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Mercurio Martinez Papers
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1/1: Abrego, Nelda G. - Correspondence related to the immigration of Miss Abrego to the United States and her later return to Monterrey, Mexico. November 1959 - April 1961

1/2: Altito Pasture - Correspondence relating to the rental by Mercurio Martinez and others a 100 acre tract, José Vasquez Borrego Grant, Zapata County, Texas. October 1959

1/3: Altito Tract - Handwritten drafts (borradores) of deeds relating to the Altito Tract, also known as the Josefa Martinez de Gutierrez tract, Zapata County, Texas, and involving Martinez and the heirs of Maria del Refugio Gutierrez de Martinez, deceased. 1959

1/4: Campo Santo Pasture - Notes, maps and correspondence concerning land in the vicinity of San Ygnacio, Zapata County, Texas, proposed for sale to Henry M. Martinez by Mercurio Martinez, also included is a copy of civil action No. 529, condemning Martinez' property for the Falcon Reservoir. May 1958 - November 1962; June 10, 1958

1/5: Casa Verde Abstract, (File No. 25), including a "Map of the Partition of the Heirs of Manuel Benavides Garcia hands in the José Vazquez Borrego Grant and Certain Sections of Land," Zapata County, and an unsigned Oil and Gas Lease, relating to land owned by Martinez. 1917 - August 1930.

1/6: Casa Verde y La Selva - Copies of documents and correspondence relating to hands formerly owned by Jose S. Benavides and purchased by Martinez. 1928-1958

1/7: Cerritos Tract - Correspondence and notes concerning the proposed sale of land near Volares, Zapata County, owned by Martinez. April - May 1961

1/8: Chalas Property, Lot No. 9, Block 91 Laredo, lists of materials, receipts, permits and sketch maps related to the installation of water in three houses on Calle Hidalgo, Laredo and adding a bathroom to one house. September - November 1960

1/9: District Court Terms of Webb and Zapata Counties, and other materials including a copy of the will of A.M. Bruni, an old photograph of county officials, a copy of a speech made by James V. Allard while running for the U. S. Senate, and memo sheets quoting authorities to be used in legal cases including Bruni vs. Borrego (1941). July 1928; August 1942; Undated

1/10: Eye Operation Expenses, including bills, correspondence, and insurance materials related to Mercurio Martinez's cataract operation, performed by Dr. Joseph A. de Gasperi of San Antonio, in 1954. Copies of later letters from Mercurio Martinez to Dr. Gasperi through 1959 are included. In one, Mercurio Martinez offers to help Dr. Gasperi purchase land near Falcon Dam. dated September 2, 1959

1/11: Farm Maps of Mercurio Martinez, including 6 maps prepared by the U. S. Department of Agriculture,showing tracts of land in Zapata County, referred to by Mercurio Martinez as Casa Verde Farm, Guadalupe Farm, La [UNK] Farm, El Campo Santo, Recuerdo Farm, and La Silva Farm. Correspondence and notes are also included. 1939; January-April 1949

1/12: Federal Land Bank of Houston, correspondence concerning a transfer of interest of stock from Jose S. Benavides to Mercurio Martinez, Also included is a Texas State Historical Survey Committee Program. March 1960; October 1960

1/13: Gutierrez, Felipe Martinez, David Martinez and Francisa Martinez, copies of documents relating to the petition of their lands in Webb and Zapata counties including a copy of a map of the petition. 1925-1937

1/14: Gutierrez, Felipe M., Estate of, including notes, sketch maps and correspondence related to the petition of Jesus M. Gonzales land in the Comunidad de Dolores, Zapata County. 1948-1951

1/15: Gutierrez, Felipe M. vs. Margarita Gutierrez, copy of an injunction granted to the plaintiffs, Felipe M. Gonzales et. al. for their exclusive use of a lane from the Laredo-Zapata State Highway to the San Jose Ranch, Zapata County as described by the metes and bounds of said lane. 1930

1/16: Gutierrez, Herlinda de Martinez, correspondence and copies of documents related to the contest of her will. 1958-1962

1/17: Hidalgo Houses, water meter sketch maps, notes and receipts, concerning the installation of water meters on rental property, Laredo. 1961

1/18: Highway, Laredo-Zapata, copies of documents and maps concerning highway right-to-way, including maps of San Ygnacio, Zapata County, Texas.

1/19: Historical Association, correspondence, clippings, reports and newsletters related to the Texas State Historical Association, including materials on the history of Zapata County. 1956-1960

1/20: History of San Ygnacio, Laredo and Laredo National Bank, Jose Vasquez Borrego, Jesus Trevino, Blas Maria Uribe and other ancestors of Mercurio Martinez, as presented in clippings and notes by Martinez. A picture of the sundial at San Ygnacio is included. Other settlements mentioned are Guerrero, Tamaulipas, originally Revilla, and Zapata. 1957-1961

1/21: Income Tax Reports, including list of houses owned by Mercurio Martinez. 1958-1961

1/22: Insurance of Mercurio Martinez houses against fire, Insurance policies. 1963-1964

1/23: Intervencion, Francesca, newspapers and clippings. 1945; 1958

Correspondence and Notes

10/1: Correspondence, notes and copies of legal papers concerning the lands of Demetrio Morales and his heirs in Webb County, Texas.

10/2: Correspondence, notes, clippings, and other materials related to this history of San Ygnacio, Randado, Falcon and so forth, 1936-1963.

10/3: Correspondence, mostly between Mercurio Martinez and Antonio Martinez about Martinez vs. Vidaurri, 1956-1962.

10/4: Mercurio Martinez rent control materials, 1942-1948.

10/5: List of persons whose addresses were required by the Department of Justice to mail them citations, in the case of Enrique Martinez et. al. vs. Maria Vidaurri Herbst, 1958.

10/6: Copies of lists of persons with lands along the Rio Grande in Zapata County, 1958.

10/7: Correspondence related to Martinez vs. Vidaurri, 1942-1959.

10/8: Notes on original owners of lands in Zapata County for Falcon Reservoir by the U.S. government, 1958.

10/9: Notes on Porcion 52, Webb County, 1958.

10/10: Copies of La Trinidad Ranch contracts.

10/11: Poll tax exemption receipts of Mercurio Martinez, 1947-1961.

Correspondence and Notes

8/1: Payments on Mercurio Martinez, Jr.'s old American Insurance Company policy, 1958.

8/2: Notes and correspondence concerning Zapata County property owners whose lands were affected by the proposed U.S. Highway No. 83, 1951-1952.

8/3: Correspondence, notes and newspaper clippings related to the relocation of Zapata and other towns in the Falcon Dam area and Mercurio Martinez's work with the U.S. Boundary Commission, 1951-1958.

8/4: Notes, sketches, and correspondence related to Mercurio Martinez's work with the U.S. Boundary Commission, particularly the cost of constructing dipping vats, 1953-1957.

8/5: Notes concerning land owned by Carmen Dominguez de Sanchez, 1952.

8/6: Correspondence, notes, maps, copies of documents relating to the estate of Ignacia Uribe, inherited by her niece, -, 1947-1951.

8/7: Papers, sketches and correspondence related to the lands inherited by 0., 1946-1952.

8/8: Correspondence, notes, copies of legal papers and a map of Old Zapata concerning property in Old originally belonging to Tomás Maria Trevino, and deeded to Mercurio Martinez in about 1939. Also included are materials concerning the exchange of this property for property in New Zapata after the construction of Falcon Dam, 1938-1956.

8/9: Copies of documents, notes, sketch maps and other materials related to Zapata County lands of the heirs of Trinidad Uribe, 1916-1944.

8/10: Affidavit of Manuela Elizondo concerning the birthplace of her niece, Mary Ann Teran, 1958.

8/11: Check-stub book, Union National Bank checking account, 1956-1958.

8/12: Employers tax returns, Marshall Hicks and Mercurio Martinez, 1941.

Dolores Settlement

Correspondence, maps, notes, and copies of legal papers concerning the Dolores Settlement, numbered 90-125 by Mercurio Martinez.

Correspondence, maps, notes and copies of legal papers concerning the Dolores Settlement numbered 126-159.

Correspondence, maps, notes and copies of legal papers concerning the Dolores Settlement numbered 160-190.

Correspondence, maps, notes and copies of legal papers concerning the Dolores Settlement, numbered 191-230.

Correspondence, maps, notes and copies of legal papers concerning the Dolores Settlement numbered 231-294.

A detailed history of the José Vasquez Borrego Grant by Mercurio Martinez apparently written during the first quarter of the 20th century.

A sketch map showing El Recuerdo Farm.

Two photographs of the old Dolores Settlement cemetery, Zapata County, Texas.


2/1: Johnson, Lyndon B. - including newsletters and form letters from Lyndon B. Johnson to Mercurio Martinez and a letter from Mercurio Martinez to Lyndon B. Johnson. 1959-1961; January 14, 1961

2/2: Kingdom of Zapata, correspondence and copies of correspondence relating to a proposed reprinting of a county history The Kingdom of Zapata by Virgil Lott and Mercurio Martinez. 1952; 1962

2/3: Kingdom of Zapata, correspondence, notes and financial records relating to publication of the book. 1951-1954

2/4: Kingdom of Zapata, statements, correspondence, newsletters and other materials relating to Mercurio Martinez's historical interests. 1954-1963

2/5: La Cantera Farm, a sketch showing brush on outside fence lines. Undated

2/6: La Selva [UNK], maps and copies of deeds including a map of La Silva Pasture, and a copy of a deed transferring land from Carmen D. de Sanchez and her husband to Mercurio Martinez. 1952

2/7: La Selva y Casa Verde, field notes, correspondence, and sketch maps relating to La Selva, Casa Verde and Las Cabras Pastures, containing 1084.45 acres, and a map and papers. 1927-1929; 1950-1956

2/8: La Selva y Casa Verde Farms, including Las Cabras field notes, seed catalogs and receipts for seeds. 1946-1947

2/9: La Selva Ranch, notes, copies of documents and maps related to the chain of title of the various tracts of La Selva Ranch including a map of lands of heirs of Manuel B. Trevino. 1923-1959

2/10: La Trinidad Ranch, correspondence, copies of documents and other materials related to the leasing of La Trinidad Ranch, Mercurio Martinez, Lessor to Tom M. Harper, Lessee. 1957-1960

2/11: La Trinidad Ranch, copies of records, tank maps, grazing contracts, oil and gas lease documents, correspondence and other materials. 1926-1961

2/12: La Trinidad Ranch, Chain of Title, copies of deeds. 1848-1959

2/13: Las Cerritos y Alito Pasture, copies or drafts of papers related to the proposed lease of lands. 1954

2/14: Leases and Contracts, copies of documents relating to Mercurio Martinez's lands, including irrigation matters and lease of land for a border patrol campsite. 1914-1945

2/15: Maldonado, Silvestre, 1926 Barney Street, San Antonio, Texas, correspondence, bank statements and receipts concerning payments on a note extended to Maldonado and co-signed by Mercurio Martinez.

2/16: Martinez, Amalia, Juvenal, Lauro, and Serafin correspondence and copies of deeds of the partition of pasture lands and a copy of a partition deed by and between Juvenal Martinez, Serafin Martinez, Lauro Martinez and Amalia Martinez, a feme sole, of their lots held in common in San Ygnacio, Zapata County, October-November. 1963

2/17: Martinez, Cristina T., policy matters, including a list of insurance policies. March 1962

2/18: Martinez, David, map and memos of mineral rights, including correspondence and copies of deeds, relating to the David Martinez estate. November 1956 - February 1957

2/19: Martinez, Endosorio, notes, correspondence and other materials related to Mercurio Martinez's work as attorney-in-fact for Endosorio Martinez. 1956-1958

2/20: Martinez, Eudoxio and David and Francisca Martinez, copies of deeds and other documents related to the purchase of land in Zapata County and the disposal by will of property in Laredo.

2/21: Martinez, Eudoxio, copies of wills, deeds and other documents relating to the property of Eudoxio Martinez and his wife, Tomasa Gutierrez de Martinez, including the deed of purchase of San Jose Ranch, Dolores Subdivision, Zapata County. 1936-1948

2/22: Martinez, Francisca, copy of Last Will. July 1928

2/23: Martinez, Guadalupe, copies of documents pertaining to her estate which was left to her husband, Mercurio Martinez after her death in June 1935. 1935-1958

2/24: Martinez, Josefina M., copies of documents and correspondence relating to her estate and the will of Proceso Martinez. December 1954 - April 1955


3/1: Martinez, Maria, correspondence, receipts, copies of documents and other materials related to loans taken out by Maria Trevino, Vda. de Martinez in order to modernize her home. 1958-1965

3/2: Martinez, Mercurio, miscellaneous papers labeled "to be examined" and "papers which must be placed in the right place" consisting primarily of copies of deeds and land partitions, papers are found at the back of the folder. 1916-1955; Undated

3/3: Martinez, Mercurio, music for two songs by Mercurio Martinez, "La Cancion Historica del 5 de Mayo de 1862 en Puebla" and "Cancion Historica Compuesta al General Grant en la Guerra entre Los Estados Unidos (Norte y Sur)". 1950

3/4: Martinez, Mercurio, Notary Public documents, and Texas Teachers Certificate. 1898; 1907-1965

3/5: Martinez, Mercurio, Old Age Benefits for his employees, Serafin Martinez and others, including tax forms, notes and clippings. 1936-1955

3/6: Martinez, Mercurio, Real Estate, including inventories, correspondence and notes on Mercurio Martinez's property, but primarily in the 1930s. 1935-1957

3/7: Martinez, Mercurio, Real Estate, including property lists and a copy of a will. 1934-1941

3/8: Martinez, Mercurio, Rendition of property. 1929-1952

3/9: Martinez, Mercurio, Rent Income and List of Houses, and correspondence concerning Social Security payments. 1949; 1951

3/10: Martinez, Mercurio, Will and Codicils, revoked and replaced by a last will and testament (not in this folder). 1950-1962

3/11: Martinez, Mercurio, Jr., Biography. 1946-1960

3/12: Martinez, Mercurio, Jr., correspondence with his father while attending summer school in Denton. 1962-1963

Martinez vs. Vidaurri Materials

Notebooks describing files notes, letters, maps, copies of legal documents, photographs, correspondence, sketch maps, clippings, genealogies, field notes, plans for building small dams, and a copy of the Southwestern Historical Quarterly.


4/1: Martinez, Mercurio, Jr., Receipt of Laredo Lumber and Supply Company and correspondence. 1960-1961

4/2: Martinez, Proceso, Estate of, including copies of documents related to probating his will, Proceso was Mercurio's father. 1937

4/3: Martinez, Proceso, will. 1924

4/4: Martinez, Proceso, 1934 Will and field notes on tracts for each heir. Also a Warranty Deed transferring the estate of Antonio Martinez to Estefana Z. de Martinez by her children, 1911.

4/5: Martinez, Proceso, Jr., Estate, including correspondence, lists and clippings Proceso, Jr., died September 7, 1961 at the age of 77. Proceso, Jr., was Mercurio's brother. 1959-1963

4/6: Mercy Hospital and Doctor Bills, 1962.

4/7: Minter Clinic, correspondence, bills, receipts and instructions, 1955-1960.

4/8: Palo Blanco Tank, field notes, a copy of the partition of the lands of Jesusa Uribe, and an affidavit concerning Las Cabras Tract. 1911; 1936; 1954

4/9: Puig, V. L. vs. L. E. Norton, copies of documents relating to a dispute over tracts in the Joaquin Galan Grant, 1872-1926.

4/10: Randado Ranch Lands, copy of a petition deed, and letter and sketch map, 1928 1963.

4/11: San Andres Pasture, notes, sketch maps, copies of documents and correspondence relating to the rental of lands, including the Terreno de Los Cerritos, by Mercurio Martinez to Doroteo Ramos, 1946-1952.

4/12: San Andres Tank, papers and a letter, 1953-1958.

4/13: San Andres Tanks, sketch maps and field notes, 1959.

4/14: San Jose Ranch, Zapata County, oil and gas lease agreements, and correspondence with tenant, Eddy Dillard, 1953-195; 1963.

4/15: San Ygnacio, Grullo Creek Land, sketch maps and correspondence concerning erosion problems at Grullo Creek and lots located in San Ygnacio in the Grullo Creek area, 1951.

4/16: San Ygnacio, Water Project, copies of statements requesting a water plant for San Ygnacio to compensate for increased water costs due to the construction of Falcon Dam, 1958.

4/17: Sanchez, Elsa Eugenia del Carmen Fryman, copies of papers concerning her birth and baptismal records, 1962.

4/18: Sciaraffa Property, copies of documents, maps, field notes and correspondence concerning property in Laredo, 1934-1955.

4/19: Tax Returns and Notices, 1945-1962.

4/20: Taxes, Protest of Tax increase in Zapata County, correspondence, notes, and newspaper clippings. 1960

4/21: Telles, Maria, copies of documents, sketch maps, receipts and other materials concerning a lot in Laredo, 1924-1957 on which Mercurio Martinez paid back taxes in 1956.

4/22: Trevino, Domingo, copies of documents and correspondence related to attempting to obtain permanent U. S. residence for Domingo Trevino, brother of Mercurio Martinez's third wife, Domingo was brought to Texas by his father, Tomas Trevino in 1913, during the Carranza Revolution. Also papers related to a request for citizenship made by Luis Trevino, son of Antonio Trevino, 1940-1966. 1961.

4/23: Trevino, Manuel B., Partition of heirs, including a copy of the Partition deed, and a sketch map, including a sketch of a strip of land enclosed in La Selva Pasture sold to Mercurio Martinez by Carmen D. de Sanchez and her husband. 1928

Materials Related to Viduarri, Trevino, and Bruni

9/1: Maps including a 1939 map of Mexico, a 1922 map of Laredo and a 1939 map of land development in Sota la Marina, Mexico.

9/2: Income tax returns and related papers, 1937-1941.

9/3: Papers, sketch maps and genealogies related to controversy over Dolores settlement between Martinez and Vidaurri families, Case of Proceso Martinez et. al. vs. Antonio Trevino et. al. 1925-1930.

9/4: Uribe and Martinez copies of oil and gas leases, La Trinidad Ranch and adjacent Uribe lands, 1929-1936.

9/5: Correspondence, notes, copies of legal papers and a photograph related to Martinez-Viduarri controversy concerning public use of a road from Dolores Ranch to [UNK] farm, 1924-1944.

9/6: Letters and copies of contracts about Mercurio Martinez's rental properties, 1936-1941.

9/7: Papers related to financial affairs of Proceso Martinez, 1933.

9/8: Copies of legal papers, notes and documents related to the case of Jesus Maria Trevino et. al. vs. Consolacion H. Bruni, et. al. and other matters concerning the Jose Vasquez Borrego Grant. Genealogies of the descendents of Jesus Trevino and Cosme Martinez are included, 1918-1941.

9/9: Copy of a petition of delinquent Zapata County tax payers and related materials, 1944.

9/10: Correspondence, notes and copies of legal papers related to Gutierrez lands, 1914-1945.

9/11: Notes and copies of legal documents related to the case of Mercurio Martinez vs. Alfredo Vidaurri, concerning a verbal attack on Martinez vs. Vidaurri over land ownership in the Dolores Ranch, 1936-1940.

9/12: Notes and copies of legal documents related to the case of Antonio M. Bruni et. al. vs. Heirs of Jose Vasquez Borrego, including an account of all individuals from whom Bruni purchased land or interest in land, 1918-1933.

9/13: Copies of papers related to Vidaurri, Borrego, and -Bruni lands including a January 18, 1939, copy of a court opinion in the case of Baldomero Chacon et. al. vs. Consolacion H. Bruni, et. al. and a November 21, 1935 discussion of Spanish laws concerning wills by Jesus M. Tercero of Neuvo Laredo, Mexico, 1782-1939.

Mercurio Martinez Papers

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  • 1767-1963

The Mercurio Martinez Papers (1797-1963 (bulk: 1910-1963)) include correspondence, copies of legal documents such as wills, deeds, affidavits and courtroom briefs, maps, a few photographs, field notes for land surveys, genealogical charts, accounts of family and regional history by Mercurio Martinez, and historical accounts from other sources, principally newspapers. There are also financial records of various kinds including tax records, bills and receipts, books of check stubs and account sheets.

The vast majority of the papers relate to families, places and events in Zapata County. Webb County is also well represented, as is the region surrounding the town of Guerrero, Tamaulipas located on the south bank of the Rio Grande opposite Zapata County, Texas. A few papers deal with families, places and events in Starr County and further south in the Rio Grande Valley and a few files deal with Mexican, United States and world affairs. Unless otherwise noted in the inventory, files deal with Zapata or Webb County matters.

The oldest original papers date from the latter part of the nineteenth century and include such documents as Mercurio Martinez's Texas Teachers Certificate, 1898 (Series 1-3/4); a General Land Office map of Zapata County, 1885, (Series 3-14/25); and a certificate appointing Proceso Martinez, Sr., Mercurio's father, to the Zapata County Board of Appeals, 1870, (Series 3-25/23). There are also copies and translations of nineteenth-century documents including partition deeds, deeds of sale, birth records, and maps. Accounts of family and local history written by Martinez in the 1950s and early 1960s deal with events dating back to the Spanish settlements along the lower Rio Grande in the 1750s. Genealogies are generally traced back to the first colonists to arrive in the region. Family records, therefore, cover a time span of more than 200 years, from the settlers who arrived on the banks of the Rio Grande in about 1750 to their descendants in the early 1960s. Each decade from 1900 onward is represented in the papers. There are more files from the 1950s than any other single decade.

Among the most important files in the collection are those on the relocation of the town of Zapata due to the construction of Falcon Dam on the Rio Grande in the early 1950s, the salvation of the community of San Ygnacio from destruction during this period, the accounts of family history and genealogy from Zapata County, and the papers related to the division of lands between descendants of original holders of Spanish grants and sales of family lands. Maps, genealogies, and legal documents provide a clear picture of the rapidity with which even extensive landholdings can be reduced to tracts hardly adequate to support the families of the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the original owners. Reconsolidation of holdings through the purchase of interest from siblings and through cousin marriage are also documented. It is also possible to trace shifts in settlement and land-use patterns. For example, the original grantees of porciones along the Rio Grande held land in long narrow blocks extending inland from the river. Over the generations, these blocks were subdivided among heirs and parts of them were sold outside the families. Through separate inheritance from parents, through marriage, and through purchase, individuals came to own small pieces of land located in widely separated tracts. This pattern of dispersed holdings, each of economically inefficient size and too far apart to be worked as units, has been noted for many peasant societies. These papers clearly reveal the processes whereby such a land-holding pattern developed out of the more economically efficient block holdings within a few generations. The most completely documented tract of land is the vast Jose Vasquez Borrego Grant made in 1750. It was later divided into the Dolores, Corralitos, and San Ygnacio Subdivisions. The first settlement was made at the Hacienda de Dolores on August 22, 1750. This settlement was abandoned, apparently during Indian troubles in the early 19th century. A settlement or Rancho of Dolores was founded nearby in the Dolores subdivision of the Borrego Grant by Cosme Martinez in 1859. Meanwhile, the town of San Ygnacio had been founded in the San Ygnacio subdivision in 1830. Until the early 20th century, an hacienda in the Corralitos subdivision was occupied by members of the Vidaurri family, who were descendants of the original grantee's daughter, Alejandra Vasquez Borrego de Vidaurri.

Also of interest are the Corridos, or ballads, composed by Mercurio Martinez and dealing with dramatic events in Zapata County history such as an escape from prison, a contested election and the destruction of Zapata by the rising waters of Falcon Reservoir.

Martinez, Mercurio, 1876-1965

Miscellaneous Papers

Includes lease agreements, genealogies, certificates, letters, rental contracts, grazing leases, oil and gas mineral lease, skeches, easements, bills of sale, marriage licenses, records, promissory notes, agreements, clippings, field notes, contracts, maps, pamphlets, briefs, publications, bulletins, a tooth, partition deeds, deposit slips, and photos.

Miscellaneous Papers, Ortiz Divorce and Falcon Dam

12/1: Mercurio Martinez's miscellaneous papers and correspondence, 1930-1951.

12/2: Mercurio Martinez, papers and correspondence about land problems between the Martinez and Vidaurri families, 1953-1954.

12/3: Papers concerning the Joe A. Ortiz divorce case, 1932-1933.

12/4: Papers and letters from Mercurio Martinez concerning his work with the U.S. Boundary Commission during the construction of Falcon dam. Zapata County residents' reactions to forced relocation are included, 1952-1954.

12/5: Papers, clippings, and petitions resulting in the salvation of San Ygnacio from condemnation by the Falcon dam project, 1949-1951.

Notebooks and Materials Relating to Dolores Ranch Site

6/1: Notebook containing an index to the materials kept in the "Big Iron Safe." Some of the materials indexed in this notebook are found in Boxes 6-11.

6/2: Notebook No. 1 describing papers once stored in a safe and steel cabinet of Mercurio Martinez with notes on contents of deeds. Some of the materials indexed in this notebook are found in Boxes 13-19.

6/3: Notebook No. 2, describing papers once stored in a steel cabinet. Some of the materials indexed in this notebook are found in Boxes 19-28.

6/4: List and short description of old files and papers of Robert Lee Bobbitt, attorney, which were stored in Mercurio Martinez's Big Iron Safe at 416 Lincoln Street, Laredo, Texas, 1963.

6/5: Notes and copies of documents related to a dispute over the Dolores Ranch site between Enrique Martinez et. al. and Antonia Martinez de Vidaurri, A copy of a statement made by Ramon Arrendondo, contains the story of a family of refugees from the Mexican Revolution. 1960-1962. December 11, 1961,

6/6: Notes, family trees, and copies of documents related to Dolores Ranch site in dispute between the Martinez and Vidaurri families, 1884-1961.

6/7: More papers and maps related to the Dolores Ranch site in dispute between the Martinez and Vidaurri families, 1956-1961.

6/8: Correspondence, maps and additional papers related to the Dolores Ranch Site in dispute between the Martinez and Vidaurri families, including a December 23, 1961, sketch map showing dates of surveys of Webb, Encinal, Duval, Zapata and Starr counties.

Oversize Materials

56/1: Heirship of Jesusa Vidaurri, wife of Victorino Dovalina.

56/2: Map of Laredo, Texas, blueprint, 1926.

56/3: Sketch map of share No. 9 out of San Andres Pasture, Zapata County, Texas, belonging to Mercurio Martinez.

56/4: Genealogical chart of the descendants of José Domingo Gonzalez, original grantee of four leagues of land.

Oversize Materials

59/12: Genealogical chart of the descendants of Bartolome Martinez, an original settler of Revilla (Guerrero) Tamaulipas, Mexico in 1750, December 30, 1963.

59/13: Sketch map of the Dolores Settlement and adjacent lands, Zapata County.

59/14: Genealogical chart showing the descendants of Lazaro Benavides and labeled "Family Tree of the principal families of Laredo, Texas. "

59/15: Replot of town lots in the north portion of San Ygnacio by the heirs of Trinidad Uribe, blueprint.

59/16: Certified copy of a map of the José Vasquez Borrego Grant showing Dolores, Corralitos, and San Ygnacio subdivisions, white print, 1958.

Oversize Materials

68/52: Map showing land ownership in Zavala County, Texas, whiteprint.

68/53: Amended Plat showing subdivision of survey 267, ABST 1134, C.C.S.D. and R.G.N.G.Ry. Webb County, 1922.

68/54: Map of blocks in Laredo belonging to Hicks, Hicks and Bobbitt, blueprint.

68/55: Map showing partition of lands in Porción 52,Webb County, between David, Felipe and Francisca Martinez, blueprint, 1938.

68/56: Copy of the J.J. Cox map of the José Vasquez Borrego Grant, blueprint, 1902.

Oversize Materials

Map showing the length of the Laredo-Zapata State Highway from San Francisco Hills to the line passing between the two Cerritos de Mendes and dividing the Dolores Ranch in two parts, pencil on tracing paper.

Plat of part of the tract of land in the Dolores Subdivision conveyed to Cosme Martinez in 1859 as surveyed by Martin von Merrick in 1870, and resurveyed by E. J. Foster, showing landownership, whiteprint, 1956, 1956.

Map showing the Laredo-Zapata Highway and certain tracts of land in the Dolores Subdivision, pencil on tracing paper.

Proposed layout for the new Zapata County cemetery, whiteprint with hand coloring and labeling, circa 1951.

Map representing fences and fields in the vicinity of Dolores Settlement, Zapata County, in 1910, pencil and colored pencil on tracing paper.

Oversize Materials

Sketch map showing the length of the Laredo-Zapata Highway in the José Vasquez Borrego Grant, and other information, pencil and ink on tracing paper.

Plot of the New Town of Zapata, Zapata County, whiteprint, 1953.

Homemade map showing the 61-acre tract of the Dolores Ranch site and adjacent lands, Zapata County, pencil on tracing paper.

Map of San Ygnacio, Zapata County, blueprint.

Map of the Dolores Settlement, Zapata County, whiteprint, 1927.

Homemade map of Porciónes of the city of Laredo, including parts of Porciónes 51, 52, and 53, ink on tracing paper, 1962.

Oversize Materials

Map of the Mirando Oil District of Webb, Zapata and Jim Hogg Counties, Texas, whiteprint.

Old map of Zapata County showing Spanish Grants and lands slated to be given to railroads, blueprint, 1901.

Floorplan of a building.

Oversize Materials

57/5: Genealogical chart of some descendants of José Domingo Gonzalez showing land sales.

57/6: Genealogical chart of some descendants of José Domingo Gonzalez showing land sales.

57/7: Map of Las Lajas Tract, Property of heirs of Juan Vidaurri in Zapata County, Texas, also showing the Rancho Dolores Settlement, E. J. Foster, surveyor, whiteprint, 1947.

57/8: Map of the town of San Ygnacio, Zapata County, Texas, inked copy showing a proposed paved loop past local landmarks.

Oversize Materials

60/17: Map of" La Volanta" Pasture, Webb County, Texas, blueprint, 1937.

60/18: Sketch map showing lands in and around the Dolores settlement, Zapata County, Texas, 1958.

60/19: Smith and Corkills' Solidad Ranches in Duval and Webb Counties, Texas, blueprint.

Oversize Materials

63/31: Sketch map of partition of lands in Porción 52, Webb County, between Felipe M. Gutierrez and others.

63/32: Photostat copy of a map attached to a Partition Deed of lands in the Dolores Subdivision by and between Proceso Martinez and others, 1918.

63/33: Map showing the Sauz Ranch Tract of Jesús María Martinez in the José Vasquez Borrego Grant, blueprint, 1940.

63/34: Map of La Volanta Pasture, Webb County, Texas, blueprint, 1937.

63/35: Map of the José Vasquez Borrego Grant, whiteprint, 1921.

Oversize Materials

69/57: Dovalina Family [unkown].

69/59: Map of Texas showing different Railroad Companies, whiteprint.

69/60: Subdivision of Blocks 248-249-250, in Laredo, blueprint.

69/61: World map

Oversize Materials

Fransler's Map of the San Ygnacio Subdivision, Zapata County showing petition of lands, whiteprint.

Map showing land in the San Ygnacio Subdivision, Zapata County, taken by the U. S. government for Falcon Reservoir, 1954.

Map of the Dolores Subdivision, Zapata County, showing landownership, ink on tracing paper, 1936.

Oversize Materials

Map of Frio County showing landownership, blueprint, 1893.

Genealogical chart of the Cuellar family and other original settlers of Guerrero, Tamaulipas, Mexico with historical notes, whiteprint.

Map of Zapata County showing landownership, whiteprint on linen, 1920.

Map of the Las Lajas Tract, Zapata County, property of heirs of Juan Vidaurri, whiteprint, 1947.

Genealogical chart and land division and sales, Vidaurri family, pencil.

Oversize Materials

Map of Zapata County showing oil wells and landownership, whiteprint.

Sketch showing lands owned by the heirs of José María Uribe in share 28 of the San Ygnacio Subdivision, Zapata County, blueprint, 1941.

Map of a portion of the Corralitos and Dolores Subdivisions, Zapata County, pencil on tracing paper, 1960.

Oversize Materials

Sketch map of Cuellar family lands, porciónes 1 and 2, Zapata County, pencil, 1935.

Map of Porciónes 36 and 37, Webb County, with developments, blueprint, 1915.

Map of Aviator Field, Webb County, whiteprint.

Oversize Materials

Map showing Rufino López's lands in Webb, Duval, Jim Hogg and Zapata Counties, blueprint, 1922.

Chart of descendants of José Vasquez Borrego, ink on linen.

Genealogical chart of the Borrego and Vidaurri families and land transactions, pencil.

Oversize Materials

58/9: Genealogical chart of the descendants of Jesus Treviño and Viviana Gutierrez, founders of San Ygnacio, Texas.

58/10: Map showing the subdivisions of the José Vasquez Borrego Grant in Zapata and Webb Counties, blueprint, 1921

58/11: Map of San Ygnacio, Zapata County, Texas, blueprint.

Oversize Materials

64/36: Map of roads and land holdings in the Dolores Subdivision, 1927.

64/37: Ink sketch map of Mercurio Martinez lands in Zapata County including Casa Verde and La Selva farms, 1936.

64/38: Land ownership map of Zapata County showing roads and ranches, ink on linen, 1919.

64/39: Contour map of property of the Cole Interests in Webb and Duval Counties.

64/40: Map of land in Webb and Zapata Counties showing conflict between the porciónes of Laredo and the José Vasquez Borrego Grant, blueprint, 1911.

Oversize Materials

65/41: Map showing partition of lands in the Dolores Subdivision of the José Vasquez Borrego Grant, Webb County, San Andres Pasture, blueprint, 1933.

65/42: Sectioned map of the Santo Tomás Tract, Webb County, blueprint, 1919.

65/43: Map showing partition of Zapata County land between the heirs of Trinidad Uribe, blueprint, 1915.

Oversize Materials

67/47: Duval County Sketch of Subdivision of survey's nos. 319 and 26, blueprint, 1924.

67/48: Map of the town of San Ygnacio, Zapata County, prepared by the International Boundary and Water Commission, whiteprint, 1949.

67/49: Pencil sketch of tracts of land in the Dolores Settlement, Zapata County.

67/50: Map of the San Ygnacio, Corralitos and Dolores Subdivisions, in pencil with numerous notes.

67/51: Fragments of a map of partition of San Ygnacio lands, blueprint, 1914.

Oversize Materials

Map of area near Dolores ranch showing landowners with a detail of Dolores Settlement, Zapata County, whiteprint, 1926.

Map showing lands owned by Mercurio Martinez, La Selva, Casa Verde and Las Cabras tracts, in the San Ygnacio Subdivision, Zapata County, whiteprint.

Landownership of Zavala County, whiteprint.

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