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Crawford Family Letters
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Biographical Information

Biographical information includes a news article clipping on the death of Charles Crawford, mistakenly listed as Charles T. Crawford in the article, 1900; a short handwritten biography on Charles P. Crawford, undated; a photocopy of a marriage certificate for Charles P. Crawford’s marriage to Anna Ripley Orme - 1880; and a photocopy of a page from the estate of Joel P. Crawford, signed by his executor James Buchanan admitting it into the record, 1858.


George Walker Crawford

George Walker Crawford giving advice to his brother on the business prospects of his nephew Charles P. Crawford, in an autograph letter, signed from Bel-Air (his plantation near Augusta) to Joel Crawford (4 pages, approximately 600 words). "But in respect to these professional partnerships I know that parents greatly desire that their sons should be appointed with men of professional experience and reputation, and it always seemed to me like the method of breaking a young ox to the yoke".
May 8, 1854

Joel Crawford

(1/2 to 1/15)
A series of twelve autographed letters to his son Charles P. Crawford, giving advice on entering the legal profession and conducting his business, signed from Blakely, Macon, or Sparta, Georgia. Four of the letters are accompanied by envelopes addressed by Joel Crawford to his son. Total of 33 pages and approximately 5500 words.

"I advise you to buy no books nor anything else but clothing & food, until you get known, and then buy only what you want. Everything needed can be had in Georgia & about on as good terms as it can be imported. Book stores are now to be found in a dozen towns of this State, some of them large." The letters concern possible locations for establishing an office, people to associate with, the importance of frugality, the status of the economy, and other issues of importance to a man in his 20s, just beginning his career.

Joel Crawford to son Charles P. Crawford, written in Blakely, GA, with envelope
May 16, 1854

Joel Crawford to son in reply to a letter of June 26, written in Sparta, GA, with envelope
July 8, 1854

Joel Crawford to son, written in Sparta, GA
July 8, 1854

Joel Crawford to son, written in Blakely, GA
January 12, 1855

Joel Crawford to son, written near Blakely, GA
January 21, 1855

Joel Crawford to son, written in Blakely, GA
February 5, 1855

Joel Crawford to son, written in Blakely, GA
February 20, 1855

Joel Crawford to son, written near Blakely, GA
August 28, 1855

Joel Crawford to son, written near Blakely, GA
September 5, 1855

Joel Crawford to son, with envelope
April 26, 1857

Joel Crawford to son
September 17, 1857

Joel Crawford to son, written in Macon, GA, with envelope
February 25, 1858

Joel Crawford making a gift of sixteen slaves to his son Charles P. Crawford, in an autograph and signed document, mentioning the slaves by name (1 page, docketed on verso). Crawford's autograph appraisal for the slaves included two families, a husband, a wife, and their four children, and another husband and wife and their two children.
February 22, 1855

Another autograph document by Joel Crawford authorizing his son to purchase seven or eight thousand dollars worth of land in Texas.
October 2, 1857

Eli A. Benton

Eli A. Benton to Joel Crawford expansively describing methods and routes of traveling from Georgia to Texas, in an autograph letter, signed from Mount Zion, Georgia (6 pages, approximately 1500 words). Benton offers advice on traveling as Crawford's son Charles plans to move west, being especially concerned about traveling with slaves; the final two pages of the letter offer advice on evaluating the land and suggest Eastern Texas in the vicinity of the Red River as the place to choose.
September 25, 1857.

Charles P. Crawford

(1/17 to 1/25)
Nine letters informing his wife of daily activities, in a series of eight autograph letters, signed from Blakely, Americus, and Bainbridge, Georgia, Orange Mills, Florida, and Richmond, Virginia, to his wife Mattie in Milledgeville or Flat Pond, Lee County, Georgia (8vo, 4to, and folio. 29 pages, approximately 7500 words; accompanied by six mailing envelopes).

In the first four antebellum letters, Crawford describes his activities traveling on the court circuit, mostly in southern Georgia, and describes at length in one, the wonderful possibilities for a move to Florida; the three Civil War letters recount an illness in Richmond, news of fellow soldiers, plans for planting at home, and, in the latest one, a wish to return to duty; the last letter, written in 1867, expresses a longing for former times, and bitterness toward the North.

Charles P. Crawford to wife Mattie, written in Blakely, with envelope
April 21, 1855

Charles P. Crawford to wife, written in Bainbridge, GA
April 25, 1855

Charles P. Crawford to wife, written in Americus, GA
August 11, 1857

Charles P. Crawford to wife, written in Orange Mills, FL, with envelope
June 2, 1858

Charles P. Crawford to wife, written in Richmond, VA, with envelope
May 12, 1862

Charles P. Crawford to wife, written in Richmond, VA, with envelope
July 10, 1862

Charles P. Crawford to wife, written in Americus, GA, with envelope
July 25, 1864

Charles P. Crawford to wife, with envelope
November 21, 1867

Charles P. Crawford to his daughter. This unfinished letter is not signed or dated by Crawford nor is it addressed to any daughter in particular. The letter expresses regrets regarding his delay in writing and talks of his weak health. He talks of missing her and wishes she could come. He also talks about her noble qualities and great capabilities.

Mattie Crawford

(1/26 to 1/28)
Three letters informing her husband, Charles P. Crawford about the state of her health and the activities of their baby boy, in three autograph letters, signed from Milledgeville (8vo. 14 pages, approximately 1600 words).

In the final letter, Mrs. Crawford mentions a July 4 visit to the statehouse, "I don't think I ever saw so many persons at one time before... 17 respectable size military companies on parade at one time, & uniforms perfectly beautiful … we went to see & hear Governor Johnson deliver an address, better than two hours long."

Mattie Crawford to her husband Charles P. Crawford
August 19, 1856

Mattie Crawford to her husband
August 21, 1856

Mattie Crawford to her husband
July 4, 1856

Sara Crawford

Sara Crawford to her brother, Charles P. Crawford. Sending news from the home front, in an autograph letter, signed from Americus, Georgia (4vo. 4 pages, approximately 700 words).
"The war news today is good compared with what we have had for several weeks... it is generally believed that Sherman will invade Carolina & let Ga. rest for a while."
January 1, 1865.

Crawford Family Letters

  • TxAM-CRS MSS00164
  • Collection
  • 1852-1900

This collection comprises twenty-seven autograph letters from various family members, three autograph documents written by Joel Crawford, additional unsigned correspondence, fout vintage photographs, five black and white photograph reprints, thirteen mailing envelopes, and a number of other address panels on the letters, some with quite scarce postal stamps from small towns in Georgia and Florida. Short excerpts of some letters are included in the description listing.

The collection also includes biographical information on the Crawford family, a photocopy of a marriage certificate for Charles P. Crawford's marriage to Anna Ripley Orme, and a page from the estate of Joel P. Crawford, signed by his executors James Buchanan and Charles P. Crawford admitting it into the record.

Postal history envelopes contained throughout the correspondence: cancellation stamps from La Grange, Fort Gaines (1855), Bainbridge (1855), Blakely (1855), and Macon (1858), Georgia, Orange Mills (1858), Florida, and Richmond (1862), Virginia. There are also five additional undated envelopes from members of the Crawford family.

Crawford, Charles P.

Miscellaneous Documents

One-page document titled "Agreement." Written in ink is a narrative about a "patriot princess" but the story doesn't make much sense. This story is not signed or dated. In the right-hand corner at the top of the document is a grocery listing with prices written in pencil.


Joel Crawford
tintype (8 1/4 x 6 1/2 inches)

Charles P. Crawford
tintype (7 x 5 inches)

Charles P. Crawford
Cabinet card (61/2 x 4 1/4 inches)
Mounted on the printed card: of photographer Edwards & Son, Cabinet Studio Portraits, Atlanta, Georgia, and rubber-stamped on the verso, "C.P. Crawford, Milledgeville, Georgia"

Charles P. Crawford
carte-de-visite (4 x 2 1/2 inches)
Back marked J.C. Elrod's Portrait Photograph and Artograph Gallery, Louisville, Kentucky,

Five black and white (3 x 5 inches) reprints of members of the Crawford family, each photograph is identified on the back.
Charles P. Crawford as a young man in 1852, and two of him as an older man (3 total).
Martha Williamson Crawford (1 image)
Joel Evans Crawford (1 image)

Postal History Documents

1/36: Three envelopes, no return addresses are included

Envelope 1 - postmarked on the front, April 27 - La Grange, Georgia, addressed to C. P. Crawford Esq., Flat - Pond, Lee County - GA, with additional writing stating, Ben Hill, April 1859.

Envelope 2 - postmarked on the front, April 12 - Atlanta, Georgia, addressed to Mrs. C.P. Crawford, Milledgeville, GA, with additional writing. On the back, the postmark is Milledgeville, GA. April 18, 1899, with additional writing stating, St. John Potomac "Sam"*.

Envelope 3 - postmarked on the front September 19 - Atlanta, Georgia, addressed to Capt. C. P. Crawford, Milledgeville, GA, with additional writing that states, "My precious Pet Abbis, for study & usefulness - CPL". The back of this envelope is stamped Milledgeville, GA. Sep 20, 1899.