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Africana Studies Collection
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Africana Studies - Oversize

3-1: Nuestro Mundo - Atlas Ilustrado by Bimbo

3-2: Bilder Aus Aller Welt

3-3: Visual Aids depicting daily life in Africa, 11 posters

3-4: Collection of Victorian Era scraps - A collection of 50 with African diaspora themes

3-5: 4 Original Ballots from the first Democratic Election in South Africa

3-6: 4 posters depicting daily life in the Caribbean

3-7: Newspaper Advertisements with special focus on Black subjects, from Europe in the late 19th Century and early 20th Century

3-8: A collection of trade card posters that may have also served as teaching aids.

  • Includes Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Haiti, Mexico, Morocco, Panama, Paraguay, Persia, Peru, Turkey, Uruguay, Norway, Russia, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Abyssinia, Liberia, Transylvania, Canada, Switzerland, Siam (Thailand), Japan, India, Korea, Australia.

Africana Studies - Teaching Aids

1-1: Historic Battles by Cox International

1-2: Naturaleza y Color by EdiVersa

1-3: Chromos Poste Internationale by Kwatta

1-4: Le Tour de Monde en 120 Images by Menier, circa 1956

1-5: Images Du Monde by Le Lion

1-6: Les Races Humaines by Jacques Superchocolat

1-7: La Faune Africaine by t'Koffiemoleken

1-8: Propaganda Tools; consists of 120 stickers depicting French colonies and 16 notebook covers depicting key figures of the
Italian Republic

1-9: Propaganda Tools; School Supplies- consists of 18 notebooks, 1 Report Card, 1 Lunch Bag.

1-10: Razas Humanas by Editorial Brugera, S.A.

1-11: Habilidad y Destreza by Eduardo Rodriguez

1-12: Selva Misteriosa a los Abismos del Mar by Eduardo Rodriguez

1-13: Razas Habitantes del Mundo

1-14: Popoli, Continenti, Costumi

1-15: De Bonte Wereld by Theodorus Niemeijer, circa 1935

1-16: Fauna Flor Congo I by Cote D'Or Chocolade, circa 1883

1-17: Fauna Flor Congo II by Cote D'Or Chocolade, circa 1883

1-18: Military Uniforms of the British Empires Overseas by John Player and Sons.

1-19: Mit Reichelt um die Welt by Otto Reichelt

1-20: Le Tour de Monde en 80 Jours by Chocolat Aiglon

Africana Studies Collection

  • US TxAM-C C000559
  • Collection
  • 1883-1956; Undated

This collection encompasses a number of resources obtained with the support of A&M's Africana Studies Program.

Box 1, Teaching Aids, consists of chromo card albums that were published in continental Europe by various companies to garner support for the continuation of the control over colonies across Africa and Asia. Also, many of these albums intend to educate on the natural resources of the colonies and their indigenous inhabitants.

Box 2, Cards and Chromo Albums, consists of cards produced by various European companies that depict the African lifestyle and diaspora. Some cards also depict many stereotypes widely held by mainland European society. Also included are albums that may have been intended to educate the collector on topics such as the fauna of Africa, and the practice of hunting.

Box 3, Oversize Items, consists of more Chromo trade albums, teaching aids, ballots, and posters.

Cards and Chromo Albums for Africana Studies

2-1: Cards depicting various subjects from multiple European companies; gift of the Buffalo History Museum

2-2: Portrait Trading Stamps; set of 25 stamps portraying Africa, produced by Aunt Hannah's bread

2-3: Nations/Colonies in Africa, 48 cards; Africa Colonial Map collection plus cards depicting colonies in Africa, by various European companies

2-4: African Colonies by Chocolat Poulain Orange, 6 cards

2-5: Notas de un Explorador by Jaimie Box, 36 cards

2-6: African Types by Baydex, 24 cards

2-7: Children of Africa, 6 cards; Biscuits Pernot, 7 cards

2-8: The Lavazza Collection- Africa, 42 cards

2-9: Clarence Brooks and Company, 4 cards. John Sinclair Limited, 3 cards; cards commemorate radio favorites Layton and Johnstone, Leslie Hutchinson and Alexander and Mose. Imperial Tobacco, 2 cards; cards commemorate Coleridge-Taylor and Paul Robeson.

2-10: Ogdens Picturesque People of the empire, 5 Cards; Anstie’s Gold Flake, 2 Cards; Duke Cigarettes, 2 Cards

2-11: Emilio Salgari, 2 cards; Chocolat Poulain, 2 cards; Imperial Tobacco, 6 cards on mining

2-12: Anco, 3 cards on Belgisch Congo; RICQLES, 2 cards; Chocolat Chardonnier, 2 cards

2-13: A La Villa De Mantes, 4 cards on Africa; Kemmerich, 1 card; Chocolat Juncosa, 2 cards on Natural History

2-14: Africa, miscellaneous companies; collection of cards united by the depiction of one shared theme Africa, daily life and inhabitants

2-15: Racial Stereotypes, miscellaneous companies; collection of cards produced by various companies united by the shared theme of depictions of racial stereotypes

2-16: Juvenile and youth depiction, miscellaneous companies

2-17: Belgisch Congo by Antoine Coppens (Anco)

2-18: Mit Carl Hagenbeck auf Tierfang by Eckstein-Halpaus, circa 1929

2-19: L' Afrique by Chocolat Pupier

2-20: Chasse Jacht by Kwatta