magazine, clippings, newsletters, letters, memos, flyers, title pages and numbers of bills before Congress on NAFTA, Related Border Funding, flyers, list of foreign buyers of beef cattle. November - December 1993

Reports, newsletters, clippings, magazines, list of top one hundred exports from Mexico in 1991, reports, memos, and press releases. April 1991 - August 1993

Mexico Economic Projections, the manuscript "Window of the Future in Mexico", by John A. Adams, Jr. (1996), and information on Tamaulipas as a market. 1994-1996

Books, a report on the Banco Centralde Reserva de El Salvador for the period April - June 1995, newsletters, booklets, flyers, an annual report, and other reports by or about the Bank. 1994 - 1995

[Note: materials in folders 5 through 10 are not in folders]

Doing Business in Mexico: an Insider's Guide to Fun and Profit by Maggie L. and Jay M. Jessup. 1991 (photocopy)

Vol. 3, no 3A of Comerico International Banamex. September 1991

Operational Global Market: Overseas. Market Entry Strategies and Related Legal Issues by U.S. & Foreign Commercial Service, U.S. Department of Commerce. (3 copies)

Buying & Selling LDC/DEBT: Finding Opportunities & Overcoming Complexities in Emerging Markets. October 1993

Operation Global Market, Market Research, undated; The Mexican Tax System published by Price Waterhouse. 1993

Notebook for Environmental Business Development Conference at South Padre Island, Texas. April 1995

Books, Reports, Presentations, Letters, and Articles

Book, Services: How to Export a Marketing Manual, November 1982

Mexico Banking, clippings, magazines, reports, letters, text of remarks by William H. Cavill on NAFTA in Le Harve, France, May 3, 1994, annual report of Grupo Financiero Banama-Accival, newsletter, text of oral testimony of Ford W. Hall Jr. of Citicorp before the office of the U.S. Trade Representative, report on FTA [Federal Trade Administration?] Negotiation and Parking Services, Report of Canadian Banker's Association titled The Financial Services Chapter of NAFTA: The Canadian Banks' Perspective, containing three presentations made at a June 3, 1993 conference in Dallas, newsletters, second quarter of 1994 issue of Electronic Review published by Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, and October 1993 issue of Financial Industry Studies published by the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas. 1993-1994

Banking, Publication of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System on Regulation K, International Banking Operations newsletters, letter, text of a paper titled "Small Foreign Sales Corporation," presented at the ISAC - 14 meeting on August 31, 1990, memo, 3rd quarter 1993 Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas Journal Economic Review, October 1993 issue of Federal Reserve Bulletin containing the article "U.S. Branches and Agencies of Foreign Banks: A New Look," March 1993 Report on the Boarder Trade Association's Banking and Finance Committee, 1995-96 Guide & Direction of Latin Banking magazines. 1990-1995

Magazines, clippings, brochures, letters, press release, text of a presentation by Daniel B. Hastings, Jr. at the Free Trade Alliance titled, San Antonio's NAFTA Opportunities Forum, July 30, 1994, text of keynote address by Robert L. Clark of the firm of Bracewell & Patterson at the Southwestern Graduate School of Banking in Dallas June 2, 1994. January - July 1994

Banks, 1995, clippings, reports, magazines, newspapers, letters, National Law Center for Inter-American Trade, U.S. Banking in Mexico, text of Robert B. Kruger, Jr.'s presentation titled Establishing a Mexico Lending Program at the Border Trade Association in Puerto Vallarta, February 21, 1994, Report of the National Law Center for Inter-American Free Trade in Tucson, Arizona, Economic & Policy Analysis Working Paper 1994-1995 titled "Are Foreign Banks Out-Competing U.S. Market?". 1994-1995

Chile, newsletter, copies of articles from the Spring 1993 issue of The Columbia Journal of World Business on the privatization of various businesses in South America including telecommunications and distressed state-owned businesses in Argentina, and state-owned enterprises in Chile, and a status report on privatization in Chile, Peru, and other areas, LA/C Business Bulletin about privatization in Peru with information on other areas; and various types of information on Costa Rica. 1993

Packet of information on Unisphere International Ventures Network; packets of information on Polyconomias, article titled "Sizing Up Your Financing Options in Mexico" in the July/August 1993 issue of Global Production, 1993 issue of International Economic Insights, notes, and clippings.1993 [Note: these materials are not in file folders]

Impact Conclusion, letters, report on a meeting to discuss creating a BTA Banking and Finance Committee, an Economic and Financial report on Mexico, April 1993 MA thesis by A. Barrere at the Southwestern Graduate School of Banking on the Economic and Financial Development of Mexico, papers presented at a conference, Banking on North America: The North American Free Trade Agreement, held in Dallas in June 1993, clippings, reports, newsletters, Fourth Quarter 1993 issue of Economic Review, and 1991 annual report of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas. 1991-1993

Brochures, Reports, Handbooks, and Publications

Knight-Ridder Money Center newswire reports. November 15-16, 1993

Mexico trip, memo, schedule for the trip, report on the August 20-30, 1995 trip, clippings, brochures, texts of visual aids for a presentation on Canacintra, memo, texts of presentations given by Adams in Spanish, magazines, brochure, schedule for Adams on August 7, 1994, the exchange rate of pesos per dollar between 1900 and 1994, a packet of information on Nuevo Leon, daily schedules for Adams for August 20 and August 25, 1995, map of Mexico City, brochure on Mexican museums, and information package on El Salvador. 1990-1995

Directory of Border Facilities, Mexico-USA-Handbook for Exporting to Mexico, NAFTA-Situation and Outlook Box-International Agriculture and Trade Report; NAFTA Effects on Agriculture volume Fruit and Vegetable Issues; Handbooks for Exporting to Mexico, volumes on Retail, Food Stores, and Central Markets; Preliminary Analysis on the Effects of NAFTA on U.S. Agricultural Commodities; draft report Review of U.S.-Mexico Environmental Issues; numerous short publications, memos, and letters.

Handbook for Exporting to Mexico; Hotel and Restaurant Chains in Mexico City; Monterrey, Guadalajara, and the Pacific Coast; miscellaneous short publications, Text of Florida Commissioner of Agriculture to the U. S. House Committee on Ways & Means on Supplemental Agreements on NAFTA, report on NAFTA's Effects on Agriculture (3 copies); several Mexican Market Reports on a variety of products; clippings; and statement of Assistant Secretary of Agriculture for Economics before the U. S. House Subcommittee on General Farm Commodities. [Note: these items are not in a folder]

Clippings, Magazines, Journal Articles, Notes, Reports, and Promotional Materials

Clippings. June 1992

Magazines, text of a paper on the President's plan for reducing the burdens of regulations, statistics on U.S. exports, an article by U. S. Secretary of State James A. Baker III on America in Asia, copy of Chapter 15 of the U.S. Canada Free Trade Agreement, a newsletter, and clippings. [Note: these materials were not originally in a file folder]

Notes from a Border Trade Alliance Conference in Washington, DC, a schedule for a Border Environmental Assembly in Santa Fe, NM, clippings, and newsletters. May - June 1992

Magazines, newsletters, brochures, letters, newspapers, clippings, a press release, minutes of the December 13, 1991 meeting of the Board of Trustees and of the Councilors of the Texas A&M University Research Foundation, 1992. These records appear to deal primarily with Mexico. 1991-1992 [Note: these materials are not in a folder]

A press release, clippings, reports including one titled Mexican Financial Reform and Prosperity, newsletters, report on the Texas A&M University Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER), agenda for a meeting of the CIBER Advisory Council, and report U.S. Exports to Mexico: A State-By-State Overview. 1987-1992

Newsletters, clippings, and some whole sections of newspapers appear to be about trade in general. 1992 [Note: these materials are not in a folder]

Clippings, a brochure, letters, a magazine, and a list of NAFTA working groups generally about trade. 1992

Miscellaneous magazines, clippings, journal articles, newsletters, reports, an outline for what appears to be a presentation by John A. Adams, Jr. on Mexican banking and financial services, newspapers, handbooks for what appears to be a seminar on the Export Certificate Program, annual reports of Mercantile Bank, brochures, and a letter. 1994

Newsletters, promotional materials and an order form for newsletters, clippings, agenda for the Border Trade Alliance meeting of August 2-4, 1992, flyers, newspapers and newspaper sections, and magazines. 1992

Clippings, Transcript, Notes, Reports, Press Release, and Newsletters

Mexico - Clippings, memos, transcript of November 30, 1994, McNeil Lehrer Newshour program on which Senators Ernest Hollings and Bob Packwood debated GATT part 2, magazines, and news releases. November 1994

Mexico - Clippings, the testimony of Doris M. Meissner concerning NAFTA, press release, newsletters, notes on a presentation on maquiladoras, report on the maquiladora, director of maquila manufacturers. 1994

Reports, newsletters, conference papers, magazines, information packet on NAFTA, U.S. Congress Handbook for 1987. 1987-1992. [Note: these items were not in a folder]

Memos, reports, minutes of BTA [Border Trade Alliance] Board of Directors, Report of BTA Southwest Border Infrastructure Initiative, telephone directory of Spanish businesses in Texas. 1990-1996

Miscellaneous reports, magazines, conference proceedings, newsletters, and text of a statement by the U.S. Trade Representative Carla A. Hills before the U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works and the Subcommittee on Labor. Includes a BTA [Border Trade Alliance] report on the Infrastructure Initiative. 1990-1997 [Note: these items were not in a folder]

John A. Adams NAFTA Collection

  • TxAM-CRS 87
  • Collection
  • 1982-1999

This collection contains materials collected and assembled by John A. Adams, Jr. as an active United States participant in the negotiations and agreement to permit free trade among the United States, Canada, and Mexico in what became the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) in 1987. As a trained historian, Adams recognized the importance of documenting as much of the process as a single active participant could. In that process, he accumulated a wide variety of materials that include clippings, magazine articles, books, reports, correspondence, notes, newswire reports, pamphlets, leaflets, conference papers and programs, and other types of documents that shed light on the process of negotiating an international treaty.

After the treaty was formally approved by all parties involved, Adams boxed all of the documents he had collected, produced a report in which he briefly described the contents of each of the twenty-one boxes, and then gave them to the Political Sciences and Economics Library (PSEL) of the Texas A&M University Libraries where they were then house in three filing cabinets. A copy of Adams' report has been cataloged with a call number of HF 17456. A33.

During the 2005-2006 academic year, the materials were removed from the filing cabinets in PSEL and placed into 19 cubic foot archival boxes by Archivist Charles R. Schultz, who at the time also created a report of his own which included an inventory description of the contents used in the creation of this collection record. After the materials were rehoused and inventoried, they were deposited into the Cushing Memorial Library & Archives where all of the archives and special collections materials are housed.

The materials have been kept in the original folders in which Mr. Adams had them when he presented them to Texas A&M University. Some of the materials were not in folders when they were rehoused from the filing cabinets into boxes at PSEL and are still not in folders. In those cases where materials were not in boxes, that information is included in the descriptions of the folders in each of the nineteen boxes.

Adams, John A., Jr., 1951-

Journals, Clippings, Reports, and Statements

Clippings, magazines, and reports, 1992-1994

Reports, clippings, letters, and trade advisories, 1992-1996

Journals, clippings, reports, summaries of a U.S./Canada Free Trade Agreement, and magazines, 1992-1996

Newsletters, memos, clippings, reports, and magazines, 1994

Statements, clippings, newspapers, and magazines, 1995

Magazines, clippings, and reports, July - November 1994

Clippings, July - September 1994

Clippings, magazines, newsletters, and reports, March - October 1994

Letters, Press Release, Reports, Memos, and a Draft Bill

BTA, Information packet containing letters, press release, a draft bill to amend the Immigration and Nationality Act, letters, newspapers, and agenda for a committee meeting, bylaws, notes, memos, press release, agenda and minutes of Laredo Chamber of Commerce, clipping, meeting packet for BTA Board of Directors meeting. July - October 1995

Special report on the Mexico-U.S. Trade Advisory. July 1991

News release from U. S. House Agriculture Committee Chairman E. (Kika) de la Garza of Texas. 1992

Mexican Army, Clipping and pages 1-32 of a dissertation of Donald Fisher Harrison titled United States-Mexican Military Collaboration during World War II.

Maquila Industry, a magazine containing short articles on the topic. 1993.

Laredo, BTA, population chart; memos, clippings, reports, list of issues for discussion at a committee meeting; report titled The Maquila or in-born Industry, magazine, city map of Laredo, Texas, a booklet containing various charts about Laredo, air passenger jet service in Laredo, report on the impact of the free trade agreement on services provided by Laredo, report of Laredo to the Border Trade Alliance, report of the Foreign Trade Zone of Laredo. 1993

Laredo, Letter and clippings. 1990

Laredo, Clippings. 1990

Laredo, Clippings, staff report, letters, outline history of Laredo, and newsletters. 1995

Mexico-Latin America, Clippings, newsletters, and booklet. 1984-1995

Report to the Texas House of Representatives from the Committee on Financial Institutions; U.S. International Trade Commission reports on trade with Mexico; report titled, Recent Developments in Foreign Investment in Mexico; Report by U. S. Department of Commerce on the North American Free Trade Agreement; reports on shelters and Maquiladoras; letters; report on the economic profile of Nuevo Laredo; information packet from the Mexican office of Free Trade Agreement Negotiation; exchange rates on money; copy of a letter from President George Bush on open markets for American exports; brochures, memos, report on Europe in 1992; The Single Market Report on Mexico by the Mexican Investment Board; and report on Mexico's production Sharing Programs. 1990-1992 [Note: The above documents were not in a folder]

Letters, a Book, Brochures, Clippings, Notes, and Memos

Border Trade Alliance (BTA) - letters, brochures, clippings, reports, position papers, memos, conference agenda, and Board of Directors Packet. 1994-1995 [Note: these materials were not in a file folder]

BTA - press release, letters, memos, and issues to be discussed at a meeting in Laredo.

BTA - memos, clippings, conference programs, and a Board of Directors meeting packet. 1995

Book, "A Resource Guide for Child Care and Family Planning Services in the Maquiladora Industry". 1995 [Note: this item was not in a file folder]

BTA - notes, list of participants at a meeting, agendas, and texts of presentations. 1991

Mexico - newsletters, clippings, and a magazine. 1990-1991

Mexico - letter, newsletter, and clippings. January - February 1991

Mexico - letters, clipping, newsletters, brochures, and a booklet.

Magazines, Clippings and a Report

There is only one actual folder in this box. It is labeled simply John and contains two magazines, a report on Argentina, and newspaper clippings. A note on the folder indicates it contains information on devaluation, 1994-1995.

The first one-third of these materials are primarily magazines and newsletters from 1988-1989. The other two-thirds are reports about borders and foreign trade from 1988-1990.

Magazines, Manuscript Reports, Conference Materials, and Clippings

The first 2/3 of box 19 are reports and copies of the magazine Export Today 1988-1989. Reports include Texas International Business Directory for 1988; A Basic Guide to Exporting; Export '89, Briefing Papers, Frankfort, Germany; and The North American Competitive Trade Agreement: Opportunities for South Texas and San Antonio. [Note: these items are not in file folders]

Mexico - magazines, reports, clippings, a publication to promote investment in Mexico, and what seems to be a synopsis of the Contents of an unidentified magazine.

Pratt's Banking updates, a director of "Depositos-Distribudores and Farmaceuticos", a list of Attorneys in Mexico City, a compilation of brief biographies of individuals associated in some way with the U.S. Department of Commerce, leaflets, and reports on the Mexican economy and industries.

Central America, Two clippings - one on Guatemala and one on El Salvador. 1990

TEX MEX, Memo, notes, manuscript reports titled, Terminor de Referencia Para la Realizacion de un Estudio de Mercado Que Permita Detectar Las Necesidaides de Servicias de Telecomunicaciones en Mexico, Ternunos de Referencia, Transferencias Personales de Estados Unidos a Mexico Telecomm-Seponex November 1990, and Reference Terms for Realization of a Marketing Study which Will Help Detect Needed Telecommunication Services in Mexico.

Clippings, press releases, schedule of workshops at a conference at Texas A&M University on Mexico's debt and program for the November 1989 conference.

Brochures, clippings, and notes from a conference in Houston. October 22, 1990

Mexico Service, Copies of newsletters, letters, magazine, and preliminary agenda for a conference on "The Promise of US/Mexico Relations in the 91's" in Washington, DC. May 1980

Magazine, clippings, and program for a conference on Mexican Consumer Finance in New York. April 1994

Clippings, leaflets, a magazine, and newsletters. 1990

Clippings, newsletters, and a press release summarizing recent major stories from Texas A&M University. November 1990

Notebook for a workshop on Dispute Resolution Alternatives in the Commercial Setting in Houston. October 22, 1990 [Note: This item is not in a folder]

Magazines, Speeches, Reports, Brochures, Clippings, and a Proposed Amendment

Mexico - clippings, newsletters, copy of a conference program, brochures, reports, press releases, and letters. September - December 1991

Mexico - newsletter, magazines, and a letter.

Mexico - Salinas (President of Mexico), clippings, and a report. July - October 1991

Mexico - reports, clippings, newsletters, notes, brochures, and a conference program. July - October 1991

Mexico - clippings, newspapers, newsletters, economic forecast, letters, the text of a speech given to the Transportation Lawyers Association (TLA) on NAFTA, notes, magazines, conference program, and a report on Border Trade Alliance Southwest Border Infrastructure Initiative. April - June 1993

Mexico - newspaper, clippings, letters, memos, the text of a speech by John A. Adams, Jr., newsletters, a memo on updating Southwest Border Infrastructure Initiative brochures, and newswire reports. May - July 1993

Clipping, a newsletter, brochures, International Trade Seminar programs, magazine, directory of Maquiladoras, report on NAFTA in Texas, a packet of information on Tamaulipas, and an economic and financial report on Mexico. April 1993

Newspapers, clippings, newswire reports, and letters. June - July 1993

Foreign Banking in the U. S., Bulletin of the Federal Reserve, clipping, brochure, a proposal for amendment to Regulation K (International Banking Operation), report on Bank Secrecy Act, and a clipping on the proposed amendment to Regulation K. 1993

Bus 113, Demographics - clippings and National Banking Report, 1993

NAD Bank clipping. April 6, 1993

Two magazines, "Latin France" and "Private Banking Money Management", and the book "How to Start Your Own Business" (1988). 1988, January - February 1996 [Note: These items were not in a folder]

Newsletters, Reports, Magazines, News Releases, Clippings, and an Information Packet

Newsletter, clippings, and what seem to be printouts of slides for a PowerPoint presentation on the Global Debt Market.

Reports, magazine, newsletter, and a brief overview on Latin America: Prospects for the 1990s.

Mexico, Newspaper summary, wire reports from Knight-Ridder Money Center. September 1994 - February 1995

Finance and devaluation, clippings, newsletters, magazines, and reports dealing largely with the impact of the devaluation of currency.

Clippings, pamphlets, and reports on various types of business operations in Mexico. 1992

Newsletters, clippings, reports, news releases, and an information packet for a Border Trade Alliance meeting in McAllen.

Clippings, texts of testimony before the subcommittee on the House Banking Committee, newsletters, magazines, and articles. 1993

Newsletters, reports, Christmas cards, magazines, a pamphlet, and a conference program. October 1982 - January 1993

Clippings, magazines, notes, journal article, newsletters. November - December 1994

Clippings and newsletters. January - March 1995

Clippings and newsletters, reports, and notes on devaluation. February - June 1995

Clippings and news reports. January - February 1995


The top 1/3 of the contents are mostly sections of or individual pages from newspapers, a letter or two, and a few types of other publications. The bottom 2/3 of the contents of this box are complete issues or complete sections of newspapers.

Publications and Reports

May issue of Latin America Watch by Bear/Stearns, October - November 1997

Mostly reports and other publications about Laredo, 1993-1997 [Note: These materials were not in a folder]

Mostly publications and reports of various types about Laredo, 1989-1995

Mostly publications and reports of various types about NAFTA, November 1993 with a few from 1992

Pamphlets, brochures, reports, clippings, and magazines, 1991-1995

Clippings, reports, magazines, etc. about banking in Mexico, 1991-1995

Issues of NAFTA Digest Border and Business Indicators, 1992-1996

Reports, Clippings, Newsletters, and Magazines

Peso, memos, clippings, and Knight-Ridder newswire reports, February 1995.

Mexico, reports, clippings, Knight-Ridder newswire reports, and letters, March 1995.

Mexico, newsletters, clippings, proceedings of a conference on Brazil held in Dallas, April-May, 1995.

Mexico, update on Mexican economy by John Adams, newspaper, clippings, Knight-Ridder newswire reports, memos, and magazines, August 1995.

Mexico, clippings, magazines, newsletters, reports on Interstate 69, booklet on National Law Center for Inter-American Free Trade, September 1995.

Travel Bills [this title is written in pencil in the upper right corner of the folder but the folder contains clippings, reports, magazines, and Knight-Ridder newswire reports], 1993.

Spanish Information Packets, Newspapers, Clippings, Reports, and Articles

Consul Paper, Packets of information sent to John Adams by Paul Cardenas Heraldez, Consul de Mexico. March 1995 - February 1996 [Note: all of the materials in this folder are in Spanish]

Flores, Olga [name on the folder] Issues of several newspapers and sections of other papers, flyers, and magazines. October 1992

Magazines, clippings, report on NAFTA's impact on Black Owned Businesses, handwritten birthday wishes on White House stationary to Joyce Ann signed Bill [Clinton?], a press release, articles, long list of NAFTA supporters distributed to members of Congress prior to the vote on NAFTA, a Capitol Directory, issues of papers with articles about Congressional approval of NAFTA, preliminary staff recommendations on border infrastructure and facilitation for improved U. S. Border Operations, General Accounting Office report to Congress on Measuring U.S.-Canada Trade. 1993

Working Papers, a memo, clippings, brochures, National Association of Manufacturers endorsement of NAFTA, reports, information packet on NAFTA, and White House press release/fact sheet on NAFTA.

NAFTA, Knight-Ridder newswire reports, and clippings. November 1993