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Women in Construction (WIC), Bryan Chapter 29, Region 7 - Scrapbook Materials
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Women in Construction Scrapbook

1/A: Original "Table of Contents," and letter with names of women who worked on scrapbook. Undated

-"Table of Contents" was originally inside the scrapbook. (2 pages)

-Letter on Women In Construction of Bryan, Texas stationery with envelope. To "Madam Chairman" from Sybil Barton listing club members Becky Brewer, Mary Helen Davis, Myrtle Decker, Edna Thomas, and Alice Stubbs as women who worked on the scrapbook. States that if the award is won, Rebecca Shrimpton will accept the award.

1/1: Region 7 Forum in Austin. June 1965

-Photograph of Bryan Delegates, Dr. Alice Stubbs, Irene Porterfield, Sybil Barton, Barbara Battle, Mary Helen Davis, and Rebecca Shrimpton seated at Regional Forum banquet dinner table. (B&W, 8 x 10)

-News Clipping, "Regional Forum To Be Attended By Bryan WIC's", The Bryan Daily Eagle.

-Yellow "Hostess" Ribbon Pin

-Pink Badge/Place Card for Sybil Barton

1/2: National WIC Meeting at Hilltop Lakes. July 1965

-Photograph of speaker Joyce Stillwell. (Color, 3.5 in x 3.5 in)

-Photograph of Bryan women at a table (Color, 3.5 in x 5 in)

-Hilltop Lakes Brochure

1/3: Installation of Officers. September 1965

-Photograph of Faye McLaughlin installing Dr. Alice Stubbs as new Club President by placing a pin on her. (Color, 3.5 in x 3.5 in)

-Photograph of Officers, Board Members, and Faye McLaughlin
Officers: President Dr. Alice Stubbs, Vice President Mary Helen Davis, Secretary Myrtle M. Decker, Treasurer Myrtle Martin.
Board Members: Irene Porterfield, Lady Cook, Barbara Battle ad Edna Thomas.

-News Clipping, "WIC's Install New Officers", The Bryan Daily Eagle.

1/4: Meeting with Guest Jo Rasmussen. October 1965

-Photograph of speaker Jo Rasmussen (Mrs. Milton Rasmussen) with a few of her handcrafted wax candles presented in front of her. (Color, 3.5 in x 3.5 in)

-Photograph of Dr. Alice Stubbs sitting by television. (Color, 3.5 in x 3.5 in)

-News Clipping, "Glowing Hobby", The Bryan Daily Eagle, briefly highlighting Jo Rasmussen's candle-making. October 10, 1965

1/5: Appreciation Dinner. November 9, 1965

-The Dinner Program Booklet, has the program speaker list, menu, and "Thanksgiving Magic" poem within. (handmade)

-Photographs of Don Smith and Carroll Hix, from Lamar Junior High, playing guitars and singing folksongs as the dinner entertainment. (Color, 3.5 in x 3.5 in, 2 photographs)

-Photograph of speaker E. Ridley Briggs. (Color, 3.5 in x 3.5 in)

-Photograph of one of the men being honored at the appreciation dinner, either J. C. Glidewell or Richard Pate (most likely). (Color, 3.5 in x 3.5 in)

-Name place card for Richard Pate.

-News Clipping, "2 Are Honored At WIC Dinner", The Bryan Daily Eagle. November 10, 1965

1/5a-6: Gala Christmas Party. December 13, 1965

-14 Photographs from Meeting. (Color, 3.5 in x 3.5 in)
(P1) Cheryle Pavlas
(P2) Bub and Cheryle Pavlas
(P3) Loraine Pavlas and Family
(P4) Christmas Tree with presents
(P5) Entryway
(P6) Refreshment Table
(P7) Rebecca Brewer at the refreshment table
(P8) Mary Helen Davis (right) and Jennifer Brewer (left) at the refreshment table
(P9) Rebecca Shrimpton at the refreshment table
(P10) Mary Helen Davis, Sybil Barton, and Rebecca Brewer in the kitchen (left to right)
(P11) Barbara Battle, Fay, McLaughlin, and Rebecca Shrimpton sitting on a couch (left to right)
(P12) Unwrapping presents; (13) Sitting around having tea and talking; (14) WIC Group photo

1/7-7a-8: Christmas Greeting Cards from Other WIC Chapters. December 1965

-Cards sent from the following WIC City Chapters:
Dallas, Martha Knowles
Fort Worth, Wanda Rufner
Honolulu #29, Lee W. Evans (Secretary)
Lubbock, Bettye Burkes (President)
Port Arthur

1/9: Meeting with Guest Mrs. Dale Merle Norman. January 17, 1966

-Photograph of Mrs. Dale Merle Norman. (Color, 3.5 in x 3.5 in)

-"Hour of Beauty" advertisement card from Merle Norman Cosmetic Studio

1/10: Meeting with Guest Speaker Carole Bathke. February 8, 1966

-Carol Bathke is was an Instructor in Home Economics Researcher with A&M University, she spoke on "Personal Development" during the WIC meeting.

-5 Photographs. (Color, 3.5 in x 3.5 in)
(P1) Carole Bathke next to a slide projector
(P2) Carole Bathke showing slides on "Good Grooming"
(P3) Mary Helen Davis (left) and Carole Bathke (right)
(P4) Becky Brewer, Myrtle Decker, Sybil Barton and Catherine Whiteside (left to right)
(P5) Edna Thomas and Rebecca Shrimpton (seated, left to right), Lady Cook and Irene Porterfield (standing, left to right)

1/11-11a: Boss' Night Banquet. April 19, 1966

-Banquet Program Booklet, includes a program outline, menu, and "Facts About Hawaii." (handmade)

-6 photographs
(P1) Banquet Receiving Line
(P2) Vice President Mary Helen Davis behind the banquet dining table
(P3) Becky Brewer by the punch bowl
(P4) Anna Marie Houston (in pink)
(P5) Speaker Dr. Richard Poss and Wife
(P6) "Punch Time" (Color, 3.5 in x 3.5 in)

-"Social Calendar" news clipping

-"Thank You" card from Alice Lamb

1/12: WIC of the Year at Annual Boss' Night Banquet. April 19, 1966

-Photographs of winner Mary Helen Davis. (Color, 3.5 in x 3.5 in)

-News clipping, "Woman of Year Is Selected By Chapter", The Bryan Daily Eagle

1/12a-13: 32nd Cotton Pageant and Ball, Student Agronomy Society, Texas A&M University.

-Photographs of Clauzelle Poe (Bryan WIC representative) and her escort, Danny Lee Feldman. (Color, 3.5 in x 3.5 in, 2 photos)

-Photograph of Clauzelle Poe and family. Mother, Catherine Whiteside.

-Pageant Program

-News clipping, biographical information about Clauzelle.

-"Thank You" card from Clauzell to WICs

1/14: Meeting. May 2, 1966

-3 Photographs. (Color, 3.5 in x 3.5 in)
(P1) Sybil Barton
(P2) "Coffee Break"
(P3) Rebecca Shrimpton, Mary Helen Davis and Myrtle Decker (left to right)

-News clipping, "Bryan Chapter WIC Meeting Has Workshop" The Bryan Daily Eagle

1/15-16: WICs at Work. 1966

-10 Photographs (9 Color, 3.5 in x 3.5 in; 1 Color, 2.5 in x 3.5 in)
(P1) Sybil Barton
(P2) Barbara Battle
(P3) Becky Brewer
(P4) Anna Casey
(P5) Lady Cook
(P6) Mary Helen Davis
(P7) Myrtle Decker
(P8) Loraine Pavlas
(P9) Rebecca Shrimpton
(P10) Edna Thomas

1/17: WICs Honored by Bosses. 1965-1966

-Christmas Card from "The Men of R. B. Butler, Inc". December 1965

-Red flower made of lace and ribbon.

-"Just Because Your You Day" note to Sybil from R. B. Butler Inc.

-News Clipping, "Found" ad, "Untiring Devotion To Duty, Willingness To Co-Operate, A Sense Of Loyalty And Fair Play, From All Our 'WOMEN IN CONSTRUCTION' At R. B. Butler, Inc., Bryan, Texas." The Bryan Daily Eagle

1/18-19: Scholarships and Community Projects. 1966

-Letter from John R. Birkner (Brazos Valley Rehabilitation Center Director-Therapist) to WIC Ladies, thanking them for donations to their Center. January 21, 1966

-Program, Stephen F. Austin High School, 9th Annual Awards Day Presentation. May 9, 1966

-News Clipping, "HS Awards Announced" for Stephen F. Austin High School awards day presentation. The Bryan Daily Eagle. May 9, 1966.

-News Clipping on Marolyn Berry receiving a scholarship from Jaycee-ettes and Women in Construction to attend McKenzie-Baldwin Business College. The Bryan Daily Eagle

1/20-21: House Designed by WIC President Dr. Alice Stubbs. 1966

-4 Photographs (2 Color, 3.5 in x 3.5 in; 2 Black & White, 3.5 in x 3.5 in)
(P1) President of WIC, Dr. Alice Stubbs sitting behind a desk
(P2) Dr. Alice Stubb's roommate, an orange tabby cat sitting on a piano
(P3) Roofing shingles being put on a project house
(P4) Four people talking out front of a project house.

-News Clipping, "Research Home Open In Sharpstown," The Bryan Daily Eagle.

1/22: WIC Member Fay McLaughlin elected President of the Federation of Texas A&M University Mothers' Club. May 15, 1966

-News Clipping, "Local Women Elected to Federation Offices," The Bryan Daily Eagle. May 15, 1966.

-News Clipping, "Bryan Woman Moms Prexy"

1/23-24: "WIC CHAT" Bryan Chapter Bulletin. November 1965; December 1965

1/25-26: "WIC CHAT" Bryan Chapter Bulletin. January 1966; February 1966

1/27-28: "WIC CHAT" Bryan Chapter Bulletin. March 1966; April 1966

1/29: "WIC CHAT" Bryan Chapter Bulletin. May 1966

1/B: Region 7 Forum Favors. June 4, 1966

-White felt cowboy boots made at the WIC Regional meeting hosted by the Bryan Chapter.