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MSC Nova Game Collection
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Convention Materials

1/1: NovaCon XIV (College Station, TX, 1998)
1/2: Door Hangers: "Secret Meeting In Progress"
1/3: City States of Arklyrell (Task Force Games, Undated)
1/4: Commander's Star Fleet Batteries, Vol. II (SVC/ADB, 1984), rulebook (cover missing)
1/5: "Nova" sign, Undated
1/6: Stickers: "Cthulhu Loves You", "It's Not The Principle of the Thing..."
1/7: Various Buttons, Undated
1/8: Various Cards, Undated
1/9: Various Clips, Undated


Item 1: Air Force: Plane to Plane Combat in Europe: 1939-1945 (Avalon Hill Game Company, 1980?)
Item 2: Nuclear War (Blade, Undated). Includes extra set of cards


Item 1: History of the World (Avalon Hill Game Company, 1993)
Item 2: Knightmare Chess, 2nd edition (Steve Jackson Games, 1997)

MSC Nova Game Collection

  • US TxAM-C C000391
  • Collection
  • 1978-1998

This collection consists of various card/board games and role-playing game modules and gamebooks (separately cataloged) collected by MSC Nova, the now-defunct Texas A&M University student group devoted to tabletop gaming. Also included are some various objects relating to the organization.